The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1936
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Before the Goddess of Liberty ^M' * Became Naturalized American AIM! a.s She; Looks at r>()!h tiiriitday Parly Today Before being shipped to America ins a gift from the French i>cop!e> Liberty -ivas set up in Pans and sightseers permitted ta cl-'nbor up 13 tno torch. ^^p$m-3 v^&ABP' i-if Ct:Ltu.' of [ ibciiy c;imc into existence: piei'c- n:ci.l i.i 1 !• :..!!iM; of E;u!ntor BiU'thnMi i:> Pi\>'[s. v.hcvr.' an clti ?:«lci! shews the mi-;: on liana fin:'. Lcich i:i The immense size of. tne Et.itiie oi Liberty b; 1 comes apparent through cr.inpp.iiron ot the man with the crnrmculnl work for the lorch anil the huge toe sections. Such an important part of the Amciican scciit Dial it s:c-i'; lo i^ct in th^ naii':n's te Hr rjs. r?-dr[li;atif:n c^rcmcnies of the f?ta!«i3 of I itjrty c.i C:- ttkir 2S nai!:.-ncv.rt]r.lT,s. ui!y tho fjf.lh zni'.ivi-.savy uT Ks crnv tion on Ecrilns'.-, Ip'aml in Now York linrh-r. Financed by p:p- \i!^r. ,r.iiljsciii3iicn ui. France, fli to. irniri-tKiciat; the 1 idiith anniversary of the Ainciican Revolution, the siaantic statue wa.« executed l;y Barllio'dl. shipped t3 Ntw Ycrk in section and ertc'- cd fin a rt>:ciiil pedestal piid lor hy the Anietican public. A rare clrsci:p of I.ltcny's head is provided in this pietme, iiincle before the statue was com|.!i!:d. ta up in liis Frciuli c^DiSs!, it dwarfs the! men stnn<li:i;» on the pedestal. | Rainbov/ Trail From i Hungary to Hollywood NEW YORK (UP) — The 13tll child of a Hungarian farmer has added another success story to the many centering around the inovic.=. She told it upon nrrlving fioin Europe before continuing her journey to Hollywood. Franniska GanI is the girl, known abroad for her screen and stage work. And as a linguist she i:; something of a prodigy. She sayi that .".lie has been studying Knglish less than one inonlh. Over that period, however, she developed a vocabulary of sufficient ::;o:;e lo carry her through a New Ycrk interview. Miss Goal's appearance in Am- erica ia (iuo to Aclolph Zukor of raiamount Pictures. But her rise cp.iiie atioitt thrctigh her o\vn <ie- icrinination. Her father, saiii Miss Ciaal, clisatj])rovcd when slip announced she wanted lo begin a stasje career. That caused her lo liiacticc P. miUI deception. After Hint her family thought she was Being to $cliool, welin us a mat- icr of facl.she v:as making her rust entrance over the threshold ci a Hungarian stage door. | been extracted, which is already resulting in outers as iarae aj 1,'I50,(KO square feet from South Africa and 150,000 eiuinre feet from Capetown. The new by-product is known n s "cinec.'' • Formerly, the puip front the sugar cane was dried and .. u is treated chemically, rolled anei made into first class board \vhich has great in- sulating "powers for heat and cold, rciists termites, takes paitu well and is oi'cn attractive in its natural state. I.OUI, Cnl. (UP)—Ths city pound ^as an Australian shepherd dog that bitJs only men and boys, but never a woman, u will be given to soui3 woman who needs a good watch (log. Fiber Board Made From Pulp of Cane i HONOLULU (UP) — Hawaiian sugar cane producers have at iast developed a by-product from the cane- pulp, after the sugar has Job Lots & Close Outs Have Never Appealed to Us. Our stock rmiHsliiiE of (he most rcpulsihl? and tii-|i;iula!)le iitcrchuntlise the iiiiirtcl affords was never as ooninicte as il is now. Our prices arc as low as could ftc expected, considering' finality. i Our appreciation (o nil our friends for uast business is (fro great, to mcm'inn. Our entire efforts lo serve you hctter incrch- amlis:e al live and lei live prices lias liuilt 'is a linsiticES we are proud of. Cross town WHISKEY SHOP MAIN AMI) DIVISION Ony ^ggage Worlds frit cars oil cleaner and automatic i undeulung rear axlos give big ro. i -chair height leal! • World's lorg«i | __ ^_ I capacity • World's eaiiest closing door"s"wilh "**! oxcluiivc non-ralilc rotary door loc^i • World's j firsl cors with built-in warm air defroilers • Only co.i with Auloraalie Hill Holder . World'i strongcil, lafoil and quictcsl gll steel bodies « SludebaWs C. I. T. Budget Plan offers low lime payments. BROADWAY SALES CO. Hl.vlhoville, Ark. St'I'X.'lAl, SAVIN (IS THIS WKKK-KNJ) AT KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. SHOREUWN l.lntn Fmlitt STATIONERY 24 ShottOI) 74 Cnvalopiv Salt . . IF*' nooth (initfi |U. » ^•SwteNI. BAYER ASPIRIN BettU of 24- $1.1 MAR-0-OIL Shampoo, 69c RUSSIAN Mineral Oi| 47« Pint She BiSoDoL 25c BISODOL / Powdery J9c A\ u c B oTo GL CANDY for HALLOWE'EN .19' __ »s Pint Bottle Alarm Clocks to $1.39 5-Grain ASPIRIN 3.00 Cktfh,. OR. LYONS ! Tooth Powder 18c , CAMPANA Jtalian Balm 49c JHIBB VBCK'S {Hose Drops ALKA SELTZER £«.49« _£HH Olalson COD LIVER OIL Pint 5?€fef! Size %g e_f Rid: in Vuimi,,.. FRESH MINT ASSORTMENT ChocoliU Covared ALMONDS Whitmans 25c Chocolate Covered B«° unc * 59 C (Cordial Cream) CHERRIES Pound ">'**'f* i — tJOX • • CHOCOLATES Gi «* w^i^iow el,^*, PU ton _ ' . .1 • !.___.. . . I ..i Pound .„ Box .... 49c Barbasol \ Shaving Cream fte 25c ' Tube ^Chocolate Malted ffiiik *: Lb - *M|« Size . .. 9 p 8> P a ( !• CLEANSING TISSUES Bronho Nagurslil LEATHER FOOTBALL $4.00 | »K • Value .1. Tl.c iJtallco-1,,1] (DT icil L>tocJc<l Ameilcen Iwyi. Others 1.19 ind 2.98 "ManMch" • HOT WATER BOTTLE 2-qt. ,m f k., Size . . 45? Gu»iant«ci for on* year! Mulded m nt\e pl*«-- no MIITI* to iplii or critic. EppeJe/*»rn— co»l«d with ouif am k.iwctt chocpkte. T*ls« * box Lo DENTAL NEEDS Forhan's Tooth Paste •?*, New50eSii« J*» Orlis Mouth Wash AQi Full Pint Botllc . . .« tU J.D. Plate Cleaner *n, On tor Only «SA Colgate's Tooth Pawdet oo ( 35csi« «a»» Pepsodent Tooth Paste -aoc Listerine Tooth Paste *r»o JScTub. *«f Dr. West Tooth Brush C ne InCl.nTub. i>U CREAMS-LOTIONS Frostilla Lotion SOcSl.c Noxzema Skin Cream !0e Si Camp^na Dreskin - JI.OOS1« GardeniaColdCream OnS»!c.t. . . « Glycerine & Rosewater 6 ounce* Maybloom Lotion G ounce* Chamberlain Lotion nioroi.A'm 79c Approved ELECTRIC HEATER. lO-lnch , f :|A Slu .... JL SALE! LAXATIVES m BOXING GLOVES FOR BOYS I i«tof f^ If) 4. .&— 2i«23c Etnnomy Silt MODESS Dozen TrQ^ Sote! Softf Suifl JHBCS8HB85. ELECTRIC Bread Toaster Guar- f|O r anteed .JPlfc •"• PROBAK, JR. Razor Blades Box of n KOTEX ,1«, *frl Alophen Pills JScSi.c Inner-Clean SOcSi.c Olive Tablets yi<a e 60cSi/c *$3 Eno Effervescent Salts /i -j c COcSiie *Tv> Adlerika ^ Cc 11.00 sin / O . Mineral Oil & Agar -TQc Pint Botllc * V Aromatic Cascara ^A C Antiseptic :.-iV iSPECIAL VALUE Giant Size Pcau-Daux (Po-Do) SHAVING CREAM one? 10 Po-Do RAZOR BLADES 49 ALL FOR TOBACCOS 10c K.II{, 2 for .... lf>c ISc I'rincc Albert .. l(k 15c Half & Half .. mi- IOc Cotiutiy fionlk'- man, Ii for 25c- Sc Hull Diidhiiin, l> for 2f>c 5e North SliU7, (i for 2ac 5c Golden Grain, (i for 2oc 15c Velvet } PAGE THREE,, COMPLETE COI.O TREATMENT Campho-Lyptus OINTMENT Lirc«Slie.42c R«2Ut»rSlie.34c COUCH SYRUP l-ounc« Botttt 50e NOSE DROPS Wllh Dropp.1- J1c COUCH DROPS 10,5 60c—6 or. Size SALTS Condensed ...... Herstiey A ( or Nestle's £ Chocolate, Vi LV. For My Baby's Talcum Halibut Liver Oil Caps Plain SO'S. . . . TEK Tooth Brush SOc Value ...... 6-Oi. Valentine HASH TONE . NU-VEL-BoxoiU Sanitary Napkins 2 boles •tai Shinola • Suede Shoe Dressing i 30c Hill's Cascara Quinine Hind's HoijeyaftJinoBd Ci-eam—S'i-sk->>: 25c (Brushless) filan-o SHAVINiGI ^ CREAM (Soz.).£ -Wa Araacsn TabSets 7Sc Size PintSu.Vbcoliictl Milk of Magnesia BRi Certified TOOTH n " 3 2 PASTE. . r?r 39c PflCKfllSD ELECTR10 OAZdS ' l ' he Irieal Xmas ''Te'^V! iun - Slnr( l>aying r " r $li AETNA RAQIQ Sll ° rt W;nc - Anlalt ' ul '. I''< lr ciKn Ucception. (;«iaran)rec(l ^S^S S|JS Shoe Dye, black Game Pop Corn Poppers, automatic $1 Wrist Watches $2,49 Chamberiains Lotion, SI size 8io Fountain Syringe Creomu!sion Household Thermometer Electric Steves 7 /» EjB Scip S1JC Frostilla While Thcv Last! Nationally Advertised Only 29c New Styles. New Prices. A Paper for Every Need. 3£cUp

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