The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1941
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1941 American Pilots Help Canada Build Air Armada BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By MAJOR THOMAS WAYLLVG NBA Service Correspondent OTTAWA.—Some of the most prized feathers in the British lion's newly-sprouted f wings were grafted from the American eagle. The Fighting Eagles of the western world, the U. S. Army and Navy Air Forces, are not, in the war over Britain—not as international law recognizes belligerency. But American planes are there. And so are volunteer American pilots and observers and bombers and g u n n e r s. Over 1000 more young American pilots are n o \v completing their training here in Canada. In addition, and perhaps moreim- i'owerportant, are -the 500-odd volunteers from the United States who arc also here as instructors in the Royal Canadian Air Force, major unit in Britain's Commonwealth Air Training scheme. Memphis Minister To Hold Services Here Thr Rov. William Gehrl oi Grace-Si. Luke's Episcopal Church In Memphis will conduct services ere and in Osceola Sunday, i\c- coi-ding to announcement made iiere today. Holy Communion .service will bo at St. Stephen's Episcopal church n this city nt H o'clock. The Isiiina rpctor will then go to Os- sefcla to conduct Holy Comuumton at 4 o'clock at Calvary Episcopal Jhurch, PAGE'-FIVE Trained American fliers, voluntw all, : »re helping Canada tujnu , her all-important job of tunmiR out finished nirmcn lo mm the planes which guard the British Isles. 1'tctnrc.l :il n> ve. !lt Toronto two volunteers sign up as other Americans crowd about, awn tin? their turn. shot ovu- every .single fighter^ rapid, and cuts down ihc nvnilablc plane he had available. manpower tremendous*. Canada•, And so Wing commander Em- available material i.s vW limited m McNab. leader oi the No. l so that the" advent of voi ncs Ss Squadron ol. the R. C. A. F., which from the United States has fought in the blitz last Scptcmocr a vital fnctor in the" air couid say: "We were never short ; plan, oi planes last Septemoer. We went up at 4 a until lijsht. If r^^n^-'- a "-- A -"--s V"%^*jr? n «% °- e """ toY*""- plane was cnero by next morning, or even tne same arternoon." Since then tne eliorts or United States industry have relieved t,hc pressure ot tne need for planes— crews. They all want -to fly and do battle, but, when the weeding out process starts and they realize they cannot make the age or physical limits, they stay on to do a ground job, which has" become a great change from the days, not: ., viM , nnrf - f Mln ,. .-•—•-•- nuieri more man a year ago wiu-n ; P e War in tho air - iMuny of the young Americans :f. their commissions without the lew pianes wnicn cotud be o^ cameo soucn of tne borcier nad to be towed across cne international oounaary. Now it can be told—that many much difficulty. Others have to take longer training; A knowledge of mathematics is one of the prime Amencan puocs, i tying pinncs 10 tne oorcier .snip: "To aeii WHO it, , , -were cormns ' through"' and they „ Attempted invasion." said Major requisites of the modern air lighter. "Britain wants men now in case Teaching young'men front all parts or-tho British Empire to master the intricacies of modern aircraft is the job of over 500 American volunteers in Canada. Above. at Canada's No. i /\j r Observers School at Maltcn, a trainee learns how to use a complicated bomo- sight. delivered me pianes direcrJy to the K. C. A. R Tney have taKen tne planes scraignt across tne Atlantic if tney nact oeen permitted- 'inat was the first reaiiy heartening gesture tne H. C. A. r. got uom, American airmen, and "U. S. airmen nave been sienuiiy increasing tnose gestures. COMMISSION'S EASILY. Tne ma.ior problem or the Air Training f lan is to get the keen. These Americans have 'greatly . aided the Canadian government i more than make good its promise to train and send to Britain a. certain number of pilots, gunners, observers and ground crews• Says Minister of Defense for j Air Major ( C. C. Power: "At the I end -pf January 1941 we were just four men better than double what WQ promised." Major Power went on: "We doubled, then re-doubled the number of Air Training .schools. We have speeded up in every direction;* For diplomatic reasons Major Power doesn't discuss the advent . of the Americans into the Air Training plan, but he's delighted. They conic of their own .free will and ^ receive a welcome that r warms their hearts. They don't jfifiave to take any oath oi" allegi- 'ance. If they are physically fit, competent, and want to take a '•rack at Hitler, there's a place for them. DIFFICULTIES AT THE START The Air Training plan .started From nothing. Canada hud u scut.-' tercd few planes at the outbreak of war—till obsolete. .She had no airplane industry before the war. Now Canadian industry has risen to the occasion a.nd is turning out Hurricane.'? and every other type. (The Hurricanes arc shot over to England where they can do the most, immediate good.) The Air 'J.'naniru: pUw now covens Cnnacio lik? a radio network. .From coast to coast arc flying schools, nil- schools, schools, servers ) gunnery difficulties which would have discouraged anyone less forceful than Major Power. "L'Audace, tonjours, 1'audace" is his slogan and he has put it into effect. The planes needed for the Air Training Plan were on the way out to Canada when the Nazis struck last fall. They were turned back and Major Power youngsters tne present air battles call lor. Tne men wno flew tne OKI Jennies of Power. "So we're giving her what she wants. A fighter now is worth two next fall, so we've yonc all out to gel. the men ready. We have as many now as we originally planned to have ready by next August." American planes and American volunteers have been of material help in this scheme. And when, as and if thr Luftwaffe strikes, tTio Empire airmen, with their American buddies, will be on tho spot— watching, waiting, striking- It is reported that, by mid-Febru- \ __ ... ary, liMl, the entire $40,000,000 pro- cotud not fly the swift, gram for construction and I inhuming comoat planes of today. j provement of 200 airports vital to . Tne need is .'.for young men of national defense will have entered 18 to 25. The- limit is 18-28. They j tne construction, phase. have to be A-plus physically and have had at least four years of high .school- The weeding out Joiner News Honor Mrs. Hughes The home of Mrs. Don Fletcher of Sunset Park was the scene of a party Tuesday Inhonor of Mrs. August Hughes of Essex, Mo., who, accompanied by her daugiiti-r-in-' law, Mrs, Max Hughes, left today for California. Mrs. Hughes, a former prominent resident of this section who moved to Essex u yt-nr age-, will Join a brother and a son, Max. who is employed In u .ship yard in California. She hsus been vlFlMng her t(iuisht-t:rr;, Mrs. I 0. W.-sitrook of Joiner and Mrs. Rufus Holt and Mrs. Johnnie Lowe of Osceoln. The house was decorated with early spring flowers nticl un Easier note wn.s expre.s-'ied on the refreshment table. Mrs. FH-Jrher wa.s assisted in entertaining by Mr.s. lioh and Mrs. Wcsrbrook. Iluvc Program MecJin K Twenty three niL'inbiMVs of t.he Wonuiu's Society of Christian Service of the Joiner Methodist Church met Tuesday afternoon at the church for a program on "Sharing, for the Health of the World," led by Mrs, J. H- Beaver. A.siiLstint; Mrs. Beaver , in presenting the program were: Mrs. J. M. Burnett, who .spoke on "Africa"; Mis. Burton, whose subject was "India nnd Korea"; Mrs. T. R. Willed who discussed "The Philippines"; nnd Mrs. Beaver who talked on "Mexico." Announcement w;ts made of a mootinvf of the executive committee lo be held Monday afternoon. March ;n. at, the ptuv?on:i«e for thr purpose of making reports. Hosiesses for the social hour, Mrs. a. A. Mrs. M. Silverstein. Mr.s. George Tlnsley and Mrs. Joe Terror', served custard nnd cake. Mrs. N. R. Hosey i.s ill nt lu-r home. IIBE HELD First Baptist Church To Sponsor Special Musical Courses Here A special week of music conferences and cln.-wc.s will be conducted hero next week nt the First Baptist Church by L E. Reynold* of Port Worth. Texas, head of the School or sacred Music ut Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, author, sony writer and national authority on .sacred music. This is the -first school or Its kind to be fostered by the church,There will be classes for adults, young people. Intermediates, juniors and primaries in which the fundruuentnls of music reading and appreciation will be tfiujjht. This work will bo from 7:15 to 8 o'clock each night nnrt will be followed by a general 45 minute period. From 8:45 to 9:15 o'clock. Ihc choir nnd prospective choir mcm- bw.s will be under the leadership of Mr. Reynolds in special choir technique. Teachers of the various classes will be: Adult,-;-Mrs. Paul L. Tipton or Mr, Reynolds; Young People. R, \v. Porlur; huonmidtates. Nut Hrlttain; Juniors, Mrs- Brit-Uiin. j TcaduT of (hi: primurv chuss has i not yet been decided. The .school Is not only for tho choir members bin. for" all who desire to know how better to .siny the iitaiidard hymns and gospel , songs and who wish a deeper »p- j preclutlon of sticrecl music and the music program of tho church, those jn charuc stated. Purpose of the .school Is to assist In the .solution (of the church music problems. At The Hospitals Hospital Miss Margin Parks, city, ud- mitlcd. William Turner, Manila, admitted. Barbara Jcnn Wanrn city nd- milted. P«m'.v Roberts, city, dl.smls.tud. Walls Hospital Joe Humphrey, city, a:imittcd. Fred Vines, city, admitted Mrs. J, W. Rnclcry. city, admitted. Gcrriird Caudle, city, dismissed. Memphis Mt'lhmUst Hospital Mrs. C. C. Stevens. Blytbcvillc, , schools, {schools, .school- • lying training i schools, air ob- bombing and ' air o nun meal of ;.'«.<?rottnutirtil ' W!£in o cnn-r ,nnri schools ministration equipment, nccount- tc?, and so forth. There is even a school to In in tile crews ot the swift motor boats that act as crash boats, tenders to flying boats and other marine jobs. The Air Training Plan rnn into Vote for A. LITTLE Candidate for Mayor CITY ELECTION TUESDAY. APRIL 1st. QUJCR RELIEF FROM Symptems of Distress Arising froK STOMACH ULCERS DUETO EXCESS ACiQ MM** u t — •"""^••caMJteKiina^ ' Wust Help or it WsH Cost You Nothin* i i Over one mill,-^ ».„..,_ Qf the WILLAR n I i fully ;j Do Your Part to Help Give Ely theville Progressive Business Administration inlcreslcd persons have asked, from time to lime, about certain o£ mv ideas of ct.y admmistratson if elected lo the offi tc of mavor. Therefore, so that there «£«i°-™° , JL '" a u-T e ' s ":.""'• l *•'"• frotn da - v «« « 3 - v ' full - v diacilss "v P ro - pobed program through the medium of advertising. How ! Stand On the Federal Housing Project; t think Ihc proposed Fcflrral Hnnsin s ITojccl bcins sponsored hy the Chamber of ( ..mmercc ^ ;, good thing for BlylheviHe. Tf elected Mavor. 1 will give the sponw.s "t tms racclltm project the f.illrsl cooperation of -which' I. 3.., rapahV. Policing, Traffic Control, Sanitation : ' Start Making Cute Bunny For Easter Table BY iMKS. CAYNOH MADDOX NIwl Service Staff Writer Even the budget homemaker wants n special decoration for thei family Euster dinner, it's not too early to begin to make' a smiling j white and pink bunnv resting on i n bed of lettuce leaves. EASTEIt BUNNV With n compass draw a 3-inch circle on heavy white cardboard. Then dnw tm ovnl 8 Inclirs long nnd -1 Inches wide just below the circle with edges touching. Cut oub circle nnd ovnl in one piece form ing the foundation for tin? hoiul nnd bodv of the bunny. Pad both .sides with tissue nnd wrap with a Mnch strip of white crepe P»i|H-r cut ncrossj tho grain. For feet cut two cardboard ovnls 1 J , Inrhcs wide and -\ Inches loiu^ Pnstfin two pieces of heavy No. 15 wire eiic-h .0 inches long to thu top of ench oval. u«e gummed imper tnpe to hold in place. Then wepurnic the wires and phu:c bun- nys body in between. Wrap with •strip of white ci-opo paper to hold in place. Rupeiit with .second foot. Continue pudding tmd ivrapplnij until bunny is completely fornii'ti Then covn- with white crc-pe paper which has been .sl.n?lc.h(»d nnd crushed between the lingers. Tli«j two front pnws nre made of Us.sue nnd covorod with the white crushed crepe paper, Pc»«tc pnws In ptoee. Cut two cnr.s fl Inrhrs deep n»d l«i Inches wide out of double ihlcktu-.s.s of white crepe paper tho two thicknesses together lu-oujul the outer eclRU. Line, one «U!<; wltli strip of Chlne.Mf pink paper. Also cut IIOKO and month out of tin; pink crope ijapc-r. For eyes cut u blue Lawyers «eal In half and paste in plueu. The whUs- lcci\s muy be made out of three pieces of white spool wive eurh C inches IODK and inserted throuRh tho bunnys, UlTTUC'i: First cut Icttuco leaf pattern out "J Plnlii wrapping paper. Make SKIN BREAKI —due to external irritation? Try the relief millions have enjoyed. Try famous "lack and white Ointment. t&- Vital <n cleansing i s mild soap. Use super- fatted Black and White Skin Soap daily the leaf II Inches deep, 8 Inches wide through the center and 2 inches wide across the bottom Round the corners at the top. Then cut six petals out of the yellow crepe paper, 8 petals oufc of spring green O r chartreuse and o out of summer green. Stretch and crush each petal across the top, then cut deeply through the center. Smooth out some of the crushing and group the petals together with the yellow petals in the center, then a row of spring green and then the summer green Tie all together with spool wire! Spread out surplus crepe below the spool wire and paste on top of a 4-inch cardboard circle. Spread the lettuce leaves out and place bunny Jn the center. Plant stems are not all round. Dr. 'George E. Hals founded Mount Wilson solar observatory in California in 1904. Helns You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer be annoyed or feel ill at ease because uf loose, wabbly ialsc teeth. PASTEETH, an improved alkaline (non-acid) powder sprinkled on your plates holds them llnner so they feel more comfortable. Soothing nnd cooling to gums made sore by excessive acid mouth. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose plates. Get PASTEETH today at any drug store. Adv. <J LAST TIMES TONIGHT A Thousand Miles Of Dangar..A Thousand' Thrills a Come In and See Why They're All Talking About The New GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS Beautiful lo Look at .... Thrifty to Use.... EASY TO BUY ON TOUR OWN TERMS MTMOND IQNAID JU AM MASSEY -REAGAN • HALE Selected Shorts Hiii-Rain i\!:itinc<;>s 10t: & Hoxofjice oj)en 1:45 to open -6:30 to FRIDAY 6-Fool. BOA rMt control m! ' SeIf '° " Pr0gram of * ro ' 1 « V°fc*S, saailatlon and tralflc m ™y. formal announcement as a candidate Tor this otnee. KIKPY BROS. DRUG CO APMORRL: ARMOREL DRUG CO S are ink-rested. I«ou" d ve v suggestions. 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