The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1934
Page 2
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COVRJJ R MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1J Sternberg his been en): of .the American L«i)eh aijiiJUry tor the coming jeir. (X&r offlcers niroed were: Mti A. H. Washbin-rt, vice-pre? I- ri3|i; Vfv F. P. Jacobs of Grlder, second vice-presldeni; Mrs. R. E. Jlaytock;'-, ..secretary; Mrs. Edgar Bonrm,; treasurer; Mrs. C. E. Crfe- ttti chaplain; Mrs. Ptoyd White, M»*orlan; Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise, ser geant tt arms; Mrs. Howard Proc tor. parliamentarian. Mrs. Proctor fc-tthe retiriiig president. •, Delegates named • to the state ecnjveftt'ldn «f Eureka Springs on September i. 3 and 4, were: Mines. Proctor, StethBere, Blaylbck, B^r ttm,.Crin«.«nd White, with Wash burn arid Eugene Rutledge as alternates. ,Tie group will entertain giii 6i,f6e U- 1?. t). C. stile, convention meejinjj Her* iii October,. with i breakfast at (he new Hut.or ,at the Hotel Noble, |f this is not completed. Mrs, Borum and Mrs White were named a committee foi this. .afTair. . , f iferflbers were urged to make Jelly for, the IK . jars, which; I tjj* quota . for : this unit. This jefly -will, be placed on the re lu*jUtatkin. shelf for distribution arnoris hfedy. veteran's famfflr dtiHng the winter, months. . The lbc«i group . voted;. to pro vide books andL clothing lor dill dr?n of i telertris' family so tha (My • may attencl school this yea ,-Mra.'Proctor, who is a candldat fpt tijj} office, oil ' state presiden Has Seen endorsed by this group and ,the delegstei to the state cocvfhtiori will promote lier nom- inillon. . iMiss Lujcile .McDaniel, daughter o?:Mr...arii tors. C. N, Mcbanle! oil Arbyr^, t Mo., and Mr. L. | B. Jefiries, ^irere united In muirlage Sunaiy flferriooh. The Rev. Eupha p:.-.Btatiw,;.. pasior. o( the First Church.of the Naiarehe, read (h.e r|Df .cervic* al.Mhe.home qf Mr. aisd Mrs. H. H. Lewis. Tl« only aUtgdatifs were Mr. and. Mrs. • '--^ ; ' apd .Mr. Berriird. McFarland'. 1 . bride wore. iri autumn en- 6f iiavy blue sheer cfipe trained-jri pink and her acces- saries' w«re navy. Jk V#ffriei uW his bride will MY NEED >&- You ^ By H<k DtGKKT, it ji, is iwin 1 ftrtd no4 I filled Ihr cur «ilh ucianxnl lot yo«. llir *roml iiiik*. b«il high, to [f 1 crew fjinl. Nilli Nirr^J, iW nuer I Imlhril \wir .tauntl* «i1h bjlni jlcind lro« lino*:* n* f* tf Anil gl>illy mine Ivf-mie u shimt»;j niiiliwnl To turnil votir srkf, lo.inike you *<" al ir..a IraTku sun in liravt, Hue afntofid >l«l, Wkik I, vtle lq\«<4lK tall noil's »tJko toVxrff ih« *'*y itai *vi*p fit! w/HKX ihty,*ie Iff I aktuc »ilk fai.U .mil cmdks. ^. ;; Wilh i«l tfl'Khc "hca aid l> v>uj;li1 IK> noni H** 1 llwy muni wail, rejiwintcrinfi loo tteatty Tin linsii'S Mwnii of r»>Mr|.s at Ihc ikxir. 1 pny, >^jr onr. llul you are ilron| Fll talllf. As vatianl ai I «h^|if'rc.l you »«iH Bui oh, t<lo«il, mi- ncfl for }0<J t'ills all llw rfj>^. Ihi- ntrk^—(W, roull il l« That hf miilil'lvnr J «oim,l, hfkf, nukt of btjlmii. Tc biiiiR hii" I'^V vjint link nijthl Jo incf Steele-Cooter Society — Personal day or Wemwsday, from. Blloil, Miss., where they have been (or ;i two weeli's vacation. Mr. and M». Bill Thopfe arid llielr small, daughter, >li|le Sue, have returned front a two week'? visit with relatives In Boohevllle, Miss. , . . Mrs. A. F. Barnaul, who, underwent an operation [or appendicitis at HI. Joseph hospiUi, Memphis, hast week, Is lmp'rovln| rapidly. She ciipccls to return home the latter part of the week. Mrs. W. E. Dunlap of Blythe, llle spent last week in Osceoki Uiting licr mother, Mrs. C. L. Appearance Counts In Salads Drake. Mr. and Mrs. B. >T«nk Wil- linns and their children, Lan, ind Frank, Jr., aie cxp>ct<d home he lo-st of the. week from . Laite James, Ind., where Mrs. Williams mil Lan have enjoyed an extended visit with.Mr. and Mrs. Dwtghi lilackwpod at their summer home. H>rn-M«mji. • A weddlnj that came us a surprise to Ihelr friends was that of Miss Myrtle Morran to Joseph b. Horn, which was performed Au: 20 at Carutliersvllle, in the home ot Ihc R«v. Mr. Barnhart, bftlci- at'liiR minister, Mr. and Mrs. Horn came Steele about six weeks ago and opened the "Lov Lee.Beauty Shop" and though they have been here only a short time they have won a host of friends. Mrs. Horn is j well known throughout Pemiscot J county, having taught in several ^ " schools. She and her husband arc recent graduates in beauty culture from a school at Chllll- colhe, Mo. A number of social events arc planned in their honor tor thc coming week. • • « Isaac McKay, prominent landowner of near Cooler vicinity, was elected as Pciniscol county Republican chairman at a meeting at the court house hist week- \ Mr. Wlllams and Frank. Jr.,| ~ d ^. Alice Ward, of Por- Joined them there last week. . t! , 8CVll ]j : was c i cctcd vlcc cliair- Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Emerson J j» w ^c^^y of cur- as their gnesta .Jast week mlic , svmc . secretary and Mrs. Nell Mr. Emerson's sister, Mrs. T. D. Horncr frcxsurcr . Mr . McKay was Rouse of Paducah, Ky,..»nd his al , Ulol . te ,| to ^poua a committee niece, Mrs. Ralph Malberry ofL, 5 (0 rcc0 mnieiid a list of caii- Arkadclphla. . Idldatcs to fll! VHcancies on the M«. Oscar Oosewich is In Fort cmml ticka for thc November Smith for » visit with relatives. ^ t . lcc[ion _ T|10SC recoln . Sarah Jane and Robert Stovall f dctl wl)I thcn ^ actc(1 on dcf . of Blylheville spent week here 1, H , t „ mcctlnB wh[ch wl u he vlsling their aurjt, Mrs. S. M. ^\, ^ t . 4 at tnc couvt house Hodges und Mr. Hoil E e 6 . . The ^^ homc ecollomtc c)a s,' Ji!? •"" , - MR<w * n lscs of tiic (irst and second ycai spent Friday In Little Rock where t ,., sl wcck al)rt orBiini2 ed theii hoy attended a meeting of the dub officers elected were: presi- n-1-Statc Cotton Oil .convention.L, cnt Naomc A6h; vice-nresidem f, -r^c^ 1 , 1 vice-president ot nOTVcna Ca mpbell; sccretary-tveas the Trl-State association. . ^^ . Beck i lilm; Frances Jaffr. smnll daughter JlnlL , Cr | cc of Mr. n.ut Mre E. M. Jnffe, spent At „ mectllls of Ulc F . r . A asl week visiting, lie* grandmu- hnvs of the local high school e tt,l)e(r •.home i; Uvtl at Sis (1th Mr. . Wajnut St. .•Mrs. Jeifrtes has been c in,train- tri«J:.iif:th<'BIHlKvllle noepftal. The takMgioui^,- • who ts' the son of !&...- «nd Mrs. W. P. Jeffries, of , Is cashier of the Liberty , Cash' store. .;.».;;. «n<J Stts. A. B. FalrfteW am 1 , parents .of i sari- borri Sun- day^ifterTio* at the Blythevllle hoijlti}... TH* bib'y. who weighs ejgit sbtaids, '.h*i been hanitd Albert Brown Filtltild. -. Misses Minnie Lee Legg'ett and DwpoUiy J«an FpSter had 25 boy *Dd girls is their guests for party .Wednesday- evening nf the Leggett . borne. Included In Ihc goests w«s Mary AJfce Satfersoi ol Grenada, Miss., who is vlsil ing.her coiisln, \yinifred Crawford C^""- -,-, .-Jean Dedman, daughter of Mr and Mrs..R. L. Dedman, had 2 chUdreh as her guests Friday af ternoon. In celebrating her thlr blrfbday. : The invitations were hand pain ed-and.other souvenirs were balU ppljce badges, transfer stamps :\i dolls .fished from a large pond with a fishing -pole. Other gam were ..played, after the childrc - had. played with, the gifts. . : Trie three tiered cake was dec rated with candles which adorn the dining room table. This w served with ice cream cones the preliminary physical examination for entering Annapolis, United sVat'cs naval ocademy. He pai- ie<( the examination snrt has decided, (o prepare for Annapolis at Marlon Institute. Marlon. Ala. His appointment is for 1935. Mr. and Mrs. S, E. Vail spent Saturday In Memphis with friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ncal Gesell, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Norrls and daughter, Maureen, spent yesterday at Current River Bench wheic they met Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Doss, of Beebc, Ark. They were accompanied by llille Miss Sam Doss' who returned home after spending » week with little Maureen Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Layson aiul children spent Sunday at Current River Beach. Miss Artie Eaton, who has been teaching in a rural school in soitth- ;ast Missouri, has returned home hlie the school Is closing lot tton picking. She plans to spend osl of the time in Memphis Miss Aliecn Appclfon returned o Memphis yesterday after a vis! ith her sister. Mrs. L. D. Chain In. nnd family, and brother. Gar Osceola Society — Personal _ • = Miss Blanche Cleerc was hostess •riday afternoon (o members ol he two table Friday bridge club, guests Including Mc'sdamcs .J. Lovewell, Ed L. Quinn, Joe Cromer, J. L. Ward. F. P. Jacobs, Harry Driver, H. J- Hale and W(, ~ Hunt. '' Appelloii. Misses LouUc Leggctt. Kliem iargetl and Nlta Fay Saxc an* obert lieerter 5|)ent Saturday li Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Jackson an amlly nre in Memphis today fo lie circus. ther in Memphis. week linal plans were made fo rison's sister, Mrs. at Helh, Ark. The Butterfly Salad Emerges From a Cocoon of Tin rnd Glass Confalr.rre. nents were served after the game. • 4 • Twenty friends of Mrs. R, V. Madden were her guests when she enteitalncd at bridge compllrnent- ng her house guest. Miss Marie Arnold of Port Gibson, Miss. Mrs. v Ruth Hale Carlisle won high score prize and Mrs. J. H. Lovewell cut consolation favor. The honorec wss presetted. a dainty favor. A delicious Ice course was served after the games. • • « • • The Osccola Order of Eastern Star will sponsor n benefit box Jviipi>er between tlie hours of 4 and 6 o'clock Thursday evening. Thc supper will be held at Grlder Park if the weather Is favorable, mid If not. it will be heM at - • „,,,,,. i I \SCL-lt mm! mill!.-, vsuit;- umui. »v Cspt. and Mrs.. William Harrison, ,, ch|b lo go lo Marlanna, Ark formerly of Mississippi county, Aim 31 lo vibit thc ccUoil c who have been living In Haiti. . |lncn , 5tation . C n . Sept. where Cnpl- Harrison Is stationed. t , . will Mmd thl! Mid-soul are back in the states for a visit. Fail . nl Mmp i,Ui. 1 hey are at present at Capt. Har- At „ meeting ot the. conn R y oullg commltlee at tne court h 0use last week Roy W. Harper, local at- I toruey, was elected chairman nf the PemiEcot county Democrats. Mrs. Carrie Mealle. of Hayti, was elected vice chairman. R. N. Brasher, of Haytl, was elected treasurer; Mrs. Oracle Shade, of Carulhersvilte, was electc-d secretary. From now :pn Ihe cominiltec will meet in the court Iwufe every other Tuesday to transact business. R. C. Sleele. general manager of the East Arkansas Lumber company, has moved his office into thc Beasley building next door to Ihe City Meat market. His office has been in the Steclc Supply store for years. The entire build- B.v NEA Service September marks (he beginning ot the social season and women who have done a minimum of en- Icrtainin&s during the summer montlis begin to plan bridge parties dinners and Sunday night suppers.. They realize that food is im- poviant to any party, so llicy try to think of new dishes that me decorative as well as appetizing. The days ol plain fruit sal.iil with heaps of whipped cream arc 'Jive Foods Festive Air Remember that (lie same inere- dipnts, dressed up in a. new manner, can bring gasps ol approval from your guests. Many a homemaker has learned to arrange I mils anil vegetables so that they look very festive. For instance, if you wntil to add zest to asparagus ami pineapple salad, fix it lo rrscmblc hntlcrflisi Cover individual plains with chic- Oilirr Arrangements Fresh vegetable salads • aljo can tx: arranged a 1 ; hotiQuets of .flowers. Put a lurgc slice of carrot in (he ccntei' of a bed of lettuce, surround it, In pnlal formation, with stalks of endive that- hive been cut in half. Place strips of pimento between the pieces-of endive. Stuffed tomatoes always are eye-tilling. Cut off the tops, Kcoop gone. !vfo<1ern party guest. 1 ; have in the center " ' 'half slice ol ory. lettuce or oilier salad greens, out the centers and fll! wilh.'cclery Plate one large stalk of asparagus and olives, creamed roqueforl WUson Society — Personal Jimmy Hill. Claude. Shaw. Pat Mir,. Quinn was winner of hlghJRowell and Elstner Beall have rer ;corc prize. Delicious relresh-1 turned from Hot Springs where they attended the annual convention of the Future Farmers of America. , Miss Jane Sherman and Jira Saliba of Florence,. Ala., and Miss Selma Saliba of Blythevllle were guests of Miss Alice George Friday. more regard for their figures than for your refreshments and, if you arc to he considered a gracious hostess, you'll have to serve food that, is filling but not fattening. Not that sweets aren't an asset to 11 party. They are—only you have to serve other things, too. ai range or any other salad mixture |>iueap])!e. on each | that strikes your fancy. 'Stick skle. Decorate the asparagus wilh bouquet of parsley in the top of sliced olives and put two slices of each and place on [i large, platter olives at one end and one slice at which has been covered with salad the other. Trim the pineapple with strips of pimento and diamond-shaped pieces of green pepper. arrival of a 7 pound daughter lo is the guest of his grandparents, her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. [Mr and Mrs. Wash Fowler, and and Mrs. -Doyle Sims.. Thc child was named Patty O'Nelle. Mr. and''Mrs. Newberry Johnson spent Friday ill Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Abeniathy and Mrs. Roma Marshall have returned from St. Louis, where they visited for a week. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Haggard entertained Mrs. Haggard's sister, Mrs. W. F. Clark and Miss Helen other relatives, nt .Cooler. Miss -Marie Forsythcr iS very Mil at her home near Cooler. The. Stcele Consolidated school. 3istricl No. 8, which includes Stecle schools, Miccla, Maplcvvood. Denton. nncl Gibpon .schools, closed Friday, Aug. 25. The school was due lo continue nine weeks but was closed because of the early fioyd While has gone lo Sl.l tne chapter room in Osceola. Mrs. Louis to buy stock for the Bcotery.l- 1 - B - B '»iu. worthy matron, an- R. A. Moore, formerly of Manila and Blyllie.villc and now of Sikcs- ton. attended to business here today. Mrs. Allan Walton returned" Friday from a visit in Memphis as tlie eitesl of Mr. ami Mrs. Berry B. . Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Banister had as their (jtiests Sunday Mr. and Mrs J. W. Banister and Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Willifotd. of Kennctt. Mo. Mrs. C. C." Camptell and daujh- ter.'Wanda, of Helena, /jrk.. arc Campbell's sister. icsts of Mrs. is. F. B Fox. Mcfetry fefsorial •r ; l*r.ian<( ; Mis.; C. S: : Stcvcns havo tjftj as trl«ir guests for the past sereral days, Mrs. S. A. Ramsej •pd daughter - Miss Grace, o DJew, - Mia., sister and niece o Mr. Stevens^ Mrs. E. E. White o Meridian,^SUss.,'-iiU-aunt, and Mrs J. 'B-.-'.Watts of Rulevillc, M!ss '«|ster. of Intrs. Stexens. They r=' tuqjed'. yestefflay, . eicept Mrs "» retriataM f6r a longe * (Were aecompanltd t rs.^J. T. Stevens wh the .-winter with he lianuey. H. Baker, Mrs. C V'.*£4'-' cJilldren, Mar •™ Ikl1 -- arrived hon nounccd- today. * • • Dlan Hak and his sisler. Llllic Maude Hale, of New Albany. N. Y.. who formerly lived in Osceola, arc back for a visit svlth rcl- nllvcs. They are accompanied by Fred Carpenter ot Cambridge, Mass.. who is a class mate of Blan Hnle at Harvard, The throe. 4111 spoilt several ' weeks visiting Mrs. [da Tucker and llic H. J. Halo family here before returning Enst lo enter school. Lillic Mnudc is a student at Cornell University. Mrs. Susie Kciser. accompanied Mrs .Willis Vanri arid son, Jaik Dulaney, of Greenville, Miss., ure the guests of Mrs. Vann's sister. Mrs. Victor Manri. Miss.. Zone George of Memphis has returned to her home at'pi a two weeks visit with her sister. Miss Alice George. . Mrs. William Lndwig and children, Mary, Billy arid Frank, have returned from Cape Girardeau, Vlo.. where they were guests i»: Mrs. J. W. Jones. Miss Ruth Martin, who has been visiting her sister for the past two weeks, has returned lo her homc til. Ciosselt, Ark. Mr. nud Mrs. C. W. Fergusoi and daughter, Betty, spent Fiiduy at ChafTee. Mo., guests of Mr. am Mrs. W. S. Johnston. -. Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Morris hav as their guests Mr. and Mrs. W ing has been redecorated and new D , viggins . or La wrcncehiir E . Tcnn fixtures have been installed. Mr. I Mr . alld Mrs . w . E. Hodges hav. Steel has a lurge stock of hardware supplies used by the building trade. He will have as his assistant. R. C. Steele, Jr. Miss Patty Jordan has returned home from Lepanto, Aik.. where as their guest Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Storey, of Parclimau .Miss. Mrs. J. A. Carr. of Kentucky, lias arrived here to make her home while Mr. Carr is a member of •t-rAartotte-There they mci ha* been attend; <* M/'i Miiwell are. j. .H. Bkins, Mr. - Misses Ella Taschncr. EHzahc'.l) weal and Aliua Malonsy left to- ay lor Chicago to spend n week t the fair. Mrs. C. C. Wood and daughter. ancy Carrol. Imrt returned trom visit In Cape Glrardeau. Mo fhile there Nancy Carrol uudcr- •cnt a tonsilectomy at the Dap- st Shelby hospital. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend have s their guests Mrs. Mike Carpcn- er and son, Fxlwnrd, of Marked Tree. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gilicsplc. .?rs E.. L. Parker and Miss Mary Sue Brantlev ot Mcniplib srxnt •csterday hcu as guejts of Mr. and Nlrs.- J. F. Livingston. John Emmctt Parker of Memphis, Is spending ihc week here as Ihe guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Livingston. J. F^ Livingston is attending the KOrld's fair at Chicago this week. Mrs. Ernest Roc and children by her John, and her niece, Mary Eli/abcth Rliodes. thc latter of Fayetlcvtlle. are expected home Wednesday from Monteagle. Tcnn., where they stopped for a visit en route homo from Chicago, iiftei attending Ihc Fair. Ojccola boys who have been attending camp Sapphire, at Bre- viird, N. C.. arrived home tills week-end. Boyd White and Bruce Ivy jr.. accompanying their counselor, Malloiy Harwell, also of Osccola. arrived in Memphis by train Saturday morning. Returning on the same train was Pearl Cartwright, who has been attending Camp Scquoya at Bristol, Va. Mr, and Mrs. R. A. Cartwrlght drove to Memphis lo. meet the party. Sam Hodges, who also attended Camp Sapphire. dr£ve home. ar« living Friday night. He was ac- companle<t (o Memphis by Ben Allen of Lake Cormorant. Miss., who was a camp-mate. Harry Cowan, who received scr- W. Morris arid daughter, Nelli May, of Stillwatcr, Okla'. Mrs. Marenc Wilson, of Cal lioun City. Miss., Mrs. J. W. Sid don, Mrs. DcWilt Rose and daugh lers, Misses Helen and Elizabetl of Grenada. Miss., returned hou yeslerda yaflcr a week's visit, wit Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wilson Miss Eloisc Wright. Mrs. Anna Parhani and grand daughter. Anna Frances, nf Ne Edinburgh. Ark., were week-ci suesls of Mrs. Ida Moselcy. Mrs. William Ludwlg has as h guest Mrs. J. f. Kellcy of Mei phis. Mrs. C. O. Williamson and sm Bobble and John Ed acre guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Fox Saturday and Sunday. Miss Jewell Tyler lias relumed lo her home at Poplar Bluff. Mo., after a month's vlsit'wiih her sister, Mrs. Carl L. Bird. ome irorn Lepanra. * K., wiiere t , , u , t of Cootcr hi h ^ml. he has been ybiting her sister, Misses Hdcn ;>n(1 Rnlh Kcar . Irs. Don Partis. Jr., while tak- , Qf Atw(J(xl Tcm] . are gll( , 5ls ng treatments from an ear spec- Q( Mr u|1(1 Mfs r , d Wagslcr list at Memphis'. Since coming ome she has undergone a tonsil- ctomy at thc McDanicl clinic. nd is improving rapidly. Mis. Mouita Michie and daugh- er, Mifs Alice, have gone to Kanas City lo.makc their home with Mrs. Michie's parents. En route hey visited Mr. Mlcluc In Jefferon City. Mr. and Mrs. George Tinslcy nd daughters and Paule E. Mil- irondl. of Joiner, Ark., spent Sunday here ami were accompanied by Mrs. L. C. Spencer, who 1ms been their guest since last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. James Phillip, and son. and Mr. an4 Mrs. Burns, o Hot Spring;. Ark. have been hers the past neck visiting relatives. Friday they went to St. Louis to visil rclalrits, accompanied by Mrs. Phillips' iather, the Rev. W. M. Duncan. Mr. and Mrs J. Allord Hastings announce the a; rival ot a n pound daughter last Tuesday. The cldi! has been nainec' Serve at the table. •Til cotton. Tiic school open again on Occber 15 so that there can be a full nine mouths of school. Flor every 100 marriages In the United Stales in 1029 there were 16 divorces. Marjorie Duckctl Teacher, All Types of Dunciiiy- Registration Aug. 31, Sept. 1 Studio at Hold Noble Last Time Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 7:00, 10-35c v JEAN HARROW, LIONEL BARRYMORE, FRANCHOT TONE and LEWIS STO'NE in "THEGIRL FROM MISSOURI' Paramount News.: Comedy—"Gentlemen qf Polish"—A Musical Revue "Poor Cinderella"—Novelty Colored Reel Hospital Notes Admitled lo thc Blythcville hos- ..... . __________ , have returned to Memphis after ! tou s facial Injuries and' suffered a. visit with .Mr. and Mrs. E. B. ' a concussion of the brain several Woodson and (amtly. nights ago when an automobile Mrs. T. O. Fletcher, of Marion.' ml into him as he was riding and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Met-! horseback along the shoulder of . - cher. of Joiner, were guests ol! H| Shway 61. Is Improving slowly Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Dedman and'at his home here. Mr. Cowan family Smiday. Jean Dedman re-! was thrown from his horse lu turned with Ihem for a week's i lhc pavemenl. The horse was in- Unlikc most oilier animal poisons, snake venom has been found to be oxtc to pTarit life. stay at Joiner. I. O. Westbfook has returned : :rrr.i a irip. to Chicago. .Jurcd so badly it had .to be Mrs. D. A. Slier is Improving • Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Guard and nicely, physicians 5>| ( j i a (, faintly vent.'to Equality, 111., yes-(Methodist hospital, Memphis,.where terttj.., i^ts. Guard, and "children s . n4 underwent -aft operation foi . fem»in .there tor a week, ex «*]*,.lor Jimes,, wlro wenl.lo .Wood River," m.,' and' Mr. Guard 'returned last night. Guard, of Equality, 111., appendicitis last week. Mr. Slier spent Sunday with licr : E. M. Jade ITas returned afler a business trip to 51. Louis and Chicago. ^ the piest'of his son, J. t. Guard Congressman and Mrs. w. J Mexico contains breeding grounds for millions of parrots, which arc valued-highly as food by the na- llves. , ' BEST pfeicES PAID FOR Cotton J. E. Hwwn Phone 429 Office Grant Utdtr lich school, is in the Dlythevllle lospital receiving foot infection. Paul Fowler, o[ Louisville I4y., Tuesday • Weds. KeepThem Twice* as Long. Q.OOD ' blankets deserve good care, and they last twice as long if they're carefully cleaned each season. Our process makes them fluffy and bright . . . and the charge is low. Mey we call for. your blanket!? gas that 'his 'heart oflcti missel him of alt gas! and now he cats anything' arid' feels nne. City Drug StOrt 'arid Klrby Bros. Drug Co Barnes LNu-Wa Cleaners Phone 180 HAROLD LLOYDr FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. DEPT. Mrs. Hastings is ihc former MUs Thelma Patterson. Mrs. Eva Williams, of Blylheville, Is critically 111 in the home of her uncle. Fred Forsythe. near Cooler. Miss Mary Marth Chambers has returned to her homc In Memphis after a visit with her father lit Cooler. ! Mrs. Sallio Baugh Johnson has received the annoiincenvril -jf thc Man's Heart Stopped, Stomach Gas Cause pital: Mrs. A. B. Fail-field, city: . .W. L. Adams w»s bloated so with Mrs. Floyd Haniletl, Braggadocio, ' " ' Mo.; Mrs. Homer "Smith. Manila Dismissed:. Mrs. Eddie Doughtery, Hermondil!. Mo.; Mrs. A. D. Kennedy, Clear Lake; Miss Etla Thompson. Huffman; Mrs. R M McMulllns. Reiser.

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