The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY,••NOVEMBER-9, 1039 ; • BLYT1I&V1LLB-(AUlt.) CUUH1J3R any ot Ills Inventions or tlCbcv- ereulejl inventive!' gfiiliw of til? erics, nllliougli ho I, routed us UK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat<! p«r ling for ccnseeu- Jve Insertions: One time per line..., lOo tVo times per J|ne per dRy.'.. .ojty Vliree times.per line per dsy...We tlx llnies per line per day....OSe '—"- rate per line Wo of 76o ........ Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered lor three or six ^mes and stopped before cxpira- >on will be e!urgef| for lite nwn- tcr of trws Ihe add appeared and Kljusttnent or blii made. All Classified - Advertising copy lubmittcci uy persons residing out- Hide of the clly jrfcst be accom- jiiuiled by cBsh. Rates may ta eas- ts' computed from above table. Advertising ordered lor irregular 4isertlon* t«Kes th<> one time rat«. No responsibility wiU be taken (or more than one incorrect Insertion of any clamljied ad. For Rent Unfiiri))jsl)e(l in Sii«i)-- - Aparlnient Building on West Main HI. Cull 571 or 137. B-ck-U' 3 room liouse, 50 [eel by IOS feel- lot. Hack of Cajnp Monllrie. R. \y. Meadows, C.iileway Hllins si«-l tloji. e-i!kl7, 612 acres woodland nciir Horn-' crsvlllc on Cotton Belt HnllrpaU.! 5 per acre. • * j 160 acres, 60 in cultivation, nrpr Holland. $0000. Terms. Five room eoltflge. Outhouses, 1100 llearn. Mrs. J. U Tycwis, ucll. TRUE BARGAINS 10 «cres on IJigluvay 01 South. Pretty bungalow wiih balh mid nil conveniences. Also 3 room collage, sen-nuts house, other build- Ings. Possession at once. Thomas Und Co: , 8-ck-13 Two brondloom, twist, weave 9xb nigs. Coloi 1 jnaroon. l>rac(i«(illy new. Real bargain.- Phone '^7. Tulip and Narcissus b\ilbs. True lo name and color. Ifcaloii's jlorae of Flowers, 200 E. Davis. 7-ck-H Giant Jonquil bulb.s. 50c per doTen. 'Mrs. George Orost. 300 Lflkc 81. 3-ck-10 2 room furnlshcci apnrlincnt. 701 ------ • -- — ---W. Ash. 8-pk-13 Nlcc r » l chickens. Live, 15c pound ---- ~, - -- :— - ! Full dressed, 25c pound. Hla W. Comfortable bedroom. !l)25 Walnut. I MiUn, phone 125. 4-ck-ll Call M2-W. l-pk-14 - AT Every Used Cur and Truck Offered Vot Sale Is Ready to Go. Sec Them Today! 'TO Ford Coupe 5275 '38 Cher, I'oacU jigs '3$ Plymouth Tour. 5288 '31 Ford Del. Tudor $315 '3T G'iiCV, Sedui $389 '38 Ford Tudor $187 'Z<j Ford Tudor J288 -TRUCKS- '37 G.Jl.C. 3/1 Tick-up S3U8 '31 I'oril rick-up §'i'i!) WELDING lie and heavy weld I nt * specially. Barksdalc Mfg. Go. '37 Cliev. \\f. Ton '3U I'onl I'sincl - — „ ---- __ _ . 2 Biilane Stoves. Cheap. Used one room furnished apartment. All I winter. Phone 5-F-ll. 3-ck-10 conveniences. Couple W. Asls. only. aiO 7-ck-lf room unfurnished apartment, n-nnklin Young, 211 S. Mrs. Lake. Coitiforlnljle bedroom, adjoining v>Hlt>. Gentleman only. 713 \V. Main. Phone 806 W. ' 'J room • furnished anai'lincnl. 20!) W. Kentucky. Apply n/ter .six o'clock. Mrs. Slsk. G-ck-U A))iir(ivicnl, 816 Ash, with private Mil. Rent $15. Thomas Land Co. 4-ck-U •fr : 2 room furnished nirarlnjcnt. Utill- " ties furnished. 1123-W. Ash. 3-ek-IO iff 4 room npnrdneiit with l»th. 207 -'- Vine St. Call 816. C. Ahralinm. 1-ck-tt -Sis'3 room'furnished apartment. Mrs. Elma Crowtlcr, OOU N, 5th St. 2B.-l*-U ||: Large bedroom, twin beds, two *''* closets, steam heat. Men prc- r'.fcrreU. Phone 1. 23-ck-tt '2 or, 3 room furnlslied apartment, '< Newly decorated. 814 Hcarn. 2l-pk-H-21 Comfortable bedroom. i017 Walnut. Phone 102 after [our. 17-ck-lf Several good mules, mares young horses. Paul Byrum. nnd ZGclftl Lale jnoclcl (rnclois. Rebuilt nnd rcfinislied. Good as new. Paul Byrum. 26-ek-tf I Allls-Chalmers Combines. Easy Terms. Paul Byrum. M-ck-lf '"iished Corn, Chops, Meal and Bran. Public Crushing. BlaylotX 4111, Highway 61. 24-pk-ll-24 10 head youiiK, fresh Jersey cow's. Gaincs Market, mono 93. 23-pk-ll-23 IjUmber. Oak. Cypress. 518 per thousand. Delivered for $20. Adjoining Clear Lake Farm. D. R. Garner of Aniiorel. 11-pk-H-ll Notice Notice—I am now salesman for Thomas Land Co. Have good buys on Farm and City Properly H." C. Campbell. 13-ck-ll-rj - bedrooms. Business women only. Phone 238. M-ek-tl Nice comfortable room. Close in. j •J10 W. Walnut, 13-ek-U IS'ice bedroom. Convenient lo tonlli. Steam heal, t'hpnc 280, 19-ck-lf .& JJJ! The fiimc of "Seven Up" Is the ~f card sharp's favorite since it is ;% the i.isicst at" which to cheat. Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOB YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ARE:' PREPARED ! TO ISSUE YOUR HUNTING AND BIRD DOO LICENSE AT OUR STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. VHONK' 35 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Cornel- Slh & Walnal Pbonc S10-811 for JDcmomirallfin Blythevlllc, Ait. EXPERT ELKCTKJC AND ACBTYUONK Tailor Minlc Suits $23.50 U|i Al.l, KINDS A1 ( TEHATIONS (.'I'orffo \i, AJiiir 'iilylhevlllo's Only Tullur" I'hoit* IS or !{<•«.' 1011 Taken-Up One while late slc-fr .vi'iirlini;, weighing about 500 pounds. Dr. E. V. Hill, Route 1. -Hik-ll Wanted White housekeeper. Must have rcf- crrnco.s. Phone 110. 0-ck-M — PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - Accurate Ynur PrcscripUon Drugflst Fowler Drug Co. Mnln & First 1'liuiio Ml Kan us Wanted Waul 80 to 1W) acres, vclercnccs. Dox "li", CoinIrr News. 4-)>l!-0 Nuw located *t 101' North ijteori* ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ^ DON 0UWAKUH,' Proprt«l»f ' All Muk f « of HeliulJt 'J'yix)HTll«r»,' AdcHnf Machine* tat CalcuUlore—Hepalrlng— l'irt<— Klbtwni Don jam in I'runklln Vicver re- I iwsli'd nor received n putciit for TERMINIX TERMINATES .^:; TERWITES Wanted To Buy Small Shetland Pony. Kc'nsouiiblc. W. R. Morgitu nt Stevens' Gin, Cell. 9-pk-lG WANTED A USED FLOOR SCALE I'UONU 700 OK Ma lM-ck-U-2'1 '•'UK J Here's "WhaVye] »r»li> put henvy ',"»'' a'll r«HII «r( dlffereflllal with . new Gear QJMip lo S iw r» charge for extf» ' tlCS. '[ •' - - . '. • •; "-• \ '\- f ' -•,-,- :'~, 2. Wralii on! summer wf ltl\{ oil flll en<nkc*se wllli tli« trade of friesh, cj«»n' ol(— )ip «o 5 nMrt*-'t f l!5o oil. Extr* . eliarg? : ftf ^ovtt • 5 'lunrli,, premliim , J wfy, ..or' for fiiwhhiif oil, '- •••• 3, i mnliBll WBvlijj .•I. Clean' .nnrt. )ivspcct ; «park '. mtl. tvr- flold'.wf»(|jeri , '• : ••- . ;v • . •.''' WE 1'AY CASH FOU Used Furniture Itoy Koom'e Furniture Starr. Ill W. Jlaln 23-ck-ll-33 WE BUY SOYBEANS StfV(Mis-Cu|>|>cclgc Ciln O))fn l>;iy.Mlc — Jlln-:t 18 Wos« . i«-i)k-n-iii Salesmen Wanted Washing, Ironing PROFITABLE. DIGNIFIED BUSINESS for high grhdc industrious men and women rclnlllng Itawlclgh Products dircclifrom.-innptifncUircr to consumer. Every home your market. Large repeat crders. A few openings nearby. Write Rn«'| leigh's. Dopt. AKK-21-G5, Mempliis. j Teimes-sec. I Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry und finish, 6 quilts $1.00. One day service. WIIHe 'dell Green, behind City Ice Plant. BALKAN RULER HOKJZONTAt, 1 Pictured ruler of Rumania, Killg.Tr—. 5His father- " was Ihc laic King —rr-- 13 To be indebted. H To censure. 16 Maker of tiles. 17 Light blow. 19 To entertain. 21 Currency unit of Rumania. 35 Railroad. 22 Aromatic • 40 To loiter, gum resin. 43 Sesame. 23 To peep. 45 TO refund. Answer to Previous PuziJe VERTICAL 1 Company. 2 Distorted. 3 Back. 25 Unit of work. 47 Eggs ol fishes, £8 Concentric 49 Brains. < Pound. circles. 52 Man's rending 5Ce)ebrjly. 2D Either. i-pom. 6 Halite bird. 30 Musical 53 Cascades. 7 Breathed. tragedies. 55 Water wheel. B Nculer 33 Data. 57 Era. pronoun. 3,1 to rent again. 50 He once S Nothing. 34 Deportment. or renounced 10 On the Ice, 35 Pursuing his throne. 11 Nerve cell. study. 60 His former 22 Doctor. 37 To buzz, wife, Princess 15 Musical note. T—of Greece JSPajr. 20 Strange. 22 His heir, Crown Prjncc, 24 Aye. * 25Hjs land U called the — — or grain cenfer ot Europe. 27 Religious homngc. DS Soft palate. 31 Peevish. 32 Sloths. 34 Muffled. 36 Rowing tool. 33 Scope. 41 Arabinn. 42 Precious metal. < 4 Flock. 46 To resound. 48 A high priest. 50 Part of. loot. 51 Musical note, 53 Tone F, 54 South Carolina. SSSound of pleasure. 58 Half an cm. Found Lisjlit tan Gentian Police puppy. Inquire Lois Ho:por. Cornier News. Owner may have snmc by cost of Ihis nri. 1939 Arkansas !i Ton Trailer License. Number 281-368. Owner may have same oy paying cost of this nd. Courier News. A pair of plain glasses In our store. Owner may have same l>y paying cost of. this nd. n. D. Hughes Clothing Co. . B-clc-U Arouse Sluggish Liver, work oft Ihe bite lo rl<| yourself of consti- nalioii. w pnlns; and Uiat sour, mmk fccllnir. Take one box of KIRBY'S ; ACTIVE LIVER. i>ILLS 25c af sll Klrby stores Used Car & Truck Specials for This Week 1!K«I Chevrolet Sjiorl' jBwIaii. Blm'k Color, Driven only 12,000 (JjCAn miles. A-beauty «p«J«y W.TO Hudson 'f'crraplanc Urotighm. Radio & Heater, tow milciiRc IBM) . 1037 Plymouth TORI) Sedan. 1010 1 icensc. Real; buy ; 1 or A n M A someone. Come early. tjlj'!;/ JOT Chevrolet Pick-up ^Vllc!c. 1950 license. . JB37 IXxige Pick-up Truck. 1010 license 19:16 Chevrolet Ucd 1'ick- up Truck. 19-10 llcc.'iSc .. .- 1D33 Chevrolet Coupe. Kuinblc scat If You Xrerl n I.:ir K e Trurk We Have It. Clirvrolrt, (i.M.C., Inlcr- Dulional. Ford. All laic models anil reiitJy (w go. Easy O. M. A. C. rnyntciil I'lan O|icn Xfj-lils -am! Sundiiyb Tom Litile Chevrolet Co. I'lione C33 PRESCRIPTIONS Prcsheal Stock GuiiniiUeod lic.Mt Trice* Kirhy Drug Stores DRAINAGE DISTRICT books will be dosed of l)raimt(/e !/'«,vcs 3. Jlemgyd ptilttt .wrier, ulran lerriipialj. 0. Hm/r ntdlatyr willi (llnliir fltancr »nd and tniinnilluns,". ari(J '' NOVEMBER 15th Stove and Furnace OIL Diesel & Tractor FUEL PHONE - N 166 Tor Iktler Pcrlormancis:; ;W- Use 1'lillllns -- --'..-•-• DRAINAGE DISTRICT Barnsdall Refining Corporation America's Oldest Oil Mississippi County C. B. Wood, Jr., Agent -Ai^O fouMD )\E WOUF HOLT> UP -tHA Tt 5 H ' WIRES ouse ^F-<ER BIG FIST FIGHT, I HEARD VCU...BLm 1HOU6HT >,D|j MIGHt - CHANGE VOUR MINP BECAUSE..... EITHER. I GO OR. NOBODY GOES/ 70LP YOU I WAS ALONE; . feJOHT HUNpREfSfOTX-THlS HOOTS AND HEP RUDDIES BY B»GAR MARTIN WASH TUB'lJS PLEASE, . , PVEA4E MkJTGOAWAY. I'LL BE BACK W A CAV OR TWO, UEP.E'4 TK KEY TO THE HOUSE, auvr WAKE VOUBSf A.T I'LL WOT -iUEp w •SWEI.LY HOUSE F.UU O' WERE 60IUG TO A FOOTBALL SAME, UMCUE 1.111COLU .,THERE (30E^ OLD AMD \*T>1D VOO IIMK TOBBS OH AMOTHER \TME . TU»P OUT WEST SOWEUIflERE. SUPPLV , i>,\ ct)i?ibii5 N ^ VBE ^^ uwcotws EICH RE'S NO HAR« WERE ,., WEA'SEUS. I'M 601U6 TO A HOTEL FFiECKLES AND HIS FIUKNDS He Passes With Flying Colors BY MERRILL-BLOSSBK R3R. THE SECOMD HALF , BOYS / GOSH , ISNT GO'NQ TO PLAY ? PAS NT l-:o COWIMCCD MR. WILSON YET TMAT OSCAY G I DON'T KNOW. BUr KtMGSTOM iOIMS -RD sir AROUND AMD WAIT.' CMlN 'UP,. STOUT FELLA ! LETS TAKE- OUR BEAT1NS UKS AND AU_ OF / l?or ,You KNOW/- I'tt Pur YOU TO A TEST; VVHAT ARE FIGURES OF IMAGERY? THEY ARE ' • SIMILE, METAPHOR . ALLEGORY, SYNECDOCHE AND . M5T&NYMY /

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