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The Spokane Review from Spokane, Washington • Page 8

The Spokane Review from Spokane, Washington • Page 8

Spokane, Washington
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THE SPOKANE, RnVIEIV, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1893, CHENEY'S DEEP WRONGS. due. the governor to disband the mititia bad not met with success. KILLEO BY HIS PARTIO THE PEE Of THE WEST The Eeenumite Soo lety le Solvent. Pays A pril amen Dixon, an expert accountant, has just completed the audit of the accounts of the Ecenomite Spcioty allowing the society to be solvent by a maI1 margin. The society's holdings are valued at $5. 000, 000. Charles Sohmidt Shoots Henry Horn at south Fairhaven. Spokane as Viewed by a Resident of Salt Lakes HETHEN ENDS HIS OWN CAREER ITS MAGIC GROWTH DESCRIBED by rail to the sound, and do our businese there. I hope to see you over here this summer. Don't fall to come, and I will give you some pointere as to what we intend to do politically. We are very tired of being Imposed upon by the west side. Very truly yours, D. F. THE FUME NATIHNAL BANK, CHENEY, March L. F. Thompson, Sumner, Dear Sir: I have just road Mr. l'ercival's letter to you of even date to this. I approve of all he says. The people of eastern Washington are justly ex. asperuted at the governor's action. It looks to us that the governor intended to slap us In the face and to break down the public institutions of eastern Washington to build up Seattle, Knowing you to be an honest and fair man and disapproving all such selfieh actions that you can not help to approve our action, we are beginning an fiction that will be the entering wedge to the division of the state, and, so help us God, we will not.let up until we can have justice or a division of the state, with a sap. nal at Spokane. Please publish these ters in Seattle papers. Very respectfully. S. O. Ontnia. Receiver Appointed. Ftdri WAYNE, April 15.A receiver was appointed this evening for the wholesn hard Ware firm of Coombs It Co. There is no estimate of assets or liabilities, though the indications are that the latter will be large. A MECCA FOR "VAGS," Another Sharp Letter From Bon. FerolveL Tacoma Ledger. The following letters from east of the mountains show that there is some dit satisraetion there and that the talk about dividing the state is more or less serious: CHENEY, flPokftne Wash, March 19. Hon. L. F. Thompson Sumner, Wolin. My Lear Sir: 1 must tell you how the people of this section of the state are feeling at present. John Ii. McGraw. governor of the great state of Washington, has vetoed our normal school appropriation for the construction of a building and maintenance of the school. There are nearly 100 student. (young ladies and gentlemen) ytho will be turned out With their education incomplete, many of whom would graduate this year if the school continued. If a cyclone had strnck the town, or if McGraw bad come with a lighted torch and set tire to every building in the place, the people would not tool more depressed. We feel that it is an outrage, as this was the first normal school located in the state, and our academy building and grounds were donated to the state. We were unfortunate enough to lose the building by fire, and the insurance money is in the state tresaury, so it leaves this institution in bad shape. We hod not the least idea that the governor would veto the hill; but supposed that he was a man of reasonably broad views. Such is the ease, however, and now 1 want to tell you that since 1877 1 have done all that I could to keep the Seattle university alive, for the reason that 1 believe that it would do good and enable young people on the west side to segure an education, although 1 am well aware that there has been a great deal of fraud and corruptfon in the management of the institution, and it really was a local institution for the city of Seattle and ran with state money. Now 1 want to get a history of the Seattle university and correct figures as to the amount of land donated and what became of the land and everything else about it. 1 have heard it all, but remember only a Portion of it; yet I know It is rotten to the core. Can you give me the desired inform. lion I wish to enlighten the people on this side of the mountains. 1 wish to God the state was divided, as we can just as well go down the Columbia river to Portland with our products as we can go Vegetarianism in the United States doss not discard the use of meat diet merely because it is mummery or harmful, but also beceuse of the cruelty Inflicted oa animals by their wholesale 'daughter in the catering to the meat-eating habit. This principal is followed logically to its end. and shoes made entirely of felt are largely coming into use BMOng veaetarlanc Not only do they claim the use of leather patties the killing of animala, bat it is injurious as a covering for any part of the body, while woolen or felt Is a natural anti beneficial protection. Some of the most capable men who spend spring and summer on the Alaskan islands looking after various commercial interests earn very large salaries and live what some folk might call double lives. They are able during the winter, In Ban Francisco, New Yorit or Europe, to be lavish in expenditure and enjoy all the privileges of life, and the fact that there is little to be done on the islands but attend otrictly to business enables a man to re, cuperate from the weary joys of civilization and thus to prolong their dual existence. Hard Charaoters No Longer Fear Arrest in Hpo keno. Judge Miller sustained the demurrer to the complaint In the cue of Alex Ilisetta, charged with vagrancy, in his long-delayed decision which was rendered yesterday. The reasons given by Judge Miller ars substantially the same as in the Eldridge case. lie claims that the state law defines vagrancy and provides a puniminitent for tbe crime, aud that the city has no right to enact an ordinance to the same street and progeoute criminals under its provisions. One paragraph of Judie Miller's decision nays: "The authorities, it is said by one or more supreme Judges, are hopelessly In conflict. The lawyers in the constitutionnt convention moat likely were, and should bare been, most influential in framing the constitution of the state of Washington. It Is not unreasonable to presume that the eminent lawyera, members of that convention, amine of them for years territorial supreme judges, and some of them now on supreme and superior court benches of this este, knew of many of the decisions on these points, of the dissenting opinions and hopeless conflict, and of the California decisions, and borrowed the clause or section with the construction an that under the rule of construction the law would be known at once" Preceding the learned words above quoted Is the stntement that "the supreme court of California, In the case of 'in re sic' 14 Pao. Rep. 405, before the constitutional aection was 'borrowed' by the people of the state of Washington, construed the same to be en inhibition upon the leglelature and any county, city, which prevented any ordinance that provided punishment for the same act punished by general law of the The defendant Is formally discharged. lie was let go on his own recognizance three weeks ago, the case being merely a test, and the city attorney will appeal from Judge Miller's decision, Mrs. Flora Niles Stevens of ChartN. as a notary public, recently admin istered the oath office to her husband. William L. Stevens, wbo bad been elected a justice of the peace. TAcomA, April 15.Special. A Fairhaven special to the Ledger says that one of the most horrible aud ittrotious tragedies: ever recorded in What-corn county took place about 3:30 o'clock this afternoon in South Fairhaven Charles Schmidt, aged about 40 years, a German-Amerloan, idiot and mortally wounded Henry llorA, aged 48, and then shot himself, dying in a few minutes. Horn and Schmidt a year ago last fall started a chicken ranch and lived in a hut, doing their own cooking. Horn put lu the fowls, building, while kichmidt furnished about 30 capital. The profits were divided with difficulty, Schmidt cluiming that he should have half. The partners quarreled frequently, and yesterday morning they ameaulted one another. This morning Morn took a calf to Fairhaven and Bold it. Schmidt heard of it, and when Horn returned Schmidt came out of the ahanty with a double-barreled shotgun and leveled it at Hem, sittiug in the wagon, and at the first shot the whole charge passed through the latter's bowels into his abdomen. Schmidt then used the gun like a club, pounding Horn's head until the stock of the gun broke into two or three pleoes. He then brought his own gun from the shanty, placed the muzzle against the lower ribs of his left side and fired, the charge tearing his insides terribly. lie died in a few minutes. Horn suffered great pain, and pleaded for some ono to kill hint with a butcher knife. The coroner took a short ante-mortem statement from Horn, who stated that he had no relatives and wished all his property turned over to a friend in Hartford, who had loaned hint $300. Horn died shortly after 7 o'clock ton lntene somewhat eased by the influence of opiates. Both were ignorant, unsentimental, unmarried men, and had been quiet and peaceable citizens. liorn's ante-mortem statement was necessarily 'brief. He knew he was going to die, and it appeared to be cruel torture for him to speak. His 'pleadings to be killed were pathetically passionate. BilleK FORGERS CAPTURED. One of Them Claims to Be a Newspaper Man. SEATTLE, April 15.ISpeciald--The police have arrested Bernard filuivelne. a news. paper man, who was shot here during the famous Chinese riots, and George a German civil engineer, on a charge of uttering forged checks. For three weeks numerous bushier. Inca have been swindled, and in cases where the names of Sheperd, Henry mlitionaire con- tractors. P. Ryan, superintendent of the Great Diorthern railroad from Spokane to Seattle, and Paymaster Davis of the saute corporation, have been used, the forgery was excellent. Detemive Cudihee, a brother of the oilleer who was ktlied in Tacoma, worked part of the nese end captured Nlysing tonight. lie hed two blank checks signed with Shepard ileury's name in his posseesion. Muiveine has victimized the business tiled by getting checks cashed on representations that prem. inept people owed him, and when an exAttlillatiOn was made, in each case the name was found to be fictitious, made so by changing an Initial. Mg hest of all in Leavening power.Latest U. S. Gov't Report. 1 tff I 4 I i I 1,1 I I i 1 1 ,1 I i I i I I i I I 1- 1 I i I 1 1 I II 1 I I 1 i 'I 4 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 i i 4'; 4 1 1 I I I To 4 .:1 ''t er oit 43, 1 '417 ABSOLUTELY PURE Olson-Andersom. Charles Olson, one of the pioneer niining men of the Kootenai district, and Miss Anna E. Anderson, an estimable young lady of this city, were united in marriage at All Saints' church by Rev. Lane at 7 o'clock last night in the presence of a few intl. nude friends. Mr. Olson la at present engaged in the hotel business at Amp worth, but still has large mining in. terests. Ile sold a claim a few days ago for 13,000 in order to have a little spending money when he came to town. He will leave for home with his bride this morning. 1, t. LIOTFET. A RRTV A LIOTEL ARRIVALS. IN ORDER to make It more interesting to Our cash trade we will hereafter dill. tribute a few dollars each day in the following manner: Every time our cash sales reach a muitiple of $25 we will give to the person making the last purchase 50 cents. This will apply to retail trade only and where payment is made not later than the day of delivery of goods. This is no but simply gives our cash trade the benefit of the discount that a we get ourselves for prompt cash. We I take this method of paying it out in order to avoid detail and in order to make it more et. tractive. We shall continue to give the best -4 411111, possible value for the money in all lines of groceries, cigarrywood and willow ware, can la, dy, etc. Our wholesale department is one door west of our retail room, and large orders will or be handled right. We occupy Our own three. story brick block', gt4, to gt8 Riverside, Spokane institution that does great credit to the young city anti It hes a property of $500,000. 'rho Presbyterians have shout completed their firet building of Spokane university. The Congregationalists have purchased 1,000 Korea east of the city for their university grounds. The Benedictine Fathers will erect a collegiate buildine to cost $100,000. The Jesuit Fathere' College is a most wealthy end flourishing institutiou, and will erect a' 000 building. Al! the leading churches are well representedthe Baptists, Catholics, Congregationalists, Evincepallaus, Presbyterians and Methodists. Some of these societies are very rich, both in property and money. In August, 1889, Spokane was burned to the ground; more than 60 acres were Inkd into a sinoldering beep of ruin; the destruction of the businees part of the city was complete. Today a new city, of modern architecture, stands in place of the old. Among the 100 or over notable nubile and businees houses pointed out to us are the Hotel Spokane, coat the Auditorium, the 'Uulon Pacific and the Northern Pacific depots, about 50,000 each the exposition building, the Edison Illuminating building, the Review building (morning paper), 1125,000. The statement was made that nearly $10,000,000 bad been put Into building improvements during the past year. The climate le said to be fine, the air bracing and invigorating; the winters are short, the sumtners long and delightful. Cold wenthor usually sets in about Chrimtmas, and is said to continue up to March 1. Twilight In summer thdre is long, darkness not coming till about 9 o'clock. SPOKANE'S WATER POWER. Spokane Is located on the eastern edge of the broad Washington prairie. The water power of the Spokane has natural divisions, made by several Islands occurring in the stream, thus making the developtnent of this linmenee power a comparative easy proposition and also distributing the power over a large area of territory, giving plenty of nace to mills and lactorlos which use the power. The Spokane is a clean, clear and rapid stream, flowing over a rocky bed. It is fed by numerous large springs along its course; and never freezes over In winter. Its variations tu rime end fall are said never to be over eight feet; it hue never been known to overflow Its banks. There is no better nor more reliable power the year round than that of 'Spokane falls. Its minlinuin power has been placed at 30,000 horsepower. The falls extend half a mile, and there is a total decline of 130 feet. In this distance there are two principal falls, where moat of the power Is developed. Both of these fails are over graduated inclines, thus ollerlogan opportunity for limning, which gives ample room for hundreds of mills and factorlos. The water power of the Spokane river was undoubtedly the key to the city's first and grentest prosperity. The people saw la this the secret that in the future bring great manufacturing eetablishmente, which could be operated at a far less Cost than by the use of steam or any other motive power. The practical re. cults of Spokane's great water power are already upperent. From it In supplied the power to operate ell the flouring-piffle of the city, all the sawmills, two made railways, three electric railways, some 50 electing motors, the pumping machinery of the city water works, the entire electric lighting plant of the city, elevators and macblue shops. 110W IT IS DEVELOPED. The application of water power to electric lighting has already been developed to a higher point of proficiency and magnitude lii pokane than in any other city in the United States. It is claimed that here the largest plant is located. It is by far the largest of any we have yet seen. The Edison IllumlnatIng Company's station by the Washington Water Power Company, from which will be supplied emote 15,000 incandescent lights and 1,500 arc lights, will require about 3,000 improved horse-power. The station is said to have cost 100,000. Its full capacity will not be required at once. though it began operation with 8,000 incandescent and OW) arc lights. Spokane is now the best lighted city on Paelflo coast, and it is claimed the best in the world. Its light is supplied at a less cost than any other large city In the United States. This valley is a greet wheat producing section and front which the wealth of the future for Spokane and surrounding sountry is to be derived. Accord-lug to the United States government report Washington leads all the states in yield per acre. The average of the state is 123 bushels per acre; this is three bushels tier acre higher than any other 'tale, Montana being second. The average In other states is from nine to 15 bueliels per acre. It is erdituated that within live years 2,000,000 acres will be brought under wheat cultivation. This, with an average of ti3 bushels per acre, would pro. duce 40,000,000 bushels of wheat per annum. As a matter of fact, the yield per acre is very much larger front 30 to (in bushels per acre. Homo have raised 00 and 80 bueheis per acre. The product of a single acre of wheat near Pullman In the Palmist, country was found by actual mensurenient to be 101 sacks, containing one bushel each. Thie was exhibited at the Northwestern industrial exposition held at Spokane. Another extensive wheat-growing district lies west of Spokane, and Is known as the Big Bend country. It begins within a few of Spokane end extends to the Columbia river. But it Is inipomeible to do Justice In one short urticht and so we leave the oubleet. Spokane has the prospect of a great and prosperous city. The whole valley is benutiful, the river IN fine and Its fallo are certainly sublime. We are greatly indebted to Dr. J. D. MacLean lot the kindness shown us and the val. inible information given. Tbe Oreat Northern ralimed had just entered the city while we were there, pushing its way on to the Pacific coast, thus ad- ding another means of cominunicittien between the east and the west. We passed our time pleasantly, going from Spokane to Helena and luterniediate poluts. Memphis Reece. lilt mune, April 15.Trark fast. nit furiongsLegents won, Tea Set see-end, Farspet third; time, 118 four fariongsDedford WOO, Kitty Did second, rot Iloand third; tints, 0:01. Seven-ellteenthe oh a tniledorrent won, Pere second, 'teeny. nerd; tone, 1 Seven forlongq--Vedgelielit won, bliss ration second, John J. third 1111110, i Thtee-tionriere or a eine, heats Dell won, ILnrems Frederick second, The Judge third; me, Second ilPitt- Ed Deli won, Finorees Frederica second, The Judge third, tulle E. L. POWELL. Review C. G. S. In Salt Lake Baca Id. On our arrival at Spokane, little parties were formed and the day was pleasantly pent In riding on the different eleetric car lines. It was by accident that we met a friend of former days, A MacLean, who at once hid claim to our time. He showed um about the meet Interesting parts of the city, explaining In a careful, Intelligent and convincing manner every advaneement made In the city during the past few years, and the Improvements to be which are now under consideration. Spokane claimsa population of about $0,000, and It le steadily growing with years. The city is in a beautiful valley, with bluff from 100 to 500 feet high on the south, north and west. That which is now the city of SOkane was formerly called Spokane Falls. In 1880 it was a village of less than 200 inhabitants. The last United States census gave it 25,000. If it has grown any mines that time, and appearances show that It has, it may safely claim but we can not vouch for theme figures as poeitively correct. ITS RAPID DEVELOPMENT. In 1880 the United States mail was brought to Spokane Falls once a week on the back of a horse or mule; the receipts from the postofilce amounted to Ices than $60. Now there are 80 daily malls aid the receipts of the (Alice are claimed to be about 60,000 a year. 18Ei0 the streets consisted of two rough country roads; now there are many n3lies of well-graded and paved streets, well lighted by electricity. In 1880 Spokane Falls had a small weekly, as well as weakly, country newspaper; now it has two dailies, morning and evening, well patroniznd. Substantial patronized newspapers always give the city an air of prosperity. In 1680 there was one, poorly constructed, rough board schoolhouse at the Fails. Now It has about $300,000 worth of hand, comely designed brick and stone school buildings. In 1880 there was but one private bank of small capital. Now there are 12, national, savings and private, with a combined capital of over $2,600,000. In 1880 there was but one railroad. Now there are eight, three of them tranmeontineutal roads. In 1880 Spokane had no tele. graph nor telephone. Now it has communication with sortie 70 towns and villages within a radius of 100 miles. in 1880 the town had but one little sawmill, Today there are some 80 nien feeturing emtahlishmente, one sawmill alone turning out 20,000,000 feet of lumber annually. In1880 there was not a bushel of wheat sent to market within a radius of 100 miles of Spokane. Last year they grew some 15,000,000 in the name radius. In 1880 there was not an ounce of lead or silver mined within a radius of Ii00 Last year the silver end lead prod uct within the same area reached over $10,000,000. This is bow Spokane has grown. ITS WATER ADVANTAGES. The district extending front the Fraser river on the north to the Co. lumbia river on the south, running back inland several hundred miles, Includes the state of Washington. These two rivers, it is claimed, Include the finest commercial body of water in the world, which is Puget sound. On this sound border the Itheet and most extelarive area of coluniencial timber In the world. The country extending back front the ound to the Rocky mountains, a distance of about 600 miles, is said to contain vent deposits of gold, silver, iron, coal and lead. It is about bob miles front the tunnel of tine Northern Pacific piercing the ridge ot the direct west of Itelens, to the Northern Patine tunnel piercing the ridge of the ens. cation about 75 miles' east of Puget sound. The interveuing territory is a distinct geographical region, maturally seeking a common supply center, and Spokaue seems to be the center for this territory. The gravity seems to center at this point within a radius of 200 I ice. Spokane falls, on Spokane river, Is grand, and furnishes power superior to that of tit. Anthony falls at Min nompo lie, and in time will become a power of wealth to the city of Spokane and the state of Washington. The people of Spokane are energetle and progressive; the majority are young and active In business and the various business enterprimen. chancee for. building up are far greater In the west than in the older omitted country i the east, among the already wealthy and conservatives. Develop. nient coulee sooner the movement of everything is quicker, ellarper, better and more clearly defined. Young men have, therefore, Inure to encourage them in the new west than in the old east. New lite for a new country and old life for the old country. In a new eountry people limn more on the Inkille level; they work together, help tech other, and they grow up with each Other. They are noire apt to see the fruits of their labor sooner In the west than they are in the east, and quicker feel the confidence and hide. pendence AV Mei' come front honest, earnest labor and the Independence that comes from such Iirosperily. Tile consequence Is an Incentive to increase, in activity. Time the movement of the en tire busbies community Is glue, Witted end accelerated, until the cant looks with surprise upon the allured magic echieventents of her own cons In tile laroff weal, NvLsTERNENs ARE 1,1 ilvitAfi. We can't, all live in Itoeton. in New York, not in (Arend Rapids, but we Mtn and should live where we can do best for oureelves and families. Wherever there Is Induntry, thrift and health, there Is hopefulneme and happiness. The bnoyancy of the western people is marvelous. Strangers are always wed. conned by A wenn hearted, entlinelardic, il'ideILIV eke people, ninny of them highly educated arid liberal In their views, liberal with their money and always toady to welcome every new. collier air ohs of Omni. The educational ad Vantages are initial to those of the motet. Spoke tie hits a high arthool building at a cost of mole from Its other trehoel buildings. There are aino eoveral pri. veto aslinols of in ig in standing, The ItsAhodisto have endowed a collegiate THE WAR IN HONDURAS. Washington, D.C. Bureau of Claims Cession noTars A. Ir. Gronwalt, city; W. M. SPeYeE P. A. Archibald. San FI'LltWINCO George E. Wilson and wile, Otto Si land; H. Plowman, F. E. 'low WWI. FranciNco; E. S. Tacoula; IL horns, Walla Walla; W. ho-tscatiges, Itoeklord; Rev. heeds. 'limner's; Perry; J. Id. Smith, Colfax; Jennie kennok, Endicott; II. M. Thomin, city; "Villiam AhiIlv, lionnerla Ferry; William I ultimore; T. Albert Pillion, Philadelphia; A. C. ilrown, Collas lia Bis cv. arr, ortlad ito G. A. lartn beton; E. W. McCune, St. Paul; "lea V. McClure. 1I ri F. Spaulding, Sprague; W. Averill, Portland; E. U. ii PE' CIPtir d'Alene T. C. Slump, Taeom a I NV. C. liontelle, San Frattel $ett: Burke. Seattle; 1.. F. Sanborn. Portland; F. Faulkner, st. Paul; W. tt Jieph, Chicago; N. Caulfield, Salt Oporto) F. Benson, Portland; Mrs. William heinstoin, San Francisco; D. T. lieddlo, Davenport. HOTEL OILLETTC. W. it. Inglish, East S. C. Ward, Miss VI, tied, J. Lomb, I initial F. S. Fork nr, Oil CIO'. Oliver Wells, kittitan; J. Rogers, city; J. J. Shinn, SpringduCe; J. Maae, I ielena Cis alos Thur. burg and i Its, Oscar Tliumborg, N. V. J. F. itelzby, U. M. 1.tek well. Ceulee City; Nirso. S. U. Hassell, Portland; Al, Britiela Coltumbial C. A. Christopher, allaetta, Idaho; C. 1 Gallert, Spangle Roma non St. Petersbuirg, Russia; J. E. Baines, Pi att dung, H. ie Ketielt, New Inch; IL 4 Brown, Sligo. county Antrim Ireland; D. Dillgolit. IsnoblItillh, N. S. Joham )))) Copenhagen, Don mark; Philo ISob D. C. 4 hoist' City, Idaho; Janice Killalue, Ttil OPOKANII. Toilli Ver din, Leadvilire E. Fox. Chicago; E. tl. Dudley, st. Paid; I. 'lledeleome, Mittel Tonnoborn, J. Levy, New York W. h. I eagu U. H. Saltser Woreesters bird, St. Patti; Is DeFtwee, Sprague; L. Cordova, 'Portland; C. L. Penults Boston; F. Ileitis, L. Shloss, 'CI. truant W. 1. Lice, Wardner; E. NI. Poston. Portland: Eugene Moan ell, Tacoma; J. IL Cole, New Vork 1 E. Morgan. Nlt tinnier L. L. 6reene, Portland. Secures: LAND AND MINING TITLES. PATENTS, CAVEATS, TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS. PENSIONS FOR VETERANS OF RE. BELLION, MEXICAN AND INDIAN WARS, U. S. REGULARS, AND DE4 PENDENT RELATIVES. RELIEF FOR LOSSES FROM INDIAN DEPREDATIONS. Co. Revolutionists Stseceostut and the Gov. le tit Their Hand. NEW ORLEANS, April steam. ship Albert Dumers arrived from Ceiba, ilonduras, today. From those on board it was learned that the entire coast of lion. duras, with the exception of Puerto Corte, Is in the hands of the revolutionists. The change was rapidly accompliebed and with but little bloodshed, the revolution seemingly hitving public support. 'I he Dumers reached Ceiba a few days after the capture, and the oilcans were very much surprised to have mem in new uniforms come aboard and trans. act the necessary business. Generel Franceso Guorrerro, returned from exile, assumed command of the revolutionary troops at Ceiba, and captured the fortilica. Lions after a desperate Engel of three hours. The commandant, Colonel Purina, niede I patient defense anti wag shot in the arm before he surrendered. lie and all others who desired to get away were gieen full opportunity to leave the country, and he arrived here on the Duniers. Outeide Of Ceiba the revolutionists cap. tired Truxillo, Tele and the Roman Islands. The revolutionists have niad no attempt to take Puerto Corte as yet. It is reported that Bogran and Latest, the Iwo ex-prelidents, are at Puerto Cortes endeavoring to get out of the country. The revolutionists do hot intend to hinder them, Very little news from interior could be obtained at Ceiba, as the wires are down. It is said, however, there was a battle 10 days ago in front of Teguici. gains, lienersi Vasquez commanding the government troupe and Gomel' Bonilla and Sierra lending the revolutionists, and tnet the regulars were forced back into the country. Vasquez la meld to be surrounded In the capitol and the war Is preenmably hear an end, Boletin, liberal paper which the revolutioniste estabiiehell at Ceiba. prints a rumor that Dr. A. Outrero, in charge of the presidency, capitulated at Teguicigelpa, and that (en. ral Vasquez was killed in the decisive bat. tie and bundle is in complete control. Restive Carpenters. Ctitesno. April 15.A special meeting of the carpuniere' Cutilleil Vtal be held tomorrow afternoon. at Which the chances are a general strike will be deniared against all cutitrecting carpenters iii the city who have not signed the new agreement, Ti. number of men who will bu affected by the order at the lair grounds is estiniated at from NO to 1, hoO. Duel pees rivalries canes a ood Meny little frantic. A merchant xpleins why: "Ae soon as I get up a good thing, say in chocolutebut it would be the same if it were candy, butter, earpete, handkerchiefs, panne, or pillesome rivet would imitate It in quality runt put it on the market et a lower rate. To bold ray own I've to cut hie price, but as I can't do (lint and snake a profit I adulterate the article a Ile knows the dodge and he will de the mime thing. blo we go, cutting at each ewer, until both of our articles are so cheap and poor that nobody will buy them, Men mom, the pure goods again, under another name, and the whole omen hes to be gone Over health" During the last year in New York gee Eiiiul anizzynouweky hits become jimmiil Nuttizy, and Jacob Lutmeciiinsky Jacob Lal Josephine (linger changed her name to Josephine Orr, Johannes hell to John 11 I I and Christian Gutz, tinturally objectink to the English pronunciation of hie mime, trenshited it into its English equivale it The Spokane Review announces' Its establishment at Washington City an agency or bureau for the prosecution of all classes of claims. Having retained counsel of eminent ability and recognized tegrity, it is our purpose to afford the people of the northwest more promptness, more vigorous action, more vigilant attention and more efficient legal services in the prosecution and satis factory settlement of mineral or agricultural contests and all business before the genert land office, patent and pension of4 flees, and all the executive departments, the court of claims, nterstate commerce commission, and the supreme court of the United Statescharging a more reasonable fee for the Service rendered than has too often prevailed in such matters tolore. Settlers, inventors, shippers, miners, government contractors and others who are not posted as to their rights, often have just claims and are not aware of the fact. In the wilt of King Ludwig I. dB. VIITIA there is a claws accordinii to which the private papers of the 10124. which are kept in seven tarots collars, are to remain lurked op tor b0 years. Only one chest, evidently titled ivith documents, was to bo 0141111111n 2f.) yenrs from the dine or his death. Accurdms tu a Berlin ourresoond ent the 23 years has Adv loos loran Wantilmoroa, April 15.Genera1 118W todny received a telegram trona Captain Uuthrto, dated Ant tarot saying there bad boost no dinturbancs at thnt place Hit lee tile kilt report, but both parties were creasing their forces and negotiations to itt. FOB INFORMATION ENCLOSE STAMP AND ADDRESS-1 Spokane Review i 1 a -1 .1 4 s4 1 410,.., "1 0 EINID 5 .9 a NI Bureau of Claims PowdegE ts The only 1tiie Cream drat-tar Powder--No Ammonia; No Alum, Used in Millions of Homes-0 Years the Staudard. le 1,406 a Street, Washington, D. C. v-t temmmykoyarementqrswoontmy

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