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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas • Page 12

Garden City, Kansas
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Pane 12 Garden City Telegram Friday, December 22, 1978 Washington Today PEANUTS Liberal Leaders Are Irked By JAMES CERSTENZANG Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP)-The scene is likely to be repeated more and more as President Carter moves closer and closer to final decisions on the new federal budget: The leaders of one liberal group or another, after conferring with the president or one of his senior aides, are standing in the White House driveway. Stamping their feet and rubbing their hands against the icy winter weather, they complain to a circle of reporters about the treatment they are getting at the hands of a Democratic administration bent on turning in a tight budget to fight inflation. While they conduct their impromptu, but predictable news conference there have been two such sessions in the past two weeks with black House aides are busy trying to convice others that, in Carter's words, the administration will produce "a well-balanced budget and a fair budget." This is a period that Carter calls the most difficult in the Kissinger 'Unveiled' With en Added Quip WASHINGTON (AP) Henry Kissinger's portrait, unveiled at a State Department ceremony, prompted the former secretary of state to quip: "They've painted out the scepter." Wednesday's unveiling showed Kissinger sitting in a chair holding a document. The portrait, by J. Anthony Willis of Houston, will be displayed with those of other former secretaries of state.

"It's an excellent likeness," Kissinger joked, "swelled head and all." seasons of the presidency. It is a period when leaders of business, union officials, representatives of minorities, women and veterans traipse into the White House to seek a share of the federal pie. It is a period when, in the words of one administration official whose job involves trying to placate everyone, "you have the traditional problem" of agency chiefs laying budgetary problems at the doorsteps of their neighbors. Carter, meanwhile, has been making an apparent effort to calm the fears of liberals, who were never the backbone of his support. Throughout recent weeks, Carter's speeches have been spiced with language that can't hurt his standing among most likely to complain when he submits his tight budget proposals that he is overlooking pressing social needs of the country.

His appearance at the Democratic Party's midterm conference in Memphis gave him several opportunities to make his point. Consider, for example, his words to a group gathered to talk about the economy and inflation: "If I do make a mistake on the budget it will be on the side of those who are most dependent on the government, the poor and the deprived and the disadvantaged who are looking for a better life and who can only find a better life, in my opinion, with a Democratic administration." How about curbing the arms race with a strategic arms limitation treaty? "I contemplate a much more drastic cut in overall missile levels of all kinds in SALT III than we will be able to accomplish in SALT II." So, while Carter's budget cutters have been putting the ax to his spending proposals, and rumors circulate that social welfare programs are being skinned back, the president is busily letting those with possible complaints know that he is still on their side, even if the money isn't. A FINE BROTHER WVARE1WULET ME MAKE A POOL OUTOFAW5ELF. 1 1 IT ISN'T RAIN GEAR IT'S REINPEER! WHY PIDNT YOU TELL THEVAlLLAU6rlE(7AT ME! EVEN THE TEACHER NEVER BE A5L6 TO 60 TO THAT SCHOOL A6AIN! (POOR SWEET BLONDIE- GARDEN TV SATURDAY MATINEE Begins 2:00 -Out At 3:30 Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Rated SIR, HAVE VOU CONSIDERED THE ADVANTAGES OP GIVIMG THE LITTLE LADY A WASHBOARD FOR CHRISTMAS? IT'S CHEAP AND REQUIRES NO MAINTENANCE 12-22 WELL, WHAT ABOUT BACK-BREAKING. WORK? I DIDN'T SAY IT WAS SNUFFY SMITH- CUMT EASTWOOD WILL TURN VOU 'EVERY 2 Showings Nightly Bur Loose 9 A MALPASO COMPANY FILM Distributed bv BSO5 GLORVBElt I NEVER KNOWED VORE LEETLE SflLLV JUNE WUZ ON GOftT'S MILK PS; MOOSE- i PICKED up A BOX OF THIS NEW CAKE MIX FOR ONL9 FIF CENTS JUST APD MILK, SHORTENING, FLOUR, BAKING EGGS A.KQ SUGAR WITH THOSE I CAN MAKE OWN WHATS IN THE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE's JV By Eugene Sheff ONLY: CHF 7:00 (2) DICK VAN DYKE SHOW 0 STANDING ROOM CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN Diana Prince is assigned to help a sprightly Irishman recover his pot of gold from a gang of robbers.

(60 mins.) REBOP FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ATLANTA QD ORAL ROBERTS CHRISTMAS, "ECIAL THE JOHN DAVIDSON WSTMASSHOW John Davidson and his family wander through a spectacular fantasy winter wonderland, where they meet Santa Glaus and other merry characters en route to grandma's house for the holiday. Guest stars: Harvey Korman, Linda Lavin. (60 mins.) 7:30 (5) DATING GAME (6) OVER EASY Host: Hugh Downs. Guest: Former journalist I.F. Stone.

8:00 (2) HOLIDAY BOWL BYU vs Navy (3 hrs.) MOVIE -(COMEDY)' "Which Way Is Up?" Richard Pryor, Lonette McKee. A hilarious account of a poor farm worker who falls into good fortune in spite of himself. Three women are deeply enamored with him, and he is rapidly climbing the corporate ladder. One problem the price is a bit more than he bargained for! (R) (94 mins THE INCREDIBLE HULK Ambitious residents of a dying resort town invent their own version of the Hulk to attract tourists. (R; 60 mins.) ECONOMICALLY SPEAKING (9) 700 CLUB CD THE ROCKFORD FILES A country western singer's crooked business managers involve Rockford in an underworld war that threatens the life of Rockford's father.

(R; 60 mins.) (E) EIGHT IS ENOUGH A present hidden by Joan before her death restores the Bradford's spirits after a Christmas burglar steals their presents. (R; 2 hrs.) 8:30 fj) MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT 9:00 FLYING HIGH Marcy and Lisa struggle to reunite Billy-Bob and Essie Mae Hooper, an estranged married couple who are Marcy's old schoolmates from back home. (60 mins.) WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW (D THE EDDIE CAPRA MYSTERIES A hated poker champ, in Las Vegas for the world series of poker, dies from an unknown poison just before making a bid for a high stakes pot. Guest star: James Coco. (60 mins.) CD WALL JTREET WEEK 'Are Diamonds Host: Louis Rukeyser.

HAPPY HOUR 10:00 0 MOVIE-(COMEDY)'' Shot" 1977 Paul Newman. Star of minor league hockey team discovers brawls bring crowds and begins to badmouth and fight the team to victory. (R) (2 3 mins OflPQE) NEWS GH CONGRESSIONAL OUTLOOK C'9) THE BIBLE 10:30 CBS LATE MOVIE 'The New Avengers: Dirtier By The Dozen' An officer of the British Army is given the dregs of the armed forces and forges his own formidable fighting machine. 'Attack On The Iron Coast' Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Mark Eden. i ACROSS 1 French clerics 6 Word with humbug 9 "Krazy 12 Depart 13 Miner's quarry 14 Lemon drink 15 More like a ghost 16 Hairs 18 Explodes 20 Spirited song 21 Switch position 23 Tse-tung A 24 Mopes 25 Noisy mob 27 Entrap 29 Wisconsin city 31 Colorado capital 35 Swap 37 Marquis de 38 Inspire with joy 41 Entire amount 43 Divining or fishing equipment 44 Tatting output 45 Emulates Rip van Winkle 47 Bizarre 49 Hirsute 52 Chemical suffix 53 Gov' Wallace's turf 54 Play part 55 Curve in the road 57 Synthetic fiber DOWN 1 Mont Blanc, for one 2 Comedienne IJllie 3 Sinister 4 At any time 5 Whey 6 Type of baked beans 7 Word with crafts 8 Pronoun 9 Writer: Garson 10 Confuse 56 Legal matter 11 Tries Average solution time: 25 min.

IFIRIOMClHlElFl SHIS HUE HtslEIEdH SEES HfflU (1DS31H smmm ana SHHa 12-22 Answer to yesterday's puzzle. ter 17 Strangers 19 Italian staple 21 Sphere 22 Enemy 24 Before: a prefix 26 Wobble 28 Dancer Fred's sister 30 Wrath 32 College team 33 Tokyo, once 34 Irritant for a bull 36 Cowboys' home 38 Famed cow 39 Praises 40 units 42 "Merry Widow" composer 45 Bargain hunter's delight 46 Rodent 48 Corn unit 50 Grande, for one 51 Yang's counterpart TWO TEDDY I THOUGHT IT WOULD AVOID THE RYATTS- JU6' TMRtE MORE IT I'M 'CITEP I A PON'T. THINK I CAN STANP IT DICK TRACY- MOMMY, CAN I A LAX'TIVE TO HELP ME KELAX 9:30 )2 15 21 29 22 18 44 47 52 55 26 35 23 30 48 53 56 19 27 45 13 16 36 41 28 31 24 42 49 54 57 17 20 37 46 14 32 43 10 33 50 11 34 51 D.A.SAVS FORMER INSPECTOR TURNED STA7 HE'U. TELL ALL HE KNOWS ABOUT THE APPARATUS, AND GET YEARS IS WHAT HE SHOULD ONE CROOKED COP LIKE PRICE CAN MAKE THE PUBLIC DOUBT THE HONESTY AND INTEGRITY' BEETLE BAILEY- CRYPTOQUIP 12-22 LQBFESITL AB GJSIT MFOSPAJUI'L VMSFE LVMUNPL BI WBJISIT Vl Yesterday's Cryptoquip GAY HOLIDAY PARTY DELIGHTS OUR PROUD HOSTESS. Today's Cryptoquip clue; equals The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another.

If you think that equals it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. King Features Syndicate, Inc. you 5URPRI5EP ME' ALL JHIS TIAAE 1 7HOU6HT YOU SITTIN6 AT YOUR PESK STEVE CANYON STEVE, THE SOVIETS IF ONE- OF OURS WERE 5M ON RUS5IAN WHf TWEIK SATELLITE IVAN WOULP CKASHEP IN USE IT 16 PIFFERENT WAVSTOMfeSS we AW6HTEKUNITTO SHOOT POWN ANY U.S.


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