The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1939
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VOLUMK .XXXVI—NO. 20.1 niylhovllln Courie iilythcvlUe Herald Dally News British Destroyer Sunk By Nazi Mine, More Ships Are Los TOR_DOM1MAHT MEWSMPEB OP NORTHEAST ARICANSA9 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . i ARKANSAS, TUKSU'AY, NOVM.MIJ . Still oilier messages disclose! tlie .sinking or another Brills! freighter l>y an explosion and : Norwegian sicamor. The casually list for the last destroyer, announced by Ihe admiralty, VMS one dc-nd, six missing and 15 injured, but it was presumed (hat (he six missing had been killed. Seventy survivors from the dcslroyer were landed al n British port. Renewal of activities on the sea o)i a bigger scale—only one British ship had been lost, all last week—aroused Interest again In the possibility that Adolf Hitler's long awaited bis offensive against England would come by air and sea rather than by a land offensive on the western front or through Belgium 01- Holland. The German press warned that aimed allied merchant ships could not be considered as carrying guns merely for defense against submarines and would be (rented as "enemy warships" and pirate vessels in the future and sunk without warning. The British and French report- ed'that they were prepared-lo meet German allacks uy air or sea and in view of failure of nil peace maneuvers so far it was believed probable there would be spectacular tests of strength in tlie air before winter set In. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Dec,. .- 835 9lil 952 960 Jan.-....,.,, 046 950 944 949 Mar.....,.;.., S3p. 942 034 941 -May•..:'.; •'':. gifi '923 " 015"- 931 Jui 886 893 880 804 Oct 844 841 842 343 Spots closed nominal at 981 on" 1. !\Hut UZI SHIP Rcoccupy Mil) Ity Oiiifcil l'r«s Groat Britain lici- si.\lh war vessel—a dnslroyor— '"M 1 Command Insists !)'!.,!r° w< '"' < lt .. sea t0(lay illul tlu; Nnxi l»' CSR I'n'oiUened ft-endi Arc UmliiV Tn di istie retaliation against armed merchant men of Die .Uiiahlc lo Allied powers. An unidentified nrltlsli destroyer* -— ;:atik with a loss of about savan nfttr hitting a German mine, the admiralty announced at about vhe same time a British trawler was reported sunk by a. submarine nnd u British cargo steamer by mi explosion off the coast of Scotland. Nov. 14. (UPl-OeiDian , troops beat off French allflc-ks in sharp lighting on the western front especially near Permalsons It was announced officially today. Tne ullied forces apparently at tomptod to regain t,.-veiul hills which hiKl heen lost, lo the Cor- mans, the official statement said hill were thrown back. Slrouif artillery nnd n«lfU fcrces IKirlicljaled in (he fighting around IVmalsoiis. The report of flglillng followed a high command communique nn- nounclntf lhal German ah- raids Debris Casl Ashore At Daylona Beach Seamen Report mYTOM A ™. M a,Ko, ,4. 07^!,,^= y!^ S fcfTvSJ w'aS'n*; S^sr^X^ 'Bft believed was a German freighter Drllkh cruiser ,' unit, bad been blown up by an ex- lu connection with Ihc wMtom Dlosion or battened by a sCrm. front fightlnc Ihe report saM inc. latest evidence ot a ship "A French battalion of about sinking consisted of the side wall '-OOO men finally occupied one hill of u radio cabin bearing radio terms wlll <* was most useful because if In German, the top board of a life afforded a gcod view of the siir- )j::it and other debits not immedl- rounding country. However our in- ately recognizable. . fantry, supported by heavy artillery ' . , , y eavy artillery Seamen said the jagged edges of fire ' coll "'c>' attacked and recnp- the cabin wall indicnled the vessel lure(1 tllc ll(l ighls. was cllhci- bloivn to bits or crushed " Tllc Prcjl cli fo ""'' '"" "" " ' by the force of a storm. and — fought tenaciously for Ihe first (hue used low Dismiss Charge In I ... "• •.miL ItOk-LI IU\V | -flying- airplanes against lhc_ at- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Fira Stvaaps f Slill$Town 800 Dead Or Missing ' CARACAS,' \vnezueln, Nov/ 'iT^up were ivpnrtr.1 doad or missing today U > rough Hie oil town of Ui Ounillns, Uuiuh . 0(l m ,. wlllcl| , La ouiuiins was built oir'jiltcs over wale,- on Lake Maraesilbo svhlch w;is coated an Inch thick with oil. Bye witnesses sa |<( th,,t flumw K..S. to 1!m ,i Ml>M: . lW[ , raDl'lly. The victims, Irapped by »| 1( . nftmm , jl|J1)JM , rt .,,,„,,„„„„ lino Hie burnini; oil covered wnti'r of ihc lake' , SIKIE BFFICUL5TO Finland Gambles On Belief Russia \Y ill Not. A Hack IIEI.SINGFOKS, Flntnml, is'OV 14. <Ul')—Fleilund risked her security today In tin; |,ni|(,f Uuu Itus.sla would not attack to Bain new territory. The Finnish ne- KOtlntors were homeward bound from Moscow with noljilnir .settled, nnd the people here 'prepared to endure Uu> "war of nerves" they believed forthcoming. They had not long to wait The Koi'ict radio at Moscow was heiwl broadcast I tig tlml the linns had withheld vital inelcrologlc.'il Information about n cyclonu in the Gulf of Fiulnnd. The cyclone swept gulf water up the Neva river niid threatened to flood Leningrad, the broadcaster snld, nnd If the Finns had not violated the International convention by -withholding wenlh- ir information Leiiliianul residents :ould hnve taken prccinillon.'j. Diatribes of Ihe Russian press nnd radio were officially however, as Foreign tacking German detachments. n )",.»,„ , ' Pra1ch l 'vere%mublc C to U prewi l it cm-' f'""'''".Ellas Erkko sul^j, "we «.»; Osceoia Man's Death ^™,°^^^ ^^^,K^ xible government representatives of took many prisoners ns proof'that our attack surprised the enemy. '~ " • - • • imnaiHi ap- A Ihrealened breach of 'peace "T^""£* * ll fl"; i ?<? »>< charge against Thomas M Ailcn ., r ' e " cil lu i" command ap- 21, of cock rum, Jiss wl/dls.niS £?he Wou'lhT? l } lep ^ K yesterday at Memphis foil-wing an ?L ,„„J" so " lhwc f of Pcrmnisons InvesliEBtloii of H,P sm.rt,,, .:.„,,, f(n iensons ° r morale. Knciny scoul- investigatlon of the Sunday night ln accident on Highway 51 near f i,"";r •"''-""•'"'i ««<.-mii Memphis that resulted in the dcalT, T e "^\ M c(ldl ««"> of Gamett. Owen Tucker, 27, of, le » llts «'- McmpliLs and Osccola. Tlie sheriff's office snld the dcatli Ihe Soviet Nothing Union.' wa.s said officially of „,.,( , ., f ~~- v ^- lu g ivu mistia some ,'T It ?f?f"W.""««'^. lo !"° Karellau fsthmus the ncBolialioiis in Moscow but it vvns believed Ihe Finns had agreed lo give Russia some territory on ""- "...^..,,,1 1QLI1L1IIO, HUiU l^t'll- they ingrnd, and some islands In Hie BERLIN, NOV. 14. (UP)-Gimtlrc New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. H (UP) —Cotton futures closed steady today, 'u'p Hire to five points. open high low close Dec. 967 970 862 870 Jan. 054 S54 054 nr>:m Mnr. «as unavoidable. The young man hear(li „ i Pjineral services were, held this to bo dlslnnt. iternoM . sc , aiternoMi . in Memphis and at the - . , : p.m., e glm . In Osceoia where burial was • fife .appeared to be closer to the' - ; - vi ' " . about 4:30 p.m., th e glm . ' madevat -Violet cemete He Is survived by his wife, Mrs city. Mamie Anon _ Tucker; his step father' Ouy M. Cox; three brothers, Irving R. and Woodrow 'Fucker of Memphis, c. C: Tucker {f Blylhcvllle, ami four —---. "•"., "uv. j*.—uincers half brothers : ami sisters, Victor throughout. Southeast, Missouri and and Roy Cox of Osceoia., Jayte Cox Northeast Arkansas have been ask- of Conn-ay and Mnry Sue Cox of C(l to ««rch for Etta Roberts Her- Meninhi*: rill. 9fi. u'lin ,Uc^m\ooi.nM ^t^^i E. Tucker; two clil'ldreni n , ,, r Deloris and Larry Gilbert "3SCOJa Woman Is Reported As Missing HAYTI, Mo., Nov. 14.—Officers Memphis. His m:ther died a week ago. - ri", 26, who disappeared mysteriously at Cnrulhersvill'c, Mo Nov first. Gulf of Finland near llui Russian Cameronia Enters New York Harbor NEW YORK, Nov. 14. (UP)—The liner Coi'neronla slipped into port today, her superstructure 110 longer painted battleship grny but n-11011- tral color lo give her the appearance cf a harmless merchant man. She brought 93 passengers from Europe, mostly Americans, Jail Holdup Suspects; Recover $1,638 L'aot naval base at Kronslnrtl, but tint Un>y had reinsert lo mln Iho 1m- imi-iniH jwrt of Unujjo, , ( i (),,, (>ll . ifaiH'c lo 11if ruilt of Flnliind, or l iM.s'imo, in Ilic imith. On (hut point, It was believed, be negollallons had bocomu dond- lookc.:! and HnliDiil callod Us u.'.siou home. T<i the of her ability, Fin- mud was ready lo defend herself Her 300.000 troops were In position near the Russian border; her Irr lanes mined and naval tie- reuses bi-j;imlj..ed. Although (he Finns imvo lltllo aiili-iilrcmfl defense, their Inrgor cities have been liarltally evacuated and the government radio appealed to Ihe evacuees nluhl not lo In- lo return home. The remark heard nttpn here Is: "Lei Ihein bomb, we will rebuild." V>r all the preparations, few Finns believed tliu Russians would attack. Most believed that Ihc government .would work out a solution eventually, and Hint world opinion was on ihelr side and tt'oulil help preserve them. The influential Swedish language lewspapcr, Svenska I'rcssen, said :hnl Ihe Finns had been willing o abide by Ihc Russian demands :or me welfare of Leningrad, but :md been unwilling to .•iacrlflco lielr own security In doinj no. To Solve Problem Affecting Personnel Of Hardy's Wahpeton Inn Is Destroyed By Fire HAHDY, Ark.. Nov. 14. (UP)— Walipclon Inn, resort hotel In (lib Cteark Mountain town, was destroyed by fire laic' yesterday with loss estimated n $20,000,' "" It was the second lime lire has vuieil the hotel. Eight yeins ago if burned and' was rebuilt. l.l'm<H HOCK, Nnv, M. (Uf) --<lov. Hulicy itmioiuiced (oday Iliiil, ho would hold a conference with rot'liinul ortlcen of Iho na- llonal (Jodul ficcuilly Hoard iicn 1 Nov. U3 in dlKtnsii Hmrmlmenls In tho r.oclal xci'iu-liy net and Im'.v they will Hired pcrsomic'l of various Mnlo departniciil..; opc-rallni' on [nnd;; .Minpiietl by tln> net, John 1{. Thomp.ion, Male commissioner or publlo welfare, Issiunt 11 slinuKuneoii!) sliitcmciit In -which ho said tlml Ihe slak> has the rli'.ht, lo establish Us own niprll system, 'flic social .security board has Inl'onned 'Mioinpson dial fed- wnl iiltl will Ije wUlidrawii uule:« Ihc welfare deiinrtmcnl eslublish- os a merit ityslem in lino with regulations approved by Hie federal agency. "I bellevi; (hat as there arc us ninny lilean about what » |>orsoii- nel Dlitn on tho merit basis is" Thompson . said, mnkc.s of Htitomoljllcs— nil of lliem . scod—thnt Arkansas slate welfare- dcimiimeiH are In n position lo know which .system will do tho Job best, In Ibis stnlo." Thompson maintained in his Iciiglliy .sliilomcnl lhal "It Is my Inlenllon that the department of be run by Avknn- welfurc sns pcoiilc." Man Killed; Woman Hurt Seriously When Trucks, Gar Collide ' >t \j, riOli/iKoii, ij2 ( ot Iltiy t i ((tod it i ho w 11 i ' § j i >•? onrly la»t night from injune* niceiwl ™, „ i jXlv 11 LII jtki. i.,..,.- r r ,__ i.« t • , . —"•^»>*,n 411 ,i 111 [511 WilV in WHICH live others wore injured. 1 Mis. Prod Shlplon, 33, also of iini'ti and a »ifltei of Mr. Jolin- M»). Is In a sn-lom condition at Die liosulUl Ijueamc ot a ECVE'C cut on her head nnd another scalp wound. . - Jncklu Tucker, nine, of itfeni- Phis, also was huit <md is a na"""' "' "••> hospital. He l, QS f olu Slark. Culls For Such A Delegation From Missouri orrv, MO., NOV. 14. (UP)-C!cv. Uoyd c. Sim-k (adivy culled for a "pro-Hoosovelt," Missouri delegation (o the Democratic national convention in inio. He avoided definite r,.nimllment «n a third term for President but said limt under no cos .should (liu delegation to the convention be bppcscd to the. president "and his policies." It Stark's first statement, concerning passible miikriip of the dolr-Rallon mid cnmc m rrsprnse lo n question for reaction |o (he Issue "after your (rip to Washington." "By all means we must have party harmony," lie lold reporters, JJe said he thought his statement covered queries iiljout reports Unit U.S. Scnalcr Be-iuicti Chnmp Clark- would sock lo control Roosevelt delegation. mi autt- County Judge Says No Bond Issue Discussion Is Likely MTTLE ROCK, Nov. Three men- suspected «. CUP)— May Jul Oct 054 943 92G 897 852 S5* 953 034 005 854 32C BOG 850 951 932 904 850 Spots closed steady at 910, up :i. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (UP)— Stocks scored a technical recovery today after declining In twelve of the past 14 sessions. TiiuUne in. creased slightly. AT&T 168 3-4 Anaconda Copper 32 1 -8 Associated D G 9 Beth Steel 83 1-4 Boeing Air 27 5-B Chrysler 87 7-8 Cities Service 5 1-2 Coca Cola 121 General Electric 383-4 General Motors ' SG 1-4 Int Harvester 63 1 -2 Montgomery Ward 54 3-4 N Y Central 20 Packard 3 3.4 Phillips '.... 4i-3- 4 Racily 4 _ g ^,g Schenley .. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 13 3-8 Simmons 23 5-8 Socony Vacuum 12 7-8 Standard Oil N J '.'.'. 47 1-4 Texas Corp 471-8 U S Smelt ' eg U S Sleel 70 1-2 EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Nov 14 <UP>Hogs 11.800 Tcp 6,25 110-230 Ibs., 6.10-GJ20 140-160 Ibs., 5.50-6.10 Bulk sows 5.00-5.50 Cattle «00 Steers 8.00-10.00 Slaughter slers 6.25-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.50-9.25 Slaughter heifers 6.25-11.00 Beef cows 4.75-5.75 Cutters & low cutters 3.50-4.50 Chicaf/n Wheat Dec. May open 871-2 80 ' high 88 881-4 lo : ,v close 87 H 873-4 853-8' 857-3 the trip with him back to the stale Pollce Clllef home of their parents, Mr nnd Bright said $1,638 of Mrs. Homer Roberts at Piiscola, loot wns recovered. Mo., near here. ' He listed the suspects as Ber- Mrs. Herrin, separated from her hs Trainmen, , Odls Ewlng nnd husband, Harvey" Herrln, hi Call-1 Preston Vnnlrol, fornla in 1937, was described by' — — her brother as being 5 feet 7111-1' dies tell. She had long, black City Hall Employes hair, a scar over her left eye and / . .,.,,,,, a scar on her throat similar lol Appreciate Rllld Weather the Imprint of she \vqlked with her left leg. rope. He said 1 a slight limp In' Those who work nt the. city hull [arc hcpliiff that the weather will ! continue mild for n few more days. Here's How To Retrieve '(eMadS'VJ* T'Lf "i That Hasty Letter 1brMlillow " '" Ull? » eall - 1 >K»i>i><.rat:.s. J uutls.1 J, p ^.. 1 . v/ln .,,.., lf ( ,„. ,,,„ It • lust of the week. Mrs, Jra CaMweH's Brother Dies Monday Funeral services will bo held al H » ml >oldl, Tcnn,, tomorrow morn'"= for J - C. Elam, brother of Mrs. Ira Caldwell of myllicvill? -,ilio went to Kuinboldt kday with her son. fra Caidwell Jr. Mr. Elam died last night al the Bapllsl hospital In Memphis. He Is also survived by two other rehllves in Blylhcvllle, Mrs. C. D. Klnm mid Mrs. Kate Cherry. The 4B jiisllcca of pence in Mississippi County will meet-at Osce- o)n Mondny fcr (he regular term of quorum court tit. which time llio county's budget for the coming year will be passed upon. Comity judge S. L, Olndlsh said today that so fur us he knew there wculd bo no discussion of the proposed bond issue for the floating- of « tax amounting to one per cent per acre vlilch would be used to pay off an indebtedness of $57,318. 'nils special elcclkn Is to be held Dec. 30, The meetine date of qiiormn court, formerly the first iNfonday In November, wns changed to the third Monday by the recent, session of legislature. Die known. lime nnd Die origin l s un- is Convalescing Fron Injuries In Accident Dr. W. A. Grlmmelt. who was badly bruised in a highway accident Saturday, is Improving bin Is yet ccnflncd lo lib bed n|, Ills I'llniu, 201 South Lake street. I Drouth Study Will Precede WPA Move UTTLE DOCK, Ncv. 14. (UP) — State WPA Administrator Plovd Sharp said today lie would begin an Immediate Investigation of drouth condition. 1 ; In Arkansas lo determine In which counties lo cx- iwnd WPA activities. Sharp's statement f;)loiveri announcement In Washington that ,!„,.„„„ , ,, , , the WPA quota for Arkansas would I * ™f ?T > ou lte ' |"™8ln» fun- ii/, i». r »«,..i i... ., ,.*„ .. ._,, i cits which Is n uni-ns l£ nf tip nnk Tax Sale Is Held Void By High Court ROOK, Ark'.. Nov. H._ Tlio slalo supvome .court yesterday affirmed a Polnsolt chancery court decree qulctlnsr title lo certain lauds In filly McKuy us ii(jaliisl n wnltn of Ralph Patterson. Tlio court held void Ihe sab by •which (he lands had passed (;• Ihe slate for non-payment of taxes Patterson was in possession under a donation certificate from (he state land office. \ . . oi,f Iccth knocked ,.oiii ml laccrallotU about lite face. His moUnT, Mrs. Ainold Tucker, Jo. nlwi of Memphis, was badly iirulBcd and shocked an were Mrs •I. W. Golden, 40, and MLss Muriel Dawsou, 10, belli or Ifaytl, w!io Old not require hospltalfzaiton Tin; accidmt, In w jilch two trucks mid the cai nt'tircd, occm- ml at six jun, on Highway r»l. one mite north of Knyli '''lie car, driven by Mr. Jul..i- son, was goinij noith when it was approached i, y u (n , ck (IlK , cn , Barney Bhickard, Canilheisvllle. , Mo., conlrnclor, wlilch was pnsscd by « truck owned by (ho - QIDIiii Company of Jtnyll, • -- ". ^>uuij/Liiiy ui lluylJ, Iravelitijf In the same direction an Investigation, has revealed ' H Is said that the Gllll'm truck «ml Ihe Blackard truck collided and Ihe wheels of Ihc -Blnckard truck were thrown acioss the lilgii- way and In the path of tho car, resulting in the second .collision. The car overturned several limes but no one waa lliroun iiom 'the machine except the child \\lio was pinned underneath, > Mr. Johnson's skull was crushed. He died a few minutes after lynching the" hospital. Mrs. Tucker, who Is a niece of Harold Thompson Home Destroyed By Fire The nev. ninl Mrs. Harold Thompson and family am -Icinoar.ivily 1 nmkliig I heir home .ulth Mr Thompson's mother, Mrs. k A. Tlumpson, and John u. Walker, followhiL' n flri! Saturday nlglit which (livitroyed their lioine. Nqthlii^ was saved from Iho house, owned by Mr. Walker and located a short distance oast of Ihc city limits on Iho Bnrflnlil read, wtilch burned nbout clxht o'clock. No one wn.<j at hooie at Millions Lost From Increased Oak Fungi KENT, O. (U!')-Dr, J. Arthur derrick ot Kent Stale University's )lology dcparlmcnl. has completed 11.' -i ••f uw»t<4 .j.*«i.t ,in tt i. tilt; ff f ~{\ IJUUm LU[ t\tK He was seated 111 his car. parked i be Increased by 3.000 to relieve! along the side of Highway l« near i "unusual distress" resulting from Manila while avvnltlns nld when :i' '-" ••--- •- • car struck the rear of his machine, causing him lo be thrown the wheel with great force. Chicago Corn Dec. May open 501-4 S25-8 high low- 501-2 493-4 523-4 52 close 50 52 1-4 NEW YOfiK (UP)-Did you ever' -- --J .moll a letter and then wish you "T^'irt expect lo wail at the corner- Well' MunitiOHS Hit*CllLI tCS box and nsk the mail colleclor to " ' .«--»-v. hand it over. He won't. Posljnastcr I Albert Goldman explains that the' proper metliod is to notify the local p:st office, and it will lake Ihc proper steps, even intercept the let. ler at the railroad slallon. In Hew York, such crises arc referred lo the Classification Section, which gels from one to five requests a day to intercept letters U usually overtakes tlie letter nt the main post office cr at the ralhmd station. If a already is on Us way out of town, the sender must pay for a lelegram to the past, office at the destmatt:n orop failures due to drouth. reo. "The The President's wife probably will wear Ihis while faille satin gown with gold stripes al tho "White House diplomatic reception Dec. 14. It was one of three new gowns Mrs. Roosevelt selected in a. New York shoppinc expcdilion, Colorado Will Enjoy Two Thanksgiving Dayj DENVER (UP) -Because slate officials couldn't ngrec, on a Thanksgiving Day date, Colorado residents will have ' two turkey dinner!; in November. Said Republican Qov Ralph L Carr: "Ccloratlo will get its turkey on Nov. 30 no matter whal the President says." "Colorado will certainly gel turkey Nov.' 23, too," Insisted Attorney. General Byron 0. Rogers. ••Under state law the President's proclamation will be effective In Colcrado." Everybody, Including statehouse School Heads Will I i/mitv Meet Thursday Night! b "«. ! dollars Superintendent;! and prlnclpnlscf Mississippi county schools -\i111 have i their monthly meeting licrc Thursday night. Dinner will be served the group at 6:30 o'clock in the Home Economics collage of (he city high ich:ol. Utter, the meeting will' adjourn to the high school auditorium for Ihe remainder of the program. J. M. minictte, of Shawnec. will preside over Ilie meeting, employes holidays. retal j mcrol , a ,, Ur "- noviding Soy beans, for transformation Into nitroglycerine for the war In Europe, are loaded Into a Orcal Lakes freighter, from a Chicago ewvator to be taken tn Canada. Wor demands- have helped break all export records for the beans. basal Cecity ol oaks has become of world lmp:rtance," lie said. "Nearly 25 pel- cent of Ihe i present stalks of our oaks arc ! badly Infected and hollow nt (lie , which la causing millions ot .re damage." ficrrtck has studied Ihe oak tree fungus for four years. Smiling Soviet mill, her son were visiting relatives In Ifaytl when they decided lo p,o lo Capo Olrnrdcnu lalo yesterday, Funeral arrangcmenlB for Mr, Johnson, n native of llnytl who -I had lived there nil of his life, had nol been completed, early todny but will probably lie held lomov- row in Haytl. He. Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Almii Dean Johnson of Ilayll; his father,. Magistrate J. A. Johnson of Haytl; one brother, E. N. Joh'i-; son of chaffce, and "two sisters, Mrs. Jack "Caister of Cape Girar- ftaui, ancl" Mra. Shlpton. Mrs. Emma Capps, 71, Dies At West Helena Mrs, Emma Capps. a resident, of Blythcvillc for many yeara. died ycslcrclny mornlnsf ut West Helenn, where sho liad been making her ' home with a daughter, Mrs. Olies- ler Noriimn. and family. She w^uld have been 71 In December. Death resulted from a hcarl aliment, which had caused her to be quite 111 for n month. Funeral Vitas were held this af- tcrnaon nt Ilic Blylhevlllc Second BupltU church with the Rev. t>. H Jcmlgun, pastor of the Manila Bap- Ist cimrch and formerly of this city, officiating, assisted by the Hev. ,P. M. Sweel, pastor, of the ^ike Street Methodist church. Bur- nl was made nt Maple Grove cemetery. A native of Greenfield, Term., vlrs.' Capps ivas married Ihero to lie Inle c. L. Capps, who diet! a 'ear ago. The mother or toi SOILS and laughters, only ttiree survive They ire: Mrs. Ntrnun, Mrs. J. T. Mc- Cimley of Essex. Mo., and Mrs Walter Webster ot Dlytheville. Cobb Funeral Home was In Believes Canada Is Self-Sufficient in Oil MONTREAL (UPl—CnniuIn's o» fields could supply Ihe country's entire oil requirement, according 10 col. Nelson Spencer. Vancouver director cf the Home Oil Company of Turner Valley, Alia. He said that there were prospects that Turner Valley would became one of the Greatest oil deposits In the world. The wells, lie snld, were producing a limited supply of.28,000 barrels of high grade 011 dully, but could easily be stepped up to produce 50,000. New wells are being drilled, he said, and will slart producing early next year. Have Bear Well Done BERKELEY, cal. (UP)—University ol Callfcrnla has advised nil American housewives to cook bear meat — If they have any — thoroughly. The . University says In- .\ufftclciniy cooked bear meat, Is a source of trichinosis Infccltai, Urges Study Be Made Of Bond Proposal The proposed bond Issue for Mississippi county which is to be voted on at a special election Dec. 30 was discussed by W. Leon Smith, local attorney, at the weekly lunch- c:n meeting of the Lion's club today at the Hotel Noble. Mr. Smith urged taxpayers of tho county to acquaint themselves ns to whether it would be beneficial or detrimental to the county. Charles Rose.was in charge of he pr:gram. R. P. Paddiscm. formerly of here and now of Ashcville, N. C..' was a guest. A big smile waa just about all news reporters got out of Soviet AmbasFador A. Our. ky when \ on Uis .les. He was "not prepared u> political queslions." . . they cross-examine^ return lo the Unlteo Bailey Proclaims 'University Day' UTTL,E ROCK. Ark., Nov. ]4. (UP)—Gov. Bailey uday proclaimed Nov. 17 "University Day" in celebration of the Southwest Conference game hero between S. M. U. and Arkansas. The governor directed that state house olflces be closed at 11 a.m. for the remainder cf the day on Nov. 17. , WEATHER Arkansas—Wedhesday fair, not quite so cold In north and central portions tonight;. Wednesday fair, warmer In northeast portion. . Memphis and vicinity—Rjlr and warmer fcnhjlH .and Wednesday; ';..'

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