The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEW i THURSDAY, NOVEMBER' 9, Chickasaws Strive To Perfect Defense For Hurricane Air Attack By J. P. FltlF.Nn . . One of (lie most widely used sayings of ye olden limes was "Stagff Fears Cornell." That can be brought closer homo will) (he statement that "Dildy Frar.s Jonesboi'o make no mistakes about it, cither. For the , Chief had liis Blvthcville Chicks spend most of yesterday attempting to become familiar with the. "pass formations and plays which the Golden Hurricane likely will cmploj at Woodland Field when the two null riviils renew then annual football classic. The local mentors are well aware*- _ . . , ..___ . . 1 Discovers Chkkamws Are -Mere School Boys EDITOR'S NOTE: Tlie follow- InK urllclft ajipenred. in ycsfr- day's Jonesboro Tribune wherein the writer iippamilly ut- Ifjnpleil In puncture "(In gods" and drslroy any Iiiffrlorlty complex the Hurricane might have —or was it just a. sly illR lit (lie C.'hlckasaws? . « 4 « By RIU.Y S'lIKI/TON Tribune. Sports Writer It was while we were In Bly- (hcvlllc taking pictures of tlir Olilcks that we first rcnll/cd what ordinary boys they mel The day was cold nml windy ami shivery. As v.'c walked off Ilntey Mold willi CoacJi Joe Dllily. lie . remarked to a youngster on Hie sidelines, "Don't lianu around j] mlinnry, IGu-ponml little linl/- >nck who has trouble , deciding low many "H's" and "S's" em- mrrass has! If Buys as ordinary as him can leat Hie Golden Hurricane, per- laps our hometown eyes have been oo blf for our brains. " From Lloyd we shifted to Nornan Mosley, tlilrd of the great Mosley clan. And we promptly found out thai the, best • football talent lie has is his name! Monk vfosl'ey ta.s it crooked nose ami grew a new set of VeHli when ha was about six years old — and so did you. Mcsley does most of the Chicks' passing — but Davigheriv lias him brat. fio Sonny Lloyd and Monk Mosley, two lads no more intelligent Like the rest of the football earns, lilytlievllle has a rinartcr- jack, Johri Paulk by name and re's (lie only back lire Chfekx liave who's heavier than the Golden lurricane backs, Paulk has worked hard for his starting post, once jlayed guard and they say when ie was JIUlc Uiat lie was a real jroblem child to his mother. Paulk s rc|»rted to have been one of the nost accomplished tramplcrs oi [lower beds his mother hud ever heard of! Well. It's no mystery now vthy IMne Bluff, Little IWck and Mori! Little Hock beat the Chicks They're just boys playing footbal and probably visit the dentist like anybody else. Shucks, Joncsboro has ahead of the fact dial the G:lrtcn Oang will strike aiid strike oltcn through the air. Their Hue is raid to be aiiall, generally inexperienced mid not, capable or engineering much ground po?er, (hough in Woody Durliam Ihey have a ball carrier who caused the Chicks some lr:uule last year with his offtacklc Jaunts. So,' the'Chicks have been warned to keep their eyes peeled for 'itlmosl anything and any kind of foolball attack. It Isn't violating any confidence to assume that Ihe Chicks' strategy will lie. in the assault-nl the fcr- wnrd wall. -They likely will stnrl hammering as soon as possible and continue every chance (hey have. With (i sizeable •weight advantage it should pay oft Ihe longer tlie game progresses. While Ihe tribe has relied mostly on their ground plays far (he bulk of gains, they may nllempt Is match piss \\ilh pass No accurate statistics on the season,arc handy at the moment but tlie Chicle have scored innnj louclidonns with Ihe overhead game In fact, every touch- down'that lias been scored against conference leoms has c;tne on nerlnl bombs. They have been mixed well W'lh the off tackle slants, end imib and splnncis lo draw the secondary in and 'then flip to the weakness. Bud Duuglierty will be the young' ster lo which' for the major part of Ihe tossing. With but few exceptions he d:es the slingiiie: niu ijullc nn arlisl lie Is, 15 evidence bY his remarkable number of com- plctlons. Tlie Hurricane boast three of the best ends hi t lie slate. "They are. Howard Barrinpr, johnny Osment aiid Polly Black. Barrinscr has been ;tolhered with a trick knee -after : 'gracing the sidelines most of Insl jear and may find Ihe going V.ugh stopping the tribal • hssa'nlt'uL llie tackles mid his terminal and snag;.passes, too Such was the case last iear and this current Ivfaioon line is c\eii moie potent than In '38 nut he Is an excellent v,lueman and must lie so woll of lute that hn )>robnbly is closely prcssinu him. They often RO out, for passes themselves and are e>pcit grabbers. Mosley to I.kyd and • Hartic'n O Uoyd havc ; been popular numbers. ; Iiasn't been all the Chicks have worked on during the week. They went through long, hard .scrimmages Monday and Tuesday during which new ploys were rehearsed and perfected. The buck- field combination of ,):!m Panlk. Mosley, Harberl and Uoyd clicked well and indications i>olnt to mi even poiverful offense this weekend. Sonny took t:- the fullback job like a duck to uater and ran with his Lsual brilliant skill. All the hacks ".re developing right along. Conch Dildy said yesterday he _'as planning to remain here until •> o'clock tomorrow altcrn:on before caving. That would throw him into Joncsboro arnno. 0:30 which would give the team lime lo dress and go direct lo the playing • tleld. That idea has been gaining favor with colleges and high schools this yem in preference lo the long wait at the hotels prior lo the game. It Is said to be the better plan. out here .sonny, you'll get cold." for a minute, we thought, it wa iiist 'Dlkly's ROW! soul prompt hip lim to (?et some urchin In out of tliB weather —but it suddenly dawned en Us that Hint "sonny" jegan with a capital "S" and thn .Ills was Sonny Uoyd! Why, he's no bigger than But Daiigherty or Woody Durham than any other fellow v/ho wrang Ics with his' tie when he 1ms date, arc the offensive stars of tin Why the game might'be a rout—for Oonesboro, er, MICUl'l tic, «'e snld. HIES II I LIE! Papooses Play At Newport villfi this year so what arcs we yelling into such an uproar for? l.ltlle Honk beat lilythevllle ttiey didn't run away with, the Gangsters—didn't do much of any- Dahny Warrlnelon was there too. I thing in fact until the last quar- The Dope Bucket B; J. T. FRIEND carefully guarded. The.' Chicks have a pretty fair set of lossers and receivers-of their own. CaDtain Danny \Varrin?ton. Buddy Baxter, Johns n Black\ull and JncK Jenkins me handy lo ha\e on any prep school learn Not only can Ihev shag passes but aic especially adept at hi»gni<; the lealhei on end around plajs Ulntk- ttell 111 his last game, showed a nifty pair of hip? as he gnlloned 34 iauls around the terminal Had his .blcckers been a bit keener he would liavc raced over for a touchdown. He is one of the most caua- ble oil tie fen sc of the-squad. Neither he nor Jenkins have seen much action in the conference tilts. Hugh "Monk" ''Tex" Harberl. Ncrmnn .Mosley and Sonny Lloyd lake an occasional -hand in the passing and.all have been successful. 1 In fact, each 1ms nt least one touchdown pass during the season Harbcrl's average is perhaps best llioiigh "Monk" has come .ircun CHANCE — "What chance has JoiiDstao to beat Blytheville lo- morrow night?" one of my two (I always was exaggerative) readers uskcd yesterday. I didn't even hcsitale when I snid "good". And I meant It, loo. On (he basis of dope, etc., indications iwlnl lo n Chick vlclcry and by a comfortable margin. They have a heavier, more experienced team which ordinarily . spells "win" and v,illi .capital. Idlers. But anything can,happen In n football .'game., in ihis tiny of Ihe wide open game a long forward pass can und;> all the energy and work consumed on mtuw lunnlng plays and places the so- called inferior team on rt level with ie one dcclnred greater by dope. There isn't a, weekend Unit passes ul Ihiit. upsets*.rock the . football wcild, when the seemingly impos- Ible was accomplished. It'is the day of the. forward* pass nnd the klck- eis, Ihe skill, and speed raihcr Imn Ihe brawn and brute strength Jonesboro, 1m a -corking foot passer 1» Bud ' Dougherty,, and a falr-lo-mlddling heaver /in M(fr McCall. They have three great end who have glue -on their lingers They arc streamlined sliced mer clmnls who can scat nflcr gellirt n piece of the oval. II they star clicking those li'cnvcs. and the Some of the headlines Hint have been written about Sonny Lloyd arc nearly as big ns he is. It was an eye-opener. With the downing of the idea that perhaps, nfter all, the Chicks weren't supermen from Mars, we began a, 111- llc investigating. In no lime at all, we found out (hat Sonny Lloyd, like you and 1, has to blow his nose when he has a cold! It was revolntionaryl One. of his mates, an ordinary little fellow with 'uncombed hair and Just two eyes, contributed the fact that Sonny Uoyd has been known to wear socks with holes in them! So he was the little sophomore that ran 81 yards for n touchdown against Jonesboro last year—just enough to give the passers'it fit by rushing. And their greatest defense against the forward passing is in preventing the chunker trom getting set. Almost anyone can complete passes if they have all day. The real skill lies in the ability lo shoot- (hem true while facing a rushing front wall. Joncsboro is certain to be dangerous. They arc certain to scrap and scrap hard. It is traditional between Joncsboro and Blytheville learns. The game is cerloin to provide thrills and thrills galore, and I am certain lo be on hand, unless 1 break a leg and they have to shod me, like they do all horses. As long as Dan's been playing for the Chicks .(this is his fourth ami —sigh—final year) we'd somewhere ncqulred the notion that he was ( a robot of some type. But as soon Dlldy was through with him he sped to the lee of the stands to get warm along willi a pair of measly 140-pound substitutes. Sure, Wttrrington'.s tall and lias a lot of beef but so have Howard Bnringer and Johnny O.sment although Danny has a much better sun-tan than either of them and they say that's what, counts in the game. Bill Godwin plays center for Die Chicks but In spite of his UOO pounds or so, he likes the taste of lipstick as well as the best ladles' man on the Jonesboro team. A Blylhevillc ctttic once told me "Bill "is SO Swecll" . ' . . Conference Crowns More Precious Than Bo w 1 Oids To Some NEW YORK, Nov. 0. (UP> — Conference lilies, more procicus lo OHIO Iciims than invlUUons lo New Vear's Day howl games, might pass nlo quite a few new hands when the 1939 foolball season is over. And if Hie. upsets keep haunting the favored teams, don't be snr- prised If there's a wh:lfsaln Him- over of sectional croons. In eight of the major confc-rences 110 team has yel won onlrlglit claim lo a championship and the races The Blylhcvlllfl junior high Papooses leave this afternoon for Npwp:rt. whore Ihey will meet the Newport reserves in a game tonight. Ou the basis of their .sho'.vinj against, Jonesboro Junior lilgli school's Whirlwinds the two teams should be fairly v,eil matched. The l'apo:ses boat Hie Whirlwind". :H to 1 while Newport lins won two giiraes from Hie Jonc:;'ooro team We Arc Duycrs For All Varieties of Knylioiins. Sec or Phone Us for IHfthesl Daily Offer. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Plmne 555 mlaht be IX-ccmber lei when the Hurricane kind 61 got lo dreading' the long ride home. Gels' Golden gang played tin socks off of Hope and almost bea .hem. even with Taylor and Dan els In there. Could Blytheville hav uealen Hope If those two fellow had been in the game? Belter minds than ours have said Ihey couldn't. And there's El Dorado, loo. The Wildcats have one of the best teams in the slate and D. W. Dlackwell Is a better runner and [jn.sser than any man Blylheville lias bill they didn't have much luck against 'the Black and Gold either. Hot Springs is another top-notch eleven that was relieved when it had played Jonesboro. Blytheville probably feels'the same way Keiser Will Tackle Tyronza On Friday appear^ certain to, they likely wi score and possibly score otten. With the power the Chicks hav Ihey should baiter the small .lone boro line. They sh:uld weaken V "I Can Wear Them Longer... because of Ankle-Fashioning" Cciser's six-man fo:tball lean 1 encounter Tyronza Friday rouzn iu a game attract ; interest in the lower wcslcn sslsslpp! county section. Keiser is fresh .from a 20 lo lory over Tuckcnuan at Kcise rly this week and a 33 to 1 ctory ever Turrell at Keiser las y. Keiser-has "ft'on six game si one (lo the crack West Mem ill team) nnd tird one (wit ixora). In the .gaine'with Turrell KcLw as tralllni; nt the half. 14 lo: it really' lurned on the heat ! b last linlf. Monlaromery inai vo lonehd:wiis, ami McKay. Ho' ison nnd Turner one each. In the Tiickevmnn game Turner, ho scored once in the Turrell aine. made two touchdowns and mlth one. Montgomery did net >ltiy in the Tnckerman gnme. Tiie Enngllsh Clinnncl once was a great mountain range. 2\ose Ticket Sale Here Late Tonight JONESBORO, Ark., Nov. 0.— James R. McCaulcv announced today .thut tickets fcr the Bly- theville-Joncsboro game on sale In Blytheville would be closed out tonight (Thursday) ,at nine o'clock. Blytheville students und ' the Blytheville band will sit on f the west side of the field in". IrYe s;vilh section of bleachers (near the Scoreboard) while Joncsboro students and ! band «'ill sit .In the north section on the west side. Tills leaves the stadium foi adults and other fans'. >, Less than 400 years ago the earth was believed to be the cen- er of the universe. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA D1S TRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUN- five so rixl-liot that it la\e November or early before they are scllled. Already two major champions— Minnesota 1 in the Big Toi\ and Texas Christian in the Southwest —are virtually out of the raws in their division's while Ulah. cham- pio'i cf Ihe Rocky Mountain Big Serai, is down in a three-way lie or second. Beginning with Ihis Saturday and isting into December, "key battles" ill help Keltic the divisional races. Tlie big conference games this eek will be down In Ihe Southwest •here two of the four teams still i the running probably will be liminatcd. Texas A. nnd M.. a> lop itli three victories, faces Southern lethodist which is second with one onference triumph and no defeats ,'hile Texas and Baylor, lied for :iird, square off against each other. Texas A. nnd M. is favored to de- eat S. M. U. and gc on lo Die itle— but it's suicide trying to lig- tra out thai conference where the radilion that no champion ever •epeats seems the rule again Ihis ear. In the Big Ten, Ohio Stale leads vlth the only perfect record in (lie league. Iowa, Northwestern and TY, ARKANSAS, PROBATE DIVISION.' ' In the Matter of the ) Estate of }No. 1301 R. J. Martinctli, deceased) NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Nollce is hereby given Hint let ter.s testamentary were granted t the undersigned: upon llie estati of R. v). Martluetti, deceased, 01 Ihe 19th day of October, 1939, b the Probate Division of tlie Chan eery Court for the Chicknsawb District, of Mississippi Cpmilj Arkansas. All persons linvin claims or demands upon said bs tiite must present Ihem, duly thenUcatbd, to the undersigned fo allowance before llie end cf 01 year from the date of granting of snid letters. If not so presented _. ., . within such lime, they.will be for- wereu't for crooner Blng Crosby, aver barred; and those clainis"pre- o:ie of the big 'Independent, colleges .Denied within .six niohths from ou the Pacific const, Gonaiga .i(nl-• the date of said letters, will htive. iority over (hose filed after the pse of said six'niohtiis. Dated this 21th day of October, 39. ' ' •"• ' , HELEN MARTINF.TTI, . , Executrix. Sing Campaigns For Alma Mater SPOKANE, Wnsh. (UP)—If it South Side high school second Irani of Memphis. Coach Eel James lakes a squad 18 boys lo Newpor "Tltv ll'ltiskff Thai M AD!! to be a great wliisky 10 begin with—and made truly great with the niL-llowness of four full years of aging'. Yet —its modest price will con- ,. vince yon that you ran afford jr. 'fills -Whisky it t \~eurx Oltl BROWH-FORMAH BISTtLLtRYCOHPASr, IKCORPORArEO A: LmMHc. KMudr . . . Sincr !&JO KENTUCKY STRAIEHT BOURBON WHISKY Michigan all have a chance with only one conference defeat eacli but it, looks as though the Ohio State-Michigan battle on Nov. 25 either will lie up the iiual standings or give Ihe championship to Ohio State outright. In the s:-called Eastern Ivy League Cornell, winner last year, is on top with a perfect record while Dartmouth's only black mark is a tie with Navy. That one should be settled on Nov. IB when these teams play each olher. On Ihe Pacific coast, they've virtually conceded llie Ullc and the Rcse Bowl defense to Southern California. Defending champions but U. C. L. A. might have something lo say about thai. Each is unbeaten and lied once. Southern California has Stanford and Wasli- versity. might not have a team next fall. " : " : Crosby is an enthusiastic alum* nils of aonztiga'. so naturally he was perturbed when the institution's graduate manager, Claude Mc- ai-a'th. ntuiourieed that unless the Bulldogs got '* more money they would be forced .;t: suspend foolball In 1040. The crooner revived nn organization formed in 193B, called Ihe Bing Crosby-Gonzaga Associates The headquarters of llie club is at H'ollywoHt. It's only 'lo boost Cioiwagn'R revenue. • Read Courier News Want Ads. GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR HAT-ROJIE!' IL/nr customers generally report greater satisfaction from Nunn-Bush Ankle- Fashioned Oxfords Let us show you these shoes made to'retain original smartness over extra months of wear! Edgerton Shoes $5 ington left on its conference schedule and II. C. U A. tins Oregon State and Waslilnglcn Stale. If both survive those games then they'll settle the question in their annual battle on Dec. 9. Harry Bailey's Rodeo and WILD WEST SHOW SOUTH 2i\'T) ST., NEXT TO RLY. iMACHliS'i'- SHOP FRIDAY & SATURDAY, NOV. 10 & 11 Featuring ..,. Bi'Otu-lio Imsling and Rriilnna slecr rilling, fancy rophitr, He. WIN $25 CA&H Anyone who can ilde ".loc Louis" wilder canfcsl rilling rules will receive $25 cash. TMs liorse has never licon rlililen. Friday Nile 7::*0 Sal unlay 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. eld & Ewartl, Altys. Not cne single year has passed since the "war to end wars" (World Wor. 1918) without one 9-10-23-nO-l-M lor more conflicts. There's nothing more appropriate for town and country wear than Dobbs Mixtures. So look siui' 1 "<"' be smart by adding at least one or two of these new five-dollar Dobbs Mixtures lo your hat-robe 5g R. D. Hughes & CoJ R. D. Hughes & Co. 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Complete Line Of WINTER AUTO ACCESSORIES MADE FOU YOUR Cotnfort and Safety HEATERS DEFROSTERS HATTERIKS WINDSHIELD • FANS ANTI-FREEZE FOG LAMPS SKID-CHAINS FREE WINTER INSPECTION! \Ve will give your nuloniobllc a thorough! inspection at no cost <o you. We charge only for IHc lubricants and parts which yon may nctcl. "..•'.•"• GIVE YOUR CAR A BREAK! • Lei our expert mechanics pill U in shape for'winter driving! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash Phone 111

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