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The Spokane Review from Spokane, Washington • Page 7

The Spokane Review from Spokane, Washington • Page 7

Spokane, Washington
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7 TITE FrOICATII ilEVIEW SUNDAY MOTrsTrNG 17 1 892, IftiMNO11111MeW1011 TRFLY REMARKkilLE ROCK LAKE'S MONSTER rutting a Razor Edge on Jeneary Illue Inane by Coati LI. if a 0tmf Oor Cut oa Cloaks. Dress Goods. 'rho Boston Store, SpoklAne. Tt'R thing to make ft Ole Melt. YAW cA (to ft. Wt, boy of who irny the bed brains money AOC ure. An Indian Found Who Once Saw It. HIS THRILLING EXPERIENCE 1, 11,1, '')' ,,,,..4,6,,,,,4 4' 4', 'tl''' 4gift 4e. 07'1A '7''Yl'''ilik: 4: iNig0; 'Z''' 4 1 'r'''' En gli I ,11 Itomespuno, all )itich, grade, this 'Writ at 500. Better investigate. fOIMMMINEEMINEMEINIMEMM 1 N13 i V4PAI, IS, ji 4 -0, 4 '21'Z'Ol 7- il '4 fi'llk 5 1 i t' ..1 1 II cr J. 2 I 1, 14 1 4. 7 2I 14 1' 71 1 4. 0,. litei 41 1 111:11 1,1 I'''ami iftIMm.m.,... From $1 to $15 Discount ON CLOAKS NOW. ,1411 0-, 4:: Infants' Wardrobes. A Story Which Equals the Romances of H. Rider Haggard. Skirts. Gentlemen. Gentler Sateen LIncd Skirts, 8.inch linunce, hennititelled, wilt sell for Cotton, Wool al Silk Walsh 750 to f00. SPECIAL OFFERINGS. Five Silk and Wool Half-nose, 31 grate, at 60e. Four numbers of All Wool Underwear at 1 1 oft; co Fancy Price i on Farnhk. Five Silk and nose, SI gra I Four numbers Underwear at No Fancy Prices Every Litted ktrt Cia lu Prke 10 All Dissociated" Lcdteo Ladles' Scarlet Wool Vests, S1.25 grade, 75e. Ladies' Cream Wool-Ribbed Vests, $1,60 grade, at St. C1ldrn'sVest and ra ers reduced, 1,1 to I-2. Lt cl i 7, 1146. Lcdies. Ladies' Scarlet 11'001 Vests, illif'0 S1.25 grade, er The. k'4'i ,1 Ladies' Cream 1V01-Ribbed 1,,, 0 41 i Volts, 1,6 $0 ra gde, at Si. 1 Oildren'sVests and lirauers 4- 4 1 1 rredeac.ed 1,1 to 1-2. 1: Iiii clill' 1 1 'Ilit 'A '1' II" 4'1 itl 1 i A 4 '11 'I 0 i icsb NV, A' 4,0 VAIN1 Irillt.til'n ttt, .44 'Once heard any sound approaching it in volume, but Wtiti unable to give any idea of it other than its ims mouse loudness. A moment of silence ensued and then the water seethed to be burled backward; a great splashing tilts heard in front of them; and with their arms doubly strengthened by fear the white men pulled for the entrance of tho cave. The curve was rounded and daylight onee more poured upon them. Still the Splashing sound continued, but the darkness was too dense for them to see the cause of it. A mighty effort sent' the canoe to within twice its length of he ovens log when whet the Indian described UM looking like a whole thicket of vinesmapies stripped of leaves and branches sprung up eround the canoe, encircling it in their grasp. A Simultaneous scream burst from the three men, and they sprang into the water. The Indian remembere fooling the ellimery arms of their assailant after he went into the water, but be eluded their grasp. As lie struggled In the water ho felt the canoe mei gresped it. For a time that seemed days, but was prOhnhly only hours, he clung to tho canoe and tinnily crawled into it and dashed out as HI uch of the water as he could with his lie had been severely hurt by striking against rocke while In the water, and soon utter getting lett) the anee lie became sick. All the time time rushing of the water told him that he was being earned rapidly along. De emntrinued to feel sicker, his fright probably Ing it as much as Ins wounds. Finally he became unconscious', or "went to sleep," as he expressed it anti when be useeke he wits muting along on the turbid waters of Studio rival. lie reached home a low duys later, bum little the worse for his expteknee, but althoue'll 30 or 60 years have pas.eil sines then, he fissured me he Inel not seen the wuters of Rock lake educe time canoe was grasped by the arms of that mys evions creature that undoubtedly des Ai Fa eti his kite companions. 'Arany Ntorlea ot the monster anti its glonmy habitation are told by his but he thinks that he is time enly num who ever razed upon its and lived to tell the story. W. C. CLARK. .4. 4 0,,,, 4 1, -ii! 14' yo .4: illecLi fe' 1 6 ili ,1 ci4 isli41 Manufacturers' am plos OF Children's Clo High c1a4s goodi. Sample bargain: Age 8-3Incli hem, All 1Vool Wagon al Groy, deep cape with black Mr trimming, at manufactur er's coif and our price, P. 1" ,1 as 06 fiL. 11 cz, tZ Et 1 mi "..1 A-I .4 41.3 Cl ala It: 7 et, M.Z 1L- '''Z' 'tii :11.1 '4 Itol .4., 1 Cl ed fc, la -q ti 7 i "-1 .1 4P 4,. ILLTI 11 Our Ladles' 11 and 111.25 Cash. mere lose at 7 5e. Our Ladles' 85e and 750 Hole will go out for 60e. We teaks a pile of Children. 4t0e Woolen Hose at 25e, and offer remarkable value for Ladles at 2e. En a. 4.4 L- Cate' Po rvi Le, IMINAMMEMINIMINOME THE WORLD OF TRADE FOR ANOTHER DITCH, IN THE WEST. LIFE was active and steady. and nommnn mixed and packers, 395d4.10; prime, heavy and weights, Lehi, $3.8534.10. NtectiLteceipte, the market err' dti1 and lower. Native WeP, C34.25; rni Ito(1, $1.534. 73: western wetners, f533.15; Texans, 4.8535. The Contract Has Already Been Let. Tobogganing in the Bis Bend Country. Yesterday an Exceedingly Dull Day, NO IMPORTANT CHANGE MADE IT WILL BE TEN MILES LOA Seattle Clearance. SEATTLIF, Jae. 16.tSpea1al.1-...Bank el.arances. balances, 362.59. 11 LARGE HERD OF BUFFALOES Quotations From Ail the Leading Exchanges of Domestic and Foreign Trade Centers. Work on Yakima's Sewer Spite BegunHarvesting IceThe Sunnyaide Ditch. They Will Be Taken to the World's FairOil on Troubled Waters. about with Pnd hearts at preparing to raime him to the Burnam). Suddenly firm' the depths came a volee: "Why don't you send down rope'," The surpried men above replied: "We were getting' ready to do so and thought you were dead." "I don't think I ant hurt a bit," was the responsK Soon rope Wan lowered, which Ilentirickson attached to his holly. Ile was drawn up about 10 feet anti asked to be low. ercd again to secure his hat. Ile was then hauled to the top and found to be entirely uninjured, wit the exception of a slight scratch in the face. It was certainly a miraculous escape. The Garfield Eaterprise says: IL Longwell has just received from a Spokane taxidermist the stuffed and mounted head of one of the deer that fell a vietim to 1118 title while on a trip to toe Calispel country last fall. It was a very large mule deer with a splendid head of horns. It required four shots to kill it. At the second shot It became enraged and made a vicious charge on Mr. Lengwell, who kept pumping. lead into it until it fell dead within a few yards of his feet. It is a tine trophy, and will be all the more valued on account of the adventure at the time of the killing. Mr. Albert Biotin, of Creaton informs the Wilbur Register that Jack rabbits roam In won numbers In the vicinity of his ranch and are of such a large size that be killed 10 in two hours last Sunday night by the light of the moon. lEe delivered olio great large fellow at the Register office, which Is proof positive of the truthfulness of his story. Ile says they are around most every teed corral in great numbers. NORTH 'VACUA, Jan.18.--Dpso chillThe Yakima Irrigation and Improvement Company, with headquarters at Kiona, in the lower end of the county, own borne thousands of acres of land near that place, and on Monday luta contract was let to Messrs. King, Dickinson Hutton of Tacoma for the construction of a ditch to irrigate the same. The ditch is to tie soma 10 tulles long and will cost complete about $100,.. 000. IL 8. Elution of Tacoma is the president of the land company, which hes a capital stock of about; 1400,000. le atemory or colonel Heinen. Jan. Rem) lutions were presented to the supreme court todey In memory of the late Colonel lialuee by Senator Kinnear, General Metcalfe and John Arthur repreaenting the Se-tittle bar. Eulogies were delivered by the gentlemen named and by Attorney Geeeral Jones, Superior Judge Robinson and other, alter iihci the court adjourned out of respect to the memory ot the deceased. browned White Intoxicated. Jan. The body of Charles lionick, an old man who inyeteriously disappeared three weeks ago, wax today found on the shore near this city, Justify-lug the theory that he had beea drewned. The condition of the body does not indicate that he Walf4 wilily dealt with as sustiected. It is believed that he eccidentally kit into the bay while intoxicated. Ready for Survive In (bile. OLYMPIA, Jan. Colonel Pike, who is here at tending a meeting of the military board, said today that he could get his regiment reatly for service In Chile La a week's notice. A ritEACIIER'S LUST. Vlothn Leaped From a Trate to Eseitee Jan.15.Not withetanding the terrible lejuries received by Mrs. Siddalle, the Wffinfill who Monday night last jumped front a rapidly moving train, near Tam-worth, presumably to escape the advanees of Rev. Pr. Goodall, she is now improving. Siddalle says the minister engaged her In conversation and after a time attempted liberties which elle repulsed. Be then booed her down on the seat and attempted to mange her. She struggled desperately and finally tile remitter pushed her out of he Fortunately ahie caught upon a footboard nod regained her footing. She Bayt, however, was so excited that she did not realize danger nod with the idea of eseaping, leaped from the carriage. Goodall will shortly be arraigned. Tacoma Clearances. TricomA, Jan. cleerancee, balsam, 791.87. JIMMY NEW TEAR VOICES. It le a geometrical fact that a man can not make a sonars Meal oil a Washington Star. "The deadly parallel again," said the conyict as he glanced at the etripes on his new suit ot clothes.Waghington Star. Washington Star: A resolution of economy is one of the most natural New Year's ucceseors of the Christmas season. Boston Post: The snare of a drum is not danproue. It is the snare of the wily drummer that you want to look out for. Binghamton Leader: Humanity appears to be very unequally divided between those who can't stand prosperity and those who can't get any to stand. Boston Courier: Even Washington's graceful carriage didn't make as lusting impression on history Ise the hack he took at his father's cherry tree. TrotterI bear that Miss Shear's father didn't approve of your suit. BarlowNo; he's too blamed critioal. Made his money us a tailor, you know. New York Herald. "Talk is very cheap," said Patchett), rvilectively. "I don't think so," said Patsy, the tramp, sadly; "a Judge gave me a little talk once and it cost we St. Joseph News. Indianapolis Journal: "I am afritki that C4orge is tiring of sus." Wliv, dear?" "He has been telling rue that I am too good a woman to is the wife laugh a man as he is." Washington Star: It was in the hall where ancestral pictures were kept. "Who are these people?" said the college friend. 'Oh," was the reply, "they are chests nuts film my lentil tree." BleeksWell, old man, are yea gong to swear oil this New Year's? ItieeksNo; I'm going to leave oir NecksLeave oft what? leeksSwearing oll'. They smile. jklocherter Post. Kate Fieid'a Washington: Bromley-1 haven't the etish thin morning. gore you tny note for 30 clays. DerringerI proiest. BromityDon't I The notary will do that. Indianapolis Journal: "You are another pour victim of cirournstalices, I presume," said the chariiiihie housekeeper, "Nome," reviled Mr. Hungry Higgins, vaulty, 'I ain't; I'm a seamed. man, I am, even it I ain't much of a Job." Mies Lovina CottedgeOh, Mr. Sourer, I an so much pleased with your beautiful Christmas gilt! Madison tiourerI am very glad you liked it. (1 hulking of his rival) Err-r, did you got anything from kiltippen Clarke? Cottedge Not I told him that he hail batter save the money.Duck. "If you think you're going to have the grip, Mari.A." ouservel Mr. Balms. peevishly, "of course you'll have It. Any doctor will (ell you that a constant dread of any. disease is likely to nuke you catch it." 'Sot always, John," replied Mrs, BMus. "You live tor IA) years in constant dread Of A brain digest. and you'd never get it, Tribune, GARFIELD, Jan. Rock lake country, nt her Rock lake itself, has long held a weird attraction for we because of the wonderful tales con-heeled with it. Front the lirst time that I heard of the Indien legends regarding it I have been anxious to) try to discover what there wets in fact for them to he founded upon. The liret leery that I heard regarding it was the Indian tale of a montiter that dwelt in a cave in its rocky walls, sallying forth to devour the unwary traveler who ehould venture upon its bosom. This ably of a lake monster Is by no means a IleW one, or peculiar to Hoek big). Because of a monster that comes tip from below and swallows anyone who ventures far from shore the Klaniatil and Modoc tis refuse to launch a raft on Critter hike. Indeed, they soy that within the melooly Of men now lie-'fig, a youeg Indian and two doge started aerosoo the lake on a raft and wen. devoured before they were a foorth of the wily But I he underground Outlet 4.f Crater lake causes considerable currents and swirls OM Its aurfavo at times, but Milt theory will not apply to Itnek lake, to, Inch elm ties Its water in the regulation manner. Willie men have been heard of, too, who Lave so eu both this mone'er and the olive in which be dwllm, but to far I have been unable to find either one of the men who) PaW tie le thing, or a Mali who had even heard the story from an eyewitnese. The man who PaW It all live tit Endicott or ktaltice, or tome other piece pet beyond where you are. The feet that ninny men have visited the luke it lieu' seeing other the monster or his cave, of course, rove nothing. While I have inqui7ed of wilily the only unexpleinable thing that had been proved by eytwituessee WKS the appearance of a peculiar fish at certain seasons that are not to be found there at other limos, and are not known to bo atop here else on the contd. hese fish suddenly appear In the hike in immenee numbers, although noee are to be found in the river below the Iske, nor in the lake itself, except at certein seasons. Moo, I think, Is veil authentivated. Rut recently an old Indian told me a ettny that is a very strange ono, and while it sounds very probehle, yet hes too much of a "Ileggind" flavor to he of Indian manutneture. Ile said It occurred when he was a young fellow, scarcely grown, and he now appears to be 75 or 80 years old. In his boyhood days occaelonally NV bite melt would conai through title country, but the Indians never had any trouble with them, and ue their coining always meant the purchase of some trinkets it soon un event of no mull importance in the eyes of the children no less thau the odder ones, although they Nvero timid about associating with theta, When this boy Nvam about grown woo tN- him men coo nw through from the Coeur d'Alene country and nieeting the boy on Hangman creek, 'near where Lutall now shuttle, they till'ered Min some trinket and a knite if he would help them take their goods to the Palouse river, slorg which they proposed to trap. The boy wee mounted On a horse atid qinckly (ought another that Vila lending near by, on which their trope were eoon losdod aud the party started for the Palouse, the bov deciding with that instinct pe- cuilar to boys everywhere that betit to) go without coneulting I) is ilnoonts, or he might lose the job entirely. They had not gone ter on their way when the young Indian told lie trappers Of eolony of Waiver on 1 what is now knoa as Hoek creek. Ile bad been In that vicinity not loog beiore and had noticed ofa large colony there. It was benver rather than the Palouse river th'ut they were looking for, so It talking it over nw hits they decided to) go to flock lake. The boy tnietook hie course and moiled the creek where it empties Into thotake, instead of hieher up, as he intended. They patched the head of the lake about noon and dotting an old thew, decided to explore it in the titternoon The boy was thortaighly tumbler with the story of the motisier that inhabited those etraege watere, but seeing a chance for motile adveti Lti re he said nothing about it, but prepared to itecompany the white men. They rowed nround quite a while hell one of the nien noticed a hole in the sido of I ho perpendicular 'walls of the lake. They were only short distative from it, but cood not tell whether it was a cave of any imignit tele or not, vo the canoe wee beaded for lb to) take a closer observation. The hole did loot reach but little above the water, und hail they been a little farther away or has keen of sight it would have teetaped their observation alto-get her. Entirely unsuspicious of dimmer they ran the head of the comic int the hole before they noCced- that the water was running ito to the hole. Just as the bow of the canoe entered the cave le he three occupants eimultalleteimiy became aWtAre of their dnneer, but I hey only had two poodiee, and they were very in-hero ones, end III spite of Omir totiioiitt etlerk they were gradually token further into the cave. In a Very 'Jima time they mode a turu that took away the lust vestige of daylight, iRt I hey were struggling In the darkness vittiont any idea of whet danger "night lie in their pet b. But only for an instant did they etruggle tithe; then the air was with a most terrific roar. The narrator says that ila hes never ritom SPANGLE. La Grippe Epidemic at the Poor Perm. SPAN OLE, Jan. There are 313 paupers at the county poor farm at this time and about half or aim are down with la gri ppe. A sheets! school election will be held in bpangle school district 23d for the purpose of deterniining wbuther or not the directors shall borrow money and 114SLIO bonds of the cliAriet in the aunt of for the purpoile of building a new school house. There is going to be quite a hard tight over the matter. New. of the appointmest of Hon. IL K. Nichols as register of the laud office at this point le received with unqualified Patio um! Lion by our people. Mr. Krutz, the retiring regle. ter, will renutin in the eity and practice luw. Work on the long delayed sewer system was commenced this week. At drat the excavating will be done by a force of about 110 men, but a the weather gets warmer a large force will be put on and the work pushed to completion it railroad speed. Mr. botitnidt of belittle, the contractor, is now in the city, per-. (tonally overseeing the work. The bop market the put week has shown some signs of life, although the transactions are not numerous, on account of the small portion of the crop remaining uueold. Buyers are offering 18 cents, about 1,000 pounds chaugiug Lands at that ligure. The ice men of th city are busy storing away ice for the coming met. The ice lie taken front the Yakima river and Is very superior to that put up last winter. Owing to the sulkiness of the winter of but very little lee formed, what little there was being only about three Inches in thickuess, tile dealers consequently lowing a very large proportion of their pack by melting. This winter, however, the ice is about 10 inches thick. The work on the Sunnyside ditck la progressing rapidly. Five gangs of laborers aro at work under the superintendence of the contraotors, Messrs. Katz Smith, and are rapidly ilnielling the second stretch. NoTull AND PERSONALS. Rev. W. IL Cornett, who meanly accepted a call from the Westminster Presbyterian church of Spokane, loft yesterday for his future station, re. J. Meek of this city Is in Spokane oil a visit to relatives. Pr. W. II. Hare, reeelver of the United States land 'Alive here, has returned from Spokane, and says that city ben a better outlook than any of the larger citiee of the state. Superintendent Lawrence Is new busy parceling out to the school tend apportionment. Yakima receives tins year about and the superintendent sapling amount will 14, Ifitzely lucreteed next year. 11. V. Holley and faintly of tlpokeno were in Yakima during the week. NnW Yo stock market opened higher. while the day was the dullest for some time. Prices were slightly improved during the first hours, but ail advances were afterward neutral. 'zed. The close was firm, the only important change being sugar, which. lest 3 i per cent. Uovertiments-8 toady. Iletroleum-elosing, 644 Money on call-Easy; closed offered at 2. Prime mercantile paper-45513. Sterling exchenge-Steatly; bills, dent and, 51.hil)i. Lean trust-19Y'. Bond and Stook Quotations. BoNns. Naar yeire, Jan. bond market 'Mooed as follows. 3.14. 4s S. 2 4s eJupou 11 CI: acitie 103 StoCIES. YORK, Jan. Itock market closed tobOWs: American 1 27 Atchison. 43 menu s7 Canntlian Paelfic 9 Pantile Nt a ii VI Catift.ineontherti 40, .41 CellitAL 3311 Reading 4(0A Burlington ..11171,, Rock 91 Lackawanna. 11(1 tiol rie 't2 Paull 0...... 41., It texas. 1974 'Tess 13 Atio ti rands pref. Union Piton 431 i Lake Fihers r.r.-: Ili. ik lis press bit Louisville i I Fargo hir Pross 110 i Michigan Con -Nit i Western Unto's All4 11k.011ri1'aL0P141.. V' Terminal Northern h101110 Jr. etiort Lino 30 Preferred. tile Grande West lis l'referred 70 New York Con. Ili instil Rif: North American, Itil4l DoSTON PloilTON.Jall. 13 -Who atook market closed an follows; Atchison 43,4941 Talisphone 210 Burtinatca Inn 'Mexican CADLtAl, .,1 MLNINLI arocal. Nw 'friar. Jan. 1O. -Ins stock markcloed as lotions. Mice I 10 Silver. 1 40 Aspen- 0) 01 Adams I 70 Ophir 2 ro Crown 1 90 Plymouth 1 14 Con. VA. 3 1.1 sal ao. 1 i3 1418.1wood I No vad 1 4'. 't 41 illotild anti 1 lloitiestalse ti is) i Union Con iAl flora 3 h0 Voliow i ti,) PAN FRANCIITO ill'OCAL PAP INAttrirICA, Jan. lowingare the st wi gli nivion4: lielcher 2 ,.25 r13 70 ilmt Butcher 2 tio 2) Chollar II0 Ina fr. Crocker iti iColt. New 't ork bit Con. 3 to) I 10 Cell fidemin 2 70 Ilielmen le Liontil Curry 1 ii) KAM-termer ti Norcross 85 Prise- 10 Peer t.4 Julia In Petirte J) iJm.tice on 1 to Kentilek Ophir. 2 70 I ad to esitove 1 Mono Nil Sierra 1 tO toxitarL 1 I iii) Pubat Con i Saran) 10 N'illow Jsciset 2 0,. Nevada Queen. tit A pha 4,. N. Cone writ. NI Alta ro N. Bede Adeg Cr; 3) Rain hie ni I II) liffiltort COti.o 1 Isell, 65 limbo tel icorolott 13 tin, ilon 1 '21 ita Ili Put wer 45 zto 'Utah. Previsions and FEW VOrtA Nate Yottv, Jan. ci do, 24(23o. Colfoe-Options closed steady at 5 to 10 point! down. bales. 4.000 bags, Including rebrilary it; AT arch. 12.10 012.15(i; Al 11.h,lc; spot Ake, firm; No. 7, hugar-itaw, steady: fair refining. 1Itic; ittl test, :1 7-164 tic; retitled. cut loat, powdered, 4 3-Itlo; gratin ateil, ,4 Illitit 4 3160; con.cctioners 4 1-Itio. GD ttN AND tIVWDIIONI. Jan. NiTheutFirui ciao. 5111. plie biol. 1 Corn-Firm; Cash. l.P1).(1t:;8Aci; MAY, 1 1 thite-r tem; cash. 29! May, 314c. 1 1 Pointy-Nominal: 1 'lye-Steady n2lic. Fier -E imv Milky Pork-Firm; cash, new May, $11 Litt-Steady; cash, May, Sii.02l.4. smoo.ders-$4.62l051 75 I. hurt 0101)84. bhurt CHICAtt 1 Wittke CHICAGO. Jan. rho, noirket was etronger, opening higher Man at closing yesterday law the frel ing was tinsetiled. A further adv loci ut i followe.1, ninon it reveded lilt, tin; Nola became firmer and au v.iiiie.1 ic, closing higher than yeateruoy. itetielpte. 431,000 bushels; shipinents, buidisia. Ltirtarnist, aims attaiter. Jan. ollsr iriligly No. 2 red winter and spring, 76 itil, tea y. Corn-holders olirt moderately: snot. bs II for new. steady; 4. Uli eisilyi lihruisry, 4s INiarch, ls titicaton tars stors Mann LT. CHICA00. Jail. IS -Cif Iticalptil. 2.bOU: Shipments, KO, The market ries gutsily. stockers, Thine were no prime steers (HI tile Alugs-iteceipts, the welket The Davenport Tim reports that coasting down the semooth hill vide on Ilarker and Ninth streete on tohogeane and hes formed a popular and important part of the outdoor amusements of the past week or two, and the sport hue not been confined entirely to the yonth of the comtnunity by env means. All he honorable, tutees and alder. men in the municipality have so far unbent and forgotten their dignity ns to join in with the hilerious and en tit usiaelle pleasure-loving army in enjoying a Ire. ride down the center of the main horoughtures on that popular vehicle, the toboggan. A mu ram of chose isfaction has gone up from the ranks of the juveniles who inaugurated 'the sport, however, who protest that the dignitaries ot the community who have so kindly condescended to join In with them in the tun seem imbued with the idea that they are entitled to ride ou free passes, whereas their corporation hisues stone, and they recognize the privilege of no citlzen or federal officeholder however dieti ngu iehed to take a free ride down the hill without len thug his mishit-an co to the pull up. "We have grown isweary," remarks a young mender, "of having to worry up the hillsides as hest avowal ourselvee and have these 'tony' feilowe join in and push as the ton is reacned in order to secure a choice seat down." The experiment of pouring oil on the troubled waters hes been tried at the entrance to Tillamook bay, and on the authority of lion. J. C. Leinenweber it wits pronounced a succees A liberal tiee of crude petroleum caueed the raging conabers to subside Into long mid comparatively swells, which allowed the craft to glide easily to their summits instead of breaking over her and bumping her 'bottom on the rock or sand below. Mr. Lemon-weber tells the Tillamook Headlight, that the effect of he oil, as used by vesteele entering, was meitive and till deniable, bUt Of nO bPnefit, to Mit going as used from the vessel itself, on account of the prevailing set of Ile waters. The Headlight, therefore, urges the adoption era plan that Ins been tried with great success On the elsores or the nited Kingdom-- that of laying a pipe along the bar, or little Newer' I I rout the banwith Pil ort plpee projec I ng at right angle upward therefrom, with valves at heir tree miss to keep out mend, etc" this, pysteut of pipes to be tilled with oil putnped from the shore. herover this has been done hats made entrance and exit to thin harbore easy mid sate where before very dangerous or utterly ite. practicable. It Is a well nown fact, stays the Miesoullen, that Charles Allard of the Flathead reservetion has tho largemt heard of buffaloes in existence. Ile has caretully guarded hem for several year and the her Is steadily I creasing. Mn Athirst 11R14 received I tom time to time tempting Mier for the beast's, hut has) refused ail. The bellaloes sere born lucky and a going to see the vest' bdr free of Coin-III iesioner Hick ford has revelved In. tell igence frent Chime that the bu Helots are waisted end puce will arrange I or them on the grounds. At letset two car )(Jade be sent, leaving a few menthe be hind to proles wale the opecies .111 ease the wicked slily of Chicage snould gobble mm ts Stli Mr. Mos reveivel letters from two Chicago pmtrLe, ask.nie him to put a price on hiss herd. The specie its now so near extinct that a few of them one worth as notch ae ordinary gold Plinth thtiOttia county will tie represented at the world's fair on all lours A singular I (lent happened 'Wednesday at Cris Simpsou's place, near Helix, etiyi I hs Keit Orgonlan. Mr. Simpson, I tobert Vattion Ansi It Hendrickson, a young man 21 years old, were engaged In cleaning out a well lie tt drickson stepped on hourd and 'dipped, failing into the well feet foremost. It was 82 feet to the bottom and his compeniones thinking surely the young tnan could not have emeaped death, act Gathered In London Town. LoNnoN, Jan. 25.A fierce cons test will be waged with the vatican on the appolutment of a sucvessor to Cardinal Manning. English Catholic' desire the appointment of Bishop Vaughan, who is a ion 1st, but the Irish party oppose prorating the bishop or rod inott lb. Lincoln, the United nun. liner. 1 I KM nearly recovered from his recent slight cold. Murat Halstead, who arrived In London front Paris Thursday, in a Interview today, said: "The poiii t. that most hupressoll me It) regard to the effects hi Europe of the Mehitiley law is 'the an tagon ism of certain leading German Journals tilward Blaine. I attribute this to the fact that tho reciprocity choise Is expected to prejudice Gentian interests in America to the benefit of tho United blates." now to show con tem pt. LON nos, Jan. Boring, who was arrested a few days an for tiring a pistol in Westminster hail anti ben arraigned declared he had taken this aiettliti to show hig contempt of the house of commons, was today bound over In tile sum of Oscar Vilde became elle ol his securities. Tilt OLD, OLT) STORY. With hands sr) soft the ivories she lingers in time to her lonely song, Wondering where her liege can he 011! Why does rny dariing toil so long?" With "lisnih" so tonizh the Ivories he Chips up as error his luck goes wrong. If "second eicht" were hers there'd be vatting for liim I livelier nog. Worming, King A. CV Monthly. An Unprofitable Inves.tment. il0STON, Jan. 15.At a special meeting of the stockholders of the Para 'tubber Shoe Company today a committee was appointed to sell the plant at South l'urniington. The etockholders prosent raid bad been bunk in the euturprine. Try popcorn for nausea. Take a sunbath for rheumatism. Never sot coal ell near butter or lard. Try a wet towel to the back of the neck when It Is beat to buy boiulny, beans, rice. in quantiti(s. To make cod liver oil palatable take it in tomato catsup. To freshen leather chair seats, rub thetn'over with a weit-bedten white of at) egg. A hot, strong lemonade taken at bedtime snit break up a cold.flothe queen. 'try a hot, dry flannel over the seat ut neuralgic palms anti renew it frequently. Half a iruptut of blvter wolghe about a (planer of pound, two cuplu.s a inland. If camphor gum Is placed with silver it win prevent the ware from ternodming. Snuffing powdered borax up time la good lur a caturrual cold in the heed. A pinch of vela beaten to a foam In either matioLoves ur honey will cut the phiegot ireni oany's throat. hallworn bed blankets or cum oats, pest din Oil a heti, 'nuke good IAA to pat Wider a flair carput It lean accvted Not that the tone or the piano unproved when the instru- ment is moved trotu time wail of a Nun'. Ily rubbitirt with a flannel dipped it) whiting the 'mien thouthuntion way taken ult cups that base been uaed for baking. Never set aside a bottle dirty. Wash cieati and turn the neck down that may dry and no dust be in It Who!) you Want It. RENT. Fa Me vora terms wilt be made tO parties wanting caller rooms or ()jived lit the nem llrview Cog. First oluss (breathe Eicetric light rind hear furnishcrt cal (Wire ruot'es. l'ertions desirous of neatly cat ot the btotieesit hitio 1 6.el it'eviete road be shown thrhugh the budding. 7h1 grid store rooms Ore ill erred Vtiptee. The vkin from the building is itnetithtied ths city. 'fits Atherhe steed bridge, soon to Ito tateke this tos(ftitti 111-1Pet destrable in the city 1,1" ENATCHEE With its great coal fields; its navigable river; its inexhaustible timber lands; its central location making' it a distributing point for Central Wash ington; it; division point of the Great Northern; its unexcelleil fruit lands, and its climate and environments, is the best pine to invest money in the state tatty. The Prussian Budget. BERLIN, Jan. 15.Tne budget WAS IlltrOdUeed In the lower butilie of the laniltag today by Allguel, the Prussian minister of finance. The I ncrease of expenditures le estimated ut marks, Owing to new commercial treaties reducing the ipernues the sum cosigned to the Kevin es for local neetk I 30,000,. WU Marks luso Mtn 111 FOR Fanorable made to partien wanting cither titOr0 rooms or vices In the new lei view build. hub First class ileva tor service. t.leetrie light and famished in ag, (Ore roam. Pernonn vir of roiling rad at the business Vice he and lin shown through Ihn budding. in forcs and store roomn ac 1 in celw rcopeq. The, virtu front mo building 'meiwiled in llrn city. Tim Alonroe street bridge, soon to be, completed, ltif1 moket4i4 moist in the vita of Lots and 1 for Sale by MOND tY AND TUVDA.Y OF THIS WEEK.

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