Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 19, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1895
Page 8
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b-S^Vvw'^^^^ w • , ..• . • .. •.. : . .'»• •"• i - : - . ;-; " • .-., '•'•• . '''••'• •'• -•'''•'"••''•.•.' '•' '-'!. : --'r".• "••"' "•• LAST CALLl The stock of dry goods of the Golden Rule Dry Goods House will sold at Auction, commencing Thursday, April 18th. Three Sales Daily—-9 to 11 a. m., 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. D. PRATT, Trustee. FOGLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Ratal! Dealers la JPURNITURB Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROftDWflY. Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No 99. THEJFINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS Co be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block, COCKBURN BROS- atatflj to Loan on Mortgage Security on Eusy .Monthly PoyraenW. •WfWtlte Fire, Llfo, Accident, Plate Glass and Torauilo Iiuantnce. DOT nml Sell Real Kttuta. Call and See Cs, ORlce Booms 2 »nd 3 any Building. KROEGBR & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, «13 Broadway. WANTED! ^REAL ESTATE. Wnntwl, Cheap Cottages Foe Sale. "Wanted Lota tmd Acres For Sale. TMUwl^uuiIt Forms For Sale. Wfttitwr BusIneM Blocks For Sale. 'jtMtetl to Exchnntts Ytams for City Property, T»«»(e4 «« rchantllM to Trade for Farms. '. DWUK3 A. M. OOBUON. Sptr Block Logansport, Indiana, DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 19 fl. E. TRUAX, M. D. 1 attention'gtreo to Now, Lone, Liter IMCbroala DlaenMS. CflkBMMtBMldenoeoter State National Bank. .»«•»» lO-lo 13 . m.,'2to4p. m.,and7 to3 p.m. U ttlto promptly attended. JIM. McKINSEY, Fire, lilfeand . Accident Insurance. Money to Loan in Small Amounts. 413 BROADWAY. NEW HARNESS SHOP. 1 have moved my harness and nridtery shop to 626 Twelfth street, where 1 will turn oat the best* goods flnr the least money. GEO. W. FOSTER, WANTED TO SELL The North Street House -on. North otre«t between 5ch and 6th street. Will be sold on reasonable terms. Address, MRS. CHAS, MARKLE, Hartford City, Jnd. See Stevenson & Kllnsiok's lovely tan Oxfords. Furnished ana unfurnished rooms to rent second floor Harry Frank. All the rage, children's shoes with white buttons—Stevenson & Klinslek. Do yourself justice by attending our special cape tale this week—Trade Palace. We carry the beet line of 50 cent working shirts in the olty—Fisher, the Hatter. Corsets, corsets, all kinds, even Her Majesty at less than 50 cents on the dollar—Trade Palace. Negligee shirts In all the latest styles and colorings at popular prices—. ?ishor, Fourth and Broadway. Opera, plcadllly and equare toe adies'.dress shoes, all solid, 25 cents; owoat prices ever named—Otto Kraue. The Logansport base ball team will play at Lafayette .Friday, April 26th, nstoad of Tuesday April 24th, as at .ret arranged. There is nothing mechanical In the elections rendered by Edison's new onoert phonographs. At the Baptist hurch this (Friday) evening. The funeral of Lizzie, the 2-year- Id daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John ana Of No. 1226 Stevens street, will ccur tbia afternoon from the reaU ence. Alberta Lee as "Fawn Afraid" in The Girl I Left Behind Me" corn- any is nearer the true representative f the Indian maiden than any others, dealized by so many. Manager Patterson has closed the ontractswith the 'Off. the Earth" xtravaganza company headed 'b ddie Foy, for the night of Saturday May 4th. Dolan'* will not hold the people. Advertising matter Is being sent out by thoee interested in the coming exposition of industries and fine arts to be given at the City of Mexico in 1896, It will be Mexioo'i flnt grand exposition. Charles B.Lowe, the greatest xylophone toloiat in the world can be heard just as artistically 1 and distinctly through Edison's new, inttrument «s though he was In the presence of the audience. At the Baptiit church this evening. It is said that Mrs. Nona Fenrose, of thii olty, whose brother. Clay Cozatt was killed in an elevator fatality at the Barrett hotel, Chicago last January, will soon begin proceedings against the proprietor ot the hotel for damaget on acoount of the death of her Brother. Dr. C. L. Souder of Burrows, who has recently operated and-saved a number of children by the new serum remedy, for diphtheria, was summoned yesterday morning to operate with the antidote on the nine-ytar-old son Of tho attorney D. C. Justice who it was thought was 111 with diphtheria, having been taken quite sick Wednesday night. INSANITY CHAEGED. JKIUCH Heed of the Mouth Side 1* Locked l>'l> HO Duutfcronwly Indaiie. Yesterday afternoon James Seed of Shuliztown was placed in jail for safe keeping-until the proper steps for his admission to the hospital ;tt Long Cliff can be taken. His actions have become a source of grave alarm' to his relatives and Mends. Reed is a young man of about 26 years, and it is claimed he has lost his mind through undue religious excitement, ..and that he is overcome by (he idea that be is the Messiah and that he can perform miracles. He Is tractable, and quiet in a measure until left- alone. He was first placed in the female ward of the jail, but be at once developed a destructive mood ." and -did considerable damage to the water plpea and to the contents of the apartment. He was looked for security In a cell down stairs, and hf.g case will be apled on as loon as possible. White Indians. On next Monday night the patrons of the opera house will have an opportunity to see for the first time, in this town the celebrated military -drama, The Girl I Lefi Behind Me." This Is one of the most successful plays in elaborate productions ever' put forth Irom the Metropolis It IB constructed on exciting lines and based on strong theatrical facts. The authors of the play are David Belasco and Franklyn Fyles, two men remarkably expert tn their line of work, Mr. Belasco will IB remembered for his effective char- aoterlzatlona In "The Wife" and the Charity Ball." Mr. Fyles is the dramatic editor of the New York'Sun'; The cast includes seventeen ^people and each one at them plays an impor- ant part in helping on the action, piece revolves around a war in he far west between xhe Blsokfoot ndians and a detachment of the American army. In rapid succession ccur scenes of love, of hate, regret, ntmjslty and turbulence. And Other Paraphernalia Beatdea i»«arlnjr Poker Play em Ont of a Yeir'a Exlit«Dce-f'ra«k Koom Raided .Liat ,\Ichi, Yery quietly and without saying a word to any one, the police, headed by Capt, Thomai, entered tho room of Frank Pylei over MoHale's place on :Third and.Canal itreele, at 11 o'clock last night, and gave a startling party to a group of six gamesters, four of whom were rattling the chip* of the patriotic '.': colors. The men were slated and all gave their stage names. The gentlemen also put up the necessary yen to pacify the law, one of them placing hia watch with the bluecoats as security. ./They were allowed to go. . When the police entered chips were in eight'and money changed hands under the eyes of the officers. The apparatus, three poker tables and one "stud" poker table, besides one'half bushel of chips and numerous packs of cards, was seized and taken taken to the Mayor's oflEce. The officers gained an entrance by dropping in as a visitor passed out at the door, A CALL'TO REV. HUCKELBERRY The L,«ftauHport Baptist Congregation Vote* to In Fits the JXadifton. Jnd,. ailnUter to Come Here. There was a well attended meeting ot the congregation of the Baptist' church last night to consider the question of calling to the 'pulpit of the church a. new minister. The pulpit supply committee recommended the j Rev. Huokelberry of Madison, Ind., and by a full vote It was decided to invite him to cast his lot with the Logansport flock- It is not known whether or not he will accept the invitation. He has preached in the city a number• of times lately andjhas created a most excellent impression, which resulted in the call made last night. The eloquent preacher has resigned his pastorate at Madison, Ind., the resignation to take effect May 1st, and it la probable he will consent to make Logansport his next charge. MASONIC MASS MEETING. To Taxpayer*, The County Treasurer'^ office will be open this weak day and evening to accommodate railroadmen and others. This is the last week for the payment of taxes. B. F. KEESLIKG. Treasurer. " Patent tip, sprlngheel shoes, Stevenson & Kllnsick. SOc— An Eaiy Way to Clean Tan and ' Black Shoes. What is there that spoils the appearance of a nice dress or suit more than-a dirty or rusty pair of shoes. The way to keep them looking nice is to have Filling's artist clean them for you. No charge. Sorely it is the easiest way to keep your shoes nice. We -will clean yoar rubbers and shoes, and polish them free of charge. We keep a man who is an artist at the business, expressly for the work. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, all are welcome to free shines as often as you want them providing you are Filling's customers. If we forget to give -you 'a shine card ask for it, we assure -you, you are welcome. , ; Lure W. PiLLisa. 412. Broadway. The Columbia single tube tire seems to have established a, record for holding air. • 'A. Toledo rider reports that his tire -was ynmped up in Oct., 1893, and did not-need to be inflated again until April 14, 1S94. Surely that tire knew how to hold its own. Bee samples at LING. W. PILLIXGt'S, Shoe House, 413 Broadway. The. ScHHlou Tonl'cht Will Hear the Iteport of ilia Conference Committee. The Masons of the city will to-night meet according to the call for an ad jonrued session, in mass meeting, .at the Orient lodge hall. The purpose of tho meeting is to hear the report of the committee appointed a fortnight ago to confer with the committee of the city council on the matter of rent- ting part of the proposed Masonic temple for olty offices. It will probably be definitely decided tonight as to the course the Masonic fraternity will take in the matter of building without regard to the action of the city council on the proposal recently made to that body by the Masons. The result of tonight's meeting will be awaited with interest. In Men's, Boy's and Children's SUITS Underselling everybody because the stylet are all original and the makes are all our own. That's the reason we are underselling everybody. Men's Scotch suits, $5; Men's Clay Worsted Suits, 85; Boy's Scotch suits, up to H years, $3.50; Children's suits, 2 to 14 years, 98 cents. Nobby Reefer suits, $2.50. See nortt show window at the Fashion Store. Everybodycordially invited. HARRY FRANK, TO BE, SURE,. 2s T e w York, Logansport, Delphi, Flora. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouseringft Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please | our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. »1O BBOAOWAY. Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At WALKER & Rf\UGM. Where quality is our first object at prices to make them GO. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings THE MERRY OLYMPICS It It nee at Dolmm Jk HcIIale'a Hall—A Pleasant Affair, The dance at the hall of Dolan & McHale last night was a very pleasant affair. The members of the Olympic Club understand the art of enjoying: themselves and of giving pleasure to thoie who are so fortunate as to be their friends. Stelnh art's orchestra made excellent muiio for dancing-, and the floor WBJ comfortably tilled for every' number*on the alabora e program. All preient had a most enjoyable time, came early and remained late. WANTS HIS CAB FABE PAID. AT 4i8 Market St. MOTHERS! If yon want yoar lace curtains to look the same as new, send them to us for laundrying. A IODJ; experience in this line of work enables us to guarantee satisfaction. 429 Market St. gchnyler I/eaae .Hand* nimaelf Over ta a, Wcatera Sheriff aa an Alleged „, ' Forcer, Wanted Here. Sheriff Chas. Homburg has received a letter from the sheriff at Etna, Iowa, who offers to bring to this city, Schuyler Lease, who was charged some time ago with forgery, providing that funds be forwarded for ex- pensei. Schuyler Lease has told the Iowa sheriff that he is wanted In Lo» gansport for alleged forgery, when in fact, so long as Schuyler behaves himself he will not be wanted by the Cass county authorities, he having been released on his own recognizance. . It is thought that Mr. Lease would enjoy a trip home at the expense of .the commonwealth. If you want to dress your little ones in Up- To-Date Clothing see my line of Combination, Reefer, Junior and Jersey Suits. They have never been equaled in Logansport. JOS. G GRAC 426 BROADWAY, I

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