The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1941
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BLYTHEVniJEJOURIER NEWS ->rti\i -W&vtbfAl&B OP NORrHKART ARKANSAS ANn RniiTi-rpAO'r TN/rroo^rrnr ^^ VOLUME XXXVIII—NO. 4 Blytheville Dai)y News Blythevffle' Courier ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 10-11 NPACT Army, Navy Bill For Four Billion Given Approval WASHINGTON, March 2I.'~(UP)-The house appro-i pnations i committee today approved a fifth supplemental SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS AXIS Turns Bear Rear on Spring The funds would be used to buy* 3600 bombers for the army, to forti- » i"y the nation's new Atlantic bases and to buy naval armaments. The house begins debate on the bill immediately, in reporting it the committee released secret testimony of General George C. Marshall, army chief of staff, in. which he discussed at length the United States' plans for new armored divisions. Marshal said the nrmy plans to build its armored forces up to eight divisions, similar to the German panzer divisions, if and when the size of the army reaches 2 800,000. The army now has fcw'o -such divisions and will make two 1 more with funds in -the pending bill, and then have reserve enough to convert one or more of the present triangular infantry divisions if necessary. "In the last two weeks." he said. when he testified on March 5, "We have gotten more exact-data'than we have previously had as to the employment of German armored and motorized forces, particularly the mechanized forces in the break through into. France and the plunge C Jayeee President "These data have bene referred J Blytheville manager of Universal Credit Co-'s i Addresses Group At Magnolia Observing "Governor AclkiW ; .Day M MAGNOLIA. Ark.. 'March 21 (UP)—Governor Homer Aclkins speaking before a meeting of tiu« state oil and »as commis-sion, the Male utilities commission and in- ausirialisis from all parts of the nation, this alternoon pictures "a great industrial empire arising rrht here in Arkansas as a direct, result of the. great reservoirs of natural gas discovered here." Adkin-s. honor guesji on Magnolia's -Governor Aclkins Day." cautioned however that, a "cloud partially obscures the picture," "Some contend that Arkansas gas cannot be made commercially because of its large sulphur eon- tent." Adkins .said. "Others con- tej.J that the extraction of tins uilphur presents no serious engineering cr financial problem." Tlie governor said that no waste- fvil method of production would be tolerated and that no lar»e quantity of the gas would be piped away to feed industries in other states. He called attention co a it ate law prohibiting waste of natural gas and said if no use could be found for the gas it. would be turned back into the ground for use of future genera Lions." "The .state of Arkansas stands ready to co-operate fully with those operators who in good methods of ailable for thc Nazi Terms Split Cabinet At Belgrade; Air Attack Take Toll At Plymouth w,- , , ?, ltey> P? atr bear llt Sim Francisco zoo, who's highly ^cd over high temperature now prevailing there. indtis- of Arkansas," Ad- Buried C '''-L- '' v-v • qLULe " Ja - v oawba loday 'bers of Jaye • ' \ cers of the body at its installation , banquet at 7:30 o'clock tonight at j Hotel Noble. ' "On the other hand the School Girl Is Missing Here Today ParenLs of 14-year-old Helen the ninth-grade junior high Government May Pu! Own Employes To Work On school student did not return home i Air Research Station \rjic1 uY*riii" I* l't /it> U,-*:.x,~ ,..«. j ._._. « _ii i -'*-v*i.jv^ii spoilers who might seek to wa^te -Jaycee dignities, mem- i lhese reserves without considera- ycee groups of this terri- . tl0n for \nterests.of- Arkansas.und ,tory and other visitors will attend 1 pecpk ' wU1 find ' a11 of Llu> Puneral services were held at! die banquet and installation cere- povv ' er of . a sovereign slate 2:30 p. In. today at North Sawba monies. The public is invited ^"^ rn< "" Cemetery for Barbara Jean Warren yesterday after being reprimanded at school and sent home at 10::w de-1 o'clock yesterday morning, sought . two-year-old daughter of Mr. and The night's address •will be made by George w. Patter- ^f n ' Cn ° f Gos » e11 - son - pirtjt Christian church died at Blytheville Hospital | -ister. Mr. Porter also ,vill min- Wednesday night after a two-day illness of a throat infection The Rev. E. B. Williams officiat- u/'Jl A I r Will Ask Tor Correction Of Journal Tlie local organization's charter i will be presented by Walter Huss- WASHINGTON, March 21. (Ul l ) man, Tcxarkana newspaper man' ~ ScnaIC Democratic Leader Alben and head of the Arkansas State ' W> Barkle >' o£ Kentucky announced " police aid last night, but today no word had been received.of.Uie^ffirrir whereabouts:'" ? . : '•""'" 1 .":-•;, " r: --W~^ Vf Mr. and Mrs. Jack Delk, the parents, called and visited many friends of the girl yesterday afternoon and last night und found no one who had seen the girl after she left the school. One girl said she saw the missing girl "in the'hall, Crying." A broadcast, was made by police after city, county and state -police had been called ' ed at funeral rites. Survivors include the parents! Jayeee group "who" wm^m-iu^* 1 * ! toclay that he would ask VthaV'the l souent lhe § id vainl i' throughout and two brothers. Harold and Billv ' ... Ray. Hanna Funeral Home charge. was in Stock Prices A T & T ................. Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper ...... '.[ Bethlehem Steel ..... Chrysler .......... :.'.'.!! Cities Service ........... ." .Coca Cola ............. General Electric '. '. '. '. '. . '. " General Motors .......... Int Harvester ............ Montgomery Ward ...... '.'. N Y Sentral .............. 12 i-2 North Am Aviation ...... 143-4 Packard ...... •> 3 4 "'"'"'"''"' y short address, as will Henry Dorscy ' senate Journal be corrected to of Texarkana. secretary of the i show lha: an ame »dment lifting stale organization, and Perry Pip- restrictions on naval purchases of kin. Memphis, who retired as ores- Ar = eritina beef actually had been idem of the national Junior Cham- i ad °P Led instead of defeated . on .a her of Commerce- year ' 161 1-4 68 1-2 24 3-8 77 5-8 63 3-4 4 1-2 90 32 7-8 43 47 36 3-4 try vote which Vice President Henry A. Wallace missed. Barkley said that he and several other senators had heard Senator Richard B. Russell. Democrat. Ga., «,_ c . „, . , . . , vote for the amendment although West- ChiCKasawba last night at,! his vote was not recorded bv the 7 o clock was extinguished before i clerk- He said the- matter involves ? l?i *™*J e " Firemen were j the question of highest privilege of , QiU ^ .senator, insuring a permanent correct journal. the case and last night and early today. The parents issued today an appeal to the girl to "come home," Ky United 1'iess The situation on the labor front was almost unchanged today with 30 strikes ,ih.. progress involving approximately .40,000 workers niid orders- for.' materials worth more than $100.000.000. Action was expected on !t war department order Chut would pul government, employes" to work on the strike-bound Sl.5SO.OOf) construction project at the Dayton O.. Wright Field U. S. Army aviation research station, Issuance of the order wiu> postponed yesterday without, explanation, but a member of the Office of Procluc- PLYMOUTH, Ri Mardi 21. (UP)-i)l' people, many of them \voarintf blood-stained band- aiul with Lorn cloihiup;, over stroots litlcr- od with broke.-!) bricks, mortar, wood and tflnss seokintf shelter today after savage Clennan air tin's historic, city. They carried their entire remaining possession.-; and household goods with thorn, passing scorns of rescue squads who wort- .still dicing in wreckage lor bodies or for burled survivors. Entire rows o! homes lav in u raid on Invasion Coast Hit Kritiffh Bombers :LONDON, March 21 (UP)—Large Hros and many explosions were caused by Royal Air Fon-e planes in n raid during the nhjht on the Ciermun submarine base at Lorient, on Hie Invasion coast, the air ministry said today. fi wus the second straight night raid on the bi^ U-boat bast>. and flu; -iHlh of tin; war. Nomblntf was centered on the dock avon. The ministry disclosed thnt, coust- nl eommatul planes yesterday _,. bombed and machine gunned a nilns. AL least hall ol lhe 40-odd j nuinlj er of German motor torpedo homes in my sti'eel are unlnhubil- j ljout - s a "d a German patrol vessel olY the Frisian Islands in the North sea. The crew of lhe patrol able. Neighbors and relatives dkl all they could to enrc- Tor (ho refugees and remaining homes in the worst hit areas were crowded. :it wn.s estimated that about 10,000 incendiary bomb.s were drop- pL-d. Explosive bombs were dropped, ut. times, at the rate of 12 n minute— 720 an hour. Many (ires were -started but they were tint under control within a few hours clue to aid of civilians and the heroic work of the fire spotting' and fire lighting services. Three churches, three department .stores, two hotels were among the many buildings wrecked by" fire or explosion. Muny shops were in crumbling ruins. The Germans had used the snme tactics ILS in previous attack* during the last tew dny.s on their spring starvation offensive aimed at ports through which flow the -supplies on which Britain depends, for life. Parachute flares. Incendiary bomb.s, then explosive bombs, then a long ruin of incendiary mid explosive bombs mixed hud crnshed on the city for hours. Pursuing their usual routine the after dusk and dropped flare. 1 ;. Then the rain of fire and explosive bombs continued until after midnight. A German .supply bombed and machine vessel took to life bouts, the ministry said. Two German planes which .HtlempteU lo interfere wore driven oil. ship was gunned olf the .south const of Norway yesterday, the ministry .suicl. it wfi.s understood thnt bad went her prevented Royal Air Force' offensive operations against many during the night! No Change In Quotas Of Cotton Regulations for cotton marketing quotas for the 1041-42 marketing year will be virtually identical with those in effect the last three years, accord I ii|.'. to J. j. Plckren. county agent. Quotas were approved by first German raiders arrived just morc Lhn " °2 P^* cent of the cotton producer;; voting in the national referendum on cotton quotas last December, which wcro favored by more than Df> per cent of Arkansas 21. in- By Unlk-d Press BBLGttADE, March (UP)—Jugoslavia has formed Germany that'she prepared to sign a . "coriipro-. adhering to the'.". trU pMcl, it was leai'ruKI tonight, and expects to affix mne her signature at a ceremony Sunday Vienna despite Most of the fire bomb.s were putl cott ' on Producers who voted. Lion Management staff .said there i out b - v " veritable army of thous-( Q lJ oUa.s of Hie normal or actual j Yugoslavia's were no' new developments in ne-j tln(Js Ol Lmi 'i t! 'l neighborhood fire y' clfl > «'hicliev«r is the greater, on gotla lions. The project hn.s been delayed Oil Stove Causes Alarm A minor oil stove blaze at 1033 called and aided in putting the blaze. Wont You Come Into My Parlor? TO IH5PECT strikes called by the ( .streets, currying their _ Republic Steel ............ 185-8 Socony Vacuum " 858 ' 35 t-8 35 3-4 56 1-8 Standard Oil N J- 1'e-a.s Corp U S Steel ..... ; New York Cotton Prev. j Open High Low Close Close j Mar. . 1G58 1063 1053 1063 1059 i May . 1075 1035 1075 1082 107-1 | July . 1072 1081 1071 1077 1072 I Oct. . 1059 1078 1059 1067 1061) ! Cec. . 1058 10G8 1058 1067 1058 I Jan. . 1060 1061 1058 1065 1069 j New Orleans Cotton ! Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. May Sept, Prev. Open High Lo\v Close Close 1053 1063 1059 1063 1062 1082 1085 1082 1085 1082 1078 1085 1078 1081 1079 1068 1075 1065 1072 1059 1068 1070 1064 1068 1070 1064 1064 1064 1064 1066 Chicago Corn open 641-8 641-4 high 643-4 64 1-2 low 635-8 64 close 63 3-4 64 1-8 ASCOT CUPS FOR WAR RELIEF LONDON.—The two silver Ascot cups, designed annually for presentation by the king at the Ascot race meeting, have been presented to the British War Relief Society this year. Cups will be auctioned to raise war funds. There are about 3000 wooden railroad ties to the mile oh American railroads, Mrs. Roosevelt Will Join Husband After Cruise And Visit Fort Bragg t almost three \vecks by a strike j -100 AFL building trade.s workers j protesting employment of four ! CIO electricians. Defense Director William S. Knudsen was asked to intervene in the four CIO Farm Equipment Workers Organixin^ Committee the International Harvester Co. The appeal wns .sent by Claude Crowe, president of an independent union which claims 3.700 members at the Wisconsin Steel Works, subsidiary which .supplies sleel used in the eiyhi-plant parties, including housewives atid '' lu; n < : n. i age allotment plus any shop girls us well as business men j cn!T yover penalty-free cotton will and clerks. Rescue parties went Into action at once and remained on the job during the entire raid. They were working still today as the homo- less wandered about the Uttered possessions WASHINGTON. March 21 (UP) —President and Mrs Franklin D. Roosevelt will inspect the army's post at Fort Bragg. N. C. f on the president's rettjrn trip to Washinu- ton from his Florida vacation, it! wn.s learned today. j j Authoritative sources disclosed' j that Mrs. Roosevelt will »o to Port j . Everglades. 'Fla.. to meet her hus- j ! band when he disembarks from the) presidential yacht Potomac after C i "aea and sunshine" fishintj trip. ' ^ The president will inspect Fort Braog from a military point of uew. it was .said, while Mrs. Roosevelt will study health, housing and iccrcatlon facilities. CAMp BO RDEN. Ont.. March 2t. The camp. 10 miles outside of (UP)—An impressive array of I-ayctteville. is the second largest' American-built tanks manned by in the counti-y. It originally was Canadian soldiers rumbled past planned to house the army's ninth j Senator Claude Pepper. Demos-rat. division, comprising some 8.000 men. j Fla., yesterday during an inspection but is being expanded to accommo- j tour of this training camp and the ,ante 66.000 regular troops, national j opening of a new $20.000 rccrea- j guardsmen and draftees. Approx- j tiona) "center for the troops- .'.matcly 36.000 troops alrcad>- are) Major . Genera] j. A . Gmm> preh . -Although emergency construction!^";^ thc Canadian Legion war *t the post got underway a— ! sclvlc&s ' P rc « nt ^ the »™ recrea- of .schedule last Sept. 1 and be established for all cotton farms. ReguliUions provide for n penalty of three cents a pound on l!Ml cotton sold in excess of the marketing quota: pcnnHles will also be collected on any cotton produced in 193«. 1939 or liMO If it were subject to a penalty those years, provided it cannot be marketed within {the 1941 tjuohi. lie said. The penalty is two cents :i pound on '1938 cotton and three cents a pound on 1039 and 1940 cotton. in dust covered suit eases or sheets. Many of them did not know whether members of their own families were dead or alive, The anti-aircraft gun I'lre was heavier than during any previous raid. Despite it, hundreds of German planes flew low over the city . . dropping bombs on residential and j ", lr mi Jicrc »6 c ullotment business areas ' iuu! do n ° l MllVt - on hjvtul ^">' Thc death toll increased slcadilv I Cl " >l> >' ovcr Penally cotton. Red cards as rescue .squads du» out moro' , l \ bc Lssucfl Lo Produwrs over- bodies. -jplMntinB their 1941 allotment or i have on hand any carryover penalty White, and not green, is'ih,. most ! l -° tlnn - Blll( - crirci - s w511 ^ ^^ to protests of Serb nationalists; Germany's terms t ? or Ju- goslavia split the Jugoslav cabinet and threatened to align the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes who comprise the hybrid Balkan , kingdom, against one another, possibly opening the way to another easy Na/J success '"'• Some phases of the Jugoslav situation were now clear, sut three Serbian members of thc cabinet olferetl their resignation in ungry ,Jot.csl, ujjuinst u "compromise- plan agreement with Germany" There appeared to be at least a possibility thnt this action might net us u spark in the explosive Jugoslavia atmosphere. Large "fac^ tlons In Jugoslavia, including powerful army elements, most, of the peasantry und the bulk of the Serbian population oppose- any deal with Germany.' .- : : ; , Grout elements, the most powerful in the cabinet of Premier CvelkovHch, generally supported closer relations with Germany,' .while the Slovenes were taking ft middle course. .'•.,;.,,,-.• The split in thc country \vas disclosed by a cabinet vote on the proposed ... -compromise" :.with Germany. ,The three Serbian members" vcled nsainsL the deal, IQ Croat members including the foreign minister, voted for it and five, including two Slovenes and the premier. abstained from voting. '-..;•. According to reports, the compromise that was laid before the cabinet provided for modified' Yugoslav adherence to the Axis Special reservation* guaranteed' territorial integrity movement of Nazi and barred While marketing: cards will bc| ut issued to producers who plant S for service. troops across Vugoslavia, but woul'd nllow movement of Nazi war supplies, hospital material:; a-n'd wounded troops and would bind Yugoslavia, more closely to-".'the' German economic sphere. • Yugoslavia also would agree™'to .suppress all anti-Axis elements' in. the country. .-,.,•? The attitude of thc army jyay determine the .situation. Both army leaders and soldiers are regarded as strongly anti-Axis, Yugoslavia has .some 650,000 troops under arms and 350,000 under call common color of Jade. Jav/in 7 Jawn enator Pepper Guest Canada On T r a i n i n g Camp Inspection Tour ahL ^ [ tion building, to thc portcdly is "well advanced" an H ° n ' Albcrt acute shortage of housing facilities for officers still exists. Some 1.200 'officers and non-commissioned of- i ricers now are housed in towns I within ft 70 mile radius. Matthews, lieutenant- Livestock Adolf Hitler and gesturing Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribber- trop take Yugoslavia's premier, Dragisa Cvctkovic MtTn hand uo on Salzburg, Aurtrla, mountaintop retreat to explain blessings of axis pp\yers 4 Hogs 9000-8000. Top. 815. 170-230 Ibs. 800-815. 140-160 Ibs. 750-800. Bulk sows, G85-735. Cattle, 700-600. Steers, 1200. Slaughter steers, 750-1375. Heifers, up to 1000. Slaughter heifers, 700-1175. Beef cows, 625-725. Cutters & low -cutters, 450-600, governor of Ontario, declared the center officially open. Pepper was among on the platform during the presentation ceremonies and he made a briel address to the gathering. Later, he was taken on an extensive tour of thc camp where he saw varied exercises by Canadian troops. As a special honor to the United States .senator, who was one of the major supporters of President Roosevelt's lend-leasc bill, Uiere ' was a display of American-built j tanks in which Canadian soldiers i are being trained. j prcdiicers linviny on hand carryover penalty cotton from 11138. If no marketing card is used by the producer to identify cotton War Aid Appropriation Approved By Committee WASHINGTON. March 21 (UP) — A senate appropriations subcommittee today approved without change the house adopted $7,000.- OGO.OOO war aid appropriation which when it is marketed, it is deemed I defense production Director Wilto be penalty cotton and the buyer must collect three cents a pound on all such cotton. Buyers are re- h'am S. Knudsen said could be spent in the next two years to furnish effective aid to Britain. quired to report all purchases of ! Greece and China. cotton not identified by marketing cards, all cotton identified bv A high maritime commission official meantime said that about 50 ird or blue cards, and all seed I merchant ships will be transferred purchases, dinners are required to ! to Great Britain "within the next report all cotton ginned and all i few days' as part of the war aid iced cotton purchased, so that | program, yields, marketing quotas, and penalties may be determined. Marketing quota penalties do not apply to cotton having a staple length of one and one-half inches or longer. Corn And Wheat May Go Under New AAA Program WASHINGTON. March 21 <;UP> —Chairman Eliison D. Smith. Dem- *ocnu, S, C.. of the senate agricul- ' turt; committee introduced legisla- , Lion late yesterday which would place corn and wheat under the agricultural adjustment administration marketing program. The sub-committee approved the appropriation, unanimously and sent it 10 the full committee which meets tomorrow. The measure is expected to reach the senate floor for consideration next Monday. Chicago Wheat Sept. open 87 7-8 85 7-8 high 877-8 853-4 low 87 847-8 close- *' S71-S 85 Though appearing somewhat aged by his recent experiences in the political arena, John L. is PITCHER IN BUSINESS CHICAGO. ~ Bob Carpenter, right-handed pitcher with the New York Giants, has become a wheat U. S. WEATHER FORECAST BLYTHEVILLE — Partly cloudy and somewhat colder tonight. Lowest temperature 34. Saturday cloudy and colder. Highest 50. MEiMPHIS—Mostly cloudy ana still the old dynamic Lewis as trader with full-fledged member- es he warns joint meeting of union- [ sh i p Oll the ch i C ago Board of !o4 colder tonight and Saturday. Low- tonight 33. Highest Saturday The otter is the most expert of all animal fishermen. Even the fleet trout and salmon are no match for his skill. ists and mine operators in New Trade York that his United Mine Workers won't accept a counterproposal to their wage increase demands. During the years from 1922 to 1932, there were 279.518 fatalities in which motor vehicles figured. ARKANSAS—P a r 11 y cloudy. Somewhat colder tonight. Saturday cloudy and colder in the east and central portions. Rain in the extreme south portion. :,,>

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