Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 11, 1957 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 23
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LOGANSPOR1 PUBLIC LIBRARY Tuesday Evening, June II, 1957. Machine Grinding Out Those Popular Songs WASHINGTON (UP) — Automation has invaded the creative field of music. '-'Bertha," an electronic computer, is writing popular songs at the rate of 4.000 an hour Dr. Martin L. Klein, mathematician and computer authority, tells about it in the June edition ot Radio-Electronics magazine. He and his collaborator. Dr. Douglas Bolitho, have taught a dalatron digital computer to write music. Klein and Bolitho started their lions for full orchestra on a computer in less than a minute." It takes a human expert "almost three days to arrange a piece of popular music for an orchestra." Rochester The Zimmerman Brothers ambulance took Edward Johnson from the Woodlawn hospital, Rochester, to the Wesley Memorial hospita, Indi-anapois, Sunday. U. Tucker was removed from project last spring. In less than a ibis residence on East 14th street, month th-ey had the computer grinding out music at a staggering rate. They consider the results phenomenal — mechanically if not musically They played one of the machine's tunes for Jack Owens, major-league "pop" song—writer and composer—member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Owens wrote lyrics for the tune which was dubbed "Push Button Bertha." In less than a week five record- Ings were put out, and a month later real, live, human-being-type artists performed it on the Ameri can Broadcasting Co. network. From Data To Notes But the Library of Congress d-eclined to issue a copyright on "Push Button Bertha" It had never been confronted before with a piece of music composed by a machine. In the case of "Push Button Bertha" the tune had the benefit of human performers. But it could Monday, in the Foster and Good ambulance, to the Woodlawn hospital. The County Home Demonstration Chorus held their final rehearsal at 1:30 p.m. in the City Hall, Monday afternoon. This was the last rehearsal of the chorus before going to Purdue to attend the Music Festival on June 12. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Mdtntire spent Thursday in Columbia City, visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Caude Lowden of Kewanna • were shopping in Rochester Monday. Mr. and'Mrs. A. N. Mclntire of Delong were business visitors in Rochester Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Woodcox spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hagen. Clyde Collins of Kewanna, was a business visitor in Rochester, Monday. Miss Martha Burgelman and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zimmerman 01 numan penuiniBia. u ut ^ ^ui u Mr an(J Mrs Leo zimmerm be played on electronic sound-, an{] daughtel . t Ginny, concluded tnnlHnty rteuineK. This WOUld re- i_ 1 ..:•.!& ...:tt, i\jr«r. T>l nn making devices. This would remove it wholly from connection with human beings—except, of course, the mathematician. To get the computer to compose, these experts feel it massive doses of data. Then they push certain buttons and the computer—if it has been trained and fed properly—selectively accepts or rejects numbers which ultimately are translated into notes of the diatonic scale. Sometimes It Goofs It makes its selections from quantitias of information which has been stored in its magnetic drum, or core storage unit, the machine's internal memory. Sometimes, Klein says, his computer goofs for no disoernable reason. This is known as "having the flu." And on cold mornings when the machine is slow to warm up. it is suffering, in the computer expert's jargon, from "sleeping sickness." week end visit with Mrs. Blanch WL'KK tuu VIML VYJI.U :vii 3. ijj.aiii.ii MI'S. X 1 TCU Turner Wlli eniKl Lai Zimmerman and family, and re- the Neighborly Club in her horn hnrnprl t.n Ihoir home in Chicago. rp,,^ri™ o^nnina nt 7-sn n m day and Sunday in Toledo, Ohio, visiting friends. The following 'members of the Trinity and St. Paul EUB Churches left Sunday for Oakwwid Park, Syracuse, to attend the annual . meeting of the Evangelical United Brethren church being held there this week. Attending from the Trinity EUB church are Mrs. Fremont Willmert and daughter, Mrs. Fred Westwood, Mrs. Gladys Gilliland, Mrs. Elmer Zimmerman, Mrs. Harley Haggerty, Mrs. Bess Hanna and Mrs. Helen Gottschalk. St. Paul's will be represented by Mrs. Calvin Crabill and Mrs. Archie McKee. The Rev. Fremont Willmert of Trinity Church will attend the Indiana North Conference opening Wednesday. Luroy Bick is lay delegate. From St. Paul's will be the Rev, Ross Cook and lay delegate Ralph Crissinger. Mrs. Delilah Hunter has returned to- the I.O.O.F. home at Greensburg after spending the past two weeks in this city with relatives and friends. Mrs. Hunter was accompanied to her home by her niece, Mrs. Robert Sixbey and family. Thomas E. DuBois, auditor for the Cities Service Oil Co. of Chicago spent the weekend here with Mrs. DuBois and children.. Miss Charlene Sheets left recently for Terre Haute where she has enrolled in college for the summer term. Miss Sheets has been a teacher in the Kendallville schools for several years and has been visiting her parents. Mr. anc Mrs. *Roy Scheets, and Steve." Donriie and Tommy Metager sons of Mr. and Mrs. Donalc Metzger,, have returned to their home after spending the pas week in Kewanna with their grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Metz ger Mrs. Fred Turner will entertain turned to thoir home in Chicago. Mrs. Guy Bryant, Mrs. Dean Nightlinger and Mrs. Fred Westwood were in Peru Fnday where they visited the Year Nursery, also the "Tuckod-a-way" Gardens. Dr and Mrs. Russell Babb and son, Wayne, Indianapolis, were in Rochester Saturday visiting old friends. Admissions to Wpodlawn hospital are George Koenig, Macy; Una Tucker, 719 East Ninth street: Loveil Miller, R.R. I. Dismissals: Mrs. Peter Terpstra, R.T.I.; James Rans, Fulton; Mrs. Orten Zent. R.R 2; Robbert N Calender, Peru; Edward Johnson, dismissed and admitted to the Wesley Memorial hospital, Indianapolis. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKinzie, Akron. A son was born to Mr. and True life Adventures QalON .CUSS AS A.T7SPT AT <il_IMB!NS AS HOUSE _UT TRIPS INTO THE TREES BECOME L.ESS FKEOUENT AS THE"-/ 4-M HEAVIER.. in the home were Mrs. .Frank Smith, Mrs. Berneice Rush, Mrs. Ernest Igo, and Mrs. Ray Linn, all of Mentone; and Mrs. Glenn Clauss of Bremen. Tuesday evening at 7:30 p. m Mrs. Myron Berkheiser will be the co-hostess. • Mr., and Mrs. BUI Bixler and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Virgi! Bryant left Sunday morning i'or a two weeks vacation' in Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rush and family left Friday for Rapid City, South Dakota, where they will visit Mr. and Mrs. Russell Davidson. Mr. Davidson is stationed with the Air Force there. Mrs. Eldred Paulus visited in the F. R. Burns home at North Manchester recently. Other guests Winamac A marriage license was issued June 8, to Miss Carole Deanna Whetstone of Ora, daughter of Mrs. Letha Riddle o£ Ora and Chester L. Whetstone of Monterey son of Mr. and Mrs. Verl R. Peterson, of Monterey. Cases in Justice of the peace Delbert Lebo's court have been: Robert Trapp,, of Winamac, fined $1 and costs, speeding, filed by State Trooper Joseph Cihak; William E. Miller, Jr., of Winamac, reckless driving, fined $5 and costs, filed by Deputy Sheriff Wayne Koepky; Clarence Allen of Winamac, reckless driving, fined $5 and costs, filed by State Trooper Joseph Cihak; Wilkus Minix, Winamac, driving on a beginner's permit without a licensed driver in the car, fined $1 and costs, filed by State Trooper Joseph Cihak. Guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Ryan Sunday were Mrs. Linn Vanaman and son, Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wright and son and Wesley Ely of Gary and Mr. and Mrs. Forest Goble and children oJE Culver. Dr. and Mrs. Randall Enlow and daughtef( Valerie, of Fort Wayne spent the weekend in the home o: Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sodervick and sons. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Owes were at Logansport, Friday. She is being treated for iritis. Chester Reynolds visited his mother, Mrs. Nellie Reynolds, at Robert Long hospital, Indianapolis, on Sunday. He found her much improved from Saturday when it was thought she had taken a turn for the worse. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Spraggins of - Okla- home City, Okla., came to Indianapolis Sunday and will spend a month's vacation with Mrs. Reynolds and with Mr. Spraggin's mother in southern Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan of Cicero, 111., were Sunday afternoon callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Galbreath. The Sullivans formerly lived at Star City and Mrs. Sullivan managed the Yardstick in Winamac. Mr. and Mrs. John Lebo have moved into one of the Bonnell apartments from Muncie where he is a student at Ball State college. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Frazier spent Sunday at Otsego, Mich., in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Girton; Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seven Mrs. Johanna Hartwick attended the funeral of her uncle, Mr. William Rosenbaum at LaCrosse on Saturday. She was accompanied there by her daughter, Mrs. Charles Sadd. Edward J. Collard, of LaPorte \yas arrested by State Trooper Joseph Cihak Saturday night on highway 421 near Francesville. He was taken to Logansport jail by Sheriff Ralph Galbreath and will appear in court later to answer a charge of driving while his license was suspended and being under the influence of alcohol. A daughter, Jill Ann, was born Saturday, June 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Delphi., Mr. and Mrs. Herman^Tfi-eophile spent the week end at Greencastle. On Saturday Mrs. Theophile was awarded a silver anniversary pin presented by the De- Pauw School of Music. Mrs. Theophile, the former Naomi Pruitt, received in 1918 her certificate to teach Public School music at De- Pauw and in 1932 received her Masters Music degree. The presentation was made at a lovely chapel service. They attended the 1932 class reunion at a luncheon Saturday where citations were presented, and were entertained at a faculty reception following the class banquet on Saturday night at the Union building Mrs. Theophite is a daughter of the late Judge E. Pruitt, and has taught music in Delphi and several of the schools' of the county since 1918. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Longwith of Pittsburg, Pa. arrived in Delphi early Friday morning for a short visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abner H Bowen. On Friday evening they attended a • rehearsal dinner for the wedding of his Purdue fraternity brother, Robert Martin and spent Thursday in Indianapolis where they visited their daughter, Mrs. James Stokes, Mr. Stokes and children Wendy and Cynthia. Mrs. E. W. Bowen who was ill last week is improved and able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Clawson and Dr. and Mrs. George Wagoner returned home' Sunday after spendinfg a week at the Clawson cottage, near Delta, Wis. They report catching plenty of fish while there. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Allen and Misses Mary and Catherine Kempf of Delphi were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McGreevey at Crawfordsville. Miss Margaret Coomey, who has been confined to her home for several weeks following a heart attack, is able to be out.' Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Moyars ol Oxford called on Mrs. Mma Tansey Sunday. Jerre Haugh,' a director of tha Gibault Home for Boys at Terra Haute spent Monday at the Home, Nuclear Explosion Scheduled Wednesday LAS VEGAS, Nov. (UP) — Th« Atomic Energy Commission today Marilyn^Brown'"' of' "Fort " Wayne" !'.^ r . ied .J 0M l on L P '?iS visited at Lafayette Sunday w ith' ;Jame s Hansell of Hobart at St. Joseph hospital, Logansport. The little girl was born on the birthday of her great grandfather, Mr. John Buck. Mrs. Hansell is the former Miss Janet Strong of Win- SlUUpmy MUlS.ILtr^b. l\ »uu ¥VU3 uul 11 tu in. . w. But once it gets going, it goes Mrs. James R. Adams, R.R. 2. like mad. Klein reports that one Mrs. James Pierce had as h gifted computer has written a Sunday guests, Rev and M string quartet with "promising results" It is in music orchestration that Klein feels the computer will be in "its true realm." He says "it •will be possible to write txrchestra- Jlenry Bulger, Kewanna, and Mr Tina Wharton, Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. Elza Blackbur were Sunday evening guests Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Newman. Mrs. Faye Holman spent Satur- The'lnstant Taste" is gone! j^fllnstant Folgers Coffee their sons and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Owen, and daughter, Terry. Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Richter and daughter, Marie, are spending A week's vacation in Florida visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Joe McBeth and son, Mikey, were weekend guests in the Joe Heater home. Their son, Dean McBeth, is spending the summer in that home and is working for Courtesy builders. Mrs. Don Fisher and son, Bob,' announced today. who were united in marriage Saturday, Mr. Longwith served as one of the ushers at the wedding, which took place at Calvary Pres- jyterian church in Fort Wayne. They returned to Pittsburgh on Sunday. Mrs. Lor.gwiUi, the former \anoy Bowen, will attend summer school at the University of Pitts- jurgh this summer to study the history of Pennsylvania. They plan a trip to Canada about Au- just 1st, after which they will again visit Delphi. Mrs. Robert Sieber will entertain her bridge club on Tuesday, May 18. Ratify Phone Employes Raise CHICAGO (UP) — A contract providing $2.50 to S5.00 weekly in creases for 12,188 employes of Illinois Bell Telephone Co. in Illinois and Lake and Porter counties, Ind., has been ratified, the unions "He sure knows how to pick 'em ! You mean Lucille ... or arc you talking about their OldsmobBe? Both! But I was really looking at their car. What a beauty! They sore arc a lucky couple. And smart, too. That Olds costs less than you'd think. It has style that will stay in style. They get real comfort ... a wonderful ride . . . and the big llocket Engine ... tost Man: •ridvwnold: •»•* Mom Bridesmaid: She looked so lovely . Best Mom Bridesmaid! ••ttMont They'll really find out how smart they arc to own an Olds at trade-in time. Why, an Oldfl brings a better price than lots of the most expensive cars, even after a couple of years of use. You know what I wish? I wish that someday ... /, That you can ova an Olds? Don't waste your wishes. Let's take a ride in my Golden Rocket 88. Maybe your drcams'H come trne / •ooncr than you expect. 1KB YOUR AUTHORIZED OL.DSMOBIL.K QUALITY DEALER Sunday Is Dad's Day Give him a box of his favorite cigars Wrapped especially for Dad's Day. Also a complete line of pipes, tobaccos, cigarette lighters. Timber-lake's Gift Shop lions for the fourth nuclear blast in the 1957 test series scheduled for 7:45 a.m. C-D-T Wednesday. The shot had been set for Tuesday but was postponed for tha second time because the AEC said it would take another day for technical preparations. It was believed the next detonation would be another balloon shot above the atomic test site. Milton Eisenhower IU BALTIMORE, Md. CUP) — A kidney infection will prevent Milton S. Eisenhower, the President's brother from taking part in his first commencement as president Mr. and Mrs. Abner H. Bowen of Johns Hopkins University today. ' CONSTIPATED? New laxative discovery un-locks bowel blocks without gag, bloat or gripe Constipation is caused by what doc- ing capacity, plus COLONAID'S stretch- tors call a "thrifty" colon that, instead stimulating bulk. So effective it roof retaining moisture as it should, licvcs even chronic constipation over, docs the opposite: robs the colon of night, COLONAIIJ is yet so smooth, so so much moisture that its contents gentle it has proved safe even for become dehydrated, so dry that they women in critical stages of pregnancy, block the bowel; so shrunken that Superior to old style bulk, salt or drug they fail to excite or stimulate the j [lxa ii VCSi COI.DNAID neither gapis, urge to purge that propels and expels Bloats nor gripes; won't interfere with, waste from your body. absorption of vitamins and other valu- To regain norrnjil regularity, the dry, able food nutrients; in clinical texts, shrunken, constipating contents of did not cause rash or other reactions, your colon which now block your jc, a physiolouical fact: Exercise tonci bowel must be remoistened. Second, your bo( j v ( ^ n( j COLONAID exercises bulk must be brought to your colon your co i on to tone it against constipa- 10 S-T-K-E-T-C-H STIMULATE it to ( j o , )p ovi;rn j g |i( | Get COLONAII), in action; to a normal urge to purge. O asy-to-take tablet form at any drug And, of all luxutlvtw, only COLONAID, counter, today! Only We for the 60 the amazing new laxative discovery tablet package, brings positive relief; possesses COLONAID'S great moisturlz- at less than 2c per tablet. A Sew ffi in ftrformance! Phillips ^Announces Phillips 66 keeps pace with the octane and power requirements of the new super-cars by bringing you its new FLITE-FUEL, blended for super-performance! Not only new cars, but older cars, too, will benefit from the remarkable new performance qualities of new Phillips 66 FLITE-FUEL. Thisbetter-than-ever •ELITE-FUEL is blended for local driving aon- dilions. It's the only gasoline containing added Di-isopropyl. It's clean burning! It has extra high octane for smooth power and long mileage. You'll discover a new high in perfonnance when you fill up with new FLITE-FUEL at your Phillips 66 Dealer's. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY Phillips 66 Products Are Distributed in Logansport and Vicinity by TUCKER OIL CO., Logansport, Ind.

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