Lancaster New Era from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on August 18, 1892 · 2
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Lancaster New Era from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 2

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1892
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Y THE NEW ERA LANCASTER, TIIDRSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1892. . SSra. Pekltihed Krerr ErealeX.E Saedaj.fta , Tfff Xt DU PRINTING HOLsK. 'l' - t. 41 Narth Uaeee ' f- twiwim Pa. mntm eopy, two cent. 1 eentt "ll u a month: Mr. dollar. . y. bh WFEKI.Y NK W ERA ts pnbllehed ara te tuy ion. Ins. et ei-SO V- ' - 3I3KTftnot 19. advanra ' JOB PRINTING in e brat atylra dons M PtMonaUie pncesi satisfaction guaranteed. ' y- Alt communications should be nd-Ateased to Tat Nxw Laa, Lazcaari, Pa. WARFEL GF.1ST. Publishers. 5JIURSDAT EVENING. AUG. 18, 1892. BtD RECORD. 1 Andrew D. White, the ex-PresMent of Cornell University, formerly minister to Ruaoio, aud oue of the ablest ami moat scholarly men in the country, on last Tuesday delivered a carefully prepared address at Chautauqua, on "The Murdpr Problem in the United States, which is declared to have been a most remarkable paper, and which the brief reports of it we have seen fully bear out. ileaaaerted that creditable testimony and reliable statistics prove ' that among all nation! of the Christian world, in the United States the highest Crimea are most frequently committed and least puuislied. The number of deathi by murder in the United Slates is more than double the average In the most criminal countries of Europe. Only about one in fifty murders receives capital punishment, and the moat monstrous growths of crime are the local result of a system in which wiolsted law Is so lightly regarded. The young ward tough in New York city, who glorlea In making himself wbst he caUs a holy terror, who rejoices iu being paraded in the newspaper headings as nervy, who loves to be pointed out aa a killer, looks up with admiration to various eminent men In high political pieces in the metropolis and especially to three political leaders, managers of a great party organization, omnipotent in caucuses, powerful In conventions, who first swore friendship with each other while all three were lying, charged with murder, in the Tombs prison, in the city of New York. What a wonder, then, at the growth of a class whose joy is crime and whose crowning glory is murder? The prominent allusion to tbs three prominent politioiana will be apt te excite considerable comment, but its cor-nctnesa will not be questioned There ere dozens of murderers iu the jails of ' New York to-day who will not only not be executed for their crimes, but who in ail likelihood will never even be tried. They have a puli on one of tha "big three, or on someone else of al-1 most equal prominence, and in this way eecape the penalty of their misdeeds b a shame and a reproach that it should lp so, hut New York ie so heavily weighted by corrupt politicians that for the present there is little hope of s fsvor-able change. the wind errr. In the East, generally, and more especially in New York, Chicago is called the Windy City, the title being conferred because of a well defined tendency on the jiart of the Chicagoans to speud e good deal of breath in proclaiming tha merits and Importance of their city, and incidentally of themselves, also. It must be admitted that the charge Is, to a certain exteut, well merited. Like all other dwellera in great citiea the Chicagoans are in no wise backward in proclaiming the merits of their great city, and it must be said In their behalf, few cities on this continent, or elsewhere, for that matter, cau bear a greater amount of laudation on the part of their citizens. What other city in the world has a record like Chicago? In 1803 a stockaded post was built on its present site and called Fort Dearborn. Up to 1832 it was merely a frontier post, with not more than a dozen families besides the soldiers stationed there. There was no toa n organization prior to 1833. In 1840 the population was 4,470 ; that waa only fifty yean ago. At that time St. Louis, founded in 1704, had 16,000 inhabitants, and Cincinnati, founded in 1788, had 46,000 souls. For many yean the latter city waa Chicagos great rival, but she gradusUy diopped out of the race completely. Later St. Louis took np the rivalry, but in turn the also fell into the roar of her Windy competitor, and to-day there is no city beyond the Alleghenies that even approaches her in population. Philadelphia, founded one hundred and twenty years before Chicago, for many years aaa the largest city in the country, and of course held bey own against Chicago until a recent pdrtod, when she, too, dropped out aud conceded the claim of being the second largest city on the contt neiit to Chicago. Chicago continues to grow at an unexampled rate. A school census, which seems to he regarded as more or less ae. curate, gives het 1,400,000. This shows that she is hard on the heels of even New York herself, and may, in 1900, challenge the great city of the Kuickerbockeis itself for the first place in population. In lt-fll she erected 11,803 buildings, while New York erected only 2,821, and it may be assumed that compirstlvoly few of the latter were dwellings, while most of those inChicsgo were. The World's Fair may also be ex parted to advanoe the population and prosperity of Chicago to an unusual degree. The rate of increase in her population uext year will unquestionably be greater than usual. With eight years more to grow in, the beginning of the next century will In all probability remand New York to a second place among the cities of the New World. New York's recourse lies in annexing her neighbor, itrooklyn, and the smaller towns immediately adjacent. That would give her such a big lead that Chicago would require many years to ovortakeber. New York lias for some years been trying to bring this annexation about, aa she sees in it herouly hope of numerical superiority. But Chicago is a rival not to be sneered at. ter, Miss Dorothy, of Philadelphia, are the guests of Miss Minerva (Iron, of No. ' ! 120 Last New street , Tug Misses IdaandCorinnf. Sbeelz are spending two weeks at Oak Hill and Black Barren Springs. Miss Bertha Sheely has gone on a two weeks visit to Heading and Pottsvilie. Alias Bertha Bohanan, of Pittsburg, late guest of Alias Annie Roy, toil on Tuesday tor a trip to Cape May and other pleasure resorts on the New Jersey coast. Mrs. Hannah Harmon, of Brockton, Mass., was born the day preceding Washingtons retirement from office, end bss thus lived under the administration of every President of the United States. OrricEH Wot ke. of the twenty-fourth polne district, Philadelphia, who ie spending pert of hie vacation at Lltitx, the guest of the Sturgis House, was In Lancaster on Wednesday, paying his respects to Chief of Police liorger and looking up acquaintaucea of our police force. PO LITICALPOINTS. Congressman Jerry Simpson was yesterday endorsed end notniuated by the Democrats of the Seveuth Kansas (District. Whitelaw Reid left New York yesterday for Springfield, Illinois, where he ie to-day to address the third annual Convention of the Republican League of Illinois. At the Republican State Convention at Milwaukee on Wednesday, ex-Senator Spooner was chosen lor Governor by acclamation and John C. Koch, of Milwaukee, for Lieuteneut Governor. It Is said that Congressman Blount, of the Sixth District ol Georgis, Chairman of the House Committee ou Foreign lie-latious, has decided, sfler twenty years service, to retire (tom Congressional ills. The Third Party Convention et Raleigh, North Caroline, on Tuesday, settled the difficulty into which it became involved by withdrawing the nomination of Col. Harry Skinner lor Governor and naming Dr. XV. P. Exum in his stead, bkinnur waa chosen Elector-at-Large. The Democratlo State Convention of Texas, et Houston, on Tuesday, broke up iu e scene of wild disorder. A dispute arose bets ecu tiie Hogg and Clark faction as to the method ul taking the vote for chairman, and knives end pistols were drawn. Finally, the worst ol the disorder waa quelled, the rival factions each took half of tlio platform and eat h completed an organisation and adjourned for the day. The Michigan Democratic State Convention was held at Graud Rapids cm Wednesday. Justice Allen B. .Morse, of the State Supreme Court, was nominated for Governor by acclamation, his only competitor, Governor K. II. W Ilians, having withdrawn. The platform endorsed the national candidates and platform, denounced the McKinley tariff, aud declared In favor of restoring silver to its time-honored and rightful place as the coin of the nation, coequal with old. Slofhing. e LEAKING sale. Ladies Shoes. NOME PEOPLE REMARK WHY IS IT THEY 80 PERSISTENTLY ADVERTISE BARGAINS IS LADIES' SHOES I the sttlps mpst be orpt OlR ANSWER IS. THE STYI.R AND MAKE IS ALL RIGHT, AND WE HAVE PLENTY OF THEM. THERE IS THE SECRET; WE HAVE PLENTY OP THEM; AND, SOONER THAN KEEP THEM, WE ARE WILLING TO SELL AT COST, OR EVEN A LITTLE BE-LOW COST. IN ORDER TO CLEAN OCT THE LINE. LADIES. THERE ARE BARGAINS TOK YOU HERE IN SHOES. Table Covers, VELVET AND CHENILLE TABLE COVERS ORDERED TO THE FRONT. SIX FOLK VELVET COVERS, FIVE DOLLARS AND AI1AI.F TO SELL FOR FOUR HOLLARS. SIX FOUR VELVET COVERS. FOUR DOLLARS TO SELL FOR THREE DOLLARS. FOUR FOUR VELVET COVERS, THREE DOLLARS TOSELL FOR TWO DOLLARS. SQUARE TURKISH COVERS, TWO DOLLARS AND A-IIAI.F TO SELL FOR ONE DOLLAR AND THREE QUARTERS SQUARE TURKISH COVEBS, TWO DOLLARS TO SELL FOR ONE DOLLAR AND A-HALF. SIX FOUR CHENILLE COVERS, ONE DOLLAR AND THREE-QUARTERS TO SELL FOR ONE DOLLAR. Clothing II I Rati A BROTHER. 12 WILL PROCURE YOU AN ALL WOOL BLACK CHEVIOT SUIT TO ORDER-WELL MADE AND FIRST-CLASS TRIMMED. 12 SECURES A COAT AND VEST TO ORDER FROM THE CHOICE OF A NUMBER OF FINE CLAY DIAGONAL GOODS, LATEST STVIES; FORMER PRICE WASF1FTEEN DOLLARS. 7.50 WILL BUY ONE OF OUR FINEST WORSTEDS FOR A FAIR OF PANTS TO ORDER; FORMER PRICE, EIGHT AND A-HALF, NINE AND TEN DOLLARS. H E A DQU ARTERS I N TII E PAST-MOR E SO NOW-FOR OIL PANTS AND COATS AND RUBBER LEGGINGS. HIRSH & BR0.S Fena Hall One-Price Huse, CLOTHIERS. FURNISHERS AND MERCHANT TAILORS, 5 NORTH QUEEN STREET CENTRE SQUARE AND MARKET STREET, Lsncaaten Fa. Parasols AT PRICES MAT MUST QUICKLY CLEAR THE COUNTER OF THEM. Fit E, MX AND NEXEN AND A-UAI F DOLLAR PAKAcOLS ALL MADE ONE PRICE, FOUR DOLLARS. the four and a half quality, THREE DOLLARS. FOUR DOLLARS MADE TWO AND A HALF. TWO DOLLARS MADE ONE DOLLAR AND SIXTY. ONE DOLLAR AND THREE-QUAR1 ERs MADE ONE DOLLAR AND FORT!, AND THE THREE DOLLAR AND A HALF MADE TWO DOLLARS AND EIGHTY. THE .MENTION OF Me ABOVE PRICF.S IS SURE TO BRING A QUICK ANSWER. There is no man in the whole country . ao competent to compose and give to the world a " Complete Letter W riter Grover Cleveland. Almost every day be gives a new letter to the publle, while ' the latter ie waiting with bated breath to learn what la to come next The last three that have been published this week are, one dated on the first of the month to a lady who had sent him a copy of a book the wrote; another written on the 8th, acknowledging a clover leaf badge which tome one sent to him, and the third, written on the 9th, on being invited to a Tennessee barbecue. We are more than ever satisfied that Grovers road to suceesa la through the medium of a Complete Letter Writer. India has for a thousand tears, perhaps, been a silver country. Her people prefer that metal as a medium of exchange to all others, gold not excepted. But the reeent decline in silver is knocking things all wrong out there. All aalariee are paid in silver, but at the purchasing power of silver is declining rapidly, the people are finding themselves reduoed to straits more and more Tho Governmeutof India is, therefore, urged n all aidea to abaedou tho silver standard and adopt the gold one In its stead. This agitation, ooming as it does, at the assembling of tho International Money Conference at Dresden, will be apt to ; still further complicate tha business of 1 the Conference. Mb. Gladstone has presented the names of the members of his proposed Cabinet to the Queen, and now there it a loud outcry of dUaatlsfaetion among the i Radicals, the men to w hom hie suocess Is mostly due, at tha composition of hit Ministry. Borne of tho most prominent , leaden have been ignored, while many of ' thoee selected art not regarded as persons of unusual force, merit or prominence. 'Thin dissatisfaction bodes no good to ' tho new administration, and if the Radi. cals carry their resentment ao far as to land only n half-hearted support to tho now Premier, his tenure of office may bo i measured by months instead of years. That most ardent and enthusiastic f rainbow-chasers, General Field, ol the soptos Party, declares he will get at sat IU electoral votes and may get even 1 In addition. But then the business of 'mating chicks before they are hatched 1 among the easiest things in the world, "5 though tho actual results always ' 7 widely from tho preliminary calcu-itons. If the candidate of the Peoples Tarty gate one-tenth of the votes he rbte on, bo will bo doing well. When a member of a labor Union fails to comply with his agreement with the Union, in the way of dues and fines, lie is unceremoniously kicked out of the organization. But when he burns or otherwise destroys the property of outside parties and sets the laws of God and hit country at defiance, he ia not summarily dealt with nor prosecuted ; If not Red at all, It ia hi the way of mild rebuke. Cun any one tell why this is so? Whenever a mishap, whether serious or trivial, happens to one of our war vessels, the press at once begins to joke and jeer and throw stones. But the ships of other naval powers also encounter mishaps. Within a week two English vessels, the Hawk and tho Sharpshooter, met with misfortunes, one of them beingsn entirely new ship, costing 13,500,000. These troubles dont fall to our lot alone. We tan all immune what the Labor Union agitators would s.iy if the owners of the Lehigh Valley railroad were to start in and burn all the homes of the Union Switchmen, aud then beat and maltreat every switchmen they could find who would not accept the wages they offered. But that is what the switchmen are doing. The Univeriity Krlention Monthly au-nounces that in tho States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland aud Virginia, there la much activity in Kxtension circlet and a marked Increase in the demands for lecturers during the coming aeasou, showing a healthy growth iu the system. The Farmers Encampment at Mu Gretna was begun on Wednesday, under the most favorable circumstauces. It is another of the great organizations whioh will hereafter aid in rendering Mt Gretna one of the most attractive resorts In the country. The more promptly riots are put down tho more effectively they will stay down. The people of New York and Tennessee dont seem to understand this. Baking Powders. BSOLUTELT PURE. ROYAL BAKING POWDER. Absolutely Pure. A Cream of Tartar Waking Powder. fTljtv tat of til In leavening attuugth A I. A (Vwrn?M mt Mmd HepttrL Kora) Iiakini Powder Co.. 16 W all ftu. If T Cavr EJTT I ' ten DO 1 are lies' Buchanans announce- will run as an Independent the Democratlo side, hat r 'rbone In that State Tueiou. The fact that M g material tlokete In the 4K . u it may give the f C Re; ,1 leans. In fact, there - a does a the Southern 8tatea . A party llaee have teen so broken . a . assent develops jti art anticL i, , U.'h au waitijto to hear what excuse . 3 be es ' i for the Buffalo rioters, Tho tK y threw dowstbelr work they C torch. Tho resort to violence a t set oojuetlfitMa, but uo Att i ha ao far oewJeraoed , ' s ? - . i , , . 1 ! 1 , i .X , ' ' ' h VK ' Saddler?. JVLY WETS AT KREOK ELS. from ups Good Net nty With MVenty lashes. Lap .spreads it flOc., 700. ftiw going fast. Not many mor loft. HARNESS AT AN! PRICE YOU WISH. NONK UVT MECHANICS FMPLOW KI. A t ompleta l.ius of AFGIlANSfor liaby CtrrUtffos ihean Se our window. rpcotal tncillti for Hepaiiing Trank. Goods called ioi and delivered iteeof chaig EDVV. K RECK EL, 30 CENTl'B SQUAKE, Lanomster. 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Madioan Ii away on strip to New York, Niagara Falls and Canada. Mrs. Reynolds and daughter, Miss Maude, want to Nusr Haven, Conn., this morning. Misses Emma Bbadtcamp, Marie Kreager and Mias Palmer went to Atlantic City this morning. Miss Lillian Frakuch has returned borne from a pleaaaut visit to Harrisburg and several other placet. Mist Locila Tboast and Misa Martha Kondig have gone to Philadelphia to spend a few weeke with relatives. Mrs. Jamb Kelcr snd son and Police Officer Abboday, of Philadelphia, are visiting Mr. George Hutted, on Middle street, Mies B. Jennie Smith end Miae Lydia Eby, William C. Smith and fits sister, Eve B. Smith, left this morning for Atlantic City. Ir. Byron J. Brown, clerk of Select ( nncll. left to-day with hit wife for a p te New York, Coney Island and up m Hudson river. Xiee Sarah Dwyer, who has been visiting Mrs. Moore, ou East Orange treat, went to Philadelphia this morning to visit her ! ) l njJDUI and her ete RUCTION EER. A. L. 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FOR A GENTLEMAN TO BUT IF Mb WISHES A GOOD WATCH AT A MEDIUM PRICE. IS ONE OF THE SPECIAL LINE WE ARE SHOWING AT PKESF.NT. A FINE NICKEL MOVEMENT, IN SOLID FOURTEEN KARAT POLISHED CASES PROPER SIZE AND QUITE A BARGAIN, AT 40. Walter C. Herr, 101 North Queen Street, Corner of Oranao. XILEY'S RUBBER HEEL CUSHIONS. Tired and Cross nr thouoanrtfl of people erery day from walk lug and ataudiug ou a bard ear lace. BAILEYS give elasticity and eats to every step taken bv the wearer. It bleaks the shock or Jarring of tbs body when walking, and Is par-Ocularly adapted to all whoare obliged to be on thetr feet. To thoee suffering from 8PIXAU KIDNEY, RHEUMATIC AND NERVOUS AFFECTIONS, Only 25c. Per Pair. It wilt be fonnd a great relief. Tbe rubber, with Its annular projections, Isas soft as velvet, thoroughly vulcanised, always elastic, leather covered next to tbe foot, and can be instantly adjusted. FOB SALE ONLT BT . Tin One-Prim Cast Hub; CHARLES. 1 FREY, v euooeeeoe Frey 4 Bokr THE LEADER OF LOW PRICES IN BOOTS AND SHOE No 3 snd 0 EAST KOTO STREET, ' KT- Store eloeed testy even tag at e'eleek axoept Msaday aad Saturday. Uobaeeoz. ! UANTITT AS WELL AS QUALITY. We Know ! JOLLY TAR i : JNO. FINZER I & BRO.a THAT IN CHEWING TOBACCO QUANTITY AS WELL AS QUALITY CUTS QUITE A FIGURE. WE KNOW THAI I JOLLY TAR j j JNO. FINZER i I & bro:s. j JOLLY TAR PLUG GIVES T0U MORE GOOD SOLID CHEW-ING FOB TOUR MONEY j JNO. FINZER I j & BRO.S. . ! THAN YOU CAN GET IN OTHER TOBAC, COS. TOU KNOW THAT IS WHAT TOU ARE LOOKING FOR. JOIN FINZER & BROS. LOUISVILLE. KT. 4 THxrn inure OWEK THAN EVES I STOP BUYING POOR GOODS AT HIGH pnoao, and practice better economy by (jetting 5 reeb taod at Low Price, a fact a tbe ootue in, a CLAIIKES GROCERY, No. 4 EAST KING STREET. Try us, and see what difference it will make In your living expenses. Try us right now. Epps', Rakers, or Kuukel Bros.' Chocolate, 90c. a can. LANCASTER GROCERY COMPANY. SOUPS r SOUPS! Jaafc tbe tbln yon wan for Ibeae warm daya uoh aa ae bare now. Tbe eoniwara tiuly for a sc. We bave Ike Soup bom in Tin and (liaae. EIGHTEEN DIFFERENT SOUPS IN STOCK. Tomato Mock Turtle, Ox Tail, Julienne, Pea, etmiceili. Beef, C hicken. Consomme, Mftccaroni, lert-aptu, okm m Gumbo, Green Turtle. Soup Bouilli, Bouillon, MuMAoitRiiey, Vegetable, Mutton Broth BONED CHICKEN and TURKEY. It. C. SELDOMRIDUE, Nos. IS and SO NORTH QUEEN STREET. T HEIST'S. MASON JAR GUM RINGS. 5c. a Dozen. MASON JAR TOPS, six forZfto. FRUIT PUDDINK, 7c. a pack. ROOT BEER (makes 8 gallons), Ido. a bottle. FRESH CANNED MACKEREL, )4c. a can. A Few XX holesalennd Retail Specialties. ' SMOKED MEATS Merchants in the city and connty will do !i rY ,,n smoked Meats A shipment ol IS and 40 barrels every live ilnye X ou can purchase tn any quantity you see HE Prices always right. mackerel. :e,.lffq,,steis ror Mackerel, White f s.hi 1 ickled Roe Herring, London Mackerel. Cod a st. iu tno-pound bucks, Holland He Ing, Ac. TO HOTELS AND RFST XURANTS Swiss Cheese and Plckles-We make a specialty of Genuine Imported Swiss Cheese ami also Natural colored Pickles. Try us. Two Dellvety Teams J J . Frank Feist, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, Corner West King and Prince. J FRF.SU SALXION, LOBSTER and SARDINES, FINE YORK STATE CREAM CHEESE, NEXV CALIFORNIA APRICOTS. Till 3PIIOS.A. ! WHAT IS ITT A finely perfumed liquid, unequalled for au cleansing purposes, whether Laundrr. Bath ot Household Give it a trial Buy the CEXLON GRATED COCOANUT. the finest In the market. Fot UNK TE AS and COFFEES, ours ie til house to buy from. D. & BURSK & SON, 1 7 East King Street. Telephone connection. Prices In Furniture Lower Than Ever -AT- HOFFMEIER BROS.. AGENTS, .40 EAST KINO pTKEET, SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS. Srocenca T BURSK'S. Eooks and Stationery JS JOHNBAERS SONS, 19-11 IDBTI PEI SHEET, LANCASTER, PA., Offer Wholesale and Retail, at Low Prloee, SCHOOL BOOKS Used in Lancaster County and City. SCHOOL SUPPLIES, including Linuid Slating, Chalk Crayons. Copy Books or all kind, writ ng Inks, Steel Pens, Fountain Pens, Noiseless Slates, Slats Pencils, Lead Pencils, Tablets, Composition Books, hcltool Satchels, Companions, and, in short, everything in tbe line of School fc ration eiy. SIGN OFTHEBIGBOOK. Carriage ftlorka -TANDAKD CARRIAGE WORE. Edw. Edgerley, CARRIAGE BUILDER, 40, 42, 43, 45 Market St., LANCASTER, FA. ALL THE LEADING STYLES NOW HEADY FOR THE STRING TRADE. Tbe Finest Assortment of Buggies, Pitas tone, Family Carriages. Ac., In the county. Now Is the time to order for Spring. I am prepared to butid any style Carriage known to tbe trade k FULL LIFE OF SECOHD-HAID WORK, Give me a call and examine my work. Strictly First-Class Work and All work Goar- REPAIRING AND BEPAINTING prompt, ly attended to. One set of workmen especially employed tor that purpose. Summer Tfczorta IJOT1L ALTMA1ER, MW Atlzxtto ass m S. Mtsmesim atxstvxa , AnagTio Cm, N. J. Clt ARLES F. JOHNSON, Proprietet lelUmd ri-HE R088M0P.E," 1 ATLANTIC CITY, W. . First-class in all Ita appolntmenta II modern conrauianoea. Location unsurpassed ij amp firanh isltmd MRS. JOHN P. DOYLE. -(OLD SPRING HOTEL IS OPEN FOR Ij tha season. Firsteleaa Aeeommodatlona will be glren at Reasoaabla 11a tea Scad tat circular. my47 4md F. G BOSCH, Ney, Pa. OU8QUKHANNA HOU8K. WASHINGTON O Borough, Pa. HENKY WERTZ, Proprietor. t hoiceet Wines and Liquors at tha baa Boarding by tha day or week. The riser to In good condition tor fishing, and as the season it now open parties wishing good sport ran bo at all times accommodated by oalling on me Jam prepared at all times to furnish Balt of AU Kinaa and Boats snd Boatmen at tbe reasonable rata of one dollar Tentisfrg. JKNTlBY. ML i. FRlli STEYEIS, DEIT1ST, (Formerly with Dr. W. U Ftobsr.) 64 Kortt Quean Street AU Operattoas Psrmlnlng to Dentistry. Preservation or theNetoralTeeth a Special ty. Gas Admintotsred and Elretriolty Used for the Painless Bxtnctien of Tsstk. " ' for Kilted and fifty oanta psrOajr for aach partoa. Far mini ftraaSi leaYi . ng a Columbia a 7 o'clock, and can take tbs baftlo Washing ton-vthc fkrabaingtsn on to-arriving a W ashtngton al 7 M o'clock Flak can bs had on abort notice at all timet foff Dinner or flapper. HKNHY WEKTZ. tell Froprietor Susquehanna Houaa Washinston Borough. Fs IZIine and Liquora. liquor stork, tort WEST XING street. Whiskies, Brandies, Foreign and Domes tla Wins, always on hand. Coins and sea ma JOHN FRITSCH, apt Bad Formerly of Kotbweller'i Hotel. T A DIES WHO ARE TROUBLED WITH hlvaya usa Mite V't 1

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