The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1932
Page 5
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JANUARY M, BLYTHEVTM.E, (AKK.V COUUlElt CLASSIFIED ADS Y»'o cents a uord for first insertion and one cent a word lor tad, subsequent Insertion No advertisement uken lor Jesi than 50C. Count tnc words and sw.d tile cash. I'hone 306 FOR SALE FOK SALE—Stuck, general merchandise and fixtures, neatly «t- ransfd, new brick locution. A bar- tain lor cash. Will lease build- in;;. J. li. William, Leachvlllc, Ark. 13F-K10 1'OR KENT roil KENT—Furnished apartment, 100 West Walnut. 26C-TF FOIl RENT—My 80 acre farm, edge of town, eml of Franklin street, (ormcrly rented by A. G. Dyrum. Write J. li. Dyrum, Slkeston, Mo. 1P-K22 FOK RENT—Bungalow. 305 Doll- can. 7C-K11 FOR RENT—710 W. Ash, 5 rooms, $22.50; 505 N. Broadway, 1 rooms, (518.00; 127 E. Missouri, 5 rooms, O. All modern. I'honc 100, E. Fereuson. 12C-K15 FOP. RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Plione 683. 13P-K20 WANTED WILL, TRADE paper hanging and painting for good cow. Chas. Oliver, 715 West, Park. Ilpkl4 VfANTEB—Washings. Mrs. Mary Klnaball. 505 Lilly street. Call Red Gross. K-TF WANTED-Fresh Cream. St. Louis prices paid. Bennett's Dairy, Llythevillc. 1C-K31 WANTED — Unfurnished 4 or 5 icom house or apartment close in. Phone 170 or 31I-W. 13C-K!(j' WANTED TO EXCHANGE—Team of nuilcs for track. J. C. Ellis. Route 2, JJox 114. HC-K21 WANTED TO TRADE—Ford truck for Horse and Wagon. Buchanan Coal Co. 14P-K.18 WANTED—Settled woman, white or colored, to keep house. Rustic Inn. -HC-K19 LOST AND FOUND STOLEN—Purse containing valu able papers and. aluminum cig- arctte case. Parlies known. Two Collar Reward If cigarette case , returned and no questions asked. ^itrb. May Winters. GO-KTF Novemoer 1C, 1931 Treasury Department. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Nolice is hereby given to nil persons who may have, claims against "The First National Bank of Blylhcvllle, Arkansas," that the same must be crcscnlcd to R. L, Bradley, Receiver, with the legal uroof thereof, within three monttis Irom this date or they may be uballowcd. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 11-16O—K2-16-32 TRUSTEE'S SALE Notice is hereby given that I will, as trustee in a certain deed cf trust executed on tile 1st day of January, 1025. by H. A. Smith and Alice L. Smith to J. C. Tluir- innnd to secure an indebtedness of Three Thousand Five Hundred (fS.aCO.OOl Dollars, evidenced by a ]!ro:nissory note of that dale, fine January 1, 1030, bearing interest SECOND HANI) FURNITURE BOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main AUTOS KliNEWEI) Expert Repairs to Bodies, Fenders, Hoods, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. Acetylene Welding for Fenders, Frames. Doore, Etc. TOJK, Gla.'..;. etc.. Replaced. Prices Reasonable. Phillips Motor Company I'lioncs 811-810-777 ^— '^^" •» *im i i tp^" ^ta^ 1 ^^-^ BY KAY CLEAVER )rnn «u|i|»»r(v ihtw- • t-UfB, Ihrlr y t» M • B * I tlilrr N A II H-f II A S C K" •»« "fcVft grmtdiinirutt. fciimn u» i«o- KAI.I1',- and -r.H.t Nil." Htran* •I Ikll 0«.«[l.l KimMlUIUl*, *... ufcu I. ;s, I. ...k]« u n , r rV Mill. I-.CUDVII. r«>. K I.ITICI i« HhniM n hc hat tot* cp|ea*rri Iwr *lRt«l rc-Ars, (Yclly. Si, Uir« IIAIIRY MvKKia, »» ««l««7 • ul tihrn hp prnjMMr* ahr rr!H*r* lo mini* Ikelr »e44l>c 4i( c lot Car Mamr itntuM. .Unr)-l'rs>«.r», 15, *»J trill • cfcoul, ill-Ik?* up «iiii I:AUI. m; «ei-rr<- wouldn't Cissyr '1 woull. want tlm. would Ut cours* 1 would STRAHAN you, t» eo tired Tbumlay, «nd 1 told ^, uu ,„„ g . D to , you, Mr. Correj «u rud» lo me, Sho did It. thoroustlr. aud hod neret been ruds before, and dlppinr her hud to and wrything went wrong oil uny. Illto s luy. I scorched the dinner, *n'd Grand "I suppose- h» left town on Fit | And tiieu wlisu lie cftiuo bo'd ABB ».* rill wrVrl .»,,, .». '' ua '»«" *H«U 00 CftClQ BO'd Ba fur,» KIXI;, »k» w«tt. i» I tlie leiter from that Mr, Arumlng , Ir.tru Harrjr k oaf trlllB K krr. ._ ------ ._ , atlrru kin f». Tkc> Orlli i Jt[l latrn ultk. like l« «o<k dl<- NOW CO ON WITH THE STOUT CIiAI'TEtt XXX11 •'WfEl.U—wasn't tbere BomethtnE about Lts book?" Ann asked ton,' and be was all out of torts, and ho said tint about my not developing trying-pan qnerulousnesB atler wo wcro married. Warning . mo W |,at He'd Imve la a wlto. And b. then ho went on, and it caino out that ho thought cuokiUK was Im- L'unanu Tliink Annl Cooklne ' ' ----- ..... »- ........ in o.. nn oone . But thst wasn't my fault, j really Important! ' I'trlcd to laugb Could it posstbij b« air fault that | It of! by saying we'd get a sneim that baleful crcaluro lu Ne\y Vork | (or a nurrlnja Ucehs?, but be scut back tlia Inst two diapers of I wouldn't oven tmtle Not that 1 Barry's book and said that they had I thought It was smart-but lies usual- f ...... fallen Hat? itoasonabty, Ann—not because I'm your sister or anything —could that liave- bcon my fault?" "Darling, ot con r BO not. How- Could ft be!" "Barry thought It was ciy fault," Cecily said. "He didn't say so right out; but bo acted as If It wcro my fnult. He said tlint he'd cttlier have to spend less llmo Vila me or more. Ho meant get married, and he knows t can't rlgbt now. He iiad to b!amo eomeoao. and no wouldn't blamo that wonderful person Mr. he blamqd me. When Mr. Ammlugton returned tho chapters In May, and Harry wan seeing mo all tho time, then, bla praise was so citravngant that Carry said bo saw himself In New York quell- ins ttio literati with a look and a gesture. And now. Just because tbeso aren't so good, he blames me RIayue bo didn't blame me. 1 don't know. Oh. Ann—Ann. what am 1 eolng to do! What am 1 going to do? What—" "Sh-h-b, boney," eald Ann. "I ivas talking kind of loud then, wasn't I? Uul that's just because I'm EO—so wretched, l don't usua [. ly. You Bald 1 didn't. Ann. 1 couldn't have screamed at him. do you think? 1 don't know. I can't remember. IVlren he wouldn't answer me, and wouldn't answer me. no matter wliat i said. Think of It, Ann—we carao almost 15 miles, and ha ivouldn't answer mo: lust dre.-c along with Iliat terrtblo eipression —eet and wlilte—on its (ace, i felt as If 1 were going crnty. 1 tell as if 1 tad to make utra speak- say anything. I may have, raised niy folce. Ann. do yon suppose I aid forget and raise my voice!" "Dear, liow can 1 tell? But 1 can tell tbls-lt ho lores you he won't slay an-ay and not try to make up just because you raised your tolce irlicn you *ere talking ly laughs. And—let rue see, where, was IT" Anyway, 1 am lugood cook. It llial'i all he wants, i am a good nook, aren't I, Ann!" • • • "VOU'RE a wonderful cook. Ot •*- cours* you are." liary-Francee knocked on tao door and opened It. "Cissy, telephone—" and Cecily was In tlio ball before Mary-Frances ino time to, say, "It's Mart't'•-! told iier you' had a headiclse^bat—" Cecily rtn. on doiru 'tM'siatfc hoping,.An'5]li|ll*!-'ittf.hear "aorus- thing."-. Thoie-Khlue hopes:tor : Indefinite. ;»onieUilUEs. '.*h v lch'.,<f»» never liearfl,' of which,•"b'esrlatt bbrt : so untearably. ^be emssod tie room and "rolled (hp blinds up from tlio 'open wjndows to lot In .the gentle gray 'twilight. U'ber?, «r.e wouJered. wero Phil and Lctty at the precise moment; and what were they dolngT Since that night In May, Pbll and Lctty In Ann's thoughts had been as concurrent as thunder and iljhtnlng, and In consequence r.hc: ms.Kr.o.vlng more snd more deft wllh'slaninilng' shut the 1 doors of htir mind and locking them securely against th* onslaughts of a slorru. This evening slia closed them more readily than usual by merely saying. "Poor Cissy," and she locked them with a smug, "Silly!" aud went to meet Cecily ai tho top of tne Etatrs. • "Cosie Into th« bathroom, boney. and wash your facs. It will make you (col better." "Ho didn't go to Grctchen's party afler all," Cecily said, as ebo al- to him. If do that. ' you - •— - M.W.B u.,:jv'- soreuy eng eux nblo eiprcsslon on tlia face In tbe t don't kuotv. bot I think «bat «or mfrr^r n,l.ll» *,.^ «i,_j .. . . . .uu*. *U1 ror wbllo Aui tilled tb« wash basin with water and stole, a pinch of pink from Rosalie's bath-salt Jar. Cecily, "whether I didn't wish hln at the rate of eight per cent (8Tt> per annum, sell ,on the 16th clay of February, 1832, at the south lioor of the court house, Blylhc- villiv Arkansas, to the highest and test, bidder, on n credit of thrco r.icnths. Lot Eight 18), Block Seven i7), Davis Addition to the City (if Blytlicville, Mississippi County. Aikansas, for the purpose of satisfying said nole, interest, insurance, taxes paid and the cost of this Bidder will he required to . give personal security to secure the payment of said and a lien v 111 be retatnod on said property, ihe title of said property is bc- iici-cd to be gocd, but I 'will sell as trustee only. This the nth day of January, 19M. LUTE LlUBltt\L<O. Beggars Desert Luxury for Old Li HAVANA, (UP)—The 465 rounded charitable gesture and given Bartz. lodging and foot in the Purisinu market, .disappeared after spending one thing in their comfortable quarters. An investigation revealed thnt he identified himself. h>d © '9 31 ' by Doubled*/, Down and Co. whetttr t« alda't wlib to "" M« Ilk* to then; or :l!)''s face for nor. 'Don't. You d»b to. I'll to It" nffcctloi: .11:0 an mmiFcil unoraiirj; twtuisa. uhur all. wual did Ann« «oulj Ar.;i know nbo'Jt real row; Anu. «lin coutusal marrow o< It as something dulniy to li* miles, Isn't it?" ^ "1 (Jou't kaovr. t ilaii ( t Wi)rt Ann said. "You JoT" VM, 1 do. And tlica I wouldn't "jyiN'T hopo." Ann «dvl!(il, ind filled an cyo cuu with Urond'a boric add eolutlon. "What 19 bo doing In Albany, for i>lly'» eakosr "1 don't trout tlmt uyo otuft. The new holel bulhllne 1 told you ni^m lf» wam't colng. llo'.l miKed bis undo out ot Bonding him. Uou't— I don't want ft, Anu." "<)( course you want It. What '111 you say if Grand or Hosalis asks you wbnt you'vo been crylnt about T" "For once— Just ouco In my MTo I II Klvo uiysclt tbo ilear dollght of tclllus luem It is non» ot their uu si ness." "C»;iiyl J nmsl say! you won't ,mako yourself nny happier, dear, by being -cieau and niiklng' other ueoplo unbappy." . t, "My word, Aun, you' .Joyourjf , ;: ' :/ tiiir.:tft u' id you hnvQ ini . ot if at supimr tlilu o,^ "1 didn't go down. Miry-Frances siel li out tor them." i "I'm hungry." Ann said. "Lefa Ko down and find something." "I couldn't cat. I couldn't ttilnk ot cntliig. I really bare a bad liond- nche," "Como irnlcli mo eat, thoo." Arm think I'm preachy again, honey; but 1'7« thought t lot lately. ' — lluit'll bu MI ,tf (is, nospltsi b » „,,(,)( •„„„ B|li| ||( • aiila his CM-JC«V 'NPtber IbinK IS, I cot in ):t .[ tack to IViiii-i 1111,1 deliver tbit dsinn—i>anlou uu>~- aosk 10 USD olbor guy nuil set ott wy kos!ds. Scsl" "HelorcJ," Mary- Frances an.- wen'il, "1 M'lj), you',) romeinhor -tout HI). n0 ( B: iy|,i E •.,„,• n || , 1|0 time. I lovo ll. u( cavtte; mill I cliango a tlitni; nlunii you for tliu worlil, It I woro tlio only one, l»i( K W011 i,| &lva , lcoill|) w , |0 d i,n't knmr tli 0 deplbs of you nnd all a l;liid of falso Impression ol you. Tim's vrljjr l wish you'd Htoiv I (Kin't n-.-iut S icoplo who—" ' "Sure, i iniow. nut listen, boo. Wbat 1 \ Belting nt was, bow about classy unto vaiiilcvllU act 1 .' I'm tclihig you, lion, nnd I'm not khilling you n lilt, that you'll never two » bou or Bianco for cleaning u;i money, nnd cleaning It up easy-tee? Vou ulvo mo your promibc, a lonij llmo ago, that you'd tblnk It CTer—see? Olvo It your consideration anil all.. l!ut you- Won't do tt.. You won'l look at it'. '•"'-'*-' nor^" t -, t - ( 'i . . ; -. -l'a dcnfcati i liavc.'' llnnost' anil iruly 1 liavo. • I'yu lalke.l It oyor wiiii | Ily friend anitover)thins And I Jiisi (liliih Ibo Mixo lljliij;— Hint unless n girl has exccptlonM lieauty anil talont elio Is foollub 10 ucloct tbe btnuo for a career." That was l-:rinli:ir-de'3 mother talking. "Oil. ycnh? Well, tliat'a yoii'ro Kronklo. Tlirn'g ' put an nun around Cecily's waist where j-iui ami rnS'iUffer-'- alid pulled. • ..* V -;-'. :•••;:-•-. ;: B -,.iyljo l'::i in .-, position t "1 wlsb," Cccliy said, as they " ' wont down tlie sle.lrs together, "tba! ..... . ......... ,„ „,„ ,„„„., „,, yoiul tell me bow you tnaunso that act, thcjr clun't need tnrdly tiny scrnnlly of yours. I'd nlve almost lalem. Otslilcs, 1 told you I rot anythluss for BOUIO ot It. I'm eol tr.leiu. Ami ll Isn't like yuii c'oulilii't sure thnt li Is genuine; but there is do Blc-jij nor anything. You 1;0 t il soruetuiug so sort of — ^leau about "" ..... ' — '" — ~" " They were tn the lower ball be- rudlinc-inj down pcrlty good; and, anyways, mnsily you'll Just feed m« sea? Yon and t In a little net foro Ana answered: T:n nJrald tlint this suy lu Moiirer wnnld IU vnii'll rlilnlr \'r,, __-__t._ j .L_ »__ .... ._ .-i up for us— we'd I;OL swell bnoklni',3, rttid I'll tell yon why. 1 rmi stcu, . ............. ,„ I— well, I'va had lots ol tlmo alouc j see? You cm tbo —t —- «"v *•»- - —«,-!, A r D iitiii 1UL3U1 IIQJQ U10UC owed Ann to lead ber Into tbe to tblnk. And oae thing I thought bathroom. "] an: a sight!" she do- ' dared, nnd put a still niore miser- sort of seems to ill in with .,..„. you said nboui serenity being cle»a row Is sowetbliiii tbat »bou!d be put away aud left alone; that It IB , linhllc Is slfii of red-hot mnn.'imi.i. They want something young nnij In. iipcont; see? A I'.llo hot flat! coming from yon — tlio contrary would to big. Von sol n sweet voli.-o. I.IVe 'va beca lelllui; you all aloni;. «- - - — — j — '••v^uivuu, »Liaijvio:' -I ' uvtii vviiiu^ juil something that shouldn't bo Uken-'ou'ro tlio perfect Ideal " . o ?!"°!: <;nc ?':' ' M oul anrt r '"E"cd ami soiled." "An,-«l Ann!" Cecily sale) Vou know lha:, sweetness?" El PaSO Mystery Man show," llarlz said. "Then the mai n • u ! ailtl n "0!iian who brought me hsr KCSIgnS Memory tOQ k me to Juarez. We went to ! nln place where - ere we PASO, Tex. (UP)— El Paso's! wns "t'htcil rilmly. . walked clown. It , — - — ----- ..... ^i ,—*., 1-116.1.1 pars and unemployed who were mystery man has rojjritneri his niem- up by the government as ory and revealed [hat he is Olio "That's all 1 ri-mcmbcr until after I fell oil ll:c lacidei-. 1 cun't OUR BOARDING HOUSE PACfc SfcVfcH rl(JME AM* HOUR -Hi AM 1 BOOI^S AND IIER BUDDIES! By Martii, • 1ND»KI)I • »« VcVT VROV Ut\ , IN U.\. Of VWO ? M\fft^tt.;X ? V-Wlt " niulerstand how I've been memory returned when a Ion S" from an elevator switcli knocked him from a Inclder. When ho recovered consclousiuss. they dirt not feel at home among Th (iiith luxuries and derated the ! II ii. place ,to resume their former mode semi-conscious. The mystery man was found Nn. in the hills near here. He was of living. One of liarlx.' first ads after n>- galntnc his memory was to write his father in Germany. WACO. Tex. (UP)—Tlie iialioml convcnllon of the Marine C FBECKLES ;\ND HIS FRIENDS "I went to see a motion pictnra iber. League will be helJ h^re in Soptt-m- l DIOM1 «E 6P.X fXX- tKl«6 XWXJT ME ? I'KOPEKTY 0\VNEKS! Belter place your REAL ESTATE for sale or rent with CAUD1LL. Particular attention given lo renting and collecting rents on Farms and Houses (i. U. CAliDH.L, Plione 7D7-760 BRILLIANT Loaves no Clinkers Just Phone 100 . C. Robinson Lumber Co. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T 123 3-4 ' Anaconda Copper 12 | Anhlirn 145 3.31 Caterpillar Tractor 131-81 Chfjslcr 15 1-4 I Citk-s Sen-ice 01-21 Coca Kola CcnlliK-n'.al Baking C 3-4 General Eieclric 251-2 General Motors 237-8 Montgomery Ward 0 3--S Kcw York Central 34 S-8 Pacfcarrt 5 Radio ccrp '.'_'..".[ 8 3 . 8 Phnmons 01-4 Standard of N. ,1. '.".'." 20 7-g Texas Corp ]3 3.4 U- S. Steel 4i i..) New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. M (UP)-Cotton closed steady. Opsn'High Lou- cjas3 Ci8 GfiO 658 G53 666 Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. 671 CS7 - — ... t^u m £>pots closed steadily at 675, up 5. New Orlca?is Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. U <UP)- NEW ORLEANS. J I Cotton closed steady. Open High LO-.V cic--^ 654 650 65-1 658 682 GG9 662 66(5 681 C36 699 6S2 601 701 CD6 69S 3« TI3 721 713 119b Dec 731 73S 733 733 Spats closed v.eaiy at G58, up 7. I Jan. ;Mar. I May 1 July GEE- HERE THE COf/E, see THEY'RE MAO l r M eoijJs To l\ E THE SIDE / PASTS OF TU1S I WADE .'.' /\ CAUT ASSESS 09 HCvJ JUST K£E SHIRTS DM, TllE IS ALL SETTLED... AH' OMS Of CHXL tJ.£ft-S£RG TH' CASH *••-•W, COST AW'/ fi WASH TU13D8 s .—/• fRIEPiV. BIP'S-SOWEDTHEA SECUET! HE FIWP.U.V &OT Ttt' J BftNPl.6 OFF- THE PftG^i&R-, aM ' •FOUMP TM' TREASURE Mftf. RIP COMI-S THROUGH!" BUI B€ST OP f\U, UVV SOLD TO' EMPfV "ib ^ 'Pr\' OLD F.U17AG.C* OJT/\ S90O i 'DOESN'T TSicK'NOBoDy!" A SGUARE-SHOOIeR, Tuft'S At. HC- WfvNrs TO BUM THt PAG6ER W I SELIS IT. HP: POGSN'T f'.E^TiON NO PA?£RS IN IT, 'N' 1 IMCLIJPD .-.- . , ^Jtl-L.THATS A MEMBER \ VJWV, TM' HOODLE, 1 ) fjcRSE OP AWOTI6R \NHOHAS / HSRe...60TTH' UCH I VJHOLE BUSIWESS •£ J[ OIWES...H/M6UT \/L< i AMVVIW/ M^M, I WOULDN'T OF SOLD ^OUR PWqCjl I ONLV— vOELL, VOU SM5 ^OU CAN'T Pf\Y TMES'QN 1 Trit\-r ChSTl-6 O- VQUR.S. 'N 1 1 THOUGHT ' : \WflN9E THIS ^90O WOULP HE.UP

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