The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Sutherland Also Favors I. S. U . Texas A. '& M. Notre Dame Teams BY JOCK,SUTHERLAND V tUburxh'*. Head Coach PITTSBURGH, Oct. 27—Chicago Association of Commerce know .romeihtng In Declaring this n focitball week. The gridiron world will be tuntid in on the Chicago district on Friday night nnd Saturday afternoon, , Saturday sees the p... omcnal /Minnesota varsity engaging North- wesiern at Evanslon In an on- Basement which may go a long wnv . toward settllmj the mythical imllorial championship as well as fucli a thing pcsslbly can be de- lermlncd. That same afternoon In nearby Foulh Bend. Notre Dame again C'"ies to srlos with Ohio Stale. ' The-• traveling circus representing Saint Mary's College of Call- •fornla hooks up' with Marquc-llc on Friday night in n unnic that will fill Chicago's spacious Soldiers' Field. Tile Chicago Park district Is sponsoring Ihls battle for Us employes' welfare fund. Northwestern generally Is conceded a better cha'ncc against Minnesota than any club deployed nRainst the Gophers since they -cdBed ritlsbmgh in that memor- nMe scrap early In the campaign cf 1934. The Purple plays sound -ffotball and has .a number of Individual slars, but It Is difficult • to pick against an outfit that has tern as consistent as the one drilled by tne leiy able Bernle Blcrman I gUc Minnesota a slight margin. Agniiist Ohfo State; Noire Diime will have the confidence born of Its late and winning rally of the thiiller of a vcnr ago. The Buck- eve atlack lias been unsteady I like the Irish Sen. Fordbam Too Kobust Maraucttc Im an unusually fine nil-round backficld luminary m Buzz Bulvid, but (lie MiliVfiu- J-ce aggregation Is shy. reserve backs. Slip Modlgan. has turned out a number of outstanding icnms at Saint Mai-y's, and this falls edition,Is one of <"» : mo st accomplished and best M of n" The Galloping ( -. vccl to the battleground di t,." theii game with 'Fordh \have done nothing but Play, and talk football f,' ' j The\ figure [o cop. ' I suspect that Fordham win pnne a bit too robust defensively for Pittsburgh In New York The Hums held Pitt to a total of ex- 'icth 08 jards last autumn, which K Iho least n Panther club ever has named The Panthers are a soling club and their attack has nol teen consistent Pennsylvania is my choice over Wavv. largely localise It should be In the better physical conttilion following n comparative breather with Brown The Mlddcs. on Uie other hand, are tackling the Bunkers nfler savage battles with Vale and Princeton T faior Michigan Stale over B«tcn , College, which hasn't shown tco much in an offensive Army packs too much heaw »r illerv for Colgate. Columbia duln t like its tie with Cornell last • ea<wn and figures (o make tin for It against Carl Snnvcly's sopli- omoies. i Dartmouth last vear broke the )in\ which the Yale Bowl had been to Hanover teams for years, and I hnxe an irina that the Green "fain v,ill prevail Princeton and Harvard launch Iho season's competition in the Big Thioe, with the Crii n lacV- nig the material with wnlch to combat several opponents on its schedule. Holy Cross is one of the eastern powers, nnd I have a hunch _that Dr. Eddie Anderson's fouart has a little too much stuff for the Temple team of Ihe grand ow man, Pop Worncr. •iice should dispose of George Washington in an intersectlonal nieagement. Illinois Over Michigan . Purdue would be a bit too much for Camcjrie Tech on even terms mid Ihe Boilermakers have aii edge In that lhc Paid is travel- worn nnd tired from a severe early season grind. ^v in a position to know that Dunucsne Is a bit too accomplished for Detroit, despite Us unset defeat by West Virginia Wesleyan. Illinois is Improving, and should , fWt by Michigan's Wolves indi- Jdiia is \astly Improved this trip 1 end packs a few too many tricks '- for Ozzle Simmons and his Iowa company. Wisconsin should turn hack Chicago, but It figures to be close. • Louisiana State has one of the finest arrays in the country, and must be selected as a winner over vanderbilt. North Carolina Is' too strong - for North Carolina Slate. Alabama is the choice over Kentucky on all around strength Major Bob Keyland has brought Tennessee a long way back-far enough to hurdle Georgia. Duke «ill wln.a.s it pleases from Washington and Lee. ; The majority pick Texas over the Southern Methodist sophomores, but I am Inclined to lean the other way. Sammy Baiigh's parsing gives Texas r 1 - • 'in a , margin over Baylor, a tjiat got going In tho 1, 'o-i _BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS On the Outside-Looking In "BY.'DOKK" IVIiat They Think As we've previously mentioned we're somewhat fearful of lootiu' up championship claims this early in Ihe season, even for our own Chickasaws., Thai unbeaten string of straight wins—now nt 24—has gotten In our liiilr (a figure of speech only, please) so that U has us constantly Jittery, knowing as we do that even th? Maroon and white must bow to tho inevitable, sooner or later. Slill, every since lhat Jones- bora game, which for us meant going through Ills valley of uncertainly, we have been vlstonlny great lh|ji»s for the Chicks—some- thin? thai we privately had not believed possible with Ilcishel Mos- Ify, Gene Blncku-ell. Red Baxter, Elmer Lindsey and olhcrs missing frcm the line-up of trmt 1035 co- stale championship eleven. Casting a very discerning eye In the direction of that dog-eal-dog same with GKicmvixxl. Miss., lo be played here Friday night, nev- crUicbEs. we're gelling away from Hie gnme of Uic wi-ck for lhc 1110- mc-nt to let you know how some other si»rts columnists over the stnte feel about lhc Chicks. "IHylhcville. Sure" Mere's liie way Allen TIMcn, who Is sports cdllor of llle Arkansas Democrat, sizes up ilia slale tlllu sllualion |n his column "Every Now'n Then" of Sunday: "If you were forced lo mime two teams lo play-olr for lhc Arkanws hlah school football championship loclay, what learns would you '-x- Iccl? "Blythcvillc, sure. "The Chicks have not been beaten this season and have piled up n great record of 2-1 consecutive victories. True they have not met ns stiff comiKtltlon as in nny of Ihe other lending teams, but lliclr record cnllllcs them to consideration. " ( No«- name tliclr opix>ncnt, "If you're going lo select an undefeated and untied team you're going lo have to gel oiilsltte the ranks of the generally recognized leaders, Atkins ivud Bnblnco in central Arkansas, McCiehcc in southeast Arkansas nnd .Rogers up in northwest Arkansas are among the stronger lentns still boasting perfect records. Hill none of them have played representative schedules. "And If you pick n team from the so-cnllcd 'Bl g Ten 1 you're going lo be forced to ;nim e an out- nt lhat hn.-i been tied. There is not an undefeated nnd untied learn left-In the group. "Hope, not springs and Little Rock are the undefeated members pf the group. Hot Springs and Ul- tlo Rock played a scoreless lie two weeks. .Hope'was held to n draw- by the Pine Blulf Zebras early in the season." • | Tildcn continues on and then makes his. choice with qunlincn- lions Iwsi'd on future performance: "If Hot springs com?s through the remainder ol Us schedule with only the Little Rock He against Its record, we'd vote lo let Ihe Trojans play the Chicks. The Trojans faced Ml? toughest schedule of any (mm |n the Male. "So far they've beaten Forrest City, 20 lo 't3; Joni'sboro, li lo 0; G:orglu Military Academy. 24 to (!•' Clarksi-lllc, 31 to 0; tlsd Ulllc Rock nnd boat Fordvce. 13 lo 0. If they can llulsh wllh vlrlorlc.s over Cam- rion, HI Dorado. I'iuc liluii nnd Hops they'll ln> t!\- rral Arkansas leailer. lo our nay of thinking." against nfter being nn early season disappointment. Texas A. and Nf. figures to emerge victorious In n passing battle with Arkansas. Oklahoma should repel Iowa Slate. Nebraska Is altogether too powerful for Mlaourl and Kansas should win from Arizona with little trouble. Auburn will nnd Santa Clara a hard bunch of Broncs to tame in =an Francisco after a transcontinental trip. Stanford Is about due to repulse U. C. L. A. California Ls my Pick aeainst Washingloti State md Washington has too much power for Oregon. "Easy li» N'amo" (,'hltlis Klton Dlcksou, Joncsboro Tribune spoils editor, Is another whc believes UlytlU'vllleaud Hot Springs should meet for the slats clmm- plonshlp If holh Ilnlsh (heir regular .wii.son undefeated. He writes: "It's still October and tho hlsli school sjiidlron race Is fur from n fliil.'ih but uio.s( or (lie (calling lenms have dropped by (he way' sido. Now yon can pick ymr own chump!,™, 'i-he lyu'lrjvillo hiah school chlfknsawi look lli« l>csl 1 Coach Carney la.i!lc's chicks are Hie only major (itidcfciitcri and untktl high school tonin In Arkansas. Furthermore Hie MIssUslpul counlliiiui have a record «f 2^ con- .wcullvc victories Kfiblchln.; over three seasons. "But t!K>r« is something else There will be a (xxst-season play- 011 for the title this year. It | S cnoiigli lo tmtne Ulythcvllle as one of the clubs but they must have an op|»nent. Dictoxm then goes through the process of ssleclliH. an op]»nent nwis- 1 ' l ° """' "' 1 '" <ie "' """ Ul8n "Provided Blythevllle and ilot Sprlnss flnlsh Ihe campaign without lashig « game, it j s quit- | 0 »|. cal they should meet for Ihc crown Before Ihe season h completed the Ti-ojans must bntlic Camdeji, EI Dorado, Port Smith and Hope '"Then, of course, there Is the probability llj,,i Blytlievlllc might hit a stump before Turkey Day iie- nialnlng games ou the Chick menu arc Greenwood. MU.S., Ne«-|,orl, faearcy and Forrest city. Soarcv and Forrest City should be tough hi boa?'" 1 "' 1 " 0 ™ IC5 ""•' fn ™"»" "There may l w somo question In the minds of some funs „.],„ SB ,,, Joncsboro lose to both Blylhcvlllc am Hot springs as to whether the Chicks are worthy or tl, c plny-oif. Despite (he fact that Illylhevlllc as not faced any ,,ia|or learn In , I ",' U1 " 05)>Uc tl10 ! »rt "i«t they didn't look as good ngalnst Jonesboro n s d kl Hot Springs, ill's an old saying that, 'figures ?doirt ic! Ihc Chicks whipped Jones- bore 13 lo 0 willlc (he best the Trojans could do was eke out a 0 to 0 triumph." The Game's the Tliln^ ><„ ""', lr ,,"J li ' of lllc cllicfci ha been foolish enough lo read tl (wed like to reserve it for frm sumption only) wo suggest i Professor Laslle deal out some bis bitter medicine designed lo duce swelling—of the cranium. Siwrt writers must have (heir s nnd plo.skln followers' like nollil better than n clinnce lo figure tli out right or wrong—mostly wro There never was ,a football gn Hint ,was won on the sport pa About the only reaction on the p; ol Clilekns'nw 1 opponents to fnnfaic of publicity will be to have his con- that of re- say Ing them Pimvliceling For A Cain TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, Klcl-ens, Oregon State hac!<. became a human plnwhc-el when Hai Hlrshcn. No. 311, of U. C. L. A., hit him. Kloterg did a complct- spin In Ihc air, (it on hfs feet, nnd advanced for a considerable KHln befoiu he was stopped, His tumbling was lo no avail however, for U. O. L. A. won the game, played In Lcs Angeles,' 22-13 By Harry Grayson lad from Harlem's Italian east side as H round-house swinger. "It's possible, of course, but I doubt that a swinger ever «•!)! nail Steele," said Miller. "Not with Slcelt 1 punching as he Is capable of punching, when Freddie Ie!. 5 his power drives go without a 'pull,' .,„.,, „,._„ ., ., llc I'il.i very, very hard. Wait, and NEW YORK.-I'rovided they go judge for yourself. If It is true (hat Ualsamo is a swinger, it may nlcug without dlsastroiw interruption. Harry Ealsamo and Freddie Stccle promise to give the present ._ ,. -. .„ & ..^. l..~ lJlt.ot.llu I1.U.1LI glove gciicralloti some idea of what' keeps be one round, perhaps two, but lsnino will be on the deck for Slatilcy Kelchel and billy Papke were back In the early lOOO's. Meanwhile, Halsamo, the bi-lt- Ing brakcnmn of one side or the 1 promptly set Steele and Miller right In regard lo Balsamo's hlt- llng. There'll he no bsaling Ilam- merlng Harry to the punch on ac- conllncnt, and Steele the law •""".'* I 111 ' 1 * '" " K 1™"™ »" urenker of the other wi revive ,?'"! ^ ",'?' throw "^ '=»"»>'• Interest. I,, n,n »,™i '. I" ,\° tllc 1[ollal " 1 l "»»e' I wouldn't want Interest hi the great and traditional middleweight division. Indeed, Balsnmo already Is the • hottest imglllstlc article on Broadway. Steele Is headed east, and the ICO-pomid conflagration would Fearless Freddie to make a mistake like that. Illngn-orms. with tired old eyes cannot ever recall seeing u straighter hitter than BaLsnmo. the kid who came from nowhere to be the he further fanned If Fred Apostoll I wl:o ramc fl ' om nowhere to be the the San Francisco crack, would llllk ot llle bi " lmv " in J lls t 17 come on and make U n three- IllollUls of liwifesslounl warfare, some. When numbers of the old guard •no the Steele, who lifted tne championship from Eddie (Diibe) iiisko i" <5enll.l ( < in Julv. plans to acquaint himself with the bi s time ty nppcnnng In several: boiils In Chicago, Pittsburgh. Philadelphia and New York, lending (o n lioi»d-for inigngcment wllli unl- ':r ^inhallnn skies In iiicoma Ta)>pcr, who lias confined his operations lo the Pacific coast, will lacklu Gus I.esno- vleh, the Jersey lad, In i/> 5 Ail- poles before departing, Stei-le Itelltvcil 1taK:uno Kounil-linusc Swinjcr Slecle \v~ns convinced lhat Dal- samo was n right good thumper, but someone gave him n wroni; steer in describing the 23-year-old (town more than ever nnd knock 'cm over if Ihey can. Greenwood is not afraid of rc- spcak of Halsamo hitting like Bob Fitisimmons and Kctchcl. Ihc comparison is based on the deliberate manner in which he wraps all he has inlo one punch, li.ilsamo's ham-like right fist packs the authority, although he sets up opponents with his left fairly well. ColTrnlh Would Arrange Tidily of Preliminaries An opponent of Balsamo must cither belt him but or slow him down quickly, or weather a terrific storm for three or four rounds although there is no telling just how long a chap with ths tremendous energy of the subway slii". gcr can maintain the breakneck pare h= sets. Steele is of the same type. HC '•as knockouts lo show for more (ban halt of his 10 starts, and 98 per cent of his foes linve b?en in the slag. Balsamo has stretched Columbus and Leslie Dodson. if James Wood Collroth were I GOT MY PA. QA.YS SJM GPtoND! TIN KEEPS RA. FRESH, AND IT ROLLS CJUICVER AND ASIER BECAUSE IT'S 'CRlMPCUT' WHY DON'T VOL) TRY PRlMCF ALBERT AMD TOEAT YOURSELF TO SOM67HIMG SPECIAL-' LOOX AT 7ME PA. TRIAL.' HOW IS THAT .PRINCE ALBERT FOR ROLLING? AGO. IT KEEP. ... PRIME CONDITION DOWN TO ^E LAST SMIDGIN AND ALREADy IT SEEMS DRY AND TASTELESS ^"* /^JLJ "Ot I 71 MONEV BACK IF WOT PA. FOR MvVlAVCIN'L, CIGARETTES NOW. IT'S THE ANSNMHR TO REAL CX3WNRIGHT BETTER TOBACCO PACKED THE BETTER WAV PRINCE ALBERTIS MADE FROMBertER TOBACCOS- AND A SPECIAL PROCESS TAKES OUT THE^BITEf IT'S CRIMP CUT* FOR EASY ROLLING — AND SMCXE IT.' ITS MILD AND MELLOW RINCELBER NATIONAL JOr SMOKCI Want iMississippians to Bring Band and Cheev- Scction By J. 1'. FRIEND the Greenwood, Miss,, Bulldogs Invade Biythcvlllc Friday | for their pigskin clasli with the Chlcknsntvs under the floodlights at Haley Field the fans are going to see one of the most colorful anil dr«£scd-iip high school teams In Hie country, in the opinion of Head Coach Carney Laslic and Frank WhUtrortli, local enthusiast who saw llle Bulldogs Cleveland last week. Aside from tile game Itself featured by a last half drive thai carried lhc 1935 Delia champions lo a well earned 12-7 victory, (he most Impressive Ihlng was Greenwoods (hie spirit and Ihe color of llicir equipment, The well groomed tenin was dressed in Navy sty]; head- gears, cardinal Jerseys nlth large while numerals, and sky blue silk panls. To add to the brilliance WLS a slaglng a battle 'ostween llaisimc and stcele. he'd be certain to have Plenty of preliminaries. Papke wasn't recognized as a t'uy great hitter until he placed -i Illy in Hugo Kelly's hand in Just ?= seconds at Colma, Calif May 15, 1309. Coirroth scheduled the next edition of Pftpke and Kelly for 45 rounds, announced that there woiild be no preliminaries, and that the fight ivoiild start at 2'30 pm Somebody's watch was wrong. They •verc sent on their way at 2:28 au-l mcr s Ilian $8000 worth of payln» iiiests demanded nnd ..ot tlieir money back when they arrived to •"»1 Kelly still Drotesting that he .man t heard the Irain whistle Balsamo and Steele stir memories of Fit*. Kelchel. and Papke ' "ey musl be good. MEN Don't Buy Any Suit [Jniil You Have Seen These New TROJAN SUITS Now Selling At * 14-75' And $1 7-50 17 SINGLE I5RKASTBD nOUBLK UREASTED SPORT BACKS PLAIN BACKS The jinltcnu are the very latest...the tailoring much liner than yon would expect in Suits at lliese lo;v prices shipment just in which Includes all sizes. CAPPS FINE SUITS S 2675 Here are clothes to suit ths most fastidious dresser . . . 1C() ' : all wool fabric.'! In a k-rent variety of exclusive H11 d s o n Cleaner T ^ioi' - Clothier Phone 53 rx?p squad of 75 anci a 60 piece band K'lilch furnished entertain-1 mcnt during the game and between till* halves. E/forts are being made lo have the p;p srinad and the band accompany the team, hut so far satisfactory arrangements hnvc not been completed. The weights or Ihe Bulldogs were not reconled on the printed programs, but Leslie and WliiUorlh said they were, about the sisw of Hie Jojiesboro Golden Hurricane, or with a team average of approximately 168 pounds. The llns pvoli- ably scale.? ns. Led by three hard running backs, ". A. iioirnian, l«e Abraham, Urossie Dantone, an end. Dud Pillow, and Uobsn Telfair, tackle, the vlsltore present a formidable lineup. They have a hard, low charging line, with plenty of power. A cold, brisk wind failed to halt the training of the Chicks yesterday, Ihou-ih [t did cause Head Coach Laslle lo call n halt early. For Ihe first lime since the i>i»- gotl game Ihe locals will l>" able to put on a full (cam without injury handicaps. Captain Byron •'iUpper'' walker and Oneil Crai» have completely recovered from their knee .sprains. Russell Mosley received a back bruise In the Par- ngould fray but Is okey dokc once more. Craig, Walker and Mosley were withheld from the final half of the walnut Ridge fame. Only Alfred Meredith and Max inilclihis •Mtf action for lh c full u me Realizing that Greenwood will nreseiit a difficult obstacle to hurdle, the coaches are stressing offense. TH;ir day's program rtld not, infcludc scrimmage but they took plenty of time runnin^ their Plays, winding up the drill with blocking the dummy. That Man Keller Wrestling Program Put Off by Legion Officials The wrestling card scheduled for rast night at '.he Am»rican Le«ion nut outdoor arena was Indefinitely postponed by Legion officials who reached theft- decision laic yesterday afternoon, lit is probable that no mat card vyili bo prcsLMitcd next Monday 'light but when the shows start again they will be held indoors nl the armory and later at ths arena which is to bs enclosed. It has been a long time since Yale had as smart and colorful a player as Capt. Larry Kclley, end. The loquacious Irishman, .shown above leaping for u pass, made tho play against Navy that may result in a rule change—"accidentally" kicked a ball fumbled toy Siieed Schmidt, Navy back, from the 22 to the 3-yard line, and fell on it there to ylve Yale possession of the ball. In two clowns, Yale punched over. Kelley is sure of all-eastern honors, and may make All-America selections. Read Courier News want Ads. FOOTBALL CONTEST Two Valuable Prizes Each Week Second- Prize — Arrow or Wilson Tic First Prize — ARROW SHIRT All you have to do fs visit our store secure a ballot "" * hc scle(u ' Bor the 1 , box. All Imllols m usl l,o in |, v pi-ecocthntf ciicli week's THIS H'ERK'S C.'AMKS: Bl.vthrvillc vs. Grcemvmni "ope vs. Canulcn Hot Siirinss vs. l>h:c Illuff El Dorado, vs. Malvcrn l.lltlc Hock vs. Tort Siiiilh Auburn vs. Sanlu Clara Ole JIfss vs. Ccnlciiarv Ahlwnia vs. Kentucky Arkansas vs. Texas A. ,v ,~\i Atimii'sola vs. Norlliweslcrii LAST WEEK'S WINNERS: Jesse Taylor, First l-.-i.e; , vy Cr;lwru] ,, 8w)n(( •/.v, '~ t^- v ^,"^/ ^ frL -, ^<^,-v/.,- : ^ ARCHER .. Sensationally New 1 The Shirt with the Military Back! At last—you can own a shirt that fits as faultlessly as a slurt liand-nccdlcd in a custom shop Arrow Archer! Archer grooves in and fits without a puclccr at the Kick—flares out, then in, at the scat. Thanks to this Military Back, it never rides up, ,,cvcr biases in front. To cro,™ all, Archer is topped with the finest collar „, the world, an Arrow . . . and Sanfomed- bhcunk—if one cysr shrinks you get a new shirt '">«' R. 0. 1 lushes « Co. 12.50 Oilier Arrow Shirts §2 R. D. HUGHES & CO. r

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