The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS SUM OOUB1IR NBWS OO. PUELISIUM O. B. BABCOCJt, Kltor H. W. HAIKU. AAnitMuv Bale Nation*! Advertising Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St, Louis, D»llM, Kirsau City, UempUl*. r" • PublUhcd. Every ASlcrr.oon Excccv Sunday. Entered as second O!RSS mailer at the post ofllcc at B:ylhcvll!e, Ar- kinis^s, undo: «l of Coneresa, Oo- lober 8. 1511. KcrvciJ uv '."' iJnltc.1 I'reM HUHSUidlTION ElATKS By carrier in me C'.ly cr Bivllicrlllo, lie p*r week or 4G.50 per ymr In advance. By mull within R radliLi of 60 miles, »3.00 per year, $i 50 for elx inoiulis, 85c for li.rta month*; by mall In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, $6.50 jvtr yciir. In MMS seven ami eight, 110.00 !<«• VIM', uayablc In advance. Japan Copies America In War and Peace! An Aiiierii-iii m>«'S|i:i|)eriuaii \vlio is toui'ini,' Jtipan tliis .summer writes back thai no oilier mition on earth is making ijuile sucli an i-tlorl lo copy AmerkMii numner.s anil customs ax is Jti]):in. B;isL'liall hits licfonie .liipan'.s national name-, and every vacant lot in Toldo linil.s a tea me in in'ogress. Tokio is I lie only world capital (outside Norlli America, at leasl) where yon can jjul -such peculiarly American delicacies as apple pie a la mode, elaborate ice cvenm Kiiiul'.ies, ami oW-fiish- ioncd ]K>]>. The laxis and pleasure earn 1111 Tokiu's streets are largely Amerieiin; the .streets carry electric sinus in Ihe American style, there ;{rc typically American movie houses and taxi-dance halls, flappers dress in American -style, business men sip American cocktails before dinner, and any Tukio restaurant can jfive yon a T-bone steak cooked just as an American eook would prepare il. * * * ' This surl of thing is probably Ihc froth on t!ie surface of international relationships, lo be .sure; but a traveler who knew nothing of foreign alVairs would be justified in leaping lo Ihe conclusion that between the United Stales and Japan there was a solid and unbreakable friendship Ibal v no threat of trouble could ever-shatter.' The sad fari, of course, is Dial the reverse is Irue. When \ve lay down a new cruiser, or order a new Heel of bombing planes, we cock one eye in the direction of Tokio, and.the same thing happens over there. In each nation there is an abundance of fear, suspicion, and distrust of the other nation, and in the last few years the situation seems to have become worse instead of better. All of which leads one lo suspect that the whole business of internalional friendship is an illogical and incompre- . hcnsiblc^ And yet this eagerness on the part of the Japanese lo adopt American gadgets, American habits, mid American manners may, iu Ihe long run, prove lo be a powerful and benelicial force. . The differences between the tw FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1931 tions arc not, :tftcr all, fumliiniciilnl tilings Unit aviso from uni:liiiii|;cublu traits in iiiilioiml cliuradurs. They rome from temporary tonllifUs in na- titnml aspirations. If trouble run he avoided fur the next dmide or so, this underlying friendship oiitfht to get a chance lu do its work. All holloiii, Japan wants to hu friendly. \Vi.-a sUiU'sniitnsliip can make it possible for that desire to he reali/ud. —Bruce Catton. A Record Worih Saving Two young artists are starling on a long trip through the mountains of Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina. They plan to make a complete pictorial record of Ihe lives and customs of those isolated and fascinating folk, the "mountain whiles," in the belief that thi.s group is a passing race. CIreat changes are beginning in Ihe land, and not least of them is the new development in these southern mountains. The federal government's plans for (he Tennessee valley, its use of subsistence homesteads, its .scheme for industry and tying city and country more closely together •—these things will profoundly alt'ecl the conditions under which the inoun- laineere live. These artists believe that the mountaineer of tradition will soon be living under very different conditions; so tlicy want to make a record of him belore it is too late. , Whether the change will great as they expect, may be question. R is certain thai, something peculiarly and fundamentally American will pass away. I,el us have this pictorial record, by all means. It will preserve the memory of something lhat is deeply rooted in our national life. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Sore Dame Grid Star Taket European Baths SOUTH BEND, !nd. (UP>- aeorse Mellnjcovilch, former Noire | Dame University star fullback! who wns forced lo leave school bccnuse ot ;i .severe illness last year, has Bone lo Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia, lor mineral baths. Mcllnkovitch hopes that the mincrnl bath treatments will «cl mm into condition fo rtlic 19S4 football season at Notre Dame. lie will rclum just prior lo the Ojicnini; of the season. I THIS CURIOUS WORLD •?' Wilti.m guton New Jersey Squirrels Forecast Hard Winter PHILADELPHIA (UP) — The . Jimy as well tirclarc iU>elf lor n long, hard winter, according j lo several amateur weather lore- easier:;. Harry II. Ko»]>cnh;wcr. I'hila- ilel|ilihi, .says folks in the eastern r.-gion of the United States can expect u "good, old-fashioned win- isr— the kind your parents talk aljOllt." Several residents ot Maple Shade. N. J., say iheir predictions ot a "long, hard winter" are based on Ihe fact that squirrels already are h?ginning lo uallier mils. Hul/ Ihe official \vcalhcr observer. Geortju S. Rllss, says accurate predictions can only he made four r live days in advance. be iis open lo is, if il Reai Benefit to Needy The urea I scope of work dune by government relict' agencies is shown by recent statistics revealing that more Iliaii , r )()(),0ft(l,0no pounds of I'oodsUilVs have bec>i distributed to (lie needy by .Uncle Sam. A family snbsisling on federal relief gets such Ihings as beef, pork and veal roasts, beans, bread and butter, oranges, apples and cheese. In addition, thousands of Ions of coal have been distributed, and huge quantities of surplus cotton have been woven inlo blankets for the unemployed. Millions of bushels of wheat, corn, oat:; and barley have been given lo farmers in the drouth areas for starving livestock. Distributing all these Ihings has been very costly, of course, tint it must also have prevented an appalling amount of human misery. "lit 1 likes (lie brainy year my hair?" type. Hmv do yon lliiuk I should 0-©$ Ell IP Ol/ HAN -t — -I..—*s^ ^"^' Jl M1E-IDV GEORGE SCAfxBO WE..1T O:J Tile STACK AT "IHE A3&OP MlMr, Illinois Hermit Lives in 100-Year-Old Log Cabin QUfNCV. ill. (Ul 1 ) — Leading a •olilary exiatcncc in an isolalwl •l»l ion miles from here, known ns Burtou Cave, !s John cUngln- nilli, an aged licrmlt. CliiiKinsinltli lives in a log cabin I which was built by his grandfallier more than 100 years auo. He has :i repulalion for being adept in the tare cf ailing livestock. CliiiLM'tismUh has never seen a motion picture and only has ridden CHI a train once. SWIFTS, •NTHeiNOO-AAAlAVAN 6UILD THEIR. NESTS OF . ; fXJGE SALIVA. I THE NESFS ARE ' EXTREMELY VALUABLE FOR USE IN MAKING AT NIAGARA DEPOESENTf AN ENEBGV EQUIVALENT TO THE BURNING OF A TON COAL EVERV SECOND. O I Ml «7 MA Standard time went, into cflcci in the United States on Ocl. IBl 1883. Before lhat time there were sometimes as many as five dif-l ferent kinds of lime In use in a single town. Some of the Euroi>ciu| countries did not iidO[it the system until 1901. NEXT: Why are thilis kiuiichcd backwards? EACH CLUB GIRL / MtEtuou in:nK TOIIAT STI.V1A UIVi:il-( rule, tic iiinurr nrt ur Lnruhnt-t-k. fnHk- n:ilile NUT Ynrk KUl.urT). Slic IEUOT5 R.AI-:ilUUiN wiiii].c ilty Hn» little ninnry. llni. HlRkt nl the YMrkt c;lnh ll«jol» U put In mi ciHtinrr.ixiifnt;!,.n hy IIAIIDY \V11IDIUI1 1-:. one ol sijl\Jn r « curMlH. itho hud drinlllnic. Srlvin .inllvlo..!; vnnirUf* lit fnrce K<iin:t* rmipnu- linn from thr Jutllurn. llDiulli- nrnl. IliMit* t%HlidrH^«* from ikr *ro«d. she CMf» nlmul *vlik HI1SS I.1I.M). Ike mvimmlnc in.crorK... ItilhM fnlU In love ^Tlth krr m.a ntinnnncri he'« cuinc ntrnj. He lirs.* ItouiN to «-lr»pi- »vlth SlTlH ntirt •Iv: :mk^ fur lime II* 1M»k It ovrr. >|TII. Il^etinrn rcl«rn» front n nnri Itimf^ <rea<ln hnvinc her iNolkcr keue nbout lur rc.^icnnllon fnnn lEie ciub. ' t;o ON \VITII TIU; !)TI>RV CHAPTBR XIV /~\K course IL was madness, ftfrs. Haoturn Iwamctl. "That's lice, ducky. You've been havitig a gooil tlmo." Inwardly Boots wrilhecl at licr nollier's Irnsl in tier. Krjt, as she reminded herself, tl'.at she linil ilnno anyiluns lo bo ashamed of. On ttie contrary, her journoyings with liuss had been of tlio irnst decorous nntnrp. A ride in the sweet sincllini; lanes ... a chocolate soita at the Sweet Simp . . . lint would people Uelicvo Miat? A sir] diiln'i usually Fi<rnrl so much timo with ono nnn itftlcas tiio current of Tlicir nlfalrs ran .more drcply nnrl swiftly than thai nf a lilatonic fricmlfliip. Hut it had been idatunic. I!ool:i (old herself sturdily. After thai first impulsive kiss weeks ago HUES had nol laid a finder upon her. The memory of thai kiss slaved with litr . . . Iho older woman rolled stockings! into neat balls and lucked them I away In the drawer ot a scarred! mahogany bureau. "Dailcly a»d il arc perfectly willing to make tacrl-l fici-s for yon. keep yon in frocks! and pin money until some fmo man | TJicre was a good deal more ofl the s;ime and finally Boots, weaki anil ijefcnlcil. crept quietly away to I her own room. The scene hud I ended with a few mild tears anrtj rciiroaches on her mother's pnrl. I All right, tlirn, she wouldn't tnlkl abbut. working in'a sfiorf. 1 Xll rlghtj llicn. sho wonldn'l menliou ness courte any more ... \" "If sho 1iuds out nbnitt my signiu;; from the Junior:) I'm sim-!| lily Ihroiigh." Moots wintered tol | herself darkly. tos.-i[if on a hot! "What did yon siiy, clrirlini;?" niollier,s(raij;lilctuni; a sttunH;d [pillnw. And ot course Hint revela-i] ' lion was only a mailer of time. IJoots told hcrcctf as fho slipped out of the half-wet halhing suit nitd nervously began to dross. Why. II war, jnst a same Ihry were i Cirl:; iiud hoys talked as sho nml|| ncki Mflin ,. ollt " a llilo of ,.„,!,,,..} • • • Him hud nil Ihc limo mid it meant; uiin^ | ;iycre ,| j,, lissuc paper i Ct.KI-H' <voi,l,[ not come. It' precisely notliins. Johnny hail liccu j look,,,) ;il 1l( , r fondly. [° all »vronp. [lie girl thought i Hut [lie soiiiid that I'crali'ly. toeing in the darkn railed hor WLI* aliuusc a - l-'verylhiui; was v, roni; -her lifo'l Her carefully Imiii up [ab-[ here, (lie narrmvne;-5 :IT1 <1 sui iric of common scn:;e crumpled and I of il. ihe rcslrk-lions that honndl (if Itiiss's ! lier. With Huss—nml iicie lierT no|i, rlll " !»ruaii. shotitiiiK Hi (icialilinc thai very day I mi tlio uift. "lie mine, darlinj;. nn-yiin! I raii'l lire withmit you!" Anil crrrymic hiiil simply ecroiti ..... ' with la.islitcr. It had lictn llio j sliallereil :ii llto [mist priceless coaicdy linr. I V:ius . . . If ulie juiswcreil liiiii tmilly ! lieart lc;i|>cc[-cvcrytliin^ wonhl l-e'il Yes. Filio anil liuss [.mill wcvc; iln ,[ ,|i s | :m ,iy lomorrow lie vv,j,,l, : l i ilifferent. Me licloimcil li> a ilifrer-?! jusl iilayms at licuii; in love. H ; RO .-„,.•;,>• to Cliilc. Slic would never ' cut uorlil. He was not Imunil hy. : | iliiln't mean a thinp. II was cscll- scc hi:u ing. like hcint; in a ill ania Llie • Shiu Eruption May Be Caused By^Type ol Work of Iho Juniors : Amateur C.roilii .. .... . u;] might give. ! "' 51)0 laccfl her white sandals anil ' .iv.,i y ID one woam never t.-ui norm, lie was 1101 imuini uy; :e hicu again ... j llic age old taboos anil conventions.}| "Here, let inn hans that up." she i "' ""'•*' 1)c """I." she said for Ills'. 1 'I'he limits ul pro^rcsb arc —William i\. Ui-i Mar. acllng liomil Hcwaich Uouncil. not in slglit. chairman. Na- OUT OUR JJv Williams LLVOU PROMISE Id CUT OUT THAT RACKET AND AWAY, AND STAV AWAY, IF I VOU EACH? MAKE IT A DIME FER A DIME WILL I;Y DK. MOKIIIS nstiittiN Killtnr. Journal of Ihc Ainerlcaii Alt-ilieal AsHninli :nnl nf |[y- Rciit, Ihc llrallh .H.iE.r/inc i. oil iiticl lemon oil consisl of inore Ihan HO tier CLMiL of this limonene. Persons who arc sensitive lo lemon oil or lo mriwnline can crepe frock from her molhcr's lin- sers. She fairly Hew at Hie rest of In Knyland. LJOOO ir.rn received 'ine'.cnL Ihe irritations by avoidinc; coni]H'iisa(ion In I9:!'2 nialer work-I these siih.ilanccs. mc's compensation nn.s for | The di. [ ;U]rbanccs of the Jol)s iris ctuplioiis rL'Siillini: from [In in which they hapiKiirci In be cn- i:accd. Many of theM- nu|:tioiis of the .skin were due In *]*•< lal skin . . . . . _ _ ._ ckani-r:; nsi'd after Ihi- men hnd jcliut. as opiiWd lo a liquid, linislied Ihcir daily work. nl!y MIOKS ilsclf first on Ihe 'I'hc inrKiern worker wants to uc clcnn and presentabSc nlim he cavrs his job. Some nicii lake clrunlliu'ss miicli more ;crionsly llian do others. One worker \\ho developed an eruption on his tkin had washed his hands >'! Umc.s c.ith day while .H work. Ainoiit; ihe clcaiiMiK: suU-tanccs men use. and which are ar.sccial- ed Hiih irritation ot thc'ssin, arc wiishms .^oda, snda a.~ii :r.u( chlo- j rule of lime, as well n^ certain' .Tjenls for removing =:i'i\u.c^. such i as oils, turpentine and wood alco- I hoi. I If n'.orc men could o: 1 p.TMiaded i 10 wear gloves while at mirk, par- | iculariy with siiong cliem:.?,il sub- ; stances. fj:in riistiirlwnccs Iroin: ccnlacl with thcie aacncies, would i avoided. However, nio.-t men' iirrffr lo work ijlovc.;, and I 11 is probably dcc-iraKr lhat they I niMi-art applications to the ! wliich will pieivni contact with dangerous su'xUancev. Amon;: the fiih.uancc.. lo brine almisl lirital:un. i,f t|:c skin i arc alkalis. fu;ar. oil. chromic j .icid. UiriK-nUnr. dyes. ;;,i;ohne. , boker'i doucli. acid:-, paiaffin. i French polish and cotninumU of i nickel. i, ' It has been found, for example', lhal Hie eiuplions on Ihe skin occurring with workers who handle orange;, lemons and lelluee are due to a substance called htr.onenp, which it like turpn'.tir.e. Orange of Ihc skin lhat -come from lime, sugar aitt! tulip juice ;irc usually confuiccl lo Ihe skin around the fniycr nails. i\n crnti'.ion, due lo an irrilatintj 11511- face Such, for example, arc Fit random, lakius n inowii I hiuulrciHh time, E-.vitcliins on her'J ' licilsiilo lainp lo peer at. the c-lvkJ Si \va« ?, o'clcK-k. U was \. At; ran a comh ilirough her unruly i]| C uup;icking ami MIP. Itachiirii ilavhreak she cautiously put on her r.urls. Tho memory of Hnss's.grave. w | 10 i 1;1 ,i |, efr , idling herself thai • tlnlllcs alld sii l'P s d out the side' aURmllint; face as ho dad Eaid.jiho e hi](l was. strange and silent • ( ' oor - 1"' le world W;IH dewy, sjil-; "Tomorrow." stayed wllh her. Nciu-| an< | evidently liad soincllilng on ' vcl ' cl1 '" lllc " llre ei "' l! ' mnlr ii"5] sense. H wjs all nonsense :»nil she ,|, er m \ nl \, hanirilicil ilio iilen nml I lislu - Kvorythlng was delicious!? was :i fool ever to Inivo let him !rctlcclcil Iliac Barbara w:i3 grovvinj: fresh. Clear drops of crya-3 say sucli things to her! Tonight! up to lie a irrcal help. I lil1 hovered on the nasturtiuml mother woiihl come home; overy-1 Aunt Nodda \vMtileil P.nnls to ' ' c:ivcs - n3 'd'ever>• delphinium &pilio| tiaiiRlod with rtcwj place, like tlio pieces of a jigsaw iM r3 . Kaeburu faction. "You'd like thai, wouldn't you?" and neck. due lo wood club I best advice the eruptions und barley. * Unfortunately. Hie lhat can to given lo a worker j *"" who tutfcrs regularly with disturbances of the ."-kin a.ssociated with Ins jol> is 10 fiml bonw olhcr ioh —nol allocrlher a simple mailer in thc.-e limes. puzzle. IIU53 wnuld take [he mute hoat or the trull boat for Chile. Sho would have onn letter from him—maybe two. This lime nc-xi, year Khe might not even remember hfs name. "That's how serious It if." she said balf-aloini to convinco herself. All Ihrousli the evening. .15 siielaiit served jellied soup am! broiled il^aiitifiil Spanish i chops and sah'l to her father, as jcmhrohlcreil Hlir.wl? he,- tii Iho autumn M:ir ' nia-ically aid. «Uh iiuiet satis' I Tllc s ' rl - P ale •'""' h "vy.eyed. ~ : "l r(1 de across the Frass to th» gate* .. recorded, eruption. oF Vesuvius. ^ Political to ca.-xu i . i Vv-'g.^niitDT 1 - laici^ TNWAKDl.V Hunt; shivered. The ^ thought of Aunt NcddiiV cnlcl. ilonr tirown.stoiiG IIOIL<C near Hie lin.=ton Uoramoii made her shiver. Ami where would Ituss lie by ^ ' Makim; love lo r.ome senorita In an . - - — She could see I she wislic.l dislipj and hrusbeil up j herself, goini; to Die library 10! ••-- kllcbcn floor with a n-nrn K | IIIng<! i loo ' K5 tor Alllll K C ,I C | ;I hroom Ihe llionebt slayoil with her. I K ning to symphony concerts, with I It was not serious—she would not : r;i ] Ci ,i rn i,. decoicnu v^oclo nil 1 let It IK. Tomorrow she would jauout, them. ' employ jusl the. right Wend of i Nn—no—never ihiti: gravity and humor In her farewells | -| think I'll have a job by fall." she said vaguely. "A jol>. ilarling!" Her mcllicr smiled indulgently. "What could you ilu?" "Woll, Mary Olijvanl Id helping oul in a dross shop In New Martin me a fool!" she lold herself tadls-land si* loves It. And some nf Hie nantly- "He probably says lhal lo jollier girls—Helen and Louise and aonio girl every place he goes aud ! Sue—are going to take a business to the. bcach-chih guard. He would see, he would uudcralaiicl that she was a woman ot the world lor all uer IS years. She flushed at tlio memory of her sc.irlot cheeks and starry eyes. "Why. he miiit think expects me to know that." In tlio flurry of her mother's ar- rlral phe almost forgot Ritss. The d«r, faoifliar lain facfl and «p.ire unfashionable ficiira. Tbo unrack- of tlio shabby hags—somehow Iho evening flew hy. "And liow dirt she lake caro of you. Daddy?" wursc." "Bui, my dear," begun lie: mcllier In the lone, tbe strain Bool? so dreaded, "after all Ihey are newcomers hore. They h.ivo no Iradl- T»rR. KAEBIJRX, norjrt. h.iM. a good 10 years ok'er than his wife, muttered that Barbara fair e»ouzh bul be was glad to Mothsr home agaia. tions to uphold. Why. your Krand father Inillt the first Manor house. Iho one wjlh Iho ciipiln. that li'.e V/estcrlys live In now. I couldn't have you in a shop, dear. Daddy ami I would never agree to Ih.ii. . ." Boot? sal down on the bed. her we? eyes glittering, her rolor high. "But I've simply got to do something." the raid feverishly. which lo:l inlo the Harlser. U w:ir, only ;i sliort walk from here! In the blue r.trclrh of Ihe sound.! Hor head in-lied. Sb.e wauled lo o^| alone—lo pliako off the dark llinuslits of lb» nisht. "I oiiybl lo do IbM more olie - :,'>; she Tnld herself, siridjni; down i empty path lo ihe water. Itnl the iiiond of exaUnti nniikly passcil. She war. aflcr'all/- lillto more tliiin a child, wilfc * woman's problem? laid tefora hrr.~ Suddenly she put her shining felr bea'l dnwn into lipr hands «nd. woiit. "I don't Uh«w whiil'to <1n.' sins EOlilicd. "If somenno would only tell i:ie wlmi 10 do!" It seemed lo her lhat every plaw r=lio looked she met an impasse. She bad slaved off thinking »f UK- inevilHblo sccsici which would onsiif u-hea her ninihcr learned of Mi( bitter snub administered by Mrs Kehicll's hc.ivy iiami. She ^^ irled to liopo Mial. with work I' du in Ihe \inrld. Mis narro*nes 1 : of her pucial lite would not matter Hill Ibal g-ite was now closed. M'" Haeburn seeniert niMlteinbly ni> ]io;ed lr> any effort in direr Hon. And there was always ihi reilrkliou nf money. , "We've n e v o r li a d rnouRli' rcilly." rj.iot^ tlioucbl on.srlly. al most scornfully. And It was no »*' sayiug mocey didn't mailer. I nutlereii frightfully . . . "I'm £o sorry. Cjn 1 bft of an? help?" The calllvatcrt voire startltil "She's hetn on the go tnt Uve- can'l bans around here all my lite., Looking; «p. tmiclung fret Ion? time." he muttered, shaklnc .taking an sllowance out his papsr Jnd settling do«'D • knowing that tverv und»r ibi ambsr-shadtd lamp. "I ihoes I zsl 1= rricti neTe.- knew whsre she was atitr itrassiv • • •" trnm new joi; Daddy, eyes wttb a nindkercnlef. pair ot stared straight at the tall d=r>, tur.llv ; rc'J2j isua tie bii ccet at' iHa::s nou=e Denis Fenway. XT*cli5Iir ____ .tig JJ$ Contliiu«iJ

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