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AS the prosecution previously haft contended, Kelley told the jurors that Hawaii was "on trial" in this case. "It, there to be one IRA' for the people hole and one for the visitors?" he asked. "If you let these people go they will make Massie an admiral because he and Admiral Pratt, (chief of navel operations, think alike, They both believe in lynch law." Unruly House Decides for tin. limited Revision From Floor. Reduced Expenditures, Better Tax Distribution, Balanced Budgets Essential.

RISKS SAVES HIS PUP Boy Dashes I-Inder Train While Pus itengers Gass CHICAGO, April 27. (12)--A Pock Island train came to a atop at One Hundred and Third street. Commuters oriented from their papera to see two youngetera shooting ma rbien outside the car window. Suddenly one boy glanced lip and my lois pup bed wandered beneath the train. 'Rads," he called, "come here, Rags." The dog paid no atteotion.

The locomotive snorted, the cars began to move forward. The youngster ducked under the train. Commuters gasped. rushed to the window, then wilted. The boy scrambled out on the opposite side.

carrying his pup triumphantly, under one arm. THE name Squibb on the package is your assurance of highest quality in aspirin, as in all other Settibb Products. Squibb Aspirin is pure and safe. You can depend on It for effective results. Ask your druggist for Scion of Former Governor Was Spice Wholesaler.

TACOMA, April 27. (P)Edwin R. Rogers, 67, on of the late former Governor John R. Rogers, died today in a Seattle hospital following a short illness Mr. Rogers, predident of the Rogers company in Tacoma, wholesale dealers in tea, coffee and spices, moved to Seattle SiX years ago.

Hs father died while governor of Washington In 1901 and his mother followed in 1909. Admiral Roger Welles, NEW YORK, April 27. (IPIRear Admiral Roger We Ilea, 69, veteran of the Spanish-American and World wars, 'died today at Presbyterian hospital after an operation for gall stones Be was retired in 1928 after serving ea vice admiral in command of the American fleet in European waters and after a 40-year career in the navy. RULES ARE IN TANGLE TALKS TO GOVERNORS CURRENCY QUACK BIG U. S.

MENACE France Eases Up on U. S. Firms Operating There, PARIS, April 27. (AAn agreement by which American corporation doing business in France will save milliona of dollars in taxation was signed today by United States Ambassador Walter E. Edge and Premier Andre Tardieu.

The agreement eradicates the double taxation burden which has been carried by American houses with branches in France since 1926. Under this tax regulation, all foreign corporations doing business in this country have been assessed from 16 to 18 per cent on that part of their dividends mcribed to French operations. Numerous American organizations will be affected, among the outstanding being the American Telephone and Telegraph company, General Motors. Ford Motors, the Guaranty Trust, the National City bank. the Chase National bank and the Bee.

ton Blacking company. The agreement, which is retroactive to May 1, 1930, must be ratifitscl by the United States congress and the French parliament. Similar accords are pending between France and Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Belgium. frienrigentel Grinning for tinted provimonsM en oure's l'o offlon Periloon City, County, State lbre ittspoiri Gives Him Tremnitottm SQUI1313 I. ASPIRIN Secretary Mills and Meyer, Fed.

end Reserve Head, Warn of Bonus Cash, HOUSE GUARDS SENATORS' PAY Look for the name before you buy LINDBERGH HUNT ON EASIER PATH WORLD EYES OUTCOME 4 Pay miit Now. itotore Dne.Woold 11, In Diahoneilt 1lony anti Double Coat to toiletry. Rejects Measure to Cut Sa Isries for 1933 by $1000 74 Overcome Number of Obstacles, Says Intermediary Curtis in Cheering Report. SEAGOING RADIO FOR DIVA YOUNGER BEATEN BY 8 VOTES II Campointi rondo Probe Bill AppcoTed---EtrIT Action Is to flo tionnht Rosa Fame lie to Sing From Station on Liner. NEW YORK, April 27.

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(if--A tempestuous house that stubbornly refused to be bridled by its leaders threw the huge omnibus government economy bill into a maelstrom of uncertainty today by opening the measure to unlimited revision from the floor. Taking advantage of unexpected support and a spectacular and confusing parliamentary tangle, a rebellious coalition flatly rejected the ruling of party chieftains that only four ments to each of the measure's 10 titles could be offered. Can Erase or Rewrite. Thus, the insurgent forces. bitterly opposing some of the bill' provisions, made it possible to rewrite them without restraint so long as they can retain a majority of the membership.

The unusual situation placed the measure in a precarious position. Although some sort of economy bill Undoubtedly will be approved, the legislation so painstakingly drafted by the special economy committee with the aid of the administration undoubtedly will be extensively revised. The motion made by Representative Cannon to strike out the restrictions on the number of amendments to be offered was approved overwhelmingly, without a record vote. Speaker Garner had ruled the unusual motion of the Missouri democrat in order, despite numerous protests. Loses by 55 Votes.

Finally a liberalized rule of procedure was adopted with 100 republicans and 119 democrats voting for it, for a total of 219, while 75 republicans, 81 democrats and one farmer-labor, a total of 164, voted no. It was agreed there Mould be two hours of general debate followed by consideration of amendments and that the measure be attached to the 000.000 legislative supply bill carrying funds for the salaries of members of congress. McDeffie Plan on Spot. The house planned to continue in session until late tonight in an effort to settle the issue over the McDuffie plan to cut federal wages 11 per cent, exempting $1000, and the Hoover plan to grant furloughs without pay and to cut allowances to government workers. Savings under the McDuffie plan are estimated at $67,000,000, while the chief executive's proposal is estimated to cut federal costs by $82.000.000.

There remained little doubt that the McDuffie plan would be drastically revised, if not eliminated. NORFOLK, April 27. tPlA path freed of a "number of olvtacies" stretched tonight before a trio of Norfolk men toward their objective of recovering the infant on et Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh.

Cheering news that progresa had been made was brought back today by John Hughes Curtia, contact man for the negotiators, from a Beeret misMon to make contact with the kidnapers of the baby or their represen i.e Lives. "At this time," it was announced, "we can state we have overcome a number of obstacles that have stood between us and our objective." The statement was the most definite indleation in several weeks that the Intermediaries were progressing. Mr. Curtis. who conferred with Rear Admiral Guy H.

Burrage. retired, and the Very Rev. H. Dobson-Peacock shortly after his return today would give no information concerning details of his trip. He appeared haggard and it was evident he was suffering from fatigue and loss of sleep.

Mr. Curtis said there "was nothing" to the report Colonel Lindbergh had been in Virginia last week to make a contact with kidnapers, or that the famous flyer had planned to meet with him on a boat off Virginia in an effort to complete the negotiations. Meanwhile, New Jersey state police disclosed that recorde of 100,000 criminals in England, Austria and Germany were being checked by Scotland Yard and continental police Colonel H. Norman Schwarskopf, head of the state police, made the announcement after he announced that Major Charles H. Schoeffel, second highest state pollee official, had returned last night from a trip abroad, iISM I 1 I I :11) Celit', 4 1,.

'N tP A At It' tif 40-S; 0. 'A 1 l': i 1- '4i it 4, 10, ii l' 'x 11'' 11. s. 1114' 61111 il I'' i. I IA'ASHINGTON.

April 27. (P)The hotise teday rejected an effort to reduce salaries of aenators arid representatives from $10.000 to $9000 for the fiscal year of 1933. Chairman Mc Duffle of the economy committee opposed it on the ground the entire salary question should be considered as a whole when the proposed 11 per cent cut in the economy bill was reached. Representative Snell, republican leader, said 99 republicans and 51 democrats had voted for the reduction, while 41 republicana and 111 democrats opposed it. Rill Gets Clear Road.

The democratic tariff bill to transfer from the president to congress the power to raise or lower duties today was given legislative right of way by the house mite; It will be considered by the house, probably this week. The rules committee approved the Crisp resolution to have the house accept the Renate amendments to the measure, which was passed by the house in January. The bill provides that the tariff commission report to the president for transmission to congress any needed changen in the tariff. Only congress would have the power to change the rates. Report Campaign Study Bill.

The senate audit committee today reported favorably the Dickinson resolution ordering a senate investigation of presidential and senatorial campaign funds and leaders prepared to seek its early adoption. Senator Dill "Wash.) told 1 newspaper men of reports of "Pace4dye expenditures in yesterday's Penn-1 i WHYTE-FOX hair Oil TorlicodDrosine -3 ANUEnWrulyClaitri.onEnfao!.eDs Enables Dry ad to dreu it in any desired styli with quick and marvelous results, glw ing you Lustrous and .1. Beautiful Hair. Is not greasy, gummy, sticky. 1 Delightfully per- lo fumedeoseDtial 011 cit.

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1111, woht '''1 11ermlear.d aiti: I Ftli 7or both and ildren 1 FOR DANDRUFF USE LUCKY TIGER Nett ILM FOR DANDRUFF hDRUFF WASHINGTON, April 27. OM Solemn warnings againit tempering against curreney were voiced toetay before the house ways and means rommittets by the heads of the nation's financial departments. Secretery Mills and Eugene Meyer, ehairman of the ferierel reserve board, told the committee that tssuance of $2,0011,000,000 of new currency under the Pittman bill for full payment of the soldiers' bonus would endanger the ennficlence of the whole world in the United Stales. "There is nothing so ruinous to the trade of a country, internally and externally, then violent inflation of the currency," Meyer said. "There is no country that ham tried Inflation that does not abhor It as the devil does holy water," In language no less forceful than that Charles G.

MUM employed before the seine committee a week ago, the new treasury chief drove home his opposition to the S2.400.000,000 outlast. whether paid in borrowed money or through inflation of the curreney. Payment Now Not Honest. "The measure now before you is designed to pay an obligation not due, In money that is not honest," Mills geld. "The edjusted service certificates do not mature until 1945.

To pay them et their fare value today, less the amount that has been borrowed on them. would, In effect, almost double the payment provided for by the eeljusted service compensation art and would involve an immediate Cost to the government of about $2.400.000.000. "In other words the govprriment le to pay almost twice the amount It undertook to pay." Blow to Confidence. "To select this moment," he went on, "to destroy our hopes of a balanced budget and to deal a smashing blow to national eonlidence, is to me simply incomprehensible, The proponents of this measure fully recognize that the cost can not be borne by legitimate means. They would discharge what they state to be a solemn obligation of the government a by setting the printing presses to work printing dishonest dollars.

"For a great, powerful nation deliberately to adopt this Insidious and essentially dishonest, device would to my Mind be worse than an act of financial bankruptcy. It would constitute moral bankruptcy. "Destroy confidence and you dry up credit, and paralyze enterprise. No measure was ever drafted better calculated to destroy confidence than th one now before you. Enact it into law and you will stifle all hope of any early economic recovery and write the most lamentable chapter in American history." Then, reminding the committee of his own veteran status and service in organizing the American legion, Mills said: Thinks Veterans Not Guilty.

"Nothing will persuade me that the men who 15 years ago stood ready to give thetr lives to their country in the crisis of war, are today, in a crisis which in so far as human misery and suffering in this country are concerned, far exceeds anything experienced during the war years, really seeking this huge grant of ON. the effect of which will be to impair public and private credit. to defitroy, confidence and to prolong the depression. "The passage of this bill would, in my Judgment, deal such a severe blow to public confidence as to make the consequences almost Incalculable." Hiehly germicidal. Safe and wise for adults and children.

A single application tops that miserable itching. Do. lightful to usewill not disenlor hair or scalp. Wed by nullions. Fully Guaranteed ip, RICHMOND, April 27.

UP-- President Hoover launched a triple-headed plea today toward the nation and its states for a better distribution of tasea, reduced expenditures balanced budgeto as the only "sure highway toward national recovery," Standing before a throng filling the auditorium of the John Maraha II hotel here including republican and democratic governors from more than a seort of statesassembled at the annual governors' conferencethe president also renewed a stern at. tack upon selfish demands by sectional and group interests, Gets Tumultuous Reception. lie was given a tumultuous reception as he entered Richmond. A 21- gun salute sounded am he stepped from the train, A crowded station echoed with cheers and handclapping. The presidential party was met at the station by Governors Pollard of Virginia.

Case of Rhode Island and Rolph of California, the latter surrounded by special military escort. Rolph was the center of a radical demonstration earlier in the day. Must Reduce Expenditures. As "the sure highway to national recovery," President Hoover cited to the governors the "absolute necessity" of reduced expenditures, better distributed taxation and balanced budgets on the part of government. Town councils.

county commissions. state legislatures and the congress agree on these fundamentals, he said, but to accomplish them "we must have the intelligent, support of the people themselves, that selfish vested interest and vested habit do not, by their organised sectional and group oppositions or individual action, defeat these high purposes." tries State Confabs. Expressing a wish for greater cooperation toward settling governmental problems, he suggested that the governors sponsor in their states such conferences as they have been holding here. Having the local executives examine their difficulties together. he said, "would help toward a realization that local expenditures and taxes are a part of a great national problem in stability as well as one of local concern." Stressing the need for adjustments, the president told of federal.

state and local government expenditures rising from $2,900,000,000 in 1913 to $13,200,000,000 in 1930 and the total outstanding debt going from 000,000 to $30,600.000.000 in the same time. Before the war the total governmental cost represented but 8 per cent of the national income and Mr. Hoover estimated the present proportion at above 20 per cent. can not economic stability in the nation by continuing to siphon so large a part of private effort into the coffers of the government," he said. "Its abstraction from the people stifles the produetivity, the consumption and the recovery of employment.

Can't Hide Heads. "Nor can we hide our beads in the sand by borrowing to cover current government expenses, for thus we dram the. capital of the country into public securities and draft it away from industry and commerce." He urged study of the tex problem with a view toward reorganization to distribute the burden more evenly, and cutting down duplication in taxation by the federal, state and local governments. Especially he spoke with disfavor of the general property tax, relied on heavily by states and local governments. "Decreasing prices and decreasing Income result in an increasing burden upon property owners, both in rural and urban communities, which is now becoming almost unbearable," he declared.

tax burden upon real estate is wholly out of proportion to that upon other forms of property and income. "There is no farm relief more needed today than tax relief for I believe it can be demonstrated that the I tax burden upon the farmer today ex- ceeels the burden upon other groups." Praises Men'a Courage. In closing, the president paid tribute "to the courage shown by our public officials, both executive and legislative. in these problems." Theirs is no path of roses, he said. but "is one to invite the anger of established interests." To the public be addressed this message: "Be patient, be helpful, recognize the complexity and the difficulty of the problem before these servants of your combined public interest.

Support them in their Wk. for upon its successful conclusion depends a most momentous contribution to our united security. Our hope of an early return to stability, and the common welfare of every man, woman and child in our nation." PENSION BILLS FEEL VETO AX FJl 'S AND 1 Ah sylvania primary," and urged the senate inquiry. The audit committee cut down from I STONE OFFERS $.30,000 to $25.000 the amount to be expended by the committee. Commit tot 0.K.s Bills.

Hoover Points Out in Detail Men Deserved nothing of Uncle Sam. 3-POINT PLAN The house commerce committee today agreed formally to approve bills to repeal the recapture clause of transportation at and to place holding companies under Jurisdiction of the interstate commerce commission. Must Continue Reserve Board Market Operations to Expand Credit. JAPAN HONORS ITS DEAD A 1 SC OE MR VP CT EE IN FINE PRINTING C. W.

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Perteseue and many other women in the audience when he referred to her with "Here she JR waiting to gn to the penitentiary. If she goen, with this husband and them faithful bnys, enen't be the first time a prison has been sanctified by its inmates. Would Place Blot On Is mirk. And when people come to your beautiful isle the fired Ore they fihall went to see will be the penitentiary. And men will marvel and wonder at, the cruelty of rtli In and et the hints-tire that has been done.

If these defendante are sent to prienn it ill plare a blot on them. Mir Wands that not, all the watem Of the Pacific can weeh sway." Darrow attacked the prosecution for bringing in the incident in which Maseie and his wife, then Mks Thalia Portexcue, were accused of kidnaping Inteatise they found a baby in a perambulator in front of a thinner in Petchogne, N. five sears ago, and trundled it down the atreet as a prank. Defends Massie Story an Stand. The old lawyer eseerted the prose-(Winn was trying to "enenmpaes the destruction" of the Then he defended Massie's story on the witness stand.

"'For days." mid Darrow. "Mensie elm badgered and esked trick noelsiMns, and still told a straightforward etory. One may be beaten by fate with blows in heavy that at lad he inrgeta leer, throws dtseretion to the winds, and says 'Come ondo what you "I would have expected Mamie to do this, but he didn't. I never eaw a better witness except, perhapa, his wife." The aged pleader said there were "only two reasons" why more attorneys had not interested themeelves in Masede's cue, and added: "The first is, he didn't have enough money: and that's also the second remenn." Bidienies Premeditated Murder. Darrow ridiculed the prosecution charge that the defendants tonk iahahawal to the iserteseue home with the intention of killing him.

The epeaker pointed out that the incident occurred in daylight, with neighbors near by. In defending the two enlisted Tani for "being loyal," Darrow mentioned Jones' name and then Mopped. "What is the other defendant named?" he of Kelley. "Don't you knew?" Kelley parried, "Yea, but itai popped my mind." "IVA Lord," said Kelley. "Lordthat's it," Darrow repeated, turning again to the Jury.

"Excuse me. gentlemen: 20 years ago I would have grabbed it in a minute." Then Defends Jones and Lord. Darrow then turned the force of hia argument toward defense of Jones and Lord. "Have they done anything to be blamed for except being loyal?" he demanded. "If anybody is to blame for what they did in this case it is Mamie.

It seems a lot of people forget these two boys In this case. "Suppose you wanted a friend. Would you wait until prayer meeting turned out, some Thursday night or would you take one of them gobs?" As Darrow ended the seremd hour of his speech the Jury appeared to grew restlem. When They Found Man Was When the defendente digeovered Kahiliewel was dead, Darrow asterted, their fleet wan to fly. They covered the body with tarpaulin left at the hotiee by a former tenant, he said.

and hurried toward Koho head with the body. This, Darrow argued, was not along the line of action which they would have pursued if they had planned in advance, but rather that of persons surprised by the, occurrence. In closing, Darrow aeked the Jurore 'once more to place themselvez in the places of the defendants. Be proclaimed his kindlinem of feeling toward all mem and directed a special appeal to the three Chinese on the jury by saying he never had known the eastern races, "but they have their place in the sun." With three hours and 34 minutes of pleading, Darrow closed his address. Prosecution Begins Talk.

the trial entered its final phase with Public Prosecutor John C. Kelley haying the Met word of argument. Kelley began his argument with: stand before you representing the law. Yon have been presented with a defense of sympathy, not of ineanity." Then in ringing tones the prosecutor scored Darrow for what he said WI' belittling the bar of Justice before which he had' practiced for 50 years. -If you are going to decide this came on passion." Kelley said, "then tell me and I'll be anent." Recalling that Massie took his wife to Ala Wei inn the night elle was am-Faulted.

allegedly by Kahahawal and four other men, Kelley asserted Mrs. Mamie had not wanted to go. Be seserted the naval officer was responsible few everything that happened beginning that Girl Was Sacrificed, Says Kelley. "They sacrificed that girl," shouted Kelley, pointing to Mrs. Massie, "for his ego, and made a Roman holiday for the crowd that disgraced this court with applause last week." Here Kelley was referring to the incident when Mrs.

Massie, on the stand, angrily destroyed a paper allegedly written by her and supposedly admitting differences with her hueband prior to the attack. Kelley told the Jurors the court would inetruct them that if the defendants conspired together to abduct Kahahawal, and illegally imprison him and threaten him with a pistol, they were guilty. "And you don't have to believe the territory." said Kelley. "They admitted all this." Kelley argued that the detente produced only two ItOnetee who testified to Mastle8 actions showing he was under a strain. Attacks Defense in Insanity.

"Why didn't he get his brother officers on the submarine to testify to his mental condition?" demanded Kelley. "Who knew better than they?" The presweutor asserted Massie was "high" the night of the party after which Mrs. Massie wm sesaulted. "The beat you can say for him," geld the prosecutor, "i8 that he lied like a gentlemen." Kelley charged that Massie had made several evasions in hie testimony. "Fifty years ago," mid the prosecutor.

"the intanity defense NM not known to American jurisprudence. Now it has become the sheet anchor of the wealthy and influential." Through the storm of words, Massie sat with set lips and chin renting on his fingers. At the other end of a long row of chairs lealitshewoit's mother and father, their heads bowed, wept. Kelley Mende up and down in front of the Jury brie heaping castigation upon the defense. His face was reel with passion and his blue eyes fleshed.

Voisses His Desitelief. Veicing his ellbelief in the defense retry el the Wine Kelley stud: "It did not justify the killing, and 1 Emperor Attends Service for 531 Killed at Shanghai. TOKYO. April 27. (AMEmperor Hirohito and the empress, accompanied by the highest dignitaries of the Japanese court, officiated at a special worship today, the first of its kind since 1905, in honor of Japanese soldiers who died in battle for their country.

The ceremony took place at the Yasukuni shrine of the national Shinto temple which crowns the highest hill in Tokyo and where the Japanese believe the souls of soldiers and sailors killed in action are enshrined, The solemn Shinto ceremony was the climax of a four-day national patriotic religious observance in which the spirits of 531 soldiers who died at Shanghai were added to the empires pantheon. 7 tOIN )4 4.04,1 0: .1, 4, WASHINGTON, April 27. On The questioning scrutiny visiting at the White House for legislation increasing payments to wsr veterans was demonstrated today by President, Hoover in plainly stated reasons for veining a pension bill. The measure included 387 items for special pensions and increases in allowances to veterans or their widows. For one reason or another some of the cases did not come within existing laws, and the chief executive.

dri sending the bill back to the house, said some of the items were good but many were, bad. "Most of these undeserving cases." he said in his veto message, "have been previously rejected by the pension bureau as havhig no sound basis." He enumerated some of them. Included was a proposed pension for a man discharged because of chronic alcoholism; a pension for another dishonorably discharged for drunkenness and "conduct prejudicial to good three proposed pensions for men dishonorably discharged for desertion; two cases where pensions llxere sought for men whose injuries were the result of attempted suicides: two proposed pensions to widows whose husbands served only eight and nine days respectively and with no disability relating to the serviets; and a ease where a man was shown to "have been guilty of malingering by taking soap pills to aid him in appearing anemic." AnvrirrisTNo. New Wonderful Face Powder WASHINGTON, April 27, (13)--To deal effectively with the present emergency in agriculture, Chairman Stone of the farm board today recommended before the Senate agriculture committee a three-point program, Continuation of the recently initiated federal reserve board's own market operations to expand credit and increase consumer buying power, was his first recommendation, coupled with provision by congress for sufficient funds to finance sale of surplus wheat and cotton in foreign markets, and intensified development of cooperative marketing. The new credit expansion policy of the reserve board, the chairman said, "should tend to check credit contraction.

restore business confidence, improve business activity, increase employment and so lead to a gradual increase in commodity prices. The results of this credit policy would be accelerated if accompanied by such action as would induce those member banks which have been reluctant to extend credit to liberalize their credit policies." Recommending appropriations to finance export sales of surpluses, Stone said "wheat and cotton prices hive led the way out of previous depressions. It is particularly important that our domestic carryover of wheat and cotton into the next crop RePSOTT be reduced so that farmers will receive the best possible prices for their 1932 crop." He added inquiries by foreign governments already received indicate 13,000.000 to 25,000.000 bushels of wheat and 500.000 to 1.000,000 bales of cotton from stabilization stocks could be sold within two months. WEINSTEni LOSES SUIT RICHES TO OLD SWEETHEART I l're vent Large Pores Stays on Longer For a youthful complexion, tiso new wonderful MELLO-GLO Face Powder, Hides ilny lines, wrinkles and pores. New Fronch proems makos It spresd ----------11 more smoothly and stay on longer.

No At all drag and 1 more 4 hiny oses. Pitreot faro powder nation counten known. Prevents largo pores. Ask today for PW, wonderful fare powder, sk Alaska Sourdough Leaves $35,000 to Girl Friend of Youth. OAKLAND.

April 27. (A')The 835.000 of Robert J. Bell, Maska sourdough. AAA left to his childhood sweetheart, now Mrs. Mlry Jane McNeil of Massachusetts, it was revealed today in the filing of his will for probate.

Bell died April 9 at the age of 73. Re returned to his old New England home two years ago for the first time in many years. and on his return to Oakland changed his will to make her Pita beneficiary. REPUDIATE BORROWED BABY Realtor Moal Pay Client $5 5,0011 Dam. ages for Fraud.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 27. (p) The district court of appeals today derided that Samuel Weinstein, for. mer Seattle real estate agent, should pay Grace M. Irwin. former resident of New York, $55,000 damages for "fraudulent activitlea in the transfer of Seattle real estate." Mra.

Irwin, who owned an interest in the Berkshire hotel. Seattle, sought to mil it for cash, but was persuaded by Weinstein to trade it for property at 709 First street. Seattle. She alleges Weinstein represented the property to be in good condition and able to bring a return of more than $1000 a month." She said she found the First street property had been greatly misrepresented. 11 teX TINTS A DYES 0314A0 410 READ BY THE BETIMASENT EARNING CLASSES.

CAUSED EXCITDIINT WOODEN COIN PAYS WAY linabend Skye Wife Took Child of Another to Win Legacy. PHILADELPHIA, April 27. (P)--A baby-substitution allegedly perpetrated by a wealthy and childless married woman to collect an inheritance was disclosed in Dauphin comity court Tuesday. Euston A. Sullivan filed a petition to etrike from the state's vital atatisties the record of a birth to his wife October 12, 1931.

Ilia petition denied he was the father of the 6- month-old girl or that his wife, Helen Blair Sullivan, was the mother. He declared the baby is the child of Miss Edith Crebbe, a Detroit nurse who waa arrested at Downing-ton, last week in connection with the Lindbergh kidnaping and subsequently absolved in that cam. Just how Mrs. Sullivan's alleged fraud would have won her a legacy was not made clear. Silences Engagement Rumor DR.

cowEN 'PI' iticis nvoicolut 11 i ill. It 7 trip ttltS01' i thee tow Iface 1f tridrdli41; iIIIILIPTEED i oVi el' 9 a 1. to 0 100 10 WO tool song a4011, cl 14 't IN LESS, ottprea Dot, DDrilsT .00,0 t.e. .0 it, cRED -I Tenino Men Find It's Good Anywhere In Oregon. PORTLAND, April 27.

(A') Wooden money paid a hotel bill, here today for two Tenino (Wash.) business men. James W. Davis and C. It. Herbangit, both of ThlinO, said they had visited Albany, Corvallis, Engene and other Oregon cities and "have paid our way all along the line with wooden money.

The value of these little wooden slices has never been questioned The little slabs of spruce wood are the size of a postcard, and printed in denominattons of 25 cents. 50 cents and They are redeemable by the trustees of the Tenino Chamber of Commerce from dividends assigned by the Cttizens' Bank of Tenino. NEWSPAPER VOICE OF FAITH yfr.s.4 It'r .1: 1 L. O. 4410 I .4 44 4.1,;;s,;!444 'woo', f.

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Your reedit II trust you Interest or extra charges. Your work finished al once! 'If We Hurt Yon. Deal Fay." Free OXIMILAS Hon. ::4,2 A ,4,4,. ,.:0 'i o'5.

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.4,,,.., 1. ::484:::4 A ---f ,11 i ...2.5,,1 7. J. Only Avenue for Restoring Public Confidence. Publishers Told.

NEW YORK, April 28. ()The 46th annual convention of the American Newspaper Publishers' association opened today with a special discussion of the problems of the publishers of email newspapers. Howard Davis, business manager of the New York Herald-Tribune and vice president of the association, delivered the opening address in the absence of the president. Harry Chandler, publisher of the Los Angeles lie introduced E. H.

Harris, president of the Richmond (Ind.) Palladium-Item, who spoke on the obligation of newspapers to the nation. The people atill have confidence In newspapers," be said, and they are the only means through which public confidence may be restored and our institutions be made to survive." Dr. Cowen's GI MUNE EXPRESSION PLSTE. Made (o rebuild and maim. tam NATI diAli CON101 R.

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Restores youthful expression. Lifelike Ptak rotor throushout. Compare with therm at 150 to El. Goarintred 20 stars Wants Divorce From Kolb's Partner He Aceusea, Too. SAN FRANCISCO, April 21.

UPI The romance of Max Dill, comedian and "heavy half" of Kolb and the former Josephine Clark, Santa Barbara showgirl, to whom he was married In Los Angeles in 19IC, crashed in divorce court here today. Mra. Dill filed suit, charging cruelty and Jealousy. Dill countered with allegation of extravagance. Dill also said his wife had been associating.

against his will with an actor he named as "Huddle" Lewer. A 41 1111PRgA4oe4 i44 11111110 44111 WIFE SLAYER NEARLY FREE Free Painless Extractions I 778113111-- 7' With Bridge or Mato Work I MEP: IrtAVIICATION I I 11 Ak'' I WIDOW TO GET HER CUT ERMIs1- Ag MoneySaving Fees 20.Year Guarantee Crawns tftli.00 Fillings train Bridgework IMO Plate Repairs as Painless Fstrartion PLOP Z-Rse. entire mantis Plinst nes Estraetions S.i.110 Amociated Press photo. Lindsay Sawed Way Through Jail Steel When Caught. sEArrtE, April 27.

attempt by Everett Frank Lindsay. convicted wife slayer, to menu from the county Jail was fnistrated here late Tuesday. police acid. Jail Superintendent Silas Bunker said a hole large enough to permit a man to crawl through it had been sawed through a solid wall of supposedly chilled steel tank and that a hacksaw, which had been used in the attempt, wu found under LinciseV's mattreu. Greta Garbo.

Agnew's Attempt to Disinherit Young Wife Fails. SAN FRANCISCO. April 27. Final settlement of the estate of Dr. William P.

Agnew, SO, noted surgeon, who died last year in Portland. was made in superior court today. The young widow, Mrs. Virginia Oorrells Agnew. cut off in Dr.

Agnews will with a CIO bequest, will divide the 115.000 estate eccially with his son by a former marriage, Homer J. Smith. Aseociatod Freon photo. This battyls revemblance tn publiAhed pictures of kidnaped Charles Lindbergh Jr. caused corziderable excitement at Syracuse.

N. Y. The child, Arthur Vernon La Tulip, wss held by Syracuse police with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott.

until Ni identity was eatabItched. Later infonnetion revealed he wee eight months older than the Eyer'S SOIL Rooms 204-6-1-14-9-10-11- Second Floor Fornleson Bldg. thPf 0,0 Prillt Store, Wall lnd Wrorside. Main 10153. The Swedish film etar denied through her manager reports from Stockholm that she is to marry William Soerensen, reputed wealthy society man of that city.

Not only that, she let it be known that she considered Soerensen anything but a friend. She blames him for an unauthorised biography which was published shortly after hut visit So Hollywood a little more than a year ago. I LE 714WeIf1ittirtt 14 I Loolommo..

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