The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
Page 4
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fOUR BLYTJIEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Till:; BLYTHEVILLK COURIER NEWS THE COURIEU NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ' 0. R. BAUCOCIC, Editor H ,\V. HAINES, Advertising Manager ' Sole* National 'Advertising Represent lives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St.'Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered us, second class matter nt the post office at BlytlicviHe, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1017. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KA'IES ~ By carrier In (lie City of lllythcvllle, 15c per week, or 6Sc per month. By mill, within n radius of 50 miles, S3.00 per year, $1.50 for fix nioiitli.i, 15c for three mouths; by'mail in postal zones two lo six, inclusive, $0.50 per year; in zones seven and elsjht, $10.00 per year,' payable in advance. Value Of Patience Fifty years ;igo u 7-yoar-olil Alabama girl, who lind boon <lc:tf ;ili(l blind from birth, was, taken under the protection and guidance of a young tcaclicr ii'om Boston. Helen Keller was the name of the ad'lictnd girl. Beginning' by tracing in tellers of the alphabet in her pupil's palm, the young teacher accomplished wonders in the years thai followed. Despite an apparently insunmnint- ,able handicap, Ilcleii Keller, at 23, was graduated cum laude 1'roiu college, later to become a famed lecturer and writer. With her illustrious pupil beside her,' Mrs. Anne Sullivan Jlacy, the woman who lisui helped make this possible, passed away the other day. But' the lesson taught by her achieve- ment—thai patience and industry can accomplish near-miracles—will be remembered throughout the world for years to come. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 19313 American Achievement, .,'The • Tomxi-'the-world trip _o!' Reporter II. R. Ekins gives the American eagle a chance to do a little well-justified.' screaming. r :Mr. Ekins went all the way by air; and except for the trip from New York lo Frankfort, Germany, be was carried every inch of the way by American-made airplanes. lie. went from New York to Germany by dirigible—'"Jcrnian, of course. , From Germany lo Manila lie traveled in Douglas airliners, made in California. From Manila to San Francisco, he was'carried by Martin seaplanes, mat!c in' Baltimore. From San Francisco to Los Angeles he rode in a ;.Boeing, made in Seattle. The rest of the ; irip-^from -Los Angeles to New York—was made in a Douglas. ••• A. striking example, this, to Hie skill with which American airplane designers and builders do their work! V'•'•• Huge Joke - 'If, as Kceuis Irne, it was sardonic humcr that prompted the Canadian magnate to make the will that launched 'loionlo's S.iOO.OOO "maternity mar- rlhoi," he piobably will go down in hi-,loiv .is (lit king of all practical jokeis But his joke, somehow, (Iccbii't look so funny right now. One of the women leading in the OUT OUR WAY rf< ^tsfe^SSg*j i u^,J»a'- ^-.^ MOTH1WG- "baby derby," fur instance, has been reported fighting for her life and thai of her unborn child. What the other contestants have snll'cral, undergoing new travail without pausing to rest weakened bodies, is another aspect of the "joke," And, if (he rich man had lived, ho might be considering the plight of parents who failed to win I be pri/.c, in supporting their swollen families; or that of children who may owe their lives, lack of education, perhaps rickety bodies, to a lottery of whjch they know nothing. 'Listen, And Like ///' The American radio public is probably arriving at the conclusion that these are limes thai try men's .souls. Let a citixen lime in at almost any hour for music or other light diversion, and almost surely he will be greeted by the stentorian blast of some orafor or other, decrying the works of brain Irusters or economic royalists. .ProbaUy Hie only thing thai keeps the average listener-in from picking at the covers is the fact that be can blot out the voices of the speakers merely by twirling a dial. But if he is aggrieved over this slate of affairs, he might consider a nciw Horn out of StiiUgart, 'Germany. A baker of that city has been deprived of his tradesman's license, and arrested, and will tie tried on ;i charge of sedition, because he turned . o(l' the radio during a speech of Chancellor J tiller. New Pipe Dre:ini Gerald L. !(. Smith, who somehow seems to have the right to put "Reverend" before bis name, has created for himself a gandy new pipe dream. According to his own statement, be is looking for 10,000,000 good and true Americans who will permit him to organize them into a militiml band to protect the United States from an international plot lo collectivize it. Once this outfit jells, Mr. Smith will be ready to take over the direction of American life. k One could grow shocked and indignant over this monstrous scheme if one fell that there were even the remotest • outside -chance that Mr. Smith could ever actually do anylhiiij; of tbe sort. But as things are, about the only answer one need give is the sir! your small sen makes when he is <|iiar- relling with a playmate. You know—stand erect, inflate the chest, stick out the tongue, compress tbe lips, and blow hard. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ^sm • •• "Well, you wanfa make somethiii"- <>!' il?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson Married persons who lose their t:miicrs should 1mvc a "uvc/.vlery." a room \vhnc they can retire lo growl, alone. —Judge John J. Gregory, Milwaukee. » » * We wivnl pensions. T gne-.s $63 a month ought to hold nr> nt first...make the In;; guys give until II. hurts. .-.Tax 'em till it hurts, mid then ilicy won't want want any more war. Pcnslcns for peace. Get'ii! —Serjeant John "Box Car" Alfcri, one-man bonus aimy. _ By William? " SUMP'M F : ALL IN IT, I BET— THER'S SUMTHIM 1 HE'S A GE AT SPO'UM' PAVS.' PISGiN" FER OIL AM 1 OTHER GET- RICH-QUKX SCHEMES, AN' IP'I THOT HE V/AS TfJYIN'TO RUIN OUe WEALS,, TP-I'O—- 5AV X MAKE HIM TELL WHUT'S WEO.Mfo WITH THIS STEW VO1J MUS 6E HUN&RV AS US x ausr DON'T WANT ANY OF IT-IS ALL WRONG WITH THIS STEW1 THE SPOILED .-Xiil-«S/'.-;vv.,, c , .„:.- HAS KWOWN TO START F/RES IN THE SAME FOREST IN A SINGLE DAV. ALBAT095S IS THE MOST PNEUMATIC OF ALL. BIROS / EVERV BONE IN ITS BODY IS FILLED WITH AIR SACS, WITH THE EXCEPTIOfN.1 OF THE SCAPUIA AND HVOID BONES. DURING HOT WEATHER, SUCK UP WATER. INTC THEIR. HONEV SACS. AND CARRY n TO THE LARVAE IN THE H.IVE. I The The oird age Ins wandering iillintross measures 14 feet from wins tip to wing tip cnoimous spread is due lo the clbngnllon of the arm nones. 'Che "s "hand." fiom which Ihe primary feathers gro-.v, is only of aver- Icngth, but the other wing bones are out cf ail proportion, the albatross 10 secondary feathers in each forearm. N'KXT: Ur>w much slcain w|H :i nibir inch of vv.iicr llf'CIN lIKIIi: THJIAY K.»TB mid CAHOI.IM: JH:I:I> llvi- DM [| fur;,], Mi'i'il Mfjli]f>*v», ivIUi [liflr jtiilolrul unit Ji»vuJ»!i: Kriimlnilher, NA.IOIl SA.ll .1I1-;KI>, null MVII otll .Yt'HI'D KITVIIIIIH, Al.- TJIV uuil '/.KKr:, Kulr Is i-»t::r<ril tf) 3IOUCA.Y I'MK.YTI.S.S, who m-^- i«>is IIIT fur KIT: i:i.wci.i,, llrllllllflll tltlj MC'illlliy. .Mulnr MITI|* flu- fiimi lo .li:F|- IK1HAIIJ). n lilllrr rouiif; niDIIIilillllfl-r ulin cnv/itt I'uut !:iiniK. T!n> .Her*!* imivf lulu mi |,]|1 IITI- iilil Iiou«|. iiFii'rlt)-. Kiitr !I:I|I-M .h'lr Jliimml riir Inking ihclr Inmit.. .S!u> luTAtKiiTi-* Allay :iiid /Mil- If) K ,i ullti I.vr i,Mt> Mi;; !il lo Air. <"' HIF Mrrd illvvr, InirlrJ on JHr'a Ininl. Ji-lf shiMilx In frl^lilf/i llti-ru, :!••- H.U'iitiilly winiiiitlm: Knlc** ^riijul- liini . , Intt vruist'K .Irir lo - Tor lu-r. On IHT ri' i-r:i!I/.i; ovt'ry. MiiHlt-N Crti-ulinc In enlist llu- In-Ill of HIE. IJIIAVSO.V, a ulit<nvrr v/]i<i Is In Invr v.llli Curiinii... llnlii xow <:c> o.v wrm '/'in: b'rbsiY CHAPTER XVIIt IEFI' IIOWAItD no longer went to tov/n directly by flic State Pike. He cut Uu'oiigh to tho Slount IIcl)ron rond and when lie passed liickety House ho pnthercd such speed Hint he left Kray lirnesionc (iust in liis wake. To do liini justice, he w;is not trying to raise n dust. Ho was drawn lo the plnce ns nn addict is drnv, r n lo a drug, and his speed was from nervousness. During the week of Knle's convalescence be restless and moody. lie wondeicd frantically how she was. and hnd no way ot finding out. Finally, passing the house, lie found Miijor Mcetl at the mailbox in (ho act '.( extracting yesterday's newspaper. •TpfF stopped iir.yulEivily, his car skidding in the dust. "Howdy, Major Meed," lie said. "How're you feelin'V" The Major recognized him and smiled politely, always anxious to show lliis young man that he held no grudge against him. "Pretty good, Mi\ Howard. Pretty good for an old fellow. And lio\v are you?" "I stay healthy," Jeff told him. "And your family, Major?" "Prelly good, prc!.'.y good," replied the old gentleman, glancing at the headlines to see \viiat politics was up lo. "1 reckon you're a Republican' young fellow, bcin from a mountain co'.mty?" "Yes, sir. But I ahv ..•••: vote as T think best. It's right hoi -! ..^'.hcr we're haviiv. I look tor rain io- night." "Rain? I hope not." The old man anxiously scanned the sl;y. "My'granddaughters arc havin' a hay-ride tonigiit, enclin' up nt Grayson's Ial\e. They've been pre- parin 1 for it two-three days—" Jeff Howard felt vast relief that ?7nte Meed was well again. He felt, too, a slinging resentment lo know slie had been planning a party while ho was in tormented on. He hoped it would pour •am and drench Ihem. He hoped o Heaven it wouldn't— "Good day to you," he said, and drove away. Now that Hie Major's attention lad been called to the weather, he ,'ave it hi.s consideration. Yes, here was rain coming, as sure at 10 lived! He consulted the news- rapcr. The weather man, too, an- icipateci it. "Poor things!" he said passion- itcly, moaning his granddaughters. He went to the porch, removed loose stone from the foundation iml extracted a pint bottle that was hidden there. He uncorked it md drank the nip which renamed. His meditation grew mcl- 'ow and snd. "Poor things!" he said atain. The certainty lhat their hay-ride was doomed to failure seemed suddenly harder to bear than the oss of his money and his home. The Major went lo the barn, hitched Dobbin to the phaeton and rlrove quietly off to town. The sisters were not to see him for hours. , .. haj-vido Prentiss lo talk about—" "Yes?" anxiously. "We've been practically engaged for over a year. Something ought to bo done about it. I've been thinking it over." "Oh, Morgan!" Then caul ion seemed to wall; toward her, (inner on lip. Maybe he was trying to end it! Go slow, Kale. Save your pride . , . "Yes, Morgan?" she said, quietly and attentively. He spoko bluntly, "We could get married any time if you would do iomclhing conclusive about the situation ul home," "At v.hOEC home?" Kale asked blankly. "What situation, Morgan?" "Your family, I mean. They'd bo living on u:; in no time." DATE'S face flamed in the dav!;- ness. Her pride was smarting, yot, because she loved the person who was wounding her, she humbled herself to reason v.-ilh him. "Gran'dad has his Snanish-Amer- ican pension, Morgan. And Hie little house and 20 acres of land ... . . , Whv sll °"l<l he and Caroline and aj-vido brought Morgan jZcke and Allliy want in come and iss back to Kate, afler all.Mive wiili us?" Soilccl l (1 in^<:rs Usually Transmit Germs Thai Cause, Food Poison! n<. BY nif. Moitiiis i-isnm-ix l:diUr. Journal (if Hie Anierlrali .kUrtTu'iil (Is-sorialidtl, a;ul o? IfjSrin, Ilic lie-mill Jliiuiijlnc" It Is common for an Individual ^uddcnly to bend over doubl; with a f.siping piiin in his rnnl- rilf. nsw'. lhat it must b: 'rui-.i "scmetlrn^ ar.d chc:i uncertainty over her injury. felt bitter hatred for all the young men whn would b.i OH thr. Though not as sha had planned. He drove out the next evening nbout!) o'clock. She was wearing a :!ean but shrunken while dimily that made her look like an over- [rown child. Morgan saij, looking into her surprised eyes, "Go dress ond we'll go for a ride. Maybe t(. Bh;e Grass Inn. Tell your family you'll be out laic." Tho transition from despair (o happiness made Kate ieel a little giddy as she went upstairs to dress. Caroline, understanding, served her like an eager lady's maid. * tr * Y<£"ATE and Morgan drove lo the ' popular and quite respectable roadhouse he had mentioned. They liad a light supper and danced to a college orchestra, on tour for tho summer. On the way home they lowered the' lop of the convertible coupe and Kate look off her hat. tiie night was bright with moonlight. "It's just what last night should have been, and wasn't!" Kate said wistfully. U was her first allusion lo her party's miserable failure. She wanted Morgan to reassure her. To tell her it wasn't as bad as she thought. "Did you ever know such a mess at last night was?" •"Um-m," he said, lighting a cig- arct and shielding the match. "Those things happen." Kate swallowed. "Some of von went to the Elweils' afterward, didn't yon?" "Yes. Eve said they had some Georgia watermelons on ice, so we dropped by to sample 'em. Listen IL-IJilUSf , : to raise a small \fj-if xt year." ( T .icceed," Morgan said ''They'll find Hie pension barely :ceps them. How'll he pay hii sxii and the r "He expects i bacco crop next. "He'll not sue larshly. Kate asked, like a person liyp- lotized, "What is it you want done with them all, Morgan?" "I want you to send Zeke and Alfhy away. The boy, too. 1 want you to see. ihnt Caroline lakes n uny uiujj[ji:u uy tu sample cm. Ljisien havlKale. there's something we ough 1 short vocational course of some :ind and gets a job. Preferably not 00 close to home. The farther iway she gets, Ihe more backbone she'll develop. And I want lo see, your grandfather sullied in some good home for old veterans." "You'd scatter us, Morgan. Like or!" Kate sat quietly, not able ;o think very clearly because he Iiad put his arm nround her. Then, "You don't know what you're asking! It would break their hearts. It would crush Gran'dad's pride and spirit and heart. Listen, dear," pleadingly, "we're all he has left to love. No matter how comfortable the home was, he'd eat his heart out for his own roof and his own flesh and blood. You can't uproot old people, Morgan—" ''Sometimes it's necessary," he answered stubbornly. "If you and 1 get together, \vc'll have to clear the • way." He was thinking in exasjiiration, "Why do I care whether I get her or not? I be-, licve 1 could have Eve. Why in the devil do I find this one tho more altrKclivc of the two?" ~iL> was the only thiri» in his succf«i fill,- selfishly planned young lif/j ^ that failed to conform. (To lie Continued) The Editor's Letter Box miiiiUy investment and no need hcpe to receive more man I from I his community than he is willing to put into It. j If we can build airports, fair-} grounds, swimming pools, parks' and the like for the pleasure of the few who can afford to pat-, b ronize them, surely v:c should un-: ^ v Hesitatingly accept a project which result in more lasting rc- the whole community, be and should be ex- Will on Fayetteville Program Community OpiioilaiiUy To the editor): Our community 3 at pie.sent hesitating between irogrcss and year-round depend-, ble business and the old scram- | would ilc to ^et enough hi the cotton' turns fcr licking season to run the rest ot ' II would he year. The issue of rcme in- trcmely humiliating to all pro- dusliy in Blytheville is to me Ei'csslve Ulytlieville citizens to clear-cut and well defined, for nav . e il known abroad that when matter of fact it will benc-j li: comes Jo the welfare ol the lit every group in the community, laboring ciass. upon whom they loin me smallest, property hold- i a !" c •)" dependent in a business to the largest business house mere as ed property values and steadier returns in business profits. The contribution requested by Blytiieville of each of its citizen's fcr the Rice-Stix building may be looked upon in the nature of a very solid and substantial corn- all dependent way, they arc willing to sacrifice the future of the community for the individual Immediate sav- ins oi a few dollars, which they would never miss and which would mere than ccmc back to them as rcon as the garment factory began Us operations. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.—Rev. Alfred Carpenter pastor of the First | Baptist church of Blytheville will oiic of the principal speakers 0:1 the program of the annual Arkansas convention of the Eap- in al! colleges of Ihc state, meeting here Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The BSU organization at the University of Arkansas is host. Other featured speakers arc Dr. J. McKce Adams, of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.,; Dr. Ben L. Bridges, general secretary of Arkansas Baptists; and Dr. Blake Smith of Fayetteville. The tusks of female elephants are used in making billiard balls. Sam w. Barnes. i lend courier News Classified Ada OUR BOARDING HOUSE (he- epidemiologist is luih find the yerni responsible win oiit much difficulty. Al a l!)2n picnic in Boston. 1 pccplo who' had eaten cliocol cream pic developed the s u > loins all at once. In one I92u i n deinic in England. G3 people d the symptoms nflor (riling ice cream which the^ i i chased at a certain stand H \ fcur.d Hint the woman who cii pcr.icd the ice cuam \ paiatyplicid-B Rcrm carrier. an< that she licrself had contain!! filed all thn Ice cream. ihfike his head aivi say thai suffers from ptomaine poisoning. Actually, most of the cns;s o: so-called ptcmainc poisoning represent infection with gems piin- cipaily of the paratyphoid ty,ic. These terms li.v.r hccn iy.Kited 1 * ' ' (rein crab meat, oysters, icij i,, such cases, remember ilia; cream. sausage, corn liccf'i. lm i rfs t h« stomach already h.r emptied itself by nature's mrl'n- j cd. the doctor can wash out ih: I ctrniach \vitli warm water n:i: ! can induce \ - omltin^ by any mi: In typical cases, the porson con- j of a number of ir.eUio::?. ccrncd Is rcizod \\i!h pains aboui! one of the .<.i:r.;:lcsl iiKlhn.; Ihrce hours niter caliuj iho con- j j. s to have the person Tiriiil: f.v: laminated toon. There aie paiir,! or tlirce glarses cf luliewann v,,, in the abdomen and limbs, s.wero : ter in which ll.crc nre on,- .,. diarrhea and vomiting, and sonic- \ two tcaspoonfuls of fait. times high fever. j simply piitMnj the ringer do.-.; Collapse may folio.v. Thi symp-illic threat will sliut. the v;>;vi p . ond \nrio:ir> oilier foo;is. Contamination usiiaUyv is!i l>; li\c soiled fiiwors (•! foorl luinci- !ors. | c ( x > BY JOVi=; BV I ) "•'''%%%V. COM5ERVATIVE '^-^/-'^ / r !6QRIKK5,-TME. COST '- C~ MiXKlUF/XCTURlMG MY C KH'MlMWED FLiMMtL ^^ t KEYHOLE IS TBW CEWT5 S t^P ^CE /SELL1W6 AT A APIECE, AMd WITH DOORS TO A HOUSE, EACH HOME 1M THE MATlOkJ ;, ij"t WOULD PAY ME THREE ~$ •POES HE ALWAYS CHNTTFiR IKJ HIS "DREAMT>EM, OR HAS HIS WJOW LEDGE- TAWK SPRLIKiQ A LEAK tcsns usually subside quickly the person !s |;ut at (men rest and the digestive tract clc cd cf Us contents. Before modern scientific knowledge.' was gained or the way in which foods may produce 'poi- snnliiK. epidemics of this lyps were ml really undei-stoocl. Nowadays, when a srcat number of people suddenly show the symptoms thai have besn in;ntioasd. coop." "With Major Hoople I WAS A 6COD AUDI E MCE THE FIRST VEAT^. BUT I SOOKl TH/Xr, ASLEEP AWAKE, HE RATTLE-; OM LIKE AM E WACnOK!-— AFTEF, THATjI •DECIDED THAT THB OLP HOOPLE WAS A CUCKOO CLOCV-i / f OH,MALTHA? HOW '•" '( MAMY I-OMES ARE ^— ' THERE IKJ THE #m& \,\l DOLLARS—MY WORD I K'i \ ' "' —^ . . ii!! and stomach .will keep It up :>.s ns neces-'ary. Ilpnhoiisc "Flies tlir WESTBC3RO. Mass, hcuse-full of'chickens 'Tow A' lipnhoiise. 15 by owned by Harry E. Hill, was ricd more than :15 feet by a u-hnl-i wind and dumped upside ,- m ,. ntop cucther house. The chi.- lost nnJv a few feathers. „,., Yf—r-r- -

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