The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST' 25, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Atti} rate pet one roc tonaeeu- ive Insertions: (Fire avenge woios to a line) One time per lliw Me Two time* per line per day .. We tturae ttmei per Uu, per d»j .. Me Eli Umit par llo* per day .. 06c Ifiath rale per HIM •* Me Save Time and Money by usjiif our complete flock ' uf Auto UepUcement Puts HUBBARU IIAKUYVAKK CO. Automotive Uept. - - Phumr «« 60 Proved Fatal for Rattler I Finally lie raiiehl u puck rat and tossed II in with (he snake. , Nexl IIKHII)I)« only (lie pack nil was left. Autoisl Sends Fine and Note to London Court Adi ortereo :<« tnrce ot at •iuie« and slopped before expire- I'on will be charted lor the num- Mr of Umtt the act appeared aiic tdjuttment of bill made. All Claatuiea Advertising coi>> fibmltUd by persons reakltag out- iUte of the city nrust be accompanied by each. IUt«( may tx !4illy computed fnia< above table. COAL & WOOD My Coal Is Uliek But I treat you white. Fill up now. JOHN IH'CHANAN - rilUNt IUV WrCKENHURd, All/. lUP)— j When a local meichanl dlscov-1 elect Ills ladli'Miake exliibil d\li\s in a show \vlndo\v apparently [nun hunger sirike. lie wl out lo find no new dellcucy lo ulicut i!s mi- lite. FOE SALE CLOSING OUT Rccondllioned and electric refrig erators. Ocxxl condition—Suceess- lul operation nairanlcd. Siw>s, from 5 cubic leet. food slor- c space to 12 cubic feet. You niov see these units today. K. b. GKK SAI.KS CO. 407 Main St. NO resi»iu>it>Uitv win be id more Uian one Incorrect Jn- wrtloo ol my clarified ad. Ad»eiuslng uroeite lor irrcfu- mr Iruertlom ;»i? the cue Umr rate. FOR SALE chcap-Uirge a dooi Cary Kate, H10 His. Und Hand Burke Hardware Co. 2}j-ck-B-28 Overstulled chair jiriccd al cost o: upholslciing. at Parkliouret Co, 23-ck-2i HKAL ESTATE PHILLIPS' USED CARS WEEK-EM> SPECIALS •se nonGE SEDAN ? '30 FORD COUrE '30 CHEVROLET COUl'E .... '30 TONTIAC CO.U.'I! $130 ^0 GBAIIAM PAIGK SKI>AN $112 J9 CHEVROLLT SK1IAN ? 73 TRUCKS .mil TRAI1.KKS 5V ucrc.s, on good highway, school anil church. BlacK soil, two small houses. LtinU \vi produce bale and belter Uiis ycai PRICE $45 per acre CASH & TERMS 0 room stucco ilESJUENCE. Goo locution on noon sii'cei. Sh:u and slirubbcry. Keplaeemcnt vaUi •30 G. M. C. TRUCK, Laurie body Tun, $189 'Z9 CHEVROLET TRUCK, OUR PRICE $1250 Part Cash, Balance Term W. M. B'UKNS Grand Leader Building. HUNT One iiomul o[ ijold can be inillod Into n »ire more Ilinn 700 miles Ions, "lid slu-els ciin bo bentcn | l-ONDON. tUl'i—Kinnl $10 for . ! motoring dlU'iiM'. a Ixmilon wo .man ivmlUccl tin' money to Ilii ICUHII i-U'ik. niih (lie (ollowmu cov ond B°od wishes. From your*, Dnby 1'ut. Public Enemy No. 1. " 1 lioixi you siientl It wisely inul nol too well." KiiBluml's |;ic:il mimhal anil lino ol Trutalh'iir, lx>nl NelMin, dlsllka! shore h-avc hmmsc lie bivanii' neu- slrk »liene\ei' lie reUivncil to lili O0ers SalUnr Cup* •coord Cranberry Yield Seem STKVENS POINT, Wls. (UP) — In spile of the drouth which has SANIXJSKY, O. II!!')— Sumiusky Newspapers, Inc., |Hibllshcrs oil (lie SUr-Journnl, evening, . mid the clt ' 1 " cpi.uplelely \vlpcd out 'or ... , Bieally decreased Hie majority of ' "' ...... •"""' " crops In this rente,, outlook for a' record cranberry yield hns teen KcgliiU'i 1 , morning, will present lHjnimiit'i;l trophy to the Club this year to be con- reported. The Wisconsin cranberry tested for annually by sallltiu craCllcrori Is expected lo l« 20 pur cent In the Siuidusky Buy le^alla. I Inrger Ulan hist, year's. OUR BOARDING HOUSE 3 room FUHNiailED a|jurlmei downstairs. Vacant Scpi. Phone 683, 108 W. Kentucky. 25-ck-28 '31 FORD Tim .. PICK-UP. 6-ply A-l CARTER 1IUA1, WHKEL ' lias 'Si\b lit-avy Duly Tires, Alinust New, haciory ujilt it-it. Kodj. A S193 NABORS TRAILER, Wnccls Single MODERN 3 room (umishtd er nn- rurnished apartment over Kirtj Drue Store. F. Simon. Call 761. 30c ktf nimiEhed BEDROOMS. Mrs. BX1 Hardlu. 1017 W. Wnlnut. Call 103. Ic ktl KUOM & PIULLIPS' USED CAR LOT ~ OI'EN NIGHTS UNTIL U-.3U Corner Waianl 4; 1st Sts. Puuue 813 REPAIRING GOOU MtaU and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. R. Watson 112 East Cherry, Fhone 6t2. POSI1ION Experienced Stenographer office work. WrRe P. O. Box 837. 20p k'J-211 WANTED SHOE REBUILDING H Years of Saitsiactoiy liervice VRUGKESSIVK SHOh SllOl- 103 S. Second, Blyineville. Arh. Faclory Aulhorizetl FRIG1DAIRE SERVICE Kaclory '1 tamed Mechanics Day 67—I'honc—Night 3S2 E. B. GEE SALES CO. 1D7 Main SI. TERMITE Proofing Insurance UNDER. THE ANT1MITE t'LAN. E. C. Kobinson Lbr. Co. I'hone 100 W. J. KNOX Has repaired shoes here well lor 12 years. Reasonable prices. Free Home Loan tstiinatcs Roofing. Painting. Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. JLUc I jiiUECTOUY Sell PETER SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE WINCHESTER Shot Gun Shells B»sl r«kcs On COTTON SACKS PAUL BYRUM Opposite uni i'nstoffke B«iWinj Thonc KZ Kftp Kool with Hantcr Klectrk FANS. Unronditiomliy guaranteed. HUBBARD HDW. CO. 6c fcD-C CLEANERS, TAILORS BE senstblr — coommlcaJ. Have yoar fell hals irMocVctl rwiw. The season approachrs. Avoid the rush. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE FURNITURE Lawn Chilrj Unpalnkd tl.B5 TUB AKK-MO LUMHER CO. 25c AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for nultimn driving at bargain prices yon probalily will never sec ngaln. Come Mn. Coni- narc our prices on nulo parts, tiros, lubes, inolor oil. :> yal 11.50, WOLF AKUN Wt Stll Wholsralf. »nd Retail Fhooe 176 •• 128 E. Uata two hundred • n -| U , OH, MUM! G'MOCNING-, FOOZYT HAS OUB TIOEB FRIEND OON6 AWAY? VEPIIT LCFT AT TH COACK OP DAY-' SO LET'S CLIMft f>OWN AN 1 GET OH OUR WAV — HE SUUf OY- U\S •SH\R.^, \f OWUS CV.UB THOSE. UP THERE WOMT ' CHIPS UNTIL THE-V 6ET TW' TWTOOE.D T'( Off . VREED BY A SABEB-TOOTH TWER, ALLEY OOP AND FOOZY SPEND TH£ NIGHT UP IN A LEAFY BEDROOM. YE IM TROMT HOOPLE COLD MINE TORTUNE \S NEW OF TH C^-RDS IS A <' STEP 'TOORHOU TH BUT TtlING MUST END"AND THE LONG GIVES VVAY TO THE OAWN I KNJOW IT WILY. HfcLL BE TH '1AMBO «l«t' ON LfeVOR "AY, Wf GOTTA GETT1N' BACK. TO M<?pf HAVE YOU ANY IDEA WHERE WE ARE! WHAT DIRECTION MOST WE OO? CAORIED US TO i HIS SPOT, SO WHERE WE ARU,I DO KNOW WH1CLING WINDS TSAVEL FROM TH' WPST, SO WEST' TH 1 DIRECTION I SUGGEST OH ,vtAH 1 B'LIBVE SO. BUT WE MAY HAVE A LON& WAY T' GO! OVA WCLl. CVEB FIND OUft. WAY BACK MOO? ILL HE COME OUT OR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES GOT Wt GOTTN DOPE OUT VO«NM\ VOU'U HE CMl SOUR M>Vl£.<> rtE OUT OF w: CRCW T«lN6. Wnntcd—AUTOMOBILE Salesmen, good popular car. Must be producers. Give references, e.x]>cricnces in first letter. All applications treated strictly confidential. Wiit'i Box "LH", Care Courier Ncsv.s. 2<c FEMALE HELI WANTED— White HOUSEKEEPER about 50 years old. Jlrs. Francos Murphy. Holland. Mo. 2-icMo HIVINK IU.MSELI' (HIT! WILL tH' PR15CTJER UP TO THE OAR! WELL, MV 6OOO MAM — PERHAPS MEBBP I SHOO'.D BAD MfW— HEflRD THE VERDrcT GUILTY, BVGOUV/ "^"" liave Cow. ucnt of owner may McDcrtnott. up o yellow Jersc.i horns. On pay- rhargr.s nntl [or i have same, Ulylhcvillc Gin. k27 TH 1 JOR-f ! IM MV bWWIOW ."TH 1 IS fl JUST OMEf MOW, ECFOPE I PROWOtlWCE- SfwreNCEO BU(W«S :, I HAVE/ HAVE VOLl AMVTHIMG TO SAV FOR /WHAT'S TH ME HERSELF, VOU SCOUMC«e(-7 -A OFfiLLTHIS? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HERE'S THE TOEC i MAPKED V/ITH MV PIFLG .' NOW, ALL V/E HAVE TO DO IS WALK IM A STRAIGHT LIME FROM THIS TREE, E ONE OH THE OTVIER BAtJK,AWD LOOK FOR FOOTPRINTS .' THAT FLAMIK1G WAS SHOT FROM A HEIGHT... IT HAD T& BE/R) CLEAR THE WVER. LOOK, CHARLIE! WOT- PRIJJTS ANC BE A5 EA5Y AS FIMDItJa CA7IAC? IH A PAIL OP RIGHT FOOT! THAT »'.EWS WHOEVER IT WA5,WAS CARW- ItJG MOQS V/61GHT OH HIS LEFT TWO. THREE or FOUR UNFURNISHED Rooms tor permanent renters. Call 256-W. J or 4 Room Apartment or house, unfurnished. Phone 225 before. 5 o'clucfc. 23p ka; SCHOOL TEACHER and v,i[« desire room and board in private home. Address "D'' ^ Courier News. 23-ck-27 Myslery veiling (he abduction and release ot .lohn S. Labntt, London. On!., brewer, was deepened bv ths violent dealh ot Gordon McKenzie. above. Labatt employe, found In » London street with his skull crushed. Ha died in a Itosiillal without regaining consciousness, lad po- Hcs are n-ithout a clow it to th» motlta.

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