Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 5, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1898
Page 24
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OAILYJPHAEOS OITYNB.W3. Kokoaio girls flsi«! taken to bowl- °Mrs. John Besil, of Seventeenth street, is 111. MJss Jessie Bennett went to B.unt- ington to visa friends. Nearly every town ia Indiana is trying to boom itself this winter. Eastend Pleasure cliib dance on Friday evening at Bolari & McECale's KAISING THE MONEY. The CItj olt Hammond Wants tbe Location of tbe Onkcj Printing- Establishment. Will Le einfcer- of, On- ball. Mrs. Charles Dj kern an is. taining Miss Hanca Haws, ward, ! Quail can no longer JDS killed le- gaily. Shooting period| expired December 31st. | J. H. McAllister, w^o has been confined in the St. Joseph hospital, Is reponed improving. | Mrs. W. F. Carr, who bas been visiting here, returned! yesterday to hev home at Lafayette. I Mr§. A. P. Flyna and sister, Miss Minnie Cromar, have returned from a short visit at Greenville, 0- Mr.- and Mrs. Fradk Griei? and children of Linden avenue have returned from a visit at Wabash. Mrs. E Matcbette, who bas been visiting Miss Dawe:3, of the Westalde, returned to her home in Chicago. The city council of Munci« has passed a curfew ordinance patterned after the Indianapolis enactment. Natural ga'» bills for the month of January are due and payable at the company's office on or before the 10th Inst. Good music and a pleasant time Friday evening at Dolan & McHale's hall. Dance of the Eastend Pleasure club. The smoka house of William Slmo- son, In Clay township, was broken into recently and about two hundred pounds of meat stolen. There Is no clue to the thief. Miss Mildred Hoffman, who has been the guest of Misses Hannah Welsh and Catherine O'Meara, tbe past few dava returned to her home at Kokomo yesterday. The Penny club o! Rathbone Sisters will miset Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dave Bowman, 1414 Spear street, Election of officers.— Mrs. George Van Steenburg, Secretary. Pe-u Journal: Miss Faunie Thomas of LoganspoH is visiting ID tbisi city. ... .Henry Herry is home from Logansport and vicinity, where be spent the holidays among relatives and friends. Delbert Flpnn is suffering from a very sore msck, the result of a fall while tkatlnj; on the Ice some time ago. County Clerk Flynn asserts that Delberli cut a very distinct figure ?, with his ear on the Ice. Huntlngton News-Democrat: Jas. McGourty und wife have returned from their Logansport visit... .Mrs. Sarah Planck, of Logansport, Is the guest of Mrs. W. I. Campbell and other relatives for a short vislit. Jim HarrlSi, who was arrested last night for trespassing at thei opera house, Is saidl to have thrown a piece oficeatWra. Dolan, sr., proprietor and managair of the theatre, while Policeman Surface was making the arrest. A new club called tbe Fleur de Lis club has been organized here by a dozen vouoij ladles. The club had its initial meeting last evening a the home of Miss Clara Bauer. Card. and other social games were indulged In and refreshments were served. Miss Sophia Wandrel was given a surprise last; evening at her home on Oolfax street, Southslde, on ttae ocoa «ton of net thirteenth birthday Some twenty-five of her schoolmate participated, the evening being passed with music, singing and a fin supper. Lafayettd Courier: W.M.Curtis a sailor, of Lofjaospurt, one of th' most noted steeple painters in th country, a man whose feats of daring ha»e eleotr'ifted thousands, is in th city, figuricig on the possibility of re painting the Goddess of Justice abov the court house dome. That thiii farmers of Indiana ar ready to beijln the raising of sueta beets, if a, proper market is offered for the product Is generally conced ed. At Indianapolis this week, ac tlon was taten by the board of trad looking to tbe establishment of sugar beet :tactory In that city. The Broiidway Presbyterian churc was crowded to the doors, last even ing, on the occasion of the week o prayer services. Rev. M. Kendrlcl delivered an effective sermon on th promise of |5od to the church. Th union meet Ing will be at ithe Broad way M. E church tonight, acldresse by Eev. B. E. Shaner. Kokomo Tribune: Miss Hatti ,, Taylor, wtio has. been visiting he lister, MM. Walter Farquhar, re tvrned to 1 lOgansport today Frei «nd Mrs. Keger, of Logansport, am XlN Blanche Ynnt, of Indianapolis who wareliollday gueste of D, G. an Mrs. Wilkins, returned to the! recp«otlTe lomes this afternoon Sot Cemlni TD«t the Concern elite at That Point. The city of Hammond is a rival of Logansport In the attempt to secure toe location of the W. B. Con key rlntlng establishment. Tbe Conkey oropaoy require that certain condi- ons be ^implied with before it will gree to change location. To com- ly with the conditions, the leading itizens of Hammond have formed a and and improvement company by icb means they hope the sum re- uired may be obtained. It may be said in this connection hat a money consideration alone will not induce tbe Conkey compp.ny o locate a,t Hammond. Mr. Conkey will personally visit the cities de- irlng tbe location of the concern efore he decides: at welch point he will locate. He will visit Logansport ome time during this month to view what we have to offer in the way of ailway facilities and other advan- ages. He will consider all t^ese matters before determining the point at, which he will locate. If he looks with favor upon Logansport, then our people, will know what to do. The plan of the Hammond people s to form a stock company with e apital of 1100,000, The stock will ie divided in 1,000 shares of IHOO ach. The bulk of it has been aab- cribed for, and will be sold at par. ?he company has an option on TO cres of land in the southern part o"f he city, the purchase price being 21,000. This will be platted, and when subdivided will be turned over o subscribers iti surrender of their took. In this manner it is expect- d to ralsu 175,000 bonus. THAT SEW LIGHT. Metropolitan Newspaper Men Here la- Testl*atJng the Matter. The Chicago and other metropolitan newspapers are sending representatives to Logansport to investigate the perpetual lamp claimed to have been invented by S. B. Nlckum. The latter refuses to ?lva out auy new information, but states that a,n exhibition of the invention will be made some time next week. James Foley, John Eckert, John Lairy and others have seen the light in operation during the past few months. One of them stated today that one of tbe temps had, to his knowledge, burned at least for rorty- Igut hours. 1 he light, is produced y the introduction into a glass glooe f certain chemicals known only to he inventor, after which the air is jumped out, the globe sealed up and here vou are. EASTERN STAB Installed New Officers Last Evening for the Ensuing Year. Last evening the installation of he following newly elected officers f the lodge of Eastern Star took dace at Masonic temple: W. M—Addie Westerman. W P.—-JosephLinvllle. A. M.—Ida M. Ouster. Secretary—Sallie Horn. Treasurer—Ly3la Eldrldge. Cond.—Roxle Barnett. Asst. Good.—Sadie Grace. Chaplain—Jennie Cornwell. Adah—Grace Barnett. Buth—Fannie Mitchell. Esther—Llllie Parker. Martha—Ellen Allen. Electa—Jessie Beatty. Warden—Luella Stevens. Sentinel—Robert Burkett. Miss Susie Robinson has filled the ifflce as Worthy Matron for the past ,wo years daring which time 58 members were initiated into the order. The lodge has now a mern'ber- ihip of 202, GOT GAT On Chris Jeannerette, ft no Becomes a Hitter and Sprinter. A stranger accosted Chris Jean- cerette last night at the corner of Fourth and Market streets, and according 'to Mr. Jeannerette's story began to abuse him in the strangest terms. He imposed on Chris 1 ijood nature too long, however, sind got a strong right bander in the mouth Several more of the same sort would have been handed down by Chris but the man regained his feet and started up the street, with tbe victor in closet pursuit. Fright lent him wings, for he soon outdistanced the ice man. The Poor. There will be a missionary meeting tonight at the Seventh Day Advent 1st church. All the members are asked to come promptly at 6:1 o'clock, as there are matters of im portance to be discussed. Any per son having articles of clothing o other things that can be used, wil help the poor by bringing the same or if any person In need will appJy they will be looked after-—0. S. Hadley, 510 Sycamore street. Cloaks, Blankets and Underwear AT COST To Close out the ©tocfc- SCHMITT & HEINLY. The Golden Rule. BECOMING VIOLEST. !has. Smith, tbe Unfortunate Epileptic at tbe Jail, Growing Worse. Chas. Smith, the epileptic who Is onfined in the county jail has been gradually growing worse for several ays. Aopllcation has been made or his admittance to the Northern nsane hospital, but the warrant bas not been ordered Issued by the authorities there for lack of room. Confined as he is In the jail, his con- lition cannot be expected to grow betterjand the chances are that he will become a raving maniac. Odd Fellows' Installation. Eel River lodge, No. 417, I. 0. .O ., met Tuesday night when the ollowing officers were installed for ihe ensuing term: N. G.— Marion Flory. V. (?.—Nelson Webb'. Sec'y—J. D Allison. Treas.—E. March. B. S. to N. G.—Frank Hance. L. S. toN. G—M. Tyner. R. S. to V. G.—I. A. Cotner. L. S. to V. G.—S. Wadklns. B,, S. S.—J. Simons. L. S. S.—E. A. Smith. Warden—I. Hipsher. Conductor—U. B. Dale. I. s. G.—I. L. Stieppard. O. S. G.—E. W. Scott. Chaplain—Elmer J. Vance. The Dog Nuisance. Editors Pharos: A sad fight, and outrageous, too, met the gaze; of H, Herrold, of Grass Creek, Sunday morning. Three of his best sheep ay dead, their bodies literally torn open, and three more so badly wounded they had better be dead, all due to the ravages of does that are permitted to range the country at .iberty, notwithstanding the repeated attacks of this kind that have happened tbe past season. This nuisance might be abated tiy giving part of the money for paying such damages to a detective force to run them down. Ladles' Aid Society. We have relieved! the usual number of families in various ways, both in clothing and produce, with the kindly aid of friends interested . Following are the receipts and disbursements for the year 1S97: Jan. 4, balance on hand .......... .. ............ t 318 97 December, donation Pratt fund Ministerial association ---Order of Maccabees .............. — ...... Ms B.E. Wilson Mrs. S. P. Sheerin ....... Mrs. Hanoi Anonymous Membership ............... Public sohoo 6 ........ ............. — ...... Total recelptf..- ................................. » jjg 81 Disbursement* — ............ - ................ - sa *Balance an hand ................ ----- .......... * ^ 6 9S L. A. LEWIS, Secretary. QEE=WHIZ! That's what tbe man said when his laundry came home yellow, orn and faded." Then he concluded to try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen wa^s returned as white as sno'.v and without being torn in the least. Call up'phone 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. A Home Entertainment. Editors Pharos:—Through strate- I obtained admission, on last Monday evening, to a social event at the home of Mrs. Oyter, 730 North street. These occurrences are lor [the sole pleasure and entertainment of the household. On being ushered into the parlor, the first thing that met our gaze was an immense bill pinned to a curtain, announcing a minstrel performance. This, however, did not mention the masquerade which followed. The minstrels were attired in entirely new and unique costumes, made by Craig, the tailor. The jokes, certainly original, applied directly to each one in the audience. Tbe artists in this parts were: -iambo, otherwise known as T. S. Kerns, his son, Zeke, '(Gladys Kerns) and his little son, Rascus, known as Bob Geary. Their make-up was unimpeachable. The jigs and clogs afforded by Sambo and his son, Zeke, were rich, the skill of Rastus with the tambourine and Sambo with the bones showed they were not ama-. teurs. Upon the conclusion of fthis the rest of the family retired to prepare EI masquerade. Before we were well aware of it line room was ' again filled, this time with kings robed in white, so closely resembling each other that the par- ,icipants did not recognize each other. A grotesque danca followed, music being furnished by Mr. Walker, pianist, and son Will, violinist. The regular routine of blindfold and progressive spelling formed tbe finale. After witnessing tils we are only the more convinced of the truth Can TH R TAILOR] Suit You in3|Style and Prices. 2iO 00 1 *> * ™ 1? "0 » °° ' Official! facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREIM BMiNG POWDER »tt*,ucu *£• WORLD'S FAm,CHICAGO.I893 B. M 7 e». Bicks's Jimnary Weather. Snow and sleet will be the order of things until the 6bh. On the 7tsh the moon changes and from that date look for a violent change to higli barometer and cold. A reactionary storm period will center an 9th, to 12th. Look for very sharp cold wave to press close bBhind. The next regular storm period is central on t'Q'2 )5th, covering 14tte to 17th. A Distinguished Visitor. Governor Plngree of Michigan was in the city a short time last night and was shown about the city by Cnarles G. Newell of the Wabas'n. Those who met him were favorably impressed bj his frankness and his methods of acquiring information. He left for Detroit via the Wabash last night. Attention! Daughters of Rebekak. The auditing committee of JeweJ lodge, D. of R., are requested to meet at the home of Miss Nalii Eikleburner, No. 1317 North street,, on Wednesday evening, at 7:30 sharpi —By order of the chairman. Paid tbe Judgment. The Panhandle officials have paid into the hands of County Cleric Flyno the $1,250 judgment reuentiy obtained against thu company by Van. of the old adage, we make it. "This life is what A PARTICIPANT. Dancing Interdicted. The offlcal board of the St. John's (Lutheran) church, of Laporte, has passed a, resolution prohibiting the giving communion to persons wh affiliate with worldly clubs and who attend clances and masquerade balls, The church has fifteen hundred communicants and the decree has caused considerable feeling. HOLIDAY Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, anc best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green,red, lavender. In fact anything: in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing] for winter. Stevenson & Elinsick 403 Broadway. Before selecting Holiday Present Or Furniture to adorn Your Home we Desire to call atttentionto our handsome and complete line of the very Latest Designs and! Novelties in Furniture and Upholstered Goods { ^consisting of Roman Chairs, Tabbof- etts, Divans, rockers, couches etc. at Low Prices. Cummings & Morgan, Cer 3d & Broadway. City BuiUty. Annual Gas Rates RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the Annual Rate, commencing December 1st ,can do so by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. Talley Gas Co. The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide self with a good Sewing Machine it a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My term are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing macbiM n the house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSETT THEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I make your clothes. I'm making Fall Suits and Overcoat* to order from $1* to $40.00. ..... ________ H • G. , Tailor, *to «* BiwMw^r

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