The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire on October 15, 1920 · Page 1
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The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire · Page 1

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1920
Page 1
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WELCOME TO "OUR SHRINE" Portsmouth in all its splendor of dress and pictuvesqueness extends a nearly greeting to the Nobles of the Myslic Shrine. Hero it was the cmHom fox 1 tourists to stop and quench their thirst and."drink in" our beauties. Portsmouth has the finest water in the country--and she used lo brew. Well, there now, why spealc of the old times? A came! c?.u travel many miles without d^ink. WE HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY TTyreT-TTTTT-rYTTTTTTTTYV^ THE WEATHER Washington, N. II,, Oct. 15.--Pair totiiglit ami Saturday; not much change in torn pern,luro; moderate ·winds, mostly northeast lo cast. 12 PAGES ({First In News -- 2 PAGES SON AIM (DnyllRlit Saving Tlino) iiuri lilac's v.v.-.v,1~t.C.S3 Hun S-lM . . . . . . li.i)§ LoiiKlh of Day 11.03 l l l K l i ffMa 2.00 urn, 2.22 iiu Moan Hob 8.2.1 |)iii I j l K M Automobiln [.amps u L G.23"p[ii. VOL. XXXVL, NO. 19. PORTSMOUTH, N. H., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1920. Portsmouth Dolly Republican, Mo rood with THE HERALD, July 1, 1902 PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PINK CAMEL In One of His Peaceful Moments. CUTLER'S SEA V I E W HOUSE ' p h o n o J. H. Hicli, manager, for rese'r- I rations. · h 3L otE Hampton Bcaefi Open all year round, -1Gth year. Game snI fish dinners a specialty. Auto and I I O U H C partlea catered to. . Wrlto or Herald Ad*. Bring Result*. THE LAMB MARKET IS LOWER Legs Fores Loins Chops Stew 27clb. ISclb. 32clb. 38c Ib. Ib. NATIVE VEAL IS PLENTY-- PRICE LOW Legs Fores Loins Chops Slew 27clb. ISclb. 30c!b. 34c Ib. I2y z c BEEF IS LOW AGAIN-- QUALITY THE BEST First Rib Roast 23c Ib. Chuck Roast 18= It. Pot Roast .. 20° Ib. Sirloin Roast 34c Ib. Face Rump Roast. 35c Ib. Chuck Steak ... Rib Stoak Sholildor Gtcak Top R o u n d Sirloin Steak .. 20o Ib. 25c Ib. 30c Ib.-! 35o Ib. -lOc Ib. BROWN'S MARKET 155 Congress St. -- Next Y. M. C. A. -- Tel. 194 Thomas Cash, Manager. COLLEGE FOOTBALL New Hampshire State College vs. University of Vermont College Oval, Durham, N. H. SATURDAY, OCT. 16, 2.30 P. M. (Standard Time) Big Game of the Year at the Slate* College. Industry Will Be Paralyzed in United Kingdom if Men Are Allowed to Leave Work. IvOndon, Oct. 15.-- Unions im- foi-oKCiMi i n t e r v e n t i o n OovolcipH more limn l.OOO.QOO cpnl inliuira IhvoUBhtnlt Iho United K i n g d o m will bcv:in s t r i k e tomorrow and (ho country'H ull tmimrla'nl Industry will 1G paralyxt'il. A i;bn- fprenco of "miners" deleKiit'en Ym- n a n n c o d lodny t h a t In view of tlui Kovernniont's u n s a L l K f E u ' - t u r y reply lo tin' claims for nil I n - creuBe In \vat'eH there \vas n o t h Ine left lo do lull u l i l l i c . M l n e r K at n conference t o i l a y ileeldyd Iho m i n i m ; dl.fti'iclM tin I n - ' formed by clc'IOBalions Uiat llio only L-ollrsc was for \vork In the: miiK'.H to cense tomm'rmv. The · g o v e r n m e n t loilny pill an embargo on the cxyjprl of coal from llio U n i t e d K i n g d o m an Ihu ro- n u l t of tho threat of a coal miners' strl]o. WORLD RECORD FOR 60 MILES OF j ROAD TRAVEL Concord, Oct. 16.--After establishing on Thursday a now world record for CO miles of road travel, Crabbel, tho chestnut Arabian, owned by \V. 11. Brown of Berlin, N. IT., d r i v e n hy Jucli Frctz, was tho first horse ( l i E a morning to actually leave thc slabto enclosure at the State j mobilization flc-ld here. Today j Is Iho last long .stretch of t h e j 300-mlte endurance test t h a t in' volves a journey b e g E n n h i g at Fort ntlinn Alien and d e a t i n c d lo end today at Camp Devena. ; Mass, Nobles of Bektash Temple of Concord See 25® Jovices Cross the Hoi Sands of the Oasis by the Sea.-Big Parade Through Streets, Made Gay With Flags and Bunting, Witnessed by Thousands.-* Banquet Served in Jones Malt House-Vaudeville Tonight. LOUIS JOHN RUNDLETT Potentate. ELECT NASHUA MAN CLASS PRESIDENT rm-hnrn, Oct. 1-t.--Jlurry IX F I n n i y of Nashua, president of lh« lYe.shman ickis.s, \vns loilay c-lofitod to d i i f i t a l n tlio frcshmiui f o o t l j u l l olcvcii. Hardy, who wns formerly ( l i e t-atitahi «f Om NH.shiia HlKli Scliool eleven, Ifl piny!tig- t c f t Ucklo untl hna boon playlntir a slashing nmue fori the yearling. Tlio fi-oslimrin (o:uti hna been Im- provlnti ['a]'i(]]y this wcok and IHIH Ijt-t-n p n l t h r o u g h a stiff ficrlnimago f v u r y nJi,'lii In jtroimrnUon for Uie d'utnc- wIMi A n d o v i r r next f j a t i i r d n y . Citpl.iln \V. TJ. Jlou-arcl, U. S. N*., (or- mor c o i n i i i n n i l n i i L of Itio yaril, antl now o f N c w j i o r t , H. I., WUK a visitor at Tho Herald office today. Nearly AH Apparatus Now Housed Under One Roof. Tlio I ' n r l f l i n o t i t h flro department no\v In ilic'li 1 new h«.me on C o u r t . Htrciit. Tlio new H l a l l o n waw o t j c i i j i l i i i l ijy ( l i e v i t r i o l i c i;oni]anii'-4 on T]nir:i- ; :lny w i t h H I P I'j.tii'plioii of w h i c h c t » n ] ) a n y '.'llt ITIU%'C fov.' dayii. Thf pvi-in:uicnl Dn'lr fh !il idiHip mi(h-r Ihc ant i i l p l i l n N d u'cix- i t o J S y l i l tlni; J i w n y f n n n \.\w old w t a t l i m . vidiU-r 1 v.-ill jillll r L ' i n n t n In the old plnce for ii ( h u e nl \c\ml wlu-Lv It will ho moro c o n v r i i t o n t to tuovo It an lotiir tho H a n i c f t ) o]iL'r»lL'il r by liowor. l-'rom now on Ilio mec-lii,;.-* tiC llio .luvoral c u n i f i a n J o ! ) w i l l lifl held Llun-c. Quito a fc.w oi t h u c n l l nH'ii nuncniblcc! there on t h e opi-nliiK n l f i l i t and lal];td over (ho ]i!nriH for tho cltuJcalon. All al\]\ a l a r m c n l l n hy iclophono Hhoutd bo sent to tho new Kin.tEon and not H a n over ntrccl. ad In · her very ticJjt, Ppria- loday cxlendi} t h o , . h a n d of "-J, to 2500 nob 1 en oC '-'the My-flllu KhiliK) wliu hro'canlitoU 'oil Hits lu by tho Sen" for tlio u n n u a l . f nonliil of I3okta!)h Templo of Cpiv- ID which rill wenroru of L thn,'foa In Noiv I l a m p H h J r o owu ullt'glariua.' I t In (ho ono ijin.'at event of tho year for Slu-lni-TJi and Portticnoulh _ haa, left IK itndono to i n i i k o ' t h e l r v VlHlt Diin long to ho reincmburcd by evory member of tho,order fortuiiulo iouj;li lo Jju w l t h h i our gatcH on k thlH Tinliiy'H ei'reinnnfal b r o u g h t o u t 1 llio .I'Hi-Ht r i i n n l i c r of .SlnlneiR llinL ovor ithi'fiMl together; nt ana tlrno hi Iho (itti tn of J Nov; Hnrnpshlro, Only onpo tit'foro luivo tho offluora of '-Beklneh Temple worked Iho degree "away from (ho honu! city of Concord--that wna In M;ine!ieler--tinl all PortamoutH (Vein lionbred in the Imppy prlvllOEO r»f luLvhiK the opliortunlly to entertain l!iOBi piist. iniiHtors In tho art of camel ( i f f v l n y on thi:i n n n n a l event. Not w l l l i l n tho memory of tho oldeat \V, A. Hodgdon and family have reopened t h e i r residence oh H i g h l a n d alrcet, having returned from Ilyo. HORACE V/EDSTER GHAY, JR. Chairman Committee of Arrangements THE ARAB PATROL I n t m h E t n t i t h:ia Portsmouth been no , fussed »|) w i l h dccoratlonji as today. · Everywhere tho National colors .with tho red and yellow of the Shriner^ aro used In pVo fusion and tlio s tree In t h r o u g h whldli tlio parade will pass aro ono crand riot of color. It is ca- Umnlcil t h n l 10.000 American flags aro lined In Ino general decorations. I R n H d l n g K n i l jover Iho city ftrn'cov- orcd w i t h hunting and flags f l u t t e from every polo and on streamers hung across Iho streets along the lino ( of march. M a r k e t .aniiaro Is especlal- J ly attraclive, and has called forth \ words of Admiration from evoryono. ..AVlth Market and Congress atreots It .Is a v i r t u a l a r c h w a y of patriotic and welcoming banners. Since early morning Bhrlnors -havo been coming Into tho ctty by automo- blloH from nil sections of tho a late, j Many members'of the Kora Tomplfl of I^ewlslon and Aleppo Temple of Boston arc hero for the fun. Tho baeo ball groinuTs at tho playground's have' been fitted up for tho parking of ftutomo- (Contlnued on Pago Four)

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