The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1939
Page 2
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?AGB TWO Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Central. Ward Parent Teacher Association meeting 3 p. m. following' executive board meeting, •J'30 p. in; Mrs. Albert K. Taylor cnler- lolnihg ADO 'club • at Rustic Inn.' Totni and Country club meeting, with Mrs. Hugh Hnibert. Airs. O. A. Cunningham having •'Wednesday Bridge club.; THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, J. Louis Cherry cnteilaln- Ing Mid-Week 'Bridge Oh*. pouble Four Bridge club mocl- Ing'n'lth Mrs. John Ifyslcr. ; .'Mrs. J. K. Psltcrsou llsvlng Thursday Mrldge club. ; . Thursday Afternoon club inceUng "with Mrs. Louis Applebaum. Mrs. Byron Morse entertaining .•Thursday Luncheon club. Mrs, J. W. Adams Sr., having Thursday ficok club. Sirs. Klrnni Wylte entertaining the Delta Contract club. FRIDAY'S EVENTS . Music department, Woman's club, meeting 2;30 o'clock nt club. A. A. U. W. Oliscrvcs Aiuiivcrtary Saturday 'llie lire! anniversary of the local branch of-American Association ot . University Women was observed Saturday wllh a luncheon nt Iho Uilcl Noble. , Miss Inez Klnrald, of Osceoln, inlrodnccd Iho guest speaker, Mrs. H, C. Brynn, of Osccoln, who .talked on.. "Great Masters As Exhibited nt the. World's Pair This'Summer," She'discussed (ho -development of art throtlEH-Us varioils )x'rl;ds nnd showed, reproductions of pieces to illustralc her lalk: .Mrs, James A. Ovcrholscr talked .oh ."American Education nnd Ihe World , War"• Riving hrr lalk in • connectKu' Wllh die education for pcfice'program «-hlch was the A. A. U. W. lopio for I lie dixy. • Reports \\ere nindc by Mis. James Hill Jr., fellowship chairman, nnd Mrs. U, A. Lynch, publicity chairman. •.-._•'• Miss .Llllliili Pullcison, of 03ce- ola, bccanic. n now member of HIE group. Prospective members wh; \vefe- guests--"ol ihe luncheon were .Mrs. Riitlv HUgtiey Laney, ol Oscc. ola, Mies Patty Ghana - nn:l Miss 'Mnry Spain Usiey, Hostesses for lhc day \verc Mrs. I'Vett Flccmaii, Miss luiih Boslick, Miss Eva Davis and Miss Dora Copped'c, They had arranged an ...alimvewarj' . thcma for, luncheon dee. rations. 'Placecards' were de- jlghed "nitii birthday 'cakes'on each of.which was n. candle,"anlA at the conclusion ot lunch, cake wllh the'single served. FLAPPER FANNY BV nu timcc, iw. i, u. «to. u. s. r*r. oir. Bit* of New§ year, she was selected ns one of the yearbook beauties. * * i • itimounrc I'rugrftm For tXinlrnl 1', 'J', A. - v - —, ( ,.,.j ^.,, ,— -_^ v ,.,,, ^ ., t ^,i, (ll . , J(t , . £-,1115 it mil- ivii w» wi iijLjjaitT, l t II it., UUU \Vlll giinic. "Going lo Jerusalem Y Mrs. torhtm. Evn La Galllenlic is still'- .C'alii Jr. of Cottonwood Point, Mo. .. - ..—- - '. Morris Moon Conducted a "caluh red In !hc show pnl, Teni'hci- sMoclntlon lomormv (|iic»l.|on colHcil" In which Mr*. Mr. and Mrs Nclll Deed ''liiii' nfternoon at Ihe Contral amllto-iK. U. Rose'and Mrs. Uusscll Bar- family spent Sundav nnd Mondavi rliun, Mrs. )i. C.- Allen, program' 1mm received llie prizes. < in Little Rock Mrs Vv A \V ed.' ' chntrmnn, nliiioiuiMtl totluy. Hlsj Guest^aUlic mctling were Mr.;, inej'cr, mother of. Mrs.' Rs'ed, wliol a birthday ctiiKlln was . Tho yearbooks were distributed as blrlhday gifts to ench member.. Too next meeting, will bo Dec. 9 Instead of Dec. 2 ns scheduled in the year book. Mrs. C. L. Mo;rc, of : Osceola, will bo chairman -"while hostesses for Ihe affair will be Mrs. I). A. Ljnch, Miss Altn Mne Oar- llnglon, Mtss-llosn M. Hnrdy nnri Miss. Emily Dalo Or'nv. ' ' " 1'iaii I'elloiuiiip Kupper .' Plans for the fellowship supper lo he ! . held al Iho First MclhodUl church SVcdnesdHy nlsht at seven o'clock were coniplctcd at Ihe meeting of the Woman's Missionary .society yesterday afternoon at llie church, All members of the cliurch are invitol to attend this Dutch supper, officers cf the .society stated. Mrs. B. A. Lynch, program lender, presented n discussion on the topic,. "Knun-ginj the Horizons of Hie i'rotcslafil, Church." Mrs, W. T ObcrM and Mr.f. M. O. Usri-y tlis- missed the iiievlliig of tlic Intcr- naiional Missionary Cainci! at .Madras, India lust year. 'tcsscf. for thr toclal hour follower] were- Mi- u -^'K-. "11 Stevens, Mrs. I-Yed Warren, Mr.' J. Mell ftrooks nnd Mrs Harve' Morris. .M. K. Meet!, torn. -A.. B. Falrfleld and. son Albert, Imvc rctimic<t to Nashville! Teun., after having s|«nt i\ few days here with Mrs. Fall-field's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. I Delit-.n. Mrs, Full-field Is ntti'rtdlng schoool at George Prubody eollefe while Albert has aisd cnlered gnklo school In that city. Mrs. Ello'n \V. Klrby a.'._ V.irs Harry W. llaincs will go to Memphis tomorrow to s<ie Eva I^c.nlli- ennc In Ibsen's show, "Medtln djib- ler," noj- jilayliij,' at Ellis auditorium. Mrs. J. A. lx:cch, Mrs. Hai-ry Klrby, Mrs. Everett 13. Gee, nntl Mrs. c. W. Affllck spent yesterday In Brownsville ant! Tlplonvllie Tcnn. S. L. Pinke, of Milan, Tenn is visiting his brother, J, L. Flnkc and family for n few days. He came Saturday. Miss Virginia- Little, Miss Mnry Eiinleo Liiyson, M|KS Jnne SIcAft'- nms, -and Miss Frances McHauey Sunday In Memphis with I Miss Dorothy TankerSWy of that city and Miss Nancy Klrshner, who (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Osceola Qtieeh TUESDAY,' NOVEMBER" 14,' 1939 Steelc Observes , 'Sadie Hawkins Men Dodge Demonstration Club News Notes STEELE, Mo., Nov la—"Knrlii> ,. Hawkins Day" k i",™ obsfrval in I" 8 "' 001 ' <"'»> nans l'ic oi^ n ,_ ...,-•" 'V'uni OOitnctl m gupiicr For Tlmral-iv \'i»i.i women can . r inursiUy Mghl | Nov. J2. Each member is to bring lunch to (he meeting at which a nmttress for Mrs. P. S. Parker and " cot mattress for Mrs. Upton Hooker will be made. Steeje today omen Chase the men and n\l of * n , ,.".»" '" v " "" 4J •*•'' ui " 11!> t ~r,i"~ •"'"Wer has been planned community ;tinj. in,l(a«> ( | le clls . lor IHursday Might, by members cf °'" s ""'' ^ventures of Utlle rtb- llle Dogwood Ridge Home Demon- of n .' Ums nmt lllc loK:! > str " tlon cl'ih Wednesday when they The Goodfellows Club of Slcclc °f officers. " ,„ *._! l hc Pi™ I" Pr^nf Ofters elected were: Mrs. Courtship Courses OfTWcd ' DETROIT (UP)-A "jun'or mur- rlagc clinic" here teaches high scho:l students the methods" of courtship and homemaklnj. The Rev. Gilbert Applehof Jr. Is director of the lectures. J'uml. A lin-ic iiulnber arc made: „, ' . _. . i i let, rnr n>,, mvvKI - W HJ i,,. .- .... m ^. IIHILIUCJ m u JIMIU^ - pin,. t linptV throuBli thischibnt Cln'hv-'u.,™ 1 :,/" 1 ' ,, -..- mas time. bioiight by iho men and will bo The Oogpatcli Frolic will l»»in l' l "' t ''" ls «l 'J.v the women with Ihe <U the high school nucllloiium at, P^ cw «» Going Inlo lhc club fund, eight tonight. Some of the chnf-, rll ; cs *'"' Ue Klven in the various 'MlwMnry Virginia Scgrni-c/f of' ! lct f s ''*l»<le Puppy Yokum, (Hal- CO ' U ,f ts ', ' 0«TOta, ivill be cromVed liomc- if "'"l&fns); Mammy Yokum 1 Aflcr Mrs. D. Garrelt had called romhic •cruceu at the OsMoln-Enrlo ..i 1 "!, N ?*'L Cnri '>; ulllc Ato «' ^ l " 00 '"f l .° . onic ''' thc rol l «<" ro fonl'onil at the Osccola-Earlc Thursxlay niislil In 50th Anniversary 05 Wedding Is Observed , ., Mrs. Jnmcs King i,—Mr. nnd celebrated their (Frai <Opn! > B. Kollomn'n); Daisy Mac wnfi answered by each member'; Parks); Pa Hawkins (Pil Slvlns a dollar foi' the club trc-as- Parks) ifBi-pei-); Sadie "Hawkins VliSid'a tlle cltibho'iise. The "devotional was Pliiinlcj'J; City Slicker (Jcrrv Hoi- '•'"''''red out in songs with the l.v); Mlt/Jc Mudlnvh (Wee '" '" - • • - rcas- Mose (Friink '"'V '<> »P|)ly on the imrchasc of ' Lord's prayer led by Mrs. Garret!-. White); Strange Gal (Frames' Garden chairman, Burks, SClli wedding annivensnvy Sunday. Fifty-four friends relatives were present. Among tli&se present were Miss Mr. and Mrs. Ric'n- j* , /. — --••••«., .^. ..«.,,%.,, n/ju i^i/ii unHni-'.v. i\ir. ann Mrs. HJca- nttcnds the school ot nursing at anl Walker. Mr. vmri Mrs. ,;oe the Methoi, "Ho prob'ly wouldn't believe me beeavise I been feeilin' him. You tell him thu fjimily's goin' lo granma's for Thanksgiving." the Methodist hospllal lhcre..They heard Ted rio-Rlto's orchestra nl the I'eabody. Olcn Hiimplirey and fnmlly, who have spent thc past livb months In Galveston, Tex., returned home t)r. Don Hmllh will spcuk nl, the meeting, ol HID Central Pnv- chap'.er of MntlhcW and talking ---on the jieatttudes, Her Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer Mrs. W. U Honi England. . . . , curailnshain and family; Mr. and Mis. Austin Davidson, all of Hny- (I: Mr. and Mrs. otto kliiff and family nnd Mr. and Mrs. James Stephens and family of Hidsely, Teim.; Mr.'.mid Mrs." -Byron smith, Mv. and Mrs. No«h Young nnd family, all of Povtagcville, Mo,; Mr. Mc*e King of Marked Tree, "-' , ^jvximj^ \j\\\ ui.iiii:'.^ ^..i.^tu ^itunuicin, ml'S. jJllrKs, Gilliim); inquiring Reporter (Ocr- lol<t hew members can prepare for aid Brooks); Mayor of Dot-patch an early spring gunlen, after which 'C. P. Howard; Constable of Dos- Mlss Co! ' il Lee Colcman, county here (Scrap Chlsm). After this home demonstration agent, spckc nnd lu .?* r ? m /'", ol(1 fashioned dnncc to Die group. She (old of extension will be held wllh music Ijy Joe service plans for paying ihe bene- Bcadle and his organ. The men fits for home grown feed simullcs will K-ftu- overalls and the ladies '-•• "-- '-•••• " ' ngham dro^.'ies. Several Inindred out of lown Eucsts arc expected lo attend the J — •"' " • **• *i,/il,v;l, kS'll^.> ItnlKUlT JMl«.~^ 1XIII£, Ui iVLivlKVU 11LL, /ILK., Li-, Clark Whcatlcy and William 'Ben-' Mr. and Mrs. Marshall King of .. ,, . l"-~^ — ....,* .T.^nit^ 4IIIM >Yllllltll| JW?,- J\ll, "HIM Wllb. IVJUlftlllill *>UJK UI lion was followed wllh prayer by wick will KO lo Memphis tonight 'Stanley; Mv. and Mrs. Karl Fislmr Mf81 Ji, O. Iv0ti(?. I Itl KPI 1 tllf* Dl-nrlnnH/Mi „(• TU,.x*»'^ nt r*<\t-i«IUnh>in-iI1n > xx.b. i^ n l i^ n >.l.-.n Mrs, n. 0. Itosc, After Ihe yroup hntl played ihe is ong aney; v. an rs. ar sinr |lu sec ihe prodncllon of Ibsen's pf CaruDiclsville; M«. Kitlherlnc "Hctlda Gnblpr" nl. Dio Ellis tuidi- Klrby of Bessie, Teim., nnd Will At The Hospitals subject -will be "Dentistry and the Public Health," -^-.. _. .•-- ...^-....(j ,,..... ,...-j. ..,v.j^>, llluvtkl;L Ui . IVI|:>. Htjlitl, WHO O. R McMonlgltK Mrs. J. B. Mlt- hod been visiting them returned Mrs. O. J. to her home In Little Rock with chell, of Mllythovlllc hospllal Mrs. Ben Bailey and liaby. llcr- riismlssed.' •"•"• •-"•••" viion, u! watcum, mm ivirfi. u. j. 10 ner nomc in Little Rock with ntnnumc; tnsmisseti. The study course, "For Want of DcWoody, of Little Rock, house- them, Whilfi iwiiv Mr Reed il- 'Cornell Wheeler, Double Bridges, Mall, will be taught by Mrs. guest of Mr. and Mrs. Barham. Uncled to legal business. • tllsliilsScri.- Irn Gray. Mrs. E. B, Woodson will read thu president's message viT.ots Enlcrlalmd nnd special music will also ~ ' . o'clock. --- ..... ...- Tllc ',! )r °S rflM bc E'n« »e At I'arllcs Over Weekend. 3 Dr. and M.S. P. M. hn ans nf Lli.colu, h IIIL yo. enter,,.:n ir.iv; .a.'. 111. re i; ned to th-i.' ad- Cotillion Chib To Alcct Tomorrow Nlghl Plans for the Annttnl Ohristmos ... .... dalico will i)9 ihhdo i.rnortow night O. U'll'j ut tlioj.meeUiigc ot, lhc co.llllon .-Mi 'M- ,:»ub iif-7. l 3ba''o]ookrnt'lhe'Ainer- fhwn «? lean Lt-glon .-Hut. . j Eatwda. omcers for the new year will' the Euiit,.,.. ,,.. bl , ... ... „... also ba elected during the higlit's •. suid Mia. A. C'onway. S-uu-iay business session. " " " " 4 i t Thanksgiving 1'rogram Olvcn At Circle iMcclin B s Programs on 'Ihe topic, "Let Us Give Thnnks", were presented Rt tho meeting ot thc three afternoon eih:les and one night circle of the. Woman's Auxiliary of tlm First Presbyterian church which met yesteiiliiy. Particular emphasis wns placed on loyalty and evangelism In Ihc church. The Bible study. "Sovereignly of Ood nnd the Supremacy of His Wcrk", was thc panic In each circle except Circle Two in which a Thanksgiving devotional was offered. Mrs. Carroll Blakemnrc was hostess to ten members of Circle One Untied lo legal business. ; dismissed.- Mrs. W. M. Taylor anrl W. H.' Watts hospllal Minjard went to Memphis this •' Jackie Tucker, Memphis, afternoon to be with Mrs. Min-'•milted. 4 ",'• crd. who underwent nn appjnd- "'Mrs. Fred Shipton, Huyll, •f my at the Methodist hospital- milted. . '"' oft rnoon. : carl Hunt, Manila, dismissed. •'••thrjn Eer.tcn, of Mcm-i Ed Holcomb, Manila, dismissed. :•. 'i.i ^.i '"eekend here ' Pete .Hardesty, city, dismissed. ; -;'•'•. • •-','. r.nd Mrs. W. .1. IVIenipliisMethodist hospital ••'•''•••• ; Hoy ^'Trantham, caruthersvllle, .'••'• r . " ••:••'• i ab'e to bfi admitted. >"•' '.'•'" : " >;4 - ; -<i-n Mnnried to -Memphis Baptist •'•'hospital" ''•" •••-. '-/i::>' ivi a .u'vk because of ' J. t. Daniel, Carulhersvlllu, ad'•[•'•'•x* hiltted. • ,-, —-- — .-• * ,' ••»«'. Mrs. H. F.. Klrshner .Mrs. M. George, city, admitted night, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Limsh ;»'! f- -3obby. spent Saturday in -Mrs, R, H. Adams Joiner nd- cutettalncd v.lth an Informal sup- Memphis with Miss Nancy Kirch-Irnitieci - per parly. , • HIT, who is a etu-tenf'in the nura-i "Mrs'j H B-stlrk 0,-t-pnii art ins. school ot the Methodist hospl- m ftteci: ' l \ tal. Attend Church Rally Held At Earle, Ark. Fourteen young people of the First Presbyterian church intended I Ilie rally of the Presbyterian Voiui(j People's League held In Efirlc Sunday. The afternoon session began nt three o'clock nt which time Bill Morse gave h report of the work which bn.s been done by (lie local lonjjiie during the past year. ™ cr (J1r . ol ' |) , s , tn . y f ll [ Or ' lhc V\t\\K 'X "K r ,l imt hlgllt Vl ' he " lllc Rcv ""''I 161 '- 'nstSr of lh e Earlo , for whom Mrs. Dixie Crawford , , ""''I 161 '- I'nstS gave the devotional and Mrs. T. ,!""'' SnVC nn ln tf \*n\. ___ .»_. ... ___ .. . .. _ . in ess. K. Mahmi, the jlfogram. Mfs. Fred',' v*' Nnll/lftftlf rtf Otn tt-i.n^ /-!!->_ 1. . * Ulltl HaiKi of Okln., house- pcojile .j»m\4(.'nu ui oiiuwiiee, UKIU nousp- ' *—*— «•«.•• nvn.- nm/ guest cf Mr. and Mrs H c Hold-' I^J 0 ,!''''- n '^ c: Jnck Chamber, was a guest ' ' j '•"• D °K>ll'.v Oas. Hill Morse Mrs. joe P. Piide wns leafier of %* ** tr \™^ ^.™™ .he program and Mrs. H. P. Klrsh- Rice, ncr of tlin devotional at Ihc mrrt- ing of Circle Two at the home of Miss Kmma Kate Richards wills Mrs. E. A. Hale ns co-hostess. TIu> 12 members present included one new .member, Mrs. George O. Yates Visitors were Mrs. Bctly ™~. % I*, .^...../io «MC i\u->, cnuicicuir. i\u-s Mrs. A. 1,. Kcngaii v.ns lender of Zal !i. Harrison and Mrs c A" llio pKgraio presented before -• • • ' members of the Woman's Mission. - society of the Uikn Sliwt Melhodlsl church in whom she v.'ns hoslcss ycslcrtlny nflrriioun al (he home -'J Mrs. 'V. «. siicplirrd. Twcjily.'members nnd two visitors. Mrs. K. II. Wfbstrr iind Miss Kllcn Urowii. atlcndpd. . Richards Seventeen Three met mriiibcr.; of with Mrs A. ccimav Pat Han-lson. .Imie While, Salilw, Marjorie Stevens, H'.iSh Nelson Thom|won, Jimmy Allen, George Muir and Max Harrison. The jrmip \vn.s molorrd over liy Mrs. L. D. Chamblln, ifr. and Mrs RC.VS Steven-;. Mrs. B. J. Allen. Mrs. 0. Hammock and Mrs. James A. Overliolscr. Soph l?l;illrre Nrt',-nl;i Miss Anhabelle Bryant Joins Welfare Agency Miss Aimabetle Bryant, nurse of thc Mississippi Cotfnly Hcnllli Unit for the past five years, bus resinned that position lo lake u|> work with lhc Arkansas Welfare Department in the trachoma clinics. She IMIS already left- fcr Uttlr= Rock, where she Is to he hcad- The posllion, left vacant by Miss Bryant leaving Ihe fitato 'health department with which she had liecn connected for lhc past seven years, IMS not yet been filled but __ her successor Is expected this week. -- : —Read Courier " want ada DON'T KEEP 0|| Sniffling and SNEEZING! . .without doing anything about it Put a few drops of Vicks Vo-tro-nol up each nostril right away. Feel it go to work. Notice hov.- it relieves irritation fltid stuffiness of n cofd, This treatment is successful because Vatro-nol Is nrlfw medication—containing several essential relief-giving agents plus eplie- ilrine—and is ex pressly designed for nose :md upper throat. And what's more, when used in time, Va-tro-nol helps to keep colds >— VICM afTiur. Prc-Thahksgiving Service To Be Held Pro-Thanksgiving service will bo held at Temple Israel, Sunday afternoon at three -o'clock. Rabbi Herman Pollack announced. The date has been changed from Sun- rtiiy, Nov. 26, as services will be dispel ixc A on (hat day In for the family .the tamo ns those ' grown for Food for live-Mock and also told the Kioup of visiting «ml judging tire homes and farms cn- Icral in the Plnnt to,Prosper con- icst*. Plans for the new'year book and the Live at. Home program were discussed. Plans for a bingo parly were mndn for, Nov. 23. The hostesses, Mrs. D. Garrcll nutl Mrs. Mary Scrape. Mrs P B Jnrrclt. and Mrs. J. A. Payne served pic am! coffee in llic social hour \vlien jilnns were made for the nil day meelliiff at the club house aider to make it pcsslble for u'wm- berr; or (lie congregation to attend the Arkansas Assembly which will bo held In Little Ro6k. Miss Esther BarkovlU, of Hnyll, Ouy Riilicn-sloin, of O.sceola, nnd Julius .Glklcii, of the Temple Youth League, will participate in the service. The theme of Hie sermon will be:, "The Modern Habcl of Tcngucs." Everyone Is welcome to ntlcnil. abbl Pollack said. TOO LATE TO For llcill 8*0 room house and bath, also 3 •\ room house on rear of lot: Tola- phone, UOS. . "". 'H-ck-2i George No Longer Drinks Whiskey \Vliilc Hiblioii Trnilnmil Him Hate Liquor aindc \Mlilu IliljWll liMiiLVly <-;in lw [ sccrtlly in tu ftco.' u-n t,, mi)); M j .lunc- inncli lu f.l,,|, ,liilnk,.,,,H' k s. stuvi'i'd n Oninlintil of io •. "illi OIIO i>OX. I'llC |iricC IF ^'.MHj" if, fur talc :it Kirby llrotderd. One c.trs H APPY UOUR GRO.& "MKT. PRRR •DELIVERY ' IOD W. Main SI. Phone 15- helps to keep colds „. _ B - .._. fronulcvelupiiiB. Vft'TRO'NQl •^•^•••^•••••••^^^ •BHHIE^aHHHi^ For Best Results In Baking—Use Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK VOUR GROCER when Mr.s. C. W. DIllahuiKy hail I liENO - Ncv - 'UPl-A Mpbomore .. . . a llw dcvotlonnl nnd Mrs. Jnmcs A • slll<lc »( Ovorliolscr gave the' roni ! «'™'« I from VoimjiMojiii o Reno Chamber of Com'-' . n, Ross Stevens was hoMcss lo I " lcrcc "- ski »K r<v a list ot members ol Ihe night Circle iVi'.l wllh |WV>«lntlons between ISOttoi) The scripture' r ,,,n ', Ilc nllrth ^'"U "nic M ^' ^. \ ""' ™™'' *" ^'^ """"' i-haptcr of Hcnians was read Mrs., C. T. -Sli'imlii'i aficr -*hi t -h lhc Hcv. F. M. Svtecl offcrr;! prnyrr 'Hie topic of Ihn :progr(mi v.n.s "Knlarging 'lhc Hori/,:ns nf 11,0 Prolrslmil Piurcli." Mr.v. lvnr, ( j|i Morris, Miy. Owtc Hliamllii. Mr s O...1. Ko<lger;; and Mrs. SivecV took part on lhc program, 'fh; 1 - iib>;cd wtth lirnypr b>' Mrs in served a .salmi . wlth collec. Plaivs were made for the Christmas party. <• • » . | If.'UT I.unrltron nl Hull. Members of (he Woman's coun-i rll of thr Firsl Chrhliau churcli nsrt » Diitci! hiiiclicon «t (lie h»ll VfMntlay iirirrnoou when Mrs, GJ Rose nntl Mrs. J. Cecil tlon of lew Ihnn 150.000. has a loin] populn- Miv, \Vmlfifd t rauf-n! Ilrcehci r«o %c« Htiiin AUC Winlfird Cri«fo, "lOrf ill Atkansi ,UIe !ia-hri (.Ollrgc hi, elected irr-'ilnil of the Art club md v rue tr> of I'b: -Stan v phi tionoi ir\ ph^lr wioice fnlcinlij nl \r\.< \\\ mn \ fiijTi <t ihcsr oi^inUitliiii Miss Tiuwford i i ni"tnKr ol I'M? btmlcul Inkrr'.l coimnllkc •slllllCnl ^OMlDniGIll tolv of tllC college, the Delta Mil Uclt . torortt) the Y W C A lhc t rc- Jlicd clliA; plilJsigniK phi; lhc Art club; and the Tctichcrb S'ngcrs. .sclixl ercup cf b vocalists At present, she is serving as | leader or drum majoi of the Teachers college • pep squad. Last l.;ul chnrsc of the dc- from ( | w ,i U )i v.'holi»vc"hc.t old llnshts" ,\ r from or sclit With . IU.UPKI, Dr. IVtcc' FlvoriM I'Tcxri. l)!i.'«fCMl Constipation Relief That A/so Pepsin-izes Stomach When constipation brings on .ic'ul imli- - , .z7.siK:s. R.IS, c t'jnRiic. sour laslc. nnd bat! breath, your slomacn Is prolwlrty loaded up wiih ccr- I alnim<tintst«l fixxl and yuv: 1 1 m wl sdon' t ilh Pepsin lo holp cd f<y x l in the trlfictr nn UVKC lazy Iwwets. e Mire ywir jaxalivo also cmiiAirts P q ,, illL TnliC IV. C-iidnf 11 s I.isalii-r. bw;ui5c it Syrop IViisin lwl]M you jpin ilwi i' m w move. So ymi ncwl Ixilh Pepsin l iflK tip fast thnt ric ..«cie_ii:iii,.c Siting mom 5i>«r bowel s. Tcs Is prove I h» ixiwcr 0(1 Vpsin trt dissolve those himiK D| undiRcslcd proton food which inay li iWr in yp«v s-tomnch. to cause McMiit Wi i ic acidity nntl nausea. ll,i s j s b<«v pci'>< in mng your stomacli helps relieve it cl fm I, distress. At tlie Mine (imc this mciliVhif. wnscs tip lag' nerves ami muscles in \\nir btwculorrlicvcyoiireonslimltfri Jiivr,» bow much bcllfr you foci l»- mvinn t| u : jxal i vc "ml also pub JVpsiu to mA- n., llyit stomach ihscumtorl, l«>. liven n , icVy chiMrcn love to tnslc llus nlr»v i'i family lasniivc. nu>- Ur. Cildwcll's I »,. :itivc-Scmv.i vvHth SJTUP l\iisin i,t y',,,, r druggist today I KINGS! KINGS! Here ate bui ilitcr of the nwny, rti.tny iundsomt, tn- during', gleaming gold ling, iliat we arc now (enuring. No finer gift — | lo mor< , lasting orn.tmcni for tlic Kind of nun.or M-OIIUII. PAT 0'BRYANT American Foreign Fortunately ire unlicipntal I lie fie- iiiiinil for 1940 Anniversary I'lu' - - • Inil they're going fast! Conic early for JioSt selection. iVcW ftivcn- lions, new \>erf<>rmnnoi! and pricfs nlnlic Pllilei) more tlinn Cvcr llic •world's' !cii(,'ins: rnilio. REAL COFFEE — ALWAYS FRESH Only Philco t" ALL 3 | "HUG IN ANO PLAr- CONVfNIINCI. \o • • aer ial ot ground wires Id ittdlnll 2 NEW PURITY OF TONE. OrO • froiil jumYr Iliiii. llol.s^fl 3 SUPtS-(>OW«. Evcii gets 'foreign ro • c«(itron vitlioiilflii outside oirinl. Y ou get , Hillll-lu .Super Aerial Syttcm I Every 1940 Phllco Is Built to Retslvo TELEVISIOHSOl i »0...fheWirel«j«Woyf PHILCO 165K H»« Pliilco's famous Buitl-ln Super Arrinl with T>riii.l.nop Aerial nnd tfi]>ln.)iu»rr Mllic flit- pure Umo ami pimrrflll ViirCi K ii ;iil(l Allicr- iralv rroi-plii)n. Klrdric Viuh-Rlillnn Tllliin)-. (; or . gruus W.ilnnl r.iliitict, -SeiitalMnnl BUY A PKG. TODAY PHILCO 125C ry Frohl room nmin . . . )i||t£ in AC-DC itorking , new llipli-0nt|iiit .Spcnkor. Itruiu lili- rnliiiiel. I'mlcr- . I'owcrfnl A(M)C rnrrtiliitn, fiiir loin-. Huiii-in . t. f> l.t.kt.ii lilrrtric Tuning. Wjihmic.-ililiut. Stove and Furnace OIL • ... ^ .;.' ' •, Diesel & Tiaqtor FUEL Barnsdall Refining Corporation America's QIJcM Oil »!cnnrr> C, B. Wood, Jr., Agent

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