The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1934
Page 3
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21, 1984 (Al&J COtJBlEB PAGE mm JUSTICE DF inn FINOS Figures In Eskimo Slaying llngl ish Law Goos To Oul- posl fo Piiiiisli 1 liiaiu'lo Killer KV KVKI.VN TirPfS (Wriilfii far NKA Sfivhf) FORT UEARNE, Cnvonntlon Gulf, Northwest Tr-nHloi ies. AUK 21.—White mini's Justin: Ims conn' V) this liny Arelln nit'lpoM. for the first lime in Its history of moie than a remury lo ilfrree lls pr-n- alty for n killer. In wlils|K-is Dial will i-arry Inlo tradition in this settlement on ihe desolate .shores of llic; Pdlur Ken. the bewildered niitlvcs dL> ,ss Ihc trial that took place In the small I frame binldliiB Hint servos as Hny- ul Canadian Mounted rolii-e hr-ad- quarlers. When it was ended. Ahiylak, an Eskimo, stood convicted of nian- slaughU'r. for slnylug his friend and htmiinc companion, Anarnuk. who had lived in the same snow house with him for years. Alil^iiik liad laken veniii'ance. In his own wuy when Ills nnfiiHbfiil frk-nd liful liiir-d his wife from liis side. When Kiplini!, in his ballad "Tlio Tlirfe Seniors." deelured lhat neither law of ("Sod nor man vims "ninth of C3." br- .spnke for n pasi day nf slow (-round Iransixirl. or heart-breaking toil by canoe and portage over treacherous lakes mid rivers, of moccasin and dogsled trails where crazed men wandered stnrvlni; and helpless nnlil Ihe merciful Arcllc ilrid L-oviwd llicm forever. Planes Banish Distance Today the "devil bird." as thr- Eskimos call the Canadian Airways planes, drones across the barren inaccessible tundra, summer and winter, linking scattered fur jwst. 1 ; and Isolated mining camps, r-airyinR Ihe trapper and his dotis, tbe miner mid the missionary. ; | So II was tliat a British court., whose, entire personnel litul trnv-' r-lf-d by plane 1500 mites north from Edmonton. Alberta, where Judge J. W. Doughs, who headed it, resides, assembled with nil Ihe Impressive dignity associated for wnuirirs wltli Hrilish jurisprudence, lo undertake the difficult tiisk iif Imposing tlm white man's Justice upon n Stone AB<: people. Tile wliispcr v,'cnt abonl amoiif^ tlie white topees and skin tents that the whlU nit-n htul come Ui ask Aliiglak and his wife stern questions, perhaps lo kill Alilglnk according to the white man's law. which, unlike the ancient Rsklmn code, is not. satisfied to accept a Wood price for murder, lint demands a life'for n life. Watts Lone for Justice Aliigiuk is nol n native nf Port TTcarne. His cottntry is a far-off one. niore than 20 sleeps by dogsled from here. It was In the Adelaide peninsula, on the Arctic gulf, fif.n mile':; east of here, that the crime took place. He had been brought hither by Mounted Police, who made the long Journey by dogsled, moie. than a year ago. and nnr-stcd Ahh'lnk, detaining hint until a S]«:i'i:il Judiciary cnul<l I)*' appointed anil weather permit transport by air. Since there Is no Jail In this northern land, Ahiglnk lived in :i Icni next llir police lirei-nicks. mingling freely with the othf-r natives and the hmidlm of Hudson's Bay fiinpany officials, radio operators and lone tradeis v.'lut make up the pupulalion of this community, in which Iherc Is no while •woman :ind no white child. The courtroom scene w»s j.tacri' || in (!H> tiny living room of the bar- la racks. With itr. backdrop of frigid Arctic fiitll. tiny redrootod buildings nnd dirty Eskimo tents, will I i chained husky dngs howling will hunger all dav loiig,Ji had a decided touch of llie fantastic. Ki-nir Is (,'olurful Against the wall sat ihe jurj of .six rueycd, wind-tanned men \vlio. years ago. chose the Ion trail. A French prosector, a trad i;r. n radio operator, and Hire Hudson's Bay Company employe solemnly swore lo "well nnd trul, try and true deliverance make be twccn nur sovcrcir.ii lord, the King and Ihe prisoner at ihe bar." Crowding about the stove aiv squatting on the floor were 20 o more Eskimos, the women wear Ing gay cotton "MoUwr Hubbard dvesses over their ordinary cari bou clolhinn;. and "mtikluk" nioc casins. Krom llic adjacent kitchc came the wail of tin Infanl. dangh iw of tlie murderer, slrapped < Us mother's line!;, ihe wife. Til caluV.. whose buxom charms an rleganllv tatloed face lind broin?) nboiu the tragedy. . A sordid story was related 1: tlie three witnesses who had mat llie dofislcd trek of nearly a thousand miles wlih the police. tlir Old TrUnple Storj Ali'fiak and Ana rank. II seemed, h.iil Ix-cn boys together, then luml- m. of the seal 'and barilwu, i:rown mm. hvimt handily enough in the MHiwboiivul Vvilrts. Every winter llir-y liidlt ft snow hut together, livitu! in II with iheir wives nnd children, nnd a few other Eskimos. All went well unlil one In the winter ot 193V. That winter Annlauk, urged by sonic dark, primitive necessity, developed a roving eye. He looked Late Arrival Delays I'aratle Bui Show Gnos On Un- (It-r lop cd tu him In Eskimo, of "nol Biiihy." -11 Is rtol so," hi> Ink) tin 1 court, -I killed Anaraiilt oin'ii here"— |K>lntlHB lo his chest—"mirt hcve," loiietiltit! his ffli'c'ht'iiil. "lie lind my wife. 1 killed him." FK'f-YMr Tenn Impowd The defense counsel, in n moving n|i|teul, Implored the jury nol lo bring In n verdict which vonh liive Ihe. i:omt no nllonuitlve hut, U, imiioso. the ileiilh penalty. This mini Imd Vnid provocation. Th« unwritten law prevails alike In i|;lov 'iiul palace. Ahlglnk hud ick In jivr-.'^'i ve the harmony of ils liiune. .-•lilH'iatlng only ir> mlmites, the jury himiiihl In n voidlct of manslaughter K»ilt. Ahiiiink .smiled mid nodded. "That Is light," he said, "I killed him." •. . Then he sal silMii anil nimiov- cd. while tlie Judge sentenced him lo serve live years in llic far-off outpost of Aklnvik, Ihc nearest Jiiil. 800 miles further vest, where Hie p.vfat 'Mnc.Vtom.ic vlver empties Into Hie Arctic occnu. :,imw MTELI ojl loday di\-i|il[i< nival unit iiH'U'iui'nl \\eatliiM-, lir<iilifr.s Wild Anlmvil Cli- :uiivnl in loun Ix'hlnd M-lii-d- 'UK ImiiK-dliitely set iilxuit pn-- us; fur Iwn iH'rfin-mani'c'.s. thv OIHIII mid Uinliihl, iiiidn- Ihi Hip «l IIU'"l'uM I'lld lit Ki'U • •IJli-d JLlliilli- iVfi. : . .lIllKCd Illi ii«in b.-l.iif Ihc iM'ifrjjiu ii|M-iud. AllhniKli iK'liind linn otflvluLs. di'vrced lliut ilu- • go on M'^vliii 1 . they did wish ID disappoint llic i-l i uln> tuid l^'i'i) told Hun ml" 1 uus In In 1 hi'ld. Chief Aides of Huey Long in 'Seizing' Legislature Mrs. Gaskins In Motion For New Trial {or Murder Bewildered figures in "murder in an igloo." Uagedy of Ihe Far North, nve the three Eskimos in the Iratlom photo. M left is si-orned wife nf tlie murder victim; ccnli-i, Illtkosiduk, unfiiithliil Ahtglnk, righi, who kllh-n his fake friend, tiny settlement of Fort llrarni'. where \vlilir- mniVs Jur.llee eaiue to ihc kllloi 1 . wife with, of Almvi 1 is shuwii the Mid-South Fair 'Rodeo Is Attracting AUenion In a Sphere All Their Own MEMPHIS, Tenn., AIIBIW. 21.— A number of the world champion cowboys and cowgirls who have jusl ret iii-iied" from the Intenm- iionnl Ho<leo nt Ixindon, England. have hr-en licxikrd for Ihe third annual Mid-Sotilh Rilr Dodeo in Memphis. Sepiomlier S-8. The annual TJodeu ami Western Rtaui|>ede will In; the hlggest. event, of the kind ever in the South. frank D. Fuller, manager of the Fair wiy.s. All »f tin' evcnls nf • jecil lioiltHi will lie on the pro- ynim of Ihe shows held twice dally at 2:30 and 7::iO p. in. There will be bronco rlrtine, wild -steer WFslllng, calf toping, fancy iint Irick i-Mlns mid all ol the CARUTUEHSV11.L13. Mo., Ann 20.—15efeiiM> iillnrucys, McKay nnd Pi id unlay lili d application fm :i iii-w iilnl fur Mis. Ima Cla.sklns. airii'i'd sluyrr of Chiules Siu-ncci'. HIT ullfijcd lovei 1 nnd Iliiyll nlKln oltui-i'. Mis. Ciiiskins wn.s .si'iiU'iun! to -'i yeurs Iniprisiiiiini'iii by Jiny hen- August in. Hhr Is nlli-c.ed tn him' slinl S[icnei'f to krcp Ihr "mljiT iv.niinn" from p.i'lllng his rifliTiiniix sln> I'hiimcil, dn llic Minolliii* wn.i urcl- li-n'.al Tin 1 appllcallou '.Lits Mghleen ciiMin^ why, in Ihe opinion ol he defense, Mrs. Gaskln-s should )0 granted n new (rial. Foil-must unoiiM tliese is Ihc contention Ihat .here u'a.s no evidence in Ihe record to siipixirl the verdict of the jury. Also, that ihe court erred whrn testimony of several witnesses was ordered itrlcken from the records. This testimony, in the lime It, was given, wns nrdeied mil by the com I, nfler Prosccullun Ai- toriu-y li. W. Hawkins objected in (In- ilrniilHl-; lhat, the ti'siiiiiuiij wits seU-si'tvlni!. Tlie U'.sliiiiiiny n 1 - Icircd U) Is 11 statement wllni-S-sc H'd Mr.s. Oasklns imiili 1 sooi ufU'i 1 Ihi! sliorilni;: "I .'.hut bin but I ilhln'l uii'iin to do it. II u'i an uccldi-ni. We wen; playing wit the pistol. snaiHilni; 11 nl r-ai olhcr, and I MirnMhl II niilnnr It in in nfr v.'lii-n I pnlnif-d li him" 'I hive of Ihe chlor aides of Senator llucy 1'. Ixinj; in his .sjx-chiciilnr ••.•ii-l/iirc" of the ,|.onlsluiv.i letil.sla- lure are .shown heir. l.i-fi Is House S|ie:iker Alli'ii Kllender, who Iwnvd tlie press from Ihe chamber; center, Kail l<ojig. hroLlifr of llney. accused nf .shmBinc a iipw.s|>iij>er photi^rnphcr from Iwhlnd when ihc cami'iiiiinin ntli'iuplrd lo map lluey In iicllon; rltht, l.icut. Oov. .John II. KKirnei. said to liiwn luliiilllcd ordriln<; n Ijinu hi'iichnnin iu follow tile photographer and destroy, his philcs. Caruthmville Hits At Fly By Night Merchant CAKUTllKRHVII.l.l-:, Mo.. All;;. 21.—At Its regular monlhly tnoct- the Clly C'oiinrl! ikissed nn ordlnaniT, In |inrl liuiluled In protect tin- IriiHlmati 1 hr«np mcr- s from the comiicfliltiii of fei'ed by "fly by nli'ln" full ness liooiu mevchiiiils whu into Ihe cily for Ihe few rush montlui' fall business, 'llie orilin- ance defines such merchants "llen- nnl mcrchimls," Uiow who havi 1 sluill pay ovc-r In Ihc clly collce- .or $M) un enlcrlng business heiv. II Hun mi'rchanl ii'innlns hi're In Business for out' year, tlm $'200, less I'l-KUla! 1 llcrnse lees lov till 1 ensuing >'i-iir, will In- iclnnu'd. llnweter. shiiuld the iniMVhinil movi' on ul'hT 1,'iiinlnini: liciv li-.u th:in n yi'iir, llu- cnih'i- MIIH In* irliiiuod. A line nui[;ilii; fiom tf lo Is tin- pennliy prnvidcd In Ihi! or' """"'illnniirft for luiii-cutilorinlly lo Hir other half-raising * nl the ril fealnrr-s of' ihe -'ilmi- West ' EnfilniKl's Jewish {lopiiliitlon ot been In business hcic a year, lesllmiiird nl [(IXl.flOO. Iwo-lhlnLi nf id provides lliut Mich ]x-i«>nsl which Is In London. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEfT. jJjfyPVgA ^^^dW\^\f^ty , in HOT WEATHER Your Molor Needs \\w. Extra Safety of Former Caruthersville Girl Californin Bride CARUTHEnSVII.I.E, 'Nfo., Au». 21.—F.'iends IU.TC of Miss Dorothy Cat roll, formerly of [Ills clly Inn HIM'.' ot' l^resnii, ('alit., Ibis week were Interested to learn of her re- cr-nL innrringc lo Mr. Charles Clro.'-s of FI-PSIIO. tin 1 wedding taking place nl. till 1 home of ^ the bride's jiartmls. Tlie hrldc Is Ihe aurnctlv.' [IniiEht.n 1 of Mr. and \frs. Kay- njrtiitl CMrroll. ivho madi- this clly ilicir home ;i ininilirr of yeai-s. v.liilo hfii', shu was ii ptjpiilni 1 iiicinlh.'! 1 ol the yomu;rr M-I.. Shi 1 Is a L'liidlli'iti' nf Mil: C:nlUhi'i.s\llti- Ihe School, anil Junior College Inlei- hen'. i, . i"'- lit 'i |J will li 11 a.s ., •en residing in Callfurnln for tin 1 I „.! " lv '"-' r ' i ai ' (1 AAA To I'est Cows In Pemiscol County Frc . {.'AnUTHEnSVlI.I.E, Mo. i Ai 2(1.- /\ i-anijlalnu lo IfM. Ji)l' ,• i'lilo'j- :,|| the Vatlti' In IVmLi'OI —tunny will IK; inaiiniiralril by thi- A^rlcnlLiiral Adjitslmont. Adnilnls- IraMon aliow. llie trust, week in Allljusl, an'orilliu,' lo M. Circjfmy. veterinary inspector nf llin llurcau of. Anlniiil ImiiLslry. who was in this city last week, end making preliminary arraii^i-incnu,. Kii;hl "i 1 ten veti'iinaiiiins, nniler dlivr- tion of Dr. Halph Graham, Inspector In rharge of the U. H. Bureau, will vl/.ii cncli caltle owner In the county anil apply ihn irst wlilionl cost to ilir- owner. All cat- llic found lo hnvf inlir-iviilreil.'; will be tahon off the owncr'.s bitiuls anil paid for om .,( a sp^nlnl fi.inl of Ihe A. A. A. ' Poiulscol ('oiiuiv will lie UK- -Will cininly in Hi,. ;,t;,i,: where lids wnrk has IH c:i dniii- M. Ir, CXIH-CI- (•d 'In- V>"'<>-iila»f ol iiffecleil cat- tit-i i- All (hat BOC.S up must come down—and Dr. William Bcclw and Otis Barton took advantage of that fact (o set a new diving record, their great stcpl bathysphere lading them (town 3,028 feel oTT Bermuda. Here Ch? start of (he descent is pictured—the sphere is bclnir raise:! from the deck of Iheir barge preparatory lo being loweixai. pas', tlniii! or four yrair., when- the has been employed In :i Ix-aiili 1 ilnu. The yi'oom is f-mployi-d in din* of Hie largei 1 Prc.Miti :;[i)rc.', IK; njj .irlist-dccoiaior. Cooler Agriculture Club Officers Are Elected COOTEH. Mo.. Aug. 21.—Officers elected to serve in the Cooler Agriculture club for this year are 1 : PrcsMfiil, TTiimnn Brown; Vice President, Joe Azblll; Secretary. Sam Owens; Treasurer, William Bryan; Sergeant at arras, Coy Lewis; Rcjiortcr. Adrian Alexander. \ alln-r .-.mall. Citt- il if-i|iili«l in sign appllciithiiis for ihis ;.iM-\lcc. as tin- veU-rinariiiiui will cnvi'i- llii- county by luwnships. the owner men-ly IXMHB ri'ijulrcd in have liis callle muii|nvt ronri-iilciiily for liatiilllni: 666 licr fair. Tlicre is no such tiling as love-making in llie Eskimo so- cd away, fearful leil liis spirit follow l.'Ullid, Taldcls. S-ihf, Nose Drops I'links MaluriA in 3 days, Culi llr.>,l day, llrailarlirs nr NcuralKi in XH niinutrs-. I'inp Laxative and Tonic Mosl Si»rd> ItfinrHlcs- Knnwn A'o imiiicr how ItM il get* or haw fast yon drive Mobiloil Gives Greater Protection! 10 do llietn linrm. since Ibey linil neglected lo cut, off Ills feet. Two years later, Mounted Vo- I llic House of Representatives. Kin ' recently arrived here from Wash- at one night Alii-Mice detachment, detailed for spc- and went over to;cial palrol. with Minniak as guide. cial code. They mate as do tlie wild ihiiiss ahouL them. So it was Ilia siak's wife rose Anarnuk's side of llic igloo and; found Aiiarank's bones, scattered crept into Ahisiak's sleeping bag: ;ljy wolverines about, the place Min- ' Uic. iwxl niRlit she did (he same, jniak had clcEcribed to tliem monlhs For six monlhs. witli her husband jnefme. Anatank's .socks and a lorn sleeping a few feel away, she spent i hlankrl lay Ixslde them, the lonrr Aivlic ni^lil ill Aimrniik's j ... anus. (Wife Admits r.nilt • • • • The apex of the iwlar triangle. Ililkogaluk. wife of Ahijiak. testified. She had slept with Anaraiik. many times, often. She had been with him lite iiislit before lie was Slarts Rt-rlrction Campaign TUCSON. Ariz. (UP)— Mrs. tielle Grcemvay, personal friend ot President and Mrs. Roosevelt, has j started her campaign for the Democratic nomination for rc-elcc- lion as Artaoncrs only member of witli her son, Jaek, and tlieii 180-pound ilos. Two TlullcLs Kmt Life The Crown summoned its wlt- nctsrs lo tell Ihe rest of (he stovy. The first was Miuniak, a youns; Eskimo wlio liad also lived In Ihc mow IICUM. He rancmberod thai oiii- day AhiRiak picked >i]> a umi, prelrndinc lo try it. aiming il here and there. When Anarauk came nut of tlie igloo. AWginV: -shot Wm upon shot. Since lie died, she had come bac.k lo her hiisband. The wife of ihe miiidercd mnn. Aunrlliak. n ynunser, much moiv coi|iiellisli damsel ihan her rival.; thro told her Uory. Anavnuk had j In the back. The victim turned, i emptied her out of ihe sleeping! snoulins blood like a coribou. Ahi-iljjg, and llllkocalul; had crawled [ giak shot him again in the head. iin. Annrauk had taken liitkogalul;.; They had not billed him. No-Ahi?lak had killed him. \ Kskimo fe ever buried. The gio'.iud i AlUglnk. n swarthy, sundy Ks- is always frozen, and Rskimo lools i kimo. dressed In a pink nnd while 'flannel pajamn coat over deci-skin trousers, listened In nmajcinent to his wile counsel's P'ea, iiitcrpiel- do not include shovels. So they had dragged him a little way off, Ahifiiak's wife, and found and soon afler they had all mov- FOR BEST PRICES FOR YOUR COTTON J. E. HASSON RUY1NG AGENT FOR Domestic and Export Shippers Office Grnnd Loader Itidg. Phone I2il \Vli aro PROVED in the tcoichinj 130* htit of Dei* V«lley llic llirrmnmf Iff sl/ ul H(1 D , two |K)[>ultr • pric^'t rare ,-|>crdc<l fivrr a MI n-:-ro relief ilwrrl irarlt ai Druid V«lk) . I.OWl nti'r* in Inw g<"?r . . 1,000 mllrs in jfuoinl gear . . tlitu ten rousccullir licxirs rithnnt radiator or ttatfr! 1'rotfctcil liy Mol.itnil.bolhinotora pcrforrnfil perfectly . . no loss of |n>Kfr . . Tin liearin^ faHnrra . . no v orcfl rylindrr-t . . no inolor troulJt! S imtviNfi puts "n'alci ttrCfS on inolor oil. Wln-n lliitlliriuioinrii'j^ iiniiiiiil I (Ml 9 in i llio nh.idi'i lit-' oil in your rranki'a^i: is imir^ lliun Inli'r a^ licit! Yctii ni'i'il a lon^li, liral-ri-.-istiiij; inolor ciil HI alilli't slirli pillii^llllli'lll . .. MnlciliYiV. Willi Moliiloil ill your c'ranlca^c: your itiotnr wnn'l ovcirlicJt. Drive-, a* anil anil js far an ynu like'll lind llut .Moliiloil l;iMdJciii|!< r.. .ilcal your inntnr always »lays snioolli ami [nm<:rfnl. .Moliilnil is tlie world's )irsl-cliolc« niolor oil. Ci I all llie. lino performance .iul was hiiilt inlo )onr car ... i-liaiigo In-Moliilnil today. LUBRITE-lformtHy Mjqooli. Motor Oil) tubrite it lecond only to wcrld-fdmout Mobiloil. Il li the !&me quatil^ |K«I won iKcmandt of friendi UAo!er tne name of "Mtgnolia Motor Oil." Il coitf letl Ik^n 1Q& Mobilotl bul il turpAiiei Rtdny other oil: t>:ll:ng *l • ^f- lii^h(r pnce. MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS 'Stay with Magnolia and you sfay ahead' .. su<!. for freedom from Hoi Weather Gasoline Troubles .. Mobil gas /'or Mafinolitt /'rorfuo/s at ihc foUowinft; E. B. WOODSON MAGNOLIA WHO'l.KSALK ACRNT IVUni S'nnls - - I'linm- II!) MAGNOLIA A«li 4 r.rn SKRVIC15 STATION - • Phone .1lr> MAGNOLIA SERVICI! STATION SKIIi * cliirka^anba - - Phnne :"(W MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Main * Lilly - - Phone ISS

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