The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1939
Page 4
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THE pkYTHEViLiE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. ' ' p. , sypBURY. Editor , Advertising Manager So!« National Advertising nepivKiiuuivi.?: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kaunas Cltv, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon ^xcept Sunday Entered as second class matter at thf post- office at ?)ythcvlllp, Avl:ansas. under act of Congress. Pcibijpr 9, 1917. by the United Press, SUBSCRIPTION li • -By parrjer lr| tlie Qi(y Qf Blythevllle, 15c per iveck, or Ojq per month, By mail, within a tadlhs of &0 miles, 53.00 per >ear, H 50 for six montlis, 76o for three months, by mail In postal zones two to six i icluslvc, $6,50 per year; |n zones seven and eiijht 510.W per, payable in advance. lfi Sam Out Tube Cwu Of Mis Own Amei'ifa leanicd a lot of things fvuin (he first World War. Generally they were things that the people of this country eould have learned without the territie .expense in lives and money, if they hiid just Uikeu the trouble ff> tackle some of the war problems in peace time. , • One of the things tho people of I his country discovered was that the United States was far more nearly self- sufficient. |)i;(u hwl been commonly believed. When trade routes were c\it on" in 1!)1<1 and warring nations couldn't iill'ord lo export materials they needed badly at home, the brows of industry wero "creased with worry lines, Many needed inateriid.s ami the benefit from many valuable manufacturing secrets were rank"}' becoming unavailable!, and the United Stales looked .sadly toward the dny when certain industries, par- liculwly cliemieal.s, \votild hftve to close and the public would haye to do wi(h- otil commodilie.s lo which they had become accustomed. Then the laboratories got busy. They learned how to imike optical equipment ;<nd they produced dyes which stid- , dcnly become unobtainable. New choin- ical formulae for manufacturing processes were evolved and .industry as a whole began gradmi||y lo .understand that American genius was ' urjual lo the new problems. ;•:... The problems we looliei!.:at with Ijor'f ror in )9'M \vc approach today 'with calm sell-assurance. Tho shock of llie first World War- was not ( |uickly forgotten, ami scientists have been ex- ncrimenting constantly since then in an effort to find new substitutes for -standard processes. Tt was unco believed wo cotdd obtain rubber only from distant tropical places.' Stoppage of this supply would have been serious enough to sprout gray hairs on the heads of all juj to- mobile executives and industrialists who need rubber for their products. But today, concern over this situation is only slight. Laboratories have produced synthetic rubber. It is not yet generally in use, and it probably has not been fully developed; but threat of a shortage of the wtura! product would hasten research in this Ijr.ld. (Minerals • which l|ij.s country now imports are probably lying imbedded in the rocks of America or Alaska, geologists believe. If cerlaj,, ores raill)ot , )e found, scientists will probably lin( | a way to gel along ..without them. Self-sufficicircy- 'is not a healthful of affairs fop the UuUed'Stales. JSeonomic intercourse among the nations of the world is necessary, njid tho United Slates should share jn this commerce. Rut it is comforting to know that this country i s not helplessly dependent on other nations to simply materials in times of emergency. Ciiric No shoestring industry is the Unit, cd States government. The management of federal affairs has become one of the largest single enterprises in the nation. Its roster of employes is larger now than it was during tho emergency dnys of the first, World War, Uncle Sum today hits a staff of fltf!),- K7(> men and women on his payroll, Ih September, this army collected ?HI,- G2!),881 in salary. During (lie World Wm 1 , the highest/ number of employes ill the federal service at one time was 1)17,000. Ik-fore thai, if had been around 500,000, JUK) after the war it dropped back to that average—until Now Deal centralization got going. One out of every 'JO workers in I ho l.'niled Stales is now drawing a go\v eminent check, participating in all Iho benefits of employment, .security. '|T 1C average . fedora 1 salary is £1870, although iii Washington the average runs In §20(iG, These are nice, com- forbiblc figures. Whether an expenditure of more than I \/., billions a year to run the governing) I is justified will be a matter for debate as Soon as 10-IU campaigners get their bearings. . The Tnid<>s Cimiiuelioiit IHIK (Iwiclod to do .so llimjj iiljotlt its iii)oiii|>loyincnl problem. Griv. Raymond E. |j;ildwiu announced the ]>rox|jeets 'of immcdmtc jobs lor unemployed who .snecc.w- I'lilly complete 200 hours of intensive training in some one of the (null's. This state, like most o( Hie others, was faced \vitli tiic problems of young men and women \vlio have never li H d any cxpiu-iorito and novor hold any jobs and wKo are Unlay trying viiinly to lind work. The governor also toolc into con- Hidonil.ion Iho 'dial thai many okk-r workers', out. of work lor mouths or year.s, may need a little liriwliintr up. 'I'lli! general idea i.s In cut. down flic iineniDloynicnt lint by asking the jnl>- '»ss to tfo to school foi- a few week*. It JH expected bchveun 2000 and ,'500(1 new jobs in the Hartford area alone inll open | JV t| u; tim(; lhc firsl d . iss(!s Hre ready lo slei> oul of "school." Any effort to taeklo Die nnemployineiil liroMem is a step i n the right direction am) .should be \valclicd by other stales with keen interest. I SIDE GLANCES 3'.,\^?feMf •'-•:• A .MS! >• '•> s.<>- '<->V_T, ' Vv^* I r^^mM\ :. • n» cTjit. staiKT.jfe.j. M.itic i : PAT, en. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, O SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS A^WBRONDFIELD J_ t!. met him at tho door. "Wei- ' CQlYlP. vmin u %v>-i» ~i.. j „ "' "" " I'" 1 '* ' t . i| lite Hunt ijuiirlrr 'IVch |,,il» „ , hurl ,,„„. Ullo n fll ,,1,1,, (; ,, „ „.,,.„,,. U j,,,, k . il ilu.y,, |.t( ( ,,-,,,i j )ul , mi,,.,, (lip lll«( <, VU 1,,,'liUTH. 1IL i'.;n«:l(iii«rii'.ss :i« Kt-nii . AfU'r ,, J( . UJMIII' Ju- tun-i* fjltlirr, A ftl.,.r fr M ,i, ,'h" .1 ••me I'olliT)' Vn'iuinf nw«|l« '''"I "I (hi: liuilb'c. 'He rni,l« It, Miiri'i muuilll}- u«< Uic ivlndon-, Uown, Ci ! m V '"' Slt tlow ^" s1 ' ,„/• G - sliiflcd liis cigar nnd drew "1" a chair. "Jomi'll be right cut 1 • • J' 01 ' know ho\y women aro wiiU thcjf makeup . . ., S J|K • • • silly, I spy. . , " Ivcreoiiies a .small order, hi,I a lol of theJiiU-sl XXX N 1 left (he house llirouuh lhc bad; door, lie took no clinnccs hy venturing through that mob downstairs. Ho hiiilecl a cab on Hie cornel' ami climbed in. "Hotel Regent," f- entire don>n|i>w:i district "•as jusi u bedlam or noise and Thousniids jiiiyimed slrenls, hotol lobbies rind bur hilarious celebration. Hi^h above llie pavement >:,,mc of the more tipsy tflclmints in (luiir rooms; dropped paper bags of walev on .Miisiifijeclina but improloiling pc-' W .'Icslriuns. A shower of /c.-alhurs- broke ora (toil .vs Itcj alighted from the cab. Someone on Ihe K i:venlh floor of the no/scut had slit open .... ... lows as a substitute for confelfi. , . , . fee) >'Pl>«>i-fng'suddenly, res- i • i, n fr'"" f «' 'Hm every once , sensed soinclhing was ', you." somftliiiifj ] c uvr . . . wows applicants lor os Needn't worry one bit ... .' ,,oi you s.vpcclcd, too." ,1. Q jabbed Ins cigar at »»„ f or em . !>h<isis. lytocom- „ rt half dozen ideas whipped through Ins brain » s hc looked (irst ;it Joan and then at her father. Things wore moving almost loo swiftly Ip i-mnmrhcnd It wus win, ;,„ effort „,.,, ,, c Wii! ; able to pick up ,-,11 n,c loose ends (iiul tie tlicni together. "Well, what do you think about that, young fell,, . . . ol ht , sound pretty good to yon pretty darned good, 1 wiv ••' ' ' Don smiled wiily. "ThVl's insf the trouble, Mr. Johnson You've go THIS CURIOUS WORLD ' B ywniiam . FprcfiicAii Ferguson SO THEY SAY U anniscs me very ».,.»!, to «c the movio , "Won of «• composer laborim; for u chord . -Rudtilph l-viml. noted composer. * * +' countries «-<-ri> , wy ( .,, hn niixious to si ay neutral IT TAKES AAORE ThlAN TO -AM OUNCE, BUT ON/E SEED WILL. GROW IfNJTO it TREE SHOULD you DO IF YOU FIND A DEAD BIRD WITH A NUMBERED AAF.T>M_ ON ITS ANSWEIl: Wii'tc tr> the U. S. Bj NEXT; 'J'iic weaker srx .iiii,,,; S i -Mrs. Ilcnry Morgciilhau, Jr. wllc " 8lalln m " ls the " rin ^former Com.n.mi* party sccre- OUT OUR WAY J. R. Williams Supreme Cour{ Ruling a | Factor in Low River Mark i SUPREME COUKT RULING-!-!. , ST. LOUIS (UP)—The MIssMip- 1)1 river has shrunk to Its lowest level duo nnt only to the rtrm^iu but a|.so to a derislcn hf u\ c U s .supremo cnuit. At pciinls In the SI. Louis district, bclmv the junction ol tin: Mi;aiwi|i|)l wit), (| 10 iii.^o,,,-! (h ,i river Is only half Its normal widih Ql(| river pilots say the low water has persisted longer than at any ttpip in their memory. Although di'oitiihl in the ?Jcrth- ^-eKt hns btm the princip«l' cmisn of the low water, engineers here s»y u cgnuibutiHB factor wps llie decision of (he Siiprcnip Court or^ rle'rins decreased diveision of water from i.;,kc Michigan. Th? order was cfrcctive Jan. I. Street cars were ficd ii(j far \\vo bloelfs as \vild.Ti>vcd uiHler"i'ad- tialcs pulled thu Irolleys from Hie wire. I'olice wbfelles shrillod unheeded as- traffic rules and regulations \verc tossed to tho winds. Bill lhc police wisely and good- nntiiredly forgavu evfrylhing as the town cplobvulc'd Tho lobby a( (| lc ftcgcnt was in J'.n, uproar." Tiic maniigemcnl, widi arcat discretion, had removed the vugs and more e:qicii- sivc furniture. A dozen oltl gi-jids ='nd peeled off (heir coal:;" and •'/ere replaying the game over in one corner, as a police capiain iicied as referee. Dan. jumped back just in lime Itj>r at tho house W |, on ' ,' B<) all " ' ' ' Jt Wits "'t eoocl noi/i, "What's wrong boy ''On;,'?" J. Q. demanded' K wo ca|i'I fix . . ,, ot can't sot right . . , spcjilj • • ^ 1 11 lakii care of it.' "Thanks. Yon OTOI-ivliclm n w ' DC replied a (iujf, (j,.,.,^ ,, b|[l -^ •inellimg clifferQiit. It's ms 1 got a letter from llie ™ m 1 ? 'expected to \vork for willi a large gold fish :i<inarium they had approprialed from the far side of the loljb}'. He called the Johnson suite on the house phone. "1 don't dare lo be recognized," he tokl Joan. "W'hcrc'll I meet you?" Her (angh linlclcd bade over (lie wire. "Duck into pu elevator- und come right up. Dad's ordered dinner served in Ihe rooms." 1 "• ••• « "J t* VJI K H}\ Hi It?] jr.'idualion. They say they're awfully sorry, of COUI-SH, but ji S ,, (W , as though n c|iant'o in owiiciship •md Policy has made it necessarj P break any cutninilmcnls thej Had made (o me previously. In 'act, they promise nothing." Ho turned io Joan'Iiei-cSv, "I'd been counting on that job.'I'll be ' -n-ncd if I p)ay pro b;]U m . ,. tkc teaching job," Ji o slai-ed moodily at his salad. JOAN winked at her father. '' J. Ci.-s laugh exploded through tho room and Dan looked at him '•omew|ijil hurl, lie didn't notice Joan was sinothoi-inif n grju. "I don't get it at iil|," Dan snid dourly, "Or l,avo I lost my sense of humor?" J. Ci. cleared his throat for an- ulhei- verbal barrage, but Joan "Maybe 1 should have (old you this before, Dan . . . especially since H concerns you so vitally." 5>ho smiled impishly. "Don't lo'ok now, bu.t ycm'i-c dining witli your tnlure employer." "I'm what with who?" he echoed. "Acme Poltery Protuicls," siic announced, "is now a unit of J. G Johnson Industries, Inc. It was Pop's firm that bought it." "Yessir," J, G. boomed. "And THE FAMILY DOCTOR - '». •». M* «*. » »•», «ff Quinsy, Associated- With Tonsils; Should Be Treated, hy Physician He paused. Then: '•[ Wim . to hank you a lot, but, I'm not «„!„.; to he handed anything like lint I~I don't lilio fi ifl.s O r il M | naduc • , . especially for .<:ynir>t||jnc [ fton'l willy deserve. I've Iricd (o tell vim it wos j 0im w)lo en . (i _ tieeivd am- escaixj. I'm not.takhi- a bit oC credit." .f. 0. snorted and Ini nil' the -ml Ot a fresh cigar. "Ilah! 1'ridc- just what ^expected. . . . W o»'t rtc, you a bit of good, Iliough . . . not (i bil. . . . People usually do what I wry. "Lut you in on a little secrel " J. G. added, iKilicinf Dan',-: aii- tnnvnl resentment at his last re- marl;. "Yon come well recommended. Old man llendricks, head of yonv ceramic engineering du- pai-tment, is ,- m old friend ot mine • • . lipped me off (hat Acme Pot- ci-y was ripe ami rowdy for a good I'Viy . . . and this is something even Joan doesn't know about ho wrote to me n few day-- [,&, when he'd heard I'd bought (he oultil. . . . .Asked what I mj ,,| U able lo do for (lie onlstandFnK man m this year's class . . . boy by tho name of Webber!" TOAN'S eyes glistened as she ' squeezed Dan's hand J G was rattling on, but his wor ds "ere falling on deaf mtrs. "Hey!" he finally burst forth toting their utter unconcern. "I'll jet 30 days for talking to myself. t I'm not careful." Joan didn't even lake her eyes off Dan as slio gave J. G. a gcnile lint. '•Pops." she said softly, "Aren't •on a lidle offside on this plav?" "Well, m be . . ." J. G. grinned, aybu I'd better go down for ome fresh-cigars . . . before'you >cnauzc me for interference." __ 'Xhe Em! oiiciiiim 01 the abscess, anO then to plan complete removal of vlic tonsils to prevent appcnraiicn ol J new abscesses: If this is not dour:, there may t;c me a; abscesses, re-' fiiilllns fi-oin (J;c condition,', 'tluil led to the formation of tlic lirM ans:cf;ss. I'.V l)It. MOK1IIS FISIIKKIN :ilitnr, Journal of the. AaicHcaii Alcdical Asvnci.-ition, and nf Hj'B"u, (he llcallli flLiga7.1nr. Mast people fcnovv somothlng tout tonsilitis. but few pcopli:' as- nciate quinsy with the tonsils. such an abscess, ivhen die (issues have thinneil and soflenctl, is not, i difficult and is frequently clone' without an anesthetic. The abscess will pop like n pimple thai, is ready lo burst. Miiseum Teaches How To Make Telescopes NEW VORK (UP) — A now course in telescope mirror mnkina is being orEtiiiined' by the Hoyden f'lanntarium of Hie American ~Mu- afcum of Natural History. The class will be conducted jointly by the 2SV ^ STaro'nnT t t ™££ «*« «?« •« ™* onsil. "'? al »cc.^ forms m the tissup Plmictarium ami the Outiral Divi- When the abscess for.s. there ft'n^r 'oTte^c^^.S f" ?'>!« *^^~ s Hl S o swemn, of the t,vul,, which ! its coito,," in „ ^^^\^ l ™^°^ 1 ^f'.'' •• the httlo Mructiii-E that hnngs ves.^e|s unless there Is- nronmi b.ibcment of Ihe Planclar- own from the roof of the mouth treatmeiH l' ro ™t>M li.m. Since the c.pcnins of th oward the tongue, and also ,. welling of the .soft, palate, In scim; to iUt "' ". the abscess lore and more 'dfstendcd iflammiitory material and burst into lhr ; - tissues ' tn ssctiejnl it is not removal of lhc ibscrss is present bo- ciuise of the inflammation, and also because there may be more blcc<t- ">8 Tho world's minimal paper production is more 1)1.111 eijjlit millicn tons. I **/ I t>* '' , H 'tiW2a*S?*} $m4fa&<Sg W:Li^ {!*%^f"T^** A«f,*'r!4^« i* ffi'il''*' 1 fiit Oim BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopie '/ WELL, I'LL TAKE THL- I POOM— irs Nor BIG 'J ENfOU&i( TO VIIO6 A jfCHII'/AUHK. I>A,BUT IT \PlTOUMC-. A TEMT.'- 'I W/>ME 16 TIFK&MY /COI.Lt'C'VG THK IV HERt / / Gfc'MTLEMAM IG i PIJREUV as Ihe ,,ai )lr o o? Iherodit o b jpparciit. In dim «av the mis- and"" ' result of the inflnmma- would rcmcved ,' , • • I l!1 »«tnrlnni in lp:» some -IS!) custom , lrj , tclpscol)C n , in . rvK V.nigins from i; lo 12'u- inches, bavc bceti made !>y jiinatcur astronoiiicr.s. •Tlic nciv i'lnncturliini coulee is designed to give anyone interested ' in' owninu his own telcscopb an his mirror '. und mounting uncicr expert .supervision. Each slucicnl will constnitt ;ut of the Iwiy ralhcr th..,, „„.„,, Into an aria in which the material 1 may be absorbed. The opcniny ol MW TERS TO' OTHERS WH1L? 1 DEVOTE MY6ELR TO BROADf AFFAIRS PHILOSOPHY, tTf RATUfJE , TOE ARTS . AMD • ^ I ' ' ' ( f\ — **. ^' & > Down Menioi-y Laiie iVKHYTHJjNC; • By Clyde Lewis 10 Vc;tr.s ^go I'. N. Ware. Jr.. and B. B. Dick- T are nMcndliig to business m IRlciia . . . The Ward building occupied by the I'hillins Motor company, was completely dcstroy- fd by lire night. The i't'1- maicd damage '.vns pbicerl nl. 5100,1.00. . . , \voni isa.s brrn irr. iv.-d '•ie nf l!u- ,)ivith O f .Mrs JI. K. K'hols. 7n. of Dallas. 'iv xl ,s -.viio died In that <.(ty TucMlny nl«ht. | ,\f|-.<. Fichals, foniii-rly of here, was (lie molhci-iu-law of Mrs. tj)ii Kchols. Five Years ,\gu Mr. find Mn,. o. !>.' Moss. «lio have been llvinj; in Jonc.sboro and Little Heck for a-venil inontlib. have rrlnrnrd homo. . . Miss Le- ciie Cnliirot has s «uc to Nnsln ilh'. Til in., for I hp weekend , . {irergc- .\f(it(ln>\vs. jr., of Kansas City. Is vlsilini; i,| s parents here for .several ihiy.s. ! Kl. Paul. Miiiu.--Governor Floyd «. Ch.on r.rcdioi ctl an am pcllilcnl revolt in the Unih-ift within two years In an inlervievv with the United friw today. One Year A;n Oor. O.irl E. Rnliey tocl.iy n»- numm! Hie nppolntmeiil of' U"" S. Butler of O'scechi to the state flood control committee. "('.o on luiuicl Tlierc's noi n Ihiny in Hie world \\Ton" wild yo« girls—you're jusl o, couple of liyiiocl

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