The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1936
Page 4
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?OUR BLWHEVILLB. (ARK^ COURIER NEWS THK BLYTUFVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TUB :'COURIER NEWS'" CO,PUBLISHERS O. R. 13ABCOCK, Editor H ,\V. HA1NKS, Advertising Manager Solo National Advertising- Representatives: Arkansas ..Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published .Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered us second class matter nt the post ofllce at Bl>thevitlo, Arkansas, under act of Congress,,..October D, 1917. Served by the ' United Press SUI3SCRTIT1ON RATES By carrier' In the City- ot Hlylhcvllle, 15c per Tvcck, or'GSc per montli. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 iici 1 year, $1.50 for six mouths; 70c for three months; by mall In i>oslal zones 'two to six, inclusive, $8.60 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year* payable In advance. Democracy May Guide Us Through War Crisis Prolmbly Hie most futile tusk anyone could, undei'lake rijfht now would he to try to fix the Ijliimo for tlio spread of the war '.peril in Europe. The effort is being mudc, of course. Any lefl-winjr publicist ctm toll you that if'the wicked Gerninii and Italian Fascists would only keep from interfering in the Spanish revolt the danger of war would immediately dwindle. Similarly, any staunch right-winder can point out that the situation has been made infinitely more tense by red Russia's announced intention to help the loft-winij Spaniards with money and munitions. But to say, because of things, that war (if it comes) will be the "fault" of Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin 'isito-miss the point entirely. That, indeed, is the dismaying part of the whole sorry'business—the fact that it is impossible to find a personal devil in the situation. < What Europe is up against is nothing less than n clash between two opposing, impersonal forces, two diametrically opposite schemes for the ordering of human society. A clash of that kind can hardly bo resolved by soft words or conciliatory gestures. What is biting the statesmen in Rome, Berlin, and Moscow seems to be a realization that the continent of Europe will not, in the long run, v .lib large';L ; oiiti\in both/Com-. .jUUinist find Fascist ,nations.' In tiic very nivviirc of things they cannot exist side by side. - That is why none of these three capitals can sit quietly on the sidelines while conservatives and radicals fight it out to sec who is to rule Spain.' They dare not let the Spaniards decide for themselves. The question ties in loo closely with their own future. So we are likely to have more, rather than fewer, angry words and defiant gestures passing among the rival powers across the tormented body of Spain. If the world has just a little bad luck, these gestures will (urn into war. For the conflict from w-hich they arise is irrepressible. Does that mean, then, that Europe is doomed to a bloody, last-ditch war, sooner or later, in spite of all that men can do to prevent it? It would, but for the saving fact GUI 1 OUR WAY ~ that democracy still holds the balance of power. Croat nations such ( us • France and England, and smaller ones, such us the Scandinavian countries, have not admitted that the race must choose between two dictatorial forms of government. They are still trying to work out their problems in the way of peace and freedom—and, at last accounts, were having pretty good luck at it. Democracy is not a throat.' It can be a good neighbor. It can live by conciliation rather than by the sword. If Kurope gets through its present crisis without war, it will be because the democracies willed it so—and, willing it, retained enough of a hold on the imaginations of men to make their will good. ' MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, Topic of the Day The king of England will marry Wally Simpson. The king of England will not marry Wally Simpson. , The archbishops' of Canterbury and York have snubbed the king on account of his devotion to the American- born charmer. Queen Jlitry feels very badly about it. Lloyd's odds that nothing will interfere wilh tho king's coronation next spring have dropped from 20 to 1 to 5 to 1. American magazines telling about the royal romance are mutilated before they can bo sold in firilain. And so on and no on and so on, until one begins to wonder why in a world with so many real problems on its hands, the attachment of the king of England to a good looking woman must engross so many minds. Is it because people generally have forgotten that the tradition of the king's mistress is one'of the most ancient and firmly-grounded traditions in all the long history of British royalty? Or is it jiist, because we have so many worries nowadays that we welcome any diversion, however frivolous? Enjlnmli Is n physically, decayed nation, with its employed populnllon becoming a tragic group of medicine drinkers. —Dr. G. W. Clapp, New York City. t » * Tho rackets of men like Al G'apone.. .should be suppressed because they endanger society, nnii for exactly the saino reason the racket of men who desire lo plunge us into . . . war by their greed should be suppressed. —U. S. Senator Homer T. Bone, Washington. » » * My wife left me and I decided tp do something spectacular. —Frank C. Eaunclcrs, New Yorker who traveled two weeks In dinner jacket and top hut. * * * 'flic double feature program was a child of the depression—cheap admission and emanltty entertainment...The practice of giving one Blade i\ picture with n grade B picture is like eating too much Ice cream at one time. —M. II. Aylesuoith, movie executive. * * * If we cannot practice gcocl Dimmers In public life, democracy will be In Jeopardy. —Dr. Harold W. Dcdds, president, Princeton University. SIDE GLANCES By George- Clark SALUTE "Where could we take the wives f(ir a prelly. wild evening? Nothing dangerous, of course." By William? THAT'S RIDICULOUS KAAKIN 1 BELIEVE THAT LITTLE SNIP Oh A KIP KNOCKED VOU ROLLIM' THAT FAR—V»HY, EVEN AS VOUN&,'AM r IS/ HE COULPNj BELIEVE THAT. BUT HIS MOTHER. W POES—-SHE'S SO PROUD OF HIM! SHE'S WATCHIN 1 US FKD.W THE 'W\ WhMPOW. i. PUD® THIS CURIOUS WORLD Uy William Ferguson ON THE ISLAND OP BAU, DUTCH EAST INDIES, A BOY CAN MARRY HIS TW/N ao THREE HYBRID J3FAR CUBS, BORN IN THE '•' '' NATIONAL ZOOt.OGI(iAl_ PARK, WASHINGTON DC HAVE A KAD/AK. BKCV.-'N BEAK. MOTHER " AND A POLAR. BEAK. /=ATH£K. / m:ci\ 111:111: TODAY icA'i'i: nnii CAIIDI.IM: .m:i:n live mi [I fiiriii, .lli'rd 3h-iiilmvH, ^vlUi llu-lr Jimihlr mill IniliiU-nt IcrnilUrnKur, -MA.Kill NAM MKKD, nnd l\vu ulil \fKrtt st-rviuifN, A{*- T111' unit /ICKi:. KEifi- Is iTiuiiKtul III li J .IIOKC.AN I'll i:\TISS, «hii iii. K |t, r 'K ln-r fur KVK i:i,- 1VKI.]>, lil'tlLIIIfltL unit tvrnllli)-. .Iliijur lUrcl !<>*<•* Jlri'd .Ul-jn'ims (» JUKI? IlinS'.Mill, n lillf.r )'•!>";; I iiilnlnviT nliu IHVIIK I'liiil hn.ilx. Ifulr Irrflts Ji-ir ruili'l)- mill lie t «— MJIOIidM IvJHl tiiKillfm'L-, dullish I" 1 IN tlrmvii (n lii-r. 'Hie .Ht-i'ilN nu>* .* IMii a ru-nrby Ircmnl IIIIUKI-, Kali- ll-nriiN lljnr lirr ftimil}- Imrloil n vjitimlih- sllvrr Ki'rvli-i- Jiirlntr ll»- f'lvll \Vrir, Slu- lirniulK IIVIT Itilx III-IVH mill iii'rHii:iili<« ;U|I|>- mill Xl'lii- to tn-fiili!|'m«>' iu-r In Mi-fil .Ill'llilim* inn- JilKlil. IV Mere (Hey iIlK 'ur Mil- xlln-r. ,1,-ir >.!.<>,,I! In frlKMon III null tiiumils 1C:.I.' Mltlilly In lh<- Mlmulili-r. lit- dnr.s m>( knmv llilN until 111- Mini* IlK- M.II.II- ivllli 11 lili.iKly In.nil],'. .Ml HKIHK li!» KruivliiK love for Hit- iflrl, lit- re- rurjiH MJI- K|i[iili> mill <::>ri>lln«- u-Us Ijlni Ihnl Kfilis IN mil |j:iiUy liurl. AOW GO OX \Vn-ll TIIM STIMIY CHAPTER XVtl K ATE recovered from the shoulder wound. "But you're going to have an ugly litlle seal- there," Caroline pointed out. "The doctor might have prevented lhal." Kale said, "I know it's not ethical to be your own surpeon. I reckon I deserve the scar. But I couldn't bear for Doctor Grace to know what a fool I'd been. Besides, I saved the price C'f his visits. That means my $10 bill n pair of shoes/ 1 velvet." "You need Caroline suggested. "And could do with n new hat. We could both use stockings—" "We'll nuinagc to gel Ihc stockings," Kale answered, "from next week's egg money. But Ural's all that's going; to be wasted on clothes. We're going lo have a party!" Caroline was aghast. Kate Iiaei niaele the money by selling a pile o£ old "Godcy's Ladies' Books" that had been stored in the attic at Meed Meadows and discovered at the time of their move, "Arc you delirious again, Kale?" Caroline demanded. "I don't see why the desire for a parly points to delirium. We're indebted to everybody, but that's not the only reason I want u parly. We've got to show people v/e still enjoy being alive. We've got to show them misfortune hasn't gotten us down." "Very commendable," Caroline answered, smoothing the counterpane on the bed she was making "—And the third reason, darling? Tho veal reason for wanting to throw a party when we're stoncj broke?" Kate blushed. "I often wisl you wcru a fool, Caroline. The real reason is Morgan, o course. .1 haven't been..blind t< the way things are. lie's rushing, 2vc in the good old family-friend big-brolher guise. I've loo muel priele lo call him up and ask for a date, but I've a feeling that if we could be thrown together lor few carefree hours, tilings would be all right with us again." "It makes sense/ 1 , Caroline ad- milted. Then, thoughtfully, "13ul we'd have lo ask u lot of people. Ilow'd we do it on $10?" * * * '• "WE could do it," explained "Kale, talking rapidly, "he- cause, I've got a trump up my sleeve. A hay ride! Our team lo the big wagon, and Mr. Grayson's team and wagon. We'd make his lake the destination, and we'el, cook hatnburg steaks and coffee on grills!" "I see," Caroline said. "Who's lo ask Mr. Graysoti, by the way?" "You," answered Kate rather contritely. Mr. Grayson was a kindly, prosperous widower of 50 who: admired Caroline excessively. Caroline looked out of the window. Presently she said unhappily, "I could swing it for you, of course. But don't you think that's asking rather a lot ot me, Kale? We'd have to ask Mr. Jrayson lo drive his own team, 'd have to sit beside him. I'd lave to stick by him all evening." Kate weighed the mailer. "I ness you would," she admitted. Suddenly she hated herself foi he sn\"S litlle scheme. But Caroline would not forget t. She became keen to make the sacrifice, now that she had bought it over. To prove this to Kate, she saddlcel her horse and •ode over lo the Grayson place it once to make the arrange- ncnts. . . . Thus the party got .mdcr way, speedily anil impulsively. Caroline ' ARCANGEXO : CORELU WAS THE FIRST VIOLINIST TO PLAY A STRADIVARJUS HE RECOMMENDED THE UNKNOWN. INSTRUMENT AS "WORTHY OF A TRIAL." QI7J5 BY NEASCRVICtlLNC. Jfl : Zi, ^ More rare than human quintuplets -arc the three Polar-Kartiak bcai cubs in the National Zoological park. The litter originally container four t but one died. One other litter of hybrids was born to tlm lame I'olnr and Kaellak couple, but survived only a few days. NEXT: Which is llic imM pneumatic 0 [ u birds? Women Suffer More From Nervous Sick Headaches Than Do Mei BY UK. MOltKIS Kditcr, JciErual of the i\:nrrir-in Mrilical Assnriatii;n, ami of UyRi'i.v the Health Magazine Another classification ol headache is that, appearing in people of a nervous type. Km>™ a^ nervous sick head a clip.-;, thrs? occur much more Ircriulntly j;i women thun they do h\ m.-ri. Tn fact, women were found to have this condition 2\; limes ,1:, frequently as men. In most instances, \vr.m.-n of (his type have headaches that las- longer than those of nn';i, an-.l they arc nauseated much nnr: i IT n.i!cntly. In considering t h e various mclhcds of treatment which nny be apr'led. it is well to reawub: iisain lhat the first step of im pc.rtancc Is suitable stud-, bv a physician, who will dclenm::c the j cause of the headache and treat • "-- ---"••— asltcd Morgan first She and Kate had decided that if coulel not come on the night set, they would set a night when lie could. It must be elone casualty, they agreed, so that he would not suspect his importance But no changes were nc'cessary lie seemed to find the invitation intriguing. « « i "PI-IE night chosen for Ihc haj ' rielc was (o have n full moon Caroline, who had become almos as enthusiastic as Kate, declared "We don't care how hot it is. It'l be gorgeous on top of a moving hay wagon!" After it has been fair weathe for a week, one somehow forget about rain. When a few cloud gathered on the afternoon of th eventful day no one gave then serious attention. Just tra'lin. wisps, they seemed to be, tha lessencel tiic blazing sun's heat fo intermittent moments^ It was no until 5 o'clock lhat Kate sajd, an xiously scanning tho sky^ "Tiios clouds look nasty, ,,Caroline, don't like Ihe way. they're gel ling together— " It did not begin actually to t sprinkle until (he last guests had arrived. Tho litlle house seemed bulging with people. Caroline cheerfully recalled the saying about a crowded house insuring a good time, and hoped for the best. Mr. Grayson came in from the barn, looking embarrassed yet pleased lo be there, lie attached himself to Caroline, so that she ould not forget him, even for a lomcnt. Indeed there was nolh- >E else for the poor man to do. .ate saw that Ihe crowd regarded im as a liresomo old bore and 'ondercd what lie was doing iere. Someone tried tho radio but its orn speaker emitted worse omuls than usual. Far worse, ecause of the slorm in the air. Kate said in Caroline's car, We've got just three whole decks f cards and two tables. What?" "No!" Caroline whispered back, Pencil games!" Paper and pencils were produced and games were duly bc- ;uu. Yet, not even with Cynthia Chenault's help, could they put hem across. Couples, set on wos-ing, tried to break away and -J i et up for themselvo.% but there* vas no place for Iheia lo go ex- -ept the kitchen. And lhat room, hey soon found, was filled by wo low-spirited colored people nd a great deal of unaccountable : smoke. ; It was inevitable, Kate decided afterward, that the kitchen flue ihould have chosen that time to smoke. It was lhat kind of a night. Al 11 o'clock the .sleaks were cooked and the rolls buttered and .oastcd amid a smoke screen from :hc kitchen stove. Guests coughed. choked. . The cakes :hat were cut afterward were incredibly sticky, for flic icing had never hardened. The CDlTee cream was faintly sour. Just before midnight the Major came in, smelling of whisky. He greeted them all gallantly and rather pompously before Zeke and Johnnie Baird helped him upstairs to his room while a pitying, shocked silence descended on the litlle house. In n'little while the girls went up the narrow stairway to the dressing room for their wraps. When Kate tolel them goodnight at the front door her heart was like a stone. It did not matter to her that she had discovered Eve Elwell quietly inviting a chosen few to "come to my house afterward," or that Morgan. „ was at Eve's elbow, ! cyidently the "Jf first of the chosen'."Nb'thing mat- T tercel. She only 'wahtccl them aU ' to go anel stop trying to be kind. (To Be Continued) trip-Cropping On Minnesota Farms Praised ST. PAIJJJ (UP)—The Agricul- :ial Extension Service at Univcr- ty Farm has been advised that trip-cropped fields designed to educe soil losses through erosion cw Include 15,(H5 acres- in south* ist Minnesota. Ths acreage is on farms under o-operative agreement with the srvicc lo carry out complete cro- ion control programs. It does not ncludc the strip-cropping now icing done on severai oilier farms n the state. "Sli'ip-croppintf is the running cf alternate strips of clean-tilled crops, such as corn, and alfalfa nd some other hay crop in level rows across the slopes of fields," explains H. A. Flucck, field diree- ,or for the Soil Soiiscrvation Servin the state. 'The hay crop .acts as a check silt in run-off water during rains and Urns reduces the rate of soil loss through erosion." [ This method of fanning is in contrast to the method common j in the past by which rows were! run in straight lines up and down hill 1-cgarlcs.s of slope. "Many letters have been received from farmers who were enthusiastic concerning ' the new method of contour tillage which has been inaugurated on their farms," Flucck said. Wartime Bomb Death ftiissle 20 Years Late SYDNEY (UP) — Twenty years after he hud picked it up on a battlefield in Prance, Edwin Arthur Hollimvorth, a Sydney, ex- soldier, was killed by a Mills bomb he had kept ns a souvenir. Hollimvorth was showing a visi- j tcr the bomb when Ihc safety 1 catch became released, The visitor and Hollimvoith's 12-year-old j daughter iverc injured. The military authorities made a fresh appeal to holders of war relics to have them made "safe." The appeal brought a rush of ex-soldiers with souvenirs, one of which \va.s a small aerial bomb that had been dropped in London, Work On Keel of New British Liner Started CLYDEBANK, Glasgow (UP) — Hundreds of hammers are pcunciing in the John Brown Company shipyard as the keel box for the Cunnrd White Star No. 552 liner, sister ship to the Queen Mary, Is under construction. Workmen are engaged on plans which it is believed call for a ship about 2.000 tons larger than the 80,773-lon Queen Mary. The new liner, not yet named, is lo be completed for launching in 20 months. Although plans remain a closely guarded secret, it is nndei-stood that No. 552 will he 12 to 18 feet longer than the Queen Mary. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople nest and change arc particuta !y valuable for people who a constantly under physical mci In!, or emotional pressure. "No 01 wilh recurrent sick heatlaeh f-hculd try to work all the tinv. He will do well lo take at least one 1 extra day or afternoon oil for rest and recreation, and prr- haps aUo winter and summer vacations. Authorities suagcsl that whr;i a person r.ufTers a severe a! lack of sick headache-, his ton:'. shcsild tc- darkened and everything kept as quiet Most of these patients nrc so intensely uncomfortable lhat they eio not uant to t:e touched. An ice-bag to the head or a ho; \vater bottle to the feet, may in relief. It may be necessary, as ."heady been pointed out. to cou- the condition accordingly. Any' trcl 'he action of the bowels, lo other treatment will be cnly \iz\- j watch the diet, and to stlmulat? llatlvc and temporary. " ! the blcod-fcnnini; organs. In many Instances.' it is ne:^-l In som= instances digestive <!!.,- .«ary to make n elermiti- change i lurtancrs bring on sick headirhr.v in the life habits of such pailr-n':,! Cnicful examination of lh<> ecu- based on a survey of his work,! Mllutlcu of the patient will in- play, foexl, menial altitude-, and, elicale this fact and help the philosophy of life. physlcan make suitable coir,-..-. * ' • lion. of Ihc AN KEYHOLE, THE T-UK1MEL .TO 6uiDE THE KEY .'SAY, MAJOR .' S'OU 6OT SOMETHING/ I'LL E.QU\P MV HOUSE WITH THEM WHERE MY Kifv3: SfcJARES ME— IP I TAKE MORE THAKl THREE WITH THE V<EY,IMTH9 SHE STARTS IF YOU A-SK THIS'IS TH' FIRST TIME j YOU'VE • COME THROUGH WITH A HIT, j W_L TH' YEARS YOU'VE BEEU BATTIM' iw HGAD, MOME OP MY OTHER (3IFTS TO "SCIEMCE HAVE TOUCHED YOUR "FIELD OF. ACCIOkl—THIS \<=> MY FIRST ENDEWOR TO U&V1TEM TUB BUP.DEW OE THE. WAYWARD /XKTO WEAK-WILLED WHO, AT TIMES, BEVTC? THE ELBWJ TOO Oiorslrossitt!; of any patient's Interests sho-.iid retted, tie should live a mod-j crate existence and all *xfi'ss.'->! should be Inhibited. People who! are constantly nervous and -vho' get insufficient exercise should' change their habils in the right 1 direction. 3 ; Arks to Cruise \VnrId ' BEHLTN (UP>—Two Noah's ar-r. will set out to lour (he wrrln rhcrtly. They will carry the crnl'cck circus c.i n voile! that Is expected to hrt for eral years. The two ships IC.OCO-tcn steamers. JUST f\ GOOD SftMA-R- \TAM =

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