Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 2, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a. better understanding of the transient nature of Uic mnny pnys- (Ml Ills, which vanish before propi-r el- fOfto—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— *i*htlv directed. There is comfort in «e knowledge, that so many forms of •lekness are not duo to any actual uis- -~e but simply to a constipated cow? " i of the system, which the plcasni-c ' laxative, Syrup of Pigs, prompt- W.IOVCS. That is why it is the only e,ly with raillioiisof families, and s •vwhere esteemed so highly by all i good health. Us beneficial • due to tho fact, that it is the •Bc'remedy winch promotes internal •tamnlincss without debilitnt-ae tlie emns on which it nets. It is therefore •if important, in order to get lU bcne- •uukl effects, to note when you p«r- •kaae, that you have the penuine urti- STwhicli is manufactured by the Cali- fcroia Fig Syrup Co. only and sola by •U reputable druggists. If In tho enjoyment of pood health, ftBd the system 'is regular, laxatives or Sber remedies are then not needed. If •flictcd with any actual disease, one ma be commended to the most skilllnl Sraleians, but if in need of a laxative, ••a should have the best, and with tlic wlMnformcd everywhere, bymp 01 ftaastands highest and is most largely ' landRivesmostgenero.! satisfaction. GAVE ESTATE TO UNCLE SAM. Litigation Over n Will Con. De- Keep Cool by Using ""THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . .. Proof Hose Jo Tjpnss id, s5c- Pri'Vfnls Wettlnit Bead Floor or. Walls. Hornlws Wnter Closets. Setd lor CatalORtie tntl Proof water Clcsets, SVlt-ictinn Water Clcsets, Kelly Stop nnil Wnste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. sol Madison Street, Chicago. „.,.-.. lu UovuPiioicnf« Fuvor. William W. Merriam, a wealthy, resl- cut of Jlanorvillc, L. i., died on January "30, ISSO. Ho had lived alone p ths i-Ulti"-e and it was nut known that lie had anv relatives.. After his-death his. will was found. It was a short nad ri.- markttble document. The testat jr bad written in July, 1SS3: "After the payment of my just debts I give, devise aud bcoucnth all my real and personal property wherever-situated, to the government of tho United States of America." The estate thus given to the government was valued at $l'J5,000. It consisted of valuable real estate and railroad stocks and bonds. When the will was filed by the executor. Clifford B. Ackcrly, with Surrogate Petty, of Suffolk county, Mcrriam'a relatives turned up to contest it. They were sisters and half-staters, and live in Spring-field. Mass. ' ' The struggle was alonffone. It was' contended by .the relatives of the deceased that he was of unsound mind; and that in any event tlic United States could not receive a bequest of real prop-, erty. 'The surrogate finally decided in favor of the government nnd admitted the. will to probate. 1 Then.;'there begr.n a controversy between the county treasurer of Suffolk nnd tlie government's.representative as to whether or not the limited St.ntes was subject to the collateral inheritance law of the state. The amount of the tax in this ease was only >?3;OC7, but the United States authorities determined to fight for the 'principle, says the Xcw 1'ork Journal. The surrogate decided against them arid the supreme court upheld his decision. The cr.se was next taken to the court of appeals, whi sustained tlie lower court. United States District Attorney Bennett finally brought the matter before the United States supreme court. The federal court has just handed down a decision sustaining- the state courts. Assistant District Attorney Hoy has asked for an accounting. He has already received on account a check for 94,000, which he sent to the secretary of 10 treasury at Washington this w?ck. BEV. 8. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR O. B. CHURCH. nurenoo, ln<J., Sept. 8,1886. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Slr:-I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or gom ftonracn. 1 have tried different remedies without much benefit finally 1 bought-a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep- iln and found that It benefltted me. •m convinced that It will do what It U recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one .bottle andifeel Hie a different powon. B..P.'KLOTZ. . For'ialet)? B. K. KeeBHngi ALL RAIL ROUTE TO THE SEA To Atlantic city^VKnout Transfer via Pennsylvania. Lines. -By the opeutop of the - Delaware Hlyer Bridge the" Pennsylvania Line; have become the only all rail route to Atlantic City and the seashore. Trans fer of pnssenRers awl baggage at PMla drfphia via Market street- Ferry and Cauiden Is avoided, ns seashore trains of Parlor Cars and Coaches depart from Broad street station, at which, passcn gcre form tiic west over the Fennsyl •vanui .Route arrive In that city Through trains from Chicago, Indiana polls; Columbus, Cincinnati, Plttsburgl and hifermebtotc po"** 01 >' tno Pi 1 " 06 *" 1 vanta Lines make convenient connec tlon wltli the seashore -trains. For de tails apply to nearest Pcmisylvnnl: Line "Ticket A recent wind uuroofed the Methodls Protestant church at Liberty Ccnte and blew down several houses. ^ BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the world Jot cuti traltei •'ore*, ulcers, salt rheum, fever HTM, tetteri, chapped bands, ckllblaln corn* and all skin eruption* and po§ «Tely cure" piles or no pay required 'H to guaranteed to glva p*rf?ot aatli flictlon or money,refunded Price i per, box. For sale by B. F PURELY VEGETABLE. The.Cheapest, Pr.rcslJ icinc In llie World!AN EFFEC1UM. SPECIFIC far nil diseases of tlic Liver, Sioninch 1 and Spleen. cut Cin:.l.ii :», MAI.AHI- ous rKvEu.;, BOWEL COMPLAINTS, Kiisr- I KS5NESS, JAU.1D1CF- mid ' BAD BREATH. is so unpleasant, noili:n(t.so common PILESi. How nmny under torture dny nflor day, ronk- IHK life « biirdun nml roljbinK csislcnce of (ill o'onsurc, owinfi-to tliu secret suncnng from .? Icf Yet roli?f in rcndy to tlio hnr.U of ulniost anyone who will use svsteiniiticaily ihc rcniedy Suit iVas pc-rsimncnt'.y: cured tliousandii. . Sm» ONS iivEK KECUUATOK .Is no-drusvlc, v.okut puree, out n.gentle assistant to nature. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not bo recorded n« • tridiiiK nr.ment—in (act,' nctnre ' dcmnnds tlie utmost re*»->nty t of tlio bowels, nnd any ucvmtion from tliis demand IJUVCB the way •otu-n to serious dancer. It in quits (is necessary-. to r=-iiove impure accumulations from tlic towels an it is to eat or sleep, and no health can be expected wliero K costive habit ol body prevails. SICK HE AD ACHE I This distressing affliction occur* most rr«- oucntlV The disturbance oltht-Komacli, arn- ?_"> I V_ii. ,1!,. i.^n.rf..«lv dieeited eontents, om tho imperfectly <:i K es-. REGULATOR. - MA.1LTACTUREO OSLY BY J. H. ZEIUIN & CO:, Phil«i)«lpm», P»- The TJinies-News at Conn-crevllle ]i;is J»?iiLHl :\ souvenir edition, spin's a ru- suiue of Lire rwources o£ Coimoi-svllli! aiid its posslbfli'ties for tlic future. Tlw edition is iluuKlsonie in typographlcnl oa'mest work. THE 1DT3AL PANACEA. Juines L. Francis, Alderman, Chicago ays: "I regard Dr. Kind's New Dlscov- ry as an Ideal Tanacoa for coughs, olds ami lung compla'.nts, having used t In my family for tie last five years, the exclusion . of physician's pro- criptlons or other preparations. Rev. John Burgus, Kcokuk, Iowa, vrites "I have been a Mlnls-tcr of the lethodlst Episcopal church for 50 'ears or more, an'd have never found nytbing so beneficial or that gave me uch speedy relief ns Drl King's New DIscoVcry." Try this Ideal Couch Xemedy now. Trial Bottles Free at B. . Keesling's drug store. Early In May, while Luiu Isaacs, of .eymo're, w.-us nt Columbus, he was. obbed of'a pockotboo-k conitataiug ?100 u cash and'$0,000 in notes. Yesterday he pocketbook \vajt found by two boys ilnus the money, but with- Uie notes A VALUABLE PRESCRIPTION. Editor Morrison of Worthlnston, lud. writes "You have a valuable proscription In Electric Bitters, and I :an cheerfully rewmmena It for Constipation and Sick" Headache, ond as a general system tonic it has no-enual." Mrs. Annie Stehle 2C25 Cottage Grove We., Chicago, was all ran down, could not eat' nor digest food, bad a backache, which never left her and felt tired and weary', but .six bo'tUes of Slectrlc Bitters restored her health and renewed her strength". Prices 50 -cents and $1.00. Get n bottle nt B. T. Kees Ing's drug store. It Is said tihat the recent overflow o the Muscaitatuck river, ..wtotoh for twenty mfflcs aad more forms tie boundary of S<»tt, JenniORS and Jackson counties, damaged thousands of acres of corn in the roasttng-eai' period. WHAT CONSTITUTES A FAMILY MEDICINE? A preparation which Is adapted to the relief aud' cure of ailment's to which members of a household i« most subject nd which Is not mly alleged to do this, ut lias-long and unfallUnsly proved its Mlity to do It, assuredly deserves the Itle of a reliable FaDjfly Medicine. Vmonff time-honored preparations, U experience and the'sanction of he medical profession Indicate as <le- ervluff of popular regard and conn-, [once, Is Hostettor's Stomach ,Bitters medicine adapted to the eradication of yspepsla, constipation and biliousness, he three most frequently .occurred all-, ments that vex mankind. Derived rom a botanic parentage, it Is efficient s well as pure and wholesome. It re- eves.nervous disquietude andyJnactiv- ty of the .klndneys, and counteracts a endenoy to rheumatism. For. renew- ng flagging strength nnd imparting appetite it can be Implicitly relied upon, 'ever and ague rheumatism and debll- ty are remedied by it SPECIAL EXCURSION. TO FORT WAYNE. On Sunday, August 0, 1800, the Wabash Buflrona company will run.a special .train, to Fort Wayne, leaving Logansport at' 7 o'clock a. m.; returning cave Fort Wayne at .8:30 p. m. Ticket? d for special train only'will be soW at rate of .$1.00 for the round trip. C. G. NEWELL, Agcut. o. & c. "SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKINAC. Their new. steel passenger steamers ire In commission, making four trips jer week, between'Toledo. Detroit, daek'lnnc, soo, i'etostoj j, Duluth. If you are contemplatlng!b.summcr outing tend 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. If you nave ever seen n little child in the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble nnd appreciate the value of Instantaneous 'relief always 'afforded by DeWltt's Colic & Choleni Cure. For dysentery and diarrboea It Is a reliable remedy We, could not afford to recommend tills as a cure unless It were a cure;—Jno. SI, Johnston. Mrs. David Wlsamaa, near Montpeliei stmited otu a visit to relatives In Ohto accompanied :by three childreu, afltl none FortiamI sue suddenly fell over tue diush-bonTd of hor carriage n.ntl dleclof heart disease. ., It doesn't matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion 'and constipa'tlon are caused by neglect o by' unavoidable circumstances; De Witt's Little Early.Bisers will specdllj cure them nil—Jno. M. Johnston. ' Lenses have been signed in Brown county, mud' boring for oU nnd gas wll aooh begin. The whole., system. ls.,drnlned an. undermined by. indolent ulcers and'open gores.-' DeWltt's "Witch Hazol -Salv speedily heals them; It is the best pll cure known.^-Jno. M. Johnston. •HE ONLY True Blood Purifier I prominently,In the '•• public eye toi iv^li Hood'i Sftriaparllla; ,;:.TbiBretora a»yliHood'i 'tis! rirhojo Ornrorn FcKlotn Achieve tho Fame fur Which Tlioy Strive.. It. Is n. ci:rions fact tbnt many of the g-rt'iit spcoc!i''s whiiih gave immortality to orators'who made lliom were cltliv- era! in comparatively small rooms and o siiiall-nudiencL-s. When Webster maclu his ^'rcul. argument, in the Dnrt- motilh college case, aside from'the bar, Llie ollicials in charge of the room, there were not 50 pursons pwscnf, and yet ninny belJjrc Uiat he spoke to listening senators anO other .hig-h officinls. When we rend ra-trich Ifenry's wonderful display of eloquence, we sec in. our mirid's eye a 'spacious room and an immense cro'wd of people iiitcnirg to his burning- xvortls with breathless attention. But, in truth, many o£ these speeches which quickened or changed the march of events were delivered in, a small room iind to a few hearers, never more thnn 100. "Could it have been here, in this oaken chapel of SO pews," wrote Hosmer, the gifted author of ••Sproridro," "that Patrick Henry delivered the greatest and best-known of all his speeches? Wus it here that he uttered those words ol doom so unexpected, nnd then so unwelcome! 'Wo must fight?' Even here. But the words were spoken in a tone and manner worthy the men to whom.they we™ addressed, and who were so impressed with them that for several moments they seemed almost awe-stricken. It was only when the voice of Richard Henry Lee, that other matchless Vir- i-inia orator, who rose to second tho words of Henry, rang through the room, that they were called back to themselves." Seward's speech in defense of William Freeman was undoubtedly the greatest 'and most brilliant effort of Ilia professional life, It did more for him, perhaps, than the conduct of any case has, given any other hi the state of New York in perpetuating his name. And yet the audience that listened to him was) less than 120 in numbeif. A. friend expressed some surprise that an argument of so much power, learning and eloquence should have attracted so tew listeners. ""My dear sir," said. Scward, "my audience was in no sense limited. The civilized world was my audience. . Posterity will hear it, and p-euerutloiis unborn will praisejn- censure U,, from the different standpoints, in which they will view it. I did not make it. a part of the madding crowd's ignoblii strife. 1 " Horace Greelcy, who stands peerless in history among the preat journalists of the world, as do Webster, Choate, Chatham and Burke among-the great orators. saJd: "Scward's speech in defense of William Freeninu is one of the masterpieces in the history, of oratory, SPAIN DEFIED. Staamcr Throe Friends Carries SuppUos to Cuban Patriots. Bill! Sucr«sfu!ly Jlany Itnns tho CaonUct or and rlimlly Lunds unJ Arm! Bight Under tho No*c of Mom Ciihtlc. reason, logic and Icnn Lawyer. humanity."— FOB OVER FIFTX TEARS. Hr«. Wlnsiows Soothing Syrup has ,»een u*ed for over fifty yearn by mll- ;lpa* of mothers (or their children irhlle teething, with perfect success. ft soothes the child, aofteni the gums, illays all pain, cures wild colic, and It the" best remedy for diarrhoea. II will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists .In every part of the world. Twenty-five, cents k bottle. Be sure, and atk for "Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup," and take 10 other kind. Vddress A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A, Detroit, Mich. HOME-SEEKERS' EXCURSION*. The Wabasb Ritllroad company will sell.excursion tickets to.'points lu the West,' Southwest and South nt very low rates on August 4 nnd IS, Sept. 1, 15 and 29, Oct. 0 and 20,1890.. „ ., •For particulars as 1o limits, time of trains and .other details, call ou or address •C. G. NEWELL, Agent. POPULIST CONGRESSIONAL ; ..MASS MEETING. For above meeting the. Wabash Railroad company will sell tickets to Pern nnd return, good only on August Oth, at rate of sixty-five (05) cents per round .trip. " - .'•'••.' .' C.G. NEWELL, AgPDt. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING . NOW-GO. TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THB COAST LINE. , • •••', lit .only : costs $13:50 from .Detroit, 115.60 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland'.for the round ! trip,' : .. Including meals'••! and. •'• berths..'.One s .thousajnds mllee-of.lake"rlde on new.modern i'teel steamers for the above rates. Scmd 2c for-Illustrated 1 pamphlet."-Addregs .;• ; - : A.A.SGHANTZ/G;P: A; ; ; •".••••':' '". :• Detroit, Mich.' Tlhe twcBtieiih annual exhibit o£ the Homy, Madison and Delaware Comity Agricultural Society at Mlddletown begun today. ' Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, scalds, burns, are quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the groat pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Tdie only, private napUia lauach.on. •Lake Wawasec-lias been launched by Thbmns.'Smut, of. Indianapolis. It is named the Beatrice. With every steam craft in the river ond for miles nlong the shore shrieking ii welcome, the filibustering steamer Three Friends reached Uic port of Jacksonville, Fla., the other day, ]ia.ving liinded 100 men under Perito Torres ;ind a large cargo of arms. in Cuba, Twenty-six days before t):e Three T-riends sailed with the expedition, and although she landed safely she' was chased' and fired upon repeatedly by Spanish warships. "Near Solmnero Point," said Capt. Bro-.vard, "we met a Spanish cruiser, which chased us to Salt Key; then a Spanish merchantman mounting £«ss Icept u^ dodging over the gulf for four days. The merchantman fired on ur, '.line and time again, but we finally jruve her the slip. At last vv>, n.p- proached Cusft. San Anionin, on ttitf ("nbaji coast, and there ran into a Spanish cruiser which opened firp, and but tor the Three Friends' speed would hare sunk us. "By good luck we escaped, antl the next 'night landed just east of Havana. :ind with the lights of Mora ensile shi.-i- •r.g on the vessel. Lato in the afternoon we passed in range of Mora's. p-roat. guns, but .our name had been painted out. With nry glass I sa\v Spanish sentries pacing the ramparts. When night fell we put in shore and landed, .still in sight of Morn. Then we re- timed to Florida waters and were soi/ed by the cutter Winona nnd taken •o Kev West, Released, we put out into the fi-ulf, only to be chased and Rred o.i by the Spanish cruiser Infanta Isabella, bill '.ve again escaped and have returned. I h:i'-? done with filibustering." ELAINE'S NEGLECTED GRAVE. So Mouument Mark* tho St»tcnraan'i l.UHt RcntlHS I'lucC. Probably no American who has died (vitliio-tbe last decade was the object of tbc admiration nud alTcetiou of the American people to the degree that it was bestowed, upon the kite James G. Llr.ine, and yet even. here in the capital city almost no one seems to have uny Idea, of the rt-sting place of his ushcs. The immortal genius of statesmanship nnd those other qualities that made him the idol of his party will be long cherished in the minds and hearts of men, but his final resting-place is practically unknown and unhonorod, even by those who rendered him the most enthusiastic homage during his lifetime,. Over in Georgetown, which, although a part of the city of Washington, still re- bains its ancient name, there, is beautiful Oak Hill cemetery.. The name conveys a literal idea of the place. On a hillside of sloping green, falling away to tbc waters of Rock creek and shaded by the. spreading brandies of huge oaks, o-re the tombs of many men fumous in the history of the country. The cemetery is« the foundation, qf ^ UkCorcono, who established the Corcoran art-gallery,, and whose, fortune was freely spent in practical philanthropy in Vasliington. Onl: Hill cemetery is controlled by a corporation whose rules an-. somewhat rigid, nnd smoking, .is . forbidden within its boundaries;, : It is kept in order by a force of a dpzen.or.more gardeners, who ore constantly at work upon its walks, lawns, flower beds and shrubbery. As might be imagined, it is u somewhat aristocratic place of final repose, and wealth and family name are pre-requ i&ites to .tfie purchase of a lot. .-. Itissa,idtlmtduringMi%'B)aiij*'B>«si- dence in Washington it was his f rcquei: t habit to toko a stroll through beautiful, Oak Bill, and-that here he could throw off the burdens of affairs of state wien they .became too oppressive.. .On one.pf. '' '- Tired Feeling Makes you sccei •"all broken'op," without life, ambition, energy or appetite,' It IB often the forerunner of serious illness, or the accompaniment of nervous troubles. It is a positive proof of thin, •weak, impure blood; for, if the blood i» rich, red, vitalized and vigorous, it imparts life and energy to every nerve, organ »nd tissue of the body. The necessity of taking Hood's Sarsaparill* lor that tired feeling is therefore apparent to every one, and the good it will do yon i» equally beyond question. Remember Hood's Sarsaparilla Istbe be»t-in fact tho One True Blood Puriner.. '<Boys will be boys," but you can't afford to lose any of them. Be ready, for the green appte. season by havlni? r»'H curellverllls,eMyt«t»ke, S PlllS easy to orerate. iacents. . . th'ese,' occasions:, hc,.'obsen-cdi> hlekory •"'•tree -whose . top: had^beeu snapped "sqwarelyTofl 'in- the stbrih. .?The : sound,..an<l..up-,lo the-, - .., break' rthe. tree yras. beautiful 'and^ mtetri'cpl;^ Mn'Blaine is-sajd-to hay.e're- rn'arkeid ; !to the cora'panioo ,bf his ^-a^k tliat 'the:tree'.wa8 a fitting- .emblem ot house.—Jno. M. Johnston. »*~- -—— n j- -- • • 1*1 LJIU-V ItllC -l*^*J • " «" *• — O De Witt's. Colic & Cnolera Cure in. tho hls Hfej B gtur ay;<md luxurious growflr "'•'-«'•»*«"•• U p to-acentoin-point; ond then asquare bjjeiifc'.'LBtbrliep'iirbhased.thelotwhich includes'the tree, nnd there be- was- buried. At the r foot-stands "the customary small marble ronrker with ih» Iriiti'nls, "J: G. B." 'At the head is the hlckbrytreeand nothing else. And thus it. happens-that no stately monument with ekjwintr' Inscription marks.' thV Tlie Ohio Oil 'Company made a successful hit our.tibe Terliune fnrru, lu *iwnsaiip, Wells conmtj-, strlk- ir-g a IDO-baTi-el well. Many a day's wort Is lost by side headache caused by Indigestion nnd stomncn': troubles.. DeWltfs Little Early 'Risers are the most effectual pill for overcoming such dlfflcnltto.-Jno. M. Johnston, Prank CamuUwrs,'of- Shelbyvlll.:. un- 'dertook'to cross his legs la "order to tic .his shoe, and hls'Titlgh bone snapped In •two below the hip Jotot. ,Don!t trifle away time when you have cholera mortals', or : 'dl'an'hoca. Fight ..them In'the beginning with DeWlttV bollc * Cholera Cure: You don't have to wait ' for results. They :are l^stan- 'tnneous nnd it leaves the bowels In ; healthy. condltibn.-Jno. M. Johnston. - LOW RATES TO SALT LAKE • 'Via the-North-Western.Line (Chicago *& North-western R'y)'August 0 and 7, • 1890.. For - full Information •'. .apply to EXCURSION -TO NIAGARA FALLS.; ticket -agents of connecting, toes :or .ad-, .; On August 18 the Wabash ."company ' 1 xcu Rallrpail cheap 1 . excursion- to Niagara' Fall»- by ; specla'l .train. Rn.te ( from, LoBansport ten; ($10) .'dollars for :. the round trip, Return limit tliree-day*. from dare of sale.- • .'.'•:. .-.•;'.; C. G. NEWELL, Agent.../ ssftfe; dress W. B! Knlskern, G. P. & T. A., •'Chicago, 111: , ; yith glowing ------ L - ----- ,..-., . . j prAve o'f .this great nnd illustrious wan. J?y"his-side : ore : buried his eldest son; Walker Elaine; whose death.was such a. tremendous' blow to tbc fa ther,. who in Inter year's bad come to lean so heavily .on 'his first bcrn,'a.nd liis daughter. Mrs Coppinger.' Their graves are -marked' with'-' white,' inconspicuous mnrblc stones, 1 containing . nothlng'.but the nnmes' and appropriate dates.— \\osh- . Jngton Cor. St. Paul Pioneer Pre»R • ' liTt.ro'aiUMt.' Do nctixiiiitici nn eye under aTiy cir- cumstaii'ocs' whatever. .Blndijig-n wet application over nn eye. for several "hour's must damige-that eye. the assertions of those professing to have per- eono'l experience in thls.to the contrary notwithstanding.'. The .failure to ag- ifravntc an , existing, trouble ,by binding a mbisf application .over an inflamed cye"w.hlch', application is supposed to remain' for' an entire : night,, can only be explained by the supposition that a Wardlan angel-has watched over _that misguided .caee, .and .has displaced the poultice : before Vit has. got 'in Its fine " ' e .oul- ! 'Theories of cure may be fjlscu«ed at length by physicians, .but the sufferers .wnnt quick .relief; and One'Minute Congh'Cure wiirglve It.to' 1 them. A •afe cure-for .children.,. It:!*, '•the;oi>ly ' . w. All oculiits. 'condemn .the .poul tice absblute^ly,; . In ,' every ibape and In cvery:forin'..; Tea leaven, bread a'namillc, l»w oysters, acraped beef, scraped row turiiip or raw potato, ond the medley of disgusting domestic remedies popularly recommended ore, one ond all, capable of producing, irremediable damage itq ' the: Integflrlty.-of , tlie tint ueir..of ,th« •;»l«^^M;;-^:J*^^*::^:'i'y« A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALLFOBNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE rhe Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Ivor the Sunset Route—New Ortean* to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. Tbe <aperlor accommodations given tt* jr«at number of patrons of the above .r*in during the past tourist season, warrants the announcement of plana '« next season of finer service with equipment superior to anything yet mown In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-inauguration of SUNSET LIMITED" thl» fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset «oute" In connection -with -the "Queen md Crescent Route" are running the .mly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and ten Francisco. ' These excursions are Bn* claJ) y con " .incted, and the object Is tt enable tboib .»ho do not care to buy the first-class •onnd trip or one way tickets, to enjoj t comfortable ride with sleeping car frivllege* and no change rf>f can at the -•try low second-class, rate, For further Information, »ddrets 1. CONNOK, Commercial Ayt. 8. P. .',o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMYER, G! W. Agt. B. P. 70.. Chicago, IB. S. F. MORSE, G. P. * T- -*«*- •• '• .10.. New Orleans, La, Graham &Mortoil TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICHI DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and contlnulnf •ntll about Sept. 30th the steamers of iWi.Hne will make two trips each wajr a*dy between St. Joseph and Chicago, *n -tti'e following schedule: Leave St Joseph at 430 p. m-, lOSO p. m., dal!y. Including..Sunday. Leave.Cblcagoot 8:30 «.«». and p. m.,,,dally, including; Sunday. Ejtri trips ou .gaturdaj; leave Sfc Joseph at I «V m., ^end leave;. Chicago at 2 p. ,n>. Banning tlme ; acro»s.'lake'4'l»bur»." . Trl-weekly' -steamers .to Mllwankee, l«a,ylng St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday, ind Friday evenltgs. »:he equipment of. tills, line Incli the §Ide wheel steamers City of Chli wd City of Milwaukee (the largert •nest west of Detroit), and the newJy febnllt: propeller City of . LoulsylUe; Service first-class. Connectlona-wltb all randalia trains. Tickets on sal« at all randalia Line stations. Chicago doc* !eot of Wabash avenue: ,T. H. GRAHAM, Pre«., Ben ton Harbor, Mlct Ooirig For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enlOT all of its di If y ou take ope of the AXE PUCmGAN AMD LAKE SUPERlOf : ; IRAHSPORTAtlOHCO'S ••'i >UDd four UIPM «*MT WMk. te:" tor ' oni

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