The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Bruins Arc Bears On Defense COURIER NEWS BulUoo's Big Obstacle Is Darfmoulh; M c y c i ' Spark of Cidc'.s Attack Led by tl le indcmilable Monk Mejcr. »l, 0 ran , hvougl , passed over the Harvard defense W'lh Uic dextciity ot a real All- America br "*. Army stacks up ns country. °* ""' < "" m « '" "» Stiice in All Departments Operating from a single wing back formation, the Cadets rolled °™; a >>«tf-»iitUng Harvard <le- th , K n , h " rcclslori and timing thai chalked up a big score; at the ramp time tne.r ne/enw j, allowed (he Crimson to cross miei- ned nn a hdd u [0 ^ SCD tiered gams. The game not only established J m n b 3 bl " also domonslrat- cd that Harvard, while n well- drilled team, i, shy of r,vt"-<ii lion 6 " f; "" '" bil! leag " e "omp'cli- . Williams' c-o defeat by Bowriom. following the latter's 21-0 b« tc Wcsleya!! the week previous. a"i-ain puts Adam Walsh's team in "the >' 3 one °f the " uels in "W sccdon of the country nonl expect too much from (he old master, Gil Doble. at Boston Collie ;• His ^ team had a narro™ i"hL t Pe frcm NPW "ampsnlrc vhllc being forced to hold off the Durhamltcs. on the goal line on «veral occasion,. Doble Is tall™. ' Lf lowly at Bosto ". «"d quick r-.^!'s cannot be expected. County Basket Title Goal of Luxora Girls LOXCRA. ArkT-MiM Ruth Btillcch will supervise the gir s - b.a.*eftall team of the Lux this year. «n« out SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 193G ! a Touchdown •Head Coai-b, liroira Uiilrrrrllv PROVIDENCE, n, I., Qcl. 24.- Ne.iv England has two major foot- tall teams with excellent'chances to go through (he season unrtc- feale<l--ya!e and Holy Cross. Conch Ducky Pond's cm, cut Yale snuad is as brainy, hard- clmrelng, nncl courageous as we've .Ec-cn at New Haven in jeiis SiKrUng probably the most vei si- tile defence in the east, a captain 'in Larry Kcltcy whose ability to Inspire morale n t!( | c|,, t .)| any s | g n of overconfldcncc ts remarkable and displaying tin offense (hat Is fl.ishy, and yet sound, (he Bull- dci; Is a crlller whose bile Is just as Vnd as his baik. Yale still has, itulgers, Darl- ipoalh, liicwn, Priucelon, and Harvard lo meet, and those squad nre sine lo rind (hat thc liluc's victories, arcnT the result of get- i ling the breaks—ihc team makes it- own bleaks. Any team that can do that h entitled to vtcto, i- The Eii's offense is smoothl,," on I nude, direction of Quaitci- Bficfc Charley Ew.nt, and the line heietofore one of Ihe strongest in the countiy, was further strengthened by the addition of Scolt at farkle. Dartmouth, one of the really need (cams in the east, as I dts- cou>icd after they beat us, 3-1-0 ii Vnle's i.e\t big hurdle. The Gieniics aie using an offense tint .-• ii'¥ rr e r rr* ^ -- i:r™;± TL^ wen inc hue is not wlial would be teaiied big, but it has tremendous speed, and operates will, Capl. Cicorgc Olckcrsan, and Goornc Robinson the pieclsion which goes only with : ' Robinson. n great forward wall. . Gmn liig Yale Threat My prediction is, despite Yale's great learn, that Dartmouth lias an excellent opportunity to win every remaining game ' on her schedule, and possibly achieve one cr the best iccords In her hlslorv • ran Blaik has done a good Job nt Hanoier. an:l. judging from the swij-s nf the Army .system ..miliH Harvaid, BlnlkV i-nrto. copy at Dartmouth is goln* to > touch to beat. . ' •• Holy Cress keeps pulling vie- tcnes out of the fire on the run- nm<» of Sophomore Bill Osnmnski The young fullback's sui-p-ise u i, bcjt Dartmculh. and a j.iunt of M ^Vfc Bftie thc Crusaders out o: then- t« 0 icuehrton-ns In their IS-1 victory over Manhattan. Eddie Anncnon'j, outnt lias r !»«•»}• (0,151, I0 , v to hoo foi . . t[w next month or so, , meet in? Carnegie Tech, Temple, Colgate. hntl Brown. Safely by the;e four 'I K not umeasTOcible to KUUIXI-- li can lake Et Anslcm's and Boston College to wind up with a clean SIR 1C Army, by Its ima-,ion or New Lnsland against Harvard, displayed a catict smwd that mnv n-> Winning Plays of 1936 AT TilE. iEpr is S//OWA/ /-four PITT Sef -fife •SftSEifoK ITS WNM/N& TovCltCOWfJ A&fUtlST onto sr,\Te BS PMV&M& ws/oe ' --~ ffl£ " w T tl ~M£ BUCK DEFENSE ' *i-i i,f\^f— L>J \l\*,'i\^liliJ f\fiUlST?t* Tt^£ Rl6tn END AS Stloivtl BSLOIV. ftr By ART KKEN'Z Although the great majority b^- ieved that Pittsburgh's wlnnln" 'lay against Ohio Slate, ran in t],c ast five minutes, was an cxU'mpar- -uieous maneuver. It really was a consktenlly gain.,! on tackle Bobbins, starting his run as in The , T f play fonowe,, the !iW™ fc ne°'nlS fnn no^L" ^f^'tc™ oncelnT Sferers°werel^'poT „ . . . .h.cW .Opponents Nexl Nashville Scrappers In Loss to Hope, Score 31-6 ; NASHVItlE, Ark.. Oct. 24.— Tiie Nashville Scrappers were i blasted , out of the Arkansas slate ! litle picture by another tille con- I lending team, the unbeaten but versed when Wood took a pass on his own 20 yard line and rac- <•(! lo the Jonesboro one yarr! line. The Hurricane In turn held the Lions in two attempts before the final whistle blew. Air Express Widely Used Week Come From Be-! T1 i?,-^ " as 31 ~ lo ~ e - ' '" 10 maini'and'by ciippc'r 6 S hT,". Air ., T ^ C . ^"JS™..^ 0 .. Olltcl ^« 1 cx n."-« «n1« between Honolu,,, hind to Win, 12-7 Tlie Creenwood, Miss., Bulldogs bo lied the Lee High Generals' of Celunibus. Miss., last week and cro ' Chlckasaws DCCn nfl^prl mil ~t »L i .j.,i^..t,i^ \>[ll^\\s chamnlohJh v, thc Mllnly liorc nc!it wcck - can « from b-- ! gn fast ±r y ,f T |)oilltm "- llilld lo tea l «« Cleveland Mfh fi".,S', > f? r ' . thc lc »n» Is de- school, 12 lo 7. last nieht. ; Evelyn McDaniel. veteran forward .and-ace basket shooter is captain of the team wl Eai ---•' -—i-i ••-•^- «»i«.i.i.^u vAjj«-ss service ociwcen Ho ty Hie heav er Hops eleven. Tol- and Alameda, Cal,, is wltHy iwd ctt. Nashville quarterback, was accordinn to ngenLs a id besS Ihe outstanding star of the game, potatoes, recent Ihlptnenu Si The same was played before a e<l tloycr lot,, a freshly baked cake -own o. s.tTO on a muddy field, motion picture film, a steel cti'im' Thc victory meant Ihe south- and some underwear «-rst Arkansas state championship! for '- Bulldogs showed flashes of C.. J erful offense as they struck' S6i;rc y an d lV)/<n In llin fin/il I.-> ly- ... J n>.) ark ' Thc •x pow their pace In thc final hnlf. 01> ., thevillc scouls who saw the game! said thc Misslsslpplans would 'im i 1(1 ""•' SBARCY, Oct. 24.-THC Battle to 0-0 Draw! . all holdovers from JCar, reporting for practice T^ 'W of now faces on the ccurt includes Victoria Jon c - Ohdys Billingslcy, Beulah John- slcn, Dorothy Sfci\furty r and Dai- otliy Pcrmenlcr, .,i,l ijuil.1 ^""i n Jt: »liadlA41ppUIlM IrVOUln till ' ' rl Brant- <ioubtedly furnish powerful 0 ->ix>"' SEARCY - Oct. 24.-TI,e Scarcy Margaret sition for the aiickasaws who , ns and I1le Jollt '^oro Golden nd Nora! wen their 24th consecutive' B amc 'i^'canc battled lo a scoreless ' rom last Thursday nisht at Walnut ,, E i™ tfc ."«c last night in the most 1 Tliursday night at Walnut uidsc „ -— —°— The Lee High Generals tied bv tnrlllln5! Banir, of the ,.... ^ „„., Oreenwood, were 1535 Mlssiulnnl Jo » csl) °ro failed to c.iplt.ilizc on! state champions. ' u '° chances to score from the tlie most 1 so far.! state champions. It is said that all "left-handed," bears one yard line In Ihc fourth miar- ler each time with a first down and four tries. Just before (he. came, ended the situation was re- NOTICE To Our Customers Effective today, we will c io; c our repair department and gas station nt 9 I'. ,M. eacli day. however we will maintain all night service at the Hlythovillc Motor Sales Co. Phone 1000 for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Task Is Relieving Pressure On Flayers Before Bio Games ny TINV liraii coach, .sianibrd IJniversllv S'i'ANPonn VNIVERSITY, cai -"How do you keep the boys from' petting nervous b5for3 a" h a question frequently fln;<] at'a football coach, I have found that most players are under Intense pressure r or „„ loiter than 10 minulss bsfore the Hckoll. Almost every startiii'. ath- cle Is about ready lo nm from .the field and hide Just before tin opining wliistle. All ,this Is,forgotten .with: the first conflict of the game. One-'In the thick of things they forget" all about the pressure and setllc down to a good day's work. Another big test comes Just before a learn goes on the Held for,' tlie start of a game. Players feel Ilk'-' n young man rcporlin» to -i • »c«' position for the first time they want lo make a good impression. The only thing a coach can do about it Is to keep tliem busy doing something so they «il| , lot Imve time to think too much about themselves and get slaje fright Kcd-blooded American youths ai ; e TO smart lo be talked out of th importance of a big game. The coach's Job is to make the player luilize that the task Is not any greater than uny cither game on the schedule. To Impress this upon him wc go "tout our routine preliminary preparation on the field the same its for any other contest. The only dllference is that we ;o over our scouts' rejxirts and give •r-e boys an Idea of what they cm expect their opponents lo do on lefeme. we set out lo clinn«e a few of our plays for this particii- nr game to meet the defense and iWiarenf weaknesses of our oppo- I'nicllcc Hard f or llliiiuii Spe<-U(nrs We leave the idea lhat we are M'cparlng to., take advantage of veaknesscs, which gives our boys 0 mid,crstaud that they c an put Jilngs orer, on .(heir rivals if tluy knuckle down and exert more effort nncl perfect themselves in the ru |i"cuts of "the gains. , I Stanford, alumni nre very proud f their, teams. They make it a '•"•i- to get down to the - practice .>l limes during the season 1 le boys.realize that the interest-" d alumni arc on hand lo get their reactions before games. Consequ- ntly. they perform in a workman- ike manner, to convince their w-il- visiers that they lrl eati business U was this attendance of alumni nut cawed Stanford to have open practice before every big game We eallzcd. that, thc boys appreciated he fact that their friends were 'vhig them all possible-moral siip- CoMcge nthlatW prepare!! in this '.ay become so interested in what hey arc accomplishing that lh» v lore or less forget about the gain" .nd give their undivided attention ° perfecting'themselves Among our biggest problems an tUdent rallies and .jolly-,,ps held '1 the campus. These have a t»n- ency lo stress O n the athletes the nportance of a game We are helped along this line by Murquette University's best bet for All-Ameriean honors this year Rny (U, I2Z , Uuivid, a triple-threat tack who is one of ,,,0 »»t!ons greatest papers. Her, Is the Uuivid swingin, ,, ls ey lni« n, action. The Galloping Gaels of St. Ware's will Chitwood this fellow a tough one to slop when Ihey tangle with Mar- queues Golden Avalanche in Chicago, Friday Oet 30 (liitwoocl Is Scoring Star in Ycl'owjacket Victory Yesterday i KEfSBR. Ark.—Running 50 yards for a touchdown in tlie Ijrst 20 seconds of the game, c.'iitwood started a scoring slreak in which Kclscr owned Luxora. 31 to G, here M day. Tlie play starlscl on a pass Miles to Chitwood. T)ie Yclloivjnckets scorc<i twice in Ihe first half of the game and three times in tha second half, hut were able to convert only one mint after touchdown. Luxora's score came in ih-> se ~ ond diiarter on a bsaiilifuf d'rlve through Hie line. Luxora also failed lo concert. The outstanding play 3r of Hi* game was Chilwocil, K.jlser back- lie made soms sensational.blo-ks'- and chalked up the'greatest nimi- bcr of yards gained on runs, one o the-wet field. Keiscr's aerial at- lack was nof working properly but • he third tally W as mad; on a pas i MUss to Chism, wl-.o thsn ran ifj i yards to score. ! Knight (Cap 2 Oirardeau Teach- J eis) was referee. "Doc" Brock, iimV"f pire. and John Kelscr {Ifendrixi \ Head linesman. Lineup for ihe two teams follows: Keiser .Chism W. Anderson Sims Corley Kobiiisoti Uimch Elliott Pickatt Bruce Miles I{ H Substitutes: KeLscr _ Harper, Boiick. Wliite, •J', Victory, D. Luxora O'Keefe Hicks Aycock Pillow Mouser Poteet Leigh Wright Woods Medows Cieorgc Nichols stunn.' Hallowe'en on Grid} It's Hallowe'en every Sauir<l:iv for Andy Uoddcnbcrry, Uni- vcVsiiy of Georgia ciu'ai terback. .Amly, siiircriiijf from'a hrokcn nose, has lo wear a special mask to protect-his face. Here he is with" Ihc awesome helmet that • ny youngster would be proud lo wear on Oct. 31, the nighl the witches cavort. El Dorado Too Strong For Zebras DORAHO. Ark.. 24. . .. 'IlK- hrces .of the Pin= Bluir ,- tras fir im_. undefeated season "ere Hnsfd here last night when Ihev wnrc defeated bv the El DD- rnrto Wildcats. 12 lo'o. The Zebras were outplayrd in every fluairter c>:cei;t Ihc ' fourth i- lien they held the Cats on even The El--, Corado toii'ehdowmf were made in, the first iincl' liiird- o.vart'.rs., Shelby .plunged over for tlie first touchdown, climax- 1 i ten a sustained drive dbwnficld. ! r"rse counted the second touchdown on a 44 yard run from an civl-around iilrr,^. Hnc • Bluff mace four first clown:; mid El Dorado made six. Semi'nolcs Suffer First De feat of Season, Score 20-12 IIARRISBITRO. Ark., Get 24 Harrtslnrs hi^h school celebrat- o ceera- « Is hcm;caminR yesterday by winning over Ostreola • here '0 to p The come was lliririn^ ^n ihe way wllli both thins ' shmving wore olfensin; than defensive s'rcngth. At Ihe h'rilf'tiic score was 0-8. .Tcrrar.,. 85 yard run viln an intercepted pass for a Hrriirburj touchdown featured the r' --, ..-. H ,. u ,,.un 3 mis nne iw P'>' ^' c bos' 5 with all kinds of quss- rany commitlees. which have lal- tionS—what they expect to do lo <mcd students put on comedy skits - 5to P c° rl;lll > stars, etc. niter the tension of the rally has To combat this, we usually get come to a high'pitch. These skits thc bovs t-ogethcr about nn hour give the boys n relieving last i m - aftcr t!le evening meal, and cither prcsslon just bsforc the pressure of l:lke tllsm to some sort of cnter- tne game really gets to them tainincnt. nr dm,,, tim ,*ini,,,-,*., „? Movies Correct Mistakes 1'revioiis Year's Game i tainmcnt or show the pictures of this same game the preceding year. | We s!-ow this picture rcgardtess ot ^erlne^.'" 051 * ^^"^£A ^bt '>™«$°?&^s& c^s^ro'^ ^ " ""un. Jllf & them realize that the SLI; and well-wlshsrs do not expect the' Impossible. They realize that after ail they are Just going to play a'l game, and that the tea,,, opposing i !"'L,.t comi>osc " ° r l '°y* "Ml rh =C <1 "' CkCst """ sllrcsl - lo KM Has 1.183 Kernels BELLE PLAINS, la. (UP1—Prank a fanner near here, cJnims Football Results Colleges State Teachers 33. Magnolia A J: M. C. Texarkana Junior 12. Wesley 7 Arkansas A. & ,\f. fi, Northeast Ccnt?r of Louisiana 0. High Schools Little Reck C. Memphis Central G Itie). North Little Hock 19, Stuttgart Catholic High c, Riisscllvilfc 0 El Dorado 12. pji )e Bluff o Comvay c, Bcnton G (tie) Hopa 31. Nashville c. Augusta 5. Newport 0. Harrisburg 20. Osccola 12 Silonm ^Sprins.s 3-1. Alma 0. Hot Springs 13. Fordyce 0 McCichce 13, Derniott C Port Smith 13, Clarksvillc G iialesville 26. Morrilton 0 Paragoidd 7, Plggolt fi Mariannn G. Wynne 0 Forrest City 2fi. Helena, 0 Caniden 19, Texarkana 0. Scarcy 0. Jonesboro 0 (tie) Greenwood (Miss.) i-> c'lcvo and (Miss.) 7. Cscrcb ' had been undefeated rnd vnscorcd on until they fnc'd ll'.c Iccal eleven. Papooses Again Lose To Reddies, 32 to 0 Tlie Armorel high school Red- dies defeated the Blytheville junior high Papooses, 32 to 0, in a game played yesterday at Armorel The Papooses were defeated earlier in the season by the Red- dies by a larger score. American life insurance companies have nearly $500.000,000 invested in farms they own outright. Jifad Courier News Want A4*. Kpfnrp. Yon HOT Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE $45 Single Cyl. 'Other Sizes to 15 n. EM HUUHARD TIUB & KATTERY CO. WANTED TURNIP GREENS BRING SAMPLE TO BLYTHEVILLE CANNING CO. BLVTHtVILLE, ARK. FINE FABRICS OR WORK CLOTHES Our r.aiimlry Son-ice Improves Them All Garments laundered by us are CLEAN 1 because (he water wo "use is softened' to and our soap is positive but not harsh. MODERN DRY CLEANING SERVICE Plionc 327 BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY

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