The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1941 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1941
Page 4
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PAGE FOOT BLYTEEV1LLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Sorial Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Dalton Taft entertaining Y. M. B. Club. Mrs. Jess Homer entertaining Thursday Dessert Club. Altar Society, Church of Immaculate Conception, sponsoring bingo party, 8:00 o'clock, Catholic Hall. Mrs, J. J. Cookston entertaining Thursday Bridge Club. Mrs. Harry W. Haines having Mid-Week Bridge Club. Thursday Contract Club meeting with Mrs. Edgar Borum. Mrs, T. J. Barnes entertaining Double Four Bridge Club. Miss Nancy Kirshner having Cee- Que Bridge Club. Krtf DAY'S EVENTS C. B. C. Club meeting with Mrs. Tera Turner. Music department, Woman's Club, meeting 3 o'clock at clubhouse. Mrs. Robert Weidman entertaining Jolly Eight Club. Elm wood Cemetery Association meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. W. A. Stickmon. land"; Mrs. Paul Allen, "Speeding Este.s became a emv member of the Gospel to the Indians"; Miss the society. Minnie Brown, "Speeding the Gos- During the business session pre- pel to the Jews"; Miss Ruby sided over by Mrs. W. L, Green, f3rown, "Speeding the Gospel to announcement was made of the the Negroes"; Miss Jewel Lee, quarterly birthday dinner to be "Speeding the Gospel to the Moun- given at the church at 12 o'clock tains"; Miss Georgia Lee, "To Many j Monday. Mrs. Green dismissed the Greek Goddess Nauons in Our Nation." Miss Georgia Lee closed the j roup with prayer. program by singing, "God Bless l Club Has Luncheon America." Talks were demonstrated j Members of the Tuesday Bunco by dolls dressed to represent each club were entertained with race discussed- Refreshments were served during the social hour which followed. * * * Has Club Party Spring- • flowers decorated the- luncheon table of Mrs. R. L. (luncheon at the home of Mrs. Joe > i 1 Lynn' Hamby Tuesday instead of j !; the weekly afternoon party. A spaghetti luncheon was served. Mrs. William Hamby was a guest for the affair. went to Mrs. J. N. Dillon Stockett Tuesday afternoon when of Osceola for high, Mrs.'T. W. she had a party for the Tuesday ; Neal lor second high and Mrs' Bridge Club. Mrs. Walker Baker was a guest for the luncheon and the bridge games Which followed. Jonquils Lendennie Fowler for low score. * * + Hour Rook Keview Seven members of the Woman's were arranged about the living Auxiliary of St. Stephen's Episcopal room. j Church heard Mrs. R. F. KIrshncr Mrs. Harry Kirby was high and give a book review at the home Mrs. Elton w. Kirby, second high of Mrs. J, Louis Cherry Monday scorer in the games- afternoon. * * * ^he reviewed "For Whom the Council Speaks j Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway. Miss Anne Council of the .state The meeting was opened with a Byron E, Moore In Wed In FnyettevHle , , . .. ' ' ^ ' •,...,-, -- .T-..JQ otiiL^ t-/j/^.iiv^4 W IUJ1 <L ' Miss Riun rit^un, daughter en j department of Child Welfare, was i responsive readiu* of the Apostle's Mr. and Mrs- Walter. N. Pitlman, ' the principal speaker at the meet- i Creed. of Fayetteville, was married Sat-j ing of the Lange Parent Teacher During the social hour which ivnnnicri urday to Byron E. Moore, of Little j association Tuesday afternoon at followed, Mrs. Cherry served m iV.r th* Rock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie the school. j freshmcnls- Sn^f to bc used as ft -»* Hamilton Will Feature Song By Mrs, Rothrock The son?, "Life Is What You Make It", composed by Mrs. P. C Rothrock, which was recently heard over the radio for the first time, will again be played tomorrow and this time by a "name" band. George Hamilton will play the song over the air from the Hotel Peabody dining room 'tomorrow at 1:15 'clock. Vocalist will be Ray Foster. J The pro-ram can be heard from radio station WREC. Bill Trotter formerly of Blythevillc, L S announcer. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1941 17 and 31 who wish to' enlist in the navy. The government has assigned the Arkansas recruiting district a quota ol 120 apprentice seaman this month, and all enlistees will be sent to the naval training station at Norfolk, Va. Applications for enlistment will be taken Friday and applicants will ho accepted if preliminary physical examinations are satisfactory. M. Navy Recruiter Will Interview Applicants __ j Two naval recruiting officers will ™ m BIythevilJe Friday at the: -oim house from 8:30 a.m. to 4 om. to interview and examln- young men between the ages of Caruthersville To Hold Music Fes'ival CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., March 19.—The annual Pemiscot County Grade School Music Festival will •be held in this city at the hl R h .school auditorium tomorrow, wiih 10 grade schools participating. A total oi 38 vocal and instrumental numbers will be presented during the program, with all schools taking part. Schools entered, the program numbers each will gi vc , lim i the directors, are as follows: Hayti—-five numbers, Kenneth Lynn, director. '••••• Warden—four numbers, J. English, director. Caruthersville ~ four numbers, Mrs. Redman Dunham, vocal director, and Reid Jann, instrumental director. Deering—six numbers, Miss Lillian Cervenka, director. Holland—three numbers, Miss MaxSne Patton; vo:al director, and G. L. Gordon, band director. Hayward—four numbers, ' Miss Mary Louise Perry,' director. Bragg City—two numbers, Mrs. L- C. Cook, director. Braggadocio—three numbers, Marion Hobbs, director, Steele—three numbers, Mrs. W. A. Carter, director. Cooter—four numbers, Mrs. Jack Wimp, director. at Monette. His subject was 'The Role of Athletics In the Guidance Program." McCIurkin Addresses •Craighead School Group W. D. McCiurkin, .superintendent of city schools, addressed the Craighead County School Masters' club Monday night at a meeting Read Courier News want ads IF YOUR NOSE "CLOSES UP" TIGHT ATNIGHT HINDERS BREATHING-SPOILS SLEEP 3 -PURPOSE MEOICINE Here's mighty good news . . . If makes ; breathing . pose Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril hings- *h s soothes irritation; (3) helps flush nasal passages, clearing clogging mucus, relieving transient congestion. It brings ...And remember, it helps prevent VICKS colds from develop ** ing FOR CASH THIS WEEK END Is from develop- "Tr ou " if used in time. VA'TRO*NOl ••••••M Main & 2nd Main & Broadway Main & Division R. Moore, of Blytheville. The ceremony was solemnized at 10 o'clock ' at Central Methodist church in Payetteville by the Rev. H. H. Griffin, pastor of the church. The bride wore a marine blue ensemble with beige accessories and her corsage was of roses and valley "The Dance of the Wooden Shoe" under the direction of Miss Martha Thomas. Mrs. Joe Craig's second yrade room received the dollar for having Attendants at the church were the most mothers present for the the bride's uncle and aunt, Mr- meeting, and Mrs, Marlon \Vasson, of Fay- ' * ••, » etteville, and Miss Rosemary Cell Arc Guests Of Club She discussed the work of the * * department and told of what it Onchulc Year's Work hopes to do in this section. Girl Year's work of the Woman's Au'x- Scouts of Lange troop presented j iliary of the First Presbyterian " r ™~~ '"""" Church was concluded Monday afternoon when ollicers and chairmen filed their reports at a meeting at the church. General officers, chairmen of gram cover for the big "Greek Festival for Freedom" benefit in JNew 1'ork, March 28. Springs for the races and will probably return here the end oi tin's week. Mrs. John F. Lenti and son, Jack Lemm, havo returned from their reports and filed them in a b'jok arranged with gold, blue and white leaves and a on which Action." The following new officers were installed by the Rev. James A. Overholser. pastor; Mrs. Jesse M. White, vice-president; Mrs. Roy Walton, secretary; Mrs. Ray Worth- tot!, treasurer; Mrs. W. A. E- / foreign missions; Mrs. Alahan, secretary of pastor's Mr;;. Doyle Turner, secretary ,n u,,,!, O E played cards with members of the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club yesterday when they were cnteriatncrl at the home oV Mrs. Renkert Wetenkamp. Refreshments were served after the games in which Airs. Harmon Taylor was high and Mrs. J. E. Beaslcy. second high scorer. Entertains Club Mrs. Dixie Crawford entertained members of the Tuesday Club and 'liree puests for a party at her home Tuesday afternoon. Guests were Mrs. Bernard Allen Mrs. L. E. Old and Mrs. Sims Michle, of Steele. A dessert course was served after the games in which Mrs. Michie was high and Mrs. Jesse Taylor, was second liiyh. Is Hostess To Club Mrs. Jesse M. White was hostess "™; to members of the Friday Contract '' Club and four guests for a party at her home Tuesday m'»ht, Playing with the club were Mrs. Nunn, Mrs. Georuc D. Pol- >lrs. William Yoimy and Mrs. Charles Langston. Mrs. Nunn was high and Mrs. R. C. Allen, second high scorer in the games which were followed by refreshments. f » * Re-cloct Officers »» * ** ^c H'tiVL*S Him it cove on \viiU'li and Miss Amy Reedy, both of UUle Mrs. Geoi-c M. Lee and Mrs. D. was printed the theme of the past R< J?V -, u -,, j . -, ,C. Neal were guests of Mrs. John (year's program. "Christian Love in Both the bride and bridegroom F. Ueinmiller Tuesday nft-ernoun ' ' ' are graduates of the University of ; when she entertained 'members of Arkansas. Mrs. Moore is a mem-; the Tuesday Contract Club .tor a ber of Zeta Tau Alpha and was'party at; her home, affiliated with Rutin' Rubes and Mrs. Jome.s V. Gates was high a number of other student organi- and Mrs. Reimniller. second high zations. She has been employed at among t.he chili members. Guest the NYA office in Russellville. prize went to Mrs. Lee. Mr. Mcore, after graduating | Refreshments were served at the from the city high school, received ''conclusion of the games, his degree from the College of ! * * Agriculture and is a member of < Plays With Club Alpha Gammo Rho. H& is assistant; Mrs. George M. Powol! of Pan- Survey with Rock. After a short wedding trip. Mr. and Mrs. Moore will be at home at loui Summit, Little Rock- *• * * Basinger-ChenowcUi Rites Are Announced Announcement was made today of the marriage of Miss Ruby Basinger and Alton Chenoweth which was solemnized Saturday, March 8 ; nt Caruthersville. Mo. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs, Edward Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Usrey Jackson. Charlie Odell and Miss Margaret George. Mrs. Chenoweth has Q2en connected with Rice Stix Inc. Mr. Chenoweth is employed at the Jesse M. White Sign Shop- Mr. and Mrs. Chenoweth are making their home at 1H West Ash street. Bunco Party Ls Given for t : uib A bunco party was given last night by Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Sylvester at their home for nine members of the Past Matrons and Patrons' club and three guests, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Aiken nncl Mrs, IS T . W. Kyle, Worthy Matron of Local Order of Eastern Star. Gifts for the winners in the games were from the "Shepherds of the Hills" country in the Ozarks where Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester recently visited. Mrs. Gus vacationing. While away, Mrs. Lcnti wa.s ill of ptomaine poison but is better now. Oliver W- Copneclgc wont to Little Rock Tuesday on business. GENUINE "TYSON" RUBBER GLOVES Fresh, Litie *%«%/> Rubber .... ^O Protecti your h*nd» during your spring cleaning. 500 Cleansing Tissues 7 j LAST 2 DAYS! fitrga/fi In Beauty/ Special Formula ELMO CREAM 39c $2.00 \ Once a year opportunity to save/ • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS PHILLIPS 50c MILK of MAGNESIA {U M!T 1} » » of serial activities; Crawford, chairman of social .service. Circle cheirmen instaiiod were Mrs. H. H. Houchins of Circle One Mrs. J. D. McGill of Circle Two, . Mrs. D. C. McLean of Circle Three ! and Mrs. Zal B. Harrison of Circle ' Four. Mrs. Houchim and Mrs. William Young were named delegates to the meeting of the Presbyterial in North Little Rock April 17 and 18 Their alternates are Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Dixie Crawford. Lars Moon. American scientist. \va,s caught in Europe when the field-gray Nazi hordes J swept down on the Low Conn- ; tries, defeated France. He i wa.s able 'to return to the ! "United States only late last [ year. What he snw, how the I conquered millions are livin. i dying, 'resisting Hitler today, j he tolls in an extraordinary j simple but graphic book, "Under the iron Heel" (Lippencott: $2.75). As one of the first authentic pictures of occupied Europe, it ranks amoiu the most mportant books on the war. Just a lot of Moen\ picture is excerpted here from < his chapter, "What a German Soldier Thinks About": The most important factor of all Hair Tonic 50c Size Forty members heard Mrs. Ross s no doubt, is the German soldier'. Stevens give the devotional or. I opinion of Hitler, and to illustrate "Stewardship of Time". Mrs. G. W. tn ^ fc . I can think 01 nothing more . . . . pillahunty presided over the meet- { typical than a conversation I hao. ' in in Paris .with a French army sur- Members of Circle Four were ' geon. f0r - R te ' 1 foltowl "K the ' A German plane hud been s session. Mrs. Margaret I down behind the French YEAST, $1 S/ze {LIMIT 1) m^ PEPSODENT < • BARBASOL SOc SHAVE CREAM (LIMIT t) , » , . Tiger Hair Tonic Sl.OO Size HlNKLE PILLS, Bottle 100 .(LIMIT avmgs For Everyone TOOTH PAST! «r POWDER WUM Of MIW />, ble which had a centerpiece of jonquils and green tapers. niofnv " /. • ' '^ •'- Oio\c Mi. and Mrs. George HOOD and ' ~ - and Mrs. White pre- j and this surgeon had been called -• Incc draped tea tn- in to attend the badly wounded :i r*0n t iii«»-\Ti^*-*,-* r.f :**.**. • i • aviator. A rapid examination showed him that there was no hope whatever. Then- he told the - flyer there was little he could do as a doctor, but that if the dying 'man had any messages or last wishes which , he .would like to-have conveyed,} he, the doctor, would see thai they ' were sent off. The badly wounded man nodded weakly, raised himself on one elbow with a desperate ef- Bits of News Mostly Personal! Jr.. who was high among the women, received a "leave a note" cedar ornament for her door, Mr. Ecerdt, men's high, was presented a novelty match box and Mr. Aiken, who received traveling award. v;as given a cedar tie holder. 80 »at the norm- of Mrs. Rubier Mrs. A, M. R. Branson was co 10 luuo\vi!iL; oil leery were rs'd: Mrs. W. M. Crowe, Mrs. Hubicr. vice president; Tallies were in ine master inoiif i l'"' V ^' Bi0;u ^ v fv. hocrclury- and Easter chickens were given a.-= t , a . sl>lt ' r: Mrs - J - w - Durham, favors. A dessert course of an*d !,,. ?4" ot M::k col »'"ittcc; Mrs, food cake tonned with fmiis and i' iol . l . v .t lMmi P scm - fh^vuinu of Ways food cake topped with fruiis and whipped cream v;as served. State Officer fs Visitor Hurr Mrs. Zada Bavnsbuck. ol Hot Spring.-, state officer of thr Royal Neighbors, nttended a meeting of the local group last ni»h» ;>t the home of Mrs. Herman W;>.ljxm\ Mrs. Formic Alrx^nrier v.-.ts fleeted as delegate ;mc Copeland, as nUrruste to the convention to br held Smith April Ifi. After the group had bailout on new members, Mrs. Barusbuck made a talk. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served- Meets for Program Business Woman's CircU:. r-.u-» Baptist Church, met at the i and Means comir.iiiec. ! Tht: hostcwc.s .',(;rvod tea with I *»riclwiche.s and caktr, following the .; bu,".moss KvsMon. At- that timt- a | niretafcc-r for th»- aumbry u- fls j employed lor jh^ summer months. j -Study Pottery, 1 ChinH. G! i Mrs. G. G. ., iiuii : <•< O'f prosrsiin on "Pencry. Chin?. ,'.nio ;; ' ;n ol;! ^^'H'" prphi-jHed' «t the •f , |i'»^!mo ot th-- Dripj5i-. in Fiut •.V't- ' 'i »•«...,_ _- _t_ > -ir_.. . T , C;M « 1 " 1 « ! '>- ^-'. T. Ob Ton Jr., and Mr. RoppVj mother, Mrs. S. B. Ropp. ol Chi- cnyo, spent the week end with Mrs. fort, and said: "May God and protect Adolf Hitler!" Thar attitude, however i ible- is practically universal in parents, ?.ir. sine! Mrs. H. j German army. Never, in all my Olli:c<s - ! conversations, dirt I hear ;\ v. ( ,rci will !:?avr ! of criticism of the German Mrs. C. \V. iiy lor Charleston, S. C.. tor j Evrn thosr- not in sympathy a vwit wilh lu-r mother, Mrs. T. ft. i tin- Gcnnan resimr, and ' IMeiMn:cjj.N. Sho will » 0 from ...... ChnrlDKton to HolHn.s. V;i.. to .s)>eiu! u«n days with her c!:iUKhtov. ly attacked it. believed th.;;i. tinier was, himself, hincer<; JUKI hrn'i the ..-- , sowi of the German pfotilr 3 t, .'•Jury Ji-.-in Aiflick. \v!u ; is Jt : ,tu-! heart; bclitwd, too, th»i hV ind rtcu_t »t HulUiLs Collosf. | accomplished a great rirnl (or (.hT- D. mnny, whatever mighi hv the ouf- couw . Any prop:iy:mcto "China", Mr.\. Den White. Mrs. \V. ^ ;\nd Mn>. n. ^ Ch;:n!b!in speni. "Monday in, ' ignores that fact i.<, imss Alia- Whit.siu ;nul Mrs. | foredoomed to tailurr. •Jo I. rncc, of Joncsboro. returned 1 \u-.',«uy nltcvnoon from El, rrx:',x '.vlu-re they spent t\vo wcrks with tSu'jr .si.ster Miss Brllc- Whit- '5 o - T D r r <£fe §m TOOTH MUSH ^^ w4 7c ^^ KRENL Hair Tonic *0c SUe • LADY ESTHER Face Powder S&+ SPR/NG CLEANING AID! JUSTRITE CLEANING FLUID 10-ouncs CONTAINER If you use u directed jit wilt not Isave* ting. 'Sale price. TREAT of THE WEEK! WELL WHISK BROOM Ctnalnt corn tafiiti ONLY . . 23 C corn u- Mel»I hunger. *p BORIC ACID Powder »r Crystal *-<x- **%- r IAUME BENGUE Mild or Regular Cedar-Pack Garment Bag Airtight! «f Ol |0ustproo!! . JLX"' Holds 3 garments. Handy 14-ln, Zipper Bag in choice OOc efcolgrs .OO Has no-sag frame. Cream 25c Size Ex Lax 19c BANANA SPLBT ^fc Topped with ^ Chipped Cream! . £\J~JJ§ Sided with »un-ripe- ^ Tooth Powder Olafsen's PURE COD LIVER OIL PALMOLIVF BEAUTY SOAP SQUIBB DENTAL CREAM FITCH SHAMPOO Dandruff Remover PETROLACAR LAXATIVE ALL NUMBERS 40c Size TUBE HANDY Home probably ictum here in two months. Thr condition ot Mr*, w M Vick. of Los Angeles, who JARS her home here tor » number of yearns.' is quiie 5-orious iu n Clippers $1.00 ; Combs lOc ATOL (ABOS) ' Vitamin Cipsules » Super-Juice EXTRACTOR CHOICE of 4 59 COLORS . I— 2 Powerful, compact. A or C Type ORTHO^CYNOL us | 19 Size .... Jl""^" BROMO QUININE GROVE'S Size . , 27 1 IRRADOr "PARKE OAVIS" 1 Uounce A"7r Bottle . ji /*" BALM FITS DISPENSER Siw .. , . PINT SIZE I0c CASHMERE^ BOUQUET« SOAP . . 1 with the purchase of 3 Bar* at 2Sc 4 FOR 26 C Kleenex 150-.. lOc 500 -,, 25c ot un- of,Dr. Edna Nie:- Tuesday nUhr.- l «,.„, tto ,.. * * for a: program on -An urg'ent j « a _f ^ hf .' UI T Gospel IS'eed of ihe Homeland" led ~;5* '? 3 benefu £l; ^'- ^ be by 'Miss Edna Eirl Williams I'M jS^ rs ^V n - ht a*. Lake :ril R major operation las>t \vcck. ! Mrs. Tom Phillips «nri son, Tom ' | iv r . wer.i to Wilson today to sspencl L'.uest. j two Uny.s with -Mi>. Phillins' 51^- f:tm- by Miss Edna Eirl Williams Twelve members incluciinu one new ificnibcr. Mrs. W. B. Hiil. ynd one visitor,. Mlsii Marie. Harntt/n, vrere present. • Sneakers on the Srrc-s 1 ' CUSSf 1 maii'i, M , . .. ** — • •»--* rww- ethortlst ClMu-ch v.,- ve cils- c! flv : IVo Christ ;;in Service hr Mrs. vV. M. Crowe has returned •home from Boonevlllc \vhere she underwent treatment, for several months. Although she is improved, ?he v/i'.i '.-ontinue to vest homt- lor obeui three morr.' montlis Jr., nu'iulr,- TRADE itt cn \- rv ' Vour Old or «cll it lo U.s for'"(Vs'i,. Alvin Hardy I'urn. ( u . 301 i:. I\lajn p'i,,,,,. i•}.. sh . iH'om there she will Dell Club House Razor lades NODESS NAPKINS TRIAL OFFER! r 3 ounce TRIAL SIZE 39 SOc GILLETTE.. 75c SHICK 50t 7£<: GEM 031 lOc ' pr RIM For Coughs 25c StanbacK Headache. lOc FREE SIL-MIN-QI AT OUR EXPANSE | Wmi PURCHASE OF PINT SIZE. Both 7br1 Satisfaction guarajx- teed! CHERRY PECTORAL Yirs lO LS'OcSlice J^ LIFEBUOY Shave Cream LARGE "5^ r TUSE . **9* Smith Bros. ^ € ns T Juntos (LIMITS) 2IT 1 WITH COUP2S MEAD'S PABLUIVi 39c Hind's Hand Cream WATKIH'S Mt'lSIHED SHAMPOO lOc l/alU6 AINSBOROUGi HAIRNETS loit Your Ap Perhap« you arc deficient in VITAMIN 81 Try Otafscn's new . Vitamin Br \Vinc Tonic, an excellent aid for Vitamin Bi deficiency. VITAMIN Bl WINE TONIC 2S ANTt^COUC BABY NIPPLES MONEY SAVING COUPON 40 .4-inch Clothes Pins 7c m

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