Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington on April 28, 1959 · 12
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Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington · 12

Spokane, Washington
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Tuesday, April 28, 1959
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A 2 Spohane Daily Chronicle Tuesday, April 28, 1959. Missile Rep idt nap ed WASHINGTON, April 28. (AP)--Senator Stuart Symington (D-Mo.) said today he found no operational 'United States missile base in Britain although he reported congress had been told that missiles ''were sitting there and ready to go." Symington said he visited the base, which he did not name, during a recent overseas trip. That was 10 weeks after he said a report on it had been given to congress in January by Gen. Nathan Twining, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Polley Criticized Long a critic of United States military preparedness, Symington cited it as phrt of what he called "a deliberate policy to conceal from the people the weakness of our position, and the ineptness of the administration In correcting that weakness." He said Twining told congress there were intermediate range ballistic missiles in England just as effective as intercontinental missiles and that they were "sitting there and ready to go." "Ten weeks after that statement was made to the congress," Symington said, "I visited that HIBNI base of ours in England which was nearest to completion, 'Nothing Ready' "There was nothing 'ready to go.' "There was nothing which met operational standards. "There was nothing adequately dispersed. "The entire installation was literally a sitting duck for sabotage. And those naked IRBMs in England are by far the most advanced of anything we have on that score in any foreign country." Symington contended, as he has before, that the administration is doing too little to meet Russia's challenges not only in military advances but also in other phases of the cold war. Negro Cleared by White Jury PHENIX CITY, Ala., Apra 28. (AP)--A Negro man has been acquitted of a charge of assault with intent to murder a white taxicab driver following a dispute over a taxi fare. An all-white Russell circuit court jury found Gussie Lee Patterson innocent yesterday. The cab driver, Willie Bob Edwards, testified Patterson refused to pay a $1 fare after a three-mile drive, drew a knife and pointed it at his throat. Patterson said he paid Edwards OM on entering the cab and was asked for another $3 at the end of the ride. Ile said he drew a knife when the driver said he would "take him to a place where he would pay." A city official said the proper fare for the ride was 85 cents. 2 Dead Boys Are identified NEW YORK, April 28. (AP) Two fathers yesterday identified the bodies of their sons, killed while hitching a ride on the roof of a subway train Sunday. Apparently the boys got on the root at a point where the train runs on elevated tracks, and were killed when it entered a tunnel with a low clearance. The boys were identified as George W. Klein Jr., 18, a grocery clerk, and Thomas Kilkenny, 15, a high school junior. Rock Hound Owner Larry Wilson of Owasso, Okla., crept as close as he could to take this photograph of his 'coon hound, Little Richard, who is trapped in a rock crevass as the apparent result of pursuing a raccoon. The dog has been held prisoner in the rocks for four days and nights. Utility company crews are working to chip away the rock to free the 2- year-old dog, but he was reported being four feet and much rock away from them. (AP wirephoto.) Likdo100, , 1.0i,,4.161,4k.,..A.A, Fidel Castro, the bearded hero of Cuba's recent revolutions, tries on a 10- gallon Texas cowboy hat presented to him at a luncheon at the Houston airport yesterday. A throng of 1000 cheering persons welcomed him to the Texas city when his plane landed, lie planned to leave for Cuba sometime today, his aids reported. (Al' wirephoto.) Revolt Pro roti Denied by 4 stro HOUSTON, Texas, April 28. (AP)Fidel Castro, en route to Buenos Aires for a Latin American economic conference, declared here last night that he has no interest in promoting revolutions in other countries. And the bearded Cuban prime minister spiked reports that he and his brother Raul, command Cuba Called Focal Point for invasion PANAMA, April 28. (AP) Panama charged last night that hired fighters are massing in Cuba for more invasion attempts to overthrow President Ernesto de la Guardia. Minister of Government Jose D. Bazan told the national assembly that two or three more invasion boatloads are being prepared in Cuba to bring to "about 400 the number of Cubans attempting to invade Panama." The government claims the Cubans are hired by Panamanian revolutionists. Bazan indicated that his information about more Invaders came from three captured members of the first landing "wave"-82 Cubans and four Panamanians who landed on a deserted beach on Panama's east coast Saturday. Three were drowned In the landing, including the Panamanian commander. Bazan said the main body of the invaders had occupied and sacked the town of Nombre de Dios yesterday after an advance of 35 miles along the coast. He gave no details of damage to the town or its people, but said national guard troops were patrolling off the coast of the area. $ er in chief of Cuba's armed forces, have been having disagreements. Denying that he had any part in an attempted Panamanian revolution, Castro said that his only concern is in the Cuban revolution. Castro Mentioned Earlier this week, a small invasion force landed on the coast of Panama. Panamian officials said several of those captured were Cubans and quoted them as saying Castro had encouraged them. "We have not been helping any kind of movement in Panama," Castro said. Castro was greeted by a crowd of 1000 persons, shouting "Fidel! Fidel!: when he arrived in Houston yesterday afternoon. Waiting for him was Raul who had flown in unanounced several hours earlier, amid reports from Cuba that the two brothers were in disagreement. They held an unscheduled two-hour private conversation. Fidel said he had phoned Raul Sunday and asked him to meet him. He said he had been out of Cuba for 10 clays and he wanted a chance to get Raul's impressions of bow things were going in Cuba. Raul, on his arrival, declined to tell reporters the purpose of his visit. After the conference he said there were no differences. THREAT "SERIOUS" WASHINGTON, April 28. (AP) Senator George Smathers (DEL) quoted Panamanian President Ernesto de la Guardia today as saying the revolutionary outbreak in his country is "enormously serious." He said he spoke to De la Guardia by long distance telephone. "He told me if the fighting remains in the mountains his government probably can hold out," Smithers said at a news conference. "But if it breaks out in the city he is in for serious trouble." Smothers' statement followed an appeal by De la Guardia's government for help from the other American states, and a report from Minister of Government Jose D. Bazan that 300 or more Cubans hired by Panamanian revolutionaries are preparing for an invasion. Smathers proposed that the United States make two destroyers and some military planes available to the Organization of American States to help Panama suppress what the senator called a communist-supported revolt. WARNING VOICED BUENOS AIRES, April 28. (Al') Latin American nations were warned today they must move quickly in raising living standards to meet a challenge and threat from the Soviet union. The waning came from Hernan Vide la Lira of Chile, who spoke on behalf of all 21 delegations to the economic branch of the Organization of American States as it opened its first meeting south of the United States border. Latin nations, Vide la Lira told thee "committee of 21," may be facing their last chance to achieve economic unity and prosperity as a bulwark of western security. Theme Chosen PASADENA, Calif., April (AP)'Tall Tales and True" will be the theme of the Tournament of Roses parade next New Year's day. Flower-decked floats In the parade will depict either a true tale or a tall one. The theme was chosen from 7000 sug gestions. ,6 Limit Eyed for Pilots LOS ANGELES, April 28. (AP) The federal aviation agency is studying a proposed age limit of 60 for commercial jet pilots. The Aero Medical association was told yesterday that about 30 pilots over 60 are flying today. Dr. A. F. Zeller of the air force directorate of flight safety research added that as many as 1500 may want to keep flying beyond that age by 1970. He noted that there is no age limit now. "It is difficult," he explained, "to take away a man's earning power when IL) is in robust health and capable of doing a job. The problem lies in ascertaining just where his age affects his capability and is not balanced by experience. Public safety must be the guideline." Senator Riled Spenders Called on the Carpeting WASHINGTON, April 28. (AP)--Senator Paul H. Douglas (D-I11.) offered today to buy rubber heels for all the girls in the new senate office building if that would save the taxpayers $150,000 for new carpeting. Douglas scoffed at the argument of the senate appropriations committee that carpeting in the new senatorial offices will GOP Chiefs Report President Requests Tougher Labor Bill WASHINGTON, April 28. (AP)President Eisenhower told Republican congressional leaders today he wants a better labor regulation bill than the one approved by the senate. The leaders reported this after a conference with the President. House GOP chief Charles A. Ha Ileek of Indiana called the senate measure "grossly in. adequate." Senator Critical The party's senate leader, Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, referred to the measure as a watered-down version of what is needed to stamp out racketeering in the labor field. Both Hal leck and Dirksen predicted that Eisenhower at his news conference tomorrow will express the hope the house will strengthen the senate bill. Action in the house is not likely before June. Hearings on the senate bill have been started by a house labor subcommittee and are expected to continue about four Pontiff Grants Dispensation VATICAN CITY, April 28. (AP) Pope John XXIII has signed an order that Roman Catholics may eat meat this Friday, the May day holiday. The dispensation, made public today, was formulated by the Vatican's congregation of the council at the request of various bishops. Visit Scheduled TAIPEI, Formosa, April 28. (AP)President Chiang Kaishek's younger son, Maj. Gen, Wego Chiang, left yesterday for a one-month visit to the United States, lie commands nationalist China's armored troops. 4 Kidnap Case Break Hinted by Governor POPLARVILLE, Miss., April 28. (AP)Governor J. P. Coleman balked today at discussing the kidnaping of a 23-year-old Negro charged with raping a pregnant white woman "because I don't want to tip our hand." Coleman said he had some reasons "for thinking the case will he broken," but he declined to discuss his reasons when questioned by newsmen in Jackson. FBI in Charge The grim, detailed search for the eight or 10 men who dragged M. C. Parker from his cell at the Pearl River county jail last Saturday went on with FBI agents directing the hunt. Coleman has termed the case premeditated murder and says the state will prosecute accordingly. This could bring execution of the guilty. FBI agents were tight-lipped, sticking to policy of not revealing progress and developments in an investigation. Little could be obtaMed from local and state authorities about the probe. The young white mother Parker was accused of raping said she thinks his kidnaping was "terrible." "I'd prefer he had a trial," she said. The victim scoffed at the idea that Parker was abducted to spare her humilitation of being cross-examined by a Negro defense attorney. "I wouldn't have minded," she said. "I would have gone right through with it," Mississippi law forbids publication of rape victims' names. British Claim New Fuel Cell LONDON, April 28. (UN) British scientists have developed a revolutionary fuel cell which unites hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, a newspaper reported today. "We believe this is an advance comparable to the development of the diesel engine," the News Chronicle quoted an unnamed member of the research team as saying. The News Chronicle said "The Chrysler corporation was particularly interested in the British in. vention." The United States government was said to be interested in the invention's military applications. , make safer footing for employees than the present waxed tile. "If they are afraid the girls will slip," Douglas told a reporter, "I'll dig down In my own pockets and buy rubber heels for all their shoes." The carpeting Is Included in a $2,820,040,054 catch-all appropriations bill on which the senate acts today. Douglas said other items also reflect "waste and ex weeks. Some members estimate it may take another month after the hearings are closed to get an agreement on a bill. Hai leck said he plans to try to write into the house ver sion provisions to deal with what be termed blackmail extortionate picketing. He added he also wants to close loopholes In the secondary boycott situation. Hal leck said he expects to have Eisenhower's support for his proposals dealing with picketing and boycotts. Eisenhower reminded the GOP leaders, Ha lleck reported, that the administration has sent a labor regulation bill to congress. The President, the congressman added, still wants that bill. Steel Report Error Found WASHINGTON, April 28. (AP) Commissioner Ewan Clague was quoted today as admitting his bureau of labor statistics made an arithmetical error in its recent report on steel productivity. The report had drawn sharp criticism from the united steel workers. The steel industry had been expected to make use of it in its upcoming contract talks with the union. Clague admitted the error after USW President David J. McDonald asked the federal government to correct it. The government's bureau of labor statistics reported April 16 that the steel industry's output per man hour declined nearly 6 per cent in the three-year period of 1955-1958. McDonald said union economists found the decline was more nearly 3 per cent. He added that the union figure showed a very small decline in a perod of severe recession. Revision Needed MillEME111MOW What is Behind Pay Hike Halt? By LEROY BITTLE OLYMPIA, April 28. (AP) Why did the state highway commission approve pay raises for 3500 employees and then snatch the money away before the Increases went in to effect? It appears to have been a case where one arm of state government didn't know what the other was doing. On the very day that the highway commission was authorizing pay raises of $19 to $ao a month for its employees effective May I, another committee was meeting in the governor's office to work out uniform pay raises for all state employees effective July I. The uniform plan was de. signed to provide the same pay for the same kind of works regardless of what department the state employee worked. Pay raises under the uniform plan will not be as high as those the highway commission approved for its employees. It was for this reason the commission had to rescind its action so its pay would not be out of line with that paid for similar work in other state departments. The other departments can not increase the pay as much as the highways department because of the way the legislature revised Governor Rosellini's proposed state budget. As submitted by the governor,1 the budget called for all state employees to get pay raises about the same as those approved for highway employees. Budget Separated When the legislature took over, it separated the highway department from the main budget bill and set up the highways spending program in a bill by itself. All other state agencies were left in the main budget bill. The highway budget was approved in virtually the exact form it had been submitted, including the level of pay raises the commission acted on last week. No budget-balancing problem was involved because the highway department's funds came from the state gas tax and the department had kept its spending program within the amount of anticipated revenue. For the rest of the state' budiget it was a different story. To balance the overall state budget which is supported, in the main, by the general fund, the travagance" in the new $25,000,- 000 structure. "The private offices of the senators are carpeted," Douglas said "and now they want to carpet the other rooms in their suites." Douglas also criticized a proposed appropriation of $4,000,000 for a terminal for the new senate subway system, to be located under the steps of the senate wing of the capitol. This money would cover extension of a new senate subway into the capitol building and replacement of the granite steps of the senate with marble. Step Saving "I understand the new terminal will save senators about 56 steps," Douglas said. "There ought to be some fancy stepping at that price." The committee also has recommended $103,500 for additional furnishings for the new offices. Douglas said an aide took an inventory of office furniture still in the corridors and storage rooms of the old senate office building. "He counted 375 desks, 215 filing cabinets and 400 chairs," Douglas said. There are 98 senators. Graham Draws SYDNEY, Australia, April 28. AP)Billy Graham addressed a crowd of 26,000 at the Sydney showground tonight. VIM MEM IIIII liti... ri I ),.yo'Nf IShip toda3 I tomorrow new pigg ! ing overni 1 I between and SpokE II Furl tri Northern i as It's a Habit Ship today for delivery early tomorrow via Great Northern's new piggyback freight, offer. ing overnight service both ways between Seattle, Wenatchee and Spokane. Furl trailer loads in Great Northern equipment will be for. legislature had to cut spending or raise taxes. It did some of each. Cuts were made in spending planned for pay raises for state employees. The governor asked for $12,000,000. He got $6,650,000. Because the money the governor requested for pay raises was cut in half, it became necessary to revise the pay schedule that had been planned. That was what the governor's committee on standards was doing when the highway commissionnot faced with a cut In its budgetwas approving higher pay raises. Aide Comments Governor Rosales executive assistant, Warren Bishop, said it was his opinion that it was the legislature's intent that all state employees receive uniform pay for similar work, regardless of whether they worked for the highway department or some other state agency. "It's just good administration," he said after highway commission chairman E..I. Ketcham announced that the pay raises for highway employees was being called off for further study and revision. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 CHICAGO. April 28. (AP)-- Chicago's No. 1 mailman, who estimates be has walked some 70.000 miles carrying the mail 51 years, says he isn't going to sit around after he retires Thursday. "If necessary," said George A. Smidi, 4'I'U get a couple of dogs and take them for walks." Smidi, who is 70, said he's been bitten 10 times during his postal career. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Kurd Tribe Reportedly Flees Iraq ANKARA, Turkey, April 28.1 (111,1)--An entire Kurdish tribe of 700 persons fled from Iraq into Turkey yesterday because they disapproved of Iraqi Premier Abdel Karim Kassem's government, it was reported last night. The Turkish foreign ministry refused to confirm or deny the report, but high security sources said the tribe had taken refuge at Semdinli, southwest Turkey, after crossing the frontier from north. ern Iraq. Name of the tribe was not given, but it was said to have supported the abortive Mosul revolt against the Kassem government last month. Russia recently sent a shipload of Kurdish tribesmen from Soviet territory to Iraq. They were reported armed and trained in guerrilla warfare. Woman Wins Her Freedom WALLA WALLA, April 28. (AP)Freedom, which Mrs. Violet Sill, 39, of Seattle twice sought and failed to gain on the basis of truth serum tests, came to her yesterday at the Washington state prison. She had served her full minimum term for the shotgun slaying of her husband, a Queen Anne district tavern owner. She spent three years and four months in the prison, receiving time off for good behavior from her five-year sentence. Mrs. Sill twice petitioned for a full pardon after she purportedly told in sodium pentathol tests that the shooting was self defense. Former Governor Arthur B. Lang lie rejected the first petition in 1957, Governor Albert D. Rose Rini the second in 1958. Sill, 47, was slain in his home July 11, 1954, during a quarrel with his wife. I Piggyback Freight Goes Great I Red China Boots Out Ex-Warlord TOKYO, April 28. (AP)--Red China dropped Lung Yun, former warlord governor of Yunnan province, from its important national defense council, Lung had been one of the vice c ',airmen of the group. lie was accused oi rightist deviation in 1957 for criticizing the Soviet union and declaring that the United States had been more generous in its aid to China. The former nationalist official had risen high under the communists even though he never Joined the party. The communists have not announced what has become of him since his denunciation. The action against Lung was disclosed in a lengthy list of appointments to state ministries and the defense council by Chou En-lai and newly elected President Liu Shao-chi. Warning Given by Red China ToKyo, April 28. (AP)--Red China's National People's congress today approved suppression of the Tibetan rebellion and warned India not to interfere in what the Peiping regime considers an internal affair. "The rebellion of the handful of Tibetan reactionaries and its suppression are a wholly internal affair of China which do not permit of any interference by foreigners," said a resolution of the rubber-stamp parliament. Radio Peiping announced it was adopted unanimously at the closing session of the congress "amid thunderous applause from the deputies." The resolution confirmed as official government policy the warnings and press statements previously carried in Peiping broadcasts. "Certain people in Indian political circles have recently made extremely unfriendly statements and committed extremely unfriendly acts which interfere in China's internal affairs," the res. oldtion charged. Shift Is Delayed at Cotton Mills HENDERSON, N. C., April 23. (AMApparently harmless rifle shots and firecracker explosions greeted news last night that the struck HarrietHenderson cotton mills would delay starting a third shift. Authorities had feared a third shift, originally scheduled for tonight, would bring violence like that which accompanied the start of the second shift (3 p. m. to 11 p. m.) a week ago and sent 100 highway patrolmen to this area. The shots and firecracker ex. plosions, reminders that labor trouble here is still a powder keg, were reported a few hours after company president John D. Cooper Jr. announced he would delay starting the third shift at last for the rest of this week. Red Chief's Wife Taken by Death MOSCOW. April 28. (AP)--Mrs. Ekaterina Davidovna Voroshilov. wife of Soviet President Klement!, Voroshilov and a veteran Bolshevik herself, died Sunday. She had been ailing for some time. Her 78-year-old husband also has been seriously ill for months. She became a revolutionist at the turn of the t entury and in 1907 was sentenced to three years imprisonment in the arctic. She was active in the 1917 revolution and during the civil war worked as a party organizer among the red cavalry. Man Is Crushed SEATTLE, April 28. (AP) Daniel J. Sinclair, 87, Seattle, was crushed to death yesterday between a slowly moving boxcar and a loading platform at the postoffice annex here. MIN MAI NM MEM Ma NM MI NM 111.1! 111.1 111114, NEW! FAST! RELIABLE! 11 PIGGYBACIt FREIGHT Overnight service to and from I Seattle and Wenatchee for delivery early warded on Mondays through la Great Northern's Thursdays, for delivery to your pack freight, offer. customers early next morning. lt service both ways Loads accepted Friday will be eattle, Wenatchee delivered early Monday. Less- I e. carload shipments welcome on ler loads in Great this new piggyback service; 11 luipment will be for. next-morning delivery assured. 111 via GREAT NORTHERN ;c41()))13 0 a X I For details, phone: MAdison 4-5141 864 A M. V. Schoonover, General Agent, Freight Dept. 4 I Wit. t 815 Old National Bank Bldg., Spokane 1, Washington 4 MX I11 V X 11 11 ME MEE IMES WOMI MN I CO; I I 1 1 4 2 Spoliane Dr Tuesday, Miss Repc Rapi WASHINGD (AP)Senator , Ington (D-Mo.) found no oper , , States missile I although he rer had been told . , "were sitting tl to go." Symington sa base, which he during a recem That was le we( a report on it hi congress in Ja Nathan Twining, joint chiefs of stz Policy c Long a critic military prepari ton cited it as called "a debt) conceal from weakness of our Ineptness of thi In correcting thz He said Twini there were int( ballistic missiles as effective as missiles and thal ting there and r( "Ten weeks 1 ment was made I Symington said, IBM base of ( which was nearc 'Nothing "There was m go.' "There was no operational stand "There was nol dispersed. "The entire ins orally a sitting tage. And those England sre by vanced of anythi that score in an try." Symington con has before, that tion is doing too Russia's challeng military advance 1 other phases of tt Negro C by liVhli PHENIX CITY (AP)A Negro acquitted of a cl with intent to taxicab driver to over a taxi fare, An all-white court jury four Patterson innocet The cab driv, Edwards, testifie fused to pay a three-mile drive, and pointed it at Patterson said wards $1.15 on ei and was asked le the end of the ri( drew a knife wi said he would place where he v A city official I fare for the ride 2 Dead B Are !dent NEW YORK, A Two fathers yest the bodies of th while hitching a of a subway trai Apparently the roof at a point runs on elevat( were killed whe tunnel with a The boys wet George W. Klein cery clerk, am kenny, 15, a hig - - ted ner Ian vas in 'let the pre dal nu. led an. im ,as ap. les IOU 1 :ed D11,. es. Ind iI Id. ful its 11 1 by of I it he !ss on !ss in Do. de Its in. in es. , t Snrho dee.r Lice ; )m ,on ird art to ?nt his ?X. )or ler Irs D. aid at , rs. Dv. nti I rne md for r at in, ee re. 917 ivil ter le, lay ar he I t I ( I 1 I Rock 11 Owner Larry close as he c 'coon hound . rock crevass raccoon. The for four dap are working 1 year-old dog, and much roc 4, -,, 00 4 4,,,r,-''''' tem' , . e , I 1: , l', t I g, ,) , ,, . , , ' .,3') , , , .0 ' 1 ' , , . ,,, A, . , , . , , ' ' " ,srotoo''! . , s ' ,t," , , e' 441.1' 'V, i 4 . . , ' , ,,t; ,,.. , . , s e ' ' ' '' k, 4'' , , . , ?, r ''.,, ', :, , , .. 1 '' . . - . , 't ', r. - , ., , - - ' ' ' ",, z, ' ,t t ' , , , t'' ' ' I : ' , , . ; N ' ', , ; ',' , s ' , ' , ' - '', ' i r more Cubans hired by Panamani- boycotts. loo holes In the secondary ators . ' ''-' l'o-rlr'"---''''' V , 7.71 an-a-pp-e-al byDel-a.-G-o-a-r-dia."s- House GOP chief Charles A. p y , , , , , sz:,.., it,,,, i flg , g v r l :9 ,, , ii,: I l',,L:,4i :., ' !,, lii, other American states, and a re- ' ":' '. ' .;,!' ':;-'.'41 ; i''': st ' , port from Minister of Govern- ' t ''''. '' ' ''' '';.! pl c , , ' ment Jose D. Bazan that 300 or Senator Critical -;,: senate measure " grossly in adequate." expects to have. Eisenhower's support for his pro- posals dealing with picketing and Graham Draws ecuy tom in somum pentatnol defense. Former Governor Ar- thur B. Langlie rejected the first SEATTLE, April 28. petition in 1957, Governor Albert Daniel J. Sinclair, 87, . ,:, ''i','A , - ,'! , '-''' ' ' ' A' ' ,, o e nment for help from the Halleck of Indiana ocalle:, the Hboaynceoctithioezc tests that the shooting was self Man Is CrusF i SYDNEY, Australia, April 28. D. Rosellini the second in 1958. was crushed to death y V' ' : ;'.1:' , A , -, - , 0, , . The party's senate leader, (AP)-Billy Graham addressed Sill, 47, was slain in his home between a slowly movin; - ;, Pi , : ,,,, -,: : '', . .- , an revolutionaries are preparing Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, Eisenhower reminded the GOP a crowd of 26,000 at the Sydney July 11, 1954, during a quarrel and a loading plattom f''.' 1,4,,,,' ,.1 ..e. $ '05', i,:' t ,- ,t k .. for an invasion. A referred to the measure as a leaders, Halleck reported, that showground tonight. with his wife. postoffice annex here. t ' H7 ,' ''' - , A : ' 1', smothers proposed that t destroy- he watered-dovvn version of what is the administration has sent a if , igit..,,,,:" '' : ' ,. ' k, . United States make two needed to stamp out racketeering , , - . , , labor regulation bill to congress. 01111111 BEM MIN MIN NM NEM Ma MIN MI MIN MI NM 111 i. .., , ers and some military planes in the labor field. The President, the congressman ' ' ii ,- 4: ' ' l'', , available to the Organization of Both Halleck and Dirksen pre- added, still wants that bill. I .4 ) NEW! FAST! RELIABLE! , .,. .;ri,. lk . J American States to help Panama dieted that Eisenhower at his ' :i''.4 ot i '4:.' ,l,,' :it. ! A,A. ,',k, suppress what the senator called news conference tomorrow will , , , , 4 t ' A, , ' ,:',,'':. .,i. 1 1.,,;:z,1 . a communist-supported revolt- express the hope the house will P 1 : 1.:;:::t 1, ' ,: : . ., , g''' t ' WARNING VOICED strengthen the senate bill. Action in the house Is not likely Steel Report ' 1 piGGyBAcK FREIGH1 , . ., - ,,' I q '' BUENOS AIRES, April 28. (AP) I before June. , ;, iW .- - ,j t-, '4t . iti , -,; , -Latin American nations were Hearings on the senate bill 44,--, 1-I - ,.. ! ' 1 f:4 - 4, , ' 1::A 'or ', warned today they must move ': , i 4" have been started by a house rror Found , 1 . , .. , , , quickly in raising living standards labor subcommittee and are ex- , I , , to meet a challenge and threat pected to continue about four WASHINGTON, April 28. (Al') d Overnight nservice to and from 4 i - ' sk ' '' i ,' :,; -: from the Soviet union. Seattle a Wenat '' chee . .i , i .,' - '', ., V : ) 4 ' , ,4 ., t 4 , , pl. 4 -Commissioner Ewan Clague i I, i made an arithmetical error in tomorrow via Great Northern's Thursdays, for delivery to your The warning came from Hernan ' on behalf of all 21 delegations to was quoted today as admitting !, ,:,: , : , , I 4,4 ,( , Videla Lira of Chile, who spoke Pontiff Grants his bureau of labor statistics Ship today ... for delivery early warded on Mondays through 1 ' ' ! .,-,'s .4, - k , . ' ' ' '" :.. Fa i the economic branch of the Or- , ' '' . t ' ' r 4 1 'N ' nizat . , , : .-. 1 .,,,,, , k't .:. : , : ,,-t :. r "k, it opened Its first meeting south VATICAN CITY A on , . , 4 , s ensation of American States as Di p - nril 28. (AP) its recent The report had drawn sharp report on steel pro- ductivity. Ai ' ' 0 , ' 44, of the United States border . ' - I 1 . ,: , , . .:,. 3 ? , .:. . . -Pope John XXIII has signed an criticism from the united steel new between Seattle, Wenatchee delivered early Monday Less- g s piggyback freight, offer- customers early next morning. ?, ing overnight service both ways Loads accepted Friday will be . , v ik , , ,, i , , 7 pi:' ,,,,7 ,,, , , Latin nations, Videla Lira told order that Roman Catholics may workers. The steel industry had and Spokane. carload shipments welcome on , 4, . ; ' 'k '' , , ': : 4 , F, ', -,,,, ' ' "committee of 21," may be eat meat this Frida the Ma b e en tdt ak . e xpec e o m e use of it , , , 7 , k", , ,, the y. ' , j '; ,' , ,., facing their last chance to hot y day iday. in its upcoming contract talks Furl trailer loads in Great this new piggyback servi ce; 1 .; 4 '.4, ' ; ; , ,, .; , achieve economic unity and pros- Northern equipment will be for- next-morning delivery assured. , . , - , The dispensation made public with the union. .' , l,' '''x- ' ' ' '', : '"t, ? ." ,,.. , perity as a bulwark of western '. . . Clague admitted the error after today, Was formulated nv tl ,..:,, 4.....,.....,..i:Ameatilkii.iiimamilit ....lifilliNalhaiiiiidedati.diAt security. ' -3e USW President David J. 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