The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1934
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United Pre** BLYTHEYILLE COURIER HEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHBf n ""^Hlfti AMD WOnUR MMKXmi ~ ^^^ HOME EDITION VOL XXJil—NO. 137 Blytnevllk Dtllr Newi Blythevllle OruriM m vi'iirvii i >• mi/< MC. AC. «..„, Mississippi V*" Leader BlyUieviUt Hertia , HIA 1 HI'.Vll.l.K, AllKANSAB, SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1934 Journalist Expelled For Three Year Old Article On Hitler BKR.MN. Auu. 25. (UP)—Dorothy Thompson, journalist and wife of, Sinclair Lewis. Ametican novelisf, was expelled from Germany today. "Your anti-German entitles in the American PHTA makes ii impossible for us to i-xt'.-ml you Gcr- man hospitality." MLs-s Thompson was informed by the secret police. fil'.c was requested to "leave as roon its pas'!!!)!? and avoid (he necessity of our Issuing a foimal expulsion order." It was framed thin tli! 1 govein- ment's acliou was based on llv reixjrt of nn Interview with Ado.t Hitler written by Mi.'-s Thompion. In 1S3I in which she yave her personal impie.sMonr, of the leader. "This was written throe 1 ycarr, ago," Miss Thompson «aid. "at :i time when Uliler had l;ss than '^ per cent of the support of 111.- people. He Mas not clianc?llur then and it Is therefore dilTicult for me io see how an adverse impression of him at ilia 1 , time could be interpreted as an attack on Germany." fine added Dial NIC secret [lolicr also objected to an article written alter (he Na*i a.M-cnsion lo ptiv.-- er ami der.cribin^ iri-atinr-n: of Jews. U. S. Foreign Trade In July Considerably Off WASHINGTON. Ann. -5. HIP) —U. s. foreign trade declined more than srasonabi ein July with experts totaling $1G1.*S7.MO,' compared with $170,ri71.0flfl in June, the department of commerce announced today. SiNGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Government Pro cesses Stock from Drouth Area •For Re'ief Supplies' Two Grilled In Co-Ed's Murder Facial Surgery Tragedy Back of Suicide Death . ATiiA.fTA, Aug. 2n. <TJP>—D" 1 - atives today attributed the apparently self imposed chloroform death of Miss Ola Johnson. 42. to v;orry over disfiguicment of her lace caUFed by facial surgery sev- eat years ago. Mrs. Rachel Lynch Clews Mnnfjcr, 19-year-old heiress to n 830,000,OCO chain store fortune, has created as much speculation through her Reno divorce from John Elliot Munpicr, younR explorer, as through her. unex|K?cl«l man iagc un June 8, 1933. and separation 11 days later. Her divorce, property settlement with Mijnsicr involved $12,000,OCO, according lo reports on which .Mrs. Munser refused lo comment. Henderson And His Card Game . Upset Routine New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 25 (UP) — Cotton closed fairly steady. open high low close Oct 1330 1332 1320 1320 Dec 1340 1347 1335 1335 Jan 1352 13S2 1340 1340 Mar ....'. 13C2 I3C2 1348 1348 May 13G9 13SI 13S7 1357 Jill 1315 1375 1365 1365 Spots closed steady at 1335. off 15. W. 1C. "Old Man" Henderson, fiery and eccentric radio station cjKrator .stopped here last night cnroute io visit several northern cities.. Hcnrtwon became nationally fn- mous several years ago through hl> bitter campaigns waged over sta- With Machine cccemrir lacuo siauuu .-, r> * r* I from siucveport, La., Luiis Brine rcnnsylvaiua Prisoners Under Control ORATERFORD. .Pa.. . Aug. 25. (UP)- Rinllnt; convicts in the now lion KWKH. Shrcvcport. and thru I rastern penitentiary (nrlay caiifed Ills inanv personal eccentricities. I thousands c.f dollars damage to Traveling in a huge, specially | machinery and equipment", lli-forir constructed motor bus. the "old man" whose "Hello. World," at on? time was one of the most familiar Greetings on the air. gave cmploves al the Hotel Noble a taste of his reculiar nature Insl night. He and l:i.s partv arrived al the hotel in plenty of Him lo eat their evening [ they wore subdued Ijy flate ll-oop- ers with machine SJIIK'E they bad fire In seven hiiildin: Two hundred and fitly of llie (problems. 1.000 prisoners ongacjde in the vim. •••-"- Tip?- !• i"-f lu-oihl of four Lirtl- .rle^ giving.. nimiHrfUrpslvt* detail i)f thr I;IT;I| ( ii uu|i:i';u which tin* ffdi'rn! Ruvt'rnmcut is w:ii(iut-' ihr.nlli relief, in u-lilvh.-,7!i».«MJMO ^ill be S|Knt. . . I1V KOUNEY C'nnrit'r News Wash. (,'orrrsponili-Ml iOn>:viio|)t. 15114. NEA .Service, WASHINGTON'.— .Almost the he'iinnlnpr, of (he New Pcr-etni-v of 'AiiriciiHurc Hem Wallace and Relief Administrator Hai-rv Hopkins—two -sentimental calisls- have found many points in common, philosophically nlid Wallace's job wns to relieve the farmers, heavily burdened by sur- ulirses of food crops, and Hopkins bad relieve the needy unemployed, who didn't have enough to ent. In almost no time at all liiev decided lo rnnicdr the' old nnradox which found millions slur-vim; and creot nlles of foodstuff nn Ihe farms .begging for a market. The Federal Surplus Relief ,Cor- iioi-ition wns formed lo lake over rk nnd other food to help feed ns on Hie rcllel Trulnv ll;n Fotleral Erntr- Helief Admlnlslration and (lie Agricultural Adjustment Administration are workiiv,' togethei more clnsoly than ever licfore the Federal Surplus Relief Cnrnnratinn. In the. grcnt fcdcra! drouth relief. effort. Ami the Houkins organization ns If In return for Wallace's donations of millions of head of callle nurchased- from drouth-stricken farms, is expanding Its' programs of direct relief and work relief all through the rural drouth area and even helping feed Ihe .livestock. . j A million families are on relief ii)'the IB .stales hardest hit,.ofily "a fourth of them in the gocxi- sbert cities. Hundreds of thousands more will be added this winter. Thnuiands Cel Work About 500,000 persons in lhat area are engaged on FERA work projects, most of them able- bodied farmers temporarily robbed of a chance to make a living ex- repi. Ihrough public aid. The dl- vcrsitv of their jobs shows the flexibility of the FERA's Emergency Works Division and its adaptability to special drouth 'v;:;;- t7.' : $SV/(::''" j.,/,/1 'V.^V^ •• •"'• : •£.• •*"&' eath. -Fnye Now, 10, Howard College co-ed. In u ditch u long a lonely road near llhinln;?- hr.m. Ala., and Harold Taylor, 2B, unemployed civil cnj-.luecr. cenler. and A. U. Cain, suitor of the jjlvl, right, were held by lilnnlnijliam police for questioning. Police say Hint Taylor, who admits he lonk the girl for an auto ride, will be charged with the killing. He admits, they say, that the girl Jumped from his cur lo reslsl his advances, but denies tluit he followed lisr. Culn admits Hint lie followed Taylai' and Miss Ne»'. when they lefl In -Taylor's ear. but denies any knowledge of the crime. «I*IWIB ••fc»IMWh«IIU SHE ism mutt Bombing of Mayor's Home Leads to Reprisals Against Strike Leader McGUFFEY. Ohio. AIK, 2'i i.lJP) — Mobs surged throu'/tt'^Mr-.fiuifey today iilxhicLln-i O. K. <fcel!, mill: hint leader of. the onlW" wccder's !.lrll:a and plac-ini; the IHlle vlljpge under a slate of sle^e. ' • Aroused by the bumblng of th? liom'r ol Mayor Godfrey Ott, bitter antnxonlsl nf Ihe 160 bare- tooted and ra;i;e<r strikers, tiiin- drccls of men under leadership Of purported strike breakers barricaded n|l roads leadinjr into the town. .'.Hunted In (In- lietirt of 111™ onion marshaldns. Michael McMahon's Body Found Hacked and Filled With Shotgun Slugs NEW YORK. August 25. (UP) — Tlie lasl of the nang headed by e late Jack "Legs" Diamond was Tli etroublo started in a kitchen and spread to the exercise yard. A ;:roup of "bad ac'ors" armed before regular clinlnc room - with clubs, stones and pieces of closing hours, but "Old Man" Hen- broken machinery ran to a New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 25 (UP) — Hedge selling forced prices down 12 points on the New Orleans exchange today in trading that saw little activity. open high low close Del 1328 1331 1320 1320 Dec 1341 1340 1335 1335 . Jan 134Gb mob Mar 13.V7 1357 1341 1347 May 13(15 13M 1355 13S5 Jill !371b — 13Clb Kiwts closed steady at 1330. off 12. nelson was enjoying a few rub- and defied prison guards for two stimulated. XM-S of bridge with his friends in hours. Finally 50 state Iroopevs heir luxurious hi? bus parked in fanrl a sc-orc of highway pntrol- roni of tlie lH)lel. time came bul s-till the guest continued to play. Anxious employes sliXU i lender. Su:ii!iiiy ;hey submitted ccmc iroi.nd mere than an hour before I lo carMurc and were at oner plac- the. spirit moved the "old man" j ed in roiltary cnnfinnnen!.. men trained sub-machine and riot guns on the rioters and rncci lo fire if they did not sur- Wells arc being dug to supply water for drinking nml other limited use. Streams are dammed or diverted and lakes lapped for llto-glvlng water supplies. Rond- building and soil erosion work are Farmers are recruited to help handle the huge cattle movements and in some cases • to work al And lo stop his brickie same and gn Chicago Wheat The fire which trot out of control for a lime damaged the ncxv plant.. Ihe canteen of .1 cell bloc!:, a 'torn, the prison kitchen and destroyed three abin- (ioned wooden barracks. onen Inch low rlo?e Sept ICtt.i-8 10-13-1 1035-8,1031-3; „ j r\- • f DCC 1045-8 ins 3-1 ioi ft-s 105 I Usccola District l»in Chicago Corn open 77 1-2 73 hieh 70 1-4 81 W. E. RICHMOND * CO'S. j AFTERNOON COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 25,-Reports inte yeslerdnv that an agreement to mediate the textile strike was near at hand proved today 10 Sept have been premature and the col- Dec ton market sold down after it became known lhat union leaders had rejected the offer of the cot- Ion textile industrial relation- board to arbitrate the strike clls- P !lto - inclination Week-end liriuidalion on the check by strike .situation seemed to be re- and firmness r.ponsible for most of the day's him- closing nhnut wl-.ere they did lasses, but some selling was allrib- wteuiay. Further frosl was shown ntfd to the prosiK-cIs for more moisture in the western Ml. Many observers hold Ihe opinion, however, lhat llie rains have started too late to bo of material aid io most of Ihe dry area in tlu- west. The long range forecast promised Operators Meet Monday OSCKOLA — dinners of sontli low close ! Mississippi county will meet' al Ihe T7 3-8 79 O. f ceola court house Monday eve- 781-8 80 5-8 k'ins. 1:30 o'clock, to discuss tlie .issuance of Interim Certificates in connection with Ihe Hankhead al- todny W. I'-. KH'H.MON1> S- CO'S. .\KTERNOON GRAIN' I.KTTF.K lotmcnt. it was announced CHICAGO. III.. Aug. 25— Wbea'. [by Hudson Wren, county agricul- was unsettled nl times, bul anyjturnl at'ont lo sell was held in! Mr. Wren also announced Miat the strength in corn'Tuesday. 5 p. m.. had been sel as Winnipes. pricrsi'hc deadline for receiving applies. they did] lions for llie DanV'^id allotment. at generally fair wcallicr for Ihe western bell lo rtaii next week, with llnindrrshowcrs probable toward Ihe end. Osc.-.r Johnson, manager ol the cotton producers pool, announced in fom; parts of Ihe Canadian tionhwesl overnight and 's !)iTdictod for snire sections tonight. II is feared that some of the late wheat in northern Alberta and jKjsribly in Saskr.lchcup.n has b-en damaged, although mtality rather than quantity 1-s cxiiccUM lo bo affected. Winnipeg was rpiic-t ami prices little changed although considerable hedning was evident. The premium on durum wheat in Win- ipeg was quoted as Ic higher, com- Stock Prices ilial arrangements were being jpnrcd with Oc'obor. which pave \vnrked out to cive colton produc- ! rise lo belief here that American <:.. who participated in the IOC n-ilU miuht b-.' imeivMfd in sup-, [can of last an opportunity i plies. Durum al Minneapolis and! to avail themselves of the new lie D'.iluth ha.i been ouoled as lii: ; U ] loan and liorrov.- an additional 2e, jas $1.SO per lui'hel dnrin:,' llie i»;.t a iwund on their ivarticip.ition certificates. Conllicling rejxirts on the strike fitimilon and Ihe cfTects of rains in the western l*lt. with the usual unrritaintles attendant, on news from Washington. ap)>ear likely to keep the market in a trading ranstc until Ihe next crop estimate is out of the way. week. Corn ted 111? market in arlivity wiih pronounc.-d liroadcntni; in oiuside and Renernl speeulalive in- [eresl. The forecast for frost in parts r» Iowa, e.islern Soulli D.i- kota. and in Minnesota and In North Dakota liad conslrlerabl.- Influence on sentiment as did the stronft r.ish market. NEW YORK. Aug. 25. (UP>Storks wrre linn in today's'short session with Ihe exception of a few sugar Issues which broke flicfnly. A. T. and T 113 5-8 Anaconda Cooper 133-8 l-'ethlehem Steel 31 3-4 Chrysler,.},.. 35 o-3 Cilifs Service .'. 2 Coca CoWil..... 134 General American Tank 35 5-8 General Electric !0 7-S General Motors 31 3-8 Harvester 2!' Middle-west Utilities — Mor.'\om»ry Ward 25 1-2 "New York 24 1-1 Packard a 3-8 PhliliiK Petroleum 1C 3-4 Radio Corn C Simmons llcds 12 Kt. Louis-Hun FranciM-o 2 Standard ot N. .1 45 Texas Co ?A i-a U. S. Sleel 35 7-8 U. S. Smoitins 137 processing them into relief meat most lately KERA ha5 lo the aid of agriculture whole with a plan for "a nation-wide gleaning of the fields' in which work relief employes wll every possible pound o roughage, oat straw, wheat sira-*- cornstalk, hay and other forage and fodder to help ameliorate llu vrave shortage of livestock feed. Pirlds to Re C.lranrd Tlii.s • extraordinary scheme ti 't people everywhere to fialhcr i swaslc malerial will cmplo; (ens of thousands at harvesting bailing, nnd transporting. Slate relief directors are checking avail able sources, with special relcr ence to cornstalks ordinarily lei lo rot. Fanners with fodder crop which they might not harvest wil be supplied wjth relief workers t garner tlie .stuff. Thus .far FERA has receive SIOO.COC.OM. from, the $525.000.00' drouth appropriation for its ship mont. pas'.tirine. and processing 0 :attle. its fe«l purchases, its di •c.ct drouth relief and drouth wor ;:ro!;ram. Us feed aclivilios ii chide n recent bid for up to ISO. CW tons of soy-bean hay at .51 ton. - . Hopkins has spent Ihe snmme Europe, studying social sccur ity systems. In Ills absence, h assistants, Aubrey Williams an Lawrence Westbrook, have bee supervising FERA drouth relii while Jacob Baker has direcle (he FSRC-of which Hopkins president—In co-operation wll Col. Philip G. Murphv. chief of th AAA Commodities Purchase Sec tion. Huyinjf on Hnje Scale The huge, fast-moving AAA FSRC livestock operation Is like never to he duplicated. II U volvos the buying of at least elsl or len million cattle and abo five million sheep.and goals. Th majority will be canned cured for relief consumption. It is estimated thai more than 1.000.000,000 ixmnds of beef and 150,000,000 of million eventually (Continued on Page 3> d the torso Jammed unk placed— with grim today, his body riddled with otgun slugs, the legs hacked off Into a Irony- hind the home- al General Louis otesbury. president, of tile hu- ane society. The body was Identified yt, nger prints as lhat of Michael cMahoi, -u wrw$" . criminal -r^ d extended back two' deca'des. A dtibbler in various forms of ime. McMahon was one of the sser cocs nf Diamond's machine it his death was in keeping wl".i le tradition of violence eslablish- 1 by his criminal peers. from the amputated legs the ledlcal, examiner extracted more lan a dozen shotgun slugs. ' xumlnalion i:irt|cn(ed, however, lat the actual cause of his death blood poisoning.. This led no- es to Ihe theory that •McMalinn ad either been poisoned and shot feud or wounded in a old-up'and had gone for treat- lent to an underworld quack. Two Hurt in Chicago Bus Driver's Strike CHICAGO, Aug. 25 '(UP)—Two buses were stoned, a driver slugged, and a woman Injured toduy In renewal of violence In a strike of union drivers uf Hie Chicago Motor comnnny. Two men, who snld they were lot connected with the drivers' union but sympathized with iw demands for recognition, were arrested. A policeman, who witnessed nn assault on William Cimtcr, a. non-union driver, said they slugged him while he sat in his bus. A woman Injured when struck by u stone thrown through n bus window refused to give her. name oriet Note Is Ignored With Arrests Continuing; HARBIN, Aug. 25. (UP)— Man- rhukuoan authorities, defying Russia's i sharp nole of warning, arrested 70 more Soviet employes of he vas Chinese Eastern learned loday. railroad, it Government Approve Hale Street Lot Donatec By W. J. Driver, Jr. OSCEOLA, Arlc., Aug. 25.—Osce oln's new post olllce building wll be erected on .West Hole Ave.. ln ; the block Immediately west of Highway -61, Ihc present site of Ihe. Gil Nfastin gtirage. W. J. Driver Jr., who donated the ot. which has a frontage- of 158 feet, wns officially advised by the post olllce department this week thai his lot has been selccled Ironi among- the five -sites submitted. Thirty days is allowed, for preparing the abstract and other legal formalities necessary to transfer title to the property, after which time Mr. Driver expects instructions for cleaning and preparing the lot The present garage building will be rnzcct and such material as •"our Year Stay Prospect For Filipino, Wife and Negro Aide Federal officers were enroiitc lore today to inquire into aclivl- Uc> of Gforsc Arcvalo •Cm/, Filipino, and his wife. Carmen lUos Cni7., but indications w,erc thai Cru/ nnd Ills wife .would spend many on llie Mississippi county prison farm,' near Luscira.. AUeped lo have been attempting to arouse racial conflict here Cruz and his wife were found ijiillly nf fliinrohy In municipal 'court yes- .IcrdRy,.They,were.,;Rlyci.v llie -iTin.?!-: rtiiim punishment' for' tnc offense by Municipal Jitdne O. A. Cun- nlnehnui. Ench was fined Sl.OOO Qdell. who Imd foii^lil. a bitler liiitlls a^aiiift whal he termed-I BI-" in Ihe world's lan;cu | onion patch, was slewd and car- • ried from a house wiiere he had bean held for safekeeping by : ..a'| den-en special deputy .sheriffs. First lepoVls were lhat lie hnd i,| been lynched but later It was cs- , tablished Hint the mob escorted him !o the llnrdln county line ami • wnrned him "to slay out of llie union (Ida's." , Ortcll, his head bleeding freely r roui nuiuormis blows, managed lo :naki! Ids way buck into McClnffe.y and baii'leiided himself In n lihiise where he dolled i 1 florin lo r.lejc him . A womnn. who lived hear Ihe hr.iise, said he had a revolver. A crowd bosan" lo gather outside.. A •dynninlte bomb rlpiKd off the south side of Oil's bungalow at 3 p. m., throwing the mayor nnd.his wife out of Ihelr beds an-l breaking windows nil over the little vll- H'lin. ' Clti/.ens were Riven stern warning lo remain Indoors. The mob lOld complete sway ove,r Ihe town. ['here were rejiort.s of other vlo-" ptici 1 bul they could nol be con- Irnicd. and Jail. sentenced lo six mnnltis In Working out of sucli n line nud sentence on the coiuuy farm four day. The arrests were made yesterday. 1 ". rablc ,'" ot lcr b "" d n « construc- several days after Russia hnd call- llon *»l™Bcd, Mr. driver said, cd upon Japan, close ally of Man- C 001 ™* to nrM . r ^,>° rts "l" 1 th< ; cliukuo,'to direct the release of CC" TO ' hm!dlng probably would not Soviet citizens previously held. 5° "P i">«' next year, II Is im' ! rierstocd thai bids will be adver- Ambition TCeeliml j tiled for at" an eprly date alii thai construction will be underway Iwforc tlie first of the The treasury department, has allocated would rcnuirc more Minn vears work nt 75 cents |icr The bi^fiest penalty however assessed nuainsl J. A. Brown, ordained negro Baptisl preacher rom near Charleston, Mo., who thcw a S250 fine and 90 clay sentence (or carrvlng a conccalef weapon as well as a $1.000 fine iwl six monlhs sentence for anarchy. Ruben Crawford, negro, ol (he Armorel community, was fined 5250 and given a 90 day sentence for 1 carrying a concealed weapon All fines and sentences, nrsessec loprcscnlcd the maximum v Browns runnlne concurrently. There was lillle prospccl tha Cm* and his wife or the negroes would be able to make Ixmds set,* 1 for appeal. However It Is understood that appeals lo clicuit court will be lodged and the cases retried In the hlRhcr court, in Oc- lo'jcr. Cruz, his wife and Brown were arreslcd nl a meeting of negroes In the Clear Lake community. Cruz, ostensibly organizing a . fraternal order, wns urginir negroes lo join with the brown and yellow races apainst Ihc while man, it was charged. Crawford, the locnl Cive Liberty League _ Chance, Glass Insiit Nh'W YORK. AuV K, (UP)— Senator Carter Glass, Democrat, Vlriiinln. sailed on the Emi'^nta"- luday for n" vacation' In £':> .pe. KCstlns that the nation kive Ihe. newly formed American. Liberty League a'llttk more time before pnsshur judgment. "Give Ihc American Liberty League a chance," said C'hws. "President Hoosevslt has had .-\ year and a Tialf; the League has just started." Glas.-, said he had not pledged his support to the league, and had not been asked for it. Observation Tower Is Erected Near Big Lake An observation .tower, 113 feet high, has hsrn erected nt Big Lsk2, 12 miles west of here, by the government. This tower, which per-; mils a view of thn entire lake, is'; I wo and a hall miles northeast of Manila, nest lo the Caraway farm, al Finis Point. A Kood dirt road from Manila leads to (lie lower. It is believed that this tower, v.hirh Is of stool, structure, will be. tif sin-clal benefit following the reflfiraliou of the bird reservation at (he lake. SI 00.1)00 for building. construction of In: First Petition Filed Under Frazier-Lemke Act negro, was guarding mecliiif The first petition (or aid under the FrazierrLemlce amendment to llie federal bankruplcy statute was filed with Commissioner Pay McHaney here by C. I,. Mink, Leach] villc farmer. I Mr. Mink farms about 80 acres of land near Lenchville. He petitions federal district court, through the conciliation commissioner, for adjustment of his mortgage debt that wilt enable him to remain on his fnrm and pay off his obligations, if possible. In six years. The ixtltlmi was filed lo forestall foreclosure his attorneys, Nelson nnd Nelson, said. with n pislol when officers approached and broke up the gather. Ine. arresting the ouartct. This morning John Rios of Al- |lon. 111., father of Cni7.'s wife, I nicked up by officers here \ir talk' Inn with a Kroup of negroes. No chnm was preferred against him but he will te held pending arrival !ed!" ; -RoosVvelt is'no"dnmncd"fool".' "Roosevelt Knows Place" Boasts Louisiana Kingfish BATON ROUGE, La.. Aug. 23 (UPi — Informed that President Roosevelt had decided on a "hands off" oolicy in regard, to the present New Orleans political war, Huev P. Long comment- of federal agents. Hundreds of people crowded around the county jail nnd city hall yesterday unable to eel In the nnmlcinal courtroom for trial of the Filipino and his wife. After the state made out Its case the de- fens?, headed by Claude F. Cooper, local attorney, rested without offering anv evidence. The audience was plainly dlsapiiointed nt the failure of Cruz nnd his wife lo take the stand. Wynne Gibson left Hollywood for New York to realize the ambition of her theatrical career—that ol starring in a production with Oeorge M. Cohtin. whose praise when she was a novice encouraged her. She has been cast to play opposite him In llie film version of his stage success, "Gambling." Textile Leaders Gather To Complete Strike Plan CHARLOTTE. N. T C. Aug. 25 iUPi—Textile labor 'union leaders gathering here to perfect plans for a general national strike of textile workeis were scheduled to meet In a closed conference at 3 p. m. today. An eminent Austrian biologist has made a statement lo tlie effect lhal human blood changes will advancing years. In tests conducted he found that childhood blood was chemically different from ihat of old age^ Federal Jury Studies Income of Politicians "He's running his business," Long continued. "?nd f'm '"mining min-j. Ic knows his place." Simultaneously wilii the an- •.oiiuccment that there would be no federal intervention at this time Long announced the Ircislativc invesil?af;on of the New Orleans city Rovef.'mcnt should start "mill away." 1.9 Per Cent Return On Farm Investment NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 25 (UP) —A fedeml grand jury, investigating income tax payments ol Louisiana's politicians, directly involved the Hucy P. LOUR slate adminis- j tralion in its in'nuisilion today. | It subpoenaed alt records of the I state highway commission nnd all members of the commission. The highway comtssion hns silent ore than 460.000,00(1 since Long's political machine took charge of the state government. Enemies have charged that Us records would reveal unprecedented irregularities. Charges of grafting on gravel and tond contracls have been made openly, WASHINGTON. All?. 25 (UP) — Farm owners obtained !.9 per cent return on their capital in 1913. the first gain for three years, the department of agriculture reported lodav. WEATHER Aifcar.?a" -P.irtly cloudy loday and fundny. probable llimuler- rlioivers hi southeast iiorlion tonight. Cooler in south porlion Sunday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 83. minimum 70, cloudy, with .04 of nn inch rnln- fall, according lo Sauel F. Notrls, olficial wealher observer,

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