The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1934
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 1934 •LYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW! PAGE SEVEN & ciAisif IED SECTION - s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION AtUy rate per one 101 cousecu- *it Insertions: (Five average woid» to »-ltnt> One time per linn 1'* Tiro time* per tine per day .. OSc Three'Umei per Uu. per day .. «e CU time* par UE« per aay .. t»t - "in* per lint « loe Adi oratreo lor <we« or su UUIM and stopped before explra t'on will be charged lor the mim tar cl times the ad appeared anc ot bill made. All ClMflDea Advertising eopj iiibtuitted by percoof reckling out- aide oi the city B- list be accom puiled by cash. Rate* may be satlly computed from abore table. HO responsibility »nj be tanen ii'; more thaa on<; Incorrect in tertloa cl «ny clfw>slfie<l ad! Advertising urueitti lor liregu iar Insertion* vakc tlie cue tim rate. AUTOM01IY1B Save Time and Monty y usinc uur complete stock ul Aulo Replacement Farti HUBBAKO HAKDWAKK CO. utoiuotive l>ept. - - i'hooe 47ft Ou kS-6 New Saltm Park Memorial Villaje Popular world. Restoration of the .village wns AUTO ACCESSORIES jet ready for summer driving at arguin prices you probably will ever we again. Come in. Coin- arc our prices on auto parts, ires, tubes, motor 04 6 gal ll.W, WOI.K A RUN We Bell Wholesale and Retail fhone 176 . . 121 E. Main completed last lull ami Hie various builrtlngs have been furnished vvllh NEW SALEM, III. (UP) - Con- thousands o[ pieces of pioneer Inr- tainlng furnishings of the Lincoln niture. cutlery. mi[>lemont.s. chtim era, 13 buildings in llic restored | and glara wmo. Some of fur- lew Sale in Memorial 1'iirk VII- nlshlnijs \u-ro owned by persons age. wlwrt Abraham Lincoln once who Inhabited the tilgiunl village. «rved as pasmastcr, arc attract-1 Most publlciml of llic ir.stoied ng visitors fiom nil pans of thej buildings SALE CLOSING OUT Reconditioned and electric refrigerators. Good condition-Success lul operation warranted. Slues, Irom 5 cubic feel food stor age ijiace to 12 cubic feet." You may see these units today. E. b. «EK SALES CO. •107 Main SI. store. which consist ot a Urge room ulik'ii vi'as the tlorc i>rO|>er. and a rear lean-lo which sewed us u supply room mid also us Lincoln's bethoom. It Is ixbsible lor n .sintli 1 d'liwle hoii:,ffly itiul hrr progeny U> pi'o- iliu-j i.Mm.'IMUO.OW oflspilui; in OIIL- MM.SOII, from May lo OI-IUIXT. Cops Didn't Know About Great Concoction HALKM. Muss. (UJ 1 ) — Though they admlltrd lliry dlitn'l know Iho illlVcrriii'e Ix'lwron n coi'klHlI and a (jlu;'-.> ol wine, two ixilkemcu rrrsti'd J. Uiiilhimto Acena, en- Shi«r. on » tipsy driving charge. it>mcll to eo by. lie could Sergeant Thomas I 1 , t'lynn salclltlutc viltic only by tlio botlU. he fiincllfd tl:e odor of'llcnioi and | Aetna, however, was lined $50 Hut Arena had . three Martinis, "Whatever they tire," I'alroliiinii Charles Illutn nald ho cmilil li'll tlii! dllK'reiicn iKlwccn ll'i' sii«ll of beer and that of Jiuril lli|iior. but not flu; dllli-rcncc of liaid liquors uhen otlerctl only a for drunken driving, not guilty ot tlrujikvnnct.1. lo'.ind ALUACKTK. S])ain (Ul 1 )— Kran- rlscu Cunlero, 30, ot (he village of Kl Bonlllo, committed sulcldi; by llnwlni; matches. OUR BOARDING HOUSE [•'OR GMiK cheap-Large H door Caiy Safe, 1440 Ibs. 2nd Hand. Burke Hardware Co. 28-ck>8-28 ' PHILLIPS' " USED CARS WEEK-END SPECIALS '30 DODGE SEDAN '30 FORD COUPE '30 CHEVROLET COUI'E .... $133 '30 PONTIAC COACH S»3U •20 GRAHAM TA1GE SEDAN SIU '29 CHEVROLET SEDAN .... S 73 TRL'CKS .ind TRAILERS 'SO G. M. C. TRUCK, 2)j Tun, Large body $18!» 79 CHEVROLET TRUCK, 1','j. .en, C'lu^eU Cao j!25 Overstuffed chair priced at cost of uphoLsterhn;, at Park-lxmret, Co. 23-ck-28 RKAI. ESTATE 57 acres, on eood hiehway. near school and church. Black loam sod, two small houses. Land will produce bale and better this year. PRICE $45 per acre CASH & TERMS '31 FOKI) Tuts .. PICK-UP. 6-ply A-l CARTER DUAL WilEKL . In AIL tn. lias Llixb mavy "Duty Itres, Almost New, l-aeiory »jilt Ib-i-t. Body. NABORS TKAILEK, CARLO! OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9:3' Corner Walnut A 1st Sts. 813 iJiKEClORY PETER SCHUTTLER And MISSOURI MULE rwiiu ^V ago us WINCHESTER bhel Gun Shells room stucco RESIDENCE. Good location on KOOO sireei.. Shade lid Fliiubbery. Replacement value, 3,000. OUR PRICE $1250 'art Cash, Balance Terms. W. M. BURNS Uranu Leader liuuaing. Four Room Furrishcd Apaitmcut, DO \V. Walnut. Call 3»3. 21 ktl MODERN 3 room furnishtd or un- furnuhcd apartment over Kirby Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30c Two furnir.hed rooms, with modern '-Conveniences. Cheap. Hcor»-St;' ' ' '•' -^t r"urnisried BEDHOOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. 1C' kit ROOM & BOAKD GOOD Meals and Roomt. Reasonable prices. Mil. T. K. Watson 112 Eaat Cherry, Phone 642. 7c k9-20 POSITION WANTED i>bt Ffiu'S On CO'ITON SACKS PAUlTBYRUM Opposue uiu I'ostolfke building rbone 252 Keep Kool with Ilunler ElectrK. FANS. Unconditionally guaranteed. HUBBARD HDW. CO. 60 k ;xpsrienced Stenographer desires office work. Write P. O. Box 837. 20p k'J-20 WANTED TO RENT 3 or 4 Room Apartment or house, unfurnished. Phone 220 before b o'clcc'K. ' 23p SCHOOL TEACHER and wife desire room and board in private home. Address "D' 1 To Courier Neu*. 23-ck-27 WANTED TO BUY ADDING MACHINE. Must be In good condition. Baxter Southern, Phillips station, bteele. Mo. 21ck24 I,OST One black and brown police puppy, four months ift. J. P. JFriend at Post Office. SHOE REHIULDINU U Years ol Badstactory Service PROGRESSIVE SHOE SIIO1' 103 S. Second. Blyllicvlllc. Art;. Factory Anlhorizcd FRIGIDAIRK SKKVICE Factory Trained Mechanics Day- 67— Phone—Night 382 E. B. GEK SALES CO. 407 Main SI. TERMITE Ptoolins insurance UNDER THE ANTIMITE PLAN. E. C. Robfnson Lbr. Co. Phone 100 FOUND I have taken lip a yellow Jersey Co\v. straight horns. On payment of proper charges and for ad owner may have same. Clarence McDermolt. Blythcville Gin. 23c k27 w. j. KNOX Has repaired shoes heie well for 12 years. HcaHmable prices. Fret Home Loan Estimates Roofing. Painting, Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10c k9-l(J CLEANERS, TAILORS BE; Mnstblr. — economical. Have 30ur felt hats rrblwkrd now. The Etison approaches. Avnld the rush. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE COAL K WOOD My Coal !s ^lack tut ! deal yon while. Fill dp now. JOHN BUCHANAN' - PHONE 107 FURNITURE Lawn Chairs THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 2ftc k8-?5 Natives along the Orinoco rlvei In Venezuela use favo:it3 mcil. mui as their West Coast Football Teams Aid to Railroads SEATTLE. lUP) —While railway company officials smile, the ten footbill teams ol the Pacific Coast conference will travel 71.546 miles during their 1934 season, a com- jutalion showed today. Man-miles will total approximately 2.146.380. if squads average 30 nembers. The University of Oregon have the most-traveled team, covering I2.-I70 miles. • Eight of Oregon's ten games will Ira played off ire campus. Mileage will be ac-. cumulated by games with Louisiana S!ate University at Baton Houge. Utah al Salt Lake. Southern California at. Los Angeles. Idaho, al Moscow and three contest,-, in Pert- land. Washington State College has the second heaviest traveling schedule, covering 11.27-1 miles. The Con- Bars' schedule Include trips to San rVaucisco, Los' Angeles, Seattle and Detroit. Stanford, with only 2.745 miles, has tt:e smallest distance to travel during the grid season. Mileage of other teams includes: California 7,959. Idaho 7,790, Montana 7,33). Oregon State €,882, U. S C|. 6.140. Washington 5.355. U. C. L. A 3,550. IH)LJ) THAT TKiKK! BACK,KOOZV/ HERE IT COMES/.' - SUCH ^^^lwc:,/M VOUPU^VED As' S'JREUV HAVE EGM},l PEEL UrA-rv\ SO AU.TW&, MONEY GAME / — GOrAtrm\S -R\GrAT --LET x ME •RETURN VOUR ]/• LOSSES / A T5E61NN&P, YOU H/XVE H/VS HAD BEGIN NE"R'S LUCK BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IS NO NEWS (;OOI) NEWS? r — 6ORTE OOT OWAV W^T, ICPiVii DO MUCV\,?,\ TWO IT MX OOPtO OOT , SO WEU.WHEM UOWNIt 1 TOOK IT UPON MV5ELF TO — OH, JUS 1 KEEP W ESES OPEW PLANE, OR NO \GOOI>! WE'LL HOP 1M/O PUW4E, ! WON'H CAHOE, MD GO PLflCESj STA.V HERE r — -t WUM f VOU EMPECT ME, ^4 OWMF.R DP YACHTS, To RIDE IW A DINKN % - /"S;" *: SftVS HE'S SkTKA TH' IXJMP. IF I GO, I'LL MOT HAVE O.K BUT VOU'LL V OH, VURV VVIELL. \WFll. CW VA \ / AKJO TWS PESKV BRAT HAVE TO PADpLEj LfiT HIM STAV. HEftT 7HM? VrlR.TUBBS OlD SOARDI^VMftl SAID THEY IN A fWOGl HI6HT BL : SALESMAN SAM r .OCKED'CM UP? rew ciosti SAKES, U)HAT FCR? THEY OIDM'T COMMIT W/CraMri! J.tUTMiM OWE COCIPU; THAT ULRG ~fo /MR nHE[« rtARimL TROUBLES — flM' (OHflT ORQUMEWT THbV HrtDf - WEU-, SAMMY, AHVTHIMQ DO1W HIHILE \ WAS AT TH GAME? TH'We/H"HER! Ep TWO <ven«s IM' BEEM ABLCTA GET I FIMALLV LOCKEf 'EM CELLS' IVGRE THEY H' ABOUT? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IP TtlE CLTL^V O^S IS 70 oe FCUN;: CWARLIE LOOKS AS IF IT'LL BE UDTOYO'J.' *!' AB«JT THE OMLY THIMGS )[ WE MANAGED I'M OF IT...A)JD V/E'VE OOT TO PIKID OUT WHO! HAVE TO TRACK HIM! THERS WAS A LOT.OF VALUABLE TIMBER,M. THAT FIRE '. MO SMART- WOODSMAN woucb.Vn LET A FIRE GET OUT! OF COtrrROL THAT WAY • V/ELl., BOYS...THIS j USED "W BE OLJR CAMP? HOW-LOOk AT I DOhJ'T IT STARrEO O'J "TOE OTHER END OF THE ISLAND, SO (JOUE OT- U5 V/A3 I3ESPOIJS1QL5. 1 *f^£ftS,#-V

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