The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1952
Page 3
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, AUGUST 5, 1952 Movies Are Hotter than Ivtr- fifeRX.) COTJBSER J Marilyn Monroe: 'A New Hariow' Is Nov./ Sex Queen o/ Hollywood Movies are. holler than ever, «ay» Krsklne Johnson, ace Hollywood reporter for ftKA Service and The Courier N'eus. Here's Ihe Mcnml on IMt eye-pupping nisp.iU-ties on the neu-esl Ireiid in Movielossn's battle against IV ~and Ihe prnniinonl, er, figures In Ihe big ciniicharh of Se.v Appeal. By EKSKIN'i: JOHNSON' HOLLYWOOD I NEA)—Hollywood took 14 years, three score screen tests and a couple of million dollars u> find a successor to Jeiin HarUw, who melted movie celluloid from 1027 to 19M. Kpvei-al movie riol]* claimed tlie lute plant mum blonde's Hollywood "Sex Queon" title from time to time. Bill moviegoers, and Hollywood iiself. was nor so si:re. Thrn zippy, blonde Marilyn Monroe rame a.'ong (o the lifted eye- hi-ov.-p ami the wolf whistles. The verdict came fast, and the vote was unanimous. Hollywood's u ,- yefir search was over. t Like Jean Harlow. Marilyn is j blonde, yomiR <24>, nnd saucy, when I asked what she thought about sex jshe flipped. "I've never given it » •, second thought." She's also buxom, j curvesome anrl a show stopper in blue denim trousers, a Runny sack or a Jow cut evening gown. Even .r»ne Rus<ei| i-inie out MC- ond best to Marilyn at, a Hollywood party for the editor of « national magazine. "All the studios brought their top glamour girls." a press asent remembers, "i brought Marilyn and paraded her around like a horse in front of a grandstand. Jane Russell was ignored. Marilyn was the hit of the evening." Like Jean Harlow. Marilyn is hot newspaper anrl fan maga/ine ropy, nnd is the most talked about personality since Mary Aslor burned her diarv -..nd Ingrici Tierprnan went to .Srromtjoit. In the spicy reariiiiR department • so f.~r this year were: Hor concession that slip po-eri in tin 1 nude for 0 calendar '.vhen she nnr'cird money. i Her "1 Don'1 Remember Mama" story about beitie an orphan-debunked \vhen I revoaled that her mother is alive and living in Hol- lyv,'on«i. i Her indicnanf rol.e in a Lo* An- i'eles courtroom as th state's star witness fljTninst tu-it nien cliartied with nsint? her name on letters hawkine nude photographs of her "in everv pose imaginable." And her romance with Joe Di- The linkine of Marilyn and Joe crashed the headlines via the frayed temper of Joe's rx-wife. Doro-j thy Arnold, in a child custody action. Dorothy wrii)ed that little Joe. Junior, referred to Marilyn in her , presence \vitb Joe .Senior's pet narne for the star — "The Doll." + , t*. they For .Marilyn's figure, batli e divorced s a child following the dert'h of I her father In an unto accident and tlie liasptialiTntioii of lier motlier a film studio cutler named Gladys Bakei 1 . from a nei vous breakdown A reunion Mith her mother after cr.ui'.ianr-M ti-om a LJIS Anaeles-luan scisool didn't work out and Marilyn went to work as a im-ar-limr- In- *pcctoj in a I.os AJKT)^ M.K- pj.ijji jiist iH'iore the end of World. War Thrn she'switched to rn'idelins- Mri pc.s«l for thai ucr.v famous ii'»ip t-ilrm:fir HIT fee v, as $50 i)in its bcpn worth $i.(iflO.«w> to her in • - - ,.,..., .-,,, „.,.> I'.ublicity. Askeri (us! i!m other (is" clinsed for exactly on e miiu.te bv. if she liari miyrl-.inE on for the Orowbo Marx. ' nilcmfcr photopi-aph, M a r i 1 v n : quipped: ' i "Slue. 1 had the radio on." i When Giouchc. Marx chafed Marilyn in -Love Happ.v." lie ehri«<ti her to stardom without kitowinjj it. She went on tour to help ballyhoo m ,_„, for |)i,'fiires, fha- nd No. 5 for liedlimc ... ! of lieins a siesl actress a art neii.hpr has Marilyn. It t.ook hit ro'es in fuo roles ana that nuric c.ilcndar -beJ'.re she her-amr- a ,11, HI it Hollvwood had the rltjht idea about her frcm th? very lieninnint.' She was wolf whi.,lli. Inil. In o:tr li'ni she pl.iyrtl a bvn-lesque quren and in another, "Love Mappv," she w;>s Film Kcting was Marilyn's thud method of Mippwiins herseif aficr lier teen-age mavrisac hit the rocfe Mariiyil nas 15 wiu-n she said, "i do." wnll a sai!r>r named Tom Douirnr-rty Within foven month* i"B suits—but no sun (an . . , and radio shows and lafsooed <?irl In "Ticket to Tomahawk." Hut il Marilyn's tol? of a sultry doll imcrc>stcd in an older man in "Asphnlt JuilKlc-" that mcltrd the r-anrty hars in ihciuer lobbies Later, in "Niiittnra." ,lo.--e|)li Cotteii descn'ocd Marilyn 10 a fiinnd • f-,he v.ears enwns cm so Ion yrm ran altiTO-;c sr-c hcj- kncrcaps " Mii.rilyii, Ivrn an<l raised in cali- foniin. the lind nf ihe sun tun, has skm as white ns ynnri. Ask^iJ '.vhv she doesn't like tu tan, M.ijjyn explained: ''I like to fee) blonde all over," Hollywood's next ' 'Sex Queen" may noi. say all the Mae Westish tilings movie iirc-s n^ents claim she says. But. intimate comments from her. like the rrasnn siie doesn't tan and "Wlu.t do I we;ir when [ go to bed? I wear Chanel No. S." have helped make her the most talked about ,.|rl ill Hollywood PAGE THREE Billfold Switch Is 'Shell Game' INUIANAPOI.IS *-Aftor three men held him ,un. Jnincs Adams esked ttiem to B Iye him his empty bilifnlii. One robber stuffed il back into Adams' pocket. Hut it wasn't Aclntns' billfold Police picked up Jamos Cioodner' 3J. for an explanation how Good nor's billfold oame lo bo in Adams AH l f °,?' " IS " h ° "'•""-•" 1'OW Adams' billfold, with $10 still m H, came lo be In Oowmer's |ioc-k- ORDER In the ('hanrcrr Court, Clifcki- sawha Dlslrkt, Mississippi rountj, Arkansas. Gcraldine Bassett, Pt,f vs - No. M.H3 Charles B. Bafifett Dft The defendnnt, Charlee 'a Bas•"•M. is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the rmlr , [named In tlie caption hereof onr j .answer the comijlmnt. o[ the plam- ' tiff, Geraldine Bassett j Dated this 14th day ot July. IMS. Harvey Alorris. Clerit Laverne Ball. D.O. Om Wells, atty. fur pt;. Ed B. Cook, atty ad lltem 7 15-22-29-3>i WAHNTVG OI;IH:R In (hi- rhancrry Court. Chlcka- wl.a District. JIl.Mfejippj Oiunty, Geoico w. Fic-cman. Ftf. ( vs, ; Alia M Freeman, Dft ! : The defendant. Alta M Freeman, 1 . is hereby warned to appear within . lauty dnys in the co.nt named in i :tnn caption liorcof and answer the i rompininl of the planuilf, Georce i W. Freeman. Dated tins 14,h day ot July. 1052.; Hnrvey Morns. Clerk | j By Lnvcrne Ball, D.O I I Walla, atty. for |ftf. ( Ed B. Cook. any. ad lilem. j 1-l»-22-M-8 5 Notioa ie hwel>7 gf«n thrt the undersign, OK commissioner In CiKmcery Court .anti under decree of July 14, 19o2, In the case, of j|e- del's, Inc., a.? plaintiff, and T. S, L and Mary Crosby, defendants, will on thn 18 day of August. 1952, ofler for sale at, (he south door of the coiirtlioura In Blytheville, Arkansas, upon a credil of three months, the following described lands, to wit: Lat Two (51, Blork One l\) of the H. H. Aikrn Subdivision In the South Half is'.i'l of Die Southeast Quarter (SE'ii of Section Fifteen i!5), Tov,n€lup 15 North, Ramie n East. Said pale is made for the pur- pcxse of snttsfyiiu; judBmeiu of ,»60767. plus iiitorn«i and costs, in I the case above mentioned, and pur- | chasers ai said sale will be rccniir- j ed to give not wild approved security lor the purchase price, and j a lien will be retained on the prop- I erty sold. ite<i this 38th day of July. 1952. Harvey Morris. 7.7.9-B S . WARNING ORDER I lo the Mississippi Court, Chteta- owha Ilistrict, Mlsslssiptf Co«nl». Arkansas. Pauline Kelley, PH. V8 - Ko, L2.114 | O. A. Kelley, Dft. The defendant, o. A Keiley, la hereby warned to appear within i thirty days In the court named in i the caption hereof and answer tha romplaint ot the plaintiff, Pauline I Kelley. Dated this Hth day of July, 1552. Harvey MorrlJi, Clerk By Lavcrno Ball, DO. Guy Walls, atty. for ntj. Ed B. Cook, atty ad lltem. 7:15-22-39-313 Political Announcements Subject to Preferential ElecMea Aug. 12 1952 For Stale Hf-prespiitslrva KENNETH S. SUI.CEB Por Post No. J AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION TUESDAY, AUG. 5 "Yes, Sir, Mr. Bones" Gals! GiRKlos! Gngs Galore' WED.-THURS. 'The Big Trees' Starring Kirk Douglas gown a. A fifudio official took a cood look and admonished her about the briefness nf her attire. Marilyn nav htm that sexy smile and cooed: "Whal.'s the matter — don't, o a "Whal.'s the matter like red?" don't, you Jean Hsrlnw was never arcused Truman Rounds Out Vacation And h Ready for Campaign KANSAS CITY <$>> — Prurient! T-'iman yesterday rounded out t-hn' l?st day oi u restful vacation liefore flyine back tn Washington fo et-t rr^dy Tnr the fnll faction cnin- | paign .as ''just a buck private in j the rear ranks." i That ^'as the way he cle?rrib<?d ] himself to a friend who inquirr-d \ about his plans in the Stephenson-*j Sparkman campaign, Tnifnan is a wait ins ",vnrci liom Adlai Stevrnson, tlie new Demo- [ crntir prppidential noiinnep. as to; thp part ho will play for fitevon?nn i snd liis rgnninp inntp. Sen. John J. Soarfcman of .Alabama. Truman lonkrci iJr af^er ten days at home durfns which he ha^ car- J nrri on .rniuine White HOUPP bii^i- i np.v but frcpd hirnsrlf of much of the Washington ytrain. HP will fiv btirk to VVasliinetnn tomorrow. BeTriro do: 112 ?o. he ivilt vnf" for Ri.a»p A f ty OPR. J. E Bur,; Taylor in the race for ths Demo- VACATION TIME at take a tip from travel veterans.,, take crniic norriinatiori lor the Senate .seat noR- nclri by Republican James I p. Kern. Kent is an outspoken foe.) of Truman policies. I Taylor is opposed by Stuart Sym- ! itiaton, Truman's, o'A'n former secretary of the Air Farce and RFC cleanup adminisiTalor. The President"?: close frie.nris here say that the odds favor Symington over Taylor. Army Rations its Ammunition WAPKrNGTON ';Fi _ Thp Armv rr?trrtiav nnnouiirrri a Rtricf ration n' ammunition for use hy any bill Unas in art|o:i and troop* ri'^lin»ri fnr roinhfil asfiamont in Kon-n. A-5i?t^.nt Army .^rrtetjii y Knrl R BriKirt^cn .>airi in a stafrmrnt 'nnf fho recently roTir-lnn'rn srrr*l jn-ikc to--t (no ,-irmv sbonf .17 ppr crnt of I':- 5' :leti'i!od iimwi}nl'io» proriuo (ion for OIF rnrr^nt ve:ir. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Cnmiminity Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinees Sal. & Sun, Phone 58 TUESDAY 'THE SUN SfETS AT DAWN" Waller Ueccl Sally Par .AIR CONDITIONED IIY RKFKIGEHATION TVES-MEP. Dotihip Feature MTKS" 2 Kitr Price of 1 fliiiiJTIllIf] Cartoon & Slmrls WED.-THURS. 'LOVE'lS BETTER THAN EVER" Elizabeth Taylor Larry Parks RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. TUKSDAY "SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR" Joan Fontaine £ Ray Mi|] \YF.n.-THURS. 'ON THE LOOSE Joan Evans & Mclvin Douglas " lis smart lines and colors aiva you an air ol disfinc'ion. Moke you feei lite visiting royalty. • It carries more clothes, Ireepi'them wrinkle-free,- ha! pockets and hangers to ike pocking easy And the beller-than-leatber icysrings wipe cleon with o damp cioth! • If you're going by <or.. you'll jfow more Samsonile (and more sports' <joar) in ike rear deck...thanks lo the scientific topered shops. • In o pinch.. .Somsonlle's o cinch to handle personally. Because of special handles nnd ilim snape. . • Sormonite cosli 10 lillle! Two pieces total less than you'd expect to pay (or jusf one of \uch quality. You con own a complete family ensemble nghl off! will meet the lowest advertised price of every competitor - item by item - day by day - town by town quality considered! a Piil!.7i3(i t«». 527 50 b Udiei O'Nite IPerjular), 519 50 < lad,ei TtainCofe. SI7,50 d Men's Uo-Syitsr. S25.00' «5£ ?n t -^ V **,.-A fa J f] -v . 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