The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 200. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T ™ D ^™AOT NBWBPAF&R OP NORTH&Aafe Aft KA NSA3 AND BoimiBAwr «««n™, * ' ^ Blythevltlo Courier Blylhcvllle Herald BlylheyUlo Daily News Mississippi Valley lender AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Americans, Britons Are Urged To Leave Holland Immediately ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, consular . . , , - "'" ' Wl III. ill 1,1 r nationals-to leave Holland unless thov E v.. 6 w.i uiuir n.uionais lo leave nave urgent reasons for remaining. -nc-rc are approximately 1,009* . ir'^f , n '\ antl '' 20(> Brlto "s i" Holland who would u e evacuated m event of invasion of (his cotui- Consular officials of Ijoth coun. 'ries, It was learned, were urging the early departim- of as many as possible in order to avoid a !i-:t •"Untie nisi, in event or ci uency. Meanwhile Tlie Netherlands intensified lis preparations to defend Itsclff although official mmrtv continued lo deny that there had been any specific threat to Its neutrality. All army furloughs were cancelled effective tonight. A United Press stall' correspondent toured the zone close to ihe German frontier and found groat activity in progress to complete the defeiises there. Armies or workmen were busy on them. Ten thousand additional troops have been moved to the frontier in the last three days. A shooting yesterday at the 8r!»r^^ £ r*""'^ ever held wlint developments might fie f ort .j,.. coming. Stale Membership Honors For Fifth Dislricl Reported Certain All of the H American Legtoi-. posts in Ihe Fifth district, of Arkansas reported more than 100 pe- cenl enrollment iu membership for the neiv year at, a meeting held at TyrotiKi last night, it wns announced today by E. A. nice of Blytlicvlllc, district commander. The 350 ex-service men present included representatives from all of Ihe posts except, Earle, which sent a proxy, to make it the 11105: 19:5.0 Red Cross Roll Call Opens Saturday; Expect, Early Success President Seeks \V;iy To Cushion Shock Of Neutrality Law in Although no formal announce- in which one HoUaiider"ias"Tiiv'tl \'L 45 ° ,'' cl ; ccnt "'cmbership ovev !.nri hi* h^,, j ----- ., . _ , , 'he quota In seme of the posts. Much of this success is attributed to Mr. Rice as district com- manctev, according to ex-service men who say that interest in the > and his body dragged onto German soil, Alarming rumors of Holland'. 1 peril from a planned German invasion are rife here and throughout Europe. Holland is trying to scotch them. Dutch newsptipeif were even forbidden to publish the details of the border incident. It was learned at Venio that the shooting followed a political argument between two parties in an automobile ami that frontier guavds had intervened but no soldiers were involved. In addition lo the. dead Dutchman, several other un- WASinNGTON, Nov. 10. (UP)President Koosevelt said today lhal he is working on a long ranee program lo ease Ihc economic impact ot the neutrality act on human ,,i,d properly values of lh c United stales merchant imirine, He again defended legality of (ho proposed Irnmfer cf American vessels lo Piinnma registry |>ut he in- Imnlttl .strongly at. n press confer- •nco that the transfer likely would be held up while lie seeks 'to work out methods mooting the U s shipping crisis other Ihnn shifiinV >f flags. . • . Mr. R'-Osevell outlined his program roughly as follows: 1. A probable recommendation to he next congress for cxlcns'lon of I the social security law Is- provide old age pension?, unemployment ,'" Insurance ami other benefits (o Indicative, of the manner whlcli llu> Chlckasawba Is going to KH the anmial lie; Cross Roll eall over Iho top li quick style is lhc response boliitf received even before the oJllcitv] opening date tomorrow, J. Mc!I lirooks, roll call chairman for lha Chickasawbfi district, .said today, Already several 100 per cent stickers have ben Issued to local business concerns, one, plantation in the district has already enrolled every family and has its 100 pet cent sticker proudly displayed 111 Us oltlee. Others have asked fov (lie forms mwvmry. (o net. in the 100 per rent class. Today, chairmen of various I'lasslflcallcns are going about Ihu Job of ui'llliiK their work done before Iho ofllc!:il opening rtnlo. lioll call ?m hour will Ihid some 50 women uf booths (hrotiehout he biLslue.w district and mimerqur uen and women going about il\i ask of writing lied Cross 'membership curds. in making a'statement concern- ^. n «'s aim Indigent rumillM provision cf ihe hut!g«l. A (otai of $i',i,M'.:i5 was spcm for emereeney hospttnll/atton. One ini>iK;iiKl dollars of (his amount >VM provided by a hospital fuml »'mic the other $154.35 was received through donations. Cash money spent by tiin iccal Hed Cross us revealed in Mrs. llradsiier's report, minis $701.3:1 for health correctlo'i and eineret'iicy relief, "hi joining tho American lied V ' L1 with n $1.00 membership we not. overlook our local dls- ». In 1927 and 1037 nnd dlwtst- of mnijiilliidc al. ulhcr ilme.s when (He American lint J-I-OM S ,.,,| KJ. i m \ lml w kfK illlo this city and established lu-iul- rtiiiiMcis for tin- relief of sulVcrers .vho we driven from their home'! "ltd lost Ilidr worldly possessions nroneh no faiill of Iholr own" Mr. Kslc.s flow that, JOO.OO was staled. 'The ROinelhiui; records s expended lu this coun- '" B thp nnllonnl Estcs, chairman of the oill, mcrclianl .senme;i. 2. A plan for absorption of n pmlion cf seamen beached as n .suit of Ihc act in a pragram „. tnarilimc training under auspices of (he maritime commission. 3. Possible absorption cf sonic unemployed seamen aboard vessels conveying strategic materials lo this country ports. frtnn non-belligerent injured persons across the border. were drajicd Precautions Increased ' - PARIS, -NoV:'M6."'- (UP)i-U'- reported .today by the newspaper Paris Midi from Amsterdam that in addition to cancelling all army leaves Holland had ordered ail ships immediately to leave ports in the sections of the country under n state of siege, had forbidden ships and tugboats to enter certain canals and other waters and had posted soldiers lo guavd public buildings. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 10. Cotton closed steady. (UP) — open Dec 040 Jan. 9.'!2 Jvfar 922 May 907 July 885 Oct. 848 high 9-19 93!) S30 914 889 851 low 937 928 918 379 843 close 947 936 929 914 887 851 Sp:ls closed nominal at 972, up 12. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov, 10. (UP)— Cotton futures closed steady today with net gains up to 55 cents a bale. Dec'. Jan. Mar. May open . 951 043 . 933 . 317 high low 957 949 July 897 Oct. 859 942 923 838 853 930 912 close 957 949 940 922 898 858 Spots closed steady at 950, up 10. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 10 (.UP)—A (Inner tone developed in the stock market in laic trading today m'ter a series of uncertain price movements. A, T. & T. ..., 168 1-8 Anaconda Copper 32 Associated. D. G 9 Beth. Steel 84 I-1 Boeing Air 273-8 .Chrysler 87 l-l Cities Service 51-2 Coca Cola 121-2 General Electric' 4 39 General Motors 55 Int. Harvester 62 Mcnt. Ward 541-4 N. Y. Central : 195-3 Packard 37-3 Phillips : 413-8 Radio 5 •Schenlcy 13 1-4 Simmons 23 T-g Socony Vacuum 13 1-8 Standard of N\ ,T 47 1-2 Texas Corp 46 !-•> U. S, Steel .'. 70 in a > Fifth District, has reached high. Dr. J. w. Bodley ot Memphis, cliairman of the Americanism committee of the stale of Tennessee's Department of the American Legion, past commander of District Ten cf the Tennessee department andn past commander of Post Number One of Memphis and Sam Rorcx of Little Rock, Uniteri States district for the post department and national com- mltteeman or HID American Legion, ma'dej the principal addresses foi-' lowing, the 'business Session presided over by Commander Kice. Dr. u H. McDaniel, of Tyronza acted as official host and the wet- come address was given by SUH- erinlendent Williams of the Tyronza high .school with Joe Hcarn; of Joiiesboro, past district commander, making the response. Extensive shipments are abcul to come to the united stales under the government's program lo amass u $10,000,000 stock pile of strategic war materials which are not available from' domestic sources. Dlstrlc t chapter, called attention to lhc j,,.,,^,,.,, tj, . i, nnt iiing i'.v during the Hood of 1937 practically 100% of this money mlo the comity from outside SINGU COPIES 'FIVE CENTS! No Common Basis Foi Agreement Found, Fin- nisli Office Stales i>, Finland, Nov. 10. Moscow lo reach an with .Soviet Russia was announced by n M,,,, fo ,. plgn offlo(1 toKcsmaii todny. No common basis for u Soviet- fcuml Finnkli iimcc'ineiit ha.s been . In the Moscow iieKcitlullons, spokesman .said. The. sliilemenl followed a moo ll»i- Vi ml01 ' (:nllllultl wlllch tl o». 1 "'l- IIP report Kent by thv :lel<'l?iUlon last nicht'ajter url ror an hcur and n ' it, had quarter with Soviet Foielun Josef ' Ktnllii.'n'ncl Commtear Mololov. Olllcliils indlraled that the of negotiations between the slnns and the Mnn is were worse Legion Officials Report Good Number Of Race EnlrJ nes Plans have been completed for the Old Car Derby to be held Sun-day afternoon at. Mississippi County Pair Grounds as a part'of the" Armistice celebration planned by the Dud Cason p:st of the American Legion. The number of entries is o • f , „ '"• "«»iuei 01 entries is verv Brief talks were also made by i gratifying, according to E A Rice S'L 8 .!^',^ *E artin .? nt oom - gencral cl ™™»» of the race com- mane er. and. Social Security officer for the American Legion in Arkansas; Bert, Presson, department adjutant; Bill Burns and Merlin Fisher,- all or Little Hock. The need of leaching American- Ism In schools and the attention which should be given subversive groups operating in the United Stales was discussed by Dr. Brocl- ey. Mr. Rorex discussed the work ;f the American Legion in the teaching ot Americanism and who urged further activities in this field of education. The poppy worn by Mr. Fisher, who spoke on Ihc Poppy sale, was auctioned .off and brought five dollars to be placed in (he fund of POPRV Day which Is Icmorrow. ft was announced today that, the next, meeting .will be held Dec 10 at Trumanu. In this district (roin Mississippi. Cralghead, CriUenden and Poinselt counties arc: Blyllicvllle Earle. Marked Tree, Wciner, Jones-' ooro, Manila, West Ridge, Tyronzn Marlon, Lepanlo, Monette, Caraway. Hnrrisburg and Truma mittee, and G. R. Carter his chief -"•' ------- v,m«.i, ,,is cinci assistant. Legal Issues Arise Over Holiday Dates LITTLE ROCIcTArk., Nov 10- Atlorne.v Genera! Jack Holt has been asked la rule on legal questions occasioned by President Roosevelt's proclamation setting Thanksgiving Day at Thursday, Bailey's Chicago Corn cpcn high Dec. 863-4 881-4 May 847-8 805-8 low close 861-4 881-4 SI 5-8 863-8 the roll call and Ihe use of Ihe funds so derived. The minimum membership fee Is one dollar foi the year. There are other, memberships ranging up lo $25 and In excess cf this amount are considered donations. For each membei enrolled in a local chapter, 50 cents is forwarded to National Headquarters and for each one, dollar membership, 50 cents Is retained by the local chapter for such use as the local chapter may designate so long us it Is in line. with the purposes of the Red Cims organization whlcli lisls the prerogatives of all chapter organlza and conducts n periodical tudit of chapter records. While the 60 cents per membership goes to national headquarters for the support of the American Red Cress organization which contributes lo the expense of being "ready" for national emergencies, the remainder left on hand in the local chapter is to be used for emergency relief locally. Tlie following is » publication of this year's work as released 16- flay .by/ MM.. Tom A. Bradsher,,exi' ecutive secretary. .Uridei- the "war! service department, 71 letters lutve been received and 230. have been written on case and claim work. Enltsfed men in the '.regular army and navy who have been served arc ten while M civilians have been rendered minor service. Forty flve visits have- been made on case and claim work. •. Under the head of pellagra control, Mrs. Bradsher states that 1 89 cans .of yeast have ben distributed to 2U patients in Hlylheville while 40 cans 'have 1 . been sent tci O.sccola. -r ..• • . Six of the 4G patients in the trachoma clinic have been cured while the rest are still receiving treatment, Mrs. Bradsher's report. lPita!i7.ations. Mrs. L, \j. Hubener, cliairman of Ibe life saving department, issued 20 junior and senior life saving certificates _and two cerlllied examiners certificates among the 75 students whom slie had in classes this year, figures in 1115 yearly report revealed. Miss Annabel Bryant, chairman of (he hcme hygiene nntl care of the sick committee, and Mis.? Add Boyd as the certified instructor with Ellen Han.'son as instructor in the negro schools, awarded eight certificates. Mrs. Bradsher salt! five families lind been assisted by the. loan of bed linens, gowns and baby clothes under the Loan Closet, Maternily «'c fun each show our appreciation ll>nn «' nny time, since (he of Ihls service by Joining (he Red " riil " mi ><-> demands for lullltarv tross during the roll call." "'"'I "nvnl Ij.iscs on Finnish levH Roll Call Chairman Brooks re- lor V- fliicsls that IOCS enrollment lists w turned into (he otilce «s rapidly | "ELSINCtPORS, Finland Nov 10 ns complcled In order (hnl tins' "JP)~Aulhnrl((os today released Honor roll which Is to be publish-. u ; c; Clfrinnu Meiuner 'ulumcnlhal County Farm Bureau Votes Opposition To ProposedBond Issue —^_|||;_ v ^|_i|n»nJ"miislj' !•« opimsc 'the Ahanclon Daytime . Raids And Increase Tltcir Activities At Night. (Ufi-Gcvmni) rrcnt J.l)rou 8 h- cd early next week may contain (he names of every 100',"' roll call Ed Holcomb In Serious Condition; Noble Bradley Is Jailed MANILA, Ark., Nov. 0.—Ed Hol~ comb. 34, of near Mnnita, Is In a serinus candltlcn nt the Walls hos- pllal from knife .wounds nlli-gediy uiilicted by Noble Bradley, 33. of Lepanto, who l\ being held ,011- a charge of assault-.with Intcnl'lo sill, .pending, outccni'e.. oUHolcnmb's injuries, received In' u light at a Mace In ihc Floodway comnnmlly ate last night. A severe gash In the back of hJ.s- neck, a deep knire stab In his head l , . , .-...v i I'tiimvntutil which hail been scixcd for using Us radio In restricted areas near Ihe Aaland Islands. Tho Miip conllmietl lo aermnnv. Ihe release wns snld i o i,i»re been prompted ] >y hilerccsslon frcm Ocrinan miarlcivi and by I'lnlaiid's desire lo avoid nueruvaUng Q cr . mnny ngnlnsl PlnnLsh shippinR. Neither Thanksgiving Is Legal Holiday LITJ'LE ROC1C, Nov. 10 (UP)— Attorney oencwl Jack Holt said today that neither Nov. 23"the ''fioosevelt Tlinnksglvlng", nor Nov. 30. the Thanksgiving Day to Du proclaimed by dov. Uailoy are Iceal huidays and tlmt IcgaJ Instruments executed on those days nvc valid Kolfs opinion was given In ro- BlionsB lo n request by tho stale bunking commissioner. Holt, pointed out ihM, holidays Bitch as. ThanksslvlnR,' Chrlstmns, July 4 and New' Year's ure ptiUlo holidays and legal Instmmeiiljj i,inv be executed on Ihcin, Legal hoildaj.s muter the state constitution, Holt s ,,id, are Lee's and a badly cut ear »re Holcnmb's i Wrlliday on Jan. 13, Memorial Only cars manufactured prior to Jan. l, 1931iareveligiblc to compete in Dip nice which will have a cash purse of $150 plus extra cash prizes A number cf the cars have already arrived here and are parading (he streets in advertising the race which is expected to at-, , tract, hundreds of visitors from '"' Thel '« lwve heen four hos- olher towns. ' _,.-..— ..— It thus derby is successful. It is probable' that a scrips of similar events will be sponsored by the Legion post and the Mississippi Cnmly Fair Association James Coston, spending yesterday at, Hnrrisburg where they assisted members of this post in obtaining their loo per cent membership before they went to Tyronzn. Others who attended from' here were: Fowler Lenctennie, Charles Belt, Louis Lendennie, jimmle Terrell, Gene Browning, Pest Commander Don Edwards. Horace Walpole, H. JL,. Halsell, Uarrv R Baitgh. from practical standpoint the governor's proclamation setting the usual date—the last Thursday hi the month-ap- parcnlly will be observed .in state. injuries! Bra'dley, In jail at Manila, denied cutting Holcomb hut refused to on May 30, Jeffcrscu Dtwls birthday on June 30, Labor Day, Armistice Day and the second Tuesday deny or admit that lie participated In- November when general nlnc- '» a fight which led to the cultiiig. dons According to Bradley, several men •jverc In (he party which went to a house for supper after picking up Holcomb at his home. He snld today that a '.111110 trouble 1 lowed possitily lol- declined to elnbtrnte upon the statement. Holcomb was given first, aid at ^^anlltl a short time after the knifing took place about 10.-.10 o'clock .„,., and wn.s later removed i- the hos-1 (ali n ni >if...« ,..i.^..^ i.^ ,- ...... . Jt " Is Returned Here To Face Charge Arrested al Campbell, MO, at the request of Sheriff Hale Jack- I'AHIS, .Nov. id. mfrol.1 roamed (he out the nleht s |™i ? s I'lio.s attacked Iho French lines "on «•.! etiKt side of Die Olirenthal salient, H wns nnnoiinccd today The French rem.Lscd all raids willi Die nld of nrtlllcry An mitlioi'llallVfl Botircc said Gcr- innn planes irerc flylni; syslcinnll- eally over nelglnm cnrmitc l'1'encli frontier provinces tor UK Al first U was said'Iho t ., KUI!ll believed those (lights: were accidental but in view of the repelltion H was now decided that tho Oct- muns were Ignoring DelRlan neu- inIlly In crder lo K el bellei- information on lhc nllles positions lo scoul- last nighi^ ,,•,(,,.„) ,.,, lt j s 0(1 SA;-i' front were preceded by reciprocal scouUiK? flights,-. The [.Touch reDoried that aormnns'lincl chanted heir (nclles In •'Ilia ;^iast few, days linyliw vtrttialtv abandoned davthnc flRhtlng for night fiehttn(r. ' A c:uncil of ministers communi- que said Premier Daladler hud "re nor cd on Ihe general .'diplomatic and mllHm-y situation and ()I L . eoimcll exchanged views on Ihc solution or various economic rjrb- loms created by the war." Cluii-lM n ,. , KWJ Mny 'V oiuulo.s ft. colcnmn Of Osceola, president, llnough the cxotnuvo licci-etary, A C, Owens, ll, wfl s tm- nouiKed Uiat (he f n , m biacau 1-s of the opinion that nl , cinclen, mlnJiiLslmtKin O f county nffnii;, under the pievent tax levy «otiM in a short: lime, put Hie county on u eash linsis without any tax Jn- Tmerest M (lie fnimlnc popu'a- i?,',L?L, M !^ lv - si ' 1|)l cotlilt 3' i-i rn- Funeral Rite?, Held For TeuUh. Ann .O'Neal OSCEOLA, :• Ark.. AKmft; 10't-Fil- ncrni services "" for Tcijiah Aim ONeal two-year-old daiiglHer 'of of m c Wilson Methodist Church Tuesday aftenicon by the Rev Paul OnUowny, pastor or the Os- ceohi Methodist cluircli, with bur- In the Teulnh Ami Cemetery was taken sm'uienly ill at her home in McClelland Sim- grew rapidly to the son on u charge of false pretense, I'. L. Walls waived extradition anil jhas been returned to the county Pllal here where hc Is resting very well today. Bradley had ueen working for the Manila man on n levee sodding llc ls SCJ1C(lll) .,. job m wertern MtelMlppl ™»^'-\\ as ^™£ Walls Is alleged u. have traded nn nutomobile upon which there was a mortgage. He_ls schedule;! lo have a hear- niunlcl|inl court. Postoffice To Be Open Saturday The postollice will remain open Saturday morning, as Is the custom, despite it being Armistice Day nnd a national holiday. It was announced today. Tills is being done Iwcaase <f Ihc holiday falling on Saturday. As usual on Saturday, the ofdcc will close nt noon. Grass Fires Cause Alarms On Thursday A grass fire was the cause of a midnight, fire nlnrm last nlghl. No damage wa.s done to property near the corner of iMrk street nntl Highway 01, where the fire broke out Yesterday a grass fire threatened damage lo a residential garage'in (he 1000 Henrn .street block before being-extinguished. Chester Morris Joins Ranks Of Divorced i c a r we s £ Bailey's Illness Prevents Speaking LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 10 <UP>- Oov. Bailey who has been ill at his home for two days, has notified the Oklahoma Youn° Demo- Chicago Wheat I ^ i cpen high low close I Dec, 497-8 505-8 497-8 501-3 May 521-8 527-8 521-8 S3 3-1' HOLLYWOOD, Ncv. 10 (UP) — Mrs. Suzanne Morris, \vife O r fn m star Chester Morris, today obtained an tmcontested divorce decree on her charge of extreme cruelly. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Nw 10 (UPl-Hoas: 5,300 Top. 6.60 170-230 Ibs., 6.50-G.GO 140-160 Ibs., 6.10-6.40 Bulk sows, 5.35-590 Cattle: 9DO Steers, 6.25-11.00 Slaughter steers, 8,50-850 Mixed yearlings, heifers,'6.25-11 00 .Slaughter hclfera. 5.00-515 Beef cows, J.50-1.75.' j mcnl at Bartlesvillc,' okfa. ""omcr- row. The governor's physician advised him lo remain In bed another day or so as a precautionary men-1 Insists Staple Foods Continue To Decline , 10. (DP)— Secretary of Labor Francis Per-i kins reported today that retail i P -f s ,, ot staple foods continued} to decline during the -.veek ending' NOV. 8. Miss Perkins reported that .... most significant, declines ocrared In the prices ol navy beans and sugar. Nazis Drop This in Uncle Sam's Mailbox Tb« (ollawkij u an oOdal ttpott; OaOclo6si!jth.ti«G«nnctoPr«jipubllsh»i3 too moniiiig'edltloot ol Us* daUv had by Polish l:oop» and secondly, i got bod bo«i) euppllsd by Great 1 if«l dellnlts reports concamlng u,et» mon . •trous (acts woi» toc°lv»d as sailv as Sen- l*mb*r I7lh, 1939. Medtcal ezporii, oHnl*,. USSfi."^!?. ° n f ^l'.' 0 ! J«*ciU«. ««o ° aS5isl ln lnaispulobl« * v , end ertaujllv. p.ool ol ii» various cases which poison gas had b«eo used, -Only Iheo -~ did w« ialorm world public opinion oi ft» agali,! buman I? t wattare, U lurliM proof al (he hypo- c;lltcol and unscrupulout loims ci wailate ot that counlry. We havo, bowovcr, not only lo ask In bow lat Gieal Britain bollev&s that she can escapa Ihlj serious queslion by a laconic tbply, but VTA hava today to bling a liosU- grave occu* lallon agatosl Gtoal Britain as being Implicated la the criminal U96 al gas In wailaia, lor. In th& meantime. Dew and delinita icport* tiovo reached us, according to which poison <jc3 vat not only used in laslo. lie ploco Tnenlioned ID the Gfriman CotamUDiqu^,,ol Oclobfj 12lb, bul olao in numeious olntr In Poland, In lh»so cases, u coi'.IJ ' flay morning and She was Methodist, hospital In Memphis Sunday night, but continued lo grow worse passing away 'Monday night, An autopsy revealed ,1 slreptlcoccl Infection of the In- te.stlnnl Irncl, She Is survived by her parents; her grandmother. Mrs. Albert Little of Ihls city. Mlsj Clarice Little nnd Mrs. llnrold Spiccr o( Osceola arc nunLs of the child Pallbearers- were Earnest Jfann Ed Turner, Vardy Wcslbrook, and Wyalt \faikln of Gregory. Arkansas. Nallonal Funcrnl Home of Memphis wns In charge. Mr. O'Neal is assistant' KSA by nny \n-uttwl (ax levy on -fin in [jiopcitj, It, was i 1 aimed. The oureau voted (o take Ihlj action definite Us consUtcnt policy of not taking bides in thu election of nuy toiinty oflicei the Mnteiuenl ipclted There wop v, mcmbeis of the mi'iu bureau piesenl at the supper meetiiu;. held at the Rustic Inn Officers for the coming jear were elected ns well a^ delegates to the minunl stale convent Ion. The 1300 member* of thk )ni«- sl county faun bmeau In AiKnn- as will bn acquainted «itn nil fealurcs of HID bond ksue, along with the.geneinl public, In a pu!> liclly campaign to be mined by the liurea'u It »ni decided A publicity committee Is to lie appointed nl once to raise fund* nnd to clevlso unjs of defeatins; Iho bond issue, It was announced at .tin", meeting. County Atidltoi p. u Coolcy e^- iwitiicd iomo fcatuics of the pio- iwsctl bond Issue, pointing out Hint (lit!, new lax would cost fann- ers one ccnt per acre each jeu for n period of ten years to ret'n? the general fund Iiidblcd.iess claimed lo have been caused by (he paying (oi two JalH dom (ho county gencial fund more than 10 ycais ago. Hc also ansucie'tl many questions pertaining lo the countj's flnancei nnd HID sjstein of hanilliiij! county muncy Aigumcnts ngaiiwt'iho pioprre'd bond Issue v,ere piescnjed by W. S, Cockeiham of Etowah, nho\said that farmcr.s of' 7\lfs.5lssl()pl county wcic nheady -hs«vlly^la\crt nud thai ef/leicnt ndnilulstrntlon of county iif/nlii «ns< a solution to the county's financial ptoblem The fnim buienii 'votecf opposition ^evcial months ago to nny bond Issue which would increase taxes and last night's action was rc-afflrmatlon of this \ie\s, Present officers were, iceleclcd for another ycui. These will senc Charles R. Colcman ot Osceol.i, [ivesldent; Chailes Robe of Rutland, vice president; Unfits Biancn of Pecan Point, second vice oiesl- dcul; Jim Tompkins of BniUoltc, Ircnsurcr; Ira Ciuwford of'Blythp- vllle, sccrclniy; A C. Oweno of Lost Cane, executive ^ecictaiv Uelcg'atcs . lo tho convention", to be held In Li(lle Rock Wov. J7-2E, ire: Jlui Tompkins nnd [. If Aury of Burdelli., Ii n Cuwfoid and If. C. Knnpponbci gei «f Blythe- ttt\c, and U M. Speck of French- nan's Bayou. Recover Stolen Truck, Accuse Negro Of Theft Those from out of town here for the funeral were Mr. nnd Mrs. Wyatj, 'Malkln of Gregory; Mrs 11. O.. Woody. Mrs. finy ' Angelo Mrs. Gerald Gephardt. Mr. and Mrs. EH-ls ATeMnhcn of Aufjusla'' Charles Wiill.s- of Walnut Ridge•' Mr. and Mrs. Roland Green of Blytlicvllle; Mrs. Omii Wellborn Hrimswlck, Term. of Overdraft Statute Violation Charged S. C. Dcloacii. 50-year-old rt[i- resctntivc of a Afemphis insurance company, has been arrested by Deputy Sheriff Henry Lutes on an overdraft charge in connection wllh the aliened Issuing of a mini- Mr of worthless checks. About eight worthless checks | lallltii! at least $50. are said to have been written bv DeLonch find cashed at Lutes' store nnd other places in that neighborhood. DOLoach. who lias been selling insurance mostly lo negroes in this section for several months Is scheduled to be given n hearing Saturday to municipal court ^^sss&s^cssarJFs^ «=„ »„,„„= neie addressed to opines apparcnlly Taken from local telcpliorie directories. United Stales, according lo reports from Fed' —nmunity. charging lhal Poles ussd Dr. Smith Is Given Another Light Sentence! NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 10. (IIP) —Ailing Dr. James Monroe Smith, -Jc stolen Tues- ony night from B ^^ row Ikes, of near Carutheisvllle, has been ifi- covercd and Herman Hauls. 24 negro, has been tinned ovci to femlscot county, Mo authoritlo^ in connection with the theft, It vnf announced today, Harris, who Is'said io have admitted lhal he stole the truck and hid it in au alfalfa the Plat Lake section, was .arrested by Chief. Deputy Sheriff John . P. Relnmlllcr, Police Chief B A Rice and Policeman Dick Potter Home Is Sought For 13-Year-OId Boy A home where a 13-jear-old boy may earn his living and also attend schrol is being sought by''-Mrs. Julia B. Owen,' probation officer for South Missjssippi County. The boy, who is (all for his age and weighs 150 pounds, is said to be mistreated by his stepfather, nnd juvenile authorities are E . impressed with the case thtxt <hey «ant to take him av,ay from his stepfalher and get him a good home. He is anxious .for an education; it is said, and ^oulrt respond lo affecli:n and' care, although his life has been a sad one. former president State University, of .'. Louisiana . -„, whcse wheat market speculations broke the Louisiana scandals, pleaded gtilllv today to. one charge of mall fraud and one of Income tax evasion. WEATHER Arkansas'—Mostly cloudy, much colder in extreme east aur^ extreme south portions, temperature near freezing In northwest portion tonight. Saturday partly cloudy nnd colder in east and south poftlonr, Memphis nnd Mclnlty—Rain and Smith, already under a SO- considerably colder tonight; lo.vest month . sentence for UIEII fraud,'temperature'.tonight, iS to SO; atl- was sentenced by DHir.'ct Jtid?o urday fnlr and much colder ' Wayne O. Boish to 30 monlhs on Tlie maximum temperature here each of the .new charges svith all yesterday: was 77, minimum •)!> three .wntonces to ruin concur- phrtly cloudy, according^ursamuel wi'ly-• . F. Norrfs, official weather observer.

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