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The Twin Falls News from Twin Falls, Idaho • 2

Twin Falls, Idaho
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TWIN FALLS NEWS. TWIN FALLS, IDAHO, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 7, 1935 PAGE TWO New President at DISPUTE LEADS LEGION HIES i nnnrnnn nnriT BREVITIES Rotary Club Helm Stuart H. Taylor, presided at his ftrct mnottiiD- as the recently in ACK 10 GUN A MKttNbtiKtA stalled new president of the Rotary C'alifornians Here Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sullivan and daughters of Lompoc, arc house guests of Mr.

and Mrs, Martin Sullivan. Chicago Cunts Mr. and Mrs. H. L.

Kahl of Chicago were recent guests of Dr. and Mrs. 0. H. Cald-well and daughter.

club succeeding u. w. vwikuwi and other officers began their THE offers A MM SuuiMBimeE9 functions for the new year at u-e uwoiriv luncheon meeting at the Washington Guests Mr. and Mrs. 'Idaho on Parade' Officials Bid Robert Taylor, Others Here Park hotel Wednesday at noon.

Californian Leaves Mrs. Jennie Fuller of Long Beach, will return to her home Sunday. She has been visiting here since May 1. D. D.

Carpenter of South Bend, arrived here week, to visit Mrs. Eldon Smith1. Back From I'tah Mr. and Mrs. Principal speaker at the meeting was Everett C.

Hill, Oklahoma City, a past president of the Rotary International. He spoke on possibilities of the Rotary clu in promoting good will in the world and told of interesting experiences in the west. Since retirement from business Hill has been writing of western inrn hnhbv. nartlcularlv of his On Vacation Mrs. Minna Lang of Wray's cafe left yesterday morning on three weeks' vacation visit to southern California.

Robert Taylor, Spencer Tracy and Wallace Beery, screendom's leading male actors, have been invited by American Legion officials to attend the "Idaho on Parade" celebration here some time during the week of June 18 to 23, 'J. Edward Warmer, E. C. Parker and daughters have returned after visiting friends and relatives in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Earl 0. Smith Wounded; Sheriff Indicates Shot Fired by Woman A tenant farmer, Earl 0.Smith, 9, was shot In the left leg following an argument yesterday with two young women owners of the farm six and one-half miles south of Kimbcrly that he had occupied for several months.

Sheriff E. P. Prater said last eve-ning Investigation indicated the shot was fired by Miss Gladys Caudle, daughter of the late Frank Caudle, a pioneer Twin Falls county settler. Continues Investigation Prosecuting Attorney Edward Babcock said no complaint had been Utah. Parents of Son Mr.

and Mrs. general chairman, said yesterda; -o The movie stars are now on On Visit Miss Laura Frances Pryor of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a guest at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C. D.

Pryor. Henry Schwab, of Eden are the toric and ghost towns In Montana, lldaho jnd Nevada. parents of a son, born Tuesday evening at the Twin Falls county general hospital maternity home. He left for Sun Valley yesterday fternnon and will visit Salmc City Enamel and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. cation at McCall.

Idaho, for the filming of "Northwest Passage." "We hope to bring one or all of the film idols to Twin Falls during the celebration," Warner said. Activity of the Legionnaires increased In tempo this week with While ware Return After Funrral Mr. and Mrs. V. P.

Brock have returned from Wasco, where they were called to attend funeral services for Mr. Brock's sif.ter. MURDER Student Returns Miss Olivia Chapman, student at St. Helen's hall, Portland, has returned to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Orr Chapman. WOMAN the opening date only 12 days away. Ladles of the G. A. the Shrin- ers and Elks announced plans for large floats in the big parada, join HONIED I SPEC Back From Washington Mr.

and Mrs. Fred W. Read and sons returned after a 10-day trip to Ellens-burg, Tacoma and Seattle, where they visited relatives and friends. TRIPLE COATED ACID RESISTANT LATEST DESIGNS -NEW MODERN PLASTIC KNOBS To Fort Collins Mrs. Harry Wallace, Mrs.

J. A. Stom. Mrs. Bert M.

Kcstler, and Mrs. Harold White have gone to Fort Collins, to spend a week visiting relatives and friends. ing Idaho Department store, Pen-ney's and Van Engelcn's in the growing list. All business firms and industrial organizations have been invited to Police Order Arrest of Person Named on Postcard At Camp Kyle Ballaiyjje son and Mrs. V.

C. BallanTyne, is participate, Ralph E. Leighton, parade chairman, said. The baby clinic opened yesterday afternoon with 96 babies being ex of Mr Licensed to Wed William E. Ray of Three Creek and Bertrude Hazel Owens of Bruneau obtained a marriage license at Twin Falls county recorder's office yesterday.

4 spending the summer at the R. O. filed and that ms onice was continuing investigation. The sheriff said Miss Caudle and her younger sister, Miss Helen Caudle, had complained to his office regarding Smith's farming operations and had considered ejectment proceedings. The two young women had moved Smith's furniture from the house during the absence of his family, and were in the house when he returned to the farm yesterday, authorities were told.

Smith was shot as he started toward the house. The bullet struck above the knee and ranged downward. Wound Not Dangerous Smith was taken to Klmberly for medical attention. The wound was not considered dangerous. The sheriff brought from the farmhouse two rifles and two automatic pistols.

T. C. training camp in Monterey, Calif. Miss Juanita Ritchie of Salt Lake City has concluded a visit at the Ballantyne home. amined by I'wln Falls doctors for health as part of the "Million Dollar Baby Show" plans.

More than 100 appointments will be filled by doctors beginning at 12:30 p. m. today when additional mothers LARGE PIECES Home from Trip Mr and Mrs. Ralph Hensinger have returned from a trip to ShcridHii, Wyoming. En route they visited Yellowstone and Teton national parks.

bring young entrants to the Legion hall for examination. Leading the "Miss Victory" con Visits Here Miss Winifred Nut- Recovering Mrs. Clarence Orif-fard, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. L.

D. Smith, is recovering satisfactorily alter an operation Tuesday morning at the Samaritan Naza-rene hospital, Nampa, according to word received by friends here. tall, a former resident, is visiting test at the present time is Mary Lou Glib with 29,050 votes and 101 here, She will return this weekend to Provo, where she is associ ated with a newspaper. HOLLYWOOD, July 6 W) Arrest of a woman named in an anonymous postcard as the slayer of King D. Gray, 52, film cameraman, was ordered tonight by Police Captain Hulbert J.

Wallis. Wallis announced that the card, bearing a Hollywood cancellation and received today, "Beware I Gray was killed by It was signed, "a witness to the crime." Wallis withheld the woman's name, but ordered officers to hunt her for questioning. He said he placed "credence" in the report, but added that he was seeking its author. Police also said they had established that Gray, who did not' drink, purchased the bottle of white wine found with his body in his car in front of Hollywood postof ice' last week. Gray had not been drinking prior to the time he was shot through the chest, an autopsy established.

lowed by Merle, Nelson and Gladys Zimmerman who are tied for second with 28,750 votes each. Others pushing the leaders are Gladys Roush, Virginia Lawrence, Ruth Fisher, 27,200, and I. O. O. F.

Initiates Second de gree exemplification for a class of FUGITIVES' CAR Goes to Kimbcrly Mrs. Nan Walters of Eagle, who was in Twin Falls to join her daughter, Mrs. Charles F. Johnson of Little Rock, for a visit here, left yesterday for Kimbcrly, where she is a guest. several candidates for the Odd Fel Irene Harris with 27,000.

lows lodge will be held at the I. O. O. F. hall at 8 p.

m. tonight. All members are urged to be present. FOUND IN DE VIOLENC To Training Course Frank Car Back From Hailey Mr, and Mrs. M.

P. Sears and daughter of Twin Falls and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Robey and son of Jerome have returned after a holiday visit with Mrs. Sears' daughter, Mrs.

Ralph O'Har-row of-Hailey. penter, Harmon pool life guard, has been sent by the Red Cross to Como springs near Morgan, Utah, for an aquatic school course in life saving, first aid, swimming, and div HANQHAI 8 Cup Modern Style Percolators, Seamless Tea Kettles, Easy Pour Spouts, Hang-On Cover, 5 8 Quarts Capacity No. 10 Double Boilers, 1 qt. Inset 14 Qt. Sink Fitting Dish Pans Sauce Pans, No.

3 Size Straight Covered, 3 qt. Sauce Pans, 4 qt, straight Covered Sauce Pans, Covered, 6 qt. Size French Sauce Pans. Sizes 1, iy2, and 2 qts. ing.

He will return In about 10 days (Continued from Page One) Hons of Shanghai authorities took Return Soon Mrs. George Mon- IRE I tooth and son Jack will leave Sun precautions against outbreaks. day to return to Long Beach after Undergoes Operation Asher Get-chell, pharmacist at Trolinger's pharmacy, is recovering satisfactorily after an operation Tuesday evening at the Twin Falls county general hospital, according to business associates. spending a fortnight here visiting FLOOD El friends and relatives. Mrs.

Mon-tooth was a Twin Falls resident un til a year and a half ago. Armed Officers Surround Machine Believed Used by Convicts DENVER, July 6 Acting Detective Captain Charles J. Burns Baid a car used by three of five fugitives from the Kansas state reformatory was found In Denver tonight. He asserted at least three of the escaped convicts were in Denver and he said he "had reason to believe" they were met here by the two others. A squad of armed officers was stationed around the bandit car Immediately after It was dlscovepd parked on a downtown street.

Burns said he believed the men who drove the car to Denver were Robert and Ralph Durbin, 23, To-peka, Kas, twins, and either Floyd O. Kraus. Topeka, or Clarence Visits Aunt Charles Eldred of Portland, who has been visit ing his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Convalesces The condition of Miss Marlon Graham, who underwent an appendectomy yesterday' morning, is satisfactory; according to attendants at the Twin Falls county general hospital. Miss Graham came here last week from Boise, where she has been employed.

H. Eldred, has gone to Hansen to spend several days with an aunt, Marines in Sector The fourth regiment of United States marines established' patrols in the American defense sector of the international settlement. Even before midnight streets in the International area were packed with pedestrians and police, who stopped automobiles in a search for suspected terrorists. The prospect of a more vigorous propaganda war added to the apprehension. Chinese military and civilian leaders began a series of patriotic speeches, recounting the year's achievements and declaring the government's determination to resist Japan.

The anniversary date was designated "armed resistance and national reconstruction day." Mrs. Otdea. He will return to Twin Falls for the remainder of the sum mer. (Continued from Page One) Taylor said he could not confirm reports that reservoir hi the hills, back of the city, had broken, but added that millions of- tons of water must have been held there by the landslides. When the flood roared into Kobe "like a regular Niagara" there was little warning.

Taylor told of how a solid wall of water, five or six feet high, came down frcm the hills so fast that few in its path could escape. It smashed houses like matchboxes. Return From Trip Mr. and Mrs E. W.

Rohker and daughters, Miss Edna Rohker and Miss Marjorie 1 Brown. Kansas City, i Funeral Announced Funeral services for Mrs. Frank Brandt of Nampa, whose body was recovered recently from the New York canal after an automobile accident, will be conducted this afternoon from the Baptist church at Nampa. She was a sister of George and Therron Lafferty of Twin Falls. These icAir with Bluford Smiddy, Rohker, have returned after a visit with Mr.

and Mrs. W. E. Bitter df Lewiston, brother-in-law and sister 23, KUgore, Texas, escaped in an automobile from the reformatory ice'es Fine Tie le Coate of Mrs. Rohker.

They also visited at Hutchinson, last night. in Washington and Oregon. Burns said there were two bullet holes in the fugitives' car. Burns En Route to Alaska Miss Rltmrhp nnd Miss Vera WHITE EN AM EL WARE said he believed the coupe was hit by officers who fired at it at Leott Thomas of Sugar City, who are en i Kas. HENRY DIRSHAK ENTERS PRIMARY route to Alaska to spend a month on a vacation trip, came to Twin Falls with Miss Mildred Hartman Drum and Bugle Rehearsal Dated Fifty boys and girls in the American Legion' drum and bugle corps will receive-their instruments and music at the first rehearsal called for 8 p.

Friday in the Legion hall, Frank Warner, director, announced yesterday. Tryouts for the Scotch drum, cymbals and drum majors are also scheduled for Friday night. In the bugle division are 17 girls and 15 this week. Miss Hartman was returning from a holiday visit there with friends. Services at Carey For Reuben Cross CAREY, July 6 Funersil services for Reuben Leonard 35, who died yesterday afternoon of ft self-inflicted- gunshot wound, will be conducted tomorrow at I p.

m. from the L. D. S. church, with Interment in Hailey cemetery.

He was taken to Hailey clinical hospital yesterday morning after shooting, the motive for which is unknown. He died the same day at 1:30 p. m. Mr. Cross was born August 23, 1902, in Alison, Kas.

Son Leaves Don Crabtree, asso FOR DIXIE VOIE elated with the museum of paleon Refrigerator Dishes Lipped Sauce Pans Wash' Basins Set of 5 Pudding1 Pans Oblong Bake Pans Roll Rim Dish Pans tology at the University of Califor nla with the sculptor in charge of the prehistoric animal exhibit for (Continued from Page Ono) boys while 12 boys and five girls will play drums. Others are weW the San Francisco worlds fair, has concluded a visit with his parents, come to try out Friday, the director said. of his purposes and objectives In trying to perpetuate new deal domination of the Democratic party. Whatever doubts they may have as Mr. and Mrs.

E. E. Crabtree. so Dr. Orrin T.

Fuller will drill buglers, Jack Thorpe will direct Return From South Mr. and Mrs, (Continued from Page One) far in excess of even wartime peaks, sane fisoal policies which will prevent bankruptcy must be fostered. "Social Justice and economic security should be promoted without political bias, and legislation must safeguard the rights of citizenry as guaranteed by the constitution. "In the face of unsettled world conditions and rapid trend toward dictatorial I favor a foreign policy which will keep this country free from entangling alliances and preserve ottr peace. "The rubber stamp reign of congress must be ended, and I pledge constructive service in restoring legislative branch to traditional independence, and decentralizing to new deal methods to come, no Democratic nomination seeker in the south could refuse to endorse drums, and Warner will handle general arrangements and supervision COMPLETION OF BRIDGE AWAITS LOWER WATER IDAHO FALLS, July 6 (r)-State resident engineer A.

J. Christensen said today that when the- Snake river recedes work will start on building approaches to the completed Heise bridge, which now starts and ends in the middle of the river. Carl Benson and sons, Robert and Emil. returned yesterday morning morning from Miami, where they spent the winter. They were ac and direct marching.

Bert Chris the president's stated objectives. CHILDREN'SSUMMER SAIIDALS and OXFORDS PRE-WELTS AND STITCH DOWNS tiansen, Kimberly band director, Under the president's program of seeking to rehabilitate the south companied by Mr. Benson cous will direct tryouts for drum majors. One boy and one girl will finally an effort to forge a stronger link between the new deal and the Negro Ins. Mr.

and Mrs. Albert Nelson, of Longmont, who will yjsit here. be selected. vote generally outside the south Back From Hills Mr. and Mrs might develop.

This support could be an import' T. C. Bacon, daughter Margaret, and son-in-law and daughter, Mr. ant election factor in 1940, or In and Mrs. Richard Howsmon, re certain state and congressional con tests this year.

Whatever its results, the south turned yesterday afternoon from an outing in Ketchum and Stanley, WITH FINfi LEATHER SOLES A Factory Closc-Out They attended the holiday air show em economic study and President Roosevelt's sharply pointed letter calling it to national attention, fv in Boise. Mr. and Mrs. Howsmon will leave tomorrow morning to return to their home in Huntington Park, after spending a fort leave little doubt that it figures perhaps even more Importantly In the eyes of administration political strategists than do many of the night visiting here, Democratic primary contests where Termination Asked Of Life Estate Petition for a court order terminating tholife estate of the late A. O.

Scrivner in a 40-acre Twin Falls county farm has been filed in the probate court in Twin Petitioners, a son and two daughters, Archibald G. Scrivner, Shirley Backus and Mrfie S. McManamy, assert the proprty was conveyed to them, subject t6 the life estate, in October, 1935, and that Mr. Scrivner died last March 8. Appraisers.

George L. Layne, Fred Methen and H. DeNeal, all of Buhl, have reported the property worth $1,000. Hospital Notes Jack Graybill of new deal loyalty is at issue. Twin Falls, Fred Shaub of Buhl, Whites, Smoked Elk, White and Color Combinations Reds NOTE Thrse fine shoes came from a small factory in St.

Louia. This factory had been disposing of their jobs, short lots and discontinued numbers to local jobbers but as this policy interferred with their regular retail accounts In and around St. Louis it was discontinued. We -ake these shoes as they are accumulated at prices way below their actual value The result Is a very great saving to you on good shoes. THE SIZES ARE to 9 and C.

E. Summers of Eden have been admitted to the Twin Falls 'J DENIAL FOLLOWS county general hospital. Mrs. Don SIgman and daughter, Mrs. Rose Turner, Hans Hansen, Heber Summers, and Euscbio Zublgarreta of Twin Falls, Lilo Lee Miller of Jerome, Mrs.

Ada Llnnell of Wenat-chee, Mrs. W. A. La Lante JOHNSTON CLAIM (Continued from Page One) and daughter and Miss Doris Brandon of Buhl, Mrs. Ellen Toothman of Hazelton and Mrs.

J. Hartley of Filer have been dismissed. Some of the big redwood trees of California, known as the "Sequoias," are believed to date back 4,000 years before Christ, acting in good faith when he brought me the law book. I believe it came AT A NEW LOW PRICE Men's Sanforized Broadcloth Shorts WITH GENUINE "GRIPPER" SNAP FRONTS from the prosecutor's office. "I asked or a notary public, not an opinion or a law book.

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government standards. The colors are vat dyes and the patented sanforized process prevents the slightest shrinking. Good, strong side elastics too. Here's a man's short that has everything in. CREAM the district, court and that In the event my case comes up around September 19 it would leave me only iiuuing a new low price 25c about a week to prepare my defense that I still had to ask the court to appoint me counsel.

"It is not pleasant for me to have to ask aid from the county, but it is a fact that my livllhood was taken when my store was sold out from under me after my arrest." WEEK-END SPECIAL Peppermint Stick Flavored with ground peppermint stick candy. At All Leading Fountains Idaho Store emu. JEROME The ukulele was brought to Hawaii and introduced to the natives by Jose P. Rodrigues in the 'seventies twenty years the' islands became a territory of the United States. "If It Isn't Right, Bring It Back" Cooperative Creamery.

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