The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1941
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP wnp.TWKAQ'P *»„.««.« "^""^ ^ ^ -•"•• f " K*/ VOLUME XXXVIII—NO. l. BlythevJlle Daily News Blytheville Courier Blythpville Herald Mississippi Valley Lender NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI P.LYTM1CVILLE, ARKANSAS. TUESDAY. MARCH 18, 1941 Report Germans Have 500,000 Men In Balkans SE IS SET BK SINGLE COPIES FIVE TRALITY Z Search For Saboteurs In Train Wreck LONDON, March 18. (UP) — German submarines and battle cruisers have crossed to the "American side of the Atlantic'* and sunk ships as far west as the 'M2nd meridian of longitude." Prime Chun-hill -Minister Winston declared today. Churchill did' net specify the i'.\-act location of the German operations on the "American side" of the Atlantic, but the 42nd degree of longitude is about 500 mile'; east of Cape Race. Newfoundland'. In the northern latitude, the 42nd degree of longitude is considerably east of the American neutrality zone which follows the 60 degree parallel to the West Indies. The neutrality zone, however bulges far east of the 42nd degree in southern waters. Any sinkings BELGRADE, March 18. (UP;— A report circulated tonight thai Germany has massed in Bulgaria a fay- larger force—an estimated 500,000 men— than previously indicato.d and thai she hopes Greece to and back .sweep carr through the war the to the British in Near East and Africa. Germany, u was .said, hopes 10 use the Greek Peloponnesus as a for a major assault upon ' as far west as the 42nd degree would be within the hemisphere neutrality zone if they occurred south of the northernmost post of South America. (Churchill's revelation came only a few hours after a report \\us heard in Washington that- Germany was sending at least one long range submarine to operate against shipping close to the American Atlantic coast. The United States neutrality patrol was put on redoubled vigilance to watch for any such marauders.) Churchill asserted that Adolf Hitler had embarked on an attempt to win the "battle of the Atlantic" by cutting "the .sea roads between Britain and the United States and having ' divided these mighty powers to destroy them one" by —one. ___ : "The battle of the Atlantic." he snid, "must be won in a decisive manner. It must be won beyond all doubt if the declared policies of the government and people of the United States are not be forcibly frustrated." Speaking to a gathering of the Pilgrims Society at- which United States Ambassador John G. Winant and w. Averill Harriman, President Roosevelt's special 'envoy pledged unstinted aid to Britain and other -free' nations" against Nazism. Churchill expressed confidence that the battle ot i he Atlantic would be won despite the gravity of the Germar, threat and the fact that British shipping losses are mounting. Only today the British admiralty revealed that tonnage losses oi the British, its allies and neutrai merchant fleets have crossed the live million mark sine*? the start: of the war. British power at the east-'end of Mediterranean. The lame German tcr.ce in Bulgaria, it. was indicated. is virtually ready for action. The Nazi commander in chief Field Marshal Siegmun Von List! ivas said to have completed an inspection of the entire southern Bulgarian frontier along which the bulk of the Nazi force is concentrated. War Bulletins LONDON, March 18. (UP) — An official announcement disclosed today that 10DO persons were killed and 1300 injured in the great German air attacks upon the Liverpool and Glasgow areas last week, one of the heaviest tolls inflicted since the start of Nu/i muss :iir attacks last Fall. LONDON, March 18. (UP) — Turkey's radio Ankara, in a .Broadcast picked up here-today, quoted a Berlin dispatch that normal relatiozis between Germany and Greece could not continue much longer. "Authoritative" informants were cited as making- the statement in connection with reports of the arrival of British trooj)s in Greece. According to the Ankara radio there were rumors that the German minister at Athens was awaiting; his recall but it was said that the Greek minister to Berlin intended to remain ;u his post. BERLIN, March 18. (UP) — British phi ties raided various points on the northwest const of Germany during .the night, killing or wounding a umber of civilians when several private houses were caved in. the high command said today. Firsts broke out in non-military objectives, ii added, but were put out quickly. German planes bombed port and dock works at N'ewcastle- cn-Tyne during tlie night, the high command said in its ihiily communique. Other German planes bombed ports on the east coast of Scotland. German planes yesterday .shot down four barrage balloons over Dover, the eoinunique added. Suit Of Former Circuit J Clerk To Recover Back I Salary Sel For Monday OSCEOLA. Ark.. Mar. 18.-Thm- i i:ase.s were disposed of. a doaen prisoners arraigned and the case of Hugh Craig vmus Mississippi County set for Monday, Muruh 24, in the first day's session of Ciix-uii Court which opened here yesterday with Judge Noil Killough pre- The case of four young white men. Buldy Patterson and John H. Patterson, brothers. A. j. Holt and Hamburg Williams, charged with disturbing public worship in the O'Dotmeli Head section was the only trial by jury. j o hn H. Patterson was fined $1 and the other three dismissed. The case was appealed from magistrate's court. Pennsylvania railroad officials have a.sked for f«derui aid for over a yc .r. the of J. W. Slayton. former constable of Joiner who was removed from office last year on charges of embezzlement, was nolle pressed- The charges were brought by Bruce j Ivy, former prosecuting attorney. Wils Davis of Memphis represented Slayton. _Judge Killough directed a verdict of not guilty in the case of Clyde Connelly and Phillip Klssell. both charged with unlawful possession of property. Klssell and Connelly were represented by D. F. Taylor while Virgil Greene assisted 'the prosecution. The Craig case in which Hugh Craig, former circuit court clerk. j is seeking to recover S3300 in back salary from the county.'is expected injured. in hunting saboteurs blamed for the passenger tram at Baden. Pa. Pour that the rails had been loosened; three of the live cnr.s were hurled into the rlvci us snown abovo.—cNEA luiepholo). Six Killed Unopposed For Directors Of Local" School District "In Election Here C. w. Aftlick and Dr. H. c. Sims - , were re-elected without opposition _ contain much technical and de- to the school board of Blythbville ile tailed evidence. Mr. Craig has J. Coston as counsel; the county is represented by Shane and ler. of Blytheville. Petit jurors selected Commissioners H. P District No. 5 Saturday, flclals announced iodny. A total of G9 votes wa on WASHINGTON, March 18 (UP) —Two officers and four enlisted men from the aircraft carrier Yorktown were killed in a collision of two naval planes during maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean yesterday, the navy department announced today. Lieut. Frank M. Robinson, Springfield, Mass.. was the 'senior -,, * three-year Casl> !° m - eer ° r Lhe l»Bhl,'Hls body by Jury ; terms. Other members are C Dunavam, j Buck, menter, Ed ward Segraves Charles annual school tax question , Evans. Luxonv H C Cole Bur « Wns a PP roved !n the election, dette; Guy Driver. Guy Brvanl ^' ovidl »e a til * of eleven mills for -_ ^~. -, ,-.. , , J r-)ll*r'fMlf /-*»-vri>*r4Vi^»-» f\v»^J ______ _.. . -»i E. S. Crihfield, L. W. Walters Jr.. C- L. Jenkins, T. B. Renfro. Osceola; Eric Waddell, Grider; George Edrmgton. Harold Ohlendorf, Osceola; R. H. Cromer, Carson Lake; J. R. Cullpm, J. R. Knocks. Wilson; Ray Mann. Marie; C. L. Demon Jr., G. A. Looney, Tyronza; Joe current operation and seven mills for debt service i retirement of bonds). Earl Magcrs of Half Moon.Tarm- er-ginner. and school board mcni-|° kln - ber for 21 years, was elected to I another five-year term in the annual election of Dell School nt«_- recovered as was thai, of Klrby L. Perry of the nnval reserve. Norman. Okln. Others killed were: Stephen Knyowo. chief radio man of Washing ton, D. C., James S. McLendon, radio man second class. Raleigh, N. C.. and Benjamin Christnmn. radio man .second class, Danville, Va.. Miller O. Dejnrnett, aviation' machinist, third class, Drumwrliilu, Miller, Blaze At O'Brien House . !™ mcr ' by 28 voles as Smu!I damage resulted from a Joiner; O. M. Hill Jr.. Marie; Earl j mcr? than °°° voles were cast. roof fire yt Ash and sixth streets Wildy. Etowah. it was one of The most exciting t *"• fi:U) a.m. today after a spark Alternates are L,. L. Gates. Kci- elections in years as Mr. Gill car- caught on rhc roof and .started :\ Joiner: J. H. A- ,S. Catching.s, Westbrooke Jr.! U ' icl 23 - defealing- Noble Gill, Dell ma .V 01 ' ser; Joe Reeves, Bob Crews. Aubrey | ried Dell by a large margin and Cowan. D. H. Blackwooci and C- C. j Mr. Magers won cosily in voting j Irby. Oiceola. Amonj the out-of-town attorneys seen at court today were Graham Sudbury. Claude Cooper. Virgil Greene, Ed Cook and Percy Wright minor hlaze tu the home of Zeph| Man -' u Cruiton Ward 3 TEE WESTS IN CimLECTl Mayor's Race and Two City .Council Posts Will Provide Contests Here Filing time for the annual mu- nicipnl election and a special election to fill Lhe uncxpired term of City Alderman E. R. (Rabbit) Jackson, who resigned to.. run for mayor, passed nt midnight with no new names addud to the list of men .seeking- positions as mayor and alderman. The elections will be held simultaneously on April l. Tom A. Little and Mr. Jackson are in the mayor's race to suiTced Mayor W. Marlon Williams, who Is not seeking re-election. Candidates for alderman, by wards, include: Ward l—E. R. Jones, Incumbent, unopposed- Ward 'J—John C. McHaney, Incumbent, unopposed. Wurd 3—J. P. Lunsford, Incumbent seeking re-election, opposed by E. B. Woodson. The special election to fill the post vacated by Mr. Jackson on Debate On Aid Appropriation To BeginToday Spring Is Coming Rven If It Is Cold With Spring oHleinlly scheduled to begin Friday, Old Man Winter «"8 in for n hist sLanr! lusb night n-s tin? temperature here fell to a minimum of 20 degrees for the second consecutive night. The murk- was seven degrees higher than the coldest registered this Winter however. On November 15 the low' WHS IU above. Bright .sunshine today caused ' the cold to moderate 'somewhat and weather forecasts for this •section Indicated warmer temperatures tonight. 1 The house began debate on tlie bill shortly after noon. Passage \B expected tomorrow. The committee; in a report on the bill told the house that; while the amount Involved was huge—the largest single appropriation in peacetime history—it must be accepted "or we become u faltering welcher" on' promises to help the democracies lighting the Axis. ' ;_" /,;* Simultaneously, thfc. committee^ made public testimony by Secre-t tary of State Cordell Hull and- other ranking cabinet and defence, chieftains who appeared at secret' sub-committee hearings on the bill. Hull also hud warned the group Lhcit "halfway measures will riot' sufllce" to meet the serious dangers facing this hemisphere, • „'"We cnimot stint and we ,must not falter," Hull testified tiv tluU portion of his testimony which- was published by the committee.-' Much of liis testimony arid that! of other witnesses wns supressedV Supporting Hull's testimony .was' that ot Secretary of-War Henry.; U Sfclmson, Secretary of Navy Prank Knox and General 'George C. Marshal, army chief of staff. All urged quick action. • . ,, "I must In all conscience say to the American people." Hull said, "that in my judgment this hemis. sphere and tills nation are in se-. rlous clanger and that every possible step for national defense must be taken with utmost', rapidity^---.''' "In this task half measures will not suffice ". with all our . . we must strive- will, all ;our power and all our resources. To be content would be to Invite disaster. "No people in history have had such opportunity to learn from the tragic example of others.' O'Brien. .t Half Moon. The vote count was i The Ore wns the tirst. In Blvthe- 273 to 245. Mr. Gill received only is being sought by Rupert- and Dwiyht Bentlcy in 42 votes in an earlier effort to gain membership on the board, tour years ago. of Bljtheville, Lucien Coleman. Fellow board members Lepanio; and Wils Davis of Memphis. Of sas Counties Approved _For food Stamp Plan ^ Mississippi and five other coun- Mel 11 llclcl AltCT Wild Ride Today Down Main Street ties have been added to the approved list of 15 counties to benefit under immediate expansion of the food stamp plan in the state. Welfare Commissioner John J, Pipkin advised the Bly the vine- Chamber of Commerce from Lit Me Rock today. The food stamp plan is supervised by the Surplus Marketing Administration in Washington and enables relief clients to receive certain amounts of food free with purchases under the setup- A relief client purchases an orange stamp for Si and is given a blue stamp that entitles him to additional food when he uses his stamp at stores cooperating with the SMA. The county judge's office will decide upon needy persons benefiting. New counties to benefit under the plan other than Mississippi include Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Polnsett and Phillips. Already on the list were Sebastian. Logan, Cleveland, Clark, Independence. A man who gave his name L. Evans. 38. a Blythevillc car- ! iv a"»er. Highest penter, was arrested by State Th " rsd ay. Court will convene today and settle a few jail cases then adjourn until next Monday, March 24. U. S.~WEATHER FORECAST HIA'THRVILLE— Partly cloudy ^ not so cold tonight. Lowest temperature 38. Wednesday. Increasing clcuoinc-ss and warmer. Highest 5-1. >l !•:.>! TH IS— :Fiiir and not quit*: >:o cold tonight. Lowest 40. Wed-, tusday. increasing cloudiness and! Mar. of Mr. Mayers arc E. M. Woodard, Ed Stacy. Jack Corrigan and B. H. Brinn. All are elected for five year periods. l.', Tuesday. It w;is extinguished by city firemen without difficulty. Another alarm was answered by firemen at 1:45 p.m. today at 320 North Sixth street. Tt was a grass blaze chat did no damage. Ne Only 31 votes were cast in the school election at Osceola Saturday in which C. C. Bowen was reelected to che place on the city school board. Mr. Bowen had no J Mlr opposition. j ^j'^; July Oct. Jan. V New York Cotton 58. Warmer Policeman Eddie B. David and Police Chief Ed Rice on East Main street at Franklin this morning after he allegedly endangered the lives of persons walking and driving along Main street for sev eral minutes. ARKANSAS —Partly cloudy to L-lcudy. Not quite so cold tonight and Wednesday. . May July Get. Dec. Jan. Open High Loxv 1C58 1069 1049 1070 (085 1069 1068 1084 1066 1055 1074 1053 1053 1073 1057 1053 1067 1053 Prev. lose- Close} JC6S 1053! 1031 1062; 1078 1058! 1069 1050 j 10fi9 1048! May 1067 1047 i Sept. 1077 1075 lOfiU 1059 105(i 1086 1085 1080 1(175 107! 1077 1074 1066 !059 1058 108G 1084 10715 1071 1051 Chicago Corn Burns Prove Fatal To Manila Tot Today A Ihree-ycar-old Maniln child burned seriously about the legs and body when her clothing caught fire ns she played In a garden' where trash. WILS being burned last Friday, died at 7:30 a-m. today at Walls Hospital here. The child. Neoma Black,wood. daughter of Mr. and Mys. Troy Blackwootl of Manila, was brought to the hospital Saturday nftcr it ios'f was IlnsL Inou 8ht that the burns were not. .severe enough to require lio-spitnlization, Mrs. Biaekwood extinguished the ) flames that caught the child's | pajamas, but the fire already had burned the girl's body. The body wns taken to Manila lOGa 106,' Open High Low Clo.--ej today for funeral ( ,.s- for which had not been com- 1-2'plctL-d this atternoon. Police received call "• New Equipment Will Give County Modern Police Radio System *'-o'clock that a "man wa. driving *± e ?", e ,^1"^^- i ™ d ; 0 , ^*' i5 ^elvers lor auto-I Mo., a unit of the Missouri state West on Main street, waving his ?" a !11!L?L?!?-J^ ono s P eci al arms out of thr car and yelling at i" """"* '' everyone while driving all* over the j ArkaMM receiver and the Blythevilie station i.s jnine municipal broadcasting .. • . , --- —«v placing radios from i in th" statp Othor-c recently-ifrs ofhcc at Osceola to which j which messages will be transmitted ° f and Division in the ' — County Hale Roland the street and man, who yelled "Rivth^iiio , i M . • : ~ network that will keep head- j The local station heretofore has oCX 1 ro .:s .^TCiprur-* - uh comuy -"• x-s; ^r-TpM ",!, cd .. ot ... tlt r... clt >- P°!5 e ^»<on. ; TW..OTJ. r«d!a, will be piacod injSf Policemen si Ho B D"± Z vj. " • --»«--» i.**w JWA Hempstead, Union and Pope. Tiie over vou " the Plan is ln operation already in Jefferson. Dallas. Craig- The officers pur ued , „„„ through the dowStown district un" for radio equipment and : bv 'up to $1.000- each to . .. . & lllc - U "J • director, but a representative of the Washington bureau will come here and make another before the plan is put in operation here. ' the man and finally after 'he.allegedly told them, "Get away from me or I'll kill you." Officers were told by the man him Tl ! that h e na d "just got religion " He riau hv A meeting of interested persons had a bible In the car y S will be held at the Chamber of Commerce office here "forriorrow/ and cle and shprr T t treasure 'and plans da '- • n R Ce !n ° n night to discuss the plan. He was held in the county jail this afternoon • for a sanity hear- up is well under way. standing deputy sheriff's otfce at Leachvillo, lor must be contacted Immediately. - Keiser and Whitton and altogether he will be adviseci of the message il^ S ^°. n !/^ ruen %, afilrre f y ^ ***** will be 15 receivers ordered.:by radio instead of by telephone, ram 2466 to 2406 A crystal already has been ordered ! cutting down the cost of phone it now is on the by the commission for changing of messages and at the same time all other mumci-.the Blytheville station's band and,allowing other units to listen in on stations of Arkansas. The sta- a receiver and the six mobile units , the message and perhaps intercept ing. It. this way. There will " . purchased six "'two-way mobile ... , .. , , ,, . ,• - --— r r- —^ v "*- •"« «iv/w itc u<i««.o me iucoaag.c emu IJKUIUUS intercept tlcn will be monitored by the state have been ordered. Other receivers a stolen car or criminal that under police broadcast station at Little and eqiilpment will be ordered,the old setup they might allow to Rock, as--well.fts by..Poplai BliUl,.|within a short time, Mr..Rice said, [pass unmolested Collision Of Trains HurtsJBOO RAVENNA. Ohio, March IB. (UP) —A fast Erie Railroad freight train crashed Into a 10 car commuter train of the same line carrying 750 workers to the government's new shell loading plant near here today, injuring between 300 mid •100 persons. The passenger train was running west, loaded- with passengers from Voungstcnvn and Wumm, enroute to jobs at the arsenal. The freight train, running east, struck tin; commuter on a crossing- at the entrance to the arsenal grounds and derailed 10 cars of the freight and four of the passenger. The Injured were taken to the government hospital at the arsenal and to others at Ravenna and Warren. Officials of the railroad said 123 persons received Injuries requiring confinement to hospitals. N. E. Scrlbner. general roadmaster, said tht: wreck was "Just a nlaln ncrU C* T" * l r> r\ • " denr and there was "no trace of bl g Financial GrOUDS Buy wbolaBC -" $63,000,000 Of Arkansas Issue From RFC WASHINGTON, March I ft CUP) --The RFC announced today-it has sold $63,000,000 of the $90,000,000 In Ai-knnsas state highway refunding bonds which it -was 'to take tjp April i. A syndicate headed by the Chase National Bank of New York bought $35,000.000. "of T MI- • • • r* the bonds for immediate distribu- ror Mississippi County tio »" - - i ?Ifllsey Stuart and -Company, I Chicago, bought $15.000,000 for dis- ' jtrlbution after April 1; the Bank Mississippi County's quarterly Qf America National Trust and March apportionment of common Savings Association, San Francisco, school money Ls $55,257.07, tt was | bought $10.000.000 for its invest-' announced yesterday after a three- I ment account and $3,000,000 were hour organisation meeting ot the 1 solfl to Arkansas state highway new State Board of Education- sinking funds. The apportioment tor the state's '"" OT "" BET STJff E Quarterly Apportionment For Mississippi Set At $55 T 257 syndicate and Halsey .schools was $1.00 per capita to' Stuiu>t P ald the ' KFG a premium of -school districts, an increase of 29 1V = per cent, or $750,000. The Bank cents per pupil over tho March, ! of America paid a premium of one apportionment of $1.61. The \ per cent> or SIOO.OOO. The RFC was committed to take a total of $136,000.000 in Arkansas bonds by July I. No more bonds will be offered for sale, however, until the niar- ket "has had an opportunity - : fo absorb the Chase ami Halsey Stuart purchase." proportionment for the current school year was increased to $5.07, an Increase of $1.18 per pupil over the corresponding 1940 amount. The state's quarterly apportionment is SI.187,140. L. A. Watkins ot Harrison was elected chairman of the Board at the meeting. Mr. Watkins, president of the Missouri and Arkansas railroad and member of the Board of Education for 12 years, will replace Gov. Homer Adkins as chairman under a reorganiza 1 tion measure enacted by the legis- Stock Prices A. T. & T. Am. Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem .Steel Chrysler 162 : " 68 1-2 24 7-S 80 1-4 66 7-8 laiure removing the governor as a cities Service"' '.' 4 1-2 board member and ex-officio chair- i Coca-Coin 99 3-4 man. Mrs. J. w. Velvin of Lewis-| General Electric" ..'...'.'.'.. 33 i-2 vtlle was named vice chairman. j General Motors 43 1-2 Mrs. Velvin and Cecil Shane of | mtI Harvester 49 Blythevilie were named to 10-year memberships on the board by the governor last week. Livestock Hogs 14000 Top 800 170-230 Ibs 785-735. 140-160 Ibs 700-760 Bulk sows 665-725 Catttte 4000 Steers 1040-1235 SI. steers 750-1400 Yearlings & heifers 825-1000 SI. heifers 700-1175 Beef .cows 625-725 Cutters &, low cutters 450-600 Mont. Ward 37 1-8 N. Y. Central 12 7-3 North Am. Aviation 15 1-4. j Packard 27-8 I Phillips 38 1-4 Radio 41-4 Republic Steel 191-2 i Socony Vacuum 87-8 {Studebaker 61-2 |St'd. Oil of N T . J 35:.3-S i Texas Corp. 35.1 T 2 U. S. Steel 58 3-S Chicago Wheat Open High Low Close May . 861-4 88 86 1-4 87 "• • Sept; . $33-8 851-2 831-2 85 1-4

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