The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.J COUKIKK NEWS 1941 Badgers Nip Alma In Finals, 62 To 53 —Keiser Loses 22-1 1 NASSAU. Bahauus. March 17. I t.UJ- > «--The double Attraction of j the Ouk'j and Duuches.s of Wind- Beebe's Badgers ruled the atat« ns haskeibull chair.- SOJr ;" J ^ •^"•.^n^of^ionai yoift: piona today after wimiinjr a hair-raising thriller, G2 to ^ : ^ ; ^ro-'mate ^i of'sSo'^- ih" over Alma's Airdalcs in linalfi of thu stato Cl;t.--s A tounui- i \,cu DMT!, PROS i Novikoff Croo »' c ; Cubs Listen m PPnCC^ /am l>' For Music Of Base Hits LU liiUdd • — 1JV HAKKV O11AVSON r;i.A Mf..w Sports Kditor Sport Parade By KENKY McLEMOUE ment at Jonesboro Saturday night thai gavt- Becbe, musi powerful force in the stale this season, champion* for the first time in seven years of trying to win a state meet. At Little Rock, the state A.A.U.* girls' tourney ended disastrously for Kciser" 4 s strong: high .school sextet for the second lime in as many, years, when Flippen's tall sirLs edged the Mississippi eonntians, ] 28 to 18, in finals Saturday ni{.:htj at= Little Reck Boys' Club. J Beebe. one of five tournament' favorites and survivor \viih Alma' ever a fast field that included foiu pt invited teams—Blytlieville. Forrest j City, Harrison and Cave City—won' after a valiant fijjhi by Junior Carson cf Alma almost gave the los ers a decision. j M'anv Lon«r Shots i o!' the Heel Cro.s:-. ri'p:;ru>d lociay. iji.s Tommy Armour aari oiie.s turned back two other i Croats, Gene ^araiifn and Wali/.rr ! Ha gen vx-.sicrday to win a 3(J-holc ' l:i?ii<.'l'ii .<mu:h, spoil sored by ihf i Duke o! \Viml.sor, '!, and 2. Before yivstL-rduv'-s lii holt : | ol piny Ije^an Uie Duke and Du.'M! esy presented gold i'ountain p'^m ' to the payers with the i^c-riptioii, ; "Prom thL 1 Duk? and Duchess ;>:r' \ Bahama^ lied Crass." JoiH'.s, Armour iim! Surazfn al" turned in 70'j while Hagrn carded a 7H. Armour had 'the bt'st 3(j-hoU: total with 140. Sara/.ea had 142. t he hns the Cub? on (>,• '.i'-i'n Li'jd. Jimmy Wilson hopes LUJ Novikuff will get around to. l.L-'in,: somr- baseball, r-cviruff has demonstrated thai !i.. is M'MK'thin-' ol a .siiijjer i»'.id .;.•:!•(' i.ri Wi'.son is marc Inlyr-; •:•••! in his hitting and uuifieldiug.! , A fifi tiil-iii'', his turn: about ::~uiiir.', tn Ciualina island, where rhi- ChiCH^o.s opened work, Novi-| '•nil <iki ::o more than a-.rree to, '. n.'t:> dji his first visit. Ke asked • u a ixia/.e more div.'.s in LO.SI lack of rfsper.i paid o0 i:t.'s> MS and lluyen 149. • Tin; Duke, attired in u .)!m- MIAMI, .Vian-h 17. <UP) - J grapefruit baseball circui winter is I t)ic Detroit. Carson shot from far-away dis- [ Heretofore any club that pitche-l! whit;' checked winddreukcr and ranees with greatest success of any; training quarters with the right to j aky-blui- punt.s and shoes. refemic! player''in the tournament and ne>- ! raise the blue anil white flag with j the match, animatedly dlsai.s.sin.j ted 30 point?;, bur his efforts, while "American Leaiu^ champions" writ- .shots with the players, enough .to keep the game on a ten on it, w:^ the club that had ; The crowd, of 1,000 paid more spine-tingling basis, were less than the most words penned about it, attention to tthe Duchess who also enough and after his long shots mid was the club that nine of ten ' toured all 18 holes. She was info the final period—made mostly critics named as the one to beat.; titx-d in a blue and white sports while he was up eft' the floor— j n the approaching race. But not \ dress put his team within one point of so lhe Tiyi-vs. No one has picked' the winners at 52-51, Beebe forged them to flnish beUcil . thau third Qr ahead again and won with ease, ^urth this y0ar> nnd , h(?y , lre gc( . he score by periods yave Beebe Ung no morp nltcntlon than if all a 16-15 disarvantngc nt the end of t , lcy lw( the first period: a lend of 35-28 at. j thp ,.,,,, the final gap but couldn't gam the lcftci all, a u; Tmm of 1940 cume mmhty "• «UP>-Pirst Baseman Johnny agaU VA!^r «^n A !->,< vi«»r dose to doing nlMhftl a Rrent base'-j M^- ll f ew pounds overweight. KCLser second Las le.u . bjll lomn shou)d (io u , tll u | joined the St. Louis Cui'diimls n! Keiser s cneereiics, ^f^;;! seventh innmg of the seventh «um, ; their training camp today after t V)e VA'TT !O *' llle w01 '^ series w'th the Cin- u> m-5i pmuu. a it-nu oi w-^o .^i the S0cond ha!r e h lim pi 0nsh i p of half and 48-40 e olin; into the (tho Sa!]v L period hen Alma c'osed lho| This ^ ll:(rd louxillaln . Aflcr ST. PE-J^ERSBURG, Pla., March 17. <UP>—First Baseman Arkansas competition and favored to win UI1U ICIvUiCU t-VJ SVlii Itn. . meet, failed to meet the challenge- C » inrt1i f^s "icy U>oked the part of the tall sextet from Fiippen j 0 , 1 world <=ruunpions. And t .nt» and went down as they did ini cmncl ' s ftr « Lh °y would be: world 1 champions today if Dick Bin-cell, "chidester won thr 19-10 tourna-'- sh ° J '^op. and one of the knowing- ment with n one-point decision in PI: - L men in bnHeball. liad not yone two overtime periods against Kei- to -- :let -P at the post and literally ser in the finals. Chidester wentp'I^^f! the winning rim to walk out in the quarter-f!mt:s against,|ncro^ home plate. Looking: Strong This Year Ilic Tigers were n fine club last n this year in an upset that warned Keiscr of impending competition aplfiUy from Flippon. but year. They came from fifth place, they could do nothing about the : a spot which had been assigned to challenge, although they did tie '{horn before the season started. the score twice and go ahead once- and ran over all other clubs, in in the final minutes. terms offered by President Sam Breadon. Mi'ie had been ; reporlod holclijit;- out for §18,000 is^amst the 51S.CCO he \v;is siild t« hiivc rcce'm'il t:ist scastm when he U-U the nv.tjor U-a.^tJos in 'lomt' runs. Aolual ternii; of the con- lnu;l. ln>\vcvcr, svere not disclosed. 1'he iigrcement ended a holdout which began two months ago S:;t«i)j ffut Didn't Play | 'I!': r, tifter gcitiny in an inira-' •.i: i in mi-, lie dfijartt'tl for the uu.'itsiK 1 to sint;—of all thiiv/s—: . ;t;. nit-star g-amc. Wilsou asked; im in tlv back to Avulon, but! .:• p.tin-red to take the Lo:it. HP mi:ir.<(f' it. ' /n'jt!\<:' visit to the mainland; '•;v- irc'ssary fcr NovikofV to k'.'fp j •. radio date with Biir^ Crosby, i'ar | which he was paid $250.' He | ;!nvi.-d another clay to address a! I-!oiiiry U;nclieon. !'ut Wihon .soon liope.s to -seej v.:;ii that .o!»2 Coast. Lssr-ue but- *inu uvtM'uji'O locks like in major i Labile liveiy. l)o:iu SI ill l)i/-/y Divay Conn isn't what he was. bu; he hasn't clianged any in so far as fci'iny something of a problem is i-uncerned. He also ap- i .sired more interested in radio ivhear:-:al.s and appearances on the i mainland than he did in pitching I lit Catnlina. They talk ofOV Oi/' new .sidearm delivery, by the way. Well. I won- Jer how they thought he threw vvlien at iiis peak ; v/ith the Cardi- i rials. He alway.s! pitclied with Uie' , s -idoarm delivery, j n Wilson didn't j care so much; ••hcnit Hank Lie-; I ber's holdout, but me wishes Big Bill. Lee would get in' harness. A Let when Mi'/e rejected the first of n j series ot proffered contracts. Rookie John Grocl/icki went the CLEVELAND, March 11. Greg Rice, former Notre Dame star, ran Im current indoor track winning streak to 18 straight last night by winning the Colurwoian two- mile with a. stirring .stretch finish in 8:5«.9 at the knights of Columbus track meet in Cleveland -'.;•(: ltd, Rice, after running second until the last two laps of the rate, fin- Yaqui Joe Versus Rodriguez Tonight Yaqui Joe. ihe spindle-legg^tfelico professional wrpstli'ig si who has become one oi the mcsi popular m h t performers u'' liiytn ville's mat fans, will lace a fellow-countryman-sly Carlo- Hoanqu -in ihe main number on the two-event card promoted by Mike M reney at the Legion Hui tonight. It's expected that Rodriquez, \viih * no regard as usual for rules or sportsmanship, will revert 10 his I tried and vicious methods of 1 wrestling- that include eye gouging, n opponent when he's any other ^ . jo yard, ; in front of, Ralph , buia over the ropp> . _ __ bchwarzkopi oi Ann Arbor, Mich, i foul tactics that you ever'saw n a . , ' Indiana ^ate policeman, | a wrestling ring. finished third Big Al Blozis of University 1 urni.shed Georgetown Lhe first oi' Then it's expected that the In- Yaqui Joe, will on-ce more ST. AUGUSTINE, Pla., March 17 <UPi— A six-foot putt by an amateur golfer enabled Sammy Sneiui long-driving pro from Hot Springs! three records by tossing the 16- • toehold and leg scissors varieiv to pound shotpui 55 feet v* inches j advantage at all times and becW ^.»^j% t * vv^»_, »YA*I Vli-^CTillWit, tr.,- fc ,. _ favor of the fans bv using- his ^" L .° collec ; $1 ' 000 «>'st h O : T /^ r» \» H »> >-^ ^ VI fi< f V* .-. , ..->.._!. for winning the- sevemh a;muil National Amateur - Professional to crack his own mark by seven j tlu> Indian has such a wide reper- Be3l : Ba!1 Gclr tournament touay. and im-ee-quarter inches. , icire of novel holds he stands u , , , Audc-i, Georgetown freshman, fin- |duvnci> to give the bi-v burly Me*-' lfiur ' simK ls puu 0]1 ished second with a heave of 51 i i cai i one of the few defeats he has! " o!e y^^i^ay to give feet 9'^ inches. Stella Walsh, former Olympic star from Cleveland, broke her own world record in :i special 220-yard dash with a time of 25.8 seconds. Aiian Tolmicn of Detroit tied the world indoor mark in the 45- yard high hurdles by topping the met in a local ring, [ The opening match on the card i scheduled for 3 o'clock is billed betwen Soldier Thomas and George Tomas. j Tomas Ls a Syriitn who is' rej^utedly a hardy foe fcr any of the local group of heavyweights. Wilford Wehrle, Chicago arna- on the 36ih him and Snead a 1 up victory over Jack ,, ' l " lU - w - - - ±?- m --»••-•—• w..j ^ » v\J MM^iit,^- 1 -*-^ ., - i , , , timcers in 5.7 seconds and ihsnjj? a . he ™ 11 ? pposse the tormer added another 'record to his collec- Marme wll ° ls a squuu - v fellow < tion by romping the 45-yard losv hurdles. in 5.4 seconds. The tinio XO CHECK ON CHECKERS Checkers still is one of the most po ^ ular pastimes. One manufac- turer sold more than 20.000.000 boards ln Allieri ca in 1940. broke the old standard of 5.ti seconds set 40 years ago. Charles Hlad, Michigan Normal, finished second in both events. John Borican of New York, world record holder at the 1000-yard distance, won over Campbell Kane of Lou Novikoff Leu Novikoff . . . and a capable performer. Thomas wrestled here on one other card and earned the reputation at' once of being one of the roughest gents in this territory. He's a tough, mean man, the Soldier. and the Syrian will have to watch his step lest he be trampled by the Soldier. An advance ticket Cubs expect symphony with willow . . • ii^'teucl otiiOeldn* neglects train - Jn-j for crooning- and date have been First Baseman : : :i Wiutktis StriiiL'*, 1 ! 1 . and IniieLder Lou LUJ. only 21. who led tlu Lent Uf, while at Tulsa, in n r M .icmgan Normal. | at 6 0 - clock and tickets moped the tape inches ahead ol | moved to the L j H t Tolmichto win the 45-yard dash in five .seconds flat. Walter Mehl. of Wisconsin, national A.A.U. mile champion, took the lead from Mel Trutt of Des Moinea. la., with two hips to go n rl'OttirO MIAMI BEACH, Pla., March 17. > UP)— The happiest man in Miami s!Link's, doubles, triples and total j N.Y.A.C.. finished third. hi-.s-es. is .L'ivin\> Glen Russell Lhe ii'.-ht cf hi.-v life for hi.s job. Stringer, now being used at | form that was hisphirci base, will spur both Stan Ior Llu -' University season ' is badly! ?r «<-'t -And Billy Herman. Ke really! t»U pitching staff .Icnas at second base. Leiber. Angle Galaa; Everything may be all right \vitli to win by a yard and a half in j Beach today was Manager DC the time of 4:19. Luigi Beccali, j Prothro of the Philadelphia Phil| lies as result of his team's 5-1 conquest of the Cleveland Indians. FOLLOWS FAMOUS FATHER Alerill May batted in four runs AUSTIN.-A leading candidate | in two times at the plate against or^ the University of Texas b'ase- j Bob Feller, two in the first" and two in the third. The Phils added this spring the Cards yesterday. 1: i T .bubly will start in center field,j '.ht: Cut3 if Jimmy Wilson can the climb to the heap. One of the in their upward surge nine points as Kathleen Mont- Clevekmtl Ijlc ,i an5 alld the bent gomery. tall Keiser star, cotildn t Ule Indiuns out of lhe fl b licfe _ score but five points. in , r th , oim^, coVio/ Thic *-MW, 7 t ii« t^ ~i5 Srr^ St. vc". But with two niintitss to play, f " ^' , ' ,*" „ .. l ' c m =•', ^ Keiser went ahead Lwo points fnnn bo > Feiler ns ?» ace ™ ^ when Watson netted a pivot shot. Fiippen immediately retieci tno ccunt and went ahead to stav ^ Uciill Moore, sen of Wiley, former another in the eighth, the Indians hurler. scoring their lone run in the ninth. seven batters. spots in the Cub Hncup that will make or break him. moir.ent later. J^P. jtr'-'ns: Kefeer (18) 1 Fiippen Player TPj Playw K.Mntgmry. f 5! Hurst- f Watson, f 9j Phillips. E.Woodard, f 2|Burch. i W.D.Mtenvy. i" 2} Butler, g "N.Wcodard, g QiKeeter, g McKay, g 0)Kuddleston, g W.M.Mntsry. g 0! TP 17 r Keiser (25) I Encla (17) K.Mtgomery. f 8: Player Watson, f 9'iE.Lasley. f FWoodard. f "iGndbrrry. f W.D.Mntjry. I ij Newell, f ' ' N.Woodard, g OiT.Laslcy. g W.M.Mtgry. g O'^iirker, g McKay, g OpTo^gard, g [B.Gadborry. g Blaney. g To hole. The Timers this year figure to hi. 1 as strong as they were last year. Stronger, in fast, l)i*caui.'e Charley Gchringcr is healthy a£ttm. Gchrmsfci- started the 1940 season with a back so .bad you couldn't have taken it to a friendly p.uvnbroher and got a decent Iran jo in ex-change. Right now Gehringer is good again. True, he is a year older, but ho feels good and as long as the diitchman feels good, he can play second base for any team. Well Balanced N'ine, Look at the Tigers all around. Seattle George Archie May Be D J Boon To Sens In Flag Chase the game yesterday. Miles. Johnson and Hayes each got three hits as the A's otithit the Cubs. 12-8. and scored their fifth straight triumuh. L b TWO MORE HUTSONS 1 TUSCALOCSA, Ala. — Ray and I Ron Hutson, twin brothers oi Don, Thaddeus Maclceiwi-jz. i are backneld candidates at the .NEW YORK. March 17. .UP,)— | outs. . . Pre-season American • League jot-j Felix | tings: signed as a free agent by the Phil- j University of Alabama, alma mater clelphia Athletics, is a Chicago i of the Green Bay Packers' pass- Pacitic Coast experts declare that W:i.shinsion senators owner Chirk Griffith made one of the smartest moves of his career when he drafted first baseman George Archie from Seattle. Archie was voted the most valuable player in the Coast league in 1940 after he had batted .320 for Seattle. srol2 7 The catching- stall c;' Sullivan and Tobbetts will be bot.tor. No team in the League lias two better ic- 26 bast's and played a b.uig-up game at firsl b:ise. He t-yied in vaii*,. two yours a'.;u. tj wrest the ba'.e job aw.iy from Hank Grcenbcry at Detroit. adelp boy. who played the outfield for ; ca toiling end. Purdue University three years and then built up a reputation as u hard hitter by buking the ball lor a .340 mark in three summers with the Lafayette and.) Reds. He is a graduate cf Harrison Tech HU r h. weighs close to 2GO and tops the i;-ioct m. : ;rk by 2 in:hes. ... ; iome diiy uerii ii'itson when Bo:,- j ton's Red Sox are playing Dctvu.:. I Buck Newsom may be pit:-hin^ = ... ... , the Tigers. Heber Newsome for ceivers. Tlie pitching slnfT .will be Porlci . vaugh«n. the University | ^'^ Sox aiui Lamar Nf-v.^ i'ouLhtuw who joined I Pl-iving- short for Boston, lnr lia Atlili'tic.s iu mid- tn ^ coming through >tnir stronger. Newborn will head it and ! ot u * there is a young man named Flovd ! rh ^ j Giebel who'll take i;p the sir If season but had onlv lair The United States and China each nave five cities with o popu-ja avs O f the 1940 Vea7on" ra cf tiiore than a - ; ^ ; -- • • i Hi Bar inf jHowe and Briclgr-s slip a bit, Giebel, ; dcspits lhe fo ,, that . he lia , con . , you U_ rcrnerncer. is the youngster i sicicrabie ftbmty< conie , b:usoba!l family, and faiher both bail Wh ° lirk " Cd in lhc ln from a His grand: i;'i;.'r played spcal-tcr: "Ne\v;soni hit an bounder to Newsome \vi:o thvc-'.v ;o Nexv.soin?- ccverinu second. ;iiu^ forcini.; Tetbeit.s." anfcs Play Dodgers Detroi: from Buffalo, keeiis in trim Insurajir Phone 7f>7 lOfi N. OF ALL KINDS F fl8t €^ R I P SK SALE APPROVED ALFALFA Try EBS They're Delicious 0!s Hickory Inn Lespedeza and Beans and Peas of Various Variety Also Car of STONEV'LLE Pedigreed 2-B and 4-B L. R. Matthews Go. II! Freshost Stock [?es< Priors !AL Chicken & Dressing and last year "nc won i!3'anri lo>t ciiht for Snn Anton:o. HL> won his only start fcr St. Louis. . Kyba Stars in -i I.«\is;u^ When Mikt.' Ryba. bought by the Boston Rod So.x from Rosiestn\ was voted lhe "nioit valuable ^layrv" award in the International League after the 1940 season, it store for the Yanks three-run homer in the u:n:n a wiid throw by Red Rol.'V 1>; v.-inr.uii; run cross the j)l:it!> :o: C.;t-.; in their half. A's Win Again LOS AN'GELBS. March, 17. .UP> icnn Association in 1935. . . . He ! with the bases loaded in won 24 and lost but eight games and Bo',> Johnson's roi;M ! t--" •' for Rochester, having five shut- i no almrd in the filth eliivhP GROUNDCITY- 250 MILES UNDER ANY CONDITIONS VoU'LLGDFAR WITH Maybe You Ve Been Missing Something! YV7 HEN YOU s ° for > r ° ur first gIMer-rtde in the new Lincoln-Zephyr, W you'll experience a sensation as different from ordinary motoring as day from night! You'll forget about humdrum transportation in the thrill of driving for fun again! And, as you give this powerful thoroughbred its head-feel the live, 12-cylinder horsepower sweep you along with flying ease of action-you'll wonder if you haven't been missing something! Why not take a ride-discover for yourself why Lincoln- Zephyr owners everywhere are so outspoken in their enthusiasm for this new and different car! clinched Ph«mc 403-W-2 Yarbro, Arfe. Hot tttecnits Mnrninir and Ni^bt TRfESCHMANN'S CAFE Across Front City Hall WRESTLING 0eo= Tomas vs. Soldier T 0 fM *%C\ M&3> mm TOWN-CLAD* SUITS 19.75 LEGION HITT—8:00 P. M. ' i '

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