The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE U. S, IS FAR FLUNG Drouth Adversaries and Area Government Is $750,000 to Overcome Worst Catastrophe This it tl.e Hist of a series of four articles, giving u i-ompreh*n- tJve summary of ihr federa r government b Moliig lo comhil unuUllcns multiiii; from I"' «"> s lUsisirous dcuutli in Hie nation's history. 'BY RODNEY ntlTCIIKR Courier N'cus Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON.—Tve U. -i. government is up to its ears in the greatest erTcri ever directed at amelioration of a natural catnsli'O- phe. It's as baid to envision [his va'.l. far-flung atlack as it is to comprehend the si-raiisnebs and spread of Ihe Great Drouth itself. The vvcatrcr i:ced to IM just the farmer's hard, luck—unless Washington happened to get. hi-' frcwlit rales reduced or lent him a lltll; I more money for seed. The present unparalleled drouth, threatening interference with lecovery and badly frightening an administration sworn to rahe farm prices by a threat cf food prices far too high, is being handled on an entirely different basis. At least S150.000.000 will be spent before the federal effort is 'over and well be seeing tlie most enormous operation of focd and feerl conservation of all time. Lcck at tre droulli map to see the area involved—1078 "emergency counties" in 22 slates, including all counties in Kansas. Nevada, tlie Dakotas. Oklahoma, and Ulan, nd 'Jtl "secondary" drouth couiuier. Nearly half tlie counties in the United Slates! Roosevelt in Chargr Our great so-cal'ed federal bu- ffnucracy is meeting a mighty te-n of its flexibility, ingenuity, speed, and adaptability to new emergency conditions. Several agencies in the "alphabet soup 1 ' are involved. The extensive new powers granted the New Deal by Congress are ccming in handy, not only for farmers, but for the rest of 115 whose pockelbooks are nffected by many current measures of conservation and prevention. • The man in charge of all this U President Rcosevelt himself making the chief decisions and allocating the $S25.nOO,Oon voted bv Congress for drouth relief. Here's the set-uo below The A/^A roftd Departmental Agriculture undoV.Secretary Henry A : Wallace are buyin^ millions of cattle and sheen lo be removed from trie commercial market and joining in a huge fecd-foraee program of conseryslion and distribution necessitated by Ihe fact that, the most desperate problem is primarily one of animal food rather than human food. Livestock left, on farms won't have much more than 50 per cent of normal feed requirements nnd compulsory rationing is a possibility. The Federal Emergency Relief Admini?tntion is en\arp5n» ' to stairs for water nnd food relief, expanding its work program droulh states, .and launching great camnaizn which will employ tens of thousands of distressed rural folk at rooting in tlie fields fnri stubble and weeds badly needed for forage. Reserve Heine Bnill Its Federal Surplus Relief Corporation kills and cans 50.000 bead of c.altle a day to build lip a reserve for needy unemployed against winter, when meat prices will proo! up. and to nrotect the rest of us from even hiqlier nriCM which that reserve will prevent. Tlie Farm Credit Association, working with S100.000.00il from the consressional sranl—wlilc 1 -. isn't enoueh—lends for seed. feed, summer falloivbur. etc.. while trvins to see that tlie povern'iient. nnvs enough for callle to protect ils existing loans. Tlie Citizens' Conservation corps has turned ils tools In dmnth work- in a program for n-hlrli it already has received S20.00D.OOO. The CommodUv Credit Cofnora- tion is advancins- $10.000.000 of RFC money to finance niirch and orderly holding and marketing of hides, easing (he present mnrkH (Tint, averting n subsequent cerlain shortage, and turning some over to FHRC for processing (nio relief shoes. Bi:t to get a more detailed picture of lli» aclivilies directed from WJisliinuton. come down lo the bi? bulldiiKs housing (be Department of Aerlnilinre .inn (h AAA. where th<- executive stiff and at a drwcn bureau? nnd com- Ha, the Paper! Now They'll Wed Nearly 100,000 Cnns of I'oodstuffs Already Packed (or Next Winter The 50 community canning kil- cliens oiK-iatlni: In Mississippi county inuliM 1 Hie supervision of Mivs Con L:e Cuhnian. home dcm oiibli-allon naent, have canned %,998 tnas of EiwxishnT for winter cons!,mpt!un. Of llils number 14,- J5l!i cans have liecn placed in the government conuntssionary as the "loll." This will be distributed :imoiiL' 111 1 .' needy this winter. | Ciinnlnt! leaders in Inc. 1 cimnmin- ilies ure wurklng day nnd nlglil .•-hi/Is in order lo preserve 1 all t don stuff and frnit.s before H Ls I ruined. Despite the tlroiilli the ' gardens Imve yleldLtl liir^e c|imn- ?s of corn, tomnloe.s, butler nu;, cornllr-ld ]>eas, okra. carrots nnd pepp»i's which ure belny can- Generals in tlie far-fluiig war which tr.c Government Is w against the worst drouth in U. S. history are shown here in ference—Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, .seated, Chester Davis, AAA administrator, standing. con- and Counties for which emergency nnd wcondnry reliel has been designated by the federal government are shown in the map alMve. and things ^kc that. Nobody can keep track of ihem all. Though the emergency drouth .set-up has been remarkably etlec- Sve, n>oro co-ordination was needed. ability of pasture it) dozens of slates. The Bureau of Animal Industry's nsenls decide which animals arc fit to sMp. cull herds and -"iave t bulls which will prc.sorvc the host [so a general committee in charije strains. They have visiiert morn of drosith reliei has just been than 2(10.000 ' farms, checked moro (lian 10.000.000 head of cattle, and okayed more than 3.000.000 for purchase, certified 54.000 carloids— about two-thir:! of the purchased named. Meanwhile, Ihc AAA. while devoting most of its attention to the drouth, is planning for th2 future what it hopes will be. a balanced, planned American agriculture. Benefit Payments Huge Benefit payments this year will be about S500.000.00fl. mostly in drouth stales, and it confidently predicts n big increase in national farm Income for 11134 despite the drouth, the impoverishment o! nobody knows how many farmers, and the uncertainly about next year. Private industry has siippicment- ed the huge federal drouth program. Instances include the reduction of railroad rates on hay. feed, and cat- lie movements, loan by oil men of a huge pipeline to carry .nOO.OOO or more gallons of water n day into parts of the drouth arovi. donation by California peach growers to FSRC of poaches which were to have been left to rot on trees, and offer by the National Food and Grocery Distributors' Code Authority [o help stop profiteering. NEXT: What the Feilernl Emcr- Sfnr.y Relief Ailminislralnn am) Fdlrral Surplus Relief Corporation arc doing Inward rtrnnth relief. arc. ivorfcins mittees drouth S«<l Boueh( in !tur<- i. The AAA Commodili- Section direcls Ihe at a rate of 70.000 : en the Purchase c.i'.lle •Viv for Fecl-r-0 Eurnhi-' Relief Cor»or?lion cinni 1 and rhinmcnl lo mslure—I>H ha<; jiurcha'orj 2.000000 bushels of wheat, durum, oats. an( j barlr-v for ?Md. «ith more lo comr. Including iOme from Canada. Ti-e department's extensicn .service, wilh ils county aecnls everywhere and alliances with agricultural colleges, plays a general role In all operations, aiding livestock purchases, exchanging Information between Washington and farmers tnd reporting on nctd and tvall- animals—for shipping and condemning or moving tlie rest. Tlie bureau also inspccls the PSRC's rnnned meat. Make Feed Survey The National Livestock Feed Committee appointed by Wallace Ls making a national survey of tl:e • location of available feed and fir-: as? suoplics. including corn stalks and wbeat straw. Hay and other feed will be bou?h!. some to lie given to FFIRA for neiuiiles". farmers and some to b? held for sile. while commercial agencies nre encouraged to conserve supplies for later emergency. Tlie Bureau of 'plant Industry. irtoht-«; "rain seed in areas wl'.er? •I iniiTlit otherwise all be sold on tVe market and holds it fc.r next year, to see that seed best adapted for given areas will then be available for those areas. II lias S25.noo.000 for that. Tho Forest Service is planning s great SIO.000.000 shelter belt of trees, lo n:n 1000 rniles throuili tV:e plains states for future protection. A field office has been opened in Lincoln. Neb., and work will benin '• as sooi: lo affoi through employment. Soil Comlilirms Checked Tlie Bureau of Chemistry and Poils is helping the Forest Servas well as checklm; so'.l condition through the drouth area. The premres special daily re- ' Bulling engineer for 'the Anaconda pnrls for Wallace on rainfnll and i Copper company. w lio lias bee: lerfr-ernltires over (be cmi'Ury. | doing research on market ]>ossibil Ti-e Hnrrau of AcricuUiiral" Kco-. '••<*• rr-wrts. nomics nrovides vitally Important i Coppr alloys arc particularly information oil the status of all comlnp; to the front in devc-Iopin- rrops. drouth conditions, farm pric-. a demand for the metal, he said es. food and feed supplies, the for-1 Amonit the new red metal uses n' cizn drouth sHr.alton. and fo on. n >Pnfioncd copper alloy buildhv n.iily information pours in by tele- materials, wallpaper, conduit tno pbone and telesraph. ' " 12 - wrapping paiwr. hawser rojx The bureau of En-j!"" 1 co Pi wr *ntl cloth tent awn fjlncering tackles tlie serious droulh r £ Si conditions In Irrigated areas. Tre Bureau of Home Economics figures out the most economical ways of shifting from hi^h-priced food-.; lo otlior foods, wilh the relative energy and pyo'ein contents. Consumers Safeguarded And the Consmuers' Counsel of AAA. OirouBVi the widely circulate-! Consumers 1 Onirle and public statements. |K>sls consumers on price chnnges. embles Diem lo dislin- tied aton^ with jieache.s, i»nri> nnd j apples. Hetf canning will begin ns .soon r.'; UK; weather Is cooler. One Out of Five •: III this way many families will have Ibis foodstuff without any expense. The government furnishes all cans for a loll of one out of eveiy five cans filled. Where the canncr bns her own cnns the government only lakes one out of every l?n Where women rmvlntr fruit to can but no sugni'. the coveinmcnl funiishes sugar nnd cans and lakes one-half of the canned fruit. Tlie .supervisors arc paid by the Hovernment nnd Ihc work I.s done in. kitchen*; inndc of materials dnnalal bv ll>c coinmunllies and constructed by CWA labor. No Kitchen llerr Allh(>i;i;li there nre M kitchens in this county there Is none in Blylhr-ville and eflorls nre afoot to obtain one. Mayor Cecil Sliaiu is negotiating to obtain funds from Hie sale nf scrip stamps for tile material and it is ptnnued lo plnce tlie building at Hie side of the jail and court on Walnut Street. If enough money i.s not given from the. scrip stamps, fund:; will bo solicited for the balance. Many women of live city are taking ' their food lo other kitchen. 1 ; hut IhLs is working a hnrd- fhlp on the smaller kitchens nnd cannot continue Indefinitely, according to Miss Coleman. Six new equipment';, also furnished by tl\e government, were received this week. They were placed at Armorel and Elownli, whore kitchens were already operating • with borrowed 'equipment, nd nt Blackwalcr, Lost Cane, Inric and Carson Lake. Oilier kitchens nnd tlie leaders re: Promised Land, Mrs. .T. E. olmson; Lcachville. Mrs. Grace -•accy; Whillou. Mrs. O. A. Looncy: hawnee, Mrs. J. W. Miller; Hnlf- mii. Mrs. Maude Cnssidy; Cnrmi. frs. Txjuise Sievensoii; Perry, Mrs. 'nrley; Tomato, Mrs. George itaggs: Fail-view. Mrs. Nora Lane: Umorel. Miss Ruth riynn; Elownn, Irs. Lcona Forrester: Kaiser, Mrs. ' R. Moore: Dell. Mrs. A. Lan/.: 'rogre.ssive, Mrs." Tom Phillips; 41) i R. Mrs. Lorene Mctfger; Black Heavy, Jolts Likoiy llnnded Out in lions to Be cenlrnte Intensively -on selling (heir wares to foreign Government!) and Dial they've liad plenty of ac- • live help from Inside the Navy, War, and Stile departments, Ad- inlnih Fnnieliiues hnvc ncted ns salesmen, if not ns dcinnmlrator.1. Tin- committee lins nuthnrity to ward) Hie files of Kavprninenl, de- |inilme)il:i ni well ns (hose of |irl- ., . vale Industry. One manufacturer IVllllll-j carefully li-aiisferred his nioM EC- Invpclinthnn cirt '"I 50 " fron1 nlft cn s < 1 s lo n invcsiigation. . saro . ,, llt ,| lc i n v 0i .- gntnrB ( n,| n - t • c.verlcok the safe. ..'»• K«M>SKV IHiTWlliK j Jf fomc „, lh( , „„ „ „„ - WASinNm-ON :l vouTZl^i""'"''' M "" 15 lo M ™ ""° ll ' fl WA&iiiM.,iuM--\oull unit the 0]x , n W( , rc rov enled now, certain secrets unenrlhi-d by (lie Rennte,;, )ros|x , cUve wUll c. aos ,,roba b y commute.- Invcsllunllm; the mu- would lake vacations In parts ,m- nil Ions induslry were wnrili wall- .*„„„„. Ollc of , |1B mn ' 5l pvoml . '"- : r ' 'in-lit figures In American Industry scrap of pipei. hut Adolph? Menjou and Vrrrcc Tcnsilah- hajiplly when they rrceivd it ul iln; Ixr. Aiip'lo'i iniurias;..' lic-'iiH' uurciiu. lor U IMII HIM olllclal O. K. nn Ih^-lr ninrrlaBe plans, l.evs than '.!•! hoins after ihi- sl!)i)ln;[ nf Mrnjcm's llnal drcire of dlvoin- fiom KiHluyn tJaivcr. the Beau Bnmmu'll nf lln- Him:; ap- ix'arid at the buri'au will) Miss Teasdali- lo file imlk-e of Intention to wed. II will !»• M'.'njou's third venture find Ihc second 1m the ncltvss HOWE'S ttEASON Modern Rip Van Winkle Slept for Over a Mile for. After a summer of bunowlni! through Miles records, conespomt- ence, Income Inx returns, and other pauera of the "merchant:; of dentil." Rennlnr Gerakl I*. Nyc nf Nnrlli llnkoln will .slnue n week 01- iwo of limrlnRS Lx'Bliinhu; Sepl. I. Mnsl o Hi? conunlllee mem- bci.-, nlll In- here. Including Unit urlm llbernl. Kennldr llumer T. Hone of Wiislilni!lnn, wlin Is nil Ills wny rcm Hie west ciml. A ci-rtain elderly CJrcek "my.s- ii-ry man of Kurr>]:c," ivho 1m 1 ! million. 1 ; In munitions by my vurl.ius wnvs and wears ,ind Cross ot the I.eclon onnr. will enler the picture. II tmnt out that he owns n In art of an American, firm iipplles this . i'.ovmmicnt and Ilieis with one of the most Im- Qrlnnt In.siriunenls of war. Ttu- committee's inve.Mlgalorr.. ndrr Stephen T. Uauimcnbush. mve been llndtn 1 ; out how oui 1 imament makers keep bur.y be- ween wni.i. And .nomu of nui- admirals nnd leneial.i lire (joln^ tn be riMlouily :i as oreaniration is complete.. CoDOer CoUIlfrV HaDDV 3rd lurllier emert-encv relief- n i, . , «. V . Over Brighter Outlook PHOENIX. Ariz. (UP1—The outlook for the country's copper min- livj indiKtry Ls bein? I through development of improved Weather Bureau, still an- j of the metal and depletion of re- Department of AeTlciiUiire i Mrv _« stocks. P. G. Spill.sbury, con- Himgarian Tokay wine, made I) 1610. is stili held in Fukier's win shop at Warsaw, Poland, and can be had for $55 a quart guish between lair and unfair increases, checks their comp'aint.> and i rojxjrls (hem to cli'.er atrcncics for i action an;l lolls housewives wl:at ; they can do locally lo protect themselves against gouging. There are o'.hcr droulh agencies under Wallace—such as tlie Emergency Droulh Relief Service, which lells farmers how to make poor fodder more pslatabl; (or catlle 1HONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE REFT. , cai. iuri— i/>s ii i-lnlmrd nl !c:ir.t one hoMor — tlial o[ Ih'i worl<r. Ik-nvy Avlllu. of that city, wn oforconip wltli alinnlwr while <hiv Int! a Irarlor hnnllm: :i disc plow. He wns romtil from his |ie:irc I fill ve=t wlicn the tr.ictm- stnllc n^iiliiH n tree altw i^lo-.vln^ Llirony 1 t!:c ynrtls nf th? ,1. C. Slni'f i.'inch. briwrni four birns an.l oiil- In'ildinys. :ind on tor more than n j mi!!' (hroiii'h fields, fciicrti, ncvor,s dltclios. nr.^ two country roild. 1 ;. is sclictliilr-d (o go on the stand. But he doesn't know it yel. The committee has n New York olllce em])lnylnj; SO or more peo- fcdcral relief work project. The olflec Is under Invp-Ulcnlor Robert Wnblforth, ex-;iriny officer who recently wrote n crliu novel of \v.- : ;t Point life called -Tin Sol-die is." The forthcoming are only a preliminary lo many more in tin.- fall and '.vliitcr. of CHATKIt IjAKE NATIONAL PARK. Ore, <Ul'>—Two I'ortlnnd youllis. Pnlrlck Aldi-Idge and ... Clinrles Nlcliols, bicycled U75 mites "ii'l fl '" nl I'ni'Unn'l- <° visit the park and today planned to add additional mllciiKC In Cnlirornin. It r.ecnis the numKions Imy^ con- 666 Tnlilrls. <'liork-i Mabrla In 3 dan, Colds first day. llr.ii! trliri nr Nfuralfia In :itl iiilnutpM. ,;i\ativc and Tonic I'inv Mi>st ltt:rni'dln Known . llolHi "King" Warns Youth CINCINNATI (DPI — Je|f Davis, '"tin*" of the hoboes, wlio held forth In national convention here, went on air In a coasl-lo-coast hc.ok-up "to wiirn the youth of Hie nation against the hardships of a I holme's life." "One-Evert" Connelly ! also spoke. SMOOTHER PERro*lAtANCE Vater. ,\frs. Julia John": Clear Lake, Mrs. w. c. Smith-. Oscsola, Irs. Waller Wood nnd Mrs. John V. Edrinflon: Blythcville.. Mr-:, -ucy narksdale hml Mrs. J. W Jadcr. Pawbecn. Mrs. W. B. Garret'.: 'civ Hope. Mrs. Bessie Hsrn>: lerce. Mrs. Clara Jordan; Lone- Oak, Mrs. MnUie Huey: West iidge. Mrs. C. G. Anderson; Shady drove. Mrs. Mabel Jordan Mi^d- lani; Manila. Mrs. Georye E C'Tl- 'ifht; Hound Lake. Mrs. Natalie : !owen: Nodeim, Mrs. c. E. Lynch: Htillman. Mrs. Charles Woodruff; Half Moon. Mrs R. [,. Hawkins; ftoodway. Mrs. Cordie Tlionipson: Yarbro. ^fl•.s. L. M. Boyd; Shady Lane. Mrs. S. Ooff; Now Ulxrly. Mrs. D. Carroll; Ekron, Mrs. Ji. Cnimbly; Gosne.ll. Mrs. J. W. Tiiu big reason wlij boy Itowo Is pltchliiK nucb pli'!- nomonal ball tbcs year Is llio yoniiii latly above—tedna Mary Skiiiuor, [irully, brown - c.-yr-il miss ol l-'l Dovmlo, Avk., llowt-'a liome town. Tho Detroit Tiger pitcher implied llic question to fair Kdua. n short tlmo n^o. atul tho two cblldhood sweotlu-nrls nro to be soon ;i^ tho .world scries U aixc —S»e saya. Illinois farms now have TD.CKloil trnctoi-s as compared \\lth only, ' I f Vfttrd for llttvarr CiTW-ly i VERSAILLES. Mo. HIP) _ .lar-k j Williams. 85. years ae.o, cast his l_ i first ballot fir Horace Gvecly more tlian six dera<les ago anil bns been vollug ovx"r since—ahvay-.i In tlie ^anie precincl here. lie Is n former I state legislator. Cockroach racing : jun-| In Paris. I.s a wlnlcrl <M tractors In mm BKST THICKS I'AII) FOR Cotton J. E. Hasson Vlione 129 Offici 1 fJraml Trader Rlil^. WATERSPAR , ENAMEL ^ in 24 bright, rich colors A. Crawford: Luxorn. Mrs. li. J. Hov- IIT; rrfnicr. Mrs. C. S. Nenl: ll:il- clier, Mr.s. Kmmn Shclton; Wlisori. Mrs. Inez Crnliv, Rosclanl Icolor- crl) Glass; Brown, Mis. Grover Lnnc; Prenchmnns Bayou 'coloretll Osceola Hnrawny; Lost Cane, Mrs. Gotrite McCann. liiiiTc Sissnfras Trrr Dcsiroj-cd BOONVILLE. Mo. (UP)_A fjlnnt safras tree, the oldest In Missouri and believed to be Die largest of 11« kind west of tire Xfteis- sippi River, was blown clown dur- a ivliul storm. 11 had a girth of 13 1-2 fret, with an eslinutcd igtit of about 50 feet. PURE Chilled By Frjcldalre Snfe - Sanitary Tint - 7c Q«trt - I2r CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 An Appeal to My Friends Dur 1 to (lie short time infrrveninj,' between the regular ririiiv.iry ;nn! H\c n\u-nlV urinuu-y to be held noxl Tne:-ilay. it is impossible for me In rover (he entire iniuily and call on every one of my friends, therefore, I ask those of yon who can, to lend me your stip|x>i't in (he cominc eledinn. Sec thai your friends jr<> lo the polls next Tuesday and vote. Your EITorl in Px; Di.'i'l Will A VOTE L'or ADDISON SMITH (iaiulidalc For CIRCUIT COURT CLERK Al Ihc Kim-017 Primary Tuesday, August 28th Is A Vole for Honest, Conscientious Service Dries hard in 4 hours! Like magic, your tables, chairs nod other furniture can take on new beauty! Just brush on Waterapur Quick-drying Enamel. One coit U • Corn-rally ample, tiut even 2 coats can be applied and you u«e your furniture (ho iri< Rime tlayl Witerspai coit* buX Uttto (fa ami U cisr to apply. K. Pint LADDER Strong. 5-ft. size with .shelf $1.25 BRUSHES Pure bristtci, letbi nkbtr i' Enamel Hrmli . . 2flc Wall ilrash . . Cak'iumic Brush «U.r>() Steel Wool Cleans pots &. pans easier! 5c Pkg. PURE TURPENTINE Gal... $1.00 CALCIMINE, All Colors,.... Per Lb 12c WALLHIDE brings One-day Painting Fiufsdiysof mess! Ymtr rmtains ami pictures ran be hung (he write day xvalU ami rcilingi arc pnlntal \viib W.illliMcS- One i i usually en i nr,;li. IS wailuMe colurs. QUART PURE BOILED UNSEED OIL ... Gal, . . $1.10 WALLPAPER CLEANER Each lOc Beautiful hi$h gloss PLASCO PAINT Suitable fnr interior or exterior jurfai'ts. Bnnlira cvcrly;lusrxcc|»lioii.ilruvf[iii{r(|ti.itity. 24 colors. .50 Galkn UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, cl«»r WATERSPAR VARNISH ^tSi Ettra iliinllc. For interior j£j : or cxlerifir u^e. Wilt not Hi turn uliiir.Dries ^n A P SI f-«M. '/j-*«iion. 52.35- 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. Al/THORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY

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