The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1936
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

PA«E TWO BLYTHEVILLE ~, When Junior Gels Big Ideas About Clothes i:{ -TIT-^S-*^qisfe ~p& • , ,r>r . *F*~#$ ( Y, „ « ,; ^ v «£ •jBHIht. .» e ft j. v <3> .'.! / ./ 'l&tl itf, * . i f,. ,'#>.« ,feU5 (Continued from Page 1) s Oie present manage'r of tlje farm does not. live 'op It, jj»s his pvn farming Interest, and does not devote sufficient time to the buslnsss to: properly Jja.iidle satue.< •'We would rpcominci^l to the Incoming County Judge, firs', tl)at a good siibstantlil practjca] farmer uho ha,s had experience \\ltli Iniyls such as those belonging (p trio County, ^ho has had th° necessary experience ruid training to qualify him to handle the affairs, tic cm- ployed at vthatcyer salary )s neces Eary to enable jiim to devote his entire,tim,s lo the management pf His place Tral' he be required to live.on Ihe place, If suitable pro? vtsions can b3 made for the eaino. Ask Betlrr Records ! ye nould farther recommend that in addition to the rsiords kepi OS the Countj Treasurer that ll"> farm maiiascr be'required to kesp n complele Mt of letorcls covcrhu the items mentioned abo\e and such other items as ma\ be necessary lo show any Grand Jur> In the future the'exact receipts and disbursements and ths profit or loss of the farm at any time We would recommend that the Counlj Awil tor or some person designated by the Countj Judge Immediate!) In ptall such a set of books and lint the County pay the neccssarj expense in connection with (he onen- ing of the books and that he vtou)d require Ihe county Auditor U> check the books from time to time, ht such times as he thinks licccisnry or advisable to sec that tliej arc properly kept, nnd lhat in Hie future op'i-atlnj rlacements token from these bocks be presented to ,cach Grand Jury meeting in Osce ola and in Blstflevllle "We feel further lhat the incoming administraUon can nuke this farm paj if properly mSnased ai)J the above recommendations arc carried out We yould recommend that It be ghen a thorough trial tuid over sufficient period of time to definitely determine whether il •«111 or Mill not pas If it cannol he made to pay, we would,then as citizens of the County, fcci'stha It should be disposed of or It w Ith the prisoners, leased'to some re• sponsibje farmer. Justices of'thc.'Peace ''We flnd that il has not been thi practice of the Justices of tin Peace In this district of the Count; to file the abstract of the. mlsde m»anors handled by them as pro v Wed, by law It has been calle to our attention that the record. of the: Justices of Uie-:Pcnce 'no the Cpiistables who collected th' fines and costs csuv be audited am Oie nmmmt thai they owe th County assessed! unless those ab structs are filed.. We feel and hnv leason to believe tliat fine*! are col lecled by some collecting officer in the County.and not proper! accounted'for. We have not indict ed any Justice of the Peace for s failing lo flic lik abstract but -\\ should recommend lo jour Honi Oial the Circuit Cic'rk be instructf lo notlfj eacli Justice of Ihc Pea< in the District of our desire, thi this |aw be complied with strict! and if the proper abstracts arc n presented for the consideration of the next Grand Jur), we would recommend to that body Hint any flelinqucnt Justice of the Peace te indicted. "It .-has also been called to our attention that mosj. Justices of the Peace over the district practice in the suspension of fines We- bDlleie thit the Justices of the Peicc should have called to their att^n tion the fact that they ha\e no authority to remit fines and fiat this practice snouid be stopped Recommend Audit ' We ^ould iccommend furllier that as soon as practical, the County Auditor audit the accounts of the Justices of the peace and constables 'Because (he abstracts have not been furnished, \v c would rccom mend that the Countj Auditor check all tlocUls of the Justices of the peara of the Counlj deler- raine what each collecting officer o^cs the County for past fines, if any and trat the proper officers take immediate steps to collect the tame from' any dcllnrruent collecting officers or their bondsmen 'W? find that the County Auditor has failed to audit and report accordingly receipts from the office of tlie Circuit Court Clerk and «< recommend that Vrc county Audi tor be required Jo make up an accurate monthly report to the County Judge reflecting all receipls bis ed on fees and commissions pud Into the office of the Circuit Cour Clerk | "We have also found that th Sheriff and Collector has not been complying ^-(th the law proudln that settlement 1 made with th County Treasurer ut;ering his col lections for improvement schoo and other disliicts, every 15 day. causing iijcomenience to many o tt-e districts We would recommen that UICM settlements be nnd promptly as required by lav,, w have further found that altlioiig ithe la* limits the ghcriff and Co Jector to a salary of $5,400 a jea that the expenses of that offic with his'salary approximates $25 COO We feel that a closer chec should be kept on these ci,pens< ?nd nould, recommend that befo the expense account of the shcri and Collector be approved bj th Circuit Judge, as required by la' that it be audited by the Coun Auditor f < i . ' ' Czpeacei Too Hijh j ' We'ie^tttfint some- al Ihe c I ponces conafeW > with some of LIBERTY CASH GROCEES 3U W. MAIN ST>, HLYTHEVILLE, AUK. FJUPAY AND SATURDAY . 5 Lb. Sack ;...; : : •„,.. I9c ; I? Lb. Ssfk ..... :45c 24 Lb. Sack :..:..: . 82c 43 Lb, Sac'; ....; $1.60 Barrel ,.. .....;., ; .$8,25 Shibley B B-st Plain or Self Rising Mince Meat THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, ; 1936 an you blame these Miss Teens for dancing apper young escoit? She at left has on an (ncnng gown of Lluc alpaca with ufnc \clvct nd lacings. II is foimal cnout,li lo p'cise lici mid>nU\o cnctisl) lo |nakc mother Ijappy about her wear it. Her companion ha.s on a Ic.s {qrmal creation. ,;.s'ltl) wliltc chiffon shirUyalsl libdlce nd n swinjj nkirt of while alpaca. Banits of gold kldskln trim the cuffs. Dclt ind buttons ire pf gol:i k'Ut. (Prom Cai'tw'ilg ill, New York) By MAltlOJs' YOUNQ go\yn Is finished with rows of ruf r FA (jmicc Staff CnrrpsiiontleiiJ fling arid. Irlniiiied wllh wine vcl^ NCW YORK.—Mother's trembles • vet hows aiid lacings. Surely this Kgln Ihe ininu|c her herctofor-b 1 Is sppiilsllcaled enough to please omboylEh daughter becomes fnsh-'daughter, but demure enough lo on conscious and wants to.ghooso ier own clothes. ', Wiiat 11 e "crowd" wears, says ind docs Ls of vital Ijnportniico to he 14-year-old, aiiil if the "crpsyrt" ikc§ a cerUiin fabric tills seasoi). (o the mother wlip ihinks Ihat nulcrlal is. a bit top sophisticated r or her ollspririg.' So don't be surr irlsed If daughter demands lo be clothed In alpaca, which Is having an amaaiug revival of popularity. To keep pence Ui families, ns'wcll mike girls'of liie high school I-I keep molher happy, loo. Another really chic evening dress, lor less formal parlies, has a shlrtr waist top of whits chiffon 'and ! n swing skirt of wlifle alpaca. Slcalj bands of gold 'kl<i at the wrists match the Bold buttons nn;l bait.- The raised vyalsllinp Is especially flattering 'io youthful figures. The niiiacn sweet ciress'es arc ap? prpprtalc for classroom or week-; j end dates, A one-piece ilures sllglitlj exnggeiatcd shoul (Inns, a swino skirl plain high neckline. The deep loke is hand embroidered with while vvpoHi cir clcs to matt-h the §lee\e decora 1Ions. Narrow bauds of \jhltc b°n galine edge neck band and cults Rc»d Courier Nms Classliied Ada colored creation • has bands of i wn rf i' s "«le wlU» T stilclicd woolen cclgas rohes, s^ra, American dosSs S,^ffi 1 °" '#*>** are V«ho\ying special 'tcpn age coir ' usrt|No longer do adolescents. io.4vear ihissts''dresses, cnV llr fit, or worse yet, kiddies' 1 ' logs^that/inake for sclf-consclpusT ness. This season, cvsning blolhes for young girls have clash and verve, yet. they lire absolutely suitable'. Street clolhes feature llic high sljling tint stirs the youiijj miss to envy, One sluniiiug pale, blue alpaca In football' ni|d This also comes green, rc'd. and royal •pne'ciarfc "DlU3'aliSica''frocK fed-' i ' i< HAVl StCDHH) .SKIfVlCES Oh AN WE RADIO MECHANIC \\ M'lio will gunrantic lo repaJ yoi'iV radio to flnl class coiKlit A *r'!>niplelc . Line of li/ljcs \ I'^rfj Bc^l Price-, Huhbard Tire & Hat { Phone 476 WOIIHMI Will Hold Church Services At Ospeoia Sunday OSCEOl^A, Ark.—The Woman's icnarj society will conduct morning service at 'the Oscc- i Methodist church ne\t Sun-! iy and the young people of llic' lurch vlll have 'charge of the cnlng service. | Mis S M. Hodges, president of ic missionarj' society, .will preside , -the morning service, at wlilch icte will lie talks by'Mrs. D. P. aylor jr. and Mrs! C. M. Har- cll nnd a reading by Mrs. George ickerson Mrs. J. W. Edriugion id Mr. Packard will sing a duct id Mrs W. B. Flanigan will give prayer. Tiic program for Ihe evening •rvice will . consist of special cngs and n pageant. Services both morning and aft- mccn will nlso be. held at the Inirch Monday by Ihe missionary onlely. ' -'.'The • Quest of God sroueh Silence" will be the sub- cct for Monday morning's mcet- ng. Mrs.,'W. "S. Scgfirs and Mrs. W. Wlritworth will speak. In le atlcrnpon llic subject will be Tile Quest of God Through In- crcession.'' , hesc offices may bs too high as an ntelllgcnt report -of the auditor ind our cxaininatlon of Iiim disposed lhat the County Treasurer lad paid the expenses required by aw and turned inlo ih c prop:r 'unds earnings from his office amounting to approximately $2500. We feel that if there t s any tal- due the county in these other cffices that Uiey should be accounted for in like'manner. We feel that Die citi7,-ns of Mississippi County should be advis ed with reference lo many of Ihc expsndttures of'the County's funds and we have'adopted and attached hereto for.the benefit c( t'r.s public report of the .auditor as tur- nlshcd us arid make it a part t this report. H Is further reco:ninendcd tha' the Clerk .of this court be instructed to file and preserve a copy o this rejorj and prcsont Ihe sim: lo the Grend Jury in March, 1937 •Tharl-ing Ihc ofticsrs'who have •nailed upon Ihis Grand Jury to their prompt and efficient ssrvio and having completed our labor we* ask to. ba dJEcharged' "Oscepla; Arkansas;'this !str< <iav of October, 1930$. " ' < "E. AV.KttAMEft, foreman " RITE PRICE G80.tMKTI WE DELIVER Io\\ii gr Counlrj PHONE 231 1 II Viinlflbl|rr, Owner Right 1'nccs i\lpn, K; C. FINE MEATS J|j FOODS 'f l)iiy On 111 E. Maiii,.Bly(hcvillc 25c I ri-m brtAKS, I iji, Rmmtl tocifl Gpde 11) OI<h (HOI'S, 'Ji'iiili-r Lean Cnls. Lb. 1'OKK j;Oi)STS orSlcnks! and Tender. I.b. SAlliS,\OK, llrocili- nciil Brcakfas'l. l,li. .. iykpn BONKS, rrcsii cif Meat. FIIAN'KFU'KTEKS, riirc AH Slra'- '•''• ItOJ.'OGNA SAUSAdK -I 01 f,gc. flljncc Slvlt. l,li. 1£'2V IIENS, /"Frf 5 ! 1 Prrssrrt. I.b. ^Gi: fsh Prrss. 2flc POilK SAUSAC.K, I 1 ure I.ll. '. Kxlra Sclcc for i-'ryin^. : I'hil GK()i)>(p 'BEEF, 100% I'u'rc. Gcicjil jluqljiy. I.b. 35c •7fc 15c Carr(|>I;cll. ' 20c '35c I5c 5c 2 "jiaiis VOltK VASTE IIEANS LVI1NCE MEAT TOMATOES, No. 2 Can 2 for .................. Arri.ES or VpARS liushcl ........ ...... .-. SARDINES Tall Van ....... '....... CHANBEKKY SAUCE Can .................. . I'E.vS'liT I1UTTEU Qunrl ..-' .*.:...' ---- :.. CKACKERS •':' 2-I.b. 'llnx ••;-.' ..... ..... FI.OUUS • Vlailj Ql' , !^ Ji. puarautcctl Shiblej's Best ?l Ibs : 82c'i" 4? Ib's $1.60; iW |bs.f3.20; ~ Barrel 50.25 Shijtley's Wonder 2j ljj.5 'sij'y; 48 Ibs' J1.55; SO |b!i S3.10; 'Barrel $6.10 Sli)l>lc}''s Goicva 21 )te.''7Ps;' W.'lljs 51.55; OS Ib? ^3,«5; Barrel 55.05 Slilbjcy's JcVspj- 21 Mis' 69c; 43 Ills S1.35; nO Ihj S2.7Q; . IJar.rfl S5.i5 100 '% PURE .I.Alin 4 lljs S7n;,8 Ibs SLID; Can SG.Cj 1Ii;.\L, (-'rcsh (jjea ''''" 65c 49c Ciyslal While for ..... ...... !'pcl's Gian'i fur ---- ....... A-l Yellow , for; .... ...... » 21-Oz. SOAP, (i Hats SOAI', G Bars SOAP, C .Bars Syi'ER SUDS 2 '' Boxes S."- •'•••'• • SOAP, Palmolivc ISar ............. Ol.EO, DlilkCc's Tcund . , . . '. ____ Cirl a Cooker THICK'. llllTTERr. I'rcccs's, 1'urc ai'd Wli^lcsopic. I.b. '.. To shahien yoiir apiiclilc— Sec Our Actycritscrneiil on Ihc Screen It' live liiti Thcalrc. •'6RANGES, ; 'i.jc. Xcvv ' ' 9c 15c $1 7lB lOr. 25c 15c 15c 25c 25c >. 25e ..... lie Toilc, ^ 20c fi.ayy, pin I? .or nr oirihcrii. 'iV'Ibs.. I 3C liEl) POTATDKS I'?ck l(cj Bu 51.1(1; ' Snclj §2.11) He'd Hps'c lOI- Piprc. ,b ......... . ... It-lC. (XlFFEf, Mas. House, t-jiipya^; I,uzaiinc. |,b. firouiir] To 1'leasc CC. woe 29c 25c ,= Bu. fl.CO. PQCOA, 2-1,6:,;: BO l.h Pound r.I.ACK l^ulk', '.;.:-:: 15e ^ 19c r H .17k 5c 39c 12c SALT IP. ii ? .' ;::.;....;;,.. STOVE riPE, 6 'Inch Kacb ...... ....:... : .'. VICKS SAI.VE '.... ...... I'EN'ETRO ................ OIOVES, I'iifr ,..iv ..... CANVAS PI-OVES, »Mr S ilUIU)IN'G 1'APKIi;' r* lllur, roll 59c; lied.- roll OflC CHAliCOAI,; BUCKETS C C - FXicb ..:'..:'...:;....!.'. ODC SHOI'L'ING BASKETS i C Each 'jj.i, ,..,.., ..... 1JC CANDV, Chocolate Ilrbiis i A Pound ..,'..'•,..,.. ..... : ... 1UC Grapefruits Pink or S Kath Meal 5c Onions Pniind 2c Radishes Home Gro\vn Hunch 2c Butter Process 2-Lb Limit 29c Spinach Fresh Pgund 5c Gelatin All 'Flavors Pkg. 41c Turnips Home Grown Bunch 5c Back Bone, !b. 5c rielchei-'s liest Pounil 25c M-n/. Pi 2 for 25 Fresh Win 32c Beef Roast : K. C, BfCf CHUCK, !,h. THICK PJH, '•!>• • • lf )C Pork Chop$ ^ 25c Hams frhiinklcss 8. to 10 LI). Aver. } CAN KIDNEY JSEANS 1 CUP GH1LI Both for 25C Wfiners, Franks I!). 17!c Stew Beef Ilil) nr Ilriskel POH ml 12!c Lamb flcnuinc Spring Lb, 12'/2C Bacon Shift's .Oriole. ON; Lb. :'.... "' Sliced 30c Little Gpncva Plain or S. Rising Guaranteed 4&lbsack . 75c -$1.45 $5.65 JELLO OATS Gold Mcilal Lgc... Ilux ORANGES Dr. Phillips O EC O E Lit LEMONS Sunkisl 19 L APPLES Delicious APPLES Cooking LI) CELERY Jumbo I-'rcsh Li). GREENS Halt LETTUCE Jumbo Head 5 ( Swecl fij .C I.b.* 2 Fresh DOG FOOD Can COFFEE Canova 25 C COFFEE Miss Liberty BAKERS COCOA 5 Lb Cm 5H 1/j I,h. C.i.i f't- Thc Cheapest | UI;b. Can 1,'ic 1/5 Lb. Can -k 'rices in 15(> Years (J CRACKERS CORN Springtime ftCC :i No.. 2 CiinsfU CATSUP Utihy LS;C. liottle MUSTARD Quarl MOPS Special ,10 C PEACHES PEANUT (luarl MINCE ,lar SALAD BROOMS Sjieeial Krtch SAUSAGK Can 5 C GRITS I'illsliury's 7' SALMON Chum •Tall Can 10 PUMPKIN Stokcly's - 2'"/2 Cari TOMATO I'ASTK DUCKS Lonjr, Islanil - Oressed Lb. SAUSAGE Mixci! Lb. HENS Full Dressed FRYERS F "" New Jiarrcl 1 Lb. I PQBK UVES V ^W POBKBBMHraS 0 CATFISH Clmnncl Lli. COCOA Our. Mother's 2;Lb; Hox Crystal While G Hui Life liar LHX Toiiel 6 ( SELOX iinx BON AMI I'owdcretl Hox I'inl EGGS r' Doz. Pure • Cane ' 10 LK Paper Bag 10 Lbs. Limit

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