The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 4
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?AGE FOOT BLYTI1EVlLLIi (ARK.) COUK1ER NEW Social Calendar ' FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Arthur Rushing and MLS C. P. t Tucker entertaining Dorcas Sunday School class, First Baptist church, 2-.30 o'clock,, at clnucb. Mrs. LOuls Applebaum entertaining Friday Bridge club. Merary Department, Woman's club, meet% 3:30 o'clock at club problems of families Indifferentnt (lie homo of Mr. and Mrs A sections of Die' South lakeii from o. Little will bra dinnerparty ut lltn hK/llr "T'lvnvn A i-« rv.... T !.,„.. l« n... . .,.. . WMIV* [lai tj Hb Ilic book, "These Ate Out Lives," (he Little'homo- loulRhl ' ' SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Charles t, wyllo entertaining Delta Contract club. American 'Association of university Women meeting I2:3D o'clock at Hotel Noble. Miss Merit Zadiary Weds G. 6. Sallb» Jr. Miss Aferle ZacharSv daughter of Mr! mid Mrs; T.- W. Zachary, of- Memphis, and G. O. fc'iillba Jr., uere married last night In n ceremony performed lit rlliic o'clock at' Dlo home of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Sallba Sr. I The Rev. Alfred Csrpenler, pa.s- lor of Ole First Baplftt church, ™' U scnCC- parly , ,,,„., ,, • »'B L,IUIU nuine- tonigiiv. ', -i 11 V ,*Yi?,M '*• Sl '° c0 '"" «««'"!'•« oftlic Tli'iirnday Llinell- cliidcd by.Mrtilblllng a (jropli imide can club and their husbands will as a result of n silrvey In tlie' local be guests al tlie dinner high school willed, showed the. . ,t «.,,«' ctfcct o! economic, iteisiire on (lie Surprised Witli- I'arty High school student. g. Jj. Damvoit surprised with hlii . . Jw Eyrard played mi accordion <t birthday parly • given by „„, solo, "Dark EyeV', ns Die musical dtiuglite'r, Mrs. Jack Parker last, number on the program. ' i night 7 on (he occasion ol Ills' 80th In Iliu room coulit, the attend- birthday, iinec prize went to Misi Luhfc B',,l A birthday cake' with '.Bundles was Wllhclm',1 room; Miss Efflc' Lee used for the centerpiece or (lie Terrell's room was socotid Bud Mrs, j dining Inble. Farmer England's third. | After (ho guest of hcnor hnd After (lie meeting, tho members opened his gifts, the 20 guests were looked nt nil exhibition by tho | served, n dessert -course, junior 1 high art classes before go- . \ « - Ing to (he high schcol to scfi the'! Hotel Is StWo exhibition of llio national: education week posters made by the members of high school social science claw. " * * * Is New Mcntticr' i Of firldge. Clul) Mvs. L. S. BeniSh Is a new nicm- , bcr of the bridge club which was 'entertained with a party , nt the ut Bridge I'arty 'Hie Hole! Ndblc Was the of the .Tuesday Bridge club party Riven by Mrs, j; Nick Thomas 'I'lie.fdiiy afternoon for members of the club mid Ihrt'o giteals, Mrs. Cnr- i>:ll B.lnkemqre, Mrs. P. B'. joyrier and Mrs. Khrl Koonte of Pulloil, Mo., llmisegiiest of ATiw." E. M. grorrn, nss best man I The biide wore an ensemble of lall and brown wloi lualcliliig- nc- , , '- * c " 1 ' 10 which hl which high . Yellow chrysanthemums decorated the tnblo nl which liihcli was served. ' Mrs ' m * l> A ' ">»"" ™« Wsl« t cnei' mid'-second - 1u ' Bwiish. gh to Mrs. ccstories. Her corsage wos of vhite flmvcK. Her attendant \vus dicsscd in' n gray costume bull designed wit'i ls Giitst Of Cluli n' caiacul jacket -with which M>e M ">. Hiram Wyllc plliycd curds v,oic a pink corsage. Hci accessories tt'cre iu Biny. The wedding slipper \\as wived 1 to 75 guests. A thiee ticicd wcd- diiig cake adoincd the center 01 the table. Out of town BUcsls \Vcic- Mi. and Mrs. T. W Zaclmty, Mr. and Mii> AUbicy Zacliaiy, Mis. Clnin Sadley and dnughler, Ij5ii!t,c, nud Haul Wooldridee, pi Memphis; Mr. and Mrs. F. Johns, rtv. and Mi-,. G. A. George and family, of Lnx- ora, nnd Mi's. Jol>n Shlbley .ind family of : New Madrid, Mo. Ladies Aid Sixteen members of the. LndieV Aid of Tcmrjic Isi'ael attended the meeting at the hdme. of Mis. Ro'ic Goldbeig, of Osceola, last nigh*. The 1 loll call \vas answeied \vll'i a current event given by caw member. After -the business session, refreshments ^cic served by the luvitebs. The next meeting will bo in tHi home of Mrs. Jack A|>v>li>bnujn •Wednesday nlglit, Nov. 22. ncarcl-Mlchic Performed In Mississippi Mr. and .Mre.i Franklin Mlchic "- announce the rntnrmgo of thelf daughter, Mi<« Boiinto yiigmln Parrott , to James Smyllib Beard ol Cleveland, Miss. The ceremony \\as ho!cinni/cd Saturday, Oct. 7, at Cleveland by the Rev. Ridiaid A. Boliini; :f tho with members of tho Town and Country club yesterday afternoon when they Were ciitcrtniiied al the home ot Mrs. J. W. Parker. KcfrcshmciUs were served nt the conclusion of tlio games lii which Mrs. G. O, C'ftudlll: wus high seoroi- and Mvs. C. C. Langbton,. second high. All Club c J'arl} 1 All Ihc moiiibcrs of the Wednes- diiy Brlflijo I'liilj httoiidc'il tho party given yejilerdny iifternon by Mrs. Farnswortli Bliick at. her home. A. cenicrpluce of fruit' and nutitmii loaves was used on llio .diiilng table at which lunch WHS" i- iihri Mrs 1 .. Hunter C'. Sims, second high scorer In the brldgo' games whlcli Jcllowed. 11 ' !!!•• mil im.i Bits of Newi Mostly Pcrionalt Osceola Society — Personal Progressive Ci'uli Hl'tiilles Sonlli America An Imaginary lour' of ihc Si republics of llio two Americas" ', begun by 3!> members of llie CK. ola Progressive clulx when they tnct In Ihc cbiipcl of t)ie Metirdlst church on Tile.wlny nftcrnoon, Tlie coul-se, nrrnngcil by the fun American iijiibji of Washington, a (J.. WM purchased by Hie club al (lie suggestion 1 of Mrs. VV. R. Html, Intcrjuiliotinl- rolntlon:i eliiiirmniiof the club. In preparing tt issue visits and passports •ind other regulations for "sidling" It wiis found tlint not i nirmlior of llie club pbssciM'd e Mrlh certified|o. Introductory fuels, livformutioi nnd history <f dm continent' were told by Mre. H. C. Davidson, clialr man of Educntlon for ihe club were played I) of "i^ixora were "Garden al Mrs. M., R. Glbbs of Llllktll, Tex., mine yesterday to bn with Music numbers lltlc Sarah Her numbers Evening" and "Curious" Story.' In Ihc business session led bj Mrs: D. R, Wert-/,, president, i canned fo:d shower was collcdct for (lie iiutrUlou project nl (lie Osccolii grade school, ami cac! member requested to- bring n to" for tlie Goodfclloiv clubs Christ inns distribute!!. Mrs. John EUrlng- ton told briefly of. the. care of chrysanthemums, bulbs --'mid rose, for the winter. . New members received were Mrs E. Moore, Mr.< Coy E. Scllvcs . , her mother, Mrs. W. It. Brown, il ' 1(1 Mrs: Bntcc Ivy. ulso of Li'ifkln, who Is seriously 111 Hostesses • wlio h«d converted Hie or jjneumoiila here at the homo interior cf Die dinpel into a IJCLIU- of her daughter, Mrs. J. P. Friend; | lif "' se W'"K with large baskets of | yellow" and bronze chrysanthemums t 0 and arranged the menu for tile nntl family. W. K. Francis wus called ., . .. ... .... Shnnnoiii Miss., today because of "tourists" were Mrs. E. S. Crllificld llio death or his grandmother. He. M". Coode;, Bandy, ..Mrs. j. B. will i-elurn tonight. I Bmin, Mrs.. CJeorgo Edrington, Mr- Mrs. Rupert Graf ton, .who was' Bot > Cromcr.' Mrs. George Dicker- recently'.dismissed froii! tliiy Ely- s: " !1 "d Mrs. John Andrei En- served, chrysanthemums Were ar- tlicvlllc hosiiltal, has-returned to ril 'Stoi>. ranged nboiit Hie living room while the licspltttl for li'caimeuf. Sllc has Hie Thanksgiving: motif was' further' carried out In the tallies. Mrs. W. II. Mlnynrd \vns liigh scorer nnd Mrs. L. E. Old; second' liifc'h In llie bridge eiiincs which bccnlll for more than a week. ! Mrs . Mrs. Willis Ford has redlriiEdl from Kansas City whero she went chUrch. The eouplu \\as attended by Mi. and MIS. w. A. Hardy. Mr.s. Hmriy Ib tho t\sln slsler of the bildcBroom. . After a. iioncymoon .spent in Memphis and Blythevltlc, Mr. and Mra. Beard are nt Iwme at a»l Bolivar street In O'lo\ eland . * '•"• t .^Iiib Turner !>p<"iks At P. T. A. Meeting The economic pi'qbteniK that con- fioiit the child of high ichocl age were discussed . yesterday afternoon by Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, elc mentary supervisor of city scliools, j Ituviovs I'lny's. • ''.Mrs. Clmrles Mbrclicnd reviewed, two Uroadwny .plays at the meet-" Mg of Cliuntei- r) of tho p. E. Ol slsterliood.. yesterday al'tUc home' of Mrsi Everett fl. GCc. Mrs. R. K Klrsbnci- nnd Mrs! Gee were co-hostesses »(, the luncheon w'lilch was served buffet style: Fourteen giiesis were present. Ulllnn Itciluinu's tlmma. " r n\c Uttln Foxes", In \vlilch TnlluliUi Bnukhcud is sUirrcd iiUd "No Time For Comcrfy" In -.\vliluh. Kalhci'hic Ccrncll nnd Fruncls I.cdcror iip- licarcd were tiuv \ilays- reviewed by Mil,-. Morchcud; She had. seen. both tlin .shows while iu New YorV: this sitmmeiv Clirj'.saiitheniimis and potted i'lanti' «'lth Thanksglvlti^ tallies for n bilef visit \VitiV her father, " 5C(I e " vc a ' llol!t| ay note"' to llie QonlOn An-derKon. bridge parly, giv=n by: Mw.'II. C. Mrs. J. J. Johnson returned last Jj!lvl(i son when Mrs. Bruce Ivy of nlglit' from Memphis where slid tliis city, nnd. Mrs. Robert f.iicrt who at llio meeting of tlie Jimlor-Sniior High Patent Teacher association at the high scliool. The first part ot her talk was- based ou- llliLStrntlons o! economic A Three Days 7 Cough is Your Danger Signal Crcomu\sloif relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of UIQ tronbla to loosen germ ladenphlcgm, iporeaifi secretion and aid nature to toothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial nuicous membranes. No matter how many medicine'; you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a. bottle of CreomVjIsion with the understanding tlmt Vou llnyj arc to like the way it. Quickly allays tlie cough or )oU are to have youi money back, CREOMULSION siQiKt Colds, Bronchitis Kites Ire SoK'iihiiml Here Tin; ttcddih!,' of Mrs. Afui'thn Mc- Ciiin and Walter Hlnson. bah of Manila, was performed here Monday afternoon nt the home of llie Rev. K M. Sweet, apstor of Ihc Lnko Street Methodist church, who read the sch'lce. Mr. and MM. ttiiwon will inuke (heir home sit Manila. Has C'lub Party Chrysanthemums decorated the home of Mvs. H. T. Schuee yesler- dtty iiflcrnoon \vhcn she eiiteilaincd members of the ADC Ili-lil^c c.l.._ nnd four guests with a party at her home. IJesldc.-; tho members, guesl.i were Mrs; J. w. Adnms jr., Mrs. H. r. Kcljcy Jr., Mm. Elhert Huffman atul Mrs. S. G. Slielton. A salaci plate was served al the conclusion <f tile bridge SKII\CS in which guest |jrizc vvent to Mrs. Kclsoy and club prize to Mrs. \VII- liaiit Youii);. * « » 't'o r.tilrrl:i!u l-'or HoilscKiic.'ils Amoiig. llic.partl« Iwiil; phmuerf lor Dr.. and Mrs. F. M. Huaan:,, of Lino:li),- 111., during their visit heJe Hostess went to be with iier brother ^0 C nn<l Elizabeth; Slllihnm o, Joilnsoii, wlio, undei'tfcut- a -'major Il " x:l ' a wcrc e«esli of tho olub. :pefatton nf the Veterans' ivos- Highest score wiis " ntiidc, bj- Mrs. pltaf Tuesday.' He is resting, well, i a S.' Lnne-y. " . ';. ~~ .; * * Chtics'iind Mrs. , .,.... , . Otts' spent yesterday iii Meinpliis. I Wvcs--peys--?«rty fills Snipes' has Bone lo Slkcs- ' . Ml ' s/ R ' > t; was ljo-iles< ton, Mo., to be connected wilh tliu lo 14 .mini! boys for ,\' Wlnc'i 1 roast G. I. T. corporation. Mrs. Snipes ail!l , "ii|«sl"'in«ow toasting In h3r - • • yard Tilesdny aflcriiuou coinpli- iiienliiig her son,-.Dick' Fletclicr Jr., in his eighth bli-lhdny. The boj'S played football a iiliajor .will join him there the first-of.thc month. Mrs. -Lydla Spvnyberry left, this mcl'ning for Jackson, Teiuv,, to sjicnri, the weekend with lier dautsh- ter, Mrs. Hugh M. Sacler, and Mr. Siieler. -; Mr..nnd. Mrs. C. L. Mor'Bau, .of DeWIlt,. liiiyc returned home after having spent' the weekend willi tlielr duuglitci', Miss Irene- Morgan. They motored her here Saturday night nllcr she had spent llie weekend iu LHilo Rock at the Avkimsas Education association mc'ptlngr rind at Uc\ViU. Mrs. W. P.' Coolcy ami son^ David, of .lolncr, We BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If I.'iu'fc;»rrie tiii-i kf; pairs ;ir« luJiltiiig you nutvnitile, tloii't ju,--t eomnbiri ,in<J do ni>t!iiliK sbuiil Uicm. Xntntc m;iy W ^arniug yoU'lbat yoiir liidneys ncctf aliciitioii- f (10 JfJihirj-* nrO Na(li(t'.i t'hipf w,iy of tciktnz UlfR Wlii'R..'hero With MVS. COOlCy'S I'^TljcyhcIiiiiiwlVcupieiiMB^oiia'plnU Mi.SS don't w pareni-s, My. mid Mrs. '•- MV.S. MOJ'RI' GVftljCV BjUh Bull Nveiit to St. 1'Mlls Id- liny. lt\Ky Wll bo accompanied n'I>, »o<l honiB tomorrow by Mrs \V M- i™"!™ Robinsou «n,| dmiglilc,-, w«A\ of t ,„„„ „, v|Jmj . lulia M m , th well, pilUqnoui wasto itialUf fl:o*s A^jftX,^ ''ffi^S crg/, stttinj uo OlKbU, iK.dlins, "'^ ""« C J'«, htadachea auJ dun- 3t. who will Eiiend several hero with Mrs. RoW,,s(,n' 5 ?">"*. Wlt , h v°" r or bhd . motliev, Mrs. A. M. HiUt, and ?""- TI "Vf iv »" 3 r!>yttliti and .ill Kelp llio '•' InllM ft }"*">• '"''f" H««li out vi>!'-»!!ous slo ftwa Itio Mowi. C;l iMso's Kill. Ladies 3 Slippers To nil bnyx' inlcvcsled in CUI!HIN(J. 'There w \\\ ]> v a FHEK IMCTUIirc SHOW al the Hiylt Selwul Aiuli- fovium for y«u ami voiu' j)arrH(s,. 7 o'doi'K sharp, 'Ihumlay niirht. This show is for HOYS ONI.Y. !), HI, 11 • yoai-s old. Guliliinir will lie ;e\|)laint'il in 'del;iil. Cciirlcsy of Kloyd ,v, Wliltr. High, ftlcdiuin ;unl Low Heels 95 and 95 Si/.ps :: to 10, \viillli8 AAiVA' to KKK. . Sneric, BSaclt (tiilmrcliiic, H!;ick I'a, Hl;irk Kid, Hllie Kid, Wine Suede, drcx-n Sucdo, Hrown Kid, Uvown Sinitk'. SNOW SHOKS (.'liiklrcn's Si/ts 5'/2 t" S ................ Sl.l.i Children's Sixes 8J/J lo 3' ................ $\..w Ladies' Siw.s IJ'/z lo i) .......... SI.!).") & S2.!!S I'OLL PARROT SIlOK BOY S& GIRLS Tffi 12 \V, Ma portion of the time. Mrs. Fletcher was assisted In entcrlairilng by ilrs. Steve Ralph and Mrs. Dean Hatcher. Only two girls were present, Ethclyn Fletcher nm! Karen Young.' f * * Itolarlans Hear- Stout J^ailtr Dr. Ralph M. Sloan, Cub scoutmaster of Joncsboro, \va.s Die principal speaker nud hojior guwl nt Die Osceola Rotary club en Tuesday, showing pictures of scout activities and possibilities of Die work. Accowpnnylng Mr, Sloan was n. B. Aycotk of Ji>nesk:ro. The club acXnowledsjcd receipt 'of a suite of furniture for the clubhouse Irom Mr.s. F. P. Jacobs. I-Mliirc events stressed on the notary calendar- ore the trip bo Memphis i:n Hov. 21, when the Osceola members will furnish the program for the Memphis Rotary club at Hotel Pcnbody wtth Ben Butler tn charge of arrangements and the Hotary Ann meeting on Nov. 28. Guests were L. C. B. Young, Tom Laney,- Huell Buller, E. L. Talliaferro, W. R, urnejr of Stumps, ths iiev. Mntthcw Curry, Louis cherry and Bert A. Lynch of Blylheviile, and Gcno Beck. V' * * Mrs. Wiuldi'll Hostess 'i'lic Cure-Free Bridge club Is the new name of Ihc two-table club comp:sed of nine of the younger married women in to\ui who' were guests of Mrs. G. L. Wadclcll Jr. In her home Tuesday night. All members were' present. Mrs. ll. N. Marshall was successful high scorer with'Mrs. Guy Bobbins winning second high score. Mrs. W. F. Webber will entertain the club OH ne>:t Tuesday niyht. r * » Amon« llio members of the Bun- list W. M. U. wh> went to Luxora Tuesday for the niimial Institute of methods conducted by Miss Irene Clmmbew, 'field worker tor the Arkansas W. M. U. . were Mrs. Uwlght H. Blackwood, president; Mrs. Jcttlc Driver, Mrs/ Searcy Mears, Mrs. Harold B. TilUnnn, Mi's. C. M. Horton, Mrs. Gilbert Ma.stin. Miss Cora Hogan, Mvs. Wiiliam Slewarl, Mrs. B. E. M ore, Mrs. Coy E. Scifrcs, Mvs. E. A. I'c'itford, nud Mvs. iSvcddy Forsylhc. Tho Rev. I'niil Gnllo«iy, pastor of the Methodist church, accompanied b'y the Rev. It. E. L. Beurden, pastor of tiie Luxovn Mctiio- "-'. I'lnuoh. nnd Mrs. Beavden left f'iiesday for Mcrvlllton, Ark., where THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, jlicy will siKiid the remainder of Die -week nt the sessions -of- -the North Arkansas Conference.- This will mark the first meeting of all three brandies of the Methodist I churches In the stale. They will muni Monday. At The Hospitals Ulytltcrillc Hospital Mrs. Uupert Ciafton, city, admitted. MUs Ini:gcnc McPhcrson, Anno- rtli- Admitted, - Cbr'nell Diinlcls, city, dismissed' Mrs. A, A. Pills, Bassett, dismissed. , . . - KTomplils St. Joseph's HiH>TjHal Dr. ifloyd Webb, city, admitted. frtcmpliui Baptist Hospital Jnmc3 Dale RobcHs, Os'eeola', ad- ihlltcd, Clbi'tUs do not burst during cloudbursts; raindrops held up by air currents suddenly fall when tlie currents weulieii. : Town«*nd Club To Meet Friday Nig j| Th'S Tirtrtiseiid' Club 1 No. ' C will meet at the court- house daj» night at 7:30 o'clock; It v anrWUiYccd today »y officeri tho grotij) who urged all Memb to bo preterit. the qillll made by the won of thc v club will Do' given away tills meeting.' Read Cculicr Ncfts u'a'iit ads. Pull the Trigger on Constipation, and Pejjsin-izieAcidStomachToo Vvhen coiislipalioh briiiRS on : acid indi- Kcslion, bh);tlinx(di/7.ysijetU.gas cualccl (origuc. sour las(c, and l)Bd hrcalli, your stom.icli i« |>robahly leaded lip \vitli O.T- laiiuindi^tstalfcxxfalltlyuiirlwivclsduii't move. So yuu'iiccd Iwlb-I'cpsin ID liclp breakup fast that rich uniligraicd food in yourslpuad!,and ljKiliveS«iiiia lo pull ,bynir>. Pepsin heljis yo\\ gain thnt.wm- ucrful sliiiiiiiclicoinforl, while Ilic Laxative SCiuiii n'loVcs your iwwcK Tests prove Ihn iKm-i.'rof Pepsiii lo dissolve those lump? of undigested protein f'xxl u-liicli mny linger distress. At <hoHmi'e.lli'neHtii3 mudiciiie ivakcs tip ln?,y iicrvcsaiicl nmsdcs iti yitiir bowelr, lo relieve yourconslipatkni. So aec how much l>cUcr you fttl by laWnjj tlie alive—Soiiiui with Syruii'Tcpjin ut ybur druggist lixliiy! : -..when you call Her by Long Distance telephone. The pleasure is great ... the cost is small. (fvnm) To . . . Tcnrt. Dallus, 'IVx. §l'.f>(V- !) HflcrtH, Ark. .. 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