Muskogee County Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma on July 31, 1924 · Page 4
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Muskogee County Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma · Page 4

Muskogee, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1924
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR MUSKOGEE DEMOCRAT JULY 80 Published weekly by the Oklahoma Press Publishing Co., Muskogee, Okla. , 216 Wall Street Phone 474 Subscription $1 per year in advance. Entered at Muskogee, Okla., Postoffice. 1 A THOUGHT FOR TODAY Let the lying lips bo put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.—Ps. 31: IS. Lies can desfrby, but not create.—Tupper. A STORY OF WEALTH The biggest news story in this newspaper .—or--any-othoi - -papGr in .the ,~8tate ~today~is found on the market page. There is written the finest prosperity item that the state could desire. You will find that hogs are selling as high as $11.50 in the St. Louis and Chicago markets. Cattle are going as high as $10.50. Coin is quoted at from $1.10 to $1.12. ,'Wheat is around $1.35. Oats are above fifty cents. Cotton is worth aproximately thirty cents. And you can go on right down through the list of everything that is produced on' Oklahoma farms and you will find price ranges in proportion with these quoted. • Oklahoma is full of livestock. This will be recorded,.as the state's greatest grain year. -Unless present signs fail there will be a very large cotton crop. With prices as they are now i his means that the era of the greatest prosperity Oklahoma farms .'•have ever \nown will Iw upon us -this autumn. It means •that farmers Will pay their debts and have money left. It means that banks'".and merchants will pay their dibts. It means a largo surplus of money , left over. That means distribution of money to everybody. This state is basically and primarily an agricultural state. When the farms are prosperous: everybody is pros-l porous and the price of oil cannot change! these cond'tions. * It is true that the farmer has gone through four years of bitter adversity. He •was broke, out he was game and he is coming through a big .winner, this year and it appears now as if nothing can prevent it. Merchants and all business men- have .suffered m almost the same proportion though thov are never right up against the raw edire of poverty like the tarmer is who lias a succession, ol -crop iailures, but when the farmer suffers so does everybody else and when he prospers that prosperity spreads i- to every line of business. So if you are 1 ihie, turn to the Timcs- Demociai market page today and read clear through the list of quotations. When you have finished you will have banished the blues and you will be looking around for a chance to extend and expand your business. The , market page tells a wonderful story for Oklahoma prosperity. EVERETT TRUE By Condo| — ForeTwsRMoR©,, W.Tf?ue, x 've H A&E A SVXJCOSS IN CITS. iViS W/VPe «=boT> IN SPITS CWTMS fACt THAT X NBVSRlKSNT TO A ^BOULAR GoUClSS, BUT VC(- STACK UP My^AO^VT.Y «4<3-AlM 'Sr TH<* Be« ot = TWeiftf PRODUCT. ~ I 'M A <2<?A V DU4T <S IN THE. -' | : , tf^l. .' UNIVHR^ITY op or HARD Knocks, A Seap.MAVG. OH, YOU'RC A C«.AOVJAT<= IN TH\S UNlvCf?- SITY oi= HA'RtO K^OCKa 1 loiecc, ITS A CINCH You 'KG NOT KNOCK/MG.-N»Uf *«ie«_?= ! I'M A PROFcr_SSOt? IN THE UN)IVCR.^\TY OP HA1 ?C? KNOCKS ANO IF YOU 'U. STICK? ^OUMD A f= EtAJ S ^-^OWi ^a^ Vu. <z\\)& vou A PO^T. Q-tJADUATe C?OUR3«, g^*^ X MCAN 111. X^J/t THE OLD HOME TOWN \ —— *\ By Stanley FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Sfibuld See DODGE BROTHERS Tour Passenger Course Use Times-Democrat Want. Ads A New One On Willie By Blosset SAV, QUM UP "m STGBEV AM' LOOK, COB sows ctocu. AM SEE WHAT Tme IT is. WVi. VA JAY ? VIA. WAIT UEOE A CLOCk SALESMAN SAM Voenged, L'kout fot Sam, Dempseyll By Swan tlogs soldin the" Oklahoma- City, Kansas City and Fort Worth markets this week as high' as -$10.50 per hundred, and in St.'Louis and thev went as high as eleven cents. .--The same time corn is selling at $1.10 to .SI. Mii per bushel. The farmer inj eastern Oklahoma can cash in big on his .i corn crop i1 he has no hogs to feed and! if he does have hogs or can huv them to I feed he ism still m-eatcr luck. With present! prices the larmev is going to.-have to quit | complaining. Also such prices and crops! are going to put the farm bloc out of business m comrress. II this situation keeps on getting hoi tor that organization of congressmen orating about protection, for the farmer will be lauirhed out o\ the national capital. t>M (Ml- HOW TH'^WI ) EMM • lO £rVf\ WILL 0© WOO GET ' { To -W^t. -bUlPT PiNP r^pT PR«OON FO <? nE. / fltMOrtEO UflH HE« To, FflOn TrV CbOUcrtNOfl'' / TH' rWiriE-UPi —WH1CM S>Hf. PIO -&0T SHE. WOOLONT -TELL UIHO THT crtoon 1 I MOW WHO, IT WPr) - MAD ^.UtVlE. NE.'^ WH^M' \ LWO OH HH<\ HEVL. Tv-WM FV 6FN?E. FELL. ON H \r> - fj'LONG, 6>tE.W0u LPfTEfV, GOZZL UHEM P». v^E_ NOVO \ VAH0V0 VOHOV TH" 60S VOfttilWftT^ WrY> \N ON "THFYT T^PinE-OV V5\Tt-l t)05>\E. S>W \FT The tune is:about due for"the straw ballot to. show up.. Every primary and gen-| eral elect ion brimrs Us crop of straw ballots.| We have. olisci'ved ihese-.-lor twentv-livei lor •years.and. >ve Smv« never yet seen a straw ballot thai could lie depended: upon except instances .where there was practically no opposition. .Anvbodv can take a straw ballot and after it is taken nobody; hut the person takimr it is convinced that it was an actual, honest effort to get a correct vote.Much time is spent and nothing accomplished by the straw ballot. OUT OUR WAY By Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE JUST FOLKS By EDGAR A. GUEST WHEN ALL IS WELL AT 'HOME .1. met n ri.?!i !.<.:ni by th« -wn);, of wealth to hVi.i:-: :.. Said I io.-Uim;..'"i" i -oino tell me, priiy, • What--joy -de> ...-•'lights t>:r,:. ntorit? What i!l«.-.Tt.'ire has this life to give, whnt mirth or ji.tM rlin.'nt . Best- ..i'het ; rs.. ' tlie round • of ' .years you live niwi *t • lonvCf-- yotji' snul con^nT ?" 'What Is u snttkfii a happy .man?" • he answered •\vit}> n f }Kh • 'I'll tcil 'an i|uiekly as I can, 'tis something gold can't buy, . . •• "t\1ien thev are well-at home," said he. 'then I am . full C'OIUCIH; AVhen health upon their cheeks I sen I'm rich in merrimeiH; . . " Wlien thev-.can dance and they can alntr' and they .- ,• • can romp, in play, •When 1 tan ln ; ur their lauKhtnr ring that Is my hapny day; '. , ' ' ' But when ! he fever burns their cheeks, anil fitfully they siyh,.. 'Tis then through dreary days and weeks a down; .etist man am 1. "TnouKh-rich-en—poor,- 'tis -truth -I tell; contentment no'ne can know. '• _"• Save neath the roof where he may dwell are eyes . with love aglow; . . . The heart must Join the lips that smile, the mind must be at ease, "\ Or pleasure has no chnrm wovth while which mor tal man can seize; Whoe'er he be this truth he'll fi.-id wherever ho may ^roam:.. No man can come to peace of mind save all Is well :ai home." lt-'6wrl6ht, Edfc -ar A. tiucst) By Ahem ^^JB M'LKDS, AS Moii PROBABLV XKlOV^THIS PAKlAKA V\Kf WAS (5 IVE»J TO KG BV 5EKiOR <5A^?UEZw BUT I WU9T ADJAvr; 1 •.' ArA A BrT l)P IKi V6ARS' TOUJEAR 90 ^OLrTWFUL A»Jt) RAKV3H" A rlA-Tj —<- SvAoOLT) ETTWE^ OP VOO (aEKiTLEMEO CARE -fo/Arl. ER- PURCrlA<5E n; I VJlLL CONSIDER. 9E\/E»J IXXURS^ A FAIR PR4CE v. ANO THE ~T£>\NN MOUSE.. _ cr .p?.vMil(i «Ms (Copyrighl, 1924, by NKA Stn'lrt. Ind - <5EV/ElJ IX?LUAR9?" vJrtV SA V, ~.\V ' I VJAS COLUMBUS^ TriAT rUT 1£> TUROUJ UP 10 Ttt' A\R WrlBtJ I DISCOVERED AMERICA..'« I VioDLDKlTCRAVdL OlK FROM UlJDER Aki AUTO MJReCWf, VjEARlkis TvlAT rlovdL J * W A SET OF Hw^DLes ovi rr, A»J' filVE rTToTrl' MRS. TO USE AS A KApysT BASVCET;. IT siKis dp A''K1O SALE" MA-^OR! (Cei^rtghl. ISM, by NEA ScnMt Io&)

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