The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 103C HLYTJIKVIM-E (AUK.) COURIEK NEWS can GET WHATYOU CLASSIFIED ' ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecu live Itiscrltons: One time per lino 10s • Two times per line per (lay .. 08c "J'liree limes per line per day .. 06c Six limes per line per clay .. 05; Month rale per line OQc Card? o. r Thanks .... 50c & 15e Minimum charge 50c j Ads orclered for three or slxi limes and stopped before expira-f lion will l:e charged for tlic mini Coal & Wood . COAI. BUSINESS Location clinnged from Mulian Glii to S. Sill & R.R. BEST PRICES—CALL 244 L. I. HICE COAI.!! KINDLING!! We. Deliver 100 Lbs. or More I'lione 47 Kim's Coal Co. Do Yon Komcmlior— LAST W1NTKR? For Sale PAflR SEVEiSi.. SALE Of $95.00 SiliEcr Eewlnj Machines. Cheap. Terms. nutiKi: iiAiimvAitK t:o. Used OIL BUUNINQ licatliu; stos'e, Good condition "Pole" Hie Plumber. 2-l-c-k-U I'or Kent— Modern three-room fur- jilslicd npiirlincnl. i'lione 230. 17-ck-tf Nicely Furnished Bedroom, balh, steam heal, ctinib'C. Call 51JO. ICu kll-li Modern Furnished Al>ailmenl, 108 W. Kentucky. Gall 083. V-pk-21 Large ClrcutaUiii; Healer, Gond :iv 2 or 3 room Fill nl.slicd Aimil-i new. HcasoniiMc, Mrs. n. J.j monls. Kcasoimble. 014 Hcnrn. I Hcatou. Call 195. 24c kill 1 - - ---------- — — ! --- 1 Modern f> rcom House. $15 per, FLAPPER FANNY, By Sylvia • <3 tt KM 5 CMIC f. INC. T. M. lift IJ. J. PAT. nit iitljii.sliiient of bill made.' All classified Advertising SOW and 7 iwo-mnnlhs old piss,, mcnliv. W. M. Mcrarlancl. phone $35. H. E. Stringer, IJogwcod 3%. 27c Ml Ridge. 24p kM, —— j Coal was scarce and hard lo tret..' — ad a"pi>ear«!"aud|!'Ait, Marry Bailey's Coal Co. never I CHEVROLET Hi Ion slake body * Hie demand of| j faile<l lo supply copy I ll '-'' r customers. truck. U. W. Miilllns. JG-vk-U Lost ;;nbnu'iled by persons residing out- Khlc of Hie city must be accompanied by cash. Ualcs may Ire easily computed from above table. .'(Iveiiisins ordered for irregular Insertions lakes Ihu one lime rale., . No responsibility will be taken] Illinois Goal - - C.OOll H'lCCS .._ j,,r-i.- in « r A j: if ^ 1 Don't Koi'gcl IIAHUY BAILICY This Winter! Service - for more Ulan one Incorrect. Insor-j lion ot any classified acl. Business Directory SEE OUU NJiW OPEN STOCK CHINA I'ATIERNS AT POPULAR PRICKS. Sliouse-Henry ' Hdw- Co, 1'llUMC 1505 l'"- : l --------- — ------------------ -, CALL E. T". FRY a I Wonder City Coal Co. FOB ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH CRAKE COAI. J'lIONE '177 l-'or Kale or Unit .Buy horse mule, 150 Ibs., l-l hands.: Elore building fur sale cheap or! G. O. Powers, Hermondalc. 'will rcnl to permanent renter. |_ 22-pk-2C ) IUO Lake SI, See Dr. Eallta. I'hon;, Large dark red brindle cow. Tag 110. Me klfj hi ear. Reward. I/. M. LnferncyJ :Ynrbro. . --- . O'BRIEN'S CAFE, complelclyj - , ! equipped. Doing good business | White and iiroivn wire haired lcr-| f'T past iS ji-nrs. DAKGAIN. rier. Answers lo "Skipry." REWARD. Max Usrcy. Call 138. . '• Groceries. Meats, Vej. Gen'l. Mdsc. at rite prices every day, any ami. We deliver anyuiiere. Phone 234. Carload, salt, meat cures, cte. KITE I'lilCE 0110. & MKV. We Give Bankers A Merchants X'mas Stamps - - '111 E. Main WE BUY Hides & Pecans Metals and Scrap Iron Blyliici'illc Iron Cherry & R. R. & Metal Co. Phone 4-18 PAIN'TING-l'ArER HANGING: J. B. FREEMAN—Call 149 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS Dou'l forgcl we liave genuine Aladdin Lamp ruits—25c Kacls BURKE HDW. CO. Mrs. J. J. Davis — Spencer Corselicre Call 42L-W ^or Appointments Plate Glass AN MAKE DESK & TOPS V AT VERY AT PRICES. Arkiao Lumber Co. N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer in BEECH CREEK COAL Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. liroadway - - I'lione !)M Brunswick TOOL TABLE, complete. CHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, In vgood condition. At give Mvay price. R SIMON, Call 104 BEST COAI,—BEST I'HICKS BUY NOW! "My coal is Black-But I Ireat, yon While," LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 107 Economy Coal Co. Cherry & Railroad Phono 'MS Coal, Wood & Kindling Automotive BATTERIES I'KEl'ARED FOIt. WINTER WEATHER J.'B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station, - Call 'WE CAN MAKE DESK & DRESSER. TOPS V AT VERY ATTRACr. T1VE PRICES. Phone 40 Wrecker Service DAY & NIGHT REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED Day Phone 60S - Niijhl 804 MILTON STKRNRERG'S GARAGE " 215 N? 2nd Seeds - Plants BARGAINS!! Good Work Mules 1035 IVi Ton Chevrolet Truck. Stake Body. 1935 Chevrolet Pick-Up. 1932 Ford V-8 Sedan. Delta Implements, Inc. For Rent 3 Room phone f Call 785-J. Furnished Apartment, an. kit Four room furnished apt., 1015 W. Ash. Mrs. M/G. Goodwin. 445-W Me M3 Wanted Medium 218, HIM; Used SAFE. Call 14c ktl 2 room house Tor negro couple who work out. Call 25G-W. ; Personal Will lake care of working mothers' children, Reasonable. Mrs. II. A. Dopier, no W. Sycamore. FREE! STOMACH ACID. OAS PAINS, INDIGESTION relieved, quick. Gel free sample doctor's j — prescription, O<lga, at Klrby Bros. Drug Co. 'T!i«sc make nic look like I'm li'ired for s6umt" "Sure.' lint in a (civ years (oiks will be able not only to-xc >;oli'gfin, butlobtar-it."' Kiuisns IHI.S n Imv making Illegal lo cat snakes In public. NOTICE To Our Customers KJfectire today, we will close our :>'>'. • deparlmeiil and K<is j.u° ; nt 0 ['. M. each day, however we will ;iv,m- l«ln all nl^lil service ai, the IHylliuville Molor Siilos Co. I'lione IOOQ for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Head Courier. News Want Mi. EMJCTIIIC & ACETYLlTNE''" WELDING AT BUST 1'KIOES 1'UOMPT SERVICE Co, PHONE 19 DM. -Wen & Wert OI'TOIUETIHHTH over Joe )6saes' BUmi "IVIS MAKE 'KM SKf Phone N& Now J.ocaleil ul 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KI)\\'AI!US, Proprietor AI! milker; of lielmill Tyiitwiltcrs, Adding Macliliin and Calculators—KcrauhiK—I'iirls—million* AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Confidejilial PAYMENTS REDUCED | No co-signers, Just. Drhis car and t registration card along. Modern 3 room furnished apt. fm i U. W MULLINS W. Ash. Phono 92 before C p.m. | siulbtiry Blu>. Salesmen Wanted SALESMEN • WANTED—2 experienced new car salestnen. Brond- way Sales, Inc., -Ill S. Broadway. 27c kit or 294 after 6 p.m. 21-ck-tf AIJ.EY OOP j Paul Revere made two rides to rhone 4!)5,wam the colonlsls; on April ID, 11775, and agnln two day,; Idler. .Twins' Hay Sd Aside IIAYWARD, Cal. (OP)—TKliis' Day has been added by the Presbyterian church here lo Its regular calendar of Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. It was able to[ muster eight pairs of U'lns for| the observance of tile -first Twins' Day. Read Courier Ntws Want Ads. The cost of burial service here Is considerately' adjusted to your menus. Regardless of your expenditure attentive direction Is given every ilelnll, COBB FUNERAL HOME AMSULANCE SERVICE ff,"--^ %(, r«.. USE!) COAL STOVES S3 AND HI' Hardaway Appliance Co.j-— MAIN & 2ND - - PHONE 233 EXPERT RADIO ItEI'AIllING RADIO BATTERIES & TUBES We are buyers of Ear Com Les pedcza Seed, Soy Beans,' Cov Peas a n cl Pop Corn. Russel' Heckle Seed Co., Memphis. Term. WANTED— MX, KINDS JUNK S3 lo SB Per Ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4!!C Ib. Copper Wire, 4 lo 5c ib. Rjidialors, 4'ic Ib. HIDES <fc PURS WOLF AUIAN PHONE 170 120 E. MAIN Your feet will be at ease In Selby's Styl-cez Slious, SO <& S6.50 Olher Shoes $4.50 lo $5.50 New Economy Shop New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STOVES. Oil, A GAS BUIININO STOVES, FUEL, Oil. HBATE11S SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-in Allowance for -_ Old Stoves Hnbhard Hdw. Co. ~^ Call Parker- 127 Daily I'i'eiglit Service Plumbers!! F/OUBE WITH US ON YOUR JOBS. WE HAVE AN ATTRACTIVE PROPOSITION TO OFFER COMPLETE LIMB FIXTURES & SUPPLIES Hubbard Hdw. Co ; I'hone 32 Tailor Shops Gooil allowance for your old sui on new tailored , suit. GKOKGE I,. niUII!, Tailor Holds Clean. comforUiblc slcam-hcaled rooms, hot and cold waler, reasonable rales ciav, rveek or nionlb. Dr IIOTEI, Real Estate Furniture FOR SALE 1 room house, balh. Large lol Across from high and grade i iclinnts. Cheapest taxes in town Could be made inlo apartment 00 Chlckasawb dh f Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniiure Wade Furniture Co, 301-303 E. MAIN \VK I'AY CASK FOR 2ND HAND KURNITUKE J'lionc 10JI llulihnn! 2iui Hand Store Hadios Oldest. Iladio mid Music Dealers. Also Best Equipped Radio Repair Shop ill Nortlieast Arkansas VAUKUUUST CO. ln.;rain llldf. Viioiie a Al! New 1!)37 Model Radios No-.v On Display - - General Electric, Crcsley and Gleivarl-Warner. I'AKIvHUKST CO. Ingram Bldg. r FOR SALB-Pretty collage in I'ridc Addition on 2 loLi, corner gravel streets. For quick cash sale, priced SSOl). THOMAS LAND HMM -I'VE GOT A QUEEC PEELING -SOME WARNING'5EUSE ME SOMEOWE (9 ^ HOSTILE STRANGER. 1 •'•^'mi^M 'WHOEVER fT 15 .15 W^mNT BEMTND '' [THAT reee -MUST BE, FOQ. TMATS i TW OMLY SUPtiClEMT COVEC - ! ;;^*^AW IT'S TOO CLOSE -BRCa." ' I WU7 SOME IJOOTS AND HEL UUDDIICS BEARDING THE LION IN HI SDKN! AFRAID WACW1WG HAS GOME "TOO LATE I DARE MOT-TURM MY BACK -SURE WELL, THERE'S OMLYOME COURSE LEFT FOE ME TO TAk£ -I'LL HAVE TO GAMBLE OM TH' ELEMEMT OF 5URPP1ISE ^s^EttesassiaaiS liv Hiimlin .4& A y-^^^ T. M. FiEO. U. S. P^T. OFF. ) W36 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. u_ WASH tUiJBs 'I'SK! TSK! liy Alnrtin.- O\O VOU OR A 5^1??5 RY UgA SEBVICg T. .'.1. .T3C U. TV PAT G c : llAI'l'V I.ANDUNi; PiL=C>r-! 91LEOPF! I DROPPED THE ROCfT \VITH OUli MONEY IN IT. JssSjSSW^" CO. FKKCKf.KS AND HIS FK'lBNDS FOR SALE Several thousand acres southeast Missouri rich Diluvial, cotton & i /- nq i j T MEAWT TO rc« tr- L i corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS ! > G ' Mfcwr TO COlJ GH, LIKE RENT. Everett B. Gee.Ji BUT i SCRATCHED f-^sSLp, Cranr IT'S AIL THE WE'VE GOT, YOU FOOL!'COME ON! -m. -I* Tr±=:^l ~"~ " ' ; --T T&fymf* tiPf*- ' • '. . " • "**V- — ^•Vl':;!^' v;^|.^r' FOR SALE— Beautiful hot water healed home. Bath, fireplace, hardwood floors, sleeping porch, laigc lawn with shade and shrub- tery. Cosl owner SO.CCD. For quick sale. $6,CCO. Easy Icnns. Sec i! Icday. Tiiomas Lan<l Company. A PASS AW I GAVE 'EM THE SIGNAL TO RUM , FCIi SALE—Eleven acres on gravel adjoining city. Two residences and outbuildings. Former pric'. $8,OCO. S3.1SO will buy a on terms. Thomas Uind Company. FOR SALB-T<m acres 1-4 m.. of (own. House and barn. $2,000.' _ Will take collage as part uay-! ol ment, Tliomas Land company." ' M /N O rv DOM : TTHEY:- R4SS? ';/ NONl'LUSSKD! kWCI.'/ AW/JHIWC3 S. , '; I ABOUT FCXJTBA.L<-,THAT l''. ; .) PLAY SHOULDN'T HAVE J.yi] VSOPK, A LL J ^DTowTuW^Xr*"! RIGHT. 1 , r^ s^jjp WH yi | F , T HADNT.l'DHAVf HOPPED A TRAW.' ' GOING MP-^fi™^? K^-^-> ^-v-.v; \V !' •^r4 Vr^ •^rX ---^i S^ >; \A t. H. PtG'.TTs.'FiT.CFr, Q1935 BY StA 4SPVW.J lilosscr ! pHICY make iijv.- roiigli-and-readv fool| •*• ball ))!ay«-.-- in the modem cm'of th« I Kama vim could slack up with Krmst ,f ll'^g; Ifontner, NorHw'estern Univcr- (sily's Alt-Araericii fialfb.ick in Iffit-:?-' Pii" rwas all football, and Bit? Ten interne" lioml oi>|>oroiHs of tlu> Wildcats ituriii" I Ills career will confivm dial • His best year was in Ml, when he ram, b,«i ]:>,! yards. (i4S from scrimmage, i He was particularly poisonous to Mimw- i sola that season. Against the Gophers he .slvcakcd Do yards from a kick-off for a ; loud id own, ami later tiodretl SO yards with .'a pun; for anoiher counlev , I'u.? \vas a great Mocker and ball carrier. ! a»d no tackle utts too tough fovhim to try f on defence. At preEent he is ptavir.g pvb •football with tte Eoiic-; Redskins.

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