The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1941
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. MARCH Ifl, 1941 "Oasark "KKU-Bzlliea QutsUckered I&/"~ Scream Missouri's Big City Politicians BT.YTTniJVn.XK. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS BY JAMES K, 1IKUJERT N'FA Service Staff Con-esponacni JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.-Did tlio rid^-nmnm'. honm no? raism, tobacco-r-hewnr o/ark hill-biln^ O j' -oi-th \1i" isoun dip a fast on* over iho slid.; mm-hines of ex-Bos, Pemlergast oi Kansas Ciiv -- " i mann of St. Louis? Irate Democrats are accusing the Ozark denizens cf just that as the Missouri legislature starts looking at vote fraud charges that may set a n^w national hhh in political buffoonery and election skullduggery—end jerk Republican Forrest C. Donnell from the governor's mansion. The accusations; ran^e from buying- votes with Ozark moun- io«u dew mid Diving receipts to voters =o that ihpv could collect later for voting rjq-ht. to heroins voters over state Un*s into Missouri to vote Republican. The brilino; gubernatorial row in Mi^nuri ann^aved settled after the stare Punreme Court orcte'-ed the Democratic-controlled legislature to seat Donnell—mid rkht now—as r)ie fi»-sr, Republican governor since 1933. But that was only the becrin- nine. .\ r o sooner did Dornell ease 1 bick h! the exectirivr- chair (ban .Mayor Bernard for apathetic voters «V carrying ballots to citizens too lived or too busy to g*n co the P'T'S. Democrat? " CITY SUCKERS— Some mil business \vcni on down in Wright county, whore the Democrats sjiy a Negro voter, after casting one sivulght for the o. O. P.. asked. "Where's my receipt, boss, so ! can collect for voting tike they tcld me to?" Christian County Republicans wcu-d make the Tammany brand of look as outmoded as ?ei. McDaniel insists, county, he said, thev Floyd, Missouri Kelly-Hague- vote-coimting a home brew In Christian let them vote. then let them remove the ballots frcm the box and change them io suit the G. O. P. ts also fumed about the ition.s in some of the soiling places. Tak»; Taney Coun- ihrse folks for forty yours ami they a in' i crooked . . ." Whitc-maned l\. T farmer of tlic si'ts bis j:nv and swears it's the truth that what the Democrats arc saying about folks stealing volts in hfs county is NOT the truth. t h bulkv Democratic ooponentj his and Sunday School teacher, Lawrence MoPfiniel. slanued down a contest neiition larger than most >amei booths and of Hll!s cou "there were no that, Republi- directories ami of the of ballot-pilfer- in this inncl of attemD's "machine citv te'ephone containing some amazing charges ing ever hurled ih<? free. >J/.i>ANIEL VOICES DEMOCRATS' WRATH Fouallv buseUiivr were of McDaniel. lai.v>Hl the and saloon" candidate by his foes, io rjin the thievery tag upon the Rem'blicans of the Ozark hill ' counties—the i'ountainhead oi' most of the oratorical skinning given the then hi->h-flying Pender^ust machine :i couple of years ayo" Democratic wrath .spilled over for two reasons, First, Donnell won by only 3G13 vows, while the rest of the G. O. P. state and national ticket was sunk by majorities ranging up to almost 1GO.~ COO for President Roosevelt, Second, it was mighty important i'cr the Democratic state organization, and especially the branch bossed by Mayor Dickmrum. of Si. Louis, to keep control of the gubernatorial gravy bowl, a matter of four or five thousand .tabs. Dickmann is running for a third term as Mavor. and if the Democrats Icse the St. Louis Citv Kail, iheir state power and Bennett Champ Clark's, seat in .the U. S. Senate -will be" gravely Vote r stealing and' ing was once a thriving- sideline of the Pendergftst firm, but now the citv PAGE THREE liroiherhood of O. Locomotive — The is In direri- opposi- iivm. Laki\s- project, issu a to Jurming imm io ih<> proposed si-;uvay in i)n of the hccomotive Engineers Jcuir- nnl snld ihtit "America's agricul- un-nl markets nre jeopardized by this scheme" and thai it, i s "unsound economically and politically." "This so-called -jime 1 to world ^•iulo . . . win swiiijv back and smack; the face of the very smue farmer «md business man', small i^nd !ui-go. who would have u> sina;. yli- u> pay dus enormous tax bill" tlu' editorial snid. It assert (\1 Una most of the trnde. except for war and defense inmsacjions with CJreat Britain, would be with Soutlj America and Killed Uiat "dumping" of jo\ v - prictHi Latin Amoricnn farm prod- IK-IS into the American Middle West would "demoralise" domestic mnrkeus. h noiod that a number of small South Amerit-an gruln baits, which to imvleuu- the exhsliJHf hail unloaded t, r rain at Great Lakes ports last summer and " huvoc" with the inarkcl-s. "increased opposition to the St. Lawrence project Ss becoming more evident tliroughoiit, Camilla and the United States, ns people be- coaiu inoiv familiar with I us economic and political eileeLs." t.hc editorial .said. "As a d.-fense'mea.s- ure it cannot be completed in time io !K> of any use in ihe present conflict, and when completed it could be used only about seven 'noiuhs of each yuar because h wouUi bo icebound find mm.vvi^ublo live months of the year." It is uruued .ihsK Lin.- .projected wnierwny would be- too small to permit battleships and cruisers to P"sx tlirouiili it "as many of the project's proponents would' have us believe." SOLDIERING H\ UTMI lX>Ml»ANV Sn-Kt. llrtipli N. "M" Elusive Herr Zapp Caught by Camera CAMP ROBINSON. Ark.~No\VS this week ccpicrs on Uu« machine as fur us this cuiim-m-d. Bcinu' u Iteavv wi'"tions comoimy it is only "a t urn! ihnt all eyes :ire tlKed on <he vnrioi's ycoves thnt. linve been. "I'M are si ill bein<v. nm lio by thf •soldiers who are up for rccoixi flrO. Those who hn\'e MTide Ion holcb with tho "typ^writor". this are: Cnroornfe li t >ndorson C. and Odis M. Leutlierwood. >-i? two vetevmis of the vnnue ed up the d''si. fo the fnne of and IHI r.'^uvtivolv. Hull is 'd us be'iiK hiish score nuu-hinc mnn not onlv for Cojnnnny M the entire repimwn, hi«h score men. who have ")) ml for Other their "'orili. % 'iony. utn»ost io ww* ihoir a»-o; Privates I -otto W. An- William L. Ai^nffton, ller- L CMumui. Everotto M. son. Chester X, Fer^ison, T. Hmidl»v. Cecil Jones, nnd' p. Mclvln. Nou-ccnomi.ssioned onicer.s \vho "•'•liked .with th<> Ton-no(.':h clnss ''•<-: Si-rgonnis Gnrliuul M. Bunch. WMIio i.. FiM-iiuson iiml First Si^rv- •"Mit Paul O. Dinnon. Comoruls V ITVC D. LJlncknrd. Drtle U. Barron. f 'Mncs A. Brooks. Fiiv E. Decker! ^m-nk' L. Embank*. Joel E. CJilll- ''in<), Kellv E. O inver. Jnnifs K v :cfivner and DcWitt L. Vftnclovo. Other ^members ot tlu- company who mndi' maclihu.' nunnintj uu ln- 'eresiluft uame uro: PrJvuie.s. Wll- Miim H. Montu'om"ry. Mnlonc Pet"»von. Rolx-rt E. Qinills. Ralph V. Rldiurdson, Samuel D. Rurkor, M»»rvin E .Smifli. Amos E. AViUkins,' Allen H. Wlllijinisoii, Rimer w' Wrii.lK. [,ois E. Shntley. nnd Lloyd' II. Lcathorwood. Reriivnni, JCrnest U. Wilson and Corpm-ul Fred I. Oliver bluwd away the lump Is fn the tune of 17» ul 10!) respectively. Onenil Ralph E. Truman. c»mp Coinumntler. was present during the mod nf .'' Wlt0r ° f Nnzt ' ow '«d Trnnsoceon News Service, nyoldod Photogrnphers-until his indictment in New York federal court lor Uulurc to register r «s un nlien agent. With Zapp is his assistant, Guenlher Tonn. shout that the clod-hopuers make •±\ them look like an eighth grad? . class in good government.. Steamed a Kansas Citv statesman and pool room oracle: "Say. the title of trnit McDaniel petition ought to bo -When It's Vote-Sfeal- ins Time in the Ozarks, I'll Be Pauins Off to You.'" The G. O. P. brethren down in these parts and in the legislature aren't angry about the Democrats pointing the finger of shame. Angry is too gentle an adjective. They are "madder than a wet hen/' and in Missouri that is about as wrought up as you can get. A chief spokesman for the heated hill-billies is Buford Skflggs.J charge. ivn angular Republican legislator; frcm deep in the Ozarks tfkh n 1 voice made for hog-calling. Says; Skaggs: ' * ! "Sure we're hill-billies and' proud of it and no gol-durned I . fcunch of city dudes' who stole all' \j| the votes in Kansas City and;, plenty of 'em in St. Louis is go- i ing- to smear us with stinking lies' and get away with it," j Down in Kowell County, home j of Skagjs and Republican State-! Chairman Charles Ferguson, the' Democrats charge the G. O. P.! unlawfully established hcadqu.ii 1 -! tcrs only 25 feet from a voting i bocth. marched voters right into j the polls, and paid them off with cash nnd whisky. Republicans there set up a menaced.-"-can spellbinders whooped it up for ghost-vet- j theJr:. candidates Inside the voting „ , . in an effort to .snatch erring political j brothers who cast sheep's eyes a: slickers i Demccratie name;; on the ballot. set Ccu-Jas Comity didoes reall the Democrats afire. l n ' [j ia t stronglicld of Republicans. Democrats charge e?y crates' were stack°fl isp to bp used as polling booths, that on officer of the law handed VaJlots to voters and watched 'hf--m mnvkPd, and that one Re- ntiblican judge counted the ballots without benefit of a Democrat watcher as provided by law. Not satisfied with such unconventional activities. G. O. P. stalwarts in some counties rounded un willing workers in Kansas. Oklahoma and Arkansas, marched f-hem across the line and voted them for Donnell. the Democrats Backlashes from the McDaniel cry of corruption are now pouring in as a legislative- committee starts its investigation. White-maned H. T. Floyd of Andrew County insisted that the house expunge from its record the names of those accused of frauc in his county with the plea that "I've known those folks for forty lh« Ozark ilepiiblfcan lawmaker, l^ford Sk:^,, i Hts un illSlmia t- niff thumb in the direction"'of ex-lloss tfomVeM.lernaM's picture In the Missouri capital's famous Thomas Bcnton mi«r :J i Sku ,., s sa ,, s Ross Tom's Kansas CHy Democrats, net hi s Ozark hill people, a " re the vote years and they ain't crooked and no Democrat, can say they are." A NE\V TECHNIQUE FOR EAI.LOT-BOX STUFFING? Some Democratic county committeemen objected to the Mc- Eaniel petition as it applied to their counties, insisting the country folks would have no part ot crooked election business. A few anti-machine Democratic legislative: leaders foualu the investigation an insisted" Donnell had been elected fairly and squarely. They said trumped-up charges against Dcnnell would hurt their party. Now that McDaniel's cards are en the table, however, many believe he holds an ace or two, es- pecially when it comes to charg-js cf buying votes on credit mid carrying on inter.stale commerce In vote-snatching. What the boys in the really want to know, however is whether the fiddle-playing corn growers have developed a technique that will revolutionize the ancient art of ballot-box stuffing m the bright light districts. fi backroom s ioi, granted, Pemsicot Legion Post Re-elects Ail Officers CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. March 19.—At the annual (flection of officers of tin- County Post No. 88 of American Legion, all officers were re-elected, and urc as follows: ; Jivinus T. Aliern, president; Hurry E. Miilloure. .sccnnary; Robert C. •Mulllniks. treasurer; Jack Dowdy, vice president; and board of directors, Floyd Wllfcj. E. E. SimpKon .and j. R. Hutchison. Hutchison was re-named to supervise the racing proyram at the untuuil Legion Fair, to be held October 1-5 inclusive next fall. The officers and board ol directors voted not to sponsor any entertainment at Le-ion Fair ' Pnrk prior to the annual October fair, and to require any local orgmma-' tion which wished Lo present entertainment at th before the board strict from the board voted to re- the sponsoring organisation charging grandstand aclmis- Read Courier News want ad-s. The army is never without timu.semLMU. In order Io prove this .statement this writer had trio of Interviewing two very .. yoijnK Indies at Hie IBSrd ( Infuntrv Recreation Hall last evening. MJiW Grttccy Wmy nnd Miss | June. Wimmcr, who a dunce toam from the little city of Dc\s Arc, Arkansas, gave tbe 'men of the regiment their versions of whiit the average soldier enjoys •seeing ... in u dance team, of course. The audience, th<» men of this regiment, uppluuded .so loudly and so much Unit these girls inude lour returns to the .stuf;c. Stroilinjr Down the Company Street Service stripes, sometimes j-e- t'fjrrccl to ns imsh marks, urc worn by the enlisted men on the left, •sleeve. One is worn for each three; years of .s-crvico. Quo nlyht. last week sonic of tJu' boys wnlkec! Into j n cute in Little Rock. They found ! counter, their friend, Private Jmnes ; E. cribbs. it is sold Cribbs was eating a .steak. Ho looked «t hLs friends, when asked how his stwik tasted, nnd replied, "They should put, .service stripes on tills moat - - . at least five of them." Prlvaic Fiunicle J. nwoice the other iii^ht to lliul his clock told lilm it was G a. m. Cruse tiwoko the oth.-r men in his tent tellinji tbem li was time to nm. up. Tlu: shock cnme to all when they found (he rent time was \:'.]Q a. in. The clock had stopped. Those who attended tho motion piiMure production of Tobacco Road in Little Rock today were: Ser>- I'lvuis Ben M. Smith. Ralph k. Furrar, Garland M, Bunch and Mark R. Skeltoti. Private Georse w. DUInhunly •who hns beej) ill for a few 'days, with plain old tin, is up and doli'if-.' AmotiH: those who visited friends n nd relatives in Blythevlllc this week-end arc: Cnjilnln Wendell M IMiilllps, First SerRwmt Puul O. Damon, Sergeants Willie L. Ferguson, Olynder w. Rayder, Privates Johnnie P. Melvln. William i-f Moni^omery, Walter Stewart, Jns- IHM- c. Whittle. John.C. Walion, Fred 13. Uur^c'Hon. Norman Brunam' and Earl C. Shaneyfch. RP:H! Courier Mews warn an.s How To Relieve Bronchitis i Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes rlyhL to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel Bonn laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe nnd heal raw. tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you arc to have your money bad-' CREOMULSION for Couchs, Ctast Colds, Bronchitis oouilltloii times. The additional scrvica I jet, Veepi my xhoe budget an- tier control. Mukr our »liu|> jruur lir«iiqnarf«ff« tttr t*t$ m fit ft* $n a ^ *)g rvic** V* j«ti<-<'»al!/« In K..«t>llint - . . and lt.-.|i,-.-[!nj? . . . Lljclntt . . *. Kc- linltliliiK ... Lai?.-» . . , Correct I'olNtie* BUti UretiiluKi •! uc<inamj Invisible Half-Soling CALL 120 FOR FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY QUALITY SHOE SHOP T. E. Halter, Owner WE FILL AIL DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONEY Stewart-Robinson Drug Co. FOR Tl L CHICKEN PAN PIE Hot Hiscults Morning and Nijfhl TRIESCHMANN'S CAFE Across From City Hall THE ORDER Of THE DAY IS QJ r~l , -f^ W«>s3^ / "f>. v 2 Signalman GRAY U. S. S. BENSON is host to BREMDA JOYCE Hollywood Favorite J***' MILDER COOLER... BETTER-TASTING Yes, the Fleet smokes a lot of Chesterfields...and so do millions of other smokers like yourself. You'll find that Chesterfields are MILD, the way you want a cigarette... not flat, not strong. They SMOKE COOLER . ,. with a decidedly BETTER TASTE.

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