Albany Daily Democrat from Albany, Oregon on November 6, 1924 · 4
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Albany Daily Democrat from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1924
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PAGE FOUR ALBANY DAILY DEMOCRAT, W, L. if sjw and " R!pi R. &' , Editor and Publishers Dally published' tvery evening nd Sunday morning:; Weekly published Thursdays , K8TABLI8PKD lMf BUSINESS MATTER Subscription Rates Dairy Delivered by esirisr, pr month 60c; pet year in advance. $8.04 By mail, 1b Ltnm county and Rout 4, Benton county, per year, in advance.... f 409 Outside of Lina county and Rout 4, Benton county, per year, ia advaice. . . .?3.W ftonday Democrat, per year., tl.60 Weekly and Sunday Democrat, pet year $2.00 Ia ordering changes of address, subscribers should always rive old at well a new addrass. PHONE M MEMBERS OF THE AKSOOATEU P2ESS The Associated Press ia exclusively entitled t the dm for republication of all news dispatches published bereia. AU rights of republicatioi of apeciai dispatches herein are tdso reserred, SCRIPTURE READING f mtO SHALL ENTER iNot every one' that saith unto tiw. Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which Is in heaven. Matthew 7:21. European groups fromwhich American immigrants, come. There are many people in Europe whose chief hope in life is to come to America. Word has reached them that the 'great republic expects ; them to be washed and clean, so they are scrubbing themselves. . y In 1910 our government sent 33 public health officers to various consulates in Eur ope as an advance guard against the spread of disease to tljis country. Chief among the good works of these men has been the arousing pf steamship companies to responsibility in' health work.;- They have discovered that it pays better to assist in the clean-up activitieslhan to sarry rejected immigrants back to Europe, v They have established their own quarantine stations at various foreign ports and require second and third class passengers to pass a preliminary health inspection .before boarding ship. The American health officers assist in this, although the steamship lines pay the bills. Even transportation lines that do their heaviest business with South America oranada, are nevertheless maintaining quarantine stations. " ' " r- ,v INVESTMENT CHANCES PRAYERs -Blessed Lord, Thou a) the Teacher, and Thou has taught us. that we are accepted only when we come to Thee with our whole heart. I Editorials The World's "Work tells of a woman who ran the following advertisement in a New JTprk n e wspaper . . ,...... "Widow with $15,000 from her husband's life insurance wishes to invest it to obtain highest s . possible return. The investment must be safe " - and must give regular income. Reply, giving full details." Appearing only once, in one newspaper, Shortly after the World War the United and occupying only half an inch of space, States established new and stringent cleans- this brief ad demonstrated two things. One LEAN IMMIGRANTS ing precautions for incoming aliens at quar antine at the port of New York. This was to check menacing post-war . contagions. Immigrants had to be clean to get in. Dr. Samuel B. Grubbs, health officer of New York City, states that this tightening up of restrictions a few years ago has had was the tremendous number .of persons reached by even such a small advertisement as this. The other was the astonishing number ; of promoters and get-rich-quick specialists waiting to take advantage of every ignorant investor. The advertiser in this case received 56 far-reaching results. First of all. the im- prompt replies.- - . Only four of these replies mediate purpose was accomplished: a tv- were the sort that would appeal to an ex- phus case is a rarity and Europeans observ- perienced investor, for either their safety or ed at quarantine ae surprisingly clean compared with their predecessors, .v.:...-.-. A further result is the reaction overseas to these sanitary precautions. A soap and water wave is said to be passing over the .''" HI1!!',' THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 0, 102r 8g:.ia".L HP I J ', H'Jim ui'unmiuiiwi 4 iw.iway ii.'.iii m wisi.iu u OUR LATEST AFFLICITQN lil.'U'l.') '!M ...... w Viii TitV aui o Alice ? ' ; xm ret--'-.: mt. OH AW ' st", n ' WltfA Foot BJlS colU-KO 'niftA 1 eiciilng fflOOO. ' ' , Between 14 mid 0U the untrained man earns $48,000, 'Between 18 and 00 the high' ichoU yraduata ern $78,000 and the eoltitKe Kraduate, I-tweon 22 antf 00, U calculated to eurn $1M,(W0. The 'difference n the earn-, lug capacity, Peon Lord rnya, renru.. aenU the value ( the vJycutlim. Theie are, of course, exceptions to Dean Lord's rules, But there can be no question that, nil things bclntr equal, Uu man pith a hltfh school or collepo tininlnK has an ndvanlairo over the untrained worker. And there can bo no denial of the fact that the future of the ballon resti on Uie edK- catliHi afforded the nation's children. -Oregon Journal. , . " . ,. Democrat Want Ads lirl Results, How To End a Cough Quicldy , Speclallsta say to actually end cough in the shortest possible time the niedlclne should not only iooUio and heal the soreness ana irritation, but should also loosen and re-movs the phlegin and congestion which art the real rauso of the coughing. When this is done Uto worst cough qult-klrdtsapprars. tlii "auuMv-suUiin'' tnvttiuU tuNlt trniusiit tv irtitnin t IM nnwrtittfant knuttB as I'f. Kins's Kov IUf tor CnucliS, A few droits ( 4tw cxilil" iwlls stttMxt tiwtaiulr, and pwpl who ha tianllr b stilt to sloop l ttlsht h Muslims uuHy lttir lull nislu's rrtt vn mtr Stat duwa. It hs lia vst? lUKwntat, tou, lur hllilrit vamvilt) rraiiii, (r UiMirUHB, Urys Ills, litoni-lunl aHui sntl h(wrniiwL Ua sals at sU au4 arassist. Ak ue lutein. 7 r .lw j sr -asw mm 9& I Business Aetivitv:. r It is true that there is a revival of business all over the eountry and men are prospering who did not prosper before. There is a reason for this. The greatest reason is that at last the farmers' products have been readjusted and the farmer is the basis of all prosperity. There could not be general prosperity in the country as ilonir as the farmers were down. Rippling Rhymes By WALT 'MASON THE SUPER STUFF To be a mighty super-man is no desire of mine; I would tiot lead the caravan or with Napoleons shine; I follow up a normal plan, and think the journey fine. . I mingle with '- the workday crowds and talk of fiddlestrlngs, nor miss the glory that enshrouds the man -whose mind has wings; my head is not among the clouds, but Close to mundane things. The super-man is short of friends, he'a shunned by common gents-; along a weary trail he wends, he rests in lonely tents, and no one ' ' borrows coin or lends the great mam fifty cents. The delegates who stand and talk of ten-cent town affairs till midnight by the vil- . Super-man "comes up the walk their gab he ' lage dock, prow dumb as Belgian hares when never shares. The old wives gossip at the gate, they gossip at the gate, they gossip while they knit, they strive to get their scandals straight thflt each may make a hit; but when appears the super-skate they furl their tongues and quit. The'children play upon the gijeen such games as they adore; they're happy as I was, I ween, in golden days of yore; but when the super-man is seen,, they , wilt and play no more. The super-guy Kicks up a noise in realm where savants be, but he's remote from all the joys that comfort you and me; he'd give a lot if girls and boys would let him share their glee. - tering upon a cycle of unprecedented prosperity, when men who are careful will make money. The danger how-ever of .this i always with us and suitability. And one of this small group had a tempting catch in it, since the writer first offered a good guaranteed railroad stock and then added that if she wished to take a "reasonable business chance" ; he could offer her something ' with larger re- " ' ' I There con be general prosperity now All the Other 51 replies, With the excep-jthat they are up. There is every inn nf nni nffar nf marriaci Mrt-rc mir-anrf. I tesson to believe that America is en- -f.-i -- out promotion schemes, fakes at the worst, very uncertain at the best. Oil, gum, opium, aerial transportation, '"opportunities" in many varieties of manufacturing and selling enterprises, all promising "handsome" returns, or the doubling or trebling of her investment within a year's time, were set enticingly before the widow because of her $15,000. . ; . , ; Fifty-one dubious schemes against four honest propositions is a rather' startling contrast. . Is it any wonder that foolish and ignorant persons with small sums to invest are misled, tricked and cheated every day? , -: - . A health expert says every man should work until he Is past 80. If poor humanity's got to slave like that, what's the use of long life? ' ' ;sr Now that election is over, everything political and economic has be proven or.dis-aproved, according to the way yoiijook at it, and we ! can all settle1 down to normal again. that danger is rush to get . Statesman. . wild speculation the rich quU-k-Oregon The Value The cash value of a college educi tlon is placed at $72,000 by a report made public of Dean Everett Lord of the Boston University Collego of Business Administration. He says that a man who has received the benefits of that education will earn during his lifetime $72,000 more than the average man who has not matriculated college. The value of a high school education he places at $3.1- ooo. ' - ?T;!jaC2Xi The average maximum Income of the untrained man he places at $1200 a year. That maximum is reached at the age of 80, Dean Lord maintains, because ha ia usually employed In physical labor and he is then at the! height of his physical capacity.'; His earning power is reduced after 50. The maximum earning power of the average high' school graduate, Dean Lord says, is $2200 a year, IIuj capacity to earn starts at 18 years, when he . has finished high school, passes that of the untrained man at 25, and reaches the maximum at 40, where it remains for the rest of his lift.-- - - - - ' The college man does not begin ' earning untd 22. in the figures of; Dean Lord. When ho h t'8 bis earning capacity equals that of the high school graduate at 40. It continues to Increase with the years, according to. the Boston university professor, because" it. II bawd on mental' effort that Increases with practice, and ex- perleni ce. At M yearn the T, average NEW BOOKS YOU WILL WANT to KEA1) A (irntleniaa of Courage By Curwood '11t Knx-nuattd IliU by Kyiie Kaat of the Mllng Kua By McCutcheon Home Maker By Can field & Big " By Kcrbcr Th Koue biter k By Hervice Ami manyDther to numerous to mention. When you Want books Foshay & Mason wc, , 1 the place to get (bent. pil!l!!inil!llH?IIin!!Un!i!!lllllIlil!:il!ll!lli!!l!!lll!ll!!!ll!l!ii!l Just Starting?--? a IS.-IX Frei'Dawan OiEC rt n mw a - irfiifliiiiai fa 1X T7 IN IV III II The opening of our Annual One-Cent Sale was the biggest we have had since starting this popular method of advertising Rexall Products. . The response' was heavy. Although we have more clerks than usualj'we have.been kept busy attending to the demands of our customeirs. . ; .'Anticipating the growing demand for goods at this One Cent Sale, we ordered heavier than usual and have a finestockon hand. But come early. Supply your wants in Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Candy, Drugs and scores ' of other things for months to come. y -'-';?' '- Buy one article for, the regular-price and we give you another like it for only ONE CENT. f--w,,, t, v FRED DAWSON THE REXALL STORE. Double Action for A Dollar Expires Soon Only a short time now will a DOLLAR bring this DOUBLE ACTION CLEANER into your home to clean swiftly, and powerfully. : : : E .00 SAV$10 , We will ajlow you $10.00 on your old electric cleaner regardless of age, make or condition, toward the purchase price of the splendid new. . ' . ' 1 If you have no old cleaner to turn In, simply pay $1.08 down and the PREMIER DUPLEX is -placed in your home. Then you can .pay us at the rate of 17 cents a day so little that you will never miss it and become the owner of the wonder cleaner of thera all. . When yon buy a cleaner watch every point Look for a motor driven brunh, to get the threads, loosen caked mud. Insist upon powerful suction to draw up all the dirt and to operate the ATTACHMENTS powerfully. THE PREMIER DUPLEX has BOTH double action Jo CLAN CLEAT. TIR3T AMONO CLEANERS : . r ' .' Won't yon come in for a demonstration today, or call up? . We will b glad to show you the1 PREMIER in your own home, without obligations on your part whatsoever. I ,- . ,. "... ' J'' '''' ' Mbiiiitdin States . Power Company Going Trapping?- If so we can supply you with any of th'c equipment so pcfcssary to the realization of your desire for a successful season. V TrapS; Guns, Ammunition Axes Traps are much cheaper this year No. 0 VICTOR; per dozen ...$1.50 No. 1 VICTOR, per dozen $1.75 No. 1 JUMP, per dozen $2.45 , No. 1 GIANT, per dozen . . . $2.75 No. 14 JUMP, (for beaver) dozen $10.00 These arc only a few of the sizes and styles of traps included in our stock. , . TURKEY SHOOT Frld.iy, N'ovnvfcer 7th, at the J. A. Klrr place lj mile 4 north of Brownsville on Lebanon road. Roscoe mes Hardware -. 322 W First Street--.. ' ; - NEQRMATION artment Dep Auto Elec.r-Motor 8, Generators Repaired' "official Stromberg Carburetor rVrtlce Station ,. '. MAGNETO ELECTRIC CO. , i:M2l,W. 2nd ft . 1 t , , , y Attorneif3"atLatv-Hill ;& ?$twJci '.v. Oftieet CHfek-Bak jUullsuSK .h ft'? !, n 1: Phont 290 Vphohtering-'dvetitufied Furniture Re Covered and Repaired Mattresses mode and repaired ,, JVrtwUlfr, FmnHiwa.Conuiy ., (iJ , , Masonic Tempi Cash Paid f&rUsed Furniture ;j 'Or will take furniture that docs hot 'fclitt 1n exchange for something better. Get our priceo before you sell. Uarteber furniture Cmpmy.AlWl Flrt Street Phont -70 Barber Shop "A Specialty of Students' and children's Work. Electric Hair cutting, massging and shampooing- NONPAREIL Opposite Post Office 1 IMIIIIIHII!1!' imnuAlto iMIiiill'inmnill'ifiiiii S'l'iHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;

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