The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1934 Warming Up for World Series Gallopint! Gaels and Broncos Will Meet Again On Football Field By Iir.NUV Stl'KII . l!nlfd Preis SlafT Omc-momlrnl SAN FUAKCISCO <Ul'J —All is sciene once again on Hie "little big game" front. The "liille bis game" Is die annual tooiball mntch Ix'twrcn St. Mary's, the Gallouln' Ciaels, and Santa Clara, the llroncos. better l:nown in FaMem lootball circles as "llic team which knocked over California Ihe last two seasons." Jiiit lo ki'cp the records, straight the "bii; sume" on die Coast Is the one between (he Slnnfnrds and Californias. l.:u-k Love ll seems Ibat Sanla Clara and St. Mary's have no particular love for each other. Neilher hrive Iho rival rooiinr, wc.tlons. Tly> coaches, respectively. Clipper Smith and Edward "Slip" Madiran. came from Nnlre Dame, hence they are on sijealiiny terms. H all .starter' .a year ngo when, before a crowd of 5ri,000 in Kcair Stadium, die boys fought lo a 7-7 lie. Thai brought up (he question over who was to gel the football being as how nolxxly won the same. One side tool; it: Ihe other objected. Spectators iiourcd onlo the field lo voice dielr sentiments. A couple of halfbacks threw a mess of fisls into the fr ( iy. A brawl storied and ])ol[ce were called in lo hall die proceedings. No one Knows yet- who 140! (he football. Vari-rrvloml Suits Anyway, Santa Clan decided not lo have anything to do wllh the Rt. Mary's crowd, who hall from the Moruga Valley and who in die past have brcn known lo come on Ihe field wearing dilfer- enl colored uniforms—red and blue for die line, black and blue for Ihe end';, oilier combinations for other posts anil a pure while suit for the quarterback. The laflor innovalion. Incidentally, often resulted in the referee being tackled by the op[Kxsition on the assumption he was the St. Mary's nuarterback. Earlv in August, lo pel back to the "little bin Kami-." the boTS got around to talking thlnes over and decided maybe thev should play again this year. They probably figured Ihat.was one sweet pale lo pass up and will] Ihe background the came now has, additionally master-minded the "lake" this year would be additionally as good. Sijrird in August They signed, enny ;n August, a three-year contract for resumption of football, basketball and baseball relations with (he football game probably set for Nov. in. de- SAVO HE BRIDGED wiTHTHe SINKER BWA. T. iAWRGNCE UK6LV WILL POUOVJ a;ikx>LBov By Harry Gray son Wrcsller Boasts He Is Only Man Kayoed by Two Champions. SPRINGFIELD, M o . (UP) — "Wild Red" Berry, professional wresllcr, claims the doubtful dls- ihicilon of being Ihe only man slugged by Ixnh Jack Dempsey and Max liaer. Rod: knocked him out while they were refcreelng mutches in which he was a participant,'and Berry still Is trying to decide whttfi boxer lilts! ihe^H-dest blow. • ' j "To (ell the 'trulh." Berry said, 'both hii me-so |>ard i never knew exactly how b:nj; It imrt. j "Now. lake thai punch Dsmpsey ndtxl on tny chin down at Conway. Ark. It was a-short one, traveling nut more than six Indies'. It struck me like a hammer and, Ihe next tnlng i knew, I was In die dressing rcpui , with' ray handleis fanning me. '20 minutes laicr. Thai was a plenty stiff punch.' 1 Discussing the blow Baer landed recently, llerry said; "Hac'r hit me wncre i would hurt more, on Ihe side of the head. I had an ache In each'ear drum for :e.mal days after the Wow. "Ills (much was a long ons. 1 saw it coming all rtgat. but it par- atyrcd me. I }usl .siood there until il laiuled. Then'I was 'out 1 about half an hour."' COMHUCUL.SOFT BALL LEAGUE ALL-STAK CHCMCEB POSITION First Bas* .. Second Base Third Short. Short NAME CLUB Hue Lett Field Center Field Right Field . Catcher Catcher , Pitcher 'Pitcher NOTE:— Ltltn r»|»Uuiing reasons for etkctkm must accompany NAME STREET CITY mid STATE Mail U Conifer Nrws, Blythtvill*, Ark. CIANTS; TIGERS Dizzy Conies Back With Vengeance; Bengals Back In. Stride limiting whether SI. Mary's rearrange ils schedule. can .—Hill Trrry, who's close to Alvn Brndlcy and who books the Indians' .sjjrlny exhibition Annies ns well ns Uiost* of the Glnnls, says NE\T at Blytheville's Theatres Charleston Golfers To Play at Hayti CAKUTHEKSVILLE, Mo.. Aug. 21 —Members of Ihe Charleston, Mo.. Rolf team will meet members n! the Hayti-Corulheisvllle teams in an Inter city tournament Sun- liay afternoon on the Gwln Coun- ny Club Course, west of this city, flay will^ tlart about 1:30 and pairings have not been yet announced by Manager Jess Qwln, is arranging the tournament. WIERSTH 1T01 I Hughes triple gave the Pelicans [two the runs in the game. ninth to deelde Game Goes Into Tenth I Inning Before Winning but Run Scores; Pels Win England is experimenting with lubber tires on. gun-carriage wheels in an effort to reduce damage to guns from vibration when traveling at hi?h speeds. Dizzy Dean returned lo the St. l.oui.s Cardinals line-up yesterday and shutout thfc world champion New York Giants !i to 0. In the American league the leading Tigers finally tinned on the pesky Senators and walloped them 12 to C. Dean, in unifoim for Ihe first _ lime In over two weeks because of ] a row wllii Ihe Card management, i went lo work with a vengeance. He held the Gianls lo flve hits and had Ihem eating out ol his hand. Hothrock anil Collins ol the Ciiids hit homers to back Dean up substantially. ' • The Chicago Cubs dropped their I second slralght game lo die Brook - [tyn Dodgers at Chicago. The Dnd- i Rers won with Mmigo relieving Benpe to turn in a good job of telief huiliui;. Prey ,im] Leslie' of. 1 the Dodgers and F. Herman of th- A Culis hit for (our base s 5. The .score was tj to 4. The Boston Braves won two Barnes from the Cincinnati Reds. The scores were 2 to 1 and 10 to More than 65 of every 100 arrests made la the United States The feated Llllle Rock the Atlanta Travelers de- Crackers '2 to Icdny are for either or traffic violation. 1 at Atlanta yesterday.' Nugent emerged the winner of die hurling duel and Cobb the loser. The game went Into on extra Inning- the winning run being scored in the'10th stanza. The. New Orleans Pelicans, Southern leaders, ' defeated the Chattanooga Lookouts at Chatta- musk-deer has no antler.-;, pair of sharp tusks make efficient weapons. Musk, used in perlumes; is found, only in stomach gland o[ the males. A balloon filled with hydrogen descends when' released from the (op of Mount Washington, N. H. Air currents go over the peak and down the leeward side speed that a released with sucli balloon unable to rise until It has left the side of the mountain. Average income of rtrMnkenne^ 1 " 006 "' The score was 8 to 7 - Glee- about J5000 a year, and that of armiKenness „„,., tr!p]e w , m Qne on and l surgeon <woo . _. Waller Johnson's managerial con-; tract would not have been renewed but for the Cleveland sports writers' violent criticism. -Gnr Wood hopes lo sec THE CITZ "The Cllrl from Missouri." the i with Cary Grant, Prances Drake. Melro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture that Edward Everett Morton, Georje s; Plays Sunday and Monday at the :c<i. Oarnrld A.. Jr.. successfully, defend the flannsworth trophy for speedboats within two or three vcnrs. . . . The same trophy Hint his pappy look from England in 1!120 and kept on Mils side 1 since. . . .' Youns Wood Is nationally known as nu outboard race driver at 111 —Most lioxint; men and scribes, Inrliiillni; a majority of Ihnsc who l^licved Ihnt Jiinuiv McLarnin was back I heater, brings lo the screen Jean HarKnv ofter an absence of cliiht months. In her new starring vehicle, the under popular Miss Harlow essays one | Tuttlc. liarbier and Nvdia Westman. Ray. In "Ladles Should List PH." will supunrl Cary flrant. Frances Drake and Ktlward Everett Horton the direction of Tiank of her most nmusliuj characterizations, limb of Endle. Chapman, a Girl who emlmrks niwm a soclal- elinibhiK career because she is de- Included in the agreement were shorlchangcd on May 28. pick two points that are supposed to have been a source of disagreement: 1. St. Mary's will control die larger side of Kear Stadium — where the sea'ls are letter, and which -the _ Sanla Clara rooters haven'^t sat. in many moons, while San'la Clara gels the favored spot In 19315. 2. ; The dressing room issue was sellled by making the Ke?ar Sla- dium quarters eciual in sipc.'Pre- viously a beef always went up fiom Ihe team' getting (he smaller dressing rooms. Ko we're all set now for anolhei tie diis fall. ilainev noss to duplicale his vlc- ory in die Garden Bowl. Sent. fi. lespite the fuel that the Irishman bcim; nrrinlded lo come In at 147 pounds. • » • - -Kldon Anker's subway slinging tlircnlens to become as confusitip American League hitters as Carl Hubbell's screwball Is to National I.enciie lnrni|>ers. Detroit's CDICH PI F Iff II Honke Exnrcts To Develop Strong Grid Team This Fall CARUTItERSVlLI.E. Mo.. Alls. 24 — Pro'pcrts are verv bricht for [all rieht-liander Is thc most pronounced underhand pitcher since Carl Mays. —A Baltimore limior firm's application for a copyright on tho mune Knute Hocknc. lo appear'on die label of its merchandise, was refused, due to die Immortal football catcher's son l>earlng die name — Rtrnnrd Vilale. 7-year-old Buf- 'nln'prodioy. swims 75 feel under w'i-lcr. and has swum f>0 feet :iealh the surface in ^14 seconds . . He snould be heard from h the Olympic Games of !5iJ. —Alexander Kampmirls. the second baseman purchased from Cac- rnmento. who was seircd by in shoitly afier rejwrtlng tc Mie Reds, is the first Greek tc rash the majors since Dana Fi] linuim pitched for thc AAAAAA' r.ud Braves. —Casey Stengel wisecracks tha if Nick Tremark. his oiitfieldlng I mincd lo ftnanclnl security nd iiosltioii along with her mar- aue ring. The picture apidlty from t New Yorks' razeed skyline to ne pleasure palaces of Florida nd back again. Lionel Karryinore, clean of stage nils with lightning swanky penthouses O Ray plays Ihe ro!c of a doormnn for Ihe swanky apartment house In which Cary Grant lives. Through his co-operation with I Ray helps to bring about the Frances Drake, the telephone girl, eventual love-riiatch liclween Prance's most handsome plnyboy and the telephone operator. nd screen, liss Harlow shares honors with In the role of Ihe ex- redinyly wealthy T. R. Paige, lalional political jxnver. Franchot Tone plays the son Ken Maynard. fugitive from justice, wantrd for murder, and his caplor, a Texas Hanger, nlaynl by Waller Miller, battle man-eating crocodiles; Ken and his wonder narrymorc who falls 'madly in love horse. Tarwin. race lorri- lie KIIII fishls. In Universal I'ic- of lures' latest western. "Smoking vith Eadic. Addlliomil humor is supplied by 'alsy Kelly, popular New York I.IEC comedienne. The liflh member of the notable quintet that leads the c<uj<i n strong Canithrrsville erid team this reason. Coach Jack Hopke announced this afternoon. Ten men will be buck from Ir^; years' squad. .seven linemen and three backlleld men, ---»w» Hopke said in addition he would have a number of subs back from last year, and at lenst Ihrce men who have not payed before, but are good prospects of developing into good players. The linr-mcn from last year's team arc James and Dwiiiht Nickens. ends. Ralph Asher. center. James VanAusdall. end and tackle. Joe Corlx-lt. guard and Henrs . Biirch. puard and lacWc. Kenncti Asher, quarterback on olfcnse aiu •. roving linesman on defense, wil -. be one of thc main cogs In the Tiger machine this year. He wa: forced out during the middle o the season last year by a head Jn Jury.. i Backs returning this year ar Ci^ic "Bugs" Lonon, full; O. I Morgan and Nelson Creech, lial backs. ; • The Tigers first game is Scp 28, with Coach "Dub" Foster Port«g«viU* Indians. The first at . norot gtrae this year Is Oct. with Dexter ; iirniil. walked down Ihe street in •liorls he would still be In short •nils. . . . "The Manhattan Col-' VM ™f»- w '<" lad. who does even-thing li-ft- |nt llcr ow " anded. is wide enough, weighing '0 |»unds. but stands only five! ^' eel four. Joe Klrkwood. lilck lilt golf ro. drinks a glass of hot lemon .lice unsweetened before break- -isl and on retiring. o fthe new picture is Lewis Slone. A thoroughly modern and enter- alnlni! dclertive story, the chron- cle of a charming, beautiful girl, who siinlc-handcdly outwits both Ihe police and her rivals. Paramount's "The Notorious Souhie comes Tuesday and Wednesday to the nitz Theater, with Cwrtrude Michael. Paul Cavanagh, Leon Errol, Arthur Byron and Alison Sktpworth In tlie. featured roles. Miss Michael plays the title role as die famous international Jewel diicf who filches both gems and masculine hearts, by employing her cleverness and exotic, charm. Her exploits Intrigue Europe's most notorious criminal. Paul Ca- Guns." at the nitz Saturday. Mnynard matches his luck and daring against a band of ruthless outlaws and out-wits them at every turn. After many thrilling gun battles he succeeds in convincing Ihe girl. Alice Adams, plaved by blonde Gloria SI Innocent. He rsecues her from being kidnaped by the outlaw chief and breaks up (he band of criminals and is rewarded bv winiiiii" tlie henrl of tlie cirl he loves. I The c.isl consists of such we! known screen players as Harold Ooodwin. Dob Korlman, .inck Ttockwell. Ed Coxcn. Eddie Cobb Slim Wbiltakcr. Fred McKcye. and others including Maynurd's Charles Murphy. Martin Turner wonder horse. Tatzan. Saturday Only MAT. and Nile— 10c -' 25c CHeSTf R MORHIS LET S TALK IT OVER. ».,. MAE CLARKE Hiu'k Jones Serial ('iirfoo'n a doctor is a 9. Brandt was die winner of the first game duel arj Si Johnson Ihe loser. After losing two straight games the Tigers came back strong to smother the Senators 12 to G yesterday. Anker went the roulc tor the Tigers while Stewart was the losing pitcher. It was Ai'kcr's 12tli victory of die season. Thc Tipers blasted oul 17 hits and the Scna- lors 15. Roger Hornsby's Brownies eked out a 2 to 1 triumph over the Philadelphia Athletics. Sam West's homer with Clilt on base in the eighth accounted for all of the Browns' runs. Hadlcy was the winning and Cain Ihe losing pitcher. More rice is consumed through- cut the world today than any other food product. Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35t , , intcnds to B ame - wl!cn ' l<1Jlvns °' "' s l>l*n. She sets ptlt to world's commerce Is carried over the Allantlc Ocean, although it is only one-half ns Inrge as the Pacific. A skin pnVnsIte. causes the horns so frequently found on rabbits- as many us in horns have been found him. make him frill In' love °" onc rabbit mid these were her and turn Ihe tables ou | confined solely to the head, him. ' i With Alison Sklpworfh as her (oil she startles die entire world | bv her dariui robberies, going her 'rival one brtlfr each time. —Army had belter slarl digging n now. . . . Frank Lynch, out nr a Inckle iiosilion on Navy's •lebe team, is Ihe strongest, licnyl- ^t and lallest member of thc lass. . . . He scales 211. Is six feet 'our and a traction inches tall. ind his general slrcnglh lolal was 7205. v The mnmmolh middle played with the University of Kansas frosh last season. —St. Louis Cardinal pitchers have replaced trie old woolens with With his name written Indelibly In Hie annals of motion picture history. Charles Roy. popular leading man and character aclor of a decade aiio, has returned to die screen. His come-back role Is in Paramounl's "Ladies Should Listen." which is coming Thursday | and Friday lo Ihe Hits Theatre, I not owned by "John K. Frohan of Canton. Me. II K vcllinv. eight rows of Iwinels. and with was exceedingly roM wialhcr. When die iradine schooner Emnnucl. put inlo Southampton Enp.. It was the first vessel iv a.OOfl years lo dock diere with an all-Jewish crew of sailors. Delaware, the smallest any slate in Mir with onlv throe, has number or roundi's o Union. a new linen sweat shirt—light, Mry. bill criccllvc. —nubbles Harsravc has resigned as pilot of thc Cedar Rapids Western League club, with the explanation that Injuries pre-venled him from doing his best as a player-manager. 5,j —The Dodgers call Oskl Slade i"Doctor." ih« Clnfinniill Short- slop's spikes having neatly removed a corn from Jimmy 'Jordan's toe. Phone 171 At NliM—Sunday—Anytime t-'or Quick and nrptndftble Wrecker Scrvke Phillip* Motor Co. Don't Fnraet Caudill's Agency General Insurance PtMM,7«7 7/GIRL FMmMlftOURI A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture Directed by Jack Convtay Produced by -Bernard H. llyman Witll I.IONKI, 1URRYMORE KRANCIIOT TONE LEWIS STONE 1'aramounl News Comedy — "Gentlemen of Polish" — A Musical Revue Th * Changeless Cycle SPRING is gone. Summer is fading. But their return is as inevitable as tomorrow's dawn. Next year they will be back. Then it will be the same changeless cycle. . . Same April showers and burst of May flowers. Same old lawn mowing. Same donning of warm-weather togs. Same craving of new summer furniture. Same exciting vacation planning. Same hundred and one needs and longings. Why not provide for such future certainties when the advantages are so much in your favor? Buying in August and September what you are going to need or want in June carries the wisdom of Solomon. Read the advertisements in this newspaper and see. Watch for the end-of-season sales. Compare the values with those of the season's. opening. Prices are lower because merchants would rather clear out surplus at bargain prices than carry them over until next season. l r oor Cinderella"—Novelty Colored Keel COMING HAKOI.1) M.OY1) in 'THE CATS PAW So — what'll it be? . . .-For next summer's lawn, a Dremium-quality mower at an ordinary-quality price. That long-desired rattan suite for the sun-porch. Some rustic furniture. Awnings. A new refrigerator at an irresistible price. Day by day, you'll find them all in the advertisements in this newspaper. The raincoat which last Spring seemed a bit high. Two or three linen. suits at a genuine bargain— to be hung awav for next summer's torrid waves. A money-sav- in P buy of summer underwear, mi jamas, shirts, ties, knickers, sport' shoes and stockings.

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