The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1936
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BLYTHEV VOL.'XXXIII—NO. iai : Blytheville Courier Blylheville Herald Blylheville Dally News Mississippi Valley THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND,"sOUT!lEAST MISSOURI ' 'HKV-1L1.K, AHJ'ANSAS. TUESDAY, OCTOKKU 27, 1036 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS KING'S FRIEND IS GRANTED QUICK DIVORCE UTLE1, BSUTT DEflTH IKBIITH Seven Injured When j Colorado Trains Meet! FORT MORGAN,^Col., Oct. 27 i UP)—Seven persons were Injured in a head-on collision today cf a wcstbcund passenger irnin and an 'ettslboumi freight train lit Cmnr. 20 mites west of here, In n fog. Brief reports indicated both I engines, three passenger cars iind Holland NlgHI Club Prop- four freight cars were derailed netor and Employe Vw^'Siv, Charged With Murder Hubert Utle". proprietor of the Crescent Night club at Ho'land. Mo., and J. B. "Speck" Burnett, on employe, were released on $10,000 bond a short time after they had been jailed nt Caru-j . •".-• thersville. Mo., yesterday after-1 Jl ' rLU ' iioon on fij-sl degree murder charges in tlie death of Lois Howard, 23. of Portageville, Mo. Howard's body was found about a hundred yards east of the night .club early 'Monday morning. Rumors were current in Car- uthersvillc this morning that the pair were again to In taken into custody nnd lodged in jail nnd bond uilhdrami but they could not be confirmed. Utley and Barnett were arrest-j ed by Boll Ownby, deputy slier-j Iff, nftcr n coroner's jury found! at an Inquest, held at Steels,] that young- Howni'l "came to his death by blows over the head indicted by Hubeit Utluy and J. B. Barnetl." Utley and Barnett did not tes- ilfy before tlie coroner's jury v:hich based its verdict on the testimony of fair companions of Howard who were nt the Crescent Ni7hl club, where a brawl began that led eventually to the slaying. Testimony before tlie jury purported to slio,v that Hosvard was set upon by Utley and em- ployes of - the night- club when he' became unruly in tiie ciub. He was put. out of the club, beaten over tlie head aiid finally •ed the trains ha! '•'(••ml down for the Giinr station and were" not traveling at high rates of .speed. I'liysicians I'roin Fort Morgan v.ere called to .the scene am! iidmlnjstercd first aid to three passengers and four trainmen. I None was believed seriously In- 5J((|[- Charm That Won Royal Favor is ram TO i ~ Good Will Tourists Will Meet Local Business Men at Dinner at Noble sliot in Hie le* some dislance cast of,;Hie night club, the testimony of . his comp.nnions tended ' Utley told" the ; Courier -News Blytlieville will be host ton!;h> to alout 70 representatives of leading St. Louis business . concerns, members of a party making a two-day tour by special train o( the principal towns of Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. A Chamber of Commerce dele: giitlon will meet the visitors at the Frisco staticn upon their arrival at 0:55 o'clock tonight and at 1:30 tlie St. Louis delegation will sit down to dinner in [he Hotel Noble's Blue Room witii perhaps an equal number of Blytheville business men. All local men who desire to meet members of Hie St. Louis party are invited to attend the • dinner., .VI- vance ^reservations . arc not necessary. . . A cordial, welcome -to -the visitors in b'eh.-i'lf' of 'the city yesttrdny that Howard unruly in the night club and! was put out but thai the fight! lhat led to Howard's death start-) . ed later when Utley walked out u " e of the club and came upon Howard attemriim 1 ; to break irt^o Ulley's whisky store nearby. Utley said that he and J. E. Reel, his night watchman, engaged in .a struggle with Howard, the latter using a knife. He admitted How- extended 'today by Mayor Cecil Shane in "a statement , whirh ard ' was struck over the head with a pistol butt and later shot, asked tlmt '•" this :• be "j observed "St. Louis Day" in' Blythe- and that all residents 1 of the city do what they cnn~ to make tlie tour party's stay here a pleasant one. The visitors will spend the night at the Hotel Noble and in Hie morning will devote 'n half hour. or more to brief visits to . local business naming Reel as tiie man who used the gun. Hyrnctt, six-foot, husky, was not mentioned by Ut'ey as participating in the allair but was named by the youths who testified before the coroner's jury. places before boarding their train at 8:30 for Leachvllle and Jonesboro. I . A 12-piecc military band whicl 1 is 'accompanying - the St. Louis delegation will give one or mors short concerts here. Ke'ading the delegation .will IKJ H. H. Drpste, vice-president of Hie J. II. Forbes Tea and Coffee company and . chairman . of the Good Will Trips 'pTrrlltce of the TL U C C ' U I ^- Lou ' s Chamb> of Commerc;. Inett Ol tar Here | nnd Joseph E. Zipf, district man—— ' ; ager for General F'oods Sales com- Mclvin McDanicI of Cooler. M.o.,1 pany. and president of the Sales was arrested here yesterday by Managers Bureau of the St. Louis Arch Lindsey. deputy sheriff. ont Chamber. Included in tlie ixii'tv a charge of grand larceny in' arc representatives of most of . . /,, Looter Youth Charged Democrats Are Confident of Big Majority Despite' Digest Polf By KODNEY IUJTG'IIKR | WASHINGTON—One of tlie most Interesting late-campaign rumors said that on the eve o( elec- ! tlcn Republicans would publish a list of about 250 employes of the New Deal administration, with the allegation that they were Communists. One also has been hearing trial tlle Landon strategists hnd a Inst- minute trick up the sleeve with which the Republican candidate would take a strong pull at the leart-strings of tlie voters, as distinguished from appeal to their intellects. That signifies a racticallv unanimous opinion among polUl"- clans that although few voters liave intellects- they all have sentimental hearts. But by all odds the most ellcc- tive strategy of the Republicans which had a real chance lo get iu- lo operation before election has been an rnyeal to the worker's pockctbook nerve. Tins has been made through pay envelops message;; from employers which describe employe contributions to the federal old-age benefits phase 01 the social security program as a "tax on wages." Republicans Insist their efforts to link Roosevelt witli Moscow have been more effective among voters than any other tactic, but Democratic leaders,refuse lo agree wilh them. The Democrats arc worrying about the "wage tax" attack. How the Plan Works Despite millionsVof words written about the social security act, It; bacomes obvious -thaUthe bulk pfVcitizens don't know what It's all about,. /Many of the'pay envelope notices distributed'by the Republican National Committee and other-groups' tend to make'it appear that the'New Deal has slyly* Imposed a tax.on all wages in order to pay for federal, extravagance, effective Jan. 1. What happens is that be- .ginnlng in 1937, the government will collect from cmploy- ' ers a' 2 per cent payroll lax, half lo bclaken from employis' wages and half from "mpldyer .funds. This lax will increase a ti- tal of 1 per cent each three years until in 1319 employer and employe will each be paying 3 per cent on everything up lo S3COO of each om- p!c;-e's wages. In 1342 workers reaching cs years of age will be paid bene- Thc charm thai has made hei RICE-SI Report British Sailors Arrested by Japanese LONDON. Oct. 27 (UP)—A pro- IJflscd friendship visit of British win-ships (o Japan lias been nostril BUT I 1011015 ' ^ wns announced lodny, Ml III II of the reported arrest by I I H U I Japanese police of Urillsh sailors 1 L.IIU I suspected of photographing the lot-lined zones of Keelinig harbor Timd to Bring Industry 10 j \,,Tfficl'al announcement said Blylhcville Continues to ' comm<in(||! ' - -i'v<:hiei or the Grow prstuonMl the visit 1i Jm-ancse waters "for reasons being Invcstl- Jusl .slimi of $30,000 hnd been eiltctl Ioctl l'>'-" inked before noon today In the nc »»™'«i seamen belonged ,lo Chamber of Commerce campaign . , Ml " n "»' | n<! <iei>°t ship Mcilwny. [for $70.000 wilh which to erect 11!......I."- 1 '. 0 ,' 1 IhiU Japanese police 'blinding lo house u ynrmcnt factory which Ihc nicc-Sllx Dry OocKls company has offered lo establish In Illythevlllc. Ninety-one Individuals nnd business concerns have contributed $29,C75. It wns nnnouuccd by J. \ Moll Brooks, campaign secretary. ' 1101 There Is no reason for dlscour-1 U fj r nBcment at'(he slow progress of I M ML the drive. It was declared this morning by- B. A. Lynch, 'chair- p. i ,, man, who pointed out that contrl-luli'l, IX e. butlons have as yet been obtained from scarcely a third of the prospects, lliat a considerable number of large gifts are In prospect, nnd tlmt many of those who have vie.,,,, „ already given have Indicated that I f-MPIIIS, Oct. 27. (UP)—A they will Increase their contrlbu- i , Vl cllllclls1 '. 15-year-old girl lions. "™ u ™ gangling boys. 15 mid 16 the sailors nnd beat 5HEU BE FREE' TO Public Barred From'.Brief Hearing in British Court loday IPSWICH, England, Oct. 27 (UP)' —Mrs. Ernest Simpson, American friend of King Edward VIIL, was granted a swift divorce in the smalt Edward VIII jiiformal portrait of Mrs. Wallis Simpscn, formerly of Baltimore, (Ml Since her friendship wilh the king ...become known, not only Euglimd.-Bnit the entire world, ha.s, sought a view i.{ Mrs. Simpson. This photo hints nl one thins ..'she may have in common with the T a.;fondness for • animals: " Prepares to Meet Attack as Rebel Bombers Fly Over City Boys, 15 an 16, Receive Five Year T, erms So far (his week the fund has H, 1 "" olli ' worc s™tcneeil to serve been growing only nt the rate of "\Li yC f1 C!>Cl ' '" rer ° r ""»tory about $5.000 per ctaj', but Mr, Lynch anticipated faster progress ^j ••-.. tuibkL.i|jiti,i:u iiiaitl IiruKrCSS In^i HP i i the latter part of the week, when I '"t, ™± schools today for llietr part In a darlix, $50 drug s(orc )loWl| hor ,, , he lias appointments lo discuss Sentences dingy Ipswich court today. Mrs. Simpson accused her husband of infidelity. She appeared with witnesses ami eminent lawyers before Mr. Justice sir -Anthony Hnwke, presented the brief icvl- dencc necessary nnd n decree nisi wns handed down Immediately. The public wns barred from the courtroom at the last minute. Tim i decree call be made absolute hi I six months or even somewhat sooner in exceptional circum- v '| stances. . • Mrs. Simpson then will be free o marry. The vivacious American's friendship wilh the king has caused endless talk of Ihe possibility that she might become his bride. Norman Blrkelt, attorney for Mrs. Simpson, nskcd the court If it wns n decree nisi with costs against Simpson and Justice Hawke replied: "1 suppose so." The petition named a "Miss Ken- were pronounced by " ... u "|>|ru*llllul:ILU> IU U1SCI1SS n.-/>l I I ...~~*\ ..J the mailer with n number of con-lT i, ,'", I;C St1m °' B!UCS . ~" f - cerns which nre counted upon for large contribution.';. Additions to the list of contributor, as published yesterday, follow: R. L. Banister p tcr the trio had pleaded guilty i to the cliar»es and their parent! had, pleaded for leniency by ' court. The the a car from the 4 the major wholesale nnd manufacturing concerns of St. Louis. New York Cotton MADRID. Oct. 27 (UP)—Leftist defenders of Madrid today turned anti-aircraft cannon and I machine guns on n fleet of rebel nirplanes which Hew over the I capital and dropped bombs at Ihu southern outskirts of tlie city. . , Thc first rebel plane appeared fits from the accumulated fund at 845 A. M. Three low-winded °" H «"•"""""••• "-- -- • 'bcmbers roared over Madrid, giving rise lo fears' that the long- nnticipated attack on the capital NEW YORK, Oct. 27 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. i Jnn March May open high low 1155 1172 1152 1154 1172 1151 I1<M 1177 1158 I1CG 1181 11C3 1162 1178 I1GO 1114 1131 1113 July Cct Spots closed steady at 121C,' up fiflcen. close 1171 1172 1115 1119 1177 USD tlie theft of streets here. The machine, owned by Eptev Cevis of Manila, was allegedly stolen by McDanicl after he had driven here from Cooler with R. L. Van Dyke and another jouth. Van Dyke was arrested by po-| lice on a charge of driving while Dec intoxicated and posted a $103 cash bond for his release thi: in cm ing- According to officers McDnniel, Var, Dyke nnd another youth were drinking when they ni*- . rived (icre. After parking in the' business section the'./ en- [mged in n quarrel as to which of them should drive tlie . car. McDnniel. apparently losing the argument, then left the cnr. nated He came upon Davis' car. with n - 09 - tlle Blytheville Board of the key left inside, and drove) Trade re P°rU>. it oil. officers said. The nia-j ~ chine was wrecked a few mil out of town. In tlie niwmtln McDanitl's erstwhile companion. Van Dyke, had been jailed by IJolicc. and eventually the range o( annuily payments will run from $10 to $85 a month, depending on the amount of the beneficiary's average earnings and years of emplojiuent before retirement. Men with low incomes will get more for their inor.'y ir Ihan mi.. - ! ;h hl£' in- co.ues. It is -;Sl.imaUJ "Ihal aboul 26.000,000 employes will b? affected. Beginning in 1937, lump sum payments amounting to 314 per cent of total wages earned after Jan. 1 will be paid to employes reaching 65 nnd to survivors of tlios? who tioe before beneiil payments begin in 1942. Paid Into Treasury Employers, usually neglect! wns at hand. Fve others A. M. Hew over at 10 The guns of the leftists failed to inflict damage on the enemy, put No loyalist planes appeared. Loyalist militiamen tcok their posts on Ihe lasl defense lines, hardly 10 miles from tlie city's southern suburbs, as Mndrid fearfully awaited a final attack in force by (lie nationalists. Final Arguments of Counsel Underway This Afternoon al Osceola With (he evidence completed, final argument opened in circuit court in Osceoh at 2:30 o'clock this Ed afternoon in the peck, member of trial Max Logan :...' Wal|K>lc Electric Shop . H. Rckliium ........ Hubbanl Hardware Co. Joe • AppleEnurh Robinson' Drug Co Ipiri 'A. -Lltlle P.'.-E.--.Cooley - r.....'..',., Carey Woodburn .. . O. W. Dnvis George Snider B. ,F.. Fry John Buchanan ;.. B. H. Levy W. A. Plckard '. Margaret Dcen ... Jicdels Ernest Hnlsell ' Joe Caglc Jack Applebaum B. H. Deatte J. M. Stevens ... G. W. Fimght G. G. Caudlll 25.001 BI r I. red-haired Prlsclllo "~jnS, Wis."°Sor St higSf sihc wns sentenced lo serve her "term at the Good Shepherd's convent licre nnd the two boys, Chcstei Jchnson, 1C. nnd'Dick Flnnnery 15, both of Chicago were sentenced to the state training and Indus Irlnl. sc.hogl, nt'J\ T asnvj]|e,-,.Tenn' Priscilln will-be eligible" ro'f'pa'i nle after "one -ycni- iind tlie boy; ..300.00 .. 500.00 ... 350.00 sooon aw ' uu .. 100.00 . . - 60.00 *nrm will . b ' eligible afler two years °n™ 'A. fourth member of "the gang' ou.uui look y h!s own m mthc| . thni . .. 100.00 .. 100.00 .. 100.00 .. 100.00 .. 500.00 .. 250.00 .. 100.00 .. 500.00 .. 50.00 .. 50.00 . 500.00 100.00 NuWii Laundry Cleaners . 100.00 nedy" as co-respondent. Her address was unvcvealed. The charge presented by counsel for Mrs. Simpson said thai: "Ernest Simpson stayed . with a woman nt,. the Holol. dr ; Paris nt Bray. In Berkshire, on the night of July 21, 193C." Evidence was given by two waiters, wlm testified that they took breakfnst to the bedroom of simp- son and the unnamed .woman on the mornings of July 22 and 23; 103G, where they saw . "Ernest Simpson and a woman In a double bed." Seek State Charter for'Bank at Earle Inent Frenchman's Bnyou charged with the first degree der of Milton Felts, 38. sett and Joiner. The trial opened yeslcrday with Denver Dudley, district tor, being nssisied by Bruce Ivy. Csccola Ir.'.vyer and elect, Virgil Greene, attorney, represents ant. Felts wns allegedly wounded on Aug. 18 as he sat in a car near his cafe nt Uas- sclt. He died tlie next day in n Memphis hospital. Speck's wife had been cm- lloavy Fightln? Al Ovicclo MADRID, Oct. 27 (UP)—Two ^ thousand killed and wounded on i both sides in a resumplion of mention the equal lax they themselves must pay toward the old " Spol Average Is 11.99 | n 8e benefit* of employes, assert fighting in and around Oi'iedj wrs rejioited lodny* Tlie lide of victory .was uncertain. The loyalist miners sought to the " plcycd by Fells or had been in business with him in tlie cafe at ^axsctt while Speck had been in Michigan looking for work until a short time before tlie slaying occurred. At Hie time of the shooting It was claimed lhat bad feeling existed between the two men and Speck is said to op^JV ntclagc IS 11.!I3 l "o- 1——J»-*, u^dl - a--- -The average price of 7-8 lnch| th!lt tlle "W deduction" will br. retake the city, middling cotton on the 10 dcsig- P aW Illl ° llle general treasury . Thc insurgents brought into ac- spot markets today was " Stock Prices Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 21 (UP) — Cotton gained 12 lo 14 poinls today during a wave of buying precipitated by continued freezing weather In the northwest, predictions of frost in the north- cast tonight and n smaller crop forecast by a scml-ofTlcial marketing agency than wns expected, open high low close Dec 114!) 1167 1147 1106 Jnn 1150 1160 1148 1160 March 115G 1174 1154 1173 May 11GO 1178 1158 1178 July 115G 1113 1155 1114b Ocl 1H7 1128 1117 1129b Spols closed steady at 1211, up fourteen. NEW YORK, Oct. 27 (UP)— Slocks rallied today In quiet lumover, featured by strength in sleek, niolor and mill order sues. | United States steel preferred slock shot up 3 points to n new high at 148. fund. That happens to l> 2 (rue. •y * lion cvcry available soldier in u Such provision was made In ihe rcllt ™' r <'-' an-I terrific, onslaught act to meet possible constitutional I wltl1 lllp 'oi' 111 ' 5 '- 15 replying with objections. It is also provided thai' nrliilery nnd machine gun fire. Congress appropriate corresiwnding >rllc slaughter wns lerrific. amounts to a reserve fund from which benefits arc lo be paid. Employers wani lhat Ihere's no guarantee Congress will make such appropriation. Democrats retort 1 that sucli a warning Is an assault! on the integrity and credit of the! federal government and lhat any' Revenue Commissioner Earl R. Collects Sales Tax on City Water Projects LITTLF HOOK. Oct. 27 (UP)- have resented ntlenlion wife by Fells. his Italy Able to Defend Empire Says Mussolini ROME. 'Oct. 27 (UP)—Having concurred Ethiopia, Italy Is Ohio Workers Threatened With-Loss of Jobs, Senate Body Hears WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 (UP) — Tlie senate campaign expenditures committee ordered Inquiry today Into chnrges Hint Olilo workers were (old lhat Henry Ford. Michigan industrialist nticl supporter of Gov. Alf M. Landon. would cancel orders for niiloiucbile imrts if President Roosevelt was re- surrcnder to pin-suing officers when the bandit cnr crashed Into a road barricade near Brownsville, Tcnn, nnd wrecked, a short time following the holdup. Tlie suicide victim', Jimmy Magld, of Chicago, was charged with being Ihc ringleader by all Ihree youths during the hearing before Judge Bates. Priscllln's smiling calmness, broken occasionally by cliildls'.i gisetrs, gave way to tears ns sentence was passed. Her mother, Mrs. Cleo Kruschkc. put her arms around the slender girl and thcy ciied on one another's shoulder. The boys were composed, apparently having anticipated the outcome. First bad behavior mcarj the youths will be lrm\jl.>rr. J to tlie penitentiary to complete their sentences. Judge Bates warned. "I am sending you to the Good Shepherd's convent here In Memphis for u year," Judge Bales lold Priscilla. "If you can't get alcrvj (here. It's hard lo elected. A compbint to Hie committee charged jwltltcai cosrcion of em- ployes. Tlie Ford assertion allegedly was made to employes of the Timken Roller Bearing ccmpany at Columbus, o. , .. T] ie Ohio charges marked the stronger than ever and nble toj fourth slate in which the coin- defend her empire. Premier Ben- mi 'l« has revealed It* activities have extended. Previously inquiries have been made in Maine Pennsylvania and Michigan Thc committee ordered Chief ito Mussolini declared tonight In message- to Italy's on the occasion of Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Oct. 27 (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 11,000 Top 9.50 170-240 Ibs. 9.30-9.50 140-160 Ibs. 7.00-9,00 Bulk sows 8.00-8.50 Caltle: receipts, 4.500. Steers 0.25-9.75 Slaughter steers 5.50-8.00 Mixed yearlings and 4.25-9.75 Ueef cows 4.00-5.00 Cutters and low cutlers 3.00-3.75 congressman who refused to vote for' such appropriation probably would bo lynched- Returns Exceed Payments The oM nee benefit plan has been p^ ' '-'>"/ attacked by experts. Hu. one of the chief point 1 ; mnrto agains^ ^ Is that It piles a poor—on the Theory that employers will their part on to consumers—and I completely relieves the wealthier' The Wiseman announced today that : he had received S30.804.27 as a major portion of the slate's two per cent sales tax on materials sold for use in the Fort Smith water reservoir project. Ac'idilroi 111 coli action,-. ac:|?(I- ing to Wiseman, will bring the slate a total of S15.COO In sales Uxx coller,! kins on lhal one brnc- Ills annual black shirts tomorrow's fifteenth anniversary of the Fascist march on Rome. The message was published in the Fascist party's order sheet. Mussolini said lhat after the Ethiopian victor)', the defeat of sanctions and dismemberment ofl the League of Nations' "front" Investigator Louis R. Giavis to examine Hie Ohio situation to determine whether similar tactics were being pursued by other employers. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — State Bank Commissioneiv Marion Wasson received nn application yesterday . from n group nf Enrle business men for iv charter for n new bank at that plnce. The town has been without a stnlc supervised bank since January, 1932, but n co-operative financial Institution has been operating several years. The new bank, lo Ire known ns the Bank of Enrlc, would have a • capital of $25,000 and^ S5.0CO surplus. The application was Tiled by U L. Wallin, J. W. Rich and R. G. Dickey. Thc application was forwarded lo the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the group hnving specified tlmt they desired the proposed bank be a member of the FDIC. In announcing receipt of the application, Mr. Wasson said only five new banks have been cslab- llshcil in tlie stale since Hie 1933 banking moratorium ' and that there have been no bank failures since then. Several banks have .. . . . .„ : . - —- suite inun. oevcm uaiiKS nave e ,-P , r 5 ' 0 " W ' t r ° * e ™ smc ollt of b " 5i " css voluntarily, '."'"L.T,,^-"" 3 ™ 1 ' 5 - P»yI..B ; »H depositors in full, but n the penilcnliary.' Addressing nil llircc, the judge said: "This wns not a childish prank. I hope you all behave." there have been no forced closings, he said. Will Visit Lions Clubs ! Electrification Meetings I in Three Communities In West Part of State', Rural electrification meetings are scheduled In the following com- , Max B. Reid, district governor of Lions International, will leave Ibis afternoon for a tour which will take him lo various parts of the state. He will be accompanied by Bernie Hoir of Little Rock, secretary of Ihc slate organization. At Clarksville Mr. Reid will nd- dress the Lions club at a ni^et-. Ing nt which the football team ,>• ., . ,, „ , ., of that city will be guests of Lhlld Tails Into INoOSC, mutinies on the following dates: New Liberty School, Friday, October 30, 7:30 p.m. Leachvllle Masonic Hall, Sntur- dny, October 31, 10 n.m. Manila, City Hall, Saturday, October 31. 2 p.m. All persons living In ntral communities not served by electric power nre invited to attend. honor. Wednesday he will address a "Ladies Night" mcetitn nt Fort Smith. "Lnriies Night" i at Fayetlevllle on Thursday will have his talk on the program. Friday noon he will address the Harrison club before reluming here Saturday. ni^ u^.-(i[;iit; "II i^uuuiio iiujiii ] • i . . _ _ against Italy. Italy is slrougerl John Anthony, 76, lhan ever nnd ready lo repeat 1 the victory ngainst anyone to defend her empire. Chicago Wheat open higli low close groups of their share In caring {for the a&cd- This ilrspitc the fact that benc- helfers ficiaries are sure lo receive more than llioy P a V ° v " '» taxes. Kxlent of tllc temporary poi (Couti'iued on Page Eight) commissioner estimated "ec "o 1-4 116 1-4 114 7-8 115 7-8 lhat •vvhcn the sales tax had been collected on. the materials sold for use in the Little Rock water projects Hint the stale will have obtained more Ilinu $100,000 In taxes from bulldiu'i projects. municipal May m 5-8 111 5-8 113 1-4 114 1-4 Chicago Corn Dies at Number Nine Dec May 00 open high 91 1-2 05 1-2 low 00 3-8 04 3-8 95 1-4 He Is 83 S-8 90 1-4 three da John Anthony. 76. died at his home In the Number Nine community, at noon Sunday. He had been a resident of the community for more than 15 years. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at Number Nine cemetery. Tlie Cobb Funeral Home- was in charge of funeral arrange- survived by five sons and ughters. close iniejits. Russian and Manchukuoan Troops Clash on Border TOKYO, Oct. 27 (UP)-A sharp clash In renewed border warfare between Russian and Mnnchuku- today by the Jariar.ose IICT-S aitsioy from Hsinking, capital of Man- chukito. and Strangles to Death C1LEAN, N. Y.. Oct. 27 (UP)— Rcbeit Willinm Morris. 11, was strangled to dealh last nieht when he slipped from a cupboard shelf nnd caught his neck in a looped leather strap hnng- ing on Ihe wall. WEATHER The dispatch said Hint 50 Rus- eloudv •"" in a raiding party hnd Arkansas—Partly cloudy and not quite so cold tonlghl. Wednesday partly cloudy and wanner. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and not so cold tonight. lowest temperature 42 to 46. Wednesday psrtly warmer. crossed the frojitier in eastern Manchukuo and altncked Mnn- chnknoan troops. Casualties were (eared lo have been heavy on both sides. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday wns 03. minimum 41, cloudy, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer. Last night the minimum was 32.

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