The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SR (AUK.) COURIER Hiibbfll ' CalW On For Second Slvnigltl Day To Hold Ciuoiiinnli TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 183-1 Fiermonte Enjoyg His Runaway Only iwn major leniiur lirill camns wore playrd yesieidny wlili lim vtnrld i-lminplon Kf<x Ymk Oliinl* winning OUT llif Cincinnati Reils ruid the I'lilshuriili Pirates defeating the llrnnhlyn nodu- «*rs. The Cilums trainced the (Irrts 7 lo 4 willi Call llubbell, the- veteran ace'ilf the ClIimLs being Milled on lo relieve I'nrmelcc mid MIVC lite game for tlio New Vaikers. Tilt: former received credit lor his sixth Irlnniplt of the season. The CilnnU rnlleelfrt IS Ulls wllli Moore leading [he iiltiick. Piv-hns WB.S the victim of tin! Ohuil victory. The lincks look the l5odRiTs Into camp. 8 lo 2 ni Piu.sbm ijh. Swlfl wits HIP winitliiR pltchn-. holding the. noJiiurii lo I'ljilit lilts. Tli.p. Wmicr hralliers put tin lltcii 1 hlnlne not lo nmkc tin' Pirates prvsliiui secure behind Swill's steady ImilliiK. B1 Geld by Plane ^HWthtog'OiighHo Be Done -Ahonl these ' Bathysphere StorW - - --- ------- — • ' 5 fl 1'ini.AnEi.p '•/ gold ami a th L machined, a His lilfili Miclcly wife illiln'l want lilln lo pi hnck lo tin- |irl/ir il so Kiwo Flermnnie, llalhn pnp.lllr.i, jiiM' n[> :iml ran uwiiy in n hull Yoik lo otKl. HP Hi-ems to enjfjy his new smioiind- thirst for adveiilnrc, a i radio mechanic, and Innehpr ate preparing [o ,|y (.1 i -ii o r' n """ "'* wlw * of U" Kn.skoy.wiin I Nashville N:«res I'lVC KllllS vlver basin Alaska. I Ii. fWi-.lnri fm-iinn I ..<1 wl "' Msj0 ' Merrill K. RhWIck, | in Ujwmiif.', inning i.,i!,t .,,! WorU Wor ttlrni g M> as ,- llfll Hide, John Omili-inn. Ilin inai-hln- '.r. ttoy F.imifll. ihe nifai-einirr, snd nnnalil <'iile, (he raiiiu -iaf- rhnnie, pxi»eci to luke off I'lilli.delphla Minii- time Night Harry Gray son IIIRS us IIP ii|)|X-:im lii-iv. lilvliii; Toby Win;! oj tin 1 movies 11 chain'. to le:i.->l ]UT pyi-s on Ills liiimlsfimi- feuliires, while he ri-turas Hie leu.! with Mc-iinvi hllr. Mrs. Miiili-llne I'Vtrii- • AMnr I)I<'V. H'-r ini.iilr, liinl: In New YIIIK, Miyx n<iililn:i. . sar AI.I.-KTAH I'OSi'llON The I.lnli> (if«'l: Tidvelerfi k,M o !he Kushvllti- Vol-j nli'lii I'lii' Vuls liinii'li.'il six liiL-, til Hi.-- liinhm in wore rtve runs mid win. (i in '2. A jiliiBle hy Ttoilil'i, Niiklivllli- oristopj f.Ktiled ilie st-orhnj hpu-e on whlcli tlie Vols (joi six hllK ijpii- lwly Iji-forf Ilk: Travelers ponld luill IliPin. Nngpm ulloweil tlie Vols lijit four hits HIP ml ol Ihe way. Holf.claw was the win- iiltrlicr. The KunxvlllP. Kmnkles set ilie ii^ue leadinii Nt'w Orleans •PPll- rans '•! Hie Roiiiliehi AASoelMlon hrirk oh Ihelr lifils wllli ii 'J, in I lof.-i yi-stf-nlny, • , Tlic- ,4niokli-s wr-re nhilili. fl blrnvs to -I Nut iiiiinriiv'i] in nicike 'theji 1 Jlllri 1 c-inilll Lo In-lliT illlVUIItll]^'. Hlj'lillL WHS tile Inslni; pltclllT. lle- .•:|ilii- lils Mlliry liinlln^. illi |li(-u vvii-, Ihe whining jillc'lirr. tioili Knoxville'.-t- iin^ \\i-i t- Mirned KM ii sllii:le liil null. •Tlif Mi'iniilils (Jlili'ks tlefeiiled HIP Alhiiitn CniekiuK r> lo ^ ui Ai- l:mln. llniry |illelu-,t '/ Innlnfri loi ilie Mi-iniihlr. eluli :unt Tui'iduitnne wuH:rtl two. holding HID Cr:lrk'i-rn rr> 1 lills lietween lheiii...SelimWl wns Ilie UvilhK inoiindsmnii,-' Sftnntl NEW YORK — Mlclicy Coelirane hns launched a briind-ncw tattle in his vnllnnl elfort lo lush the Tigers home In front. H is tiRainsl , cue of the deadliest, nf Imrbnllj oeiTns—ovcrconfidencc. i "I was afraid of It all along." r said Cochrnnc. when his ctiih obviously let down (ollowliiK Us tion-1 ble-headcr triumph over the Yankees that run It-S .m-tim of consecutive victories lo 14. "Most of the lioys seem to have figured that bcallnn the New York club twice In the one afternoon to start Hint key series wfis all tlicy needed lo dn to clinch (lie pennant. Few of them thought nboul i the remaining six weeks of piny. Our lend Is slight eunuch. It dncai'i mean a thing when u club gets as nvpiTniindcnl us we look in be. "The New York club Is not out of it by any means. We. got the Yankees down by our long run of con.'^cutive victories,' bill let them Eel fresh couniEe, and Detroit will not look as unod as ll hns ns u pennant prospect." Cochrarie declared that the answers to miracle men nnd teams of destiny could be found in Ihe balling, pitching, mid fielding overruns, nnd bitfc-miming ng- "ff yon want to know why we're on top, Just look at the iivprasos," he explained. "There's no destiny or itisphnliim nbuni them. They're just bard fncls. "Detroit Is thn only tentn In Ihe jnrtjor leagues liijtliij: .'i[X) or lief, tcr. Wc.avc III point. 1 ; river .IHHI. * • > Spirit anil S|»fil "We've got tin- Infield in baseball, offensively nnd defensively. Every member of it is smnek- Ing tffff -"tall _ Oelnlnper, ,:n-(; Owen. '.334; C'.ri-enbrrn.. .sail, nnd :: - "Oirra.ulllctd. Ls liny ihe liurd- est sluiging tiniuii In the American League; mil It" surely is the fastest. While "arid Fnx arc Iwo of Ihe jjame's neatest hnsc-iun- ners. "Speed lias a lot lo do wllli winning games. That's one thlny ihe expeil.s overlooked when they picked the Ynnki-c.s lo walk in. and the Tigers lo Ing along tn :ilMiul sixth place. Yon can't .seoie If yon don't move abend. And we move prelly fast ns a vide. "We make most of Ihe break; we gel. And we make lois of Ibem by linsc-ninnlng. Uaw-nmntnR l.< generally regarded ns n dead nri but we've mnde it a useful une dead or not. Hy l>elug fast 411 the bases, we mniinge lo mnkc tn- flelders iind nuinpldrrs hnriy plays. It yon keep diem ilulng thai, they're likely to Inirry too - iiiik'li, and make errors. "Ty Cotib aluays liird to huvry Ilir-in. and mnke Ihem throw tbn hall. He knew thnt if he kept them throwing ihe hall, somclxxly Minild thrr.w It n\fny .wmi-r or Liter. 'There's nolinnr; myMcrlons iilxjiit our meihods. They've all very simple. We have jusi K one idong, and tried lo use common sense. Uiuil ihe lei-down we bail the proper spirit." Story of Oowdrr Coelirane revealed Unit Ihe ne troll players requested that Alvii Crotdcr be purcbased wlien Wash Ington asked for waivers, nnd told Rlmrl Slop Klinil. Mi'ld l.ell Field ... Center Field field Catcher ... Onlrfier Pllehcr ... Pitcher ... Pllcher ... MOIT:—1. NAMI-: CITY nml STATE Mall lo Courier Nrws, RlyOwvllto, Ark. LyJia Staged Fine lit Raid on Park Kitchen YRLLOWSTONE PARK, . Wyo. <UI')—Ordinary "urub" has little iiPlKttl io '.'Lydin'" n three-year- old blnck .bear mother. The other • iiicht her nppctllc demanded the satisfaction of lux- lirlcs—nnd Lydia went on. n renl blllKC. She burst through n screened window to raid the. mess hall pantry. When Lydia finally was routed. . cookie Jars were empty, .doiiChnuLs hint disuppeiired anil un joven-fnll of 'pics were 'mlssine. •niiriiii; .tin- mid, raii|;ei-s baited n bear tnsje with nil enticing liam- iKiiie. owever, Lydia refused to slirw Inlmst In (his ordinary lid- 1)11. On her red-i'.'it she merely slo|>|ied. 'sniffed :uid (led. .Jusper's tlinrneteilstli: brownish hue Is due in tin- ndmlxtnre ol Iron oxide. rioihs. if any, from ilie search lor told will lie used In -mi ill-. Ir-mpi io srl up n rninniiTi'lul uvl- :itli,n ontllt in the virtually im- exj>!or."cl if-cloa us a link In wnat Major Klilillek hnjies will soiri* ilny \K-. u irunsen/ - air unite fiom Alaska io Blbfrla and \ Ihe Orleni. . • -.'.'' Accai-dlii£ to Major Riddlck. who was there several years agdj t:j n> (!i u day can be panned fifiin Mrrams thrniifjhoni the. rp- l;hm. With ihe help of (.'oiilston, l--.iiK':rit nnd Cole, all '24, he es- pi-ris 10 obtain £old In lLirn»r |iay- lnn i|ii:nilllle.s by u.sliiK inodeui mliiln;'. machinery. Army Deserter Blamed Tuba Playing for Trouble* ,SKATJI,U ilJPi—On ihe Uiba of n mlliinry Iwnd Perley Wasson. 'fl. muslclrin, soldk-r iind auto ilili'f. laid tbe blaiiH! for hLs golns; WI-IIIIH before Sii|H'rlor Judge Rob- .••r) M. JIIIH-S. .-Wnswiii entered tht> U. S". Army M! (•'uri Vancouver.- Wash.. a.s a fitayor, he told Ihe pudge, regiment's legnliir tuba play. a corporal, look a furlough. •They liked my playing .-and ide me first Uiba player," satd iissnn. nut the, coriioral. on hLs mm, was disgruntled to" find at his substitute had performed well. "He 'always was riding me, your mor. and I went over the hill om the army and did time at irt Leavenworth prbnn." Army .'•crlion led to auto stealing, he lid. Wosson will do from one to rcc years in.the Washington re- rmatory. why he sinned Hie General .In what was tubbed the Tigers' most mportant engagement o( Ihe year In dale— the llrsl name of the In- Ilinl barBiiln tilll with Ibe Yankees.' The Detroit iiiiinnKCr disclosed Ihat Crnwdcr eost $7riBO, which, loHeihvr with ^two mnnllis of a ^I^.IJTKI vontrnet; maki-s him an Sll.Mio risk. "H Ibe Oeti'oli playeis had puoiif.h iitlih io demand his pur 1 it was only reiisrninble In thai Crfiwtlcr had fnitli In ilmself. Fultti Is n t:uni:i|>lnus liini! In ba.seliiill." relnied Cm-h- nue. '-Kven when SI. l.ouls kuot-k- d AKIn mil of Ihe box the wrek. K-fori'. ihn Delioii players Hinlk- 'd tlie lliin;; up lo b:ul breaks "\Ve kntnv iluit If we Iind :in- Dlher ninii who c-oulil .slop tin- Dyersburg Win* Close Game From Sandy Ridge A Dyer-sbmi!, Tcnn., bull elub defcntcd Sandy Rldee, In «• close, ynuie;. Siiiuly" Hldi'c'.Snn-i d.jiy'.iTlM' score Wfi'.V.?VfbVij.'.-' Ili-fulren 'winked' on.- the-' 1 niouiul lur Dyei.sbnri; mil Mari'ii.s-.Orihies pill-lied, for. the THIdael'-s:. • The- Inix svniv follows: ', • All It H K .Don't Forget CiiMfill's Agency General Insurance liteli How nnd sew np the diiuble-header. W<: nil fell thin Crowder was tbe mini lo do ihe Job. "Musically, tlie Tigers still are f|iilie nil right, but IlLt W lutHT unle:,s llicy into their hr.uls linn MX weeks iibi) eomil." Ski lr: linilcl^rs; And llaym-s (!l;«sh I)»t AMnl Dfiton In Son{ NOANK, Conn! (UP) -'- Deacon R. P. Sawyer's dbg strolled Into church during; prayer service, heard his master's. voice raised in soil" and, believing he needed assistance, raised such a commotion the service was suspended. Mud Pie Cost 51M MANCHESTER.' dorm. (UP)—A mud pic cost Samuel Prentice i t300. His five-year-old son, mix-! ing a batter of mud and cnke to] surprise- Ills num. started to cook the mixture in his fatlwr's ynr- uee. Fire destrnyprt the building. Phone 7H At Nlthl—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. SHOE SHOP Across thn Slrtct Prom Foxy Thmlre class shoe repairing wllli the ,Ut*sl type macblnery and qiullty material. ' We Are A> Near T*« •' As Y«r Tetejhrme Free call for & delivery service NE tat ' - •. B. Dyi'r.sbiir;; N. Itnai right. 'J lil .st-rli-s money in Oc- Itoalrl^hl. :ib 0. noatrlfilil. If C. Hred. c Weli'li. Ib r. Itnllon, rf Hint That Loud Radio Was Annoying Failet Terry's Rlale I.lnr-rs are srheil- led to mem the Knn Arkuiwi-s A'lTLKnnno. \f:i^s. (Ul'i-Onr tn the Ihst fume of lo- Ji,|n w , n c ,,n|,| n 'i .smiid Hie liln'r. Ifilil's sofl hall diiiiliii- bender HI „[ i,i. s nrk'hbor's indlo and m.-niu liilry f'lcld. lo u , n i, lm M In llic second mime Havne-s' Johnson thoii-lii by diopiilm; : tens Shop will take on I.ibrny im he 'mil-lit lim Casb Grocers. ; . n t hL>i .22-cullbiv title. and rettvei e (Mines me official cames of 10 tbe lad; yard in the It Commercial sofl Iwll leaytie police atrivi-d iind arrrstnl hln uui will lie played, weiilber |X'r- on a charge of ilninkennefe ' imdwurbinn ihe pi'ace THt WISE OLD OWL by tsso MOTOR TROUBLE YOU CAN SPURN tSSOLENE i Paramount News Novelty—•"Mountain Music SMOOTHER PEMOR/HANCC IN THE WOODS WE NEVER jrow to oldlttat we do not recall our childhood con- cent at tye thought •! what mifht have happened to the two storybook children who wandered aimlessly into the forest and became lott. '•"•<<:. r-f .MU'/^U::-^:/.^;- <-l- -.'.'-. :•'•'•• '-•;••-'"•••••- •-'-.-, •. ....:..• We never fr«w 10 wise that we can walk blindly into the marts of trade and straifhtway find the. shoes, car, ham, cleaner, rug, antittptk «r what-not that best fits our indiviiltial need, (ancy or pecktlboak. Without a depejdable baying guide we are all Babes in the Woods.. .lost when H cones to judfinf qnalities, values or styles. "Know th* notation of the store," is one rule. "Know the reputation of the product and its manufacturer," u another. The two logether inikc wise selection doubly certain. You can j OTH a very reliable estimate of the stores which a.l • veriue cwsiit«tly. S« alt« *f manulactureri. Only itiuui Merchandise, .attractively priced, can continue to repay tbe retainer «r the manufacturer for his advertising outlay. If ke can ruk lh? money it cost* him U lell you about his foods,; yon can be reasonably sure that year path through ihe .woods will U the best vahies for your buying dollars. • . The advertizing pages are the pathivay to Hinheaf Quality and Lowest Price*.

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