The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1967
Page 2
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ftgt * RyHievJIfe fAr*,) Courier News - Monday, May «, 1967 Middle East Crisis Brings New Era on US Bv J,»MES MABLlrtV 'sound asleep lo what • Castro 'AP News Analyst really meant. When it realized WASHINGTON (AP) - In the the mistake it backed a disas- Mi,Mi»Ea't the United SU.tes is trous Cuban-exile invasion to e"HiiiK a taste of things to throw him out. cu'.ic and they won't be picas- Even so, Castro was a kind of ' local hoy. It was when Moscow •'•. <- ea 's since World War TI tried to move into the hemi- i-rlai'ilv the early years sohere by putting missiles in v ,"i"i -'country had an atom- Cuba that this country fully as- |c" rnomrolv and was the most • .ened itself, ordering the Sop .,,r- ; force on earth - m«y:viets out, even if it meant war. avc secrr-d Uke a new era. Moscow was at a disadvan- . 4a*i*llv ihc postwar luge. It was butting into some- veai-s have'c-omc to looi; line an l.'ir.g far from its home base, i-to-im »criod bot«ecn an era and it backed down, lhat'ended with the war and a Meanwhile, nothing showed r,,, one not fully arrived yet better the end of the old era wr-n the United Stat=s must than what happened to Britain, sliare its dominance with the the colonial empire and lord of Soviet Union and Red China. j the sea. It became a wood-rate " „• most of its history the!power unable even to continue United States has been the cap-'its help to Commumst-threat- tain of the Western Hemisphere, encd Greece and Turkey. It was then, with the doctrine hardly a tall at first, then with increasing power and intensity although for a while abusing its power with its Latin neighbors. * * * Through the years it sought to keep foreign intruders out of this hemisphere and now, because of its strength and willingness to use it, can force them to stay out. The capture of Cuba by Castro's communism was a histori- of President Harry S. Truman in 1947, that the United States took over as the No. 1 force on the face of the earth. The Soviets, still didn't have atomic weapons then. * * * In his doctrine pledging help to Greece and Turkey and all other free nations similarly endangered, Truman laid down a policy followed by his succes- IIU b <JUlIllllLiiiioiU n ao « iiiwv^.... j-~ j u t cal freak. This country was I sors ever since, particularly in 20 Russian Ships In Mediterranean •»•" By FRED S. HOFFMAN .. WASHINGTON (AP) - A Soviet naval force is steaming in te eastern Mediterranean in .position to play a possible role 'in the Arab-Israeli' crisis, say Pentagon sources. '.", At last report, the 15 to 20 Soviet naval ships in the Mediterranean were doing nothing more '.warlike than keeping track of the movements of the much big- ,ger and more powerful U.S. 6th Fleet. ; Some of the guided missiles aboard Soviet cruisers, frigates "and destroyers are capable of challenging planes flying from three American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean. * * * Soviet Mediterranean force is Kithira Island south of Greece. This position is conveniently close to the Dardenelles, and thus lo tfie Black Sea fleet bases of the Soviet Union. It also is relatively near the more troublessome areas of the Middle East, sucn as the site of the present Arab-Israeli dispute. The Soviets have no aircraft carriers. However, the eastern Mediterranean is well inside the range of bombers based on airfields in the southern part of the Soviet Union. Vietnam. "I believe," he said, "it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or outside pressures. I believe that we must assist free peoples to work out their own destinies in their own way." But the Soviet Union is a great power now, and It has been working for years to have influence in the Middle Bast which, being on the Soviet doorstep, has the same geographical relationship to the Soviets, as Latin America has to this country. Just as the United States did, and would, resist any Soviet attempt to butt into Latin America, it seems likely now Moscow would do tlie same if the United States lets itself get militarily involved in the Middle East or elsewhere around the fringes of the Soviet Union. * * * No wonder'the United States al the moment is being quiet about its intentions if the Israeli-Egyptian dispute becomes a war. Further, there's a limit on how much involvement this country can endure. It's up to its neck in Vietnam Does it want to do the same in the Middle East? And what if war breaks out elsewhere? Does it get involved there, too? The world is moving toward a new era — three spheres of influence: one dominated by the United States, one by the Soviets, one by Bed China which soon will be a nuclear power. There was a time, when the United States was the No. 1 nation, when it could risk involvement around the world. No one else was a match for it. That time is passing. Just as the United States wants the rest of the world to stay out of this hemisphere, Moscow and Red China can be expected to demand — and, even more, compel — the same about the areas around them. Other missiles aboard the Soviet warships are of the surface- lo-surface type, thus could be trained either on American warships or on land targets in the Middle Eastern coastal area. The Soviets have maintained a Mediterranean task group for about three years as part of their widening naval activity around the globe. At various times, Soviet warships are seen in the western Mediterranean, off Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Egypt. : Tiie Soviet vessels are supported by oilers, tenders and : supply ships which drop anchor from time to time in various . sheltered international waters. Normally, the Soviets keep a force comprising a cruiser, three to five destroyers and frigates, two or three submarines, four or more intelligence"gathering trawlers and a varie- Jty of supporting craft in the ' Mediterranean. The core of the Soviet naval force in the Mediterranean comprises first-line Soviet vessels such as the Kynda-class guided•missile frigates and the Kashin- .'c;ass guided-missile frigates, as ;well as guided-missile destroy- •.ers. The Kynda-class frigate is • rated the most heavily armed of .all Soviet surface naval units. ;; It is equipped with four-bar- reled surface-to-surface missile ."launchers and a twin antiair ;craft missile launcher. '; The Kashin-class frigate is ."'armed with twin surface-to-air •missile launchers fore and aft. 1' Soviet submarines in the "Mediterranean reprtedly are '••«rmed with torpedoes rather "than missiles. '.". A favorite anchorage for the IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUN- JTY, ARKANSAS. FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION and ARTOR F. MUELLER, TRUSTEE • Widows and Widowers '.' The U.S. Department of Com- •mcrcc's Bureau of the Census Ircports the number of U.S. wi- "dows was more than four times the number of widowers in 1906. .Inhere were 8.9 million widowed women in the nation, compared '.'in 2.0 million widowed men al that time, Plaintiffs No. 17233 LEE SPENCER, JR., et. al. 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