The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 24, 1934
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t Served bv t*e United Pres* BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TIIK DOMINANT NKWHl'At'Kll OK Nl>HTIUA|jri- AKXAKtiAf AMI) <K>OTOBAR MUHOUR1 VOL. XXX f—.\0. 13« Dally Newi Hlythevllle Cfurtar Vulley Lender lllilhevllii* Hi-nlil > OF BLUE EJIELE, H:,YTIIKWI,LK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.1, 1934 S.'NGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS President Attends Rainey Rites llliiMINOHAM, .Mi!,'. :i ! Judge J. Itusaell McEhoy today i called a ipcclnl session of the President Plans b!iake-upjt">nd jury, a-n-nsibiy w iiuvMi^n- : Agct „, v. i rv i n I 1 '"' murder chaw. 1 ; against Hnro.d | iO Lnd imputes DC-i Tnylor, is. In the brutal slaying Itl Puyi' New. IB-yKir-old Ilottiml tollc^e co-ctl. I Jlul';e McElroy's ;-:i:ri:hll call ma'lli' JHI/ ituniiuii at th' case i.ut ho j ';uin(H!nced lie \vas con- Uxknns :'. iju'rinl M-SMOD fur that - tween Mis Assislanls. WASIIlNfiTOX. Aug. 21. HH'I —The wliolf- question uf NBA rtorgaiilislion will be s4-Uleil two \\t«kv ficmi MmuUty at Hyde i Park, N. .V., four-nil llucii. S. | Julmbau, recovery administrator, I said toilay after ne.-irly an lumr's conference «illi rnsiitenl Itixisi" velt. WASHINGTON. Any. 24 (UP) President Rnoscvi-U dtec-u.wd will: General Hugh K. John.'on today r.;-j oiganV/ntlon of " niinistiali6n in the series of conference; end an inler-administration pule over tbe future NRA set-up. Johnson ',v?nt to the White House shortly after atrivin™ by airjManu 1 from Bctliany Beach., IJcl., where he had been vacatloniiiK. ; Jolniiou refused to ilir.cup: the comioversy v.-hieh has arisen b?- twefn hlih-:rlf. Secretary of'Labor Frances Perkins and Donald Hic.h- berg over rcorganiyalion of til; 1 recovery agencies. "I won't talk until we are ihroufh." Johnson :;ukl as he left his NRA office. Similarly at Ihe White llou.'.e he strode past newspapermen without comment. Before Ihe day wns over lh" piesident \vas e>pi. l ctcd lo reach a decision as lo Ihe li:mrt' coins* 1 "to he charfd for NRA, although it v.'a*: possible conferences inlt^hi be continued tomorrow. JohiiLou Disagrees RepoiLs of a clash over rcoiean- i-zation aligned Johnson, retovcry administrator, agaln'J Richberg, director of the National Kmeig^ncy Council, and 'Miss Perkins, the labor department head. The differences were said lo center on whether the proposed board to yovern NRA should have actual control along with Johnson or. should merely have advisory pcrivers.- The differences among Johnson Rlchberg ami .Perkins, were under- —whether one man should be -jv.-r Ihe hoard, have eonal say or be subordinate lo the nWnun agencv. Changes of policy, S'rch as price fixing, compliance and complete self-government by business, were involved, but whelher they were vitally concerned was uncertain. Trio Attacks Officer Who Seeks to Quiet Them. xiiici' ix-rstivrrt ti.elr L.auih lor a MiiaSJ knile v.nii ivlnth ^ii^s New \va-j .'.hiin lur.t V.onday nijlit. Tbey . v aid Hie- knifu is iho m:. 1 :-]!!?, link in :i :,lroni; i;ha'!i u' i-ircLiiistaiHial evidence ajjains; tLe Guy Lylle Victim of Alcohol Poisoning nnd Exhaustion, Jury Holds. MOHHlI.f/rON. Ark., AllR. 24. ilJi'V- Kheriif C. P. Atkinson shol and killed :i woman anil two men hioL nielli as he searched ft home nr-nr here on complaint of nclr.h- b:.-rs. Another man Is in a »•lions condition. Mis. Jane May, K. Ben May. CO. and Jim May, Gf>, \vete shol lu death In Hie froni yard, lien and Jim May were broihcis. H>m ) May, husband of the slain woman .iiul brother of the two dead men. >vo.s -.shot hi Ihc nbdomen and chest. Mrs. May wns first (o fall. £ picked up a ).nite and n shotgun shell and .slartcd at the sherilf shortly after lie entered the boini witnesses said. He killed her with two bullets i\s she started for .'botijun In-hind a door. The t\yo men advanced cci the sheiilf, he said, with knives nnd he opened lire on them. They were killed instantly. 7.oo Gave Birthday Party ST. LOUIS. Mo. (UP) — When Pali Sue. prize orang-utan of Ihe St. Louis Zoo celebrated lier first birthday, attendants held a party for the animal. Palti Sue wore a dress nnd bonnet especially made fcr the occasion. Ouy Lytle. 20. former county convict, found in a dylnp, condi- ion on the Oosnell road vcster- lav afternoon, met his dealli from 'alcoholic twifoninc ami exhaustion." a coroner's jury held late yesterday. I.ylle wns fotnul lyins by flic side or the road bv Earl Grab-.™ ind Howard .Iloivell aboul 3:W o'clock. He was apparently in an mcorjsrious condition and died a few minutes later, after efforts to revive him \vere unsuccessful. I.vtlc. a habitue of tlie Gainer, miartcrs, scene of fmiucnt disorders. had been sought earlier in the day bv police answerinc: a comnlalnt from that seelion. Lytle had fled at the approach of officers. A few minutes laler an- oilier ofl'icor. not knowinc; (hat I.v- lle was wanted but seeing him i minim, commanded him to Blrai. Instead the youth redoubled his •T?Ci>!l but when last seen he hart nn-ijlji^stoprjpd runnin;. " •'• la Oaines. well known polic" clnrncter, snld that Lyltc had been drinking durin? the day. • Officers were inclined to believe that Lytle's flight preceded by heavy drinking resulted in his Oealh and this- view was reflected in Ihe verdict of the coroner's jury. No evidence of foul piny rould be found. Funeral services will Ix- held this afternoon with Hie Cobb Undertaking Company in charge of ar- r.nnsemcnts. The deceased is (he son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lytic. Bandils Surprise Driver ol Registered Mnil Near Pittsburgh. Truck BUTLER, ra.. MIR. 24. tun— fiandlls in two automobiles forced a truck carryinr; registered mail lo Ihe cmb here today and escaped with three sacks containing almnL ssn.000. The men appeare<l suddenly as M. C. Lackey wns driving the truck Un oiieli n downtown street emoiiti; to I.yndoria, near New York Cotton NEW Cotton Oct Dec Jan March May July YORK. Aug. 2-1 closed steady, open hi^l: Iffil 1339 V.KO 1354 1341 1353 1.150 UCfl 1M1 13W 13C7 13W (UP) — low 131S 1333 1340 134S IM7 13117 close 1335 1349 I35n 13C5 1375 Armour Lee Phillips Big Robbery Suspect Pinr.ADELl'lIIA. Aus. 24. (UP) —A suspect held for investigation in connection Ihe $427.000 Here, sacks The trunk contained three f registered mail. Two automobiles, suddenly, ap rcare'd alongside, I^ickev snirf.' nn(f one one of them forced him to the curb. He bad no opportunity lo use n revolver lying in the machine. "Lie down and don't move' one of the men snid. He obeyed and one of the men stepped behind Ihe truck and removed the mail to the foremost of the two bandit cars. All of the men (ben leaned..aboard and westward, deserting the sec- machine. The ear left be- carrted Ohio license plates. Removal of Blue Eagle From Employers May Mean General Strike. By Unltr4 Frfcs Uibar strife centered toduy In Chicago where ultluinivkal of the blue tajif from the Chicago Moloi Clinch Co., intenslfM ugltutltin for » general Irunsiwrtntlnii strike. Elsewhere the strike picture win little changed. Trxtlle union leail- ers III Washington sent Instructions lo unions Ihroujjhout tin country In untlcliullon of a 1111- tlon-wlde .strike Involving tiOOOOi workers by Sept 1. The unioi chiefs \vcie eliary of accfptlng j federul olfer of medliilion. The Pittsburgh aluminum strike continued with considerable bickering concerning n "bark lo work' petition. In Gary, 1ml., AnierLcun I,og[o] convention delegates previille'l upon striking beer truck drivers to make regular deliveries u; four official Irglon bars. Chicago aiitlunlllrs Eulil th.i chances of n city wide trunspo Ion strike were .stronger now that I any time since the bus driver walked out eight days UKO. SJm leviitcil train otwralors were ad octitlng un immediate unolflclu ymputhy walkout. A sorrowing Huong of 15.000—the president of the United States among llicin—|ukl last, tribute to Henry T. Rainey, late Speaker of the House, at rites In Cnrr'ollton. 111. In the top photo, crowds arc shown ulxnit ihc Greene country courl house as the body was borne lo the laic shaker's country home for funeral services. In the lower ]>holo, President Roosevelt Is shown In the funeral cortege wilh Senator William Dietrich of Illinois. KILLED Fi fped ond bind Tlie loot was largeiv federal serve funds fioin Pitlsburgh. re- Epot.s c1os:d quiet 0.1 13M. up 10. New Ortean* Cotton NEW,' ORLEANS. Aug. 24 (OP» — After an easier opening cotton prices Lnnied aliotit anrl fini?hc'd Ihe session 11 to 13 ix>ints higher on the New Orleans exchange today. Late in the clay the mart; finned and prices rase on rejwrts that the lexlilc labor dispule may be settled wilhunt a strike. 01*11 Men low clos: 1315 1337 1315 1.120 1352 1330 1335 1352 1335 1"48 13GG 1348 1JM 1373 135G OCt Dec Jan March May July 1332 1347 1352 130:2 1370 137GD llrooklyn robbery was . identified today as Armour I.ce Phillips. 40. husband of Clara Phillips, notorious "hammer slaver" of Los Angeles. Cal. Phillips, who was arreslert hero as a suspicious character wilii Leo iorgio. 23. of Brooklyn. N. y.. admitted his identity, according to police. Phillips was ; tbe sensational trial who is now serving F Gel Sfl.TOI) In Ttomc ROME. On.. Aug. 24. (UP)— Two machine ;un bandits held up a National Citv Bank car toilay and escaped v:£>- a -9.100 payroll of the Tiibi7e-Cli:iitilon Co.. under a fusillade of bullels thai may have wounded one of tbe robbers. The bandits swooped down on the bank city the pt-fi Mnn Struck by Car While on Way to Report for Work. Scorpion And Spider In Grim Fighl To Dealli LONG BEACH. Cal., Aug. 24. UP)—A desperate battle between wo deadly insects, a scorpion nnd black widow snider, passed Its 5lti hour Uxlay with scores of nlookcrs laying heavy odds Unit '.w little spider would emerge Ictorlous, The two killers fought n piillenl atlle, waiting for Hie eliiince •hen one ml^hl pounce njion th? Iher ami end (he light with utie nick thrust. Although the .spider bail i;lvcn way almost (hire limes Ms size nd weight to (lie scorpion It had pun u web mound one nf the corplon's pinchers nnd wiis grad- mlly enmeshing Us lethnl we-.i]xm. be stinger, In the thin tin-end. Tlie grin) battle, tuklti" plucc In i uuijly corner of n Invge Long leuch yurftne. lias attracted huu- Ireds. netting odds were 4 find 5 o 1 on the spider with few lak- rs. Little Rock Divorce Decree Set Aside by Indignant Chicago' Judge. CHICAGO, Aug. 24 — Superior Judge Wulter J. LtiBuy yesterday In aside a divorce decree awarded Little Rock, Ark., last month to E. Ray Allen, a bond snlesmnn. ngalnst his wife. Margaret, In l(ts ' order dissolving the Ar- Crowd, Including • Man Neproes. Overflows .Into Corridors of City Hall RASRETT. Ark.. Aug. 25.— Pu- ! A crowd, including manv negroes. services were belli at Whit- 1 that packed the municipal eourt Ion Bnptist church Thursday tor (ami overflowed out Into tlie city J. W. Husband. 77. who was kille<l hall corridors awaited the nnpe early Tlnirsdav when struck by car on the nassett-Waidcll road. the outskirts of the short distance from far on limits mills. Oflirers of Ihc police department | pursued the b.indils about eight 'miles on the highway, firing re- pealcdlv at them. A policeman reported that one of the bandits central figure in or his wife 3S year jail j was seen to have n blood soaked handkerchief around his neck and it was believed he was wounded. Husband had received a colonv work card the day nnc e this afternoon of Ocorje Arevalo Cruz, bland little PiKnino Dyessjnnd Ills wife. Carmen Rio' Crt;z. before:]!), who were to fnoe trial on charges of anarchy. The charge, one rarely an;] was on his way to report for work. He had left his home and! ow . walked only a short distance when! this slate was brouViit he was struck by a car driven by ] fort lo •I. W. Hndson. \vhi> lives on tlie Mack Crowe plantation near Ditch secure maximum Weil in an cf- punlf.h- for what officials ooiieve i deliberate effort on Ine sentence for the killing of Mrs.! Alberta Meadows, n stenographer. BaSSett Woman was becniise Ihe friendly with oilier woman her husband. At Home of Daughter Says II. S. Fortunate j BASSETT. Ark.. Aug. 24.— Fu, CLEVELAND. (UP) — William [reral services were held at Clear Feather. njUonally known public-jl.nkc Thurfday for Mrs. Ida Ryan.' OSC 1st. pamphleteer and columnist,, re- 15. who died at the home of her Mnxwcl Spols closer! steady at 1342, up 12. W. K. RICHMOND 4- OO'S Af TEKXOOX COTTOX I.KTTF.R j NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 24.—Uc-j porls Hint an aorccincnt was nbDut to be reached to avert the textile slrike sent cotton prices higher in the last few minules of trartine loday afler Ihe market had riA-d veiy dull ar.d mostly' a lill'.c lower during most of the session. The closing was steady nnd nvtragcd srxml 10 points higher. Trade buying was again noted today, and probably accounted for Ihe (act lint further rainfall Oklahoma and Texas failed lo liave much depressing effect. The »rl area In Oklahoma extended rn'.vn into some of the good cot- i.:n counties in west Texas and turned fro:n a month In Europe to say that Americans knew no d»- prcrslow. Compared with France. Germany and Ennlaud, lite in America is abundant, r.? said. Rep ice points. ins fell at Much nin number of fell in Arkan- ras. I.ouifiana, Mississippi and west Tennessee and Ix'lief Is growinR that the- long drouth has been definitely broken al last. Goods market* were active ami fiimrr. with prices on som cde- scnpiions Inclined to harden. Con- tiarts for GO.000,000 yards of cotton cloth for comforter covers wen »warded by government agency. Chicaan Wheat open high low clnse 101 1-2 1(M 102 3-4 103 7-8 1C4 104 3-4 1C3 2-4 104 3-4 Dec Chicaan Corn ojien high low 7G 1-2 "7 1-2 71 3-8 ' 77 3-4 70 77 3-1 ' clo,~r 7 3-8 '8 7-8 40. Both legs, both arms and his: Tia rt of t.he Filim'no and his Mcx- r.cck was broken, death being.'Iran wife lo Mir up rac" trouble " 1slant - ' here. Tim maximum j n! ] sentence rwilmn, a llyess colony employe. | for Ihe offense Is six months r.ud other colony employes riding i u,,. maximum fine Is XI.Wl. 'Ihev assessed jointly *jr .scpr«r- eiv. The Filipino claims he was orennlzinE a "burial society" ?.• an ofllccr broke UD a negro mect- imr be was addressing one nliibl Mils week. Nothing in the minted by-laws of the Ordinal Ind»wid- ent Benevolent ' African Pacific Movement of the World", disputes his statement. However* 'an anner nccro was "puardlng" Crti7's meet- nnrt Cruz. ofTlcers enlrt. H-.T as thev ar)prOT:ne;l in the car were delayed during anjenn be investigation by Shell Harrison. I c (iepuly sherifT. but "later allowed' I to nrocecd to work. | Husband is survived by his wi- !dow, three sons and a ilaughicr. Amputate Lejj of A*ed Resident of Osceola kansas decree, Judge LaBuy severely criticized the I.ittlc Rock Judge who awarded It for havlne enjoin ed a witness from coming to Chicago to' testify In an Investigation ordered here, to 'determine if fraud had been perpetrated. Chancellor Frank II. Dodge In tbe Pulaski chancery c'otirt had eranted Allen ah absolute divorce last July 3. 1933. Mrs. Allen filed an appearance but protested that : r husband was not a bona flrts sident of Arkansas and therefor, c Pnlaski county court was with- I Jurisdiction. Chancellor Dodge ruled that the in? of an appearance bv Mrs len gave Ills court jurisdiction id overruled Mrs. Allen In award- g Ihe divorce. Wife FHes Silt However, on May 3, two mon- ^s lx>fore the divorce was grtinl- d. Mrs. Allen had filed suit for parale maintenance against her isuand In Cook countv court he bill altered that Allen clc- rted his wife, nnd that he had VPII false and fictitious grounds i bis divorce application in Little ock. and charged that Allen had llvink' in Cbicago at the cue his divorce application said was a resident of Arkansas. Vtlncsscs in Judge LaBny's 'court eslifled tci liavc seen Allen In Chiago frequently while he was sup- -loscd to be living In Mttle Rock. Retiriinj! RFC Director Entertains" Arknnsnns and RFC Employes Tonight. WASHINOTON. Aug. 24. (UP) —Harvey Couch, retiring RFC director, has chartered a Potomac, river steamer so he nuiy give farewell pnrly lo more than 2,000 Washington associates. Among the excursionists will be about 300 members of llm Arkansas State Society and 1.400 offl- nml emvilnyes of the RFC. SntcrtalnmenL and refreshments will be provided, Including dune- Mr. Couch took the play awaj roni a commlltce appointed lo arrange for such an excursion. Wher le heard that an excursion wn! ilnnned he seted tlie opiwrtunllj o play host for tlie occasion. When Mr. Couch came to Washington he brought n retinue o Arknnsans with htm which now numbei.i 25 01- 38.'<; KUviiiuwdl OSCEOLA. Ark., Aug. -U.— M. B. _ " 80-year-old resident oflbenrd to sa; da'ughler,"Mrs'"Evcrett"Ryiin Wll-i 0 -™ 0 '"- wno has been in the Bap-1 "The world belongs to the colored son. I 1 '* 1 hospital. Memphis, seriously i races. Join with ns and hell u'iT The deceased had suffered with: 1 " fro!11 n clotted blood vessel in \ soon r>on nround the corner foi eolith for two weeks. Her husband died several months ago. Mrs. Ryan is survived by. besides Mrs. Wilson, four sons. Waller. A. C.. Russell and Robert. Stock Prices NEW Stocks poii YORK. Aus. 24 closed fractions bis left Irs. underwent an opcra- (ion in which the leg was ampn- tt>e white man." Missouri officials have askc< Cruz's detention on chums In t state If he wins acquittal. <UP> — to 01;-; tated above the -knee yesterday afternoon. Mr. Maxwell stodl the opera-: tic.n splendidly and has a fair Canada's Nat'l Animal chance for recovery, physicians voll< "" 1 s "™ « «nimai .'aid. At his bedside were mem-' h<r<; of liis family. Mr. and Mrs. Rnliinh Green of Blythcvllle. Ms. and Mrs. J. A. Pigg. and Charles In Danger of Extinction MONTREAL. (Op)_ Tlie beaver , Canada's "national animal," whose W. K. RICHMOND S CO'S I AFTI:K\OOX GRAIN I.KTTKR CHICAGO. Alt!?. 24—Wheat displayed nothing decisive In the way of a trend today, although there s no weakness. The market closed fractionally above yesterday. rally in .Mocks and com at (his lime probably being the cause of! the buying which appeared through commission houses. The failure of) Winnipeg lo respond to reports of frost in scrlions of Ihc west was largely instrumental in action here. There was nothing in (he Washington news over nioht lo allract attention, but the trade as a whole was maintaining a cautious attitude towards possible eventualities sooner or laler. Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola ... General American Tank 35 I-'.!i General Electric 19 7-81 General Motors 31 ">-&: International Harvester 23 5-3 Middlewest Ulllitles Montgomery Ward 2~< 1-4 New York Central :v Packard 2 1-B Phillips Petroleum 10 ."i-B Hadlo Corp 0 Simmons Beds II 7-f! St. Louis-Ran FrflncK-n 2 Standard of N. J -—Texas Co ?4 1-2 U. S. Steel "8 1-B U. S. Emellinj 'Volcano Active On Island of Sicily MASSINA, Sicily, Aug. 24 (UP)— Sicily was shaken by a strong earth shock today followed bv two milder tremors while Mount Slioinboll poured forth threatening cloiKls of smoV.e. The volcano continued belching spasmodic streams of lava but the mollrn waste .streamed lowrnd the sea along the nnrth.'-rn slopes which are neither inhobltatcd or No tosses oi life liave yet been reported. and Game. A, Csrtler. secretary-trcas of the association, declare that the animals are beln? kllle. oiT so rapidly by hunters for tlie celts that unless stricter conserve lion regulations are enforced the will disappear, entirely. Casts 7$4h Vot>t MARION. Kan. (UP) "Uncl John Pox. 93, cast his 75lh vo In t'he recent primaries. It was 11 74th ballot for the Democrat party. Pox. a Confederate vetera and one of Gen. John Morgan raiders, explained that in 1928 I bolted the party he hod loved Iraj and voted for Hoover. 'Baby Face" Believed Only One of Dilliagcr Gang i At bvgc. '"liyrlulil. b >' Hulled ^r«ss ST. I'AUI,, Aug. af'^Tlic once xiwe-rful uaiiB of outlaw.1. who followed John OUlin^er ' has been reduced lo a lone survivor, it was revealed loilay while the body of - Motncr Van Meter, cunning member of the band, lay In the county moiBiie, The United Press learned that federal acenls have established •beyond a doubt" that John Hamilton, ace machine gunner and llculeiuinl of UUllngcr, is dead. Ills body Is hidden In n swamp •llher between South St. Pnul niui Hastlnns. Minn., or In Pierce coun- ly. Wisconsin, they said. The .playing of Van Meter nnd the dlFutosurc that "Hamilton Is dead leaves CleorEjo "Ilaby Face" Nelson as the only major member ol Ihe nann still alive.- Van Jlder, suave, ami blue-eyed, "enl lo his death over the same ath that nllllnser followed—trap- cd by a woman. Hiding out from tillco nnd federal anenls who had iiiisiied him over half a dozen tales, he was enticed lo leave his ih for ii few moments nnd walk- ' d Into a nnllcc trap. As he uasscd an automobile .show uom' window a co'j's of offlcen wrsonallv led by Police Chief < 'rank Cullen sprnni; out and cnm- niindcil him to halt. Van Meter replird in, the only ancunpe. he knew—Rimtlre—hut before he.had run a '(|(reen step 1 ; burst 'nl shotgun shms ripped hrouch Ills houv. At;nln, like Dllllnecr. he t.;um- ilcd Into an nlley and kicked out ills" life In a squalid cutler. otllcc force probably with him, but most will R, of tin Arkmuans are cxpeclctl to remain with the RFC. Two Held to Grand Jury On Felony Liquor Charge Mrs. John Wilson, fined $1,00 Wednesday .for illegal possessiol of liquor, was held jury by Municipal to the Brain Judtie C. A Cunningham yesterday after sh waived examination on a chnrg of selling liriitor. Bond on Ih felony charge was set at $1.000. Marvin Walling was also order cd lx>ld to the grand jury on felony chaise of giving away 11- tpior but was released on his own recognizance. Fifth To Dk omCAOO. 'Aim. 2-t— The slaying of Homer Vnn Meter, motster, In St. Paul late yesterday marked the death of the fifth member o? the desperado Bang Iprt-hy- the late John nllllnser. slain In Chl- ca^o .lulv 33. Trial of the wife and two daughters of a Canadian township magistrate on disturbance charges was tield. Mrs. Myrtle Mitchuson was cleared but charges iigninst Ruth, , , . Mltchuson and Louise Mllchiison <l»V-"'»»' were continued with the court warning the Mllchusons and . lo meet tlcath" after tlK-Rnns; muslirtiomrd Inlo notoriety vns Horlx'i-t Yonnjiblond. negro, who (Inched lo freedom with .Dillinsrr In his famous "wooden gun", cs- cnpe from the Crown Point jail on March 3. Younpblond was slain by ncacc ofllccrs at Port Huron. Mich. One officer was killed in the gun battle. . Next was Eueene Orcen. wounded fatally i:v federal agents .as he went through a barrage of bullets In St. Paul while authorities were" seekins to trap Dillinscr mobs-' men. Tniiuuy. Carroll, bank rcilincr arid nilllnpcr bnnchman. was rlaln .lime 7 al Waterloo. Ta . by detectives. Dillingcr was killed here in a federal and Indiana . police trap. One of the "original cast" of the. John Dllllnger band of bod r.w;-- Van Meter was first srnlcnrcd .to . l>er«Ddi Action LITTLE ROCK. An?. 24—Chan- illor Dodge last night said he ssued. the Injunction prevent in? Ir. Holmes trom testifying bcfor: udge LaBuy's court because he aw no reason for Holmes, ns an fficer of Pulaski chancery court. o be used as a tool before R Chl- ngo courl in an attempt to break own a decree Issued by the Pulaski ourt. when ample redress could '2 obtained by appeal to Hit Aransas .supreme court. prison in Indiana for n crime pon- - ular among oullaws of nn earlier ' neighbors with whom trouble had developed to be peaceful back Into assessed. Trial of courl. No fines come were Taylor Freeman on a charge of Illegal co-habitation was continued until Wednesday of next week. May Speed Up State's Beef Canning Program UTTI.F, TIOCK, Aug. 24 (UPV- Constructlon of possibly 20 more slaughter houses over the slate | ' Vocational Instructor Named for Negro School For tlie first time in its history Ihc local colored school will have a Smith-Hughes vocational agricultural instructor. Through the assistance of the federal goverri- menl and state vocational fund the services of such a teacher, have been secured for the local school. William Barabin, .a graduate r>£ Virginia State College for Negroes, has been assigned to the local school. Barabin formerly Charge Mail Fraud To Nominee for Judgeship BIRMINGHAM. Aug. 24 (UP)Indictments charging c. J. Griffith, Democratic nominee tor circuit judge, and C»rl Vann. his associate, nilth fraudulent use of Ihe malls were returned by the f. deral jrand jury today. The Indictments also charged they schemed to defraud their clients, convicted Tennessee bank- robbers, of $1,500 In loot taken from a Tennessee tank. to speed the beef canning program is considered by His federal emergency relief administration. It was learned today. The plant al Fort Smith which processes GOO head of cattle a iay is the only one now in operation. Work for COO men and women will be piovidcd in stale mattress factories, Mrs. Ed Cornish, women's orojcct supervisor, estimated. Plants ire already operating in five cit- .es. Six more are expected lo open Tuesday, including faclorics at Bly- thcville. Camdcn and El Dorado. Tee Sand Box Home Bothered Mother Wren NEW HARTFORD, Conn. (DPI —A wren who built her nest at one end of a s»nd box on the first (ec al Green Woods Country Club raised her family under a handicap. Golfers continually were lift ing up the lid and tsiting sand Irom th< other rnd. taught in the Howard Cmmty Training school. He has already eportcd for duty here and is now l work among the colored .people of this community. bin will teach vocational agriculture and other classes at the local school and will also conduct evening classes among the negro fanners of this community. In addition to his other dudes Barabin will act as athletic coach al Hie colored school. Report Savings Made By . Electrical Rate Cuts MTTLE ROCK. An?. 24 (UP) — Savings of from 5 lo 13.3 per c;nt on July electric bills were reported today by the fad finding tribunal in 19 representative towns and cities of the more than 2CO served by the Arkansas Power and Light Co. The saving was marie by the general reduction of the company following the tribunal's recommendation of a ten per cent reduction: Balesvllle. users raved S440. or 9.9 per cent. Bills for the month were figured with both old and new rates. State Democrats Likely to Meet September.?, 8 HOT SPRINGS. Aug. 24 'UP)— The state Democratic convention will be held here Sept. 7 and S, sources close to state headquarters salt! they had learned officially today. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly clUudy lenient and Saturday. Local Ihundershow- ers in south and east portions Sit- urday, cooler tonight. The maximum tcinporature here yesterday was 91, minimum f,8, cloudy, with 2.41 inches of rain, according to Samuel P. Nortls, official weather observer.

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