The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1941
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1941 (AUK.) COURIER NKWS while' times BEGIIIIi TO Metals Will Vital To Defense !»i«iei.s without Be Conserved Bv ;when the industry i,-, turning om.lbe one-half us UK spassenpor cars and trucks al the! able to withstand i fastest rate in all history for this (greater than steel •time of year, and at the same time | is producing or preparing• to turn put, vast, quantities ot' material for the defense program, including- airplane cn»im-s and parts, munitions, tanks, and power plants for navy vessels. Ipenments are reported under way Aivrh-'-i- perplexing o b st ac 1 ei on this material s'or automobiles. iiK-ludos various refinements It alre:idy is bein',r used tor air- of present cars to produce the 1942 plane fusehtge.s and for mam i as sieel. n blow 10 without Another product mentioned for n plastic iluioinobito body is U. S. Plywood Corporation's \veld\vood. This consists of laminated wood bound together with synthetic resins under heat and pressure. Kx- tvporied '"i' 1 HOLD EVERYTHING 6y Ctyd« Lewis Use Of Substitutes Tlie competing with the program's tooling- needs, automobile indusi-iy is the nation's lamest user of all kinds | of steel, malleable iron, nickel, lead, i rubber, NEW YORK (UP) - America's i leather automobile industry, first- m?1or line laid jof boats, lilnjiineers say it island a harder impact' than and also is much u'uhi-er. Use' of would types can .sice I to feel the pinch of priorities down by the Office of Production Management, today is working on methods to replace strategic metals wit)) plasii(!.s or Datable substitutes. This problem arises at. a time cotton, •'.u'. -;ay engineers. lie cosily cll«?:' which ar\d upholstery j would be ejpfvjally desirable at .ises large amounts of HlUs time when the m. copper, zinc, lum-|rtustry is pled?eo to subordinate cloth, paint, lacquer.; forward ,dle and tool programs iTiOW FA! Sorn Planting Is Here gain! SEE OR WRITE ME FOR Funk "(T rid Seed Corn Best You Can ttuy A. C. OWENS Rt. 1, Mariihi. Ark. be:-. luiir and padding, nnd asbestos. when necessary to The OPM has asked the uuhis- | fense prod uei ion. trv to use substitutes for xinc. i-in, j The auiomubil nk-kel. aluminum, and magnesium. h- uses little of the latter and hence this metal presents no problem. H is expected zinc used in ornamental grilles and some other parts can be replaced immediately by use of extruded plastics. In this [category i.s acecate-buyraie, made 1 by Tennessee Eastman. 1 Copper, lead and cadmium j mentioned as substitutes for j valuable tin which comes to country principally from the Us i-x- icw dc- Service industry ties to loo!: smo (ho futiijv less of ihe war economy, pt-rts soo need ol' iminv vices. Research Advisory lists ;-,oim> of these u<: A ear widen ^onld be soM for and simply be - transport ;>; development and perfection rear enyhip au'.oinobile; a ilc-- to stop skidding- the instant car yens out, 01" line; a device for making tiro cluing easy; removal oi ihe mehtuv of carbon- monoxide; and development of low cost, practical air-condiuonin" jor £200 tion" of a vice ihe are the this Far East. Tungsten is being- considered as a substitute for nickel hi valves. Chrome Is seen as a replacement! for nickel In some non-rust ing al-1 loys. I Plastics will replace some alum- \ inum but here a problem is pre- i seined especially for the aluminum ! • • used in pistons and heads. This i.s. Three negroes accused in connec- nol- considered insurmountable. j tlon with theft of many items of Experts visualize use of more t clothing and other wearing apparel and more plastics by the motor car i and automobile accessories Irom industry which already uses these i » Blythevilie department store, ar- Negroes Bound Over On Charges Of Theft 1941 BV UtA SUVICt. tHC T. M. RIG U. S. PAY Off i SIFCT developments of chemistry in fair quantity. Some who look far into the future visualize use of plastics instead of .steel -and wood for the automobile body. Henry Ford has announced a car having ri body composed entirely of u plastic fiber with the exception of a tubular welded steel frame. A plastic car such as Ford visions won't need paint and will IT'S NEW IN BtYTHEUE! "Enriched"BREAD CONTAINING VITAMIN B 1 (THIAMIN) IRON and NICOTINIC ACID To the many people not eating a diet adequate in all essenUah', and ly those who dei>e,iu(.largely, upon for Iheii 1 vitamins, this new. E >^KICKED BREAD win be :i boon indeed. A «-inip!t' and t:\stct'ijj w<iy of securing <hat inipcilaiu ^vitamin Bl. iThiamim us well as Iron and Nieotmic Acid. Tin- next iimo you m't-ii hren<l. insist on EN- RICHEfi BKKAI*. PEP. LOAF OR If IS IT! Call For Blytheville-Maid'Bread — It's ftnriched — rested last week, were bound over for trial in Circuit. Court at preliminary hearings before Municipal Juclye Doyle Henderson today. Charged with grand larceny were Lee Taylor and O. D. Sumlin Willie B. Moore was charged with transporting .stolen property. Another neyro. Robert Jenkins. Ls being held at the Pemiscol county jail at Caruther.sville in connection with the case, charged with receiving stolen property. Officers first uncovered the apparent "ring" last week when a negro was seen carrying' a box from ihe rear of Montgomery Ward's store here. Several men chased him into the negro section on Ash street, then called City Police William Berryman. who found 'the j negro. Taylor, in possession of i three new .suits of clothing, he said. Sumlin. employed by Ihe .store. j was implicated by the neyro and i police began a systemativ search ' of HL-cmaintances of the two ne- grcK thai led to recovery of .several other .suits of clothin«. women's coats and suits, .several uairs 'Von gave me an, uwl'ul. ni^hl, Bat—nin'l you got miy regard for your b\vn manager's feelings?'' Convict Becomes Script Writer; Ea niings Average $160 Monthly MINN MA POL1«, Minn. UJIM—A new explosion-proof type oxygen tank, ont'-fis>,hth the si/.e of tanks now used by fliers in raritkd at masphnv, has been developed by Minnesota scientists. IMtuis for the invention, which were drawn by Prof. John D. Akerman of the University of .Minnesota aeronautical englnerlng department, Dr. W. M. Hooihby and Dr. W. R. Lovelace of the May Foundation. Rochester, already have been submitted to the War and Navy Departments. It utill/.es a system by which liquid oxygen can \w converted easily Into KIVSPOUS oxygen. Liquid oxygen coiiialned under hiy,h pressure In a separate tank i.s allowed lo .squirt into the depleted gas chamber by, a safety vuUv wh'idi I'unctlonsi when Uu« pressure of the K«s chamber reaches a certain level. A* t;as is consumed by the crew, i lie gas pressure automatically lowers. Liquid oxygon releasevi irom hl«h pressure* to the lower pressure tank boils into u pas. "Value of the new equipment can be more readily roah/ed when it is understood thai, one liter of liquid oxygen produces 1,000 liters.of uase- 01 is ovyyen," Akerman .said. The accompanying reduction In si/.e woutud make urmor-plaUnu 1 practical. Akerman said, removing the danger of explosion fjxjm a bullet piercing the oxygen tank. Liquid oxygen lias been tried before, hu said, but no satisfactory device had ever been effected to make sure the liquid oxygon would boil Into gas. WALLA WALLA. Wash. L UP)~ A convict serviny a 15-yenr Sen- fence in the Washington state prison hove is wiuniim recognition as a writer. ; Ho i.s Ralph Hunter. 29, who Is lollcwino in the Footsteps of Jnck London and O. Henry, who did their early writing behind bars. Less than live years ayo, Hunter Clipped no on a "job" and was 'vounded in the leg by » bullet,'Be Baking Co. ries and new hats. Jenkins and Moore were arrested in Missouri and' Moore wa.s phrjul , in the county jail here while MLs- ' soml officers took Jenkins into! custody. Three new huts and a new suit, said to have been taken from | the department store, were recov- i ered from the Missouri ne»rocs. ' Mind Your Manners Teat your knowledge ol correct social usngt by answering the following questions, then checking ti!»iiinsi the uuthorllativc nn.swcrs below: m» nl } l m ' P i; c ? uvlc , te ? f( ? r , as - l - * J't Boocl iiiunncw for a "i -nm, , T >y i , httntledtwo housewife to discuss her mnkl with >^ h ii T 11 ',. 1 ! 1Um ?™~ hel ' BUPSU} - whou 11UM '° !s » P°» al ; ci ces ui the Washington pt-niten- bi lity ihe maid might overhear? "'.,, ',.• , . ''.,•-- Wheji n youn« man takes n .^ ^;,, i "«r«. olH e Ai s^i s^-.^v'nrTT. "T,-™ s riv.'rt!Tu,"S Lrr; "i"^,, 111 ^ ^Tr ' l prU'.e winning 22,500 word serial ^ mcn c ivhidi netted .$750. Alihouj-h his world is bounded i. c y the four ymy. walls• of the pri- .cn. Hunter has developed from •f>n inexperienced writer with onlv who pay tunvspiipcr Rxpe.rienco. He es...hl.s...<»Ky,-e.s;j t.o the ,.belp out.sidr." The friend friend T Turtle Straks More Pcpular j KEY WEST. Pla. CUP)—This! ancient city on the southern most! rip of Florida is becoming famous | fcr turtle steaks. Tourists crossing the new Overseas highway from, Miami have .spread the fame of! Key West's futle steaks and the! industry lias enjoyed a boom. j i'kh:s> in a corner of tlu- prl- riniMiop. I-iunU : r learned rap- Dtirinj'. the past i(i months. Hrnter's income from his writing' has avcratiod S150 a month. The ; i.'.oij. v is kepi for him by rein- five:-, ior. as Humer .says, "I. Ilk" about 500 other fellows, want to; i'ct out. of here some any." ! Ihmter started his prison writ-1 in2 career in 1038 when he sold j :i .short story entitled ••Farewell j by Proxy" to a national magazine, fk- is hoping now for a pardon, When it comes he plans to con- his \vritip.x career. Alpaca comes from the alpaca, ! a domesticated llama. '• Where it passes Cape Hatteras. N. C.. the Gulf Stream is 150 miles wide. MQKUUWMOXt SUYSKS Of lO»VSST-fSiC£» CMS ARt STfPHNS UP TO Oii>$t a distant city to spend the j shopping should the one ! takes her car. or the other the lunch checks? A. Should a hostess see that all ash trays nre emptied nt frequent, intervals during a party?' 5. Should a guest ever say "[ don't care for such-and-such," i naming an Hem of food her hostess hits on the table? What \\uuld you do if- i You call the doctor to come to jour house at night— i a) Turn on the poivh light for Mim before you expect him to arrive? ' ibi Wait until he rings the door bell to turn on the light? Answers 1. No. 2. She should offer him the first piece. 3. It would be HTaclous for the one who rode in the other's cnr to pay both checks. 4. Yes. 5. No! Best "What Would You Do" solution— <a>. Road Courier News want ads. NEW/ HOUSE PAINT IN THE CHANCEnY COURT FOR. TUB CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS, MAAK FOnSYTHE, and BRULAH ODUM. Plaintiffs vs. No. 737fJ i.uiiA WOODARDS. p.nrnrEL MCCAIN, CLYDE MCCAIN. AND LOIS McOAIN, Defendants NOTICE OP BALE Notice is hereby «iven that, the undersiuncti as Coinmis.sloner of the Chancery Court,, in pursuance of a decree of th<> Chuncery Court rendered on the IMlh duy of February, H)41. in n cause therein pt-ndintj wherein A)lle Forsylhe ond Hculnh Odum are plalntifTs, find Luin Woodards, Bethel McCain. Clyde McCain, and l^ois McCain are defendants, will, on Tuesday Ihe 1st- clay of April, 1941, be- tw^eu the hours of 9 o'clock A.M. mid a o'clock P.M. of snid day, at. Ihe south front, door of the court house In the City of Blythevilie, Clildcnsawba District of Mississippi. County. Arkansas, offer for sale at public ouicry. and sell i,o the highest iiJddcr for cash in linmt, the f(»llo\vinp- described land, situate in the Chickasawbn District pf MlHsissippl County. Arkansas, towit: The northwest, quarter <NW !'*) of the Novlhwest Qur.rLer (NWD of Section seventeen (l r n. Township fourteen (14) North, Kitni.'.y nine <9) East, forty acres, more or as such lh day of PAGE .Rend Courier "ifew« want GREATEST, AMERICAN .WHISKEY 111 . <, , J ! IOC PROOF Genuine old* fashioned Sour Math Straight Bourbon WITNESS my hand commissioner, nils the I' Miurh, ifl-U. HAKVEY MORRIS Commix. 1 - loner In Chancery. Claude F. Cooper Attorney for l J UiUUHTs. UNITED UQUOB, Wholesalers DSKtribotors 1-lUle ttoclc Port Smiih WE MAKE CONCRETE STORM SEWER — ALL SIZES i'honcs 25^ & 60 IX S. taney Eil Wiseman Osceola. Ark. Kiu-Ui's Crust Kul|{cs So yielding h the earth's ciusl that even the moon's attraction cattse.s it to btil^e in tidal waves, as do the waters of the sea. Announcements The Courier News hns been au- thori/ed to make formal announcement ol the following candidates for public office at. the munlcipu' election April 1. For Mayor TOM A. LITTLE E. ft. <flnbblt) JACKSON For Alderman, Second Witnl JOHN C. McHANEY i Re-election) For Alderman, Third Ward J. E. LUNSFORD (Re-election) E. 8, WOODSON (for the lull a year term) RUPERT CRAFrQM (for tmexplrcd term of E. R. Jackson) DWIGHT BENTLEY U.o fill unexpired "term of P.. R.''Ji?ck5onv • -. HAPPY DAYS] /^-— .£&»; ADp upDtr 1 /^cr ? ^ v ^ .v£ ARE HEPLE AGAIN ! ANOTHKK MULE TURNED ON PASTURE And REPLACED WE HAVE RECONDITIONED SEVERAL LATE MODEL TRACTORS OF ALL MAKES. Good Trades — flood Price — Good Terms Paul By rum - 1fut,j£& A good plan... pause and TO KEEPS WHITE HOUSES J WSTKIBUTOKS: JOHN MU.KS MILLKK v:; W \sh I'hoiM- USX or 375 CHAMPION SWING? It's a regular parade ! Former buyers of lowest-priced cars by the thousands are discovering that Oldsmobile is easily within iheir reach. It's such a lit- rle step up in dollars, they find, from de luxe model lowest - priced makes to the luxurious Olds Special Six — and such a great stride forward in styling, si7,e, quality and features to own an Qldsmobile. Why not join the swing; yourself to the Style-Leading, top- performing Six of them all? The big Olds Special, you'll find, will put no strain on your budget. Come in, and let's talk details! 305 E. Main St. _<= u ' ALL THIS»•, AW& JIXDJRA. "MATfC* TOO ' w 100-H. P. 6-Cylinder Econo-Master Engine • 119-Inch Wheclbau. • Biaoe Roomi«r / ody by Fisher - NBW Inlerior luxury • 4-Coil Sprina Rhvihm;^ R.d. • Famous Olds Quality Throughout. (Low-Priced Olds Special S Ava.labU a , o n 0 . H . f>. Eiaht al Sli Q htl v «!«>,„, ».:„ , * o»1. PER WEIK i A RECOKD MAKING TIHK AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. MOTOR SALES, Inc. 5th & Walnot Phone 81C A little minute is long enough for a big rest when you drink an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola. It brings a feeling of complete re- freshment...completely satisfying. So when you pause throughout the day, make it the pause thai refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola. YOU TASTE ITS QUALITY 80TTI.ED AUTHORITY OF TUB COCA-COIA COMPANY BY phone 366 COCA-COLA BOTTLUNG COMPANY , Ark.

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