The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THIS BtiYTHISVJI^B COURIER ' "* " M THlfc OQUJtyV&l NEW CO. r ' H vy.'HA'NES, PubjUirer 'i GRAHAM 6UpBU£Y, WllO' P^My^i f7 NOIIRIS, 'Advening Manager "^'"sirte li^7uI^yertto"Rcpre5cntatiYt«' • - ?;V as UalUw,>c,>'eW York., ChjuagQ, 1* •' - "is," pallW, K?ns< Aftei now 'rc f Biai',*r at tlie post- office fit WyUievllle, AiNnsas, under <*ct of uin- krfe, October 9/1917. $i»ncd bj> the UnltcdjPftjiS ___ ^J. cartel' m thp city of Bljtlwvlle, If-c li«f A HI ?a.ft as 4' and pepuWicans be giivteful to SonaU)) of Qlno, eandulute for tlic C! ft P, iHosidpjitinl i)opim,dioi), toi iha jiiogijim lie oilei,s lub !V ll , v objectives, cvpn though mid not appioach. I?i jetty, }iere if, Republican parly to back; i. Deduction uf go\einme))l pifl& balancing of the national lit g. .Repeal of the jmyioll Ux, 3. Repeal of the capital gains tax jneans pf mu casing employment, AiDondnisiil ol tlic wage-i ru u ) i'luw to niiilfo il simply a })!»«v,age law. 5. Amemljiu'iit of the National U- bor Relations Act, which tlic senatn 1 ' contends js being adminisltned om'- sidcdly G Abaiujonmeul of altcnipU to hx pnccb in basjc jiidubluos. 7 Kepeijl of the Gullcv Coal Act. If Domociats aie \\il)jng to fight llu 1 Ciiinpuign o» the Lwsjih ol these seyaii simple ponitf., tlip ground its laid foi Iiie"l940 batllo. Tn other \vouls, does the Np\y Dpfi) piogiuni stand 01 lall' Heie aie issues evciyone can undo•stand They are stated simply, mid they concein vital afliuis tit liojno Whether or not yciu agiee ^ylh the \iev>s of llm senator iiom Ohio, the- issuer lie gnljipes touch' cveiy titt'cii. ' ft \\ill be a good uiea for AmeiKvn citizens to remombei that this couuliy i!i a )on« way fiom solution of some of ils most hiu taging pioblcni!), mo3t o( trjcni ccn(.ernig wound unemployment The vii^t \v'ill Miry likelv be injected ijitu Uie cniti|K\igp many lime s i liofoic tile votes ai'<? counted in Novi'inlwi, 1040. But the )\'&T is nqt nil isbtie |t th,oij|(l }\oi, Iio ap iii|liieni'o in nf\t yeai's vote, for the itmjoiily oi both l/d(tiu> nyine that the United St^tub .should stavuuf; or! it \Vlij!o it would |jU IIKC to believe that tin- 1940 campaien \vill be cauifd on aiound a piogtam .ih «imjilc as Uial proposed by Senator Tiifl, the final pmfforms adopted. |iv both pailies \MJI projbablv i;u iiojsljore w.iih so w>)|- cu>e. Unimpoitunt much me hkuly to HSSUiiKi (npat pippoilioji;,, and Iho xpi)l disputes may Ite btnied undci <i duhige Unfortunately, thats the way plnt- foiras are usiulh vntten And the yolcib, for \\)u>m lhe> aic 'ntcndcif, v,itl have to Kuct? at v»hnt they mc4« or vote by ujsluu't «„ pei!>on;dities. OUT OUK WAY thu{, wasn't oi> ai)y of iin- ehs c}»arts liapjxjned recency ni of Faircjj, J'a,, }vil>> j(f» ««,000 inhabitants}/ Almost »vpniight, this ... went biiolt to tjje .mijls. .. js booming again, anil (ho towps- ,s we Cheered by the factory' wliis- IJCK that Kotjiidcd jit'iifp (w 'Die -'ifsi (iiije iji nearly iwQyuju^. "Tho sam.e Uijiig'jui^ htiJH )0 niid ill °Uv (:}• fiti(!,s," \vJieceypr ; there j,s 0|.ie i)|iy t)l'! fSPtftrjos- jire t workers jobless). And tjien n jip n))d fllQVpliiintfj got-rid of the stock tliaf k.iy idje si);io|)g. J*;«o))Qinj.stij dgn't t'xpecl. tjie/jc Mngs ^o }iii|)])c;t ))oc(inse the graphs don't jmjk'fUc proKjiui'ify, • One ihing thi! busine.Sii pliarls don't fllir^v Is |.jip [wyehology ojr tjie pepi' Btisiiioss ci-nfili; fiiid d.epressjons tiro not cu)ed . nlone by hard .s;luti_Bt|cs. Wl|eii fluoji'pjfljc.s is l|ni))jy bpiJiifJ (Jown to an exact scicncL 1 , |t wil) .a •Thei'u no .g)a||ior in the jiffi of Virginia -C-npt liotii, yputlyful Jiiid af- tractive. d4nce.r, to- wt -jeast' the, »o^l five yours. ^lisi,s JUitiVs J^'jef career as a spy, a 1930'Mtiln Uari, was brutally ojidcij by ,1 -;S»yis.f eoiir-l Ujnt soplpiic- eil he; 1 to • five years in. l»'ij)P)i, il.ike 'HO piany others, Ihe niiiyp danc- ei 1 .'regarded the •life f>( i\ fj|i.v as one. long and slprioua!)'c. |3he joined the. ; esjjirtni|gB ring in Swit^eHiiijil, «Jie sjiid, "just for the fun of it. 1 ' x lk>r speedy capture aiijl ipiprisQiiment havo wiped out: all tlje ijl^KJojia she hsiri about the" ispying racket. ; The life of a ,spy js'- )]ei(Ji.«.| : gloriinu npr glanib'rpus. It !.•? a. Ui'B^j<les>s' profession. There is np 'reiygrd '.'J. r ' . i'9. u succeed; ng pne to help you ,j|' ymi fail. The my.story. 1 \vhjph' nece.ssanly snr- ;vounds5 il'vi'ill probably t egnti)Uie tp.lujT :a few advchlui'ouij 'poills nn lO'itr W' '^thuy are'led to boljcyii intrigiio is ~,\ _:thrilling biisiiiess: 'T))p'ijlovy' of • M«)tji 'i'j-Jiii'i, despite iljs"{y|da publicity, Ls I'fii}'-- ly a rather dull doainnonf. * SO THEY SAY JOAN OF ARKANSAS man, | Jjaye sonic jivcrvvurst sandSvicbes and a inr of Mt'P'c sauce in t|ie hack seal. UeUcr have some— * you'll like II," . THIS CURIQl^WORLD By Williajii The biu-liiCEs men of tills country want pence, lieiice '[inmnn Uicmsclves, peace with aovurn- inent, peqcc yilh Inlio]-. 'tljey are lircd. n]id Uw public js Jjrcd, of slrife and discord, doubt and itiiccrtsjiiitj', at home and abroad.—John D. floc'rU'leljci', Jr., at cereinoiiics mnrki|ig comp)o- jjoj) of Rocltelellcr Cgiitcr, ffcw York Cily. .. . • - ' » ''»•-.'• In Mir piCBiiniticiis for .dauber, I am coii- ylnfed Wf must do not))inj to Invjtn u.—Hcp- vpBcmatlve Cicorge }l, fiepdcr (ficp., phio), illsr ouaiiig war inwijiijo to yn.ilcd Stales. ' '. ? .''*•""• *., .Our bonds with Ihu iiUlL's and our cg-plicra- tloii for Hie high ideal' \ye |mvc jiroclaiiucd \o- p.ethcr nfii iiot of a ehanu'lcv to dlsllli'b »ur nnriual fritntily re!»tior)s \vl(|> Plljw Slqlcs. -r-Pifsidi-nl J«nct 7noiiu of Jiirktty. S r. * I wisii tii point out dial, (v> far as I cim sec, tihcic is no prcsppct for nn early peace.—Ur. J!U Su'li, Chlnwe ambassador Irj the UiiHcd Slates, ctiiimientms OH the SinoTJapancsc van-. !>»:'«• One man ,cnn sink .a .ship.—William MsCms- tlon, cx-poniniimist, tcatlfyins Irctorc plea conv- inlltre. . • tllPi! sor;)£ti)nes ypjl airi't a ps y<)i|'d hay? to]fo l 5 ?!'^^'? (or instance. You V'i)|)t fp us ig spring Uii.s ktd c)par jus so's |ip .9411 gp (njt and J»ic fljg Kd's lip ciu'lcd. "We ain. fiddlinfi, orpuncl with ypur Joys pnp yi'and wj]cn we've got 00 slake. We can't take any chapcp , . . sn jijsl fprget it," ''Biit, ptl . . .what can wo lose . . . lie can't . . .", But JRoccp tppk anpthcr look Big Ed. Wljat he saw made lii shut up. He sliriifjgeij, tlien \yalkcd pver. tp Dan, hands in l)is poeljpls. ! 'T)iink ygm- guys gpt a cliance without you?" Ed grurjted.. I'Hjdjf? ypur lif*<J - It yixi wanna, Vut you ajutt't irlnijifig Jl)[s Ijld" lie a»4 §wn resumed '19 Barrje 9 {t«r supper, adiiy, Rocco s*t lair and glanced Idly Every, i}(ice to ajid pa». Budged her. ''gay, your ' J4«a i "»j|n wise," i« gruiitccl. 4(d A}jx lwv s :.'|o .spy?" Alex thinks the old man will come ; thy9Ujft"'i . . ^gyres Ije'l^ out tp the'tasi rniijule and e'N^yy yojrjf fpjr )jls puyfi tp leave the dough. Whadijy'g (liink, Ed? Alex us^ajl/ figures things put pfcfiy, dpft't hs?' l v..~ liumihy'belorc. I R)cat>?" Will* t|i? weH'be Jrisjidly," 6)1? ' Uee'p Key?? cfln t^Jl whyp >ye g*t pur chance, Titey us a lot ot'freedprpr oiow," Tlu>y Io$|^jd J93)} (n her ^t niplit and ordered Pp stairs intp tjie §»rtet. Its single windw also was Ijparded securely Escape jtpf «itji« of thera 119 tui-nnd to Jpar>. want to piay'cook Bgain, p^p njarjagcd to smile. -'§ure," s)ic pffpved "hj-ightly. "CJp^ jiny arsenic )i!Uidy. I li^e 8 Jot pf '«*• ''"'' .' f » » .busied herscjf fpr l}ic jyift how, help/ng'Sam again with the mpa), "Eyei' peel ppfalpes?" he lier,'slaving n fiagfyj at l)er. ^ He watched hrjr !rv ainiprent d.i5gy5t) slie a Dan lopkerl him squarely in tlic tace. "Sure; tlicy have a cliartcc, bui that's .aJMUt all. Tjtey'd Jjave to shake Bhpdes IPPSC pnce Of twice." !> ^lipdesl Aaapgh! And \vl)p's Ijpnnp d9 Ijiat7. As far as I'm concerned Uiat guy can't run Irpm here (p.^licvp v/ilhput you or Qs.1- loghcr cjeaning 'em oiit. 1 Dan threy/ back his head am Uuiglied ' hearjily. "Forgive rn> mirth," he replied, a grin dccprat- * • • brieaiffgst p.ext Big Ed pave PPCCO careful in- "§ap>'ll take you tp the 5Jly lirnils oply, Take 9 cjil) in froVi there, ^eet him ?t the same spot at 4, Call Alex, but don't gp rjear thgt campus ... cpn't tell who might Ijave tiiken. a gocd gander at_us down tliere." Rocco nodded briefly and h? and Sarn went gut 'You kids stay n> JQUI rijQtns until Sam gejs back ' Ed They were crestfallen. For a briet moment they thought this . said. "Here , . , opca t')? se b'ca.ns, 1 ' She lopked up apd saw Dai) laugliiiiif at her, silciiUy. She 'might • Imye : respited it a shori while agp/.But she gvjjined good, ;iaturcdly ill '' : ' v were JhVPugh . they: asHccV U they, could see the paper. : "• - ' .'.'• ' Big Ed tosse.4 ft over. •" ' The story was Bplaslied all over the front page and' -they read it togctliei Sudderj)> Dai) looked up night be their opppltumly with >oth ""am mid JJoccp gone fio in tlie fluccrly, itgarding Join "What's all this honano heness eleased them art jrn returned ' Maybe when lie goes back in ,Vrn IPX UPCCO ?" ^pan y/his icied gut again they weie dis ing his face, "buj |ii}iicsf, jt coulc ahnpst pnjoy this, 1 ; ''Sure ... you're enjoying i and I'm saying goodby tp a tlipu siiiid smnckerpps." Mr^co tunied tp Ed. "I'lrj gpmi scs H Alex ciin cover rjiy dpijg whc-i I rail again ..-.••? Mil- daughtei pf ^ G Johnson pownfiil easl- ein utilitici magnate , '' lie shook his 'head, bewildered. Is this, , . .' he jjpped Hie rwpei wjven Is this Sam pnd RPCCO retained jusl bcfoie 6 'yaiat's up' 1 Big Ed nquircd. still runnin' aiount live a bunch ot headless chickens,' Rocco lepoitcd ' They ic actu i into each other Iteie take a look at this." He tb?E! a paper to Big gd. "Th* old mar in town . he' 3 pulton' up $10,000 Jjiiids pf hell n) ge»eial" a! true?" You mean pu'je MI |ieiiess Jo ell ll)p'" 'What difference does jt rpikcj ' lie asked soltly. He put (he pgucr down and Ined icioss the loom She Jjid a Jwnd oij his aim "I asked you "a question," she - i'e- leated. ' Whiit does )t meap?" j;e Lchped It it doesn't leally moke my rtiffeience now," heiiephed slpwlj 'Npt'a'bit. But slic Uncw \\hat he mcint and thcie was 4 lunnj reeling m uei thront L\eo Hung wr^c M her with n rush' and she knew m instant o£ panic Uw', soipejiow i \vould l?a^ e to make *nni change Ins mind glie Kjiew then tl)at sjua was M lfl\e with luirj (To Be Continued) Piinlhers, Univqrfjt.v ol piMswirsh; Jlonict) Trixas eiiristipn University: Gophers, Unjycrsity of Y|Q)etf, ^c\v Vprlc Universily. '" (o wcjconjc the first jiimdred of visitors to the seeped' anpiia) Arm ifilife Dijy ceiebraticii tp' ti.e siaged ii'y (he Duel Caspji post, made'on unusual inomenl this year because of the dedication of the new Ani c|-icaii Legion Hut,'a dream of post. incmucrs, : .l>ui now :i rcaliiy. Wheeling, - W, Va. — qarnelius Vandertjlt, Jr. r |n ah address to dny statpd '•President Roosevelt, K lirealer tjini) Afjrahani Liiicphi Ihen Kpent most of Ill's talk iijg api»t A I p^ pone. Qpc VC^JT /Vgo The county aijriit released tq(Iav by Comptroller J. O.' Gpft for 1931 SfSpivs. ?4j588.^1 pi|!sta)i(lii)i; Wpi iqiils. cp\|!)ty oyevdralt §1.7Q6i^ road .overdraft ^IS^pSl, 1 "" 1 - 1 " fotaj iiMlebtertncss of cr -' [jnjci- boiv!? 3. When 'a.' eilin dees she woman .arc. order to tlic Moie t))in 15000DOO pcrsoi)b at tend tl)r ^rcjtxound mcini, Uacib of f.iylfiD Menioyy Lane i "- Ten Vcars Apo 1 Miss iMiu-thii Robinson, (laughlcr. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. nottinson',1 night's mceti firl. 'accortllng to the "nniHV 1 ! r :\Vhg'K WhP : ' contest • concluclcd this \\'cck. . Establishment ai. lilytheyillp Pf ii uermaucnt fairgrounds and air- 1 orl .was ndopUrt" as a' mnjpr . ob- MM- YOMI ? 3VIamu?rs • wniler before or • after ho gives his? 4. Should a v,-Di«an's club send (lovers tc n; guest speaker? 5. Is it suitable for a \V°)J1W t° sc]ul [lowers, to a man >Up is M> the hospital? Wlnt would >ou do if— You ure a gjr! iuif) yoij have met a i nng man yoi) jould like to see again. Would -you— li') Ha\c ;i inrts a|Hl unite ti'<« to it? (b) A'ik ijijn to take \ou to join 1. Covered with a crust of cheese • browned'bread crut|il)s. x 2 Yes ? Ncitlici Slie ,uvoc her o;rier lo her osctrt. 4, H Is gracious. 5. Yes. Best, ."What VVoultl '. You. Pp" solution--(n). . Test your knowledge of con ect p[ Is the most popular, wittiest, ami : - Jeolivo'or the'"Biythevmc"c)irvinVier Social ii.snyc by answering the foi : '• • lowing questions, then cheekli against the nuthpi'Uatlvp aiawcrs below. i.' What is the ineani|}3 pt "Au jratin" on a menu?.. 2. May cue t:uch one's |ips will) the tips of finaers dipped in a Coinincrcc for 1930 at' last of the board cf riirectpr.s. C. O. Sinilii will hear) bcst'all iirpuiul" glrV.ln Blythcvlllp the commitlec. high school, and; because of her . •. .- Hv c Vcsrs Ago . li'ilcrcsl in sliKlcnt nclivitics, means; 1 All decked putIn 'holiday atllre. inoi'c to-the. .sclicp! than any other niythcvillc will be ready By J, R. WilHama' QUIi BQAIID1WG HOUSE \vith Major Hoople . I: /\\6RTVJA THINK? IS T>!FRE A PH'YSIClAH U HOUSE? CAt-i'r'.THIS.BE -POSTPOWED ? I HAVE A SLISHT CHE^T CRAMP/ IS THAT <^ STREET CbK PAGSjMG ? MY SHOE LACE IS UNTIED/ m^—^m^ &-•-;• i^-^^r * ,s -• *•(-— i ..* -"---•'.- •'' Uirds leave their winter . l>on)c.s and travel hcrl[nvard in spring because of some warning within. Weather has nothing to do willi it except in tile case of sonic geese and- clucte. Soy Beans We Aie 15u>crs For All \'4Hcttc> 'of So>bcdr>&. Sec 01 Phone Us foi Highest Viu]y Offer, Blythevilk Soybean Corp. So. Il.Il. SI. I'liotic p')|i Read Courier News naiit ads. THE FAMILY DOCTOR PW ON OUR BUDGET PLftN ». «. .HML M. % TOP Much Gradual Ivctliiciug by Did Is , nf ^tlitor. .Inuriial of Uic^ M c a j f n 1 Asspciatlfln. Iflgcia, IJir Ilcullli Sl- Dr! llenry A. ChrisUan, ...,.- ! - J . prpfcsspr of medicine at Harvard University. Is convinced lhg(.'cxccv slve exercise is detrimental lo healtli. There is p 4|'fEerc)icn of oi)ii)ipi>, iio\vc\-pf, as to -ahat cpn- .gtllules excessive exercise. \8lnce heart .disease' has, liccpinc the leadliig cause pf dentil. cUctprs reepgiilze in exercise more injury than bciiB.rit in cases of ijcopic \vjio have indulged top vigorously or for (92 long a time. Tjils js'psr- ticularly true of men past 50 W|IP cnn be 'fpund jn llipli- clubs slill trying to plnr handuall, lentils, ypljey bal! or li,i(Iiniutoii pt a pace bcvoiifl tJiBir iipi-pial capabilities. Dr. Chfistiaii bcl|cves t))at men past 50 Indulge |n c exercise lo re^hicc t))c!v Most pcrsais tend to add ,,,-.,, ( after -10. nnd it is gcifcral'ly Knpwn j that pvcnveight after ni)ddje R3P ' 5 ) a Unzavil tp iioaitl). Proper rpduc-j tjon pf weight, however, does not! involve excessive activity. ing should be gradwat aiid be acc-.mpllshcd ' by catjng less starch, sugar and fat. ' ' f ' i' * • Ervcrcise has"llttle effect pn.lpss of weight. iJceaiisc cxprclsc is likely to increase tlic appetite, it is difficult to reduce lu asspclatlon with Ion much exercise, Or. Christian pspeqially wanis llipsc who exercised vigoroiisls \vhcn y;un ? and \vhq try tp keep up lh|s activity as they groy older The human' body, nftcr ,50, bcjiiji to break down.' H cannot undej-gp. tlic strc'sic.s ti'int it cpuld tolerate !n youth. The [icrson past Sp.whc tries to plav 36 holes oh a wcckcnc without keeping suitably In training is pullinz.' a burden on his heart his kidneys arid his pthcr vllnl tis sues.' Our sense of fatigue Is n reasonable guide to the amount ol physical w:rk in which we efli) Indijjsc Any exercise is loo vigorous If'i' is follqweu by a restless nighl o 1 if one is still tired the next morning. STANDAM TIRES BUY NX TODAY'S EXJ^T. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. lillis. Snipes, Bydjcl Jlgr. 1 5th & Walnut ' rlionc .810

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